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quietbirdee · a day ago
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I thought we would have a different life -- a difficult night
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yourpeculiarfriend · 2 days ago
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Honey you’ve got a big storm comin’ ⛈
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wornout-pinkscarf · a day ago
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“My son and daughter have been partners in stupidity since they were toddlers… they’re 18 yrs old now 🙄”
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lilirowan · 2 days ago
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The triplets! I love them
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taigastootsie · 2 days ago
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artsploon · 2 days ago
doodle based on some hcs i had (hcs aka rambles listed below)
Tumblr media
i won’t lie a good chunk of this was based on my own experience with siblings,,,don't mind my rambling it’s just how i think
squabbles just squabbles
bruno is a cocky lil shit with his family he only really gets anxious with outsiders
bruno has good comebacks !!!!! 
playful arguments where they just throw meaningless insults at each other and giggle about it after
i heavily believe that pepa and bruno were the ones to have the most spats among the triplets
don’t get me wrong they care for each other but also keep in mind they’re siblings
pepa tends to overreact and bruno can be a lil shit when he wants to be
bruno likes to tease his sisters especially pepa, again, she has big dramatic reactions
but also pepa can hold a grudge and i wouldn't be surprised if at one point they got into a petty argument
bruno would be quick to apologize but let’s be honest if pepa is really upset she will say something really hurtful in the spur of the moment
will she regret it immediately after? oh, absolutely 
probably calling him a curse or restating the mean things the pueblo has to say about him, and bruno just kinda goes quiet cuz, damn that hurt
the realization hits pepa, she clamps a hand over her mouth and flees, i imagine she needs to calm down before she tries to apologize
julieta in turn is the type to pick up on the lil things, she’s a cargiver obvs she’s gonna notice bruno’s shift in demeanor
she’s the one to comfort bruno because she knows pepa just needs time to cool off and bruno takes these kinds of things to heart, especially seeing as it came from his sister
it’s just a lot of back and forth talk
i imagine it’s hushed whispers of reassurance from julieta, trying to reaffirm the facts that way bruno can’t deny them, and a lot of what if’s from bruno
julieta has to throw hands with bruno’s self-loathing when big arguments happen 
in the end i believe julieta and bruno would have this closeness/quiet understanding between them
pepa and bruno are close too ofc but well i guess there’d be some tension btwn them
at the end of the day they all care for each other and i would die for them
the end :)
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ermine-writer · 19 hours ago
I subscribe to the belief that Pepa focuses on her wedding day and blaming Bruno to cope with the loss of her brother.
They were stuck with each other for FORTY YEARS she was married like, 20ish years before canon. That would've been half their life to get revenge or to complain. But 10 years after he vanishes into the wall the only thing she has to say is "he ruined my wedding". Forty years of stuff and that was her one major grievance?
Nah. She loves her brother. That was a coping mechanism.
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Madrigal Triplets Headcannons
Everyone else was doing it and I wanted in on it too. The chokehold these babies have on me is strong.
One time Julieta helped Pepa cause a flood because she had a pimple and didn’t wanna go to school. Bruno liked having the day… or week off but he didn’t want Julieta to be insecure so he tried to cheer her up afterwards.
When Pepa is sick she has even less control over her powers. When she sneezes or coughs the weather around her changes.
Even before getting their powers, Pepa was the most emotional out of the three. When she was little, big feelings felt way too big and that continued as she got older even when she attempted to control them.
Julieta makes arepas most of the time because Bruno loves them. After he disappeared she kept making them just to have them on hand in case he came back.
Pepa sits in the kitchen with Julieta while she cooks and they gossip about everything Dolores has told Pepa about the town.
Sometimes a really good hug or snuggle fest with her siblings makes Pepa’s clouds go away.
Julieta has been zapped by Pepa’s lightning more than anyone just by getting too close while helping her calm down.
When Bruno has visions that scare him he tends to shy away and try to deal with it on his own. His sisters can usually feel that something’s up. He won’t tell Pepa at first but if Julieta asks first he’ll open up.
When Julieta was pregnant with Isabela, Bruno didn’t know how to help out so he often picked flowers and gave them to her to make her smile.
Bruno never complains about being in the middle of his sisters. He likes that they want to protect him. Even if they’re just sitting at the table he doesn’t mind. He thinks it’s adorable that they still talk to each other as if he’s not blocking their view of each other.
Julieta gets tired from standing and cooking all day. She’ll never admit it but it’s written all over her face and in her body language. When Pepa sees her exhaustion she gets a little cloud that doesn’t pass until Julieta goes to bed.
Bruno used to make Pepa tea to help her calm down. Even if they were mad at each other he still did it. After he left, Felix took over and eventually Camilo started doing it.
The triplets had a lot of tea parties growing up simply because Pepa loved them and it always caused a rainbow.
Bruno, Felix, and Agustin are homies. They’ve loved each other since they met. Bruno loving them is what really sealed them into the Madrigal family.
Pepa is not a morning person. She’s all clouds until her morning coffee. It takes her forever to wake up. Julieta wakes up super early everyday and usually gets tired an hour after dinner and is ready for bed. Bruno simply doesn’t sleep.
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winterymorning · 2 days ago
Julieta: My life is in the hands of an idiot!
Pepa: nononono *points at herself and Bruno* TWO idiots
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lava-bite · 2 days ago
I like imagining that Julieta and Bruno really like the rain because it reminds them of their sister. Whenever it rains it feels comforting and warm because they feel the love of their sister in every raindrop. If the weather is dry for too long both siblings seek out Pepa so she can make a little rain cloud for all of them to sit under and destress. 
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enbysealkie · 2 days ago
everyone thinks Pepa is the scary one but you’ve never pissed off Julieta so much that you get plain arepas instead of healing arepas or Bruno who, despite his frail appearance, is capable of being very scary if you mess with his sisters (or niblings, much later)
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Bruno: Pepa and I were walking home, and this dude walked by and glared at me.
Julieta: *Sighing* What did Pepa do?
Bruno: She chased him to his house and I heard yelling and then...
Pepa: Who wants a wig?
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cartoonfangirl444 · 2 days ago
I can just imagine a young Bruno feeling left out because he’s the only boy in the Madrigal house at the time. He also doesn’t have a lot of friends because he was already building up a bad rap of making bad things happen, so the only people he was close to were his sisters.
Cause of this, he felt really left out when they were kids, as Julieta & Pepa would do so called ‘girl’ stuff. So as a way to include him, Julieta & Pepa would dress Bruno in some of their extra dresses, when their mamá wasn’t around. Then they’d just sit their and braid each other’s hair (cause y’all know Bruno’s hair is long enough to braid)
Then, when they were teenagers, whenever either Julieta or Pepa (mainly Pepa, cause she had a lot) had a crush, he’d just calmly listen to them go on and on about who they liked. And when either of the two were on their period, he’d always try to do whatever he could to comfort and make them feel better.
Bruno was 100% supportive when both his sisters started dating and when they got married. Actually, Julieta & Pepa both supported Bruno when he was told them that he didn’t really want to get married cause he didn’t really seem to like anyone in town.
Like these three constantly supporting each other is so wholesome. And I imagine that after Bruno ‘left’, whenever they celebrated their birthday, the two would act happy during the celebration...but then afterwards Julieta & Pepa would hold each other and cry.
Also, their first birthday after Bruno ‘left’, was the hardest and they didn’t even actually celebrate their birthday that year
Like, I swear, the Madrigal Triplets are amazing!
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papi-brunito · 7 hours ago
I really love PBJ so muuuuchhh like how they're triplets and they have their own face features and that they sometimes don't look the same but still look like each other too at the same time and that they also resembles both Alma and Pedro, I just think they are very well made.
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yourcollectivedemise · a day ago
Pepa, holding a python: Guys I impulsively bought a snake, what do I name him?
Julieta: you did WHAT-
Bruno: William Shakespeare
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incorrect-encanto-quotes · 5 hours ago
Julieta: You can't go wrong with a nice well cooked steak Pepa: I like mine raw Julieta: I- Bruno: What??? Julieta: That is incredibly dangerous Julieta: You could get food poisoning! Bruno: You mean you like it rare? Right? Pepa: *similes innocently* Bruno: Right????
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artsploon · a day ago
:) okay, I'm passing on a lil idea then to get your take on it! (pls feel free to ignore if you want)
Prompt: madrigal triplets + first gray hair(s)
waha imma pile onto this one (ramble below) + a doodle based on said ramble
Tumblr media
i'd place the triplets in their late 30's i think (timeline-wise camilo and mirabel would already be born)
pepa would be the one to get them first with how much she has to stress about her gift
bruno follows, man is anxious and i bet his visions stress him out (poor rat man)
and then there's julieta, i think she embraces them tbh
it's less noticeable on pepa seeing as she's a ginger, while bruno and julieta have dark hair, but when pepa notices she notices
cue pepa's thunder, bruno and julieta in the kitchen like "????"
pepa walks in and they're hit with a huge gust of wind
i imagine juleita tilts her head inviting pepa to explain and pepa just bursts out "a gray hair, julie!"
to which bruno snorts, he's gotta save himself from choking on an arepa he'd been snacking on
pepa is quick to turn her gaze onto bruno, sending him a deathly glare
julieta swears she's about to witness a murder (she's got the arepas ready tho)
pepa is quick to grab at bruno's ruana and tackle him to the floor (casita softens the fall for them dw)
for a second bruno thinks pepa is actually gonna throw hands so he crosses his fingers and holds his breath
imagine his surprise when pepa instead moves to grab his hair looking for a gray hair
she finds it quickly (again it stands out more on dark hair) and lets out a triumphant yell
bruno chuckles when the realization hits and he playfully calls her "vieja loca", to emphasize the gray hair situation
pepa definitely punches his shoulder at that comment to which he begins his dramatic lil attitude
"OH *insert a telenovela gasp* how could you wound your own brother! pepa, how could you do this to me! after everything we've been through together"
he plays dead and julieta is not amused, reminding them that they're taking up kitchen space
bruno doesn't move, pepa snorts at her brother's antics and watches as julieta pulls up her sleeves ready to pull bruno up
it's there that pepa notices julieta has a gray hair tucked away, "julie, you have one too!"
bruno is quick to sit up ready to tease julieta to which she raises an eyebrow, ready to revoke his food privileges
bonus: félix and agustín are their respective wife's #1 hype man, they also hype the cuñado but bruno gets embarrassed when they do
honestly this was fun! i had to draw something for it as soon as the ideas took over
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kinschi · 2 days ago
How long do you think Julieta and Pepa looked for Bruno after he “left”?
LONG! But thinking about that makes me really sad. Because the family dynamic was already so broken that I can imagine Abuela putting a stop to their search because Pepa couldn't stop raining and the bad weather was gonna cause some damage to the crops and the town and also there are many injured people and Julieta wasn't cooking anything too busy searching for her hermanito. Of course Alma's incredibly hurt and sad as well but she bottles it up like all her sadness and instead focuses on the duty they have to uphold and it all just makes me emotional :(
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includeangieinthesequel · 21 hours ago
More Madrigal Triplets Headcannons
I would love to see someone draw some of these. Just tag me if you do.
The triplets can feel some of the effects of each other’s powers. When Pepa’s raining or snowing her siblings feel a little cold. When Julieta’s food heals someone her siblings feel warm. When Bruno has a vision his siblings feel pressure right behind their eyes.
When it hails, Pepa is extremely happy. No one knows why hail is the effect but she loves it.
Whenever Julieta and Pepa would argue when they were young it would stress Bruno out. He’d have visions just to make sure they were gonna make up. He’d try to speed up the process of them healing but never connected that he was “changing” the future in a sense by helping them get along.
Pepa became interested in make-up first. She practiced a lot on her siblings. It always relaxed Bruno the most to have her put it on him. It became a big way for them to bond when they were teens.
Julieta learned how to do her make-up but she still asks Pepa to do it for her if she misses her and they haven’t had the chance to catch up in a while. Their children have seen how serene it is for them and usually don’t interrupt. Sometimes Julieta tells Pepa her hands are too tired to do it herself.
Bruno has always liked to hold hands with the people he loves. He likes to give Julieta hand massages when she’s been in the kitchen for too long.
The triplets used to all three get sick if Pepa was having a bad week. They’d all curl up under her rain cloud to comfort her. Julieta would heal them each night before bed but the next day they’d end up feeling sick again from all falling asleep in Pepa’s room.
Alma taught them all how to sew. Bruno insisted he learn too. She didn’t argue since he was so willing. He’s not very good at it but he knows how it works. His hands just won’t do what his brain tells him is right.
Sometimes Bruno likes to tease his sisters by saying he doesn’t want to be in the middle anymore. It never works because he always ends up giggling at their expressions when he protests.
Julieta and Bruno figured out early on that when Pepa’s lip quivers she’s about to cry and then rain. Julieta offers a hand on her shoulder and Bruno will hold her hand and they both squeeze.
After Bruno comes back they all set aside time each day just for the three of them. It gives Julieta a break from the kitchen, Pepa has time to express her emotions, and Bruno gets to feel all the affection he missed over the last ten years.
Pepa walks faster than her siblings because she’s the tallest. When she gets too far ahead she stops in the middle of the walkway and holds her hands out. Her siblings run up and grab her hands. This may or may not have almost gotten her trampled by a horse.
One time Pepa and Julieta got into a fight and then a shoving match. Julieta refused to heal the scrape on Pepa’s arm because she was still upset. Pepa kept tossing snowballs at Julieta. Bruno stayed out of that one. The fight had been over the last cup of coffee and he ended up drinking it while they argued. (You can decide if they’re young when this happens or if they’re 50. It’s funnier if they’re 50.)
When Pepa sees her siblings cry she cries. She often needs help calming down after comforting her siblings. She feels things very deeply and she’s an empath. She can’t just switch from an extreme feeling to contentment without a little help.
The triplets will always cover for each other. Pepa had a hickey once and Julieta instantly made food to heal it so Alma wouldn’t see. It was the middle of the night but she did it anyway.
Sometimes Pepa wakes up swinging. She says it because she fought so much with her siblings in the womb. Clearly she won since she’s the tallest.
Bruno had a good two years of being taller than Pepa until she hit a growth spurt and he just never caught up.
Pepa used to have insecurities about being the tallest until Bruno kept telling her how cool it was. She got really confident in her height when she met Felix and he never noticed her height as being a problem.
Sometimes Pepa trips over Bruno.
Julieta: How’d you trip over him?
Pepa: He’s really small.
Bruno: In her defense I was laying on the floor.
Waking Pepa up is always a dangerous game. You never know what you’re gonna be facing. Could be a small cloud over her. It could be some thunder from her annoyance. She could even create some snow and hit you with a snowball.
Sometimes Pepa’s rain leaves puddles of water and Julieta slips on them the most. She’s never paying attention to the ground when she’s working. Casita usually stops her from falling.
Alma taught them how to play guitar. She picked it up from Pedro when they were young. Pepa is more drawn to the guitar than her siblings. Julieta loves piano because of Augustin. Bruno would rather rap with his rats.
Julieta and Pepa have walked in on Bruno having and hosting rap battles with his rats on more than one occasion.
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mxzuki · 2 days ago
*Julieta holding Isabela*
Pepa: Oh God, I can’t believe one of us actually has one of these.
Bruno: I know, I still am one of these.
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