navyinks · a day ago
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for anyone interested, here’s my dtiys for a milestone!! The only rule is to have fun ^-^
please show me your nerdanels and tiny maitimos 😘♥♥♥ and thank you for supporting my work
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edensrose · 2 days ago
Tolkien Characters As Things I Say Regularly / Have Said Pt2
Maedhros: hELPLBFHLB
Fëanor: I'm such a nice person
Bilbo: DYING
Mairon: To fuck or be fucked
Manwë: crying crYING CRYING NOISES
Tauriel: The things I'd let that woman do to me — wait I'm straight
Yavanna: SOBS
Maglor: I am in despair, I am HOLLOW
Thranduil: Every day I grow closer to setting this whole place on fire
Melkor: If I see one more baby advertisement I'm throwing a baby
Namo: Bye I'm gonna go throw myself down some stairs
Eonwë: It's all fun and games until I get the knife
Annatar: ME!? I don't kill people, what
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yourlocalnetizen · 2 days ago
There were 13 things in the world Maglor would kill for.
3 of those reject his mere touch.
2 of them he can never meet again until the world ends.
2 are in a land he won’t go back to.
And his 6 brothers? They’re gone, facing the consequences of their sins.
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noldorinpainter · a day ago
Tumblr media
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ezzuka · 2 days ago
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Fëanor & Maedhros
“I heard that the heartbroken revenger can feel neither pain nor fear nor coming of death.”
“Now that his treasure came home, can he finally feels pain again?”
“Here ends the long battle started from a broken heart.”
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kanafinwe-makalaure · 10 hours ago
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Kidnap fam via this incorrect quotes generator
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the-doom-of-mandos · a day ago
Maedhros: What you you say is your biggest weakness?
Maglor: I can be uncooperative
Maedhros: Can you give me an example?
Maglor: No
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anattmar · 2 days ago
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malewife Maedhros🤭 Valinor edition
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maglorslostsilmaril · 2 days ago
“soldier poet king” by the oh hellos is about maedhros maglor and celegorm, actually
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silmaspens · 5 months ago
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Daeron pouting in Doriath | Second Age locations | Maedhros
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lesbian-elrond · 4 months ago
People keep trying to convince me that the LOTR Amazon show “Might be good”, and the thing is, I really, genuinely, don’t care? To my mind this is a lose lose situation. Either
1) It’s a terrible show, they make a bunch of decisions we don’t like, the canon is tainted, the fan theories and interpretations and spaces we’ve created are eroded or demolished to make way for a hollywood monstrosity.
or 2) it’s a “good” show, the costuming looks great, the script is elegant, they pull off the casting and people widely like it. It’s a huge public win for amazon, with a high profile interpretation of a cultural touchstone. Now LOTR has been manipulated to pour money and social influence into Amazon. A human rights abuser and climate terrorist, the acceptable face of late stage capitalism.
I don’t want either of those results, frankly, so I can’t feel excited about the idea that it might be “good”. I don’t want a world where these characters and stories are working for Amazon. The idea that they’ll be helping Jeff Bezos and his ilk makes me nauseous. There’s nothing capitalism can’t reach, there’s nothing sacred that billionaires can’t touch. Our safe space is gone so that Bezos can make a few bucks and get back in the publics good graces, while Amazon treats its workers like animals, feeds climate disaster and spies on activists
Is that what we want these characters’ real life impact to be? Because that’s what’s happening here.
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eldamaranquendi · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
LEGENDARIUM  by https://hehuihehui.lofter.com
1. Noldolante (Maglor & silmaril)
2. Maedhros with Maglor finds Elrond & Elros
3. Earendil & Elwing` family 
4. Finrod & Amarie
5. say “Mellon” and go! (Legolas & Gimli)
6. Elrond & Celebrian` meet
7. Finrod vs Sauron
8. Feanor`s death
9. Earwen & Finarfin
10. Turgon & Elenwe
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yourlocalnetizen · 2 days ago
Tolkien elves I have a crush on:
Feanor - No he’s not wise but in his defense he got the shittiest cards in the game and still never gave up. Sure, he didn’t play them well but most of us would not have if we were in his unfortunate situation either.
Maedhros - The bad boy trope done right. He’s beautiful and broken and a piece of shit but war crimes aside, this man was devoted to his family. Who doesn’t love a guy loyal to his loved ones?
Maglor - He sings sad angsty songs and he’s a good father figure to children he kidnaps. He’s so… I want to give him lots of hugs and make his frozen heart feel something again.
Fingon - Less angsty than the Feanorians and he’s literally perfect.
Earendil - I love this man. Good for Elwing.
Thranduil - I love a king who doesn’t put up with people’s(or dwarfs’s) shit. Also that hair<3
Legolas - I’m basic.
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symphonyofsilence · 6 months ago
Writer : the morally gray outlaw adopts the traumatised child.
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feanarotherindion · 2 months ago
tolkien, describing his characters:
Tumblr media
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riennhy · a month ago
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middle-earth-mythopoeia · 3 months ago
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— Maglor, Of the Voyage of Eärendil and the War of Wrath
Paintings by Alan Lee, Ted Nasmith, Catherine Karina Chmiel, and Katsuobushield
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fluentisonus · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
the beginning of an alliance ⚔️
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busymagpie · 3 months ago
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Good dad Fëanor, good dad Fëanor, good dad Fëanor
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aistaree · a month ago
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bunch of elves to have some variety and to get back on track after two very busy weeks - (Maeglin looks like the edgiest goth chick in Gondolin I'm so sorry)
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