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Fun Fact
Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
kalopsiia-sims · 11 minutes ago
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jog with dog
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sinxocity · 24 minutes ago
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Welcome Spencer Maeve to the City Of Sin. Spencer is 29 years old and works as an agent with the FBI. They have been told they look an awful lot like Sophia Bush, but they don't see it. They're known to be loyal and driven. On the other hand, they're also obsessive and suspicious.
@inkblot: Got home exhausted and accidentally fell into another world #reading
@inkblot: “Off to the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul.”
Currently Binging; Community
Currently Listening To; Forgive Me by The Relentless
Drink Of Choice; Whiskey, neat.
You Would Be Surprised; I was a criminal in my youth.
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memoryfaded · an hour ago
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@venturousheart​​   said   “strange to think that we were strangers once.”   !
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 there was once a time:     long   ago,      in   lands   that   have   lost     &&    changed   names   so   many   times   they   are   more   alive   in   fiction   than   reality,     where   she   and   clara   were   yet   to   meet.     back   when   maeve   was   still...     someone   else,    someone   unfinished   and   unaware   of   the   weight   the   universe   would   decide   to   pin   on   her.      it’s   hard   to   imagine   clara   before   immortality:     before   she   realised   the   splendour   the   rest   of   the   world   must   have   always   seen   shining   through   gentle,     kind   features.
 they   were   strangers   before   she   stole   maeve’s   breath   and   was   left   holding   messy,      tarnished,      devout   heart   in   her   hands   for   their   own   private   eternity.  
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 they   don’t   truly   do   anniversaries,   but   what   they   do   do   well   are   their   reunions.     she   falters   in   her   steps   to   turn   around   and   gently     -     maeve   still,      after   all   this   time,     doesn’t   know   how   to   kiss   clara   without   treasuring   every   second    -     leaning   to   press   lingering   adoration   to   the   other’s   tender   lips.     ❝   strange   to   think   I   didn’t   know   how   to   live   until   I   had   to   die   to   meet   you.      but   I   don’t   think   we   were   ever   completely   strangers,     we   were   just   two   pieces   waiting   to   find   each   other.   ❞
 step   back   comes   with   easy,      half   secret   smile,     never   releasing   the   other’s   hand   from   within   hers.     ❝   I   could   never   go   back   to   it.      existing   without   your   light.   ❞  
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song lyrics starters    |    accepting
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sparklingandshining · 2 hours ago
Mr. Poppy: Lesbians, what is your wisdom?
Beth: World hard and cold. Titty soft and warm.
Sam: Girl hot.
Fraser: Watch Shrek.
Sam: You aren't a fucking lesbian, Fraser.
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preebsss · 3 hours ago
About the only good thing Maeve ever said👀
I mean I know she was literally the most dangerous conniving selfish thing out there…even though after Dorian’s conversations with her I think she might be not that bad…don’t think me crazy I know what all she has done and all but still some part of me thinks that she might be just a teensy weensy bit good even though she was Valg. And despite what all she did to Aelin…there is something she said…
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mishavacado · 8 hours ago
50 Questions Just Because
What are three shows in your watchlist that you’ve been meaning to get to?
Describe your favorite pair of socks
Do you like smoothies?
What do you wear when you have to dress nicely?
How do you like your eggs?
What do you use to keep your place when you’re reading a book?
What color dominates your closet?
Do you collect anything? If so, what?
What sounds or scents calm you down?
What’s your favorite kind of uquiz question? (Lyric, color, aesthetic, etc)
Do you wear glasses or contacts?
What’s something about your best friend that you love?
Do you prefer to write in pen or pencil?
What are some places where you feel most at home?
Do you have any houseplants? Do any of them have names?
Describe your favorite hoodie. How long have you had it? What makes it unique?
What’s the last thing you ordered online?
What’s one historical event that you would have liked to have witnessed?
What’s your favorite Halloween costume from when you were a kid?
What kind of math are you best at?
What’s your favorite period in art history, your favorite famous work and/or your favorite style of art? If you don’t know any that’s ok!
Iced or hot drinks?
Which songs do you like to sing in the shower?
Are you a good driver?
Do you have any piercings or tattoos? Are there any that you want?
Can you cook or bake? If so, what are some of your specialties?
Do you have any keychains on your home or car keys? Describe them!
Can you swim very well? Do you like swimming?
Did you play with Legos as a kid? What was your favorite set?
Is your closet organized? If so, how?
What’s the last music video you watched?
If you could dye your hair any color, regardless of how you think it would look, what color would you choose?
Headphones or earbuds?
Can you read analog clocks?
Describe your favorite stuffed animal, either now or from when you were a kid.
What’s an arcade or table game (air hockey, ping pong, etc) that you’re really good at?
Do you mind if others are in the kitchen when you’re cooking or baking?
What’s one show you watch or musician you listen to that your friends know nothing about?
What was the best part of your day today?
What’s your favorite kind of tree?
What scent is your deodorant?
Do you have any games on your phone? If so, which one(s) is/are your favorite?
Do you shower with the lights on or off?
What do you do with spare change?
Do you have good handwriting?
What’s the last thing a friend recommended to you that you looked into and actually liked?
Do you like to go on walks?
Do you have a favorite plate or bowl?
What’s your favorite thing to do when it’s raining?
Describe your perfect sleeping conditions
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incorrect-theboys · 9 hours ago
Elena: You might be annoying but I would fuck you if you asked
Maeve: What?
Elena: What?
Lamplighter: *eating chips in the background* She said she would fuck you if you asked
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incorrect-theboys · 9 hours ago
Elena: Hey, -
Maeve: Elena! Uh, don't come in, uh - Lamplighter's naked!
Lamplighter: What the fuck
Maeve: *whispering* Well I can't tell her I'm naked, she's allowed to see me naked!
Lamplighter: Why does ANYBODY have to be naked????
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wonderall · 10 hours ago
𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐝 𝐟𝐨𝐫 :  males. 𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐚 :  beauty  and  the  beast  inspired  ?  whether  it’s  historical  or  modern  esq  depends  on  you  !  could  be  mafia  or  just  someone  powerful.  muse  is  alice  maeve,  21,  ellie  bamber  faceclaim.
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sounds  of  birds  chippered  in  the  distance  surrounds  garden  while  bare  feet  tracks  across  the  mud.  fingers  brush  against  roses  and  dandelions,  causes  velvets  to  tug  into  a  pleased  grin.  it’s  a  beautiful  sight  alice  had  finally  taken  in  after  a  week  of  trapped  inside  mansion.  head  tilts  up,  pale  skin  soaking  in  the  dawn  appearing  sun,  lashes  fluttering  closed  for  moments  to  pass.  it’s  not  until  hand  wrapped  around  her  wrist  does  her  serenity  disrupts,  a  short  gasp  leaving  mouth  as  head  snaps  forward.  eyes  soften,  swallowing  dread  lump  caught  in  throat.  “  don’t  be  angry,  please.  i  wasn’t  trying  to  leave,  i  promise.  i  just  wanted  to  go  on  a  walk.  “
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serendipitystyles · 15 hours ago
Hi, quick question. The works you post on patreon are patreon only or they will eventually be posted on tumblr as well ?
hi bae!!! there are some that will be posted to tumblr as well!!! the sneak peeks i posted the other day are patreon exclusive but if a sneak peek says ‘read on patreon now | coming to tumblr _____’ with a date, then it will be posted to tumblr as well!!
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pamelabeesly · 18 hours ago
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Tumblr media
“Do it!”
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combefaerie · 19 hours ago
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The dynamic...
Who is Bunty flipping off? Idk, her mother??
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