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OLLIE OLLIE OLLIE !! Hey ! How are you ?? I’ve had an idea and I’m gonna burst if I don’t share it . So Bucky , any AU Bucky would do but maybe Mafia !? Where Bucky is a fuckboy , sleeping with a different girl , sometimes more than one , every night , always walking around with a girl on his arm and making out with them even when he’s handling business . But then he meets you … he stops sleeping around and does everything in his power to win you over . And everyone is dumbfounded seeing the notorious mob boss and womanizer having puppy eyes for a girl that’s seemingly so unlike him and so different from all the girls they’ve seen him with before . And then you’re the only girl he’s kissing and having on his lap in public ! I couldn’t stop thinking about it and I thought you might like the idea !! Have a great day
I’ve spent too much time in Australia because I immediately wanted to chant back Oi!!! Oi!!! Oi!!! 😂
Been a while since I wrote for mafia! Bucky, thanks for the request!
Obsidian Nights || mafia!Bucky
Warnings: 18+ only, nsfw, mentions of sex, sexual themes, fluffiness WC: 3.3k
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Tumblr media
Every night was the same for Bucky, like Groundhog Day but involving a lot more sex. His bedroom door may as well have been revolving the way he worked himself through every single lady in New York. There was a rolling joke that Bucky checked women's names off his list faster than Lou Bega in Mambo No.5. His youth passed in blurr of unfamiliar faces waking up next to him with the hopes of another night together but they never came. 
Bucky was certain he was living his best life and happy riding his metaphorical merry-go-round each night in Club Obsidian. He was certain he would never fall for the greatest trick of all time - monogamy. He was absolutely certain, until he locked eyes with an angel. You shook him to his core, made him question his beliefs, your innocence attracting him like a moth to a flame.
“Steve, who’s that?” Bucky asked as he nudged away the woman who had been sitting on his lap waiting until he was ready to leave and take her with him.
Steve shook his head as yet another woman caught his best friend's eye and turned in his seat to follow his gaze. “Not a clue, pal, but she’s not your type anyway. She looks like a good girl.”
Bucky downed his drink and rose from the VIP table, ignoring the hands that trailed his body as he walked through the crowd towards the bar. He couldn’t deny what Steve said, you were everything Bucky had avoided; a kind smile, shy eyes and a dress that, however beautiful on you, covered far too much skin. 
“Are you lost, doll?” Bucky leant in and asked, a quiet squeak of fright escaping as you stepped back. His stomach knotted at the sweet sound and his heart rate spiked as he followed your step with a teasing smile that disarmed you. “I didn’t mean to scare you. Let me get you a drink.”
“I don’t drink.” You answered, finally finding your voice after staring at his eyes for too long, the blue seeming to be too iridescent for the dark club. Over the handsome strangers shoulder you spotted your friends who had invited you, their attempts at getting you out of your apartment finally working, and you waved to get their attention. “Thanks for the offer.”
You ducked out before he got a chance to reply, his frown deepening as he felt his first rejection in years. Immediately you noticed how excited your friends were as they pulled you into a close circle.
“Holy shit! You were talking to the one and only Bucky Barnes.” Your roommate Nat gushed as your friends all sighed longingly.
You looked over your shoulder but he had disappeared into the crowd, no doubt off to find another woman to buy a drink for. “It was nothing.”
“I wouldn’t call that nothing.” Nat scoffed knowingly as a regular patron of the club. “He barely leaves his Ivory Tower in the VIP section, he must have thought something of you to descend among the commoners.”
“Jesus, you make him sound like a King.” You laughed as waved off her silliness but found the others nodding seriously. 
Nat leant in and whispered in your ear, a shiver running down your spine. “Word is his family runs the mob.” 
You looked around inconspicuously and froze as you caught sight of him standing at the edge of the VIP section, gripping the metal railing as he scanned the crowd and stopped at you. A smile played at his full lips and the strobe lights illuminated his sharp cheekbones as he stood up a little straighter and ran his tongue over his bottom lip hungrily. 
The air of dominance, the tailored suit, the glint of a diamond encrusted rolex on his left wrist - you stepped back and shook your head. “I just wanted a nice night out and you brought me to a bloody mob hangout?” 
“This is Brooklyn.” Nat pointed out with a laugh. “They practically own everything.”
Your fingers twirled your bracelet around your wrist and you snuck another glance to the VIP area but Bucky was nowhere to be seen. You weren’t quite sure if the feeling in your stomach was from relief or disappointment but you put it from your mind as your friends dragged you to the bar to order some drinks. Your mocktail looked delicious as you handed some cash over the bar but the bartender gave it back with a shake of his head.
“Courtesy of Mr Barnes.” 
“Oh, that’s not necessary.” You said, trying and failing once again to pay before tucking it back in your clutch. 
“If the big guy wants to pay, I say let him.” Nat said as she clinked her glass with yours. “You could do with a little male attention. Dust out the cobwebs, have some fun.”
“I have no interest in being another notch in a belt.” You laughed, taking a sip of the fruity drink. “Thanks for your concern but I am quite happy-” 
“Running up the electricity bill every night with your wand?” She teased before choking on her drink. “Um, I’m going to go check out the dance floor.”
She darted into the crowd quickly with her agile steps and disappeared as you were left along to question what had just happened. The answer came in the form of a hand on your lower back and you turned to see a pair of bright blue eyes sparkling with amusement.
“Here I was thinking you were a good girl.” Bucky chuckled, his thumb rubbing over your spine in time to the music. “But this is so much better.”
“Isn’t there anyone else for you to bother?” You sighed, unintentionally piquing his interest even more.
He looked over the crowd, a dozen women openly undressing him with their eyes but he felt nothing for them. “Sure, but there’s really no fun in that.”
You rolled your eyes, forgetting for a moment who it was you were talking to. “Lucky me.” 
The pressure on your back increased as he stepped closer and it was either take a step and let him lead you where he wanted or have his body flush with yours. It was a tough choice but you let him walk you to the VIP area, the velvet rope being opened for you by a sinister looking man with a gun on his hip. Bucky paused to talk to the bouncer at the bottom of the steps and pointed out your friends on the dancer.
“Get them a table and service on my tab.”
You stopped in your tracks and turned on Bucky, taking the high ground and using it to bolster your confidence. “You do realise that dropping money isn’t going to make me sleep with you.”
“It’s cute that you think that is dropping money.” He teased as he stepped up so he was eye to eye with you. “Tomorrow, 6 o’clock.”
Your jaw dropped and you blinked dumbly as you waited for the punchline that never came. “Excuse me?”
“Have dinner with me.”
Your heart skipped a beat at the thought but you did you best to hide your surprise. “I get the feeling that’s not a question.”
He tipped his head to the side and you would have said it was cute if it wasn’t for the cocky smirk on his face. “I get the feeling you would say no if it was.”
“God forbid anyone say no to you.” You said as you failed to hide the smile growing on your face. “Fine, but I’m choosing the restaurant.”
“Deal. Seal it with a kiss?”
You couldn’t help laughing at his confidence and you leant in to press a chaste kiss to his cheek, the sly mobster seeing your intention and turning his head at the last moment so your lips connected with his. Every nerve ending in your body electrified at the touch and you were lost in the sensation of his soft lips as his hands curved around your waist.
“That was very sneaky.” You pointed out as you regained your senses and remembered where you were, ignoring the part of you that wanted nothing more than to taste his lips again.
He ran the back of his knuckles gently over your cheek, his eyes tracing your lips. “You don’t get anywhere in life without a few risks.”
Tumblr media
Nat was barely waking up when you were getting ready for your dinner date, her moans and groans echoing through the apartment as she dragged herself from her bed to raid the food cabinets to ease her hangover.
“Why are you getting all dolled up?” She asked, pressing a cool bottle of water to her pounding forehead. 
“You don’t remember anything from last night?” You chided as you tossed her a bag of crisps. “You probably bankrupted Bucky with the drinks you were ordering.”
She frowned as she tried to remember the details of the night, finally gasping as she pointed at you. “Holy shit! You and Bucky! You were getting awfully friendly at his table. Did he drive us home?”
“Well, technically his driver did.” You corrected as the apartment buzzer sounded. “And that is probably him now. Don’t forget to rehydrate and I’ll see you tonight. Love you.”
She groaned in response as she dropped her head to the table and buried her hand in the packet. “You too, stay safe, use protection.”
“What do you mean you’re going on a date?” Steve laughed through the phone. “With the teetotal good girl?”
“Her name is Y/N.” Bucky growled as his driver pulled up to the apartment he had stopped by the night before, when he helped you carry your half conscious roommate inside. “Were you calling for a reason or just to bust my balls?”
“Nah forget it, it’s nothing urgent.” Steve chuckled. “You have fun while I console all the sad and lonely women, mourning the loss of James Buchanan Barnes.”
“Shut up.” Bucky laughed. “I’m going on a date, I’m not getting married.”
“Yet…but this is how it begins.”
Bucky hung up the phone as Steve hummed the tune to ‘Here Comes the Bride’, the teasing thankfully not enough to ruin his mood as the car came to a stop. He had memorised your apartment number and quickly hit the buzzer beside the door, noting your last name on the little tag. He couldn’t stop fiddling with his cufflinks or decide whether he looked too formal with his starched dress shirt buttoned to his neck, a wave of disconcertion he wasn’t used to washing over him as he tugged at his neckline and unbuttoned the top before he suffocated.
“Oh, wow. You look…” You were lost for words as you stepped out of your building to find Bucky waiting in a full suit, his hair slicked back and his eyes taking in your far more casual appearance. “Over dressed.”
You giggled as he looked appalled at the idea but he closed his mouth when you stepped closer and opened another button so you could see the gold chain hanging around his neck. Next you grabbed his suit jacket that was already unbuttoned and eased it off his shoulders before folding it up.
“Roll your sleeves up.” You ordered as you messed his perfectly styled hair up and stepped back to see the result. “Not half bad.”
“Who needs self esteem anyway?” He winked, doing a turn that was worthy enough for a runway model at a Milan fashion event. “So, judging by this high end street fashion, you haven’t chosen a restaurant I would have heard of.”
“You gave me the VIP treatment last night, it’s time to return the favour.”
His eyes narrowed at your evasive tone but he didn’t question you as he led the way to the car, opening your door before walking around. You had already told his driver where to go when he slid in beside you, even more curious than before.
“It’s not often that I’m the last to know what’s happening.” He said as he took your hand, the thick signet ring on his finger warm to the touch.
“Just relax, I promise this will be the best cuisine money can buy.”
He looked doubtful as he watched the streets roll by until his driver came to a stop outside a busy underground parking lot.
“Come on.” You enticed him with a curled finger as you opened the door. “There’s no valet here.”
He followed you into the cordoned off parking lot, the aroma of food drifting up from the ramp to the next level down.
“There’s a restaurant in a basement?” He asked with confusion and doubt.
“Not quite.” You smirked, the full sight of the night market spread far and wide, dozens of food trucks all lined up with their music and food creating a bustling atmosphere. “If it makes you feel better, I’ve never once got food poisoning from eating here.”
“That’s really just super comforting.” He laughed and shook his head. “Where do we begin?”
You were absolutely stuffed by the time you made it around all the stalls, Bucky indulging you both in almost every type of food they had to offer. You had collapsed onto a picnic table as you waited for your food to settle and found Bucky watching you with a reserved reverence.
“What?” You asked as his smile grew.
“Nothing,” he grinned, “it’s just, this is the best date I’ve ever been on and it was completely unexpected.”
“I suppose I’ll be just as surprised next weekend when it’s your turn to choose.”
“If you think I’m going to wait a week before I see you again, you’re crazy.” He said as he shuffled closer and straddled the bench seat.
You swung your leg over the bench so you were mirroring him. “Tomorrow, 6 o’clock.”
“Deal. Seal it with a kiss?”
“I feel like I never see you anymore.” Nat pouted as you flattened out a crinkle on the dress Bucky had bought for you.
“You could always come with us?” You offered but she shook her head. “I thought you liked his club?”
“I do but no thanks, I’m still recovering from the last hangover.” She complained. “Maybe next month. God, I sound old.”
You gasped and reached for her curly red hair. “Is that a grey hair?”
“Shut up.” She slapped your hand away and even though she knew you were kidding she had to go to the bathroom mirror to check. “Ha, knew it, now get out of here.”
It was one of the rare nights that Bucky wasn’t able to pick you up and it felt strange riding in the back seat of his Bentley all alone. At least when you arrived at Obsidian you were able to walk straight in and not have to join the long queue snaking around the building and off down the street.
The club was absolutely packed but nothing could get in the way of spotting Bucky. His ringed hand was resting on the rail as he looked over his kingdom, life flooding into his cold eyes when he spotted you. He met you halfway, his bright smile reaching his eyes as his hands caught your hips and pulled you in.
“Hi beautiful.” He greeted, his hands spreading across your back until one caught the nape of your neck. “You like to torture me, don’t you?”
You opened your lips to answer but it was swallowed by his kiss that melted you into his embrace. The intense feelings that had been building between you were raging in your body, the need to have him completely leaving your core throbbing. But it was his idea to take things slow, not that you argued, you both wanted this to be special and not just another lost lover between his satin sheets.
“This isn’t a walk in the park for me either.” You admitted as you played with the stiff lapels of his pinstripe suit.
“Your poor wand must be working overtime.” He teased, earning a soft slap to his chest.
“That was so embarrassing.” You muttered as you looked away and cringed only for him to catch your chin and turn you back.
“Why? I find it sexy as hell.” He bit his lip and pressed his hips into yours, showing you exactly the effect you had on him. His voice dropped even deeper as his lips brushed below your ear. “Been imagining the things you’re doing late at night when I’m not there.”
Your heart rate spiked and you sucked in a lungful of air as he kissed his way down your neck to your collarbone, a trail of goosebump left in his wake. “Bucky? How important is it that we are here tonight?”
He groaned as he spotted the very businessman who was hoping to buy Bucky’s protection from a rival family. “Hold that thought for five minutes, doll.”
“I’ll hold you to that.” You kissed his cheek and headed to the VIP area where you wouldn’t be bundled about in the crowd.
“Drink?” Steve offered as he sidled up beside you before smirking. “Oh wait, you don’t drink, right? No drinking, no sex - what does my boy see in you…”
“I don’t think that it’s any of your business.” You said, turning to face Bucky’s best friend. “And I’d like to keep it that way.”
You caught movement at the stairs and found your boyfriend passing the velvet rope so you pushed off from the bar and paused at Steve’s broad chest to look up at him. “Just for the record, you don’t seem to be having such a bad time rolling in his leftovers. Maybe that’s where your focus should be and not worrying about what I may or may not be doing with Bucky.”
“Hey, doll, ready to get outta here?” Bucky asked, his mind filled with thoughts of you and completely oblivious to the tension.
You stepped into his open arm with an eager smile. “How about we go back to your place tonight? Wouldn’t want to keep Nat up.”
Steve’s eyebrows shot up his forehead and he shoved his beer up to his lips before he made a remark that would keep him on your bad side.
“You sure?” Bucky asked quietly.
You nodded, absolutely certain you wanted to take your relationship with him to the next level, but you couldn’t help a little teasing along the way. “I’m sure…we just might have to burn your mattress first. God knows what filth a black light would find on it.”
“Way ahead of you baby. I bought a new one weeks ago.” He said proudly, punching Steve in the shoulder with a laugh when he pretended to whip the air behind Bucky. “Fuck off, punk.”
— —
“So this is the best money can buy.” You moaned as you floated on cloud 9, the mattress the most comfortable thing you had ever laid on before. “It’s amazing.”
“Only the best for my girl.” Bucky chuckled as he flopped down beside you.
Rolling over to rest your chin on his chest and look him dead in the eyes. “As long as I’m the only girl in this bed.”
His lips curled up into a panty dropping smile and his arms encircled you to pull you over his body. “You’re unlike any woman I’ve ever met, the only one I ever want in this bed.”
Your stomach tightened at his promise and you pushed yourself up so you were left straddling his hips, your desire driving your hips to roll and increase the friction between you. “Then how about we break this bad boy in?”
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All That Glitters is Gold
Tumblr media
Pairing: Soft!Mafia!Bucky Barnes x Reader
Type:  AU One-Shot??
WC: 4.7k
Warnings: Y’all know I love me some fluff!
Summary: The one where Y/N takes a chance on the mobster.
Note: This could become a short series but idk yet. I’m awful with deadlines, especially since I’m in college. But let me know what you guys think! Dividers by @firefly-graphics​
Tumblr media
You wrapped your apron around your waist as you looked in the mirror in the back of the restaurant. You were admittedly tired and wished anyone could’ve picked up your shift tonight. It was just another reminder that maybe your co-workers didn’t deserve you picking up theirs. At least you would be making decent money tonight. Working at an upscale restaurant did have its perks financially. At least you would be working with your favorite co-worker and roommate.
“I thought you weren’t working tonight,” Natasha mentioned as you walked past her. 
“Yeah, well you’re the only person I can depend on to take my shifts, believe it or not,” you slightly chuckled as you picked up a ticket pad, pens, and straws to place in your apron. “But hey, at least the tips are usually good, right?”
“That’s the only reason I’m still working here,” Nat laughed. “That and because Manny in the kitchen still gives me free meals.”
“Well Manny is literally in love with you, and you gotta stop leading him on, Nat.”
“What? He makes food, I eat food; it’s completely transactional.”
You playfully rolled your eyes at your friend before seeing someone get seated in your section. “Okay, well don’t be surprised if he asks you out soon,” you noted before approaching your first table. It looked like a couple on a date, probably a first one by the looks of it.
 “Welcome to Prime. My name is Y/N, and I’ll be your waitress tonight.” Before you could continue man looked at you. Looked was the wrong word. He was looking you up and down, checking you out in front of his date who couldn’t even bring herself to look at you. Her eyes were practically glued to her menu. It was almost intimidating the way he looked into your soul. You cleared your throat, “Can I get either of you something besides water?”
“What can you tell me about the house red?” the man inquired.
“It’s a sangiovese imported from central Tuscany. The blend is earthy and highly acidic with a medium-body. It’s semi-sweet, but it pairs nicely with all of our prime cuts on the menu,” you explained. 
The man listened tentatively with his ringed fingers stroking his chin, “And your honest thoughts on it?”
It was rare for anyone to ask for your thoughts on anything on the menu. Everyone that ate here always thinks they know better. “Uh well, truthfully, you can get the same taste and body from our Napa Valley Zinfandel for less. And the zinfandel tastes better in my opinion.”
“Let’s just get the house wine, baby,” the woman finally spoke up. She batted her lashes in his direction. There were more expensive wines on your menu, but unlike most places, your house wine was still pricey. “You said you’d treat me to the best tonight, James.”
The man you now knew as James nodded, “We’ll do the house then.”
“Right away.” You turned on your heels to retrieve the wine for the couple, but you could still feel his eyes on you. And the most certainly were.
The rest of the night went like any other. They ordered an appetizer and entrée; they even polished off that bottle of wine. But whenever you approached the couple, you could feel all of James’ attention on you. You had to admit, if you could have any man’s attention, you weren’t upset that it was his. Most of the men that brought dates or colleagues here were older and lack boundaries when their hands would touch your hand or lower back. The attention that James gave you didn’t alarm you. He was clean cut almost as if he came out of a  Versace magazine. Sometimes he would catch you looking at him as well. A smirk would fall onto his lips before he gave attention to his date again. 
“Oh my god,” you heard Nat say from behind you. You turned to see her shocked face. “Do you know who that is?” 
You shook your head, “Should I?”
“I know you’re new to New York, but you gotta keep up,” she told you as she led you to the back near the server station. “That is James Barnes. He has…a reputation.”
“What kind of reputation?”
“Some call him a businessman, one of the most powerful in the state. Others, and that may include myself, call him a mobster,” Nat explained. “It’s like a family dynasty that’s been running for generations. It’s kinda like a ghost story about the Barnes family and how they’ve been pushing drugs and other shit in big ways; nothing’s been confirmed, obviously, but that’s probably because he has half of the NYPD and the government in his pocket.” Your eyes went wide as Nat told you the tale. “He’s dangerous, Y/N. Handsome but dangerous. He probably has his goons all over this restaurant.”
You nodded in understanding. You looked back at him to see him talking to his date. You couldn’t make out the words, but after what Nat had told you, you could only wonder what this man was capable of, the things he’s done, the things he’s seen.
“I’d jump his bones though,” Nat slyly mentioned.
“He’s pretty good looking, I guess,” you muttered, your eyes still on him. “But he’s on a date, so might have to get in line.”
“I mean look at him! You know he fucks.”
Tumblr media
You noticed James’ date got up after their meal was done, probably going towards the bathroom. James had requested the bill as you walked past him before she got up. She was beginning to get a little handsy, so you only figured they both wanted to get out of here as soon as possible. 
You placed the bill on the table, but before you could walk away, James spoke.
“What are you doing tomorrow?” James asked you.
You furrowed your brows, “Excuse me?”
“I wanna take you out, darling.” He said. This man was dripping with confidence.
You slightly chuckled and leaned against the table, “Aren’t you on a date now, James?”
“First date. I can tell it won’t work out, so why waste anymore of my time. My time is very valuable.”
“So is mine.”
“And I won’t waste your time, Y/N. Let me take you out.” 
You remembered what Nat had told you, and it made you hesitate. He was more than just handsome, and you definitely had gone out with worse looking men. But James was different.
“James, I’m flattered, but I’m not really in the dating scene. I’m still trying to get settled in New York and—” Before you could finish your statement, James was pulling out a small wad of cash. What was owed for the dinner, he placed on the bill itself. The rest of the cash you placed in the middle of the table. “What’s this?”
“A tip,” he simply put as he stood up.
You couldn’t even comprehend what to say, “But— I…you’re leaving like a $1,000 tip?”
“Don’t put a question mark where I put a period, darling.”
On that note, you saw his date come back from the bathroom, clearly ready to go. “Let’s go James!” she spoke, sounding slightly irritated with her arms crossed.
Once again, you were at a loss for words. James took the bill and quickly wrote some numbers on the bill and winked at you, “I’ll be seeing you real soon, Y/N. Have a good night.”
James left with his date, leaving you breathless.
Tumblr media
“Well, if you didn’t tell me all that stuff about him, maybe I would’ve said yes,” you groaned. Nat was giving you hell at the end of the night about not immediately saying yes to the unconfirmed mobster. In any other situation, you would’ve said yes. He was charming, well dressed, and confident. But you had to be at least cautious about this guy.
“I get it, but this could have been huge for you,” Nat whined. You rolled your eyes and nudged her. “Okay, but if you wanna apologize, you could split that big ass tip with me.”
You both laughed, but both knew the money was going straight to your rent. Living in New York was no joke after all.  
You both walked out of the restaurant, discussing what you were going to do when you got home. Granted, it was 11pm, so all you really wanted to do was sleep. Nat on the other hand, thought about catching up on some shows on Hulu. There were still a few cars in the parking lot, including Nat’s. Some of your co-workers had cars, but none of them looked like the SUV parked near the back. It was incredibly new and had someone standing in front of it. It was parked right next to Nat’s car. The light in the lot above her car must’ve gone out during the day; neither of you could make out the features of the figure. Regardless, both of you tried to ignore whoever was in front of it.
“I’m not here to hurt you, Y/N,” you heard the voice say.
You immediately identified the voice James’.
“I’m not gonna hurt either of you.”
“James, what are you doing here? You left hours ago with someone in fact,” you reminded him. “Don’t tell me you’ve waited all this time.”
He chuckled and shook his head, “I never got an answer from you, darling. I still wanna take you out.”
“Well, you can’t wait at my work, bribe me with a tip, and then expect me to go out with you,” you scolded him. “That may have worked for you in the past, but that’s not happening here.”
James only stared at you. You didn’t look away this time; you stood your ground. But damn, his glare was intense.
“I’m Natasha, by the way,” your roommate interrupted. Neither of you broke your gaze at each other. “Just thought I’d introduce myself before giving you guys some privacy. Let me know if uh I can be any help,” she shyly mentioned before entering the car and starting it up.
It was just you and James now, standing in the dark parking lot.
“I know who you are, James, and frankly, I’m not sure I wanna associate,” you admitted.
“You know of me, doll.” He took one step closer to you. You immediately felt smaller. “You don’t know me though, but I want you to. And I wanna get to know you. What’s wrong with that?”
“Call me Bucky.”
You sighed and crossed your arms, “Bucky, we are very different people, and I just don’t think it’ll work out, okay?”
He placed his hand in his pockets and nodded, “Let me take you to dinner. You’re new here; let me show you my favorite spot.”
“If I go, will you stop bothering me?”
“I’ve barely bothered you, doll, but yes. Let me take you out, and if you want, I’ll never bother you again.”
A part of you didn’t believe him. He looked like a man who wasn’t used to hearing the word ‘no.’ Yet, you rolled your eyes but nodded.
“Fine. One dinner and then you leave me alone.” Bucky couldn’t help but to smile at your words. At this point, you’d do anything just to go home. “Give me your phone. I’ll give you my number.”
“I already have your number, doll,” Bucky smirked. “I just wanted your permission to use it.” You scoffed and rolled your eyes; you were sure if you rolled your eyes any harder, they’d get stuck. Of course this weasel had your number already. “I'll see you tomorrow, Y/N. Unless, you want a ride home?”
“If you give me a ride, I’ll consider it our date,” you shot back.
Bucky immediately raised his hands in defeat and laughed, “Well, I don’t wanna waste it. I’ll pick you up at 6:00 from your apartment,” Bucky told you as he began to get back in his car.
“I’ll send you the address.” Bucky gave you a look and smirked, before you quickly understood. “Right, you know that already.”
He winked before entering his car. He quickly drove off, leaving you in the parking lot, once again breathless. You entered Nat’s car, and she immediately looked at you waiting for you to spill everything.
“We have a date tomorrow.” Nat squealed before beginning to drive off. “Calm down, he has one chance or there won’t be a second one.”
“Yeah, we’ll see about that.”
Tumblr media
You looked at yourself in the mirror again for the 4th time with a different outfit on and it was already 5:30. You liked how you looked in each outfit, but you were completely unsure where you were even going. It would make sense for Bucky to take you to a nice restaurant; that definitely felt like his speed. You were very used to going out for coffee for first dates, not 5 star restaurants that had $18 cocktails. 
You grabbed your phone, finally deciding to send Bucky a text. He had sent you a text last night in hopes that you got home safely. You only sent a thumbs up as a response, but at least you had his number now. But who’s to say that this is his only phone?
Y/N: Where are you taking me? I don’t know how to dress
You threw your phone back on the bed just to hear it chime as soon as it hit the mattress.
Bucky: Just dress nice.
You scoffed at his response.
Y/N: I feel like we have very different definitions of the phrase “dress nice”
Bucky: You could wear exactly what I saw you in yesterday, and you’d still be the best looking woman in the place.
You felt your cheeks redden a bit. But you couldn’t let him know that he was making your heart flutter.
Y/N: 🙄
Y/N: I’ll just wear a trash bag I guess
Bucky: Can’t wait to see it. I’ll see you at 6.
Bucky was the perfect mix of charming and infuriating. In the few hours you’ve known him, he has managed to make your skin crawl and leave you breathless. It must’ve been a record. You decided to just go with a simple, strapless black dress. You’d at least be prepared for anything this man had in mind.  
You kind of wished Nat was there to at least hype you up before your date. At the very least, she could get this zipper that you were struggling with. But to be fair, she did enough of that last night when you both got home. 
By the time you had gotten yourself zipped up, found shoes, and decided on a purse, 6:00 was just a minute from rolling around. You took one last look in the mirror to fix any lingering imperfections. Truth be told, you hadn’t been on a date in almost a year. When you left home to move to New York, you left your previous boyfriend there too. You just couldn’t handle small life living anymore, and that’s all he wanted. There was no bad blood, but it had prevented you from dating in your new city.
You were pulled out of your thinking as soon as you heard a knock at your door. You looked at your phone, and it was exactly 6:00.
Punctual little shit. 
You approached the door and looked in the peephole; you could see Bucky looking right at it. You opened the door to be greeted by Bucky in a fitted charcoal suit and a bouquet of flowers in his hand. You were taken aback. The suit you expected, and it looked damn good, too. The flowers were unexpected; you couldn’t even remember the last time you received flowers from a man.
“That’s a beautiful trash bag, doll,” Bucky joked while gazing upon your body.
“Yeah, it’s Hefty Ultra Strong, actually.” You both couldn’t help but to laugh at your lame joke but at least he laughed. “Uh, the flowers also weren’t necessary, but thank you. Let me put them in some water, and then we can go,” you smiled as you took the flowers.
You walked back into your apartment, towards the kitchen, but Bucky just stood in the doorway looking pensive.
“You can come in, too, if you want,” you chuckled. Bucky muttered an “oh” before stepping in and looking around a little bit.
“How long have you been in New York?” Bucky asked as he looked at the framed photos on the wall. Some of the photos were Nat’s but some contained you with family, graduating, and with friends.
You were attempting to grab a tall vase from the top of the cabinets, straining a bit, “About 10 months now. Was just looking for a new start, y’know? And if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere, I guess.” You groaned as you tried to reach for this vase but you were having no luck. 
“Let me,” Bucky said from behind you. He reached over you, easily grabbing the vase and placing it on the counter. You felt your heart skip a beat when you could smell his cologne and his pelvis almost grind against your ass. “And yeah, this city isn’t for the faint of heart.”
You quickly had to get out of this trance that Bucky’s cologne had put you in. You distracted yourself by putting water in the vase. “Yeah, but I’ve been working at Prime in the meantime. It’s decent money for now.” The vase quickly filled with water and you plopped the flowers in there, placing them nicely on the counter. You turned around to Bucky, and slightly smiled. “So, shall we?”
He returned the small smile and nodded, “We shall, doll.”
Bucky had arranged a driver to take the both of you to dinner. You both kept the conversation light, but truthfully, you were a little uncomfortable. Not because Bucky was creepy or anything, but you weren’t used to this type of treatment. The flowers, getting dressed up, a chauffeured ride, it was just a little overwhelming.
The car pulled up to Luxe, one of the most sought restaurants in Manhattan. People made reservations months in advance.
“You just happen to have a reservation at Luxe?” you scoffed, looking over at Bucky. “Do they shove another couple out when you call?” you joked.
“You don’t have to call when you already have a table,” Bucky mentioned before stepping out of the car. The driver opened your door. As you began to step out of the SUV, you were met by Bucky holding out a hand for you. You put your hand in his to help you exit the SUV. Bucky whispered something to the driver before taking your hand in his again, leading you to the restaurant. “Stick around, doll. You’ll get used to it,” he winked.
Bucky was definitely right, there was a table for him. It was actually in a room that looked secluded from the restaurant. There were a couple of what looked like high power men and women. Some nodded to Bucky as he guided you to a table.
Yeah, you definitely felt out of place.
The hostess sat you at a table, leaving you both with menus. Just by glancing at the prices, your eyes widened greatly.
“You seem tense,” Bucky finally mentioned. 
You lightly chuckled, “Is it that obvious?”
Bucky reached his hand out to yours, holding it, and then giving it a squeeze, “Everyone in this room has had to fake it because they didn’t think they belonged at least once in their life. It’s uncomfortable, and frankly, sucks.” You chuckled. “Now, it's your turn, Y/N. Just imagine that it’s just you and me here.”
This thumb grazed your hand, bringing you a sense of comfort. You took a deep breath, “Okay,” you muttered. Bucky smiled at you before letting go of your hand. In that moment, you kind of missed the contact. “So, you’re telling me that even the great James Barnes had to fake it once?”
He nodded, “As soon as I graduated college, I joined the army as a lieutenant. I did that for a few years, but when I was discharged and came home, my dad wanted me to take over his business,” Bucky explained. You were genuinely surprised. Bucky as a lieutenant was an entirely different view. “I went from some college frat guy to a lieutenant in the army to a businessman. I didn’t know where I belonged for the longest time, y’know? So, I just started to pretend that I belonged everywhere, even here.”
“No, I get what you mean, and that’s smart,” you smiled, but you knew you had to ask. “And by business, you mean…”
Bucky huffed and smirked, “Building Barnes Construction, actually. Why do you ask?” he asked, giving a knowing look. This was a question he was used to. He was aware of his reputation.
You smirked as well, “Well, you know how people like to gossip.”
As drinks and dinner were ordered, the conversation between you and Bucky seemed to flow easily. You discussed work, your childhoods, your goals, and you even squeezed in some jokes here and there. You were pleased to know he was still close with his parents, especially his mother and had a sister. He was more family-oriented than you imagined. And to your surprise, Bucky was surprisingly funny and knew how to take a joke; he definitely knew how to dish ‘em too. There were a few moments when either of you would laugh too loud, drawing attention from the other high rollers in the place. But neither of you cared. Like Bucky said: it was only you two in the room right now. Often, Bucky would touch your hand, a sign of affection or reassurance. But overall, it was the way Bucky looked at you. He looked at you like he needed to draw your face from memory later and listened if every word mattered. It was nice for once, maybe one of the best dates you had been on. If you didn’t know better, you would have thought you were on a date with a regular guy.
You even suggested dessert as a last ditch effort to keep the date going. Usually, after a date, you wanted to get the bill and move on, but this was different. Bucky happily obliged; he also wanted to extend this date for as long as he could. But neither of you would admit that.
“I’ve never had crème brulee, but that was damn good,” you gushed as Bucky handled the bill.
“This isn’t even the best spot for it,” Bucky told you as he placed cash on the table. “There’s this place by my townhouse, and it’s almost as good as getting it in France,” he mentioned as he stood up.
“Well, I can’t afford authentic French crème brulee, but I’d always be down for something local,” you admitted.
Bucky took your hand into his as to help you up, “Maybe that can be arranged.”
He walked you out of the restaurant to be exposed to the night sky and the fresh air. Bucky texted his driver to pull around, and he moved with a haste, pulling the car up within a minute. Bucky got you in before joining you in the back seat.
On the way back to your apartment building, you and Bucky just discussed upcoming plans in your life mainly when you both were working next. But for the love of you, you just wished this car would drive a little slower. As much as you wanted to see Bucky again, you weren’t exactly ready to eat crow and admit it.
The SUV pulled up to your apartment, and Bucky was adamant about walking you up to your door. You felt like you had no choice but to agree, but you wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.
“I hate to admit, but I had a really great time, Bucky,” you told him.
A smile creeped on his face. Bucky bit his lip in order to contain it, “Yeah? Well, what are the chances I could get a second date?”
The elevator door opened and you and Bucky walked down the hallway. You felt your cheeks go red and smiled, “Uh well, they aren’t low, presay.” 
“I don’t gamble often, but I’d say I like my odds.” You both finally approached your door and you turned to face your date.
“I like them, too.” You couldn’t help but to look at his lips as he smiled at your comment. “Well, this is me.”
Bucky nodded and took one step closer to you, “So, I guess this is good night?” he questioned. You nodded slightly. “It doesn’t have to be, doll.” He pulled you closer by the small of your back. 
You breath hitched in your throat when you felt the contact and his pelvis very dangerously close to yours. Bucky was looking for your reaction, any sign of resisting. But you just looked up at him through your lashes. He tilted your chin up with his ringed finger, his lips within reach of yours.
That was enough for you to make contact yourself. It was soft and slow. It was the chance for you both to explore each other a little more on a different level. Bucky’s left hand stayed on the small of your back while the other gravitated from your cheek, his thumb just grazing the pulse on your neck. You had your right hand on his chest while the other dragged along his bulked arms that his suit couldn’t even hide. 
You didn’t mean for the kiss to last this long, becoming more hungry as you both continued. At this point, Bucky was all in, dragging his tongue across your bottom lip, practically begging for entrance. You didn’t mean to let that happen either, but you were melting under his touch. 
“I think…I think I really…need to go,” you muttered between kisses, trying to catch your breath. 
Bucky backed off a little bit, resting his forehead on yours, “Yeah, yeah…that’s probably best…” The hand that was caressing your cheek was now trailing down your waist, sending chills down your body. “Right?”
“Right. What kind of a girl do you take me for, James?” you jokingly asked.
“The kind that obviously is trying to get in my pants,” he jokingly shot back. 
“Then I don’t see why I have to try so hard.” You both shared a laugh as you unlocked your door and opened it. “Have a good night, James.” You gave him a smile before closing the door, leaving Bucky on the outside.
You took a very deep breath and tried to compose yourself after that kiss. That kiss, that date, you were sure it topped that $1000 tip. You turned around just to see Nat in the living room, staring at you with her eyes wide. You stared back, the excitement and details about to come out like word vomit.
“How the hell was it?”
Tumblr media
Bucky felt like he was on top of the world as he rode down the elevator. It took him everything in his power to not sleep with you. There was nothing wrong with sleeping with someone on the first date, but he also didn’t wanna give you the wrong idea.
As soon as exited the elevator, he pulled out his phone to make a call. The phone rang as he stepped outside until he finally got an answer.
“Hey, Ma. How’re you doing?” he asked, his Brooklyn accent really kicking in. “That’s great, that’s good. But uh listen. I met this woman, and ma, she’s…I can’t even describe her, ma. It’s like fucking heaven talking to—I know, I’m sorry, I don’t mean to swear! I just think I understand what you and dad would also talk about when you met, y’know?
And for the rest of the night, both you and Bucky gushed over each other. But of course, neither of you would admit that to the other.
I’m a slut for feedback so send me some! xx
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kinanabinks · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
18+ | Mob!Bucky x Best Friend!Reader
the adventures of bucky and his little fairy.
recommended to be read in order, but most can be read as standalones.
just let me see them
your best friend, bucky, has done some research about makeup for you. it's imperative that you show him your boobs.
look at me forever
continuation of just let me see them.
watch me cry
request: can you write some with mob!bucky x best friend!reader where he makes her cry and they stop talking for awhile? please make it angsty!!
big mouth
you have a bad habit of running your mouth when you're tipsy. luckily, your best friend is always prepared to help you out of any trouble that big mouth of yours gets you in.
tug of war
ex!pietro wants you back, but bucky will never give you up. you're his, and his alone.
just like a fairy
the start of the most loving friendship in history.
one of mine
bucky and fairy's second meeting; a chaotic gunfight.
how you love me
bucky's high out of his mind, and paranoid about saving you from apparent danger. taking advantage of the fact that he won't recall any of this, you reveal your true feelings to him.
a fairy's beloved object
never steal from a fairy. the consequences could be deadly.
clingy as fuck
you overhear bucky telling sam about how clingy you are, which breaks your heart.
friends that kiss
bucky and fairy get high together.
bucky gets a tattoo of your name for your birthday.
permanent marker
you get a tattoo of bucky's name.
touching bucky's fairy is suicide.
friends having fun
bucky and fairy get a little carried away after a night out.
play pretend
in order to appease his uncle, bucky needs to prove that he's a family man. what better way to get that image across than with a loving wife? there's only one problem: bucky doesn't have a wife. he does, however, have a little fairy.
best friend
in the face of adversity, you make a tough decision. continuation of play pretend.
something blue
dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the joining of two lives.
alternate timeline
how things would have ended if fairy chose to leave.
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wintersldr1 · 5 months ago
if you were mine.
18+, minors do not interact
summary: you’re dragged along to a gala with your less-than-loving husband, but catch the eye of the most powerful mafia boss in the city: bucky barnes.
warnings: smut, cheating, oral (f receiving), unprotected sex, dirty talk, threats, mob/mafia business 
moodboard: 🤍
Tumblr media
It was safe to say that your husband was a pig.
You knew it from the moment you had met him; the way his gaze lingered on your curves instead of looking you in the eyes and introducing himself as your soon-to-be spouse.
You knew that being an only daughter in a mafia family had its perks - endless money, designer clothes at your fingertips, constant luxury, and men begging at your feet for a chance. But your father had warned you not to fall for anyone: to keep the family successful, you’d be married off to another mob boss.
That’s why you were standing in the center of a ballroom, a sleek dress running over your figure and a champagne glass in your hand. Your husband, Henry, kept his hand on the small of your back, not wanting you to wander from him. People milled around you, chatting politely in the enormous mansion. You nursed your drink, the plastered smile making your cheeks ache.
Bucky Barnes stood across from Henry. He didn’t have to say a word for you to know he ran the city - he radiated power. His all-black suit stood in stark contrast to the gold of the room and the light from the enormous chandeliers.
Henry wasn’t oblivious; he saw the way Bucky drank you in as he approached the two of you. He didn’t mind one bit. Eye candy was better for business. He cleared his throat, and Bucky regretfully ripped his eyes from your face to look at your husband.
“Darling, this is James Barnes, tonight’s host,” Henry said, squeezing your back.
You gave James a polite smile and introduced yourself. “You have a beautiful home,” you said, motioning to the grand interior surrounding you.
“Thank you. As your husband said, I’m James,” he said, leaning in to shake your hand, “but you can call me Bucky.” His enormous hand enveloped your dainty one, silver rings indenting your skin slightly. You relished in the feeling of his touch, and he seemed to do the same.
Henry cleared his throat, obviously feeling excluded from the conversation. You rolled your eyes so only Bucky could see, and he shot you an amused wink before turning to your husband.
They began talking business. You tuned them out easily, a habit you grew to be a pro in from a young age. You knew this business well; in fact, you knew more than Henry and could do a better job at negotiating than he could. But he’d never give you the chance. To him, you were a side piece, an object to sit still and make him look desirable.
They wrapped up their conversation quickly. From the slight tremor in Henry’s voice, you could tell that Bucky terrified him. It was clear why: the man practically owned New York City and could command a room of mob bosses with a flick of his fingers.
What you weren’t expecting was for Bucky to address you personally. Your eyes shot up, full of curiosity as he shot you a killer smile.
His voice was deep as he said your name. You loved the way it rolled off his tongue, and you vaguely wondered what else he could do with it. “It was a pleasure to meet you. I apologize I didn’t get the chance to introduce myself earlier in the evening,” he said, his gaze holding yours as he cupped your hand once again. “If you need anything at all, Mrs. Claremont, don’t hesitate to find me.”
Your lips curved, pleased at his offer. “Thank you, Mr. Barnes. I certainly will.”
“Please, call me Bucky.”
Henry, once again, cleared his throat, and this time you didn’t even try to hide your annoyance at his neediness. “Again, thanks for having us. We’ll let you get to your other guests, Bucky,” he said.
Bucky’s eyes narrowed at Henry. “You can call me Mr. Barnes,” he said sternly.
Henry scrambled to cover his mistake as you hid your satisfied smirk with a long drink from your champagne. Bucky shot you a wink before walking off.
“Now, if you’re done eye-fucking him, we have other people to mingle with,” Henry mumbled under his breath.
Two hours had passed, and you had grown more exhausted. The only thing keeping you somewhat perked up was the occasional sighting of Bucky, who wandered around, chatting politely with patrons. He had held eye contact with you several times, even going as far as to smirking at you.
Now, you held your third glass of champagne, still not tipsy enough for your liking. You weren’t an avid drinker by any means, but you had built up quite the tolerance because of these parties.
You removed Henry’s hand from your backside as you gave him a short smile, promising to be right back.
You weaved your way through the crowded room, slinking between guests. You eventually arrived at the set-up bar, sliding your glass to the bartender and asking for more champagne.
“You must not be enjoying yourself,” said a voice. You turned to find Bucky. He walked up to you, his gigantic figure looming over you.
“What makes you say that?” You asked, peering up at him through your lashes.
He motioned to your glass. “Alcohol is the only thing that gets me through events I have no interest in attending. I’m assuming it’s the same for you?”
You sighed. “Don’t take it personal, Mr. Barnes. I’ve just attended one too many of these galas for them to be interesting anymore.”
Bucky smirked. “No worries, doll. I understand. I wouldn’t enjoy myself either if that douchebag’s arm was around my waist all night.”
You snorted, covering your hand with your mouth. “He’s not that bad,” you said, weakly defending your husband, but one glare from Bucky had you giggling again. “Okay, he’s an ass. But it’s fine.”
“If you were mine, I’d be showing you off to every person in this goddamn city.”
You stifled a gasp at Bucky’s blunt words. He stared down at you seriously, blue eyes piercing yours with careful curiosity.
“Well, I’m not yours,” you nearly whispered.
“No,” Bucky said, narrowing his eyes. “You’re not mine. Yet.”
“Tell me you don’t want it,” he said lowly. He leaned in to you, covering your body from the crowd. Your back hit the bar and you had to crane your neck to see his face. “Tell me,” he continued, “that you don’t want to be mine. That you don’t want me to shower you in affection and love. Give you everything your pig of a husband never can.”
“I can’t.”
“Can’t what?”
“I can’t tell you that I don’t want it. Because I do.”
That was all it took for Bucky to grab your wrist, hastily pulling you away from the bar, abandoning your drink.
He pulled you into an empty hallway and immediately pushed you against the wall. He snaked an arm around your waist, breath tickling your face as your fingers flew up to pull on his long hair.
He growled into your mouth and clashed his lips against yours, moving with you in tandem. One hand cupped your ass as the other wandered over your stomach. You moaned pathetically into his mouth, and he seemed to like it. He shoved his tongue inside and glided it across yours.
“Bucky,” you said, pulling back. Your lips were already swollen, and Bucky felt his chest leap at the sight. “I need you.”
Bucky nodded, pressing open-mouthed kisses down your neck and across your collarbone. “I know, dollface, I know. Not here. Come with me.”
He pulled you along and it wasn’t long before the two of you were in what you assumed to be his sitting room. The fireplace roared dully and a blanket was draped over an expensive-looking couch. Bucky wasted no time in hoisting you up onto his waist, then carefully dropping you onto the velvet couch.
Your stomach was cluttered with emotions, your head running wild with endorphins. Henry had never treated you with so much attention and care. You couldn’t remember the last time anyone had kissed you like this.
Bucky seemed to read your mind. “Never been treated like this, huh, darlin’?”
You shook your head weakly. “No.”
Bucky growled against your skin. “Damn shame. Fuckin’ immature little boys who don’t know how to treat a woman like you. Can’t believe I’ll be the first to ruin you completely. Not that I’m complaining,” he said with a shit-eating grin.
You moaned lewdly at his words. “Please, Bucky, I need you in me.”
“Let me ask you a question first,” he said, pulling back to look at you in your eyes. “Has anyone ever licked your sweet pussy?”
Your eyes widened at his filthy question. “N-no,” you responded.
Bucky smiled devilishly. “You sayin’ I’m gonna be the first one to shove my tongue in ya? To taste ya? Baby, you’re spoiling me,” he groaned, and without warning he shoved your dress up to your hips, pulling your thong down.
You were dripping, completely ready for whatever he had to give you. He licked his lips, pushing his hair back across his forehead before running a thick finger through you.
You moaned, bucking into his touch. He slowly inserted it into you, pulled it back out, then pushed it in again. He lowered his mouth to you, giving you a chance to feel his hot breath on your folds before diving in.
You felt sparks fly across your skin as his mouth finally touched you. He groaned, lips moving and sucking across your clit as his tongue moved in unison with his finger. “S’good,” he mumbled against you.
He continued his assault until you were writhing against him, practically shoving your hips into his face. He took it all, gripping your hips with a bruising force. It wasn’t long before you were coming, sparks flashing across your eyes as you tensed and twitched.
Bucky didn’t give you a second to recover before he was freeing himself from his suit pants. He was enormous - you could see his cock throbbing from where you laid.
“I’ll fit, don’t worry, doll,” he said with a laugh when he saw your shocked expression. “I’ll make it fuckin’ fit.”
He stroked himself a few times before lining up with your entrance, slowly pushing the engorged head into you with an audible pop. You gasped at the sensation, your mouth forming a perfect ‘o’ as he shoved himself in. His eyes screwed shut in bliss when he bottomed out.
“S’fucking tight, you sure your pathetic husband ever even fucked ya? Never felt a pussy this damn good before. Fuck.”
He hoisted both of your legs over his broad shoulders, finding a new angle to pound into you from.
“God, you feel so good,” you whined. “Oh shit, B-Bucky.”
“That’s it, sweetheart. All mine, aren’t you? Yeah, you’re fuckin’ mine. Say my name.”
“Bucky, fuck!”
“Never gonna let that limp-dick douche ever touch you again,” he panted. “I’ve got you now.”
“I only want you, I’m yours,” you moaned. You felt an unfamiliar white heat inside of you, coiling around your stomach.
“You can take it, I know you can, cus you’re my good girl, right?” You nodded against him, tightening your grip. He snarled into your neck as his hips began pistoning into you with a roughness you already knew you would come to crave. “I’m coming, doll,” Bucky said, feeling your tightness around him, “but you gotta come first.”
You didn’t have to hear him twice. You came around him, moaning wantonly. Bucky wasn’t far behind; he stuttered and shoved himself as deep into you as he could reach.
After a minute of catching your breath, Bucky moved off you, picking your underwear off the floor and shoving it in his pocket. He then pulled your dress down to your legs, readjusting your heels and smoothing your hair.
“Do I look okay?” you asked, clearly concerned about your appearance.
Bucky looked at you with something that could only be described as adoration. “You look beautiful.”
You felt a blush creep up your cheek, but it didn’t last as the doors to the room burst open.
Henry stood there, his fists clenched at his sides. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” He snarled, stalking over to you.
Before he could get too close, Bucky stood. He absolutely towered above Henry. “I’d watch yourself if I were you, Mr. Claremont,” he spoke. His voice was deadly calm.
“You just fucked my wife. Get out of my way.”
Bucky tensed. “Remember who you’re speaking to.”
Henry audibly gulped, but he peered around Bucky and glared at you. “Fine. Come on, we’re going home, you damn slut,” he said.
Bucky lunged forward, grabbing Henry by the collar and lifting him off the floor with ease. “You don’t get to fucking speak to her like that,” he growled. “No one does. She’s mine now, and I’m hers. Don’t think for a damn second you have a right to even look at her. She’s not your wife anymore. I give you my word, you’ll wish I killed you once I’m done with you.”
Bucky threw Henry onto the floor and he scrambled backwards, staring up at Bucky with clear terror in his eyes. Bucky turned around, kneeling beside you and pulling your small hands into his large ones. “Come with me, doll. Let’s get back to the party.”
“What about…?” you asked, your words failing as you looked at your husband - no, ex-husband.
“I’ll have my men take care of him. I just want you to enjoy yourself.”
You nodded, tucking yourself into his side as he guided you out of the room and back towards the main hall.
“So, you were really serious about me being yours?” you said, gazing up at Bucky curiously.
“Damn right. Let’s give this a shot, why don’t we? Just needed your piece of shit husband out of the way,” he replied, pressing a kiss to your hairline. “I gotchya now, doll. And I ain’t letting go.”
part 2 here
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bucky-barnes-diaries · 2 months ago
Nights & Mornings with Mob!Bucky
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Credit @jamesbuchenan for the gifs
Tumblr media
Pairing || Mob!Bucky x Wife!Reader
Summary || How you and Bucky go to sleep and how you and Bucky wake up.
Word Count || 1890
Contents || fluff, slight angst, smut
Warnings || NSFW, 18+ Only, Minors DNI, dub-con, mob/mafia business, mention of violence, alcohol consumption, explicit content/language, pet names (honey, babe, baby, doll), oral (male receiving), cum swallowing, mention of bodily fluids.
Authors Note || I hope I did Mob!Bucky justice :) I really love how this turned out! Ignore the double Nights at the beginning. The readmore function just keeps fucking up.
Mob!Bucky Masterlist
Sign up HERE to join my taglist! Tags may not always work so please follow @bucky-barnes-diaries-library and turn on notifications to never miss out on my writing!
Tumblr media
It was becoming late in the night, and you couldn't find the peace to go to sleep—tossing and turning in the luxurious bed you laid in. The comfort of the sheets—safe and warm against your naked skin, usually made you fall asleep right away, but there was a key element missing, and that was your husband, Bucky, by your side.
Yes, James Buchanan Barnes, the feared and dangerous mobster boss in all of New York City. That was the man you shared a bed with, that was the man you shared your life with, and he was currently staring out the window at the city lights from the 40th floor of the building that was your home.
He was still fully clothed—velvet pants and white button-down tucked into the waistband. A glass of whiskey in hand, the other placed in his pocket. He was deep in thought as he observed the city he owned.
“Bucky, come to bed, please; it’s late, babe.”
His head shook no as he took a big swig of his drink, hissing as the alcohol burned his tongue.
“They’re plotting against me; my enemies, I know it. They want to challenge me; they want to take away everything I own—including the one thing I hold dearest to my heart.”
With being the mob boss, threats and danger from his rivals and enemies lingered behind every corner of his life, wanting to destroy him and take away all he possessed, including you—his most prized possession.
His love.
His life.
Your head hung low as you exhaled a sigh in both annoyance and sadness that he could never get a moment of peace without having these intrusive thoughts darkening his mind.
His name fell so soft from your lips as you got up from your side of the bed and padded over to where he was standing, looking over his domain. You circled your arms around his clothed torso, resting your cheek on his muscular back as you squeezed him with the strength you had.
The tension in his muscles relaxed as he felt your love and comfort engulf him. His available hand came to rest on your grip on him. Like this, you stood for a moment before you broke the silence.
“I know nothing I say will make it easier for you, honey, but,” you let go and turned him around to face you, holding his waist, ”you’re the boss. You rule this town, and no one dares to stand against you, James.” Taking his face between your hands, caressing his skin, and running your thumbs along the dark circles formed underneath his eyes from all the stress he had to endure and the lack of sleep. “Please come to bed… you need some rest, and I can’t sleep without you cuddling me.”
A content sigh left him as he leaned into your affectionate touch. Without you in his life, he would go fucking crazy. You were safety and reassurance for him in this dark and dangerous world. The concerned expression on his face softened as you pleaded with those sweet and doe eyes of yours. He could never resist your wishes; he could never resist you ever.
“Yeah, let’s go to bed, doll.”
Taking your hand in his, he led you over to the king-sized bed. He took a last swig of the whiskey, emptying the glass before placing it on the nightstand.
You helped unbutton his shirt as you rested on your knees on the mattress. Bucky smiled down at your naked form, clearly having some dirty thoughts running through his mind as you discarded the clothing.
“I love when you undress me, doll.” He grabbed your chin with his fingers and lifted your gaze.
As you looked up at him, the corner of his mouth turned up into a smirk. His pupils widened as those dark eyes were swimming with sinful fantasies of what he could do to you—sex all on his mind now.
“You wish, James,” you rolled your eyes at him. “We can have sex tomorrow, but right now,” you got comfortable on your side of the bed, pulling the covers over you, “we both need some rest.”
As much as he wanted you in the dirtiest way possible, you were right. He desperately needed a few hours of sleep if he were to function properly.
You admire his toned body while he gets rid of his pants and underwear, licking your lips as a few fantasies of your own intrude your mind. Yeah, you want him as much as he wants you, but that would have to wait until the morning. Bucky needed all the rest he could get to run the organisation for days to come.
He lifts the covers and slides underneath, wrapping his arms around your form as you do the same. His back was facing the door, keeping you safe from any potential danger advancing through it, although that wasn’t necessary as he had plenty of guards posted throughout the building you called home.
With your bodies as close as humanly possible, arms and legs tangled, you can both finally find some serenity in one another. Bucky inhales your sweet aroma, his mind filling up with it as he’s at peace at last.
“I love you, my precious doll,” he exhales. Only a few seconds go by before you hear light snoring coming from his open mouth. A smile forms on your lips at him finally being at rest. “I love you, James.” You nuzzled your face in his chest and closed your eyes, following Bucky into dreamland…
There was no clear indication as to why you had woken up all of a sudden. There had been no alarm or any sign of reason to wake up; it was just one of those days when your body and mind decided it was time to do so.
You blink a few times as you adjust your eyes. The clock on the nightstand says 07:47 am—you breathe out a sigh as it’s too early to be awake. Neither yours nor Bucky’s alarm would go off anytime soon.
Bucky is fast asleep beside you—light snoring coming from his open mouth, chest carefully rising and falling with every breath. You’ve become untangled somewhere in the night, but you still kept your fingers interlocked as you needed contact with each other in some form.
Carefully, so as not to wake him, you snuggled up to his side. You close your eyes, wanting to sleep more as it’s still time to do so before the day officially starts.
You try, but you can’t seem to fall asleep again. A defeated sigh leaves you, and you open your eyes, only to be met with the most beautiful sight—Bucky’s semi-hard cock resting on his abdomen.
This gives you an idea—an idea that will make Bucky’s start on the day the best one ever.
Carefully, you slide down till you’re level with his crotch. You look up at him, checking if he’s still asleep. He was; he hadn’t moved a muscle.
You start with leaving broad licks on his shaft, coating his length with your saliva. His cock twitches—wanting more attention. How can you ever deny its wishes?
You grab the base of his shaft in a soft grip as you lean in to take the tip between your lips, suckling and swirling your tongue on him before you swallow him whole—tip tickling the back of your throat, making you choke lightly. The vibrations on his length has Bucky tossing on the bed as soft moans escape his open mouth as you bob your head on his now hard cock.
Bucky’s eyes flutter open, and he’s met with the most sinful view he’s ever seen—your mouth full of his cock as your naked ass pokes behind your bent form. The sight makes him groan.
“Oh, baby…” his voice was groggy and deep with sleep, making his cries of passion that much hotter.
Finally, he's awake at last.
You look up at him and release him from your mouth, a string of saliva still connecting your lips to his cock. You take his shaft in your hand and pump his aching and red cock, leaving featherlight kisses on his swollen tip.
“Morning, honey,” you say casually like you didn’t have a fistful of his cock in your hand. You take him in your mouth again, engulfing his whole length.
Bucky sucks in a breath as you bob your head on him again. One of his arms rests underneath his head, while his other hand finds its place on the back of your bobbing head—enjoying the show you are performing on him. His hips buck into your mouth, so needy for more, as he basks in the pleasure you provide early in the morning.
“Fuck, baby,” he softly moaned.
You look up at him through your lashes, his face contorting in pleasure, as you slide him in and out of your mouth with ease. You moan and gag around him as his cock pulsates on your tongue. The gags and moans mixed with the sloppy noise you make on his length are the most erotic sounds he’s ever heard.
It’s all too much for Bucky so early in the morning. The sight of you worshipping his cock—eyes so soft and innocent in contrast to what your sinful mouth was doing, was what he needed to come deep in your throat.
“Fuck, doll, you’re gonna make me-“
With a guttural groan, his seed spurts out of his tip deep in your mouth, coating the inside of your cavity. His voice was laced with sleep, hoarse and rough as he cursed your name as he came. You milk his cock, making sure to get everything from him as you didn’t want a single drop to go to waste. The sticky cum trickles down your throat, making you moan out in satisfaction at the taste of him.
Once you were done, you slid him out of your mouth, releasing him with a pop and showing him that there wasn’t a single trace left of him in your mouth.
“Shit, doll,” he patted your head, “good girl, baby.” You smiled up at him. So pleased that he had enjoyed himself.
You giggled, as did he, when you came to his level, both of you wrapping your arms around each other. His lips lingered on your forehead, leaving soft kisses as you snuggled up against your loving husband.
“Thank you, baby, for taking care of me. I needed that.”
“Of course, babe.”
You cuddle for a while, touching and kissing each other softly as you bask in each other’s company. The both of you groaned out when the alarm clock rang, signalling that it was time to get up and leave the protective bubble that was your luxurious bed.
Bucky’s hand caressed your cheek as he gazed into your eyes. His thumb traced your lips, thinking about where they were only a short moment ago.
“What do you say, doll? Should we take a shower together? Let me repay you for the wonderful service this morning?”
His eyebrows wiggled as his mouth turned into a cocky smile. You smiled and leaned your head back with your eyes closed, laughing softly.
“Yes, Bucky, I would love that very much.”
Tumblr media
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angrythingstarlight · a month ago
https://vm.tiktok.com/ZTdGRUshy/?k=1 bumblebee’s dog is a material girl
Bucky spoils everyone in his family including the puppy.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Soft!Mob Bucky x Reader; Bumblebee
Warnings: Fluff
A/N: Mafia Monday drabble. 
Tumblr media
“Bucky,” you say, the warning clear in your tone even as you wrap your arms around your mobster. “What did we discuss?”
He knows what you’re talking about, but he decides it’s safer to play dumb. So he stays silent, gazing down at you with what he hopes is an innocent, please don’t maim me, expression.
Your raised eyebrow tells him you’re not falling for his act.
Not with the evidence of his transgressions currently chasing your daughter around the dining room table, barking and laughter filling the air.
“Where did the puppy come from?” You ask when it becomes apparent he’s not going to speak.
Bucky shrugs, his slate-blue eyes widening comically. “Where does anything come from Mylashka?”
“James.” You glare at him even though you want to give in and laugh.
He’s incorrigible. 
 Bucky isn’t above using his ruthless tactics on you, knowing neither of you can resist telling your daughter no. “We love Daisy don’t we, Bumblebee?”
You glance down at Bumblebee, laying on the floor, her legs under the table, clutching the wiggling puppy to her chest, giggling uncontrollably as the ball of fluff with floppy ears sniffs her face.
“Mommy I love her so much,” she exclaims, her expression mirroring Bucky’s.
“I love her too,” you respond with a smile. You’re not lying, you fell in love the second the puppy yawned in your face and then jumped out of your arms to run after your daughter.
Turning back to your husband, you smirk. “Uh huh. Okay. Fine. Explain why they have Prada backpacks?”
Bucky matches your smirk, cupping your chin in his warm, large palm. “So they can match your new Prada purse,” he states like it should be obvious, like it’s not a big deal that he just dropped thousands on a toddler and her puppy. You don’t even know about all the stuff he had the staff sneak upstairs when you were distracted by the newest addition to the household but Bucky figures he’ll deal with that later.
He nods at the large shopping bag on the table. “You wanna see it? Or I can take it back,” he teases, wrinkling his nose.
You follow his eyes, the handle is peeking through the top, and damn, it’s your favorite color. His smile grows the longer you look, your curiosity getting the better of you.
“You can’t always spoil us like this,” you weakly protest, knowing you’re about to add the purse to your extensive collection. Thanks to your husband, your closet looks like a small boutique.
“Yes, I can and yes I will.” Bucky scoffs, placing a kiss on your lips. He gives you a mischievous look, and your eyes narrow suspiciously because he only makes that face when he’s about to do something outrageous. “You know, the best way to break in a new purse is to use it in a new city.”
You stare at him, your lips twitching as you try to contain your grin. “Says who Bucky?”
“Says me.” He places another kiss on your lips, one hand straying down to squeeze your ass. You both laugh at the little ew floating behind you as Bumblebee takes Daisy and runs upstairs.
“You already booked the vacation, didn’t you?” Wrapping his silk tie around your fist, you yank him down to glare at him. There’s no actual heat behind your gaze, not when he’s staring at your lips with such hunger.
Bucky flashes his infamous grin, the one he reserves for only you. “Yes, I did. Italy is beautiful this time of year, and I think my girls deserve a nice long vacation.”
Tumblr media
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barneswinchester · 6 months ago
MCU Masterlist II
check out my part I if you haven't already!
Bucky Barnes
Unfortunately Yours
3 AM
Pass Out
Bucky's Pastries
Been Like This
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Trainer Bucky
Friendly Neighbourhood Mafia Boss
His Love
On My Tongue
No Escape
Just a Scratch
It All Belongs to You
Fed Up
Dead of Night
Hungry Eyes
Move Out of My Way
Sweeter Than Sugar
Top of His List
Perfect, Doll
Caged Bird
Around Your Finger
Who Made You Cry?
My Girl
I Love You to the Moon and Back
Sleep Head
You And Me Against The World
Steve Rogers
I'm Not Finished Yet
Birthday Wake Up
Goddess of Worthy (ft. Thor)
Plus One
Wide Open
Pre Serum Steve
Baby Fever
Happy to See You
Nightmare Barns
We're Gonna Be Okay
Stucky x Reader
Snakes and Ladders
Mafia Men
Pretty Boy
Let Us Take Care of You
Laced Around Your Throat
Daddy Lessons
A Warm Place
Late Nights
The Mess We've Made
Late Nights
You Are My Homeland
Our Girl
No Control
French Fries
No Room Available
I Missed You
Happy 4th of July
Andy Barber
Good Behaviour
Look, Don't Touch
Happy Daddy's Day
Go Ahead and Cry Little Girl
In The Mirror
Necessary Arrangements
Good Little Wife
Ari Levinson
Ransom Drysdale
Love On The Brain
I'd Go Black And Blue
Lee Bodecker
Bad Days
Never Enough
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daisybvck · 2 months ago
Sweet dreams
Pairing : bucky Barnes x reader
Warning: tooth rotting fluff, bucky holding you in places, kissing
Summary : you missed bucky even though he was next to you, but who is he to judge
@backoftheletter , for the idea !!
Tumblr media
“Bucky ?, you ‘wake”
“Buckyyyyy, buckbuckbuck”
A small grin fell on bucky’s lips as he pretended to still be fast asleep, you poked and prodded at his eyelids hoping that he was awake. The final straw was when you force fully pulled open his shut eyelids and bursting into a fit of giggles when he rolled on top of you
“Yes babydoll ? What would you like hm” Bucky couldn’t help but have a warm feeling fall over him, even though he had a massive blanket over him and a warm body underneath him. He wouldn’t trade this moment for the world
You looked away shyly before replying. “Just missed you a little” bucky’s heart leapt out of his chest. He felt like one of those cartoon characters where you could see his heart thumping wildly. He didn’t think he could fall in love with anybody but you came along and changed that. He fell more in love with you before he kissed you goodnight just a couple hours ago.
“I was right here though baby, didn’t go anywhere. You were even lying on me”
“I know but I mean- you just weren’t with me, in my dreams y’know. You weren’t there and I didn’t enjoy that so I just wanted to spend some time with you” holy fuck, he thinks, you’re just so sweet and a ray of sunshine to his whole life. He can’t help but nuzzle himself into you
“You tryna kill me doll” he chuckled lightly “lemme get this straight, you missed me because I wasn’t in your dream so you woke us up at…3:25 just so we could be together” he said this teasingly but not mockingly, he smiled at you warmly. He understood because when you weren’t in his dreams he was restless and would wake up and just run his fingers through your hair. It might seem absolutely ridiculous but he felt giddy that you missed him even in your dreams
“I- I mean- well don’t say it like that” the little crease in your forehead comes up and you pout. He kisses kisses the crease and the adorable pout on display. “I just needed to know you were here with me. Hear your voice too and cuddle like this but if you wanna go back to sleep you can”
“Sweetheart, never feel embarrassed okay, why would I go back to sleep now anyways. My baby misses me so I have to make sure she knows I’m right here. He punctuated each word with a soft kiss. He couldn’t stand the sad look in your eyes even though he knew it was there just for mock
“I’ll always be here when you need me” he whispers into your ear when flipping you on top of him so you can rest peacefully
“Sweet dreams baby”
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buckys-dollface · 3 months ago
𝑴𝒆𝒆𝒕 𝑴𝒆 𝒊𝒏 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝑪𝒊𝒕𝒚 [𝑩.𝑩.]
Pairing • Mafia!Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader
Summary ● You are in a loveless marriage that has made you bitter, until you met Bucky. Two souls connected, they say misery loves company, well you and Bucky mold perfectly together, seamlessly, trying to escape your demons and search for anew.
Warnings ● 18+ MDI. Infidelity, depictions of manipulation, possessive!bucky, mentions of murder/violence, the husband is literal trash, oral sex, unprotected p in v (this is fiction ur life isn't), voyeurism, allusions to DA.
A/N ● I will most definitely write a follow up to this. I have an idea in mind, so if you enjoyed reblogs and comments are appreciated.
And feel free to send asks about this mini series 💕
Tumblr media
You should feel bad. Any normal person in your situation would be wretched with shame and guilt, but you aren't any normal person. Your relationship with your husband has been long forgotten, just two strangers shackled together with wedding vows and a commitment. If you could get away with it, you would have tossed your wedding ring in the ocean like you've seen in movies, but people talk in your small suburban town.
To much of your dismay, it's a constant reminder that you are his and that's final.
Until recently, of course.
You hadn't always felt this way, you would like to remind yourself. You tried to remember what it was like to be in love with your husband but it seemed like everything he did rubbed salt into the already deep wound. There were too many fights and harsh words layered on top of the “I love yous” you used to whisper at each other entangled, lustfully.
You recall one night about six months ago, that your husband had actually agreed to attempt date night. There was a swanky new jazz bar downtown had caught your attention and you had mentioned it to your husband. Being the good husband he was, he wanted to take you out purely for appearances.
You had guessed, though when he was a 1 hour late, your ‘doting’ husband had recalled where he needed to be for the evening but sent you a sorry-ass excuse by text.
“Sorry babe, working late.”
You sighed and took a sip of your vodka soda. You nodded your head at the bartender in gratitude as he departed. Your face twisted in the bitterness of the alcohol and how this evening was going. Not that you were expecting a happy evening. Hell, you've played pretend for the majority of your life at this point, it's gotten to the point where myth and reality were jumbled, and it's hard to tell which was which. You sneered at yourself.
"Too stiff for ya?" The brunette man down the bar remarked. You chuckled to yourself as you lifted your head at the sound. His voice was gravelly and sent a tingle down your spine.
You snickered. "I guess you can say that."
Your eyes glanced down the bar and you practically gasped. One of New York's most well known mafia bosses was speaking to you in the dimly lit jazz club.
"Ya know, if he fucked up your drink, it's not a problem to get it remade." He said almost as if it was a decree.
It was then that you became a little too aware of your surroundings. Your eyes darted around and noticed well-dressed men stationed at every exit. Those must be Mr. Barnes’ men. Your anxiety started to rise as you felt the intensity of his stare. You don't know this until later, but this wouldn't be the first time Bucky took notice of you. He knew your husband was a piece of shit and a sweet little angel like you needed takin’ care of.
"I have to be honest, Mr. Barnes-” Your words began to tumble out of your mouth quickly. You were shell shocked and mesmerized by his silhouette begin a few feet from you. Bucky got up and strode over to you. He stood behind you and you took notice of his hot breath on your skin.
“Bucky, please, sweetheart.” He insisted as he took notice of your face in the mirror by the bar. Your eyes never left Bucky’s intimidating steel blue ones. You wanted to be swallowed whole by them and wade in his oceanic irises. "What's a pretty girl like you, doing here all alone?"
Your breath almost hitched. "I was supposed to be meeting my husband." The words lingered in the air for far to long and begged for an explanation. "But he told me he was working late, it's cute that he turns a blind eye to the fact I know he's sleeping with the secretary."
Bucky tsks at your revelation. Disappointment caressed his features, you deserved better. You will get better. "Oh is that so?"
"Uh, yeah." You mumbled. You began to feel soft sultry kisses on the side of your throat upwards to the shell of your ear. You could feel the scruff of his beard brush your skin as he nibbled your ear lobe. “Good because that means you're free this evening, and I can't wait to spend it between your thighs.”
“Oh-I” You quivered. This is wrong. You knew it was wrong in every way but your brain didn’t want to argue, or maybe it was your pussy taking over the reins.
“Sweetheart, if you wanna play the good wife, you can, but you ain't foolin’ me.” He whispered in your ear, his gruff voice made you shiver. You noticed his hands gravitate to your thighs as your red sequin dress rides up. Your breath hitched as you felt him press in the backside of you, his erection hard and thick.
“Get your courage up and drink this down.” He lifted your rock glass to your lips and you drank from it without hesitation. “Let's have some fun.” Bucky insisted, his hand awaiting yours. You shouldn't go, you know you shouldn't. But where is your husband to stop you? He hasn’t given you enough reason to stay, and you were sick of playing pretend for a man who never treated you fairly. It's almost as if you were rigged from the word go. A smirk grew on your glossed lips as you rose from your seat and grasped his hand.
“Good girl.”
It's been six months of secrets. Your illicit affair was your lifeline, while the rest of your world was poisoned with delusion; your relationship with Bucky was the most fundamental thing you had endured to date. You felt safe and secure with him, despite the fact he was a mafia boss. You never had to question his loyalty to you, he ensured that. It took him great lengths to get you, so he wasn’t going to risk losing you now. But you still were scared, you were ready for the other shoe to drop. You knew something this wonderful couldn't last forever.
Even more so, your husband is growing wary and suspicious of your whereabouts. As much as he is dismissive of you, these emotions are privately contained. He acts like a good husband in front of friends, family, and public spaces. It's almost like your husband was putting on a mask and would interchange them depending on who you were around. If you thought about it too long, you weren't sure if you truly knew who your husband was as an individual. You did know he withheld darkness, but at what depth it went to, you weren't sure.
It's almost like you're married to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
A couple of days ago, Bucky called you, and insisted you spend the night at his townhouse in Manhattan. “C’mon, and meet me in the city.” He whispered to you. “I need you, angel.”
And in typical fashion, you went— like always.
What you didn't realize is that you had been tagged, and a PI had been following you during your entire trip. Your husband had hired one of the most well respecting PIs behind your back and ordered him to document any incriminating evidence that could deem you as breaking your wedding vows. Your husband was very wealthy man and if his money was going to anyone it sure as hell wasn't you. He had his suspicions like you did yours, but he need to solidify it with cold hard proof.
You had a key to the townhouse so you slipped right in. It felt like a nice release, a fresh breath of air entering the townhouse. You shuffle in the kitchen and notice a handwritten note on the island.
Be back soon, my angel. There is a present for you on the bed. Love, Bucky
A smile gleamed over your face as you read his note. You almost floated into the master suite, and saw a sleek black box wrapped in a red ribbon. You unwrapped it carefully and admired what was inside.
A blue set of lace lingerie and a note that says “wear me.”
A smirl spread across your lips and you slipped into it without a second thought. The way your fingers grazed the laced as your admired your figure.
Damn your tits look great in this set.
Inspector Barber shuffled in the bushes trying to master a good angle. Awaiting, watching what it seemed like a pot begging to boil, he stayed crouched down, his eyes lingering, admiring your beauty. He had almost the nerve to fuck you against the California King-sized bed himself. You were tempting, like the apple in the Garden of Eden and the longer he watched, the more his cock twitched. Almost out of no where, the garage door opened and your mafia boyfriend sautered in almost carelessly. Bucky couldn't wait to get his hands on you.
Andy huffed out a long breath. Partially relieved to have his target in sight but also grateful he didn't get caught with his hand almost down his pants.
"God the way you devaste me, doll. You're like a damn hurricane and I'm a simple boat at your mercy." Your eyes glanced up at the daunting silhouette peering in the doorway. All you could do was chuckle; what a charmer, you thought.
You slowly shook your head, “Alright, killer. How do you want me?” You teased as you strolled towards him, your eyes never left his steel blue ones. His firm gaze was broken into a sudden smile.
“With a glass of wine in hand, lounging on my couch as I make you dinner,” he suggested as a smirk spread across his lips. “There will be plenty of time for us to play later, babydoll.”
“Or so he says.” You retorted, as you playfully roll your eyes.
“Alright, angel, don’t start actin’ hellish.” He chuckled as he led you into the living room. Fifteen minutes later, you were found lounging on his plush sofa, a glass of róse in hand as you and Bucky spoke about each other’s days. It was nice and peaceful. You breathed in the aroma the spaghetti bolognese he was making. It smelled divine. It seemed as though you were in a trance as you gazed at Bucky humming; your feet floated to the kitchen.
“Oh my god this smells so fucking good, Buck. Who taught you how to cook?” Usually, you and Bucky would go into the city while you were with him. As a mafia boss, Bucky had connections everywhere it seemed, and you would enjoy your time with him a private club as an form of escape. Typically wearing his favorite dress— the red sequin one you met him in.
But tonight, Bucky insisted on cooking for you; he told you, you deserved a lovely meal prepared for you, just as long as you brought dessert. He gets pretty needy for something sweet and tasty after dinner and you are more than happy to cure his insatiable cravings.
A smile graced his lips. “My ma did, she was fantastic at cooking, well she was fantastic at everything to be honest.”
You were flush against Bucky, his back against your front, hands roaming around and making light work of feeling his corded muscles. You began to press light kisses on back and traced upward his spine making Bucky flutter from the inside out. A small smile broke out and spread across his lips.
“Just couldn’t wait, angel?” He muttered as you began to untie his Kiss the Cook apron. It unraveled beneath your fingers and feel briskly to the ground. You soon found your hands grazing his prominent bulge. You always found it ironic that Bucky called you his angel because you truly were the devil most of the time. Especially when it came to teasing your brooding mafia boss. A shiver wracked through him as he let out a subtle hiss. Within moments, the stove was off, dinner long forgotten. His chest was flush with yours as your fingers found his zipper with ease and went to tug his dress pants down. You both made quick work of removing his clothes until he was just in his briefs. Your lips molded with Bucky’s, never missing a beat.
“Let’s run away.” He insisted between heated kisses, sucking your skin allowing for bruises to start to bloom. You felt your fingertips caress the cheek, and your eyes met him, “Need you to be with me always, doll.”
“Why?” You murmured. Your eyes widened as you felt his movements come to a halt. The moment the word leaves your lips, you regret it. Remorse began to fill your heart. Your stomach twisted slightly in the wake of his words. He owned all of New York. Men would bow down at his feet, begging, pleading for his mercy. Why would he leave that all behind? It couldn’t just be because of you?
“Because I don't want to feel like you need to hide in the shadows anymore. I want to be with us to be together, openly, freely.” Bucky knows the situation. He understands your husband isn’t a saint, but he also understands the gravity of your marriage to him. He could kill him. He always had that wild card in his back pocket, but at the end of the day, Bucky realized that he needed you to trust him no matter what. He couldn’t pull the wool over your eyes with you divorcing your husband. He wanted you to have it all, which also included his money as well, even though you would never need it. Bucky would always provide for you without a second thought.
So he had to be patient with you and your feelings, as disheveled as they may be, but his patience was wearing thin. How couldn't go much longer seeing you unhappy.
"You know I can't do that." His hopeful expression faded almost instantaneously. Your words shock his nerves, you couldn’t go back to your husband, he won’t let you.
"What's holdin' you back, angel? I need to know." He insisted, his calloused fingertips grazed your arms and hooked around your neck.
“Bucky, I’m still married. You know that,” It was taking everything in his willpower not to roll his eyes at your absurdity, “I’m cheating on my husband and before you say anything, yes, I know he isn’t a good man but what we are doing isn't any better.”
Bucket kneeled before you; his eyes gleamed as he took in your figure. He kissed his way up your long legs to your delicious thighs. His kisses whispered things he didn't dare utter were felt on your heated skin. Your lace panties were soaked when you felt his hot breath on your clit. You ached for his touch, it almost made you want to surrender your inhibitions.
“Really? If our love is so wrong, tell me, why does it feel so right?” His eyes peered up as he began to lap away at your arousal. It did feel right; Bucky was the missing puzzle piece you had been searching for your entire life. Moans began to escape you; you could feel your clit throb as two of Bucky’s fingers plunged into your needy core. God damn it.
“Am I not the one you're dreamin’ of, my angel? Am I not the one you wanna love forever?” The words swirled in your ears and took residence in your mind. Bucky was everything you had dreamed of and more. You couldn't believe this figment of your imagination actually existed and was sucking the soul out of you at the moment. You were quaking in pleasure. His movements were hypnotic as he sucked and nibbled on your clit and pounded you with his digits. His pace almost seemed inhuman as he was attempting to lay claim on you somehow. The pressure was becoming overwhelmingly impactful, and with three simple words, you lost all your wits.
“Cum for me,” He grunted and your hot arousal soaked his fingers.
Oh, how it was painfully delicious to be submissive for you mafia boss, but something or someone was holding you back. As you came down from your high, he peered you at you with soft baby blue eyes.
“Let me fix it. Let me protect you.”
“I don't know if you can,” You murmured.
“He threatened you.”
“No. I didn't say that.” You tried to reassure, your words coming out quick, almost as an automatic response you had committed to memory, “You didn't have to.” In an instant, all the composure he had withheld was swept away, with the glimpse of his favorite antique gun slipped from out of a kitchen drawer and into his hand. He went to retrieve his clothing when you shouted for him, “Bucky!”
Your voice echoed and his eyes darted up, “Please.” You begged, for what you, you weren't sure of, but you knew you needed him, here with you.
“You don't have to protect him anymore, he was a mistake, dollface.” He grasped your hands carefully and interlocked his fingers. You could feel the faint tracing on your wedding band that was glistening on your ring finger. “Don't let this wedding band chain you away forever, because I'm not going anywhere.”
His phone rang, and a hush feel over the room. Bucky’s eyes stayed locked onto yours as he went to answer his cell phone. You could hear a man’s voice muffled, front where you were standing. You guessed it was one of Bucky’s men but you couldn’t be sure. There was a small shift. The once intense passion that glistened in his steel blue irises had shifted to pure possession and feral protectiveness in overdrive. It was utter chaos.
You noticed his breath slow, “I see, thank you.” He mumbled. His tone thick and gruff.
And for a moment, a split second, Andy thought he locked eyes with the mobster. His breath became shallow, and his mouth almost agape as he scrambled to find his wits and his sanity at the moment. Shit. He clutched for his camera and made a clean break before your mafia boyfriend could smash and break his face in.
“You wanna finish what you started earlier, angel?” He asked in a teasing tone. A small giggle escaped your lips as you went to hop on his lap. Bucky made quick work pulling his leaking, red cock out. “Do you understand what you do to me angel? You have me at your mercy, always.” He slipped in with ease, and you couldn't contain the unwavering urgency to be filled by Bucky.
“I love you. So much.” You breathed out between pants, your tits bouncing with your momentum as his cock hit all the sweet spots within you. His eyes widened and he gave you a lopsided grin. It was a breathtaking sight to see you working yourself on his cock and taking what you needed, and rest assured Bucky had plenty to offer. His calloused fingertips tweaked your nipples as you clawed his muscular back. Red lines in the wake of your passion filled frenzy.
“Please, what angel?”
“Need you fill me with your cum.” You moaned out, the thought sending shockwaves to your core.
Bucky’s eyes met yours and you could see the shock and how unsure he was. You have never let him cum inside you before, but now? He saw the shift in your features. The determination and insistence that came with it. “You sure?”
“Please, James. I need to feel all of you, baby.” And that's when Bucky lost it. Entirely and wholeheartedly falling into a euphoric abyss with you wildly rutting on him. He quickly laid you down and entered inside you from a deeper angle as your calves both gripped his torso, begging for as much closeness as humanely possible. Skin slapping skin, Bucky trying to touch you everywhere at once. You felt your hands tug at his locks as he sucked bruises on your collarbone. His hands grabbed the meat of your thighs as he drilled into you. Your whimpers and cries filled the room and only got loud with the closer you felt yourself explode with immense pleasure only Bucky could give you.
“All mine.” He groaned in your ear as he spurts loads of hot cum inside of you. It was almost a cathartic experience, as the feeling overwhelmed you. Feeling so utterly full and constantly fulfilled as he still rutted into you through his orgasm. A wail escapes your lips as you felt the pressure snapped and stars shimmered behind your eyes. You were floating in serenity.
“My beautiful, beautiful angel.” He whispered as light kisses were peppered on your face, “So proud of you, doll.”
You don’t know how or when, but that bastard they call your husband won't know what's coming. Resistance was fleeting, and whatever comes to be you, you would be ready, swinging. Hard and heavy. You refuse to lose Bucky.
Sometime later, Inspector Barber had finally arrived back to his office after a job well done, for the most part. His SD card filled with evidence of your affair lingering there. As he stepped inside, he gave a curt nod to his receptionist who was answering a call. She smiled in response, “Inspector Barber’s office.”
"Put it on speaker," he mouthed to her.
“Who’s speaking?” The gruff voice questioned. Annoyance was relevant in his tone but it went beyond that. A reckoning was brewing.
“Mary, his receptionist.”
“Ah. Well, Mary please tell Inspector Barber if he wants to keep his life, he’ll destroy that hard drive. I won't be fucked with.” The line went dead without another syllable uttered. Inspector Barber's eyes widen and his blood ran cold.
This for sure wasn't going to end well.
Tumblr media
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Pairing: Mafia!Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 2.6k
Summary: Bucky Barnes, known as the ‘king of New York’, is ruthless and powerful, running everything with an iron fist. He has no weaknesses, other than you. You’re his world, his soulmate, his angel, and he’d do anything and everything to keep you safe. What John Walker, an up-and-coming mobster with irrational tendencies, doesn’t understand, is that you’ll do the same for Bucky.
for @fandoms-writings writing challenge
Warnings: sexy times so 18+ i stg, smut smut smut, kinda femdom!reader and sub!bucky, use of  pet names (good boy, angel), dry-humping, unprotected p in v sex (I STG don’t have sex with someone without being in a committed relationship and have been tested), reader is a total badass, minor/off screen character deaths, misogyny towards reader, john walker makes an appearance but not for long, mild plot but mostly porn
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Tumblr media
It’s a scorching hot summer day, a day you’re supposed to be spending with your fiancé lounging by the infinity pool that nearly surrounds the villa in Italy Bucky had insisted on buying the moment you mentioned wanting to travel. You were supposed to be sipping margaritas, having butlers at your beck and call, masseuses coming around the clock to work out some of the knots in your back that refuse to leave - thanks to Bucky’s insistence on trying out some new positions he’d caught wind of.
You’d packed days beforehand, excited to spend a long weekend in luxury, in heaven with the love of your life. Maybe you’d spend a day at the beach, laying in the sun before periodically being swept away into the villa only to be spread on a new surface and letting Bucky use your body as his personal fuck-toy. Or, maybe you’d go into town, wandering the streets of the nearby markets with Bucky’s hand in yours, being pulled into various stores with a soft smile on his face.
And despite the hecticness of your workweek, one friendly chat between Bucky and your boss had said boss insisting that you take as much time off as you wanted - however, if Bucky had his way, you’d never work again.
You were supposed to be enjoying your day, instead, you’re tracking down your fiancé, fury fueling your desire to rip John Walker apart piece by piece.
Now, it’s no secret that Bucky Barnes is the most feared and respected man in New York, everyone bowing at his feet and doing anything he asks of them for fear of upsetting him. And everyone is well aware of how he gets when he’s angry; a six-foot-four leader of New York’s biggest underground crime syndicate with absolutely no regard for anyone but his close friends and, of course, you. You are the light of his life, ‘an angel sent from heaven to guide me on my darkest days’ is what he’s told you time and time again.
But while you may be his angel, you are by no means a saint. And while Bucky may be feared, you are even worse. Bucky is your heart and soul, the man you’ll spend the rest of your life with, grow old with, have kids and grandkids with. And John Walker, an up-and-coming self-described ‘king of the east coast’, has taken him, stolen him from you.
He’s been cocky ever since he stepped foot in Bucky’s office on their first ‘meeting’. An arrogant aura surrounded him, being easily the most stupid man you’ve ever heard of - that is, of course, because Bucky will never allow you to even step foot towards that part of his life, not wanting to taint you and bring you the kind of stress that he deals with daily.
But that doesn’t mean you don’t know about his nefarious dealings, you’re not stupid, after all. The whispers are loud, the suspicions are prominent, and Bucky had confessed his business to you early on in your relationship, giving you an out before either of you fell too deep. And clearly, that didn’t happen, because now you’re three years in, head over heels for the man every woman wants, but can’t have.
Bucky had been biding his time, waiting for John to concede without resorting to violence, much to his dismay, for he’d much rather tear the man's head off. But you’d made him promise to at least give him a chance, to let John bow to him and stop his reckless behavior, before ripping him to shreds. It looks like Bucky won’t have that chance now, because you’re going to do it.
You’re still donned in a flowery summer dress - the dress you planned on wearing for the flight over to Italy - simple sneakers, and, of course, a holster strapped to your thigh. Because while Bucky may not want you to be involved in his life of crime, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want you to be prepared for any situation that could arise.
This is that situation.
There are - were - guards surrounding every corner of the warehouse your fiancé is currently being held in. And quite frankly, at this point you don’t care why or how he was captured, all you care about is killing every single one of Walker’s men.
A dozen men around the warehouse are now lying lifeless on the ground, having not stood a chance to the three dozen men you brought. As soon as the front doors open, all hell breaks loose, men coming from every hallway only to be beaten and shot the moment they come within ten feet of you. So now, with another dozen or so men littering the hallway to the room Bucky is in, you step around the bodies and storm down the hallway, Steve and Sam right behind you as you stop in front of the massive wooden door. And from here, you can hear Bucky nearly pleading with John, which makes your lips quirk up into a devious smirk.
“I’d run if I were you, she’s gonna kill you the second she comes in here.”
“Please don’t cause a scene, you really don’t want to see her when she’s mad.”
“You’re stupid for not running, so please save yourself the trouble and leave.”
You can’t help the giggle that bubbles up through your throat, escaping in a loud, boisterous laugh, grabbing another loaded magazine from Steve before securing it into the gun. And as you cock it, you raise your foot and slam it into the door, swinging them open and revealing several more men with raised guns all pointed directly at you.
“Hey, Angel,” Bucky says with a smirk, eyes raking up and down your body, with fire and lust burning bright from where he sits on the chair he’s currently tied to. “I hope you didn’t get your dress dirty, you know it’s one of my favorites.” The humor in his tone isn’t lost on anyone, and when you turn your gaze to Walker, you can see the clear fear he holds in his eyes despite probably doing his best to not.
“Of course, I didn’t, baby.” Now, while there is clear humor in your voice, it’s also laced with malice, pointing your gun directly at John’s head. “But you are buying me more for the inconvenience.”
“Inconvenience?” Walker asks, the word clearly registering as preposterous to him, especially when he looks you up and down, the picture of innocence you portray aside from the weapon you wield. “Why don’t you run along, little girl. You have no business being here.” And even though he’s stood tall and proud, the waver in his voice makes you laugh.
“Walker, you are the one who has no business being here. Because clearly, you’re too stupid to still be here when your so-called ‘guards’ are lying in pools of their own blood. So, I’d appreciate it if you let my fiancé go. We were already supposed to be in Italy and, quite frankly, I’m a little more pissed about that than I am about you taking Bucky.” Sparing a quick glance in Bucky’s direction, you see his eyes shining with awe, clearly proud of his girl.
“You’re funny,” Is John’s response, though not as tough as you assume he wanted it to be. “I’m not letting him go until he agrees to give up his status.”
Another laugh echoes through the room, from you and Bucky. It’s a ridiculous statement, even Walker must know that wouldn’t have worked out. And whether he knew it all along or he’s just now realizing it, he’s still stupid for attempting. Something you make sure to tell him.
“Well, since you’re cornered with no way out, I guess there’s no use in arguing with me, huh?”
Shooting another glance at Bucky, a smirk on both of your faces, you send him a wink before returning your gaze to John and winking at him as well. And before he or anyone else could say anything, you fire a single bullet into Walker’s head, sending him dropping to the floor almost immediately.
Looking around at Walker’s remaining men, you glance over your shoulder to Steve and Sam and nod, both of them taking that signal as a sign to start firing. And once the remaining men are taken care of, so is Walker’s short-lived legacy, effectively and singlehandedly squashing out one of Bucky’s major rivals.
Everything is silent, the large room feels endless now that only you, Bucky, Sam, and Steve are occupying it. Not looking, you hold out the gun for Steve to grab, then quickly shoo them out with a wave of your hand. It’s a little messy trying to get to your man, unable to keep your sneakers clean though you try your best, these are, after all, your favorite.
Once the doors close, you’ve finally gotten close enough to stand in front of Bucky, hands on your hips and an exasperated look on your face.
“How the fuck did you get kidnapped?” Though you’re frustrated, and still a little confused, you’re more relieved to see your fiancé alive and well with not a speck of blood on his pretty face. You’re tempted to untie him, massage his wrists, and pull him to the jet that is still waiting for you both. Yet, you form an even more devious plan the second Bucky opens his mouth.
“Actually, don’t speak.”
At this, Bucky’s eyebrows shoot up, shock written all over his face as you lean down so your hands can rest on the back of the chair with your weight leaning against it. This action causes your breasts to be pushed together, hovering in Bucky’s face while you press kisses from his temple down to his ear. And even though you can’t see him, you know his gaze is aimed directly at your breasts, exactly as you wanted.
“You’re going to tell me later,” You whisper, directly into his ear. “Right now,” Pausing, you lean back. “You’re going to sit there,” another pause so you can maneuver your panties down your legs, bunching them up into the palm of your hand. “And you’re going to make me cum, maybe then you’ll learn your lesson.”
As you predicted, Bucky’s mouth quirks up into a smirk, then opens to, presumably, remark how this ‘lesson’ is welcome as long as he can have your pussy wrapped around him - something he tells you whenever you attempt to ‘punish’ him.
But before he can get a word out, you’re shoving your - very wet - panties directly into his mouth, effectively cutting off anything he was about to say. His eyes darken as he stares up at you, now shifting so you can lower your body onto his lap, directly over his very large bulge.
“Are you going to be good for me?” Your voice is sickly sweet, hips already rocking, grinding against his bulge oh so slowly.
Bucky moans, head thrown back and hands gripping the arms of the chair. As his head tilts back, your lips descend down his jaw to his neck, nibbling and sucking wherever you please. After another minute of rocking your hips against his, your teeth dig into his neck harder, nearly enough to draw blood, but definitely enough to earn another long, muffled moan.
Bucky shifts, clearly trying to rock his hips in time with yours, but another bite causes him to stop, sitting still despite desperately wanting to be inside of you already.
Humming softly, you nibble and suck your way to his ear, breathing hotly as you whisper out “good boy.” Involuntarily, Bucky’s hips buck up, causing you to bounce briefly. Smirking to yourself, and deciding to put Bucky out of his misery, you lift up just enough to be able to undo his belt and pants, slowly trailing your hand down until you can grasp his firm cock.
“Did watching me kill him get you all hot and bothered?” You ask teasingly, giving his cock a firm tug and smiling nearly maniacally. “Does knowing that I’ll kill for you turn you on?” Another firm tug followed by moving his pants down just enough to let his cock spring free from its confines.
Bucky hums and nods, nearly frantic and desperate for the pleasure only you can provide. You take your time with rubbing his cock, fondling him firmly, and then forcing your hips down so you’re able to grind your bare pussy against his cock.
Moans fill the room, Bucky’s are muffled while yours are louder, relishing in the pleasure of skin-on-skin contact as well as the knowledge that Bucky is here and safe. With each roll of your hips, the head of his cock teases your hole, threatening to slip in before you force your hips back. And after a minute of this torture, one powerful thrust of your hips have you forcing his cock deep inside you, tip nudging against your cervix.
A broken moan bubbles up from your chest, forcing its way out of your mouth as you begin riding Bucky with fervor. And each bounce and roll of your hips have both of your eyes shut tightly, unbelievable pleasure coursing through your bodies.
In an act of dominance, your right hand grips Bucky’s shoulder while your left hand wraps around his neck and squeezes. Bucky’s muffled moans turn louder, higher, needier. All of which fills you with pride. Because you are the only person who can make him feel as good as this, his pleasure is all because of you. That thought alone has your belly tightening, your hips no longer bouncing and instead turning into grinding, humping him fast and hard so his pelvic bone can grind against your clit.
“O-oh god, Bucky!” You can’t help but squeal, as well as squeeze his neck tighter. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum I-” Your words are cut off but another moan, a shift of your hips allowing his cock to nudge against your g-spot rapidly.
“You-You’re so good to me, so good for me.”
Releasing your hand from his neck, you thread your fingers through his hair and force his head up so he can look directly into your eyes. “You’re going to look at me when I cum.” A tug of Bucky’s hair has him moaning again, spit dribbling down his chin with his eyes glossed over.
The sight alone is enough to make you cum - which you do as soon as you buck your hips one more time. A border-line record-breakingly loud moan rings through the air as your body tenses, your head throwing itself back as you chase your pleasure.
It takes nearly a minute for you to stop grinding, and another minute before your breathing evens out enough that you can speak without your voice wavering too much.
“Such a good boy,” You murmur, lifting yourself up slowly before shuffling off of his lap and adjusting your dress. A quick glance at Bucky’s frustrated and confused expression makes you want to laugh.
“Oh, you didn’t think I was going to let you cum, did you?” Reaching over, you pull your now drenched panties out of his mouth, toying with the fabric before tucking them in Bucky’s shirt pocket. “No, baby. No orgasms for you until we get to Italy.”
Smirking to yourself, you tuck his still ragingly hard cock into his pants and adjust them so you can zip his pants back up.
“It’s only a five-hour flight.” Humming softly, you brush Bucky’s hair back and gaze into his eyes, hopefully portraying every ounce of love you feel for him. 
“But we have a detour to the Bahamas first.”
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buckspumpkin · 2 months ago
𝐭𝐡𝐫𝐞𝐞 𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐦
₊˚ˑ༄ؘ𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: mafia!bucky x f!reader
₊˚ˑ༄ؘ𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: gagging on fingers and dick, cockwarming, rope, handcuffs, overstim, edging, spanking, oral (m!receiving) breeding kink if you squint a little, lots of degrading
₊˚ˑ༄ؘ𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 1,851
₊˚ˑ༄ؘ𝐚/𝐧: from kinktober, repost <3
Tumblr media
“sit. still.” bucky pinched the inside of your thigh as you sat in his lap, his cocked stuffed deep in you. you gulped, whining softly but nodded as he spoke loudly behind you.
“come in.” you cursed under your breath as three of bucky’s men came in and took a seat around the desk. they looked between each other with a worried look and bak at bucky.
“is there an issue?” the authority tone in his voice made you pussy throb, and his cock twitched in response, a soft pinch on the inside of your thigh to your pussy throbbing.
the men shook their head and sat back as bucky sat back in his seat, meaning his hips positioned themselves upwards a little bit and deeper into your cunt.
you sorta wished you weren't here, but you were so glad you were finally stuffed full of his cock.
you gave him such a hard time throughout the day just because you wanted attention. so you wore the shortest skirt you could find in the back of your closet, the most see-through shirt you had with no bra or panties.
just the way bucky preferred anyways, so if anything you were helping him.
you didn’t know you were going to have to cockwarm while he had a small meeting with his men.
“you are going to warm my cock with your pretty pussy until we are done. and then im going to tie your legs to the side of the chair and hands behind your back while i fuck you. got it?” you could only gulp with a nod as you sunk down on his cock, both of you moaning softly in unison as he stretched you out. but that was short lived as he told you to behave and sit still.
the pain of his cock just sitting in your tight cunt burned but you loved it deep down. you loved feeling his cock sit in your pussy as he filled you up, and you knew you could just cum like this.
his fingers trailed up your thigh towards your exposed clit under the table and pressed two fingers onto the bud, pressing small circles.
you felt a moan bubble in your throat so you covered it with a cough which made you rpussy clench his cock, and you felt a pull of your clit gently at the action.
you sat back against bucky’s chest and tried your best to not cum on his cock as he messed with your clit but the pressure was building in the pit of your stomach and before you knew it your pussy was clenching around him and you came.
you felt bucky’s chest rumble under your back.
“we can finish this later. out.” the men stood and walked away quickly and closed the door behind them. the second they left. you felt bucky smack your clit harshly.
“did you just fucking cum?”
“n-no i-” you stammered, blushing darkly as bucky bunched your skirt at your hips and exposed his cock in your cunt.
“fucking liar. your cum is covering my cock. such a filthy little whore.” you moaned at the words and felt him push you off of him and leaned you over the desk and stripped the skirt off of you tossing it somewhere in the room. you yelped as you felt a harsh smack against your ass, pushing you forward on the mahogany table and your hips digging into the wood.
he stopped, reaching over and opening a drawer, pulling out a pair of handcuffs and quickly taking your arms behind your back and cuffing them to your wrist. he pulled you up by the elbow and pushed you into the chair he was just sitting in. he rolled his sleeves up, and shoved his pants and boxers down, reaching over and grabbing the rope he kept in the drawer.
“gonna teach you a fucking lesson.” you nodded your head and saw him smirk, pushing your legs up so the bottoms of your feet were on the chair and your legs were spread wide against the arm rests of the seat.
he wrapped the rope around your thigh and calf and then secured it to the sides of the chair, your glistening cunt on view just for him.
“you know, i was gonna eat this pretty pussy after they left, but now im just gonna stuff it full of my cum and not let you cum. since you already did.” he stroked his cock a few times before pushing the chair all the way up before he could finally sink his cock in you. he bottomed out immediately but you werent surprised, you were already stretched out from cockwarming him for 45 minutes that you knew he would slide in so easily.
“think you can just use my cock to get yourself off? in front of my men? fucking whore.” he groaned out loud as he thruated out of you and slammed back into you, your head hitting the back of the chair with each thrust and moans started to fill the room from the two of you. you so badly wanted to touch him, but with your hand being handcuffed behind your back, you couldn’t
all you could do was let him fuck you in the chair. he clamped a hand over your mouth, shoving two of his fingers in your mouth to the point where you were gagging on his thick fingers and droll was falling down your chin and onto your shirt.
“god you suck my fingers so good. just like youre sucking cock.” he moaned under his breath as he quickened his pace, his other hand wrapping tightly around your throat.
you heard a knock on the door and a soft “sir?” from the other side and your eyes widened.
“dont come in. what can i help you with?” bucky yelled out to the door and looked back at you, mouthing a soft “stay fucking quiet”. you could only nod as the man behind the door started asking a plethora of questions while bucky pounded into you, keeping his voice steady as can be.
his hips faltered slightly, and you felt his cock twitch in your pussy and you knew he was close. he took his fingers from your mouth and wrapped his other hand around your throat, pressing tightly. the conversation with the man ended in what felt like forever.
“fuck babygirl. you got wetter during that conversation. does that shit turn you on? knowing someone could easily walk in on us as im fucking you?” you could only nod, your jaw falling slack and moving with his thrusts, the knot in your tummy forming quickly, and you felt his thick cock twitch inside of you again.
“dont you dare fucking cum. i swear to god dont you cum.” he growled lowly, his thrusts becoming sloppy as he felt his balls clench and you felt his hot cum shooting inside your cunt, so much to the brim that it leaked out of your cunt and onto the leather chair. he cursed softly, watching as your wrecked body took his cum, took his whole cock. he fucked your body splitting you apart and putting you back together.
you thought he was done and was going to let you cum, until he pulled out and untied the rope, standing you up and then kneeling in front of the leather chair you were just fucked in.
“you know what to do, dont you baby?” you licked your lips as you nodded, licking the cum that spilled on the leather and moaned softly as you tasted your cum from earlier mixing together.
“fuck babygirl. that just got you your chance to cum later tonight.”he stood over you, watching as you looked over at him licking your lips from cleaning his cum from the chair. your shirt was drenched with spit, and there was a faint outline of his hands from grabbing at your throat.
and fuck, you were still handcuffed looking up at him absolutely fucking wrecked.
he couldn’t help himself as he grabbed a fistful of your hand and shoved your mouth on his cock. but you weren’t complaining. he knew what you were.
“my cockdrunk little slut, huh?” you moaned as he spoke, the tip of his thick cock hitting the back of your throat and that moan send a vibration straight to his balls, the grip on your hair tightening and you couldn’t help but groan again.
the sight of you on your knees, handcuffed and listening to you gag on his cock made his balls tighten, thrusting into your mouth as he emptied another load down your throat.
“suck s good fucking girl.. swallowing all of my cum like the whore you are. fuck.” he panted heavily watching as you met his gaze under fucked out eyes, more spit covering your chin and dripping down to the floor as your spread your legs further.
“get up.” he ordered and you did as said, his hand under your elbow helping you stand and guiding you to the leather couch that sat in front of windows. he pushed you on the couch, your chest coming into contact with the back of the couch. he smacked your ass, making you moan out in pleasure. he held onto your cuffed wrists as he pushed into you, your cheek leaning on the leather as he pounded into you. the moans that came from your lips were something else, you didn’t know that you could make those sounds but it fueled him to fucked you harder.
he moved you to the length of the couch and pushed down on your back so it arched, and home swore he would’ve came to the noise you made as the tip of his cock kissed your cervix.
“hush baby. don’t want anyone to hear how good i’m fucking you. unless that’s what you want, huh? want the whole building to hear how you’re about to cream on my cock.” he grunted as he pushed in and out of you, his balls slapping against you and you felt the knot about to snap.
“i’m gonna cum bucky fuck- i’m coming-“ you moaned out, his hands tightening around your wrists as he fucked you through your intense orgasm, biting the couch to muffle your scream.
“that’s it, my sweet girl sound so fucking hot.. look how well you take me. gonna make me cum again.” the only reason he could easily fuck you was not only from the cum that was slowly dripping down the inside of your thighs from not even two minutes ago, but also because you cum mixed with his, and it made it feel like absolute heaven around his cock.
he felt your pussy clench his cock and he let out a moan, hips faltering as he came inside of you and his hands went to grips your ass harshly, fucking his cum back into you to milk his high.
“so fucking good baby. you’re such a good fucking girl for me.”
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christowhore · 10 months ago
Eye For An Eye
Tumblr media
pairing: mob!bucky barnes x barnes!wife!reader // mob!bucky barnes x mistress!dolores // mob!thor odinson x barnes!wife!reader
summary: you come home one night to find bucky in bed with another woman. after threatening divorce, he begs for your forgiveness and tells you he'll do anything. he should’ve known to always be careful with what you wish for.
word count: 6.6k
warnings: angst, bucky is a scumbag, infidelity, use of pet names, daddy kink, mentions of divorce, mentions of murder, smut, use of restraints, forced cuckholding, sub!bucky?, oral (m/f receiving), fingering, choking, spanking, unprotected sex, cream pie, happy endings for some !!! 18+ MINORS DNI !!!
notes: this is my submission for @ambrosiase 'the hotel indigo' writing challenge. it starts off really angsty, but it turns very smutty. hope you enjoy ! 💗
join my taglist !
room: the honeymoon suite ❦ room service: mobster
You weren’t supposed to witness this. You were never supposed to see your husband of 7 years, laying in your marital bed, fucking another woman. Hearing him call her the pet name that you thought was reserved only for you, while he drove his hips into her. The way ‘sweet plum’ rolled off his tongue with unwavering ease made you nauseous at the revelation.
You should’ve immediately known something was up when you entered your Manhattan townhouse that evening. The apprehensive looks you picked up on from the assigned security details should’ve alerted you that something was wrong, but you ignored it, desperately trying to reconnect with your other half.
Being away from your husband for 2 weeks, while on vacation with you sister, made you stir crazy due to not having Bucky near you. It was with unfortunate, yet fortunate luck that landed you here due to your sibling getting sick with food poisoning; the event resulting in your month-long planned trip being cut short.
Loading into the elevator and clicking on the master floor, glee filled your body as you ascended the 3 flights up. But the second those doors opened up, dread took its place.
The first thing you noticed was the stray high heel; the item was 6-inches and hot pink, a stark difference to your usual choices. The shoe started the trail of strewn articles of clothing that led to your shared bedroom.
Following the string of garments, taking steady steps, you heard the familiar moans of your husband. His deep grunts were distinct, rich and gruff, the acclimated sounds were already implanted in your hippocampus.
Pairing his groans of pleasure were the squeaks of a woman. Hers were shrill, the piercing yelps already causing a headache to form. All you heard were the over exaggerated pleas of a wanna-be pornstar escaping the confines of your bedroom.
Though you had heard the infidelity, nothing could have prepared you for the sight of it unfolding before your eyes.
Bucky had the long haired redhead bent at his will. His large palms pressed her thighs back to where her knees touched the sheets, no doubt causing a burn to run through her legs.
His hips proceeded to rut into her, the sounds of slapping skin bouncing off the walls. You watched as their eyes were trained on each other, a slight smile adorned both faces as they moaned out.
“Fuck sweets, you feel so good taking my cock,” Bucky swore at the woman underneath him, “You like Daddy’s dick tearing you apart, don’t you?” Her yelps of desire were an acceptable response to the brunette.
You stood there for a while, not able to tear your eyes away from their motions. 7 years of marriage down the drain, 7 years of love and tenderness thrown out the window. So caught up with misery, you didn’t realize you had started crying; but the pair did.
Removing himself, Bucky jumped up and grabbed his crumpled boxers off the floor and quickly pulled the material up his legs. “Sweetheart, this isn’t what it looks like, I swear.”
A dry chuckle boomed in your stream of consciousness. It was honestly amusing to think that a idiotic line like that would excuse his actions, yet he said it anyway as if you didn’t just watch him be balls deep in someone other than you, his wife. You continued to stand there, mute, as your thoughts ran wild.
“(Y/N), baby please,” the man pleaded, staring deep into your eyes, “Just hear me out.”
Not wanting to listen to any lame excuse he could try and conjure up, you brushed past him and towards the walk in closet, avoiding his insisting eye contact. Following in tow, he watched as you grabbed a suitcase and started stuffing as much of your wardrobe in the travel bag.
“Wait- wait hey, (Y/N). What are you doing? Where are you going?”
You filled your bag with your clothes and grabbed a carry on, side stepping your husband yet again and heading into your combined bathroom.
“Please, baby, I’m sorry. It didn’t mean anything, just look at me and let me explain.”
Bucky stared at your rigid frame. You did everything in your power to not pay him any mind and it broke him.
He knows he shouldn’t feel bad, he brought this upon himself.
Being the leader of the Barnes Family Syndicate, it was always expected of him to have a wife and a mistress. His father had one, as did his grandfather and so on and so forth.
When he met you, he realized he didn’t want to follow in his family’s footsteps of infidelity so he maintained his devotion to you. But dealing with constant teasing from fellow heads of families of how whipped he was, and how he wasn’t a ‘real man’, made his resolve slowly weaken.
So the day you left for Tahiti with your sister, he thought what better time than then.
He had gone to his best friend’s, Sam, nightclub and that’s where he met Dolores. A pretty little thing, with flowing red hair. She had caught his eye as she danced on the crowded floor. Bucky watched as her hips glided to the beat. The skirt of her dress rose due to her actions, enticing him even more.
An hour later, he had her pinned down in the backseat of his town car. His motions caused the vehicle to rock back and forth as it stayed parked on the sidewalk.
After the moment, he was filled with a tremendous amount of pride. He had lived up to the family name, following in his fathers footsteps. But once his driver, Peter, climbed into the front seat and looked at him through the partition with shame, his bones were riddled with mortification.
He had broken his sacred vows. ‘To love and to cherish’ were burned away as the sweaty redhead laid next to him, stroking the damp hair away from his forehead.
But the ridiculing words from the other syndicate leaders flowed back into his mind, pushing the guilt he felt away. So he ordered Peter to drive him back to your shared home and rolled the barrier up, avoiding the young man's piercing gaze.
Bucky should’ve never acted on the words of his colleagues, because he knew how much they loathed that he got someone as beautiful as you.
It was no secret that you were out of his league. The moment he saw you enter the crime disguised butcher shop, he knew he had to have you.
Your beauty made everyone stop and stare, it caused him to lose friends and colleagues due to their own lustful desires directed towards you. That’s why he married you only after 6 months of dating, to make sure that he could never lose you.
Yet here he was, wearing only a pair of boxers while you packed up your belongings after watching him have an affair, his nightmare coming to life.
You continued with your actions, making sure you had every item of your beauty regime packed away. Collecting your belongings, you began to make your way out of the room before Bucky’s booming voice rang out.
“Jesus Christ (Y/N), just look at me! Talk to me! Say something!”
Frozen in spot, you felt 2 pairs of eyes on your back. One from the redhead who stayed tucked under the covers, and the other from your husband.
You cleared your throat, removing the bile that had built up there upon your revelation. With your back still towards the pair, you found the courage to speak. “How long?”
“Listen sweet plum-” he began, but was quickly cut off by your sharp voice.
“I asked you, how long?”
With a sigh, he revealed to you the horrible truth, “Since the night that you left with your sister.”
A broken sob shot through your being. He couldn’t even wait a day without your presence for him to go and find someone else.
Wiping away the stray tears that escaped your eyes, you picked up your suitcase, slung the carryon over your shoulder and made your way out of the home, making sure to grab the luggage you had forgotten when you first arrived.
You didn’t bother taking the elevator, not wanting to be stuck in the small space with the cheater so you descended the stairs, bags in tow.
Bucky’s apologetic pleas followed you down the steps and out the front door, the security that were posted avoided the unfolding scene like the plague.
Stepping out onto the city sidewalk, you raised your hand to hail a taxi, desperately trying to escape the begging man standing only in his underwear.
“Please baby, she means nothing to me. I got so caught up in the guy's words that I felt like I had to do it. But it meant nothing, it won’t happen again. I promise you.”
You ignored his sorrow-filled confession as you watched the yellow cab pull in front of you. The driver could sense the tense energy and popped the trunk, staying in the safety of his vehicle and not wanting to mess with the well-known mobster.
Lugging the heavy cases into the trunk, you closed the lid and entered the backseat.
Before the driver could pull away, you rolled down the window and finally locked eyes with the brunette.
Bucky watched as a smile found your lips, and he began to feel hopeful. But the words that left your lips next shattered his aspirations.
“The next time you hear from me will be from my lawyer. I’m filing for divorce.”
And with that, Bucky watched as the cab drove away along with his self-sabotaged marriage.
Tumblr media
It had been 3 weeks of radio silence from you and Bucky was an absolute mess. He tried to call you, visit your family and friends, and even used his connections with the NYPD. He did everything in his power to talk to you but you had ignored all efforts of communication.
His empire was slowly collapsing, due to his queen running away. He never admitted it, but the reason he had become so powerful over the years was due to you.
The effect you had on business partners and clientele gave him a leg up in the competition; everyone desperate to be in your presence, in any way shape or form.
Now with you not by his side, he was crumbling. His usual attire of 3 piece tailored suits were replaced with stained t-shirts and baggy sweats. Bucky’s hair was typically kept neat, not a strand out of place, but now it had become unruly, matching the scraggly beard he had developed.
During those 3 weeks, the brunette managed to drink through a plethora of liquor bottles. Finishing off every glass in hopes that it would somehow bring you back, but to no avail.
That night when you left, he threw Dolores onto the street, treating her like the trash that he should’ve when she started flirting with him that night at the club; ignoring the obvious wedding band on his left hand.
Unfortunately he couldn’t escape the sex-filled odor of his actions that soaked the bedroom, so he had it deep cleaned. The action was supposed to make him feel better, but it only made it worse when he realized that the sweet smell of your usual vanilla and caramel perfume was gone.
Bucky spent most days crying on your side of the bed, grasping onto a forgotten sweater of yours that had traces of your scent ingrained in the fabric.
Meanwhile, a few miles south in Greenwich Village, you sat in the office of Stephen Strange, a reputable divorce attorney.
It took a while before you were able to conjure up the courage to step foot into his office. But today you felt better than the days prior, finally wanting to get it all over with.
“So you don’t want any of the houses or the cars. You’re fine with just alimony?” he questioned, his coiffed hair bounced as he turned his head to the side watching you.
“Yes, just alimony, he can keep everything else. I don’t want anything else tied to him.”
He nodded along to your answer. He knew who your soon-to-be ex-husband was, but wasn’t scared of him. The Strange family had their own notoriety that made them a formidable opponent so he wasn’t worried about any backlash.
“So did you want to fi-,” his question cut short at the ring of your cell phone, the 17th time ever since you sat down less than an hour ago.
Growing tired of the nuisance ringing, you angrily picked up the phone, “Did I not say that the next time you’d hear from me would be from a lawyer? Or were you too busy thinking about your side pieces cunt to listen to what I had to say?”
You heard the sounds of a broken man wailing into your ear, the noise making your eyes roll.
“Please baby, I can’t do this without you. I’m so goddamn sorry. Just please give me one more chance.”
Your chest rose as you took a deep sigh, rubbing your temples in the process. “James, you couldn’t even wait 24 hours until I left the country for you to fuck somebody else. How the hell am I supposed to trust you? How do I know this was just a one time thing and you haven’t been making me look stupid for years?”
Stephen slyly listened as you yelled into your device, half-focusing on the papers in front of him.
Bucky had never heard you call him by his first name the entirety of your relationship, only addressing him with pet names. The government name sounded foreign, your tone filled with rage, as it ran off your tongue.
“Please sweetheart, it was only the one. I promise you. I can’t tell you how sorry I am, I feel like shit. I can’t sleep knowing that you’re not here anymore.”
You looked up at the ceiling, trying to maintain composure so that you didn’t cause a scene in the office space. “It’s kind of hard to believe you, considering the fact that I probably would’ve never found out if I didn’t come home early from my vacation.”
Bucky’s tears started to flow freely, he felt like he was in a nightmare that he couldn’t wake up from. “Please (Y/N). I’ll do anything. Anything you want I’ll do, just please give me one more chance.”
The LED lights hanging from overhead, caught the pear cut diamond of your engagement ring. The unplanned action gathering your attention to the 40 carat jewel.
You sat there as your mind raced, pondering all possibilities when one particular thought came to the forefront of your mind. “Anything, huh? You’ll do anything I say?”
Bucky sat up from the plush bed, hopefulness rushing through him like a tidal wave. “Yes doll, anything. You name it, it’s done.”
A smile decorated your face, “Alright. Remember our first anniversary, we stayed in the honeymoon suite at The Hotel Indigo? Meet me there tomorrow night, 8:45.”
You ended the call before you could hear his response. Pulling up your text messages, you scrolled until you found the desired contact. You typed in a message, detailing your plan before sending it off.
Once you were finished, you met the questioning eyes of your lawyer.
“Well, as I was saying,” his voice laced with interest, “Did you want to file the papers or did you want to hold off on them?”
Tumblr media
Bucky had arrived at the hotel ahead of schedule, but waited in the car, not wanting to arrive earlier than expected and ruin his chance of gaining you back.
He made sure to look his best. Getting his haircut and beard shaved, dressing in that black sleek suit with the red floral patterned shirt that he knew you loved so much.
It was 5 minutes until the designated time when he climbed out the vehicle and made his way into the lobby and towards the elevator. His intimidating presence alone made the hotel's occupants stop in their tracks and shy away from the mobster.
Once he climbed up the appropriate level, he nervously walked down the hall and towards the honeymoon suite. The sight of the door bringing back a flood of memories of the night they shared all those years ago.
His ringed hand knocked on the hardwood door, the sound echoing throughout the empty hall. When you opened it, he was met with a sight he never expected to see that evening.
You had donned a red lingerie set. The cups of your bra elevated your breasts, your ass was accentuated with a lace thong. There was a matching garter on your waist, the straps of it leading and connecting to a pair of mesh stockings; the feature allowed your freshly painted white toes to shine through.
You looked absolutely delectable and Bucky could’ve came in his pants right then and there if he didn’t control himself.
“Come on in,” you stated, your voice seemed devoid of emotion as you walked back into the room.
Bucky followed as he watched you sit down on the creme colored silk sheets, your manicured hand pointing to the placed chair in front of the bed. “Sit.”
Listening to your orders, he immediately sat down in the seat directly across from you.
“(Y/N), baby I can explain. I-”
His pleas were instantly cut short at the raise of your index finger, the simple action shutting him up.
“I’m not here to listen to your excuses. You said that you would do anything, right? Anything, and you’d do it without question?”
Bucky nodded along, not even noticing the smirk on your face or the honeyed tone from your lips. He was beyond desperate to get you back. “Yes sweetheart. I can’t lose you.”
You smiled at him, content with his answer. A few seconds later there was a knock at the door. “Oh, that must be room service.”
You sauntered to the door, trying not to seem too excited at the expected guest. Once you unlocked the door, you were met with the 6’6” Adonis himself.
“What the fuck are you doing here Thor?” Bucky yelled, furious that he was interrupting his personal moment and also due to the fact that he has now seen you in such an intimate way.
The blonde chuckled, the noise was guttural and mocking, as he made his way into the suite carrying a plastic bag. It’s evident contents pierced through the plastic. “Hello James. Lovely weather we are having tonight.”
Bucky stood up, getting into the blondes face, “I don’t know what you’re doing here, but you need to get the fuck out now. You’re not welcomed here.”
“Actually he is. I invited him.”
Your confession had his eyes darting back and forth between you two, disbelief overwhelmed him. “Wh- what are you talking about (Y/N)?”
You made your way back to the bed, kneeling as the silk fabric caressed your legs. “Well, you said anything. And well, I realized that you won’t experience true pain, true heartbreak unless you feel what I felt that evening. So, you’re going to sit in that chair and watch as I let Thor fuck me.”
You couldn’t deny the fact that you found the blonde attractive. From his massive stature to his raucous and smokey voice that only accentuated his deep accent. You would always catch his wandering blue eyes whenever he came to visit for the weekly syndicate meetings. And though the thought of actually acting upon the urges never crossed your mind, you did always wonder what it would be like to lay with the Norse god-like man.
So when Bucky informed you yesterday that he would act on anything you desired, your first thought went to him. After scheduling the meet, you found Thor’s saved contact and told him about your plan. How you wanted to get back at your cheating, scumbag husband in the worst way possible.
You weren’t expecting him to agree so suddenly, his accepting response sent in not even 2 minutes after. He even said he would bring a special something to make sure everything went according to plan.
Which brings you back to this unfolding moment.
Bucky’s lips sputtered like a fish out of water, trying to form a sentence but was completely flabbergasted. “W- why him? Why this? Isn’t there anything else, something else I can do to prove how sorry I am?”
“The only way you’ll know what it feels like to watch your spouse fuck somebody else, is to actually watch them fuck somebody else. So it’s this way or the highway, take your pick.”
Bucky stood there and weighed his options. The thought of another man touching what was his made bile rise in his throat. But if letting Thor fuck you just this once would guarantee that he wouldn’t lose you, then that’s the price he would have to pay for his actions.
With a heavy sigh, he nodded his head. “Fine, if this is what I have to sit through I’ll do it. I’ll do anything to get you back, doll.”
Thor clapped his hands together, the mighty sound rang in your ears. “Perfect, now we will just need one more thing before we get this party started.”
Reaching into the hardware store bag, the man produced a lengthy amount of rope.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing with that?” screeched the brunette.
Thor looked at you, silently asking for approval, and was grateful that you nodded to his request.
“This is to make sure you do not get up and try to stop me. Or punch me. It’s for both actually.”
Bucky looked at you, silently pleading to stop this madness but you looked at him with daring eyes, trying to see if he actually wanted you as much as he cried out.
Knowing that his efforts were going nowhere, he sighed and made his way to the chair, sitting down and resting his arms on the wooden rests.
You watched as Thor securely tied him to the chair, tightly restraining every part of Buckys’ body, making sure there was no chance of a sudden escape.
Satisfied with his handiwork, he made his way to the bed, staring down at you. “Oh my dove, I have wanted to do so many things to you the second I met you. He is a fucking imbecile to stray away from a goddess like you.”
His intense gaze and pet name had you giggling, you felt heat rise up your body and warm your face.
“You better not even think about cumming inside of her!” Bucky interjected, his arms testing out the durability of the knots.
The two of you, lost in each other’s embraces, ignored the pleas of the restrained man.
“I am going to make you feel like a queen amongst men when I’m finished with you little one.”
And with that, the blondes hand latched onto your throat, dragging you to your feet to stand in front of Bucky.
With your back pressed against his front, Thor’s hands glided across your body. His rough and large hands were a stark contrast to the soft, suppleness of your frame.
A breathy sigh left you at the stimulation as he continued to massage your body. His warm palms cupped your breasts through your bra, fondling the fleshy mounds while his thumbs stroked your covered nipples. “Oh, Thor.”
All the blonde could do was smile at his dream come true unfolding. He had a crush on you the moment he saw you enter the meeting room of your shared home with Bucky years ago. Dressed in a pair of tight leggings and a crop top, he could barely contain the desire that flooded his being at the sight of you.
So he did everything in his power to break the two of you up, even joining in on the other leader's tirades of convincing the brunette to cheat.
When he heard that you had uncovered the truth he was overjoyed, even more so when he got that glorious text from you yesterday.
So he here was, groping and fondling your body with the grace that you deserved.
“That’s it love, just relax,” he purred in your ear.
Reaching behind and unclasping your bra, he removed the lace material to unveil you to him. Turning you to the side, he bent down a tad to take your left nipple into his mouth. His taut tongue swirling around your hardening peak made you press your chest deeper into the man as your back arched.
With your tit in his mouth, he occupied his hands by grabbing handfuls of your ass, relishing in the soft feel of them. Bringing a hand up, he collided his palm with your flesh, a loud spanking noise ringing out. The feeling of the metal rings he wore imprinting your ass made you lewdly moan into the air.
Your hands grasped the sides of his face, pulling him up to tower back over you. With his suit jacket in your hands, you began to strip him of his attire; starting with his jacket, unbuttoning his dress shirt, and finally removing his belt out of the metal clasp and pulling the leather out of the belt loops.
Looking deep into his eyes, you sank to your knees, tugging his slacks down in the process. Thor’s bulge was prominent through the thin pair of black briefs he wore, his hard on pleading to be free from its confines.
With your hands in the waistband of his briefs, you tugged them down his long legs, only stopping until you heard the thunderous noise of his heavy cock smacking against his abdomen.
You looked up at his manhood with your mouth agape and eyes bulged. Buckys’ cock was big, but Thors’ was huge.
The red mushroom tip was heavily leaking precum, the secretion already sliding down his stomach. His length was thick and veiny and his balls were heavy, the sight making you salivate.
Reaching up, grasping the base of him, his girth only allowing you to circle half of it. Thor sighed in relief at the feel of your soft hand easing his ache. “Ahh, you see what you do to me my love?”
Thor watched you look up at him as you took his head into your mouth, sucking and lapping up his precum.
You knew due to his girth it was going to be tough to take it down your throat, but you were determined to consume as much of him as possible.
Pulling away, you spit on his cock and begin rubbing to get it slick before shoving it back into your mouth.
“Oh yes, little one. Such a perfect mouth of yours.”
You could only take a third of him but you stroked what you couldn’t with your hands.
Bucky sat and watched as you pleasured the blonde, his heart breaking in the process. He knew that his punishment had only just begun but he didn’t know if he could handle watching anymore of it.
Thor grabbed onto the top of your head so that way you could look your husband in the eyes. He bucked into your mouth, the tip of him poking into your cheek and extending the fleshy muscle. “How in the world could you ever stray from a perfect little mouth like this one James? Feels like fucking heaven.”
His taunting words had the brunette tug at the binds, desperate to remove him from you.
“Now as much as I am enjoying your tongue,” the blonde began as he removed you from him, “I need a taste of your sweet cunt.”
Pulling you up by under your shoulders, he lifted you onto the bed. He wasted no time in ripping your thong to shreds before diving in tongue first.
“Oh fuck yes!”
You felt his tongue dart through your slick lips, tasting every crevice of your core before sucking on your clit. The action made your back arch and your cunt press more into his mouth.
Thor placed his left hand on your stomach, pushing down to restrain you. With his right, he pushed his middle and ring finger into your sopping heat. Every push and pull of his digits caused the fire to bloom in your core. Your juices leaked out and soaked his face and ringed hand, making the metal glisten under the light.
He felt your walls tighten and spasm, your impending orgasm evident. Thor sped up his motions with his hand and applied more pressure to your mound with his tongue until he felt your juices squirt out and a loud moan ring in the air. “God- fuck!”
The blonde finger fucked you through your release, until you were a panting mess. Removing his fingers he placed them in his mouth, sucking off your essence and making sure to be loud enough for the tied man to hear him. “You taste absolutely divine, my dove.”
Thor’s cock bobbed at the sight before him; your body spread out as your eyes were hooded, rising chest, and swollen cunt. You were a sight for sore eyes.
Even though you had just experienced an orgasm, you desperately wanted more so you reached out to him with grabby hands directed towards his cock. The action caused a booming laugh to escape him.
“Needy little thing I see,” Thor taunted, “I guess you needed a real man to show you how it’s done.”
All that flashed through Bucky's mind were thoughts of murdering the blonde with his bare hands. “You’re lucky you tied me to this fucking chair otherwise you’d be dead on the floor already.”
Thor ignored his threats as he pulled you up and into him, your legs wrapped around his waist. He carried you until he was right in front of the brunette. Placing you down on the floor, he manhandled your body until you were bent down, your hands holding onto Bucky’s forearms with your face directly in front of his.
He held the base of his cock, using it to run through your folds and getting it slick with your essence.
“Here little one. Let me show you how it feels to actually be fucked.”
A sharp yelp turned moan ripped through you at the sudden intrusion. Thor's cock filled you up in crevices of your cunt that you didn't know you had. He wasn't even fully sheathed inside of you and yet you felt so full. “Ahh- oh god.”
“Fucking hell princess, such a tight cunt,” spoke Thor through battered breaths.
With the compromising position you were in, Bucky felt every sharp breath leave your lips and waft over his face. Every buck of the blonde's hips pushed your frame into his. He watched your eyes roll back into your skull due to ecstasy. Ecstasy that, for the first time in your marriage, he wasn’t the cause of.
“Yes Thor, fuck, just like that.”
You felt the man behind grab onto your hips and pummel inside of you. You felt every ridge of his cock drag against your spasming walls.
The pace he had set was brutal, making you feel how badly he wanted- needed this.
Thor needed to show you what true bliss felt like. He needed to show you how you didn’t need the pathetic excuse of a man in front of you. And more importantly, he needed to show Bucky how much of a dumbass he was for thinking he needed anyone else but you.
He pulled out of you, much to your dismay, before trudging you back to the bed. He sat down on the edge and maneuvered your body to where your back was pressed against him once again while your legs were spread out on either side of his thighs. The position left you bare to the restrained man, allowing him to watch everything that was about to be performed to your soaked cunt.
Thor moved your right arm to sling across his shoulders, allowing the two of you to watch your victim. With both hands on your waist, he raised your body up and sunk you down on his shaft. A content sigh came from you both.
“You feel so warm my dove,” he cooed only loud enough for you to hear, “I could get used to this pussy wrapped around my cock for the rest of my days.”
You moaned at his statement while locking eyes with Bucky.
He unwillingly sat there and watched Thor piston into you. His sharp thrusts continuously impaled you as he matched them by bringing your hips down, creating a sweet tempo.
By the feel of your channel tightening around his cock, he could tell your second orgasm of the night was imminent.
Moving a hand down to your cunt, he rubbed taut circles to your numb, drawing a frenzied cry from you. “Oh yes! Fuck yes, please don’t stop!”
He laughed at your unadulterated request, “Would not dream of such a thing.”
Your head flew back in ecstasy as he continued fucking into you while rubbing on your clit, the pleasure becoming all-consuming.
“Look up,” Thor ordered you, “Look at your husband. Look how pathetic he looks as he watches his wife getting properly fucked. He cannot tear his eyes away from your delicious cunt. Poor bastard even has a hardon at the glorious sight of you taking every inch of me.”
And it was true. Even though Bucky hated the scene in front of him, he couldn’t deny the fact that it had him hot and bothered. The way your breasts bounced and the sounds of his- your squelching pussy had him in a daze.
Thor proceeded with his actions until he heard a mighty shout from you. “Yes- yes I’m cumming!”
He felt your cunt squeeze the life out of him as your juices soaked his cock and thighs. His thrusts began to dwindle down, trying to stave off his own release.
You felt like jelly against the mass of muscle pressed into your back. The two orgasms you experienced felt better than anything Bucky had ever given you in your 7 years of marriage.
Sensing your exhaustion, Thor slung his arm around your torso, keeping you upright. With you secure in his arm, he stood up and walked you around the side of the bed, then crawling onto the mattress. He flipped you onto your back causing you to stare back at him.
He maneuvered his hips until his dick caught onto your hole before slowly sinking in, your warmth engulfing him yet again. “Princess, you're going to be the death of me,” Thor spoke through clenched teeth, making you giggle.
With this new position came a new pace. What began as brutal and quick thrusts turned into slow and deep ones. He made sure to make you feel every ridge and every inch of him. The curve of his dick made your walls flutter around him, the stimulation driving the you two wild.
The both of your foreheads were pressed against each other, your eyes locked in as you savored the moment together.
So lost in the moment, you forgot all about Bucky sitting there watching. So far gone that you didn't register him crying.
Bucky had never thought he could feel true heartbreak until then. When he first got with Dolores, he thought about the off chance of you finding out, but he thought the revelation would be something you would be able to get over.
But sitting there, watching the love of his life being pleasured beyond belief by another man, he finally knew what you felt that evening when you walked in on him.
His chest was hot and heavy as agony filled it, tears fell down his face, and his whole body shook due to quiet sobs. “Please, please (Y/N). I get it. Just please stop.”
The pleas of the broken man fell on deaf ears as you and Thor were lost in your own world. The heavy weight of his large frame was comforting as he slowly drove into you. His hot breath warmed up your face as he looked down at you, his eyes filled with both lust and admiration.
“Who does this pussy belong to, my love?” He quietly questioned, directed only to you.
“It's yours Thor. It's all yours.”
With a content smile, he leant down and connected his lips with yours. His kisses were hungry, desperate even. Thor etched the comforting feel of your lips against his own in his mind.
Your mouth opened, giving the blonde the chance to slither his tongue into you. The wet feel of his tongue massaging your own, paired with his leisurely thrusts brought you to a blissful stupor.
You were both close, your breathy moans signaling your impending third orgasm were swallowed by the man above you.
Though his thrusts were still languid, Thor added a bit more power to them. His soft head repeatedly nudging your g-spot. Every impact from his cock made you lose a bit of reality as your core began to bloom.
“Cum in me,” you breathed into his mouth, “Cum in me and I’m all yours.”
With your blissful words filling his head, he delivered a few more passionate thrusts into your heat until you both came with a shout.
Even though you were blissed out beyond belief, you felt Thor’s cock pump and coat your walls with his cum. Heavy amounts of his seed spilled out from your battered cunt, sliding down and staining the sheets below.
His thrusts continued but were slowed, all of his focus still on molding his lips to yours, drinking in the heavenly taste of you.
Once he had completely emptied himself inside of you, he removed his lips from yours and smiled. “You are mine forever, little dove. I’m not letting anyone take you away from me.”
You looked up at him with a dopey smile and eyelids heavy with lust. It was at that moment that you heard the sobs coming from Bucky.
Looking to the side, you watched as the brunettes head was down as he cried out, but quickly returned your attention to the man above.
“Take me home Thor.”
The blonde removed himself from you to search for his clothes. Picking up the stray material of his dress shirt, he waited for you to sit up before dressing you in it.
“Wait,” Bucky interjected, “What are you doing?”
With shaky legs, you got up from the mattress and went to the bedside table where a manila folder had been sitting; your cum dripping down your thighs and onto the bedroom carpet. Picking up the packet, you walked in front of Bucky and placed it, as well as your wedding ring, on his lap.
“Here are the divorce papers,” you avowed, “Make sure to sign them right away.”
Once he had put back on the remainder of his clothes, Thor went and picked you up bridal style and headed towards the door, leaving your now ex-husband to reflect by his lonesome.
“B-but you said-” the brunette bewailed, his eyes bloodshot and full of tears.
Looking over at the man, you laughed, “Did you really think you could have your cake and eat it too? That’s not how it works James. Have a nice life, I hope she was worth it.”
And with that, Thor whisked you away, down the hotel and towards the awaiting car, leaving the broken man tied to the chair.
Bucky was now a shattered being. Though part of him felt pure rage, his emotions were more consumed with grief. He had lost the greatest thing to ever happen to him, all because of his stupid desires.
So he unwillingly sat there, tears flowing uncontrollably as he wallowed in his self pity, regretting all of his choices knowing that he had now just lost you forever.
Tumblr media
A/N: whew, this was a hot concept. i absolutely love cheating fics for some reason but i hate it when they make reader get back together with them, so decided to change that.
If you enjoyed this fic, please make sure to reblog and comment. feedback is much appreciated !
i do not allow the reposting, rewriting or translating of my fics. these are works of my own and i do not give permission for any of the acts stated above.
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Noises | Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader (18+)
request: Hi I was hoping for 150 😉 "Stop trying to figure your way out of this, and do as your told". Bucky or Sebastian which ever you prefer
a/n: THIS ONE GOT ME. to fuel my writing for Bucky/Sebastian -- i had to write this first. ugh, i've missed writing for this baby! i hope you guys enjoy!!
**inspired by @pitifulbaby Mob!Bucky story Business As Usual. CHECK IT OUT!**
warnings: smut, fingering, oral (f!receiving), unprotected sex (wrap it before ya tap it, babes!), choking, slight begging, guns (only used in interrogation, not on Reader)
pairing: Mob!Bucky x Female!Reader
main masterlist
Tumblr media
Being the mob boss's girlfriend had its perks. You were showered with endless love from the scariest man in Brooklyn, while others ate the demise that ushered from the barrel of a gun. While his shined designer shoes were being ruined with blood splatters, you experienced the tender love that was Bucky, although known to his enemies as James. He insured you were protected by his two closest men, Steve and Sam, to who you each took a liking. You and Steve joked about the old days when Bucky wasn’t ruthless, while Sam dabbled in your playful banter, truly becoming an older brother to you rather than your boyfriend’s right-hand man.
Bucky cared more about your protection than his dabbling, which meant sometimes - you were brought along. You’d take a position by the wall and watch as the taller male turned into the hunter, feasting on his prey. Bucky’s steel-blue eyes and deep voice sent chills racing down your spine. Watching the mob boss act in his element was not only a rush but a serious turn-on.
Steve and Sam had gathered leads on Bucky’s latest target, Damon. The guy was scum buried deep within the earth, and Barnes had gathered extensive leads. It was all just a matter of time before he figured poor Damon out. You watched from the corner, a cherry-flavored lollipop stuck in your mouth. Your tongue swirled across the flavored ball as you hurried to the center, although you took a few moments to pause… You licked around the stick, eyes centered on Bucky who was slipping out of his black jacket. Tossing it to the floor, you saw him crack his knuckles. His left arm donning the ribbon of tattoos, his short strands of hair pushed back as it surveyed his enemy.
You wouldn’t lie, your thighs were sticking together when his neck rolled from side to side. His buffed frame waltzed around Damon who clenched his fists, knuckles turning pale. His blonde hair was falling into his eyes, the nervous sweat collecting around his temple.
“Tell me what you know, and this doesn’t have to get too ugly. I may even let you go, but it depends on how bad you piss me off.” Bucky’s deep voice cascaded around the room. You licked your lips, closing your eyes. That all too familiar second heartbeat formed in your core, your breath hitching. You essentially began to block out whatever the two men were discussing, instead, you focused your eyes heavily on the brooding boss. He was gorgeous like this. At first, when you met Bucky, you were terrified of him… But then you uncovered the sweetest parts that only he let you see, and it caused you to ricochet.
The blows were heard, as Bucky turned the man into a bleeding mess every time he didn’t answer correctly. The cherry-flavored treat in your mouth was diminishing in size, and you couldn’t help but let your eyes gravitate towards his black pants. If he would just hurry this game up, you could have your actual treat. It finally got to a point when Bucky delivered the final words, you couldn’t help but let out a soft moan.
"Stop trying to figure your way out of this, and do as you're told.” When Damon chose not to answer, that was when Bucky reached and grabbed the pistol. One pull of the trigger and the man was laid dead before you. His chair hit the ground that he was tied to, a pained gasp escaping his mouth. When the noise penetrated Bucky’s ears that left your mouth, his head slowly turned. Those deep-set blue orbs landed on you, and the excitement was spurred. Pulling the sucker from your mouth with an audible pop, you saw the transition in his eyes.
“Clean this up,” Bucky said to Steve and Sam who were quickly jumping into action. Bucky’s eyes centered on you. “You, come with me,” He reached his hand out and grabbed a hold of your hand. With a smile, he wrapped his fingers through yours and led you out of the lower room.
“You think you can just moan while I’m taking care of business, doll?” His voice was deep and sultry, lacing your ears with lust. Your heart had kickstarted and you knew this situation would lead to more. Before you realized it, the two of you were whisked upstairs and secluded in his massive bedroom. Once you were pushed into the room, your back was pressed against the door. A gasp fled from your mouth as Bucky’s right hand outstretched to tangle around your throat. With a small amount of pressure, he knew the boxes to tick in order to make you quiver.
“You wanna embarrass me, doll? Is that what it is?” Bucky asked you. You smiled widely, his eyebrow arching. “You little minx…” He trailed, bringing his lips to yours. Crashing them against yours, a moan cut from your mouth which he easily swallowed. Your hands moved to tangle through his dark hair, tugging roughly at the ends to spark a reaction. Bucky groaned against you, reaching below to grab your hand. Pressing it to the front of his pants, you felt his current state.
“Oh, Bucky,” You moaned sweetly into his mouth. “I just wanted you all to myself… You know how I get when you bring me along for interrogations…” You said, batting your eyelashes. You palmed him through the fabric, earning the gentle roll of his baby blues.
Bucky smirked, his hand positioned over your throat, while his thumb danced across your bottom lip. Pulling it forwards, his height allowed him to brace above you. Resting his forearm above your head, he had you pinned. With his knee, Bucky pushed your knees apart. Immediately, he pushed his knee upwards and connected it with your raging heat. A breathy moan escaped your throat as you squeezed your eyes shut. The sudden bucking of your hips to try and obtain friction only made the mob boss laugh.
“Doll, you are something else… Do you deserve me?” He asked you tauntingly.
You nodded quickly. “Yes,” You said through a pant.
“Should I really let you have me?” He lowered his head, his warm breath fanning against your neck. He pressed one simple kiss to your hot flesh and it was enough to force a whine. Bucky smirked, shaking his head. “You are such an impatient little thing, kitten…” He groaned, bucking his hips forward. The added pressure against your core caused your orbs to roll.
“Bucky, please, you know I can’t stand teasing,” You whispered.
Bucky released his hand from your throat. With his knee still lodged in between your legs, he began to unbutton his shirt. Your eyes widened at the sight, watching as his delicate flesh was exposed to your feasting eyes. The white button-up was cast to the floor, his eyes watching you the entire time. Your mouth was watering as you begged to touch him, but you knew if you tried without being told to do so, the punishment was certain.
He leaned forward and while kissing you with such fierceness that it knocked the wind out of you, he had the hem of your shirt in his fingers. Breaking the kiss for not even five seconds, he had the shirt whisked from your body to expose your clothed breasts. Hungrily, Bucky moved his lips down your neck and started to pepper the flesh with purple marks. His teeth grazed the skin as moans carried from your mouth like a symphony, your fingers tangling through his hair. With one hand, he reached behind and unclasped your bra with his fingers, the fabric falling to the floor beside his button-up.
Groaning heavily, Bucky took one of your nipples into his mouth. Pushing the erected bud into the roof of his mouth, he diligently sucked against it, earning the bite of your lip. One hand was pressed flat to your belly, while he skimmed your skin with his coarse fingertips. Whimpering, your head fell back against the door as the pants were becoming more fervent. Moving his hand to the other breast, he massaged the skin and his fingers worked your opposing bud. The roll of his fingers on one while his warm tongue lapped the other was enough to have you screaming.
When he had enough of that, Bucky dropped to his knees. Gazing up at you with intense eyes, he unbuttoned your jeans and jerked them down your legs with intensity. You smiled widely, feeling as he brushed his fingers across your clothed heat. “You’re soaking wet, Doll,” He groaned, kissing your flesh. Whisking the drenched garment down your legs, you aided him by stepping out of the pool. Bucky grinned widely.
Without a warning, Bucky attached his mouth to your dripping core. A hiss left your mouth as you felt the warmth of his mouth wrap around you with pleasure. Bracing your hand above your head against the door, he forced your legs apart and started to work his tongue in between your folds. “Bucky!” You cried, eyes closing tightly. You nearly lost it when his tongue discovered your clit, adding kitten licks before he started to stroke it with the muscle in his mouth. That familiar feeling started to form in your belly as you groaned louder. He hooked your leg over his shoulder, pulling you in close. His hands gripped your ass, the flesh molded into his fingers.
Your walls were clenching around his tongue and as he pulled it out, he replaced the friction with his fingers. Pushing them up into your deep channel, you tightened your core around him. Gasping for every breath, the moans were being worked from you at a quicker rate. Bucky was enjoying himself as he felt you shake against him. He was the type of man, he devoured you until he was finished. And that was his very intention. His fingers curled within you, easily pinpointing your most intimate spot that had you arching your back off the door.
“That’s right, Doll, ya feel that?” Bucky’s voice laced your ears. Biting your lip, you continued to rake your fingers through his dark hair, the delicious grunts he pushed against your cunt all the more building your climax. Your belly started to tighten as you realized you were on the brink of losing control. Bucky knew, too. He wrapped his lips around your clit and started to suck at a steady pace, sending you falling over the edge. A string of incoherent words spewed from your mouth as you came hard, but he wasn’t stopping. He pulled your sopping cunt closer to his face as he buried inward, licking every ounce of you as though it were the sweetest concoction he ever had.
You were trying so hard to push his head away, but it was no use. The overstimulation was setting in as he destroyed whatever sanity you had left, your legs shaking. When he finally came off of your core, his face was glimmering as he licked his lips. Eyeing you with those delicious eyes, he brought himself to his feet and pressed his lips to yours. You moaned at the taste of yourself, Bucky smirking against your lips.
In one fluid motion, the mob boss had you picked up with your legs wrapped around his waist. He could feel the slick mixed with his saliva against his belly that oozed from you, causing his length to ache. Resting your back against the bed, he wasted no time stripping his lower half. You were still trying to catch your breath, that you were expecting him. The moment he was lined up to your entrance, you felt his tip brush past your folds. Both of you locked eyes as moans escaped your mouths.
Eyes rolling, Bucky’s head fell against your shoulder. “I just need to feel you, Doll,” He groaned against your ear, kissing your neck. “I couldn’t wait,”
You giggled quietly, another pleasurable groan freeing itself from your lips. You tangled your legs around his waist and secured him to you, your chests pressed tight. Holding your hand to the back of his head, Bucky’s face buried into the crook of your neck. He released a muffled groan that was sputtering, his length massive within you. He stretched you out in ways that no man ever could, and you loved him all the more for it. Bucky was certainly the most amazing man underneath the sheets, and although his roughened exterior proved him to be terrifying in the eyes of those around him… you had this side of him all to yourself. The one that took care of you and loved you.
Bucky lifted his head and stared down at you. With each stroke, his lips were moving closer to yours until he finally kissed you. Reaching for your hands, he interlaced his fingers through yours and held onto you. You kissed him back passionately, feeling the twitch of his cock inside of your tightened walls. Your second climax was building and you knew neither of you could hold on for much longer.
“B-Bucky, I-I’m,” You stammered, but he shushed you with another intense kiss.
“Please, baby,” He begged. That was all it took. Your orgasm rocked your body as you came with a forceful groan, squeezing your legs tightly around your boyfriend. Bucky shook against you as his climax ensued, leaving you both breathless. Your noises mixed together and the bed rocked like an oasis as he held you close to him, squeezing your fingers.
As the motions came to a standstill, Bucky rested his forehead against yours. Both of you opened your eyes to greet the other, smiles spread out across your faces.
“I love you,” Bucky whispered, holding you to him. He was still settled within you, but when he finally removed himself, you felt emptier than ever. When he pulled you onto his chest, you grabbed the sheets along the way and wrapped them around you two. Nuzzling into his chest, you stroked your fingertips across his inflamed skin.
“I love you more,” You answered him with a smile.
And needless to say, Bucky would certainly bring you along for more interrogations.
Just you making that one noise sent him overboard and as he laid there with the most beautiful woman outstretched across his chest, he knew one thing for sure;
He had his entire world.
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kinanabinks · 3 months ago
play pretend
Tumblr media
in order to appease his uncle, bucky needs to prove that he's a family man. what better way to get that image across than with a loving wife? there's only one problem: bucky doesn't have a wife. he does, however, have a little fairy.
content warning: mob!bucky x best friend!reader, fake relationship, idiots in love, friends to lovers, fluff, mutual pining, kissing, angst, mention of sex, dirty talk (degradation kink, dom/sub dynamic).
mob!bucky masterlist
Tumblr media
The second you get to your apartment door, you know something's wrong. You feel it in the air. You may be tipsy from the drinks you got with your colleagues after work, and the late hour may be making you paranoid, but if being best friends with a criminal has taught you anything, it's to trust your instincts. When you hear a quiet thud from inside, your eyes widen. Fuck.
You put your key in the door while dialing Bucky's number, before reaching into your purse and taking out the pepper spray. It isn't a gun, but you can't exactly take a weapon into your office every day.
"Hey, fairy," Bucky's calming voice rings through your phone, giving you some relief.
"James," You whisper curtly while slowly turning the key. "There's someone in my apartment. I'm gonna kill him, but I just wanted to let you know, first."
All he does is chuckle while you open the door as quietly as possible, his tone oddly light for someone who claims to be so protective of you. "Go get him, tiger. Show him who's boss."
Did he just hang up?
You frown at his lack of concern, but peg it on him not believing you. Bastard. He'll learn to take you seriously when it's he who has to clean up the blood. Entering your apartment, you drop your bag and hold up the pepper spray. "Whoever you are, show yourself!" You call out, flicking on the light and looking around. "I've been taught how to kill a man with nothing but my bare hands!"
"If you wanted to use your hands on me, baby, you should've just asked." The smooth voice makes you scream in shock, your eyes and mouth wide as you see Bucky sitting in your armchair.
"What the fuck?" You yell, kicking the door shut behind you. "Don't scare me like that, you prick!"
"I'm sorry, fairy, it's just too easy," He laughs, standing up and striding over to you before pulling you in for a tight hug. When he pulls away, he cups your cheek, scanning your face and frowning when he smells the vodka on you. "Why you home so late, huh? Haven't I told you to call me when you come home late? Especially when you've been drinking."
"It's fine; Mr. Stark walked me home from the bar," You tell him casually while taking off your coat.
"Tony?" Bucky repeats with narrow eyes. "Why the fuck were you at a bar with him?"
You grin. There's that protective instinct, back in full swing. "It was a work thing; Margo's last day, so we went for drinks," You explain. "Sorry I didn't tell you. I figured you'd be busy, seeing as it's a Friday night, and all."
"I don't care what day it is; you stay out past 9, you call me," He states firmly, wrapping his hand around the back of your neck. "How many times do I have to explain that to you?"
"Alright, alright, jeez," You whine, pulling his hand off of you and walking over to the kitchen area. "You hungry? I'm hungry. Hummus. I have hummus and pitta. Yum."
While you grab items from your fridge, including the tub of hummus and a carton of orange juice, Bucky takes a seat at the table. He watches you with a smirk as you flit around the kitchen, grabbing everything that looks good and putting it on the table in front of him. After toasting some pitta bread, you cut it into bite sized pieces and place it down too, before sitting next to him.
He wraps his hand around the leg of your chair and pulls you closer, parting his lips when you bring up a piece of pitta bread with a healthy dollop of hummus to his mouth.
"Here comes the airplane," You tease, your eyes filling with delight as he eats it. He bites on the tip of your finger, making you yelp and pull your hand back. "Bad boy! You have lost your pitta privileges."
Bucky pouts but says nothing, sitting back and letting you indulge in your feast. After a few moments, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a black, velvet box. "Fairy," He mumbles, patting your thigh. "Got something for you."
"What is it?" You ask with a mouthful of chocolate, raising your brows.
Instead of telling you, he shows you, flicking open the box to reveal the most beautiful ring. With a smile, he meets your eyes. "Marry me."
Your heart skips a beat but a split second later, you snort. "Get the fuck outta here, Jamie. What's that for?"
"You're gonna wear it over the weekend," He informs you. "I need you to pretend to be my wife until Sunday. Two days, that's it."
"What the fuck for?" You ask, utterly baffled. "You got a coupon for a honeymoon package, or something?"
"My uncle's coming to town," He says with a sigh.
"Uncle Jack?" You ask with wide eyes. "What does he have to do with anything?"
"Don't look so excited," He grumbles with an eye roll. "He's expecting to come home and be introduced to my family. I need you to do this for me."
After the death of Bucky's father, Jack took over the business. Then, once Bucky turned 18, Jack left the country, claiming Bucky was capable of running the business himself. You haven't seen Jack in a few years, but every time he visits, Bucky almost goes insane with stress. He feels pressured to impress his uncle; as though he has something to prove.
"The numbers don't meant a thing to him; he won't care how successful the business is," Bucky explains. "All he'll be criticizing me for is my lack of a family. And that's where you come in."
"Your wife?" You sputter with wide eyes. "You want me to pretend to be your wife?"
"Please," He implores, taking your hand in his. "With this ring, I thee wed - for the next 48 hours."
Your eyes narrow into a glare as you pull your hand back before he gets a chance to slip the ring on your finger. "What if I took you seriously before, Buck? What if I got my hopes high, thinking you were proposing for real?"
"Then I'd marry you for real," He says simply, shrugging nonchalantly. "Now, come on. Put the ring on, and then it's bed time. We have an early start tomorrow."
Rolling your eyes, you childishly stick your hand out. "At least get down on one knee." You know that whatever Bucky wants, he gets, and besides; it's only for the weekend. You'll survive being his fake wife for 48 hours.
Knowing he's got you on side, Bucky laughs before kneeling on the ground. He holds up the ring, an adorable look in his wide eyes. "Fairy, baby, you're the only woman I'd be happy to wake up to every day for the rest of my life. You make the best alfredo, and you're nice enough to feed me when my hands are roughed up. I don't know what I did to deserve a guardian angel, but God gave you to me anyway. Will you make me the happiest, luckiest son of a bitch alive and marry me for the weekend?"
"Oh, Jamie," You coo, smiling widely. "You're a fucking rat bastard, and you give me migraines, and you're the reason my social life is so abysmal. Of course I'll marry you for the weekend!"
He slips the ring on your finger with a grin before standing up and lifting you off the chair in a tight hug. You wrap your legs around his waist as he walks you to your bedroom, his lips pressing a soft kiss to your cheek. "You're the best, my little fairy."
"Yeah, yeah," You mumble, resting your head on his shoulder. "You owe me one."
Tumblr media
"And then he asked me while we were in Venice; proposed on a gondola under the moonlight," You say with a dreamy smile. "We got married in Sicily a year later."
"Well, I'll be damned," Jack replies with a wide grin. "I was beginning to lose hope for you, James. Thought you'd never settle down."
Bucky pulls you closer onto his lap, looking up at you. "When you find a woman as incredible as Y/N, you want her to yourself."
"Took you long enough," Jack mutters. "How long have you two known each other, now?"
"It's coming up to ten years," You tell him warmly.
"Ten?" Bucky repeats with a mumble, frowning at you. "Guess we're gonna have to celebrate, baby, hmm?"
"Ah, young love," Jack sighs, sitting back in the armchair. "You're a lucky man, James."
"I know," He whispers, gently tilting your face towards him. "Give me a kiss, fairy."
Though you're surprised at his request, you can't help but give in. It won't be the first time you've kissed Bucky, but the fact that you're pretending to be a married couple adds a little pressure to this one. Admittedly, it's fun to kiss him, though you know it'll only hurt when you realise it's all for show. The kiss is soft and short, but still utterly magical.
"So, when can I expect some grandkids?"
You almost choke at Jack's query, immediately pulling away from Bucky. "Grandkids?"
"Don't scare her, Jack; we only just tied the knot," Bucky says calmly, patting your knee. "Let us experience marital bliss for a little while before we start having babies."
Having babies. Having babies? Babies?
You stare at Bucky. Oh, shit. This was a bad idea. Hiding your feelings from him is hard enough, but now he's planting the image of making a family with you in your head? It's like he wants to break your heart.
Jack shrugs with a smug smirk, "That's exactly what your father said to my parents. A year later, your ma had you. Life doesn't always go to plan, Buck."
No, it does not.
"Anyone need another drink?" You ask, standing up. "I know I do."
Tumblr media
The sound of live music fills the bar, the smell of drinks and food in the air. Bucky's friends and family are celebrating Jack's return with a party, while you do your best to keep up appearances. Somehow, you got through the first day without a hitch, and you only have to pretend to be Bucky's wife until the end of tonight.
"As long as nobody notices the ring," Bucky mumbles into your ear. "They won't even realize the difference."
He hasn't told anyone else what you're up to, which you've told him is a bad idea. Bucky's sure that you'll be able to convince Jack you're married while everyone else remains clueless, but you aren't so confident.
You raise a brow, swaying in his arms as his chest presses against your back. "So, you think we act like a married couple anyway?"
He smirks while taking a sip of whiskey before resting the glass on your shoulder. "Well, we flirt, we dance, we love each other," He lists off smugly, placing his free hand on your waist. "The only thing that's missing is sex."
"Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you?" You grumble bitterly.
"Very much so, fairy," Bucky teases before turning you around and pulling you closer.
"Jamie?" You begin, to which he nods. "Do you remember any of Tuesday night?"
Immediately, he chuckles. "Fuck's sake. Sam won't stop ripping into me for that; keeps making psychic jokes. Bastard."
"Do you remember when you came to see me?" You ask, feeling your heart thud.
A smirk grows on his lips. "I remember kissing you."
"That's it?" You prod, your cheeks heating up at the memory. "You don't remember when I took you home?"
He looks up, frowning. "Uh, I don't remember anything past the kiss. Why? Was I horrible to you?"
You put on a smile and you can't tell whether you're relieved that he's forgotten your admission, or disappointed. "You're never horrible to me, Jamie," You mumble, placing your hands on his shoulders as the two of you sway gently to the music.
His eyes narrow. "Are you sure? Now that I think about it, you seemed upset the next morning. You can tell me if I was a prick - did I hurt you?"
"Of course you didn't!" You exclaim, lightly hitting his arm for effect. "Don't be stupid."
"I must've done something. Isn't that why you brought it up?" He questions, a look of concern growing on his face. "Did I say something mean?"
"Like what?" You ask curiously. "What do you think you could've said that was mean?"
"Uh, I don't know," Bucky says with a shrug. "Did I try to kiss you again?"
"Actually, you didn't," You tell him with a hint of surprise.
"That doesn't sound like me," He mutters, glancing down at your lips. "Give me one now, to make up for it."
"We're only friends, though," You say, trying to sound nonchalant. "Aren't we?"
A look of mischief blooms in his eyes. "Not tonight."
"Right," You utter. "Tonight, I'm Mrs. Barnes."
"Doesn't that sound good?" He whispers, holding you closer.
You can't help but wince and stop dancing. "I can't do this anymore."
Confused, he takes your hand in his. "What are you talking about, fairy?"
With a racing heart and clammy palms, you take a deep breath and step back. "I- I think I need some space."
"Space?" He repeats, baffled. "What the fuck are you talking about?"
"I'm sorry," You whisper, shaking your head. "Just tell Uncle Jack I'm not feeling well. I'm going home."
You make it a few feet before you feel him grabbing your arm and pulling you back, a stern look on his face. "What's going on?" He asks you. "Talk to me, fairy."
Looking around the bar, you cringe when you spot a few people staring at you and Bucky. "Not here, Jamie."
"Bucky," Jack's voice suddenly booms as he appears at your side. "We have a problem."
Immediately, Bucky's face pales. "Fuck."
"What is it?" You ask, your concern overriding your heartbreak.
Cupping your cheeks, Bucky pulls you closer. "Nothing you need to worry about, fairy. Go home, and I'll be there soon. We'll continue talking about this later."
"Are you sure?" You press. "If something's wrong-"
"I told you, there's nothing you need to worry about," He promises. "I'll be at your place in a couple of hours, I swear."
Half-heartedly, you nod. "Okay."
"Good girl," Bucky mumbles, kissing your forehead. "I love you."
"I love you, too," You whisper, hundreds of worries swarming your mind.
Tumblr media
When Bucky finally arrives at your apartment, it's almost midnight and he looks a lot less stressed out.
"Just something Uncle Jack needed me to sort out," He mumbles as he joins you on the floor in front of the couch. "Nothing major."
"That's good," You mutter, nodding, playing with the ring he gave you.
After a few moments of silence, he gently nudges your arm. "I've upset my fairy, haven't I?"
Sighing, you look down. "Maybe."
"Help me make it better," Bucky implores. "Come on, fairy. We've known each other too long for you to hold back on me. Give it to me straight."
Looking up at him, you furrow your brows. "What if I told you that you said you were in love with me while you were high on Tuesday night?"
The question takes him aback, and he says nothing.
"That you admitted that you want me as more than just your friend. More than a best friend," You hypothesize. "That you needed more than just friendship from me?
Raising a brow, he lets out a dry laugh. "I'd say, damn. The secret's out."
"Don't fuckin joke around with this shit, James," You say sternly, with no hint of humor in your tone or facial expression.
"I'm not fucking around," He claims. "Did I really tell you that?"
You shake your head. "No," You tell him truthfully. "...I did, though."
He swallows thickly, but he doesn't seem as shocked as you were expecting him to be. Instead, he looks down at the ring and strokes one of the small gems. "This was ma's stone," He reveals.
"What?" You ask, instantly recognising it as one of the gems on his mother's engagement ring now that he's pointed it out.
"I added it to your ring," He goes on to say. "Wanted... wanted a little bit of her love in it."
"Why would you do that for a pretend marriage?" You ask him incredulously.
"Because I don't want it to be pretend," Bucky admits before taking your hand in his. "Let's get married."
Your heart skips a beat. "Jamie-"
"Let's get married."
"I'm not kidding around," He claims. "This is for real. I love you more than anything."
Utterly baffled, you shake your head. Your heart is racing, your fingers twitching. "Why has it taken this long for you to say it?"
Bucky shrugs, "At the start, you weren't ready for anything serious, and I didn't want to just casually date you. So, I stayed back. Fairy, it's so obvious that we are in love. We have been for so long."
Although you had yourself convinced that he didn't want you in that way because if he did, he would've acted on his feelings by now, you trust him too much to invalidate his words. "I know," You whisper, your eyes filling with tears.
"So, what the fuck are we doing?" He asks you wildly.
"I don't know!" You exclaim.
He grabs your face and pulls you closer. "Let's get married."
Snorting, you pull back. "I'm not just gonna fuckin'... marry you, Bucky Barnes."
"Why not?" He asks you between laughs.
"Because that would be insane!" You tell him, hitting his shoulder.
"Why would it be insane-"
"We need to talk about what we want from each other," You say, shaking your head. "We can't just go from being friends to being husband and wife."
"Sure, we can," Bucky says casually. "What would even change between us if we were to get married?"
"We'd live together," You point out.
"I'm with you almost 24/7, anyway," He states.
"We'd have to share everything," You add. "Bills, responsibilities."
"When have you ever had to worry about money, huh?" He questions you with a frown.
"It's more than just finances, Buck," You say with a disbelieving laugh. "It's... marriage, it's everything."
"I'll give you everything," He vows adamantly, wrapping his arm around you.
Clinging to his shirt, you frown up at him. "We... we don't even know if we're sexually compatible."
He narrows his eyes. "Do you really have any doubts, fairy?"
"Well, what if we aren't?" You challenge him.
"I know what you're into," He claims arrogantly. "And I can more than provide you with it."
You laugh heartily at his claim, raising a brow. "Oh, yeah? Like what?"
"I've seen your PornHub search history," He admits casually.
"And I know exactly who you're subscribed to on OnlyFans," He adds with a wink. "You have good taste, baby."
"You're- that's a breach of my privacy!" You complain, pushing his shoulder.
He grabs your hand, his face dropping as he wraps his free hand around the back of your neck. "I know you like being taken care of, fairy," He mumbles lowly, making you shiver as he trails his fingers up your thigh. "I know you're aching to give up control. You need someone you can obey; someone who can fuck your brains out and reduce you to nothing but a dumb little fuckdoll."
The breath is stolen from your lungs. You feel as though your mind has gone blank, and all that matters is Bucky and his honey-like voice.
"All you have to do is say the word," He tells you, squeezing your thigh. "I can make your fantasies come true, fairy. You know I will."
"Jamie," You whimper, slowly moving your face closer to his.
"I'm right here, fairy," He whispers, stroking your neck. "I always have been, and I always will be. Do you trust me?"
"You know I do," You reply quickly, letting him pull you into his lap.
"Do you love me?"
"You know I do."
Without another word, he plants his lips on yours in a sweet kiss. At first, it's gentle and slow, until his hands find your ass and his tongue pushes past your lips. Just as the butterflies erupt in your stomach, though, there's a harsh knock at the door.
"Ignore it, fairy," Bucky mumbles against your lips, too lost in the kiss to notice the fact that someone's at your door in the middle of the night. "Just be a good girl for me."
His words get rid of your concern as you return to the kiss, running your hand through his hair as your tongues dance and glide across one another. Mere seconds pass before there's another knock, though - this time it's a lot louder and aggressive.
"Police, open up!" A gruff voice comes from the other side, making your heart skip a beat.
Bucky's grip tightens on your hip as his face drops. "Oh, fuck."
"Jamie?" You whisper, terrified. "What the fuck is going on?"
Looking at you, he cups your face and utters lowly, "We need to get the fuck out of here, fairy. Now."
Tumblr media
side blog for updates: @kinanabinksupdates
part two >
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wintersldr1 · 4 months ago
tell me you’re mine.
part 2 to if you were mine
18+, minors do not interact
mob!bucky x f!reader
warnings: lots of smut, fluff, divorce talk, public sex, breeding kink, possessiveness, mob/mafia business
Tumblr media
Some would say that you and Bucky were in your honeymoon phase.
You could agree with them, for the most part, but the phrase suggested that the good times would end sooner rather than later - which was false.
You knew that life with Bucky would be lavish, but not this lavish. He spoiled you like a princess; breakfast in bed every single day, custom-designed jewelry, spontaneous trips to Europe - he gave you everything and more. He’d gift you the damn moon if you asked.
It’d been six months since the momentous night at the gala. You hadn’t spoken with Henry since, but today was the day you were placing the official finalized divorce papers on his desk.
Bucky had handled everything up until this point. You wanted absolutely nothing to do with Henry, and Bucky was more than happy to assist in making sure you never had to hear from him again. But the law firm you were using required in-person signatures, meaning you’d be face to face with Henry again - today.
“Good God, you are…” Bucky finished his sentence with a low whistle, running his large hands along the curves of your body as he stood behind you in the mirror. You wore a simple black dress with heels, deciding on the morbid color because you saw this as a funeral of sorts; an end to your marriage with Henry Claremont (not that you were complaining).
“You clean up nicely as well, Mr. Barnes,” you retorted. Bucky was dressed in his usual Armani suit, his hair pulled back into a low bun. The glint in his eyes told you that he had been looking forward to this day for a long time.
“And soon,” Bucky said, pressing a chaste kiss to the skin along your collarbone, “you’ll be Mrs. Barnes.”
You laughed, pushing away from the large man. “Says who? You really have to ‘wow’ me with the proposal if you want me to say yes,” you teased, but both of you knew that no matter how he asked you, you’d agree to marry him in a heartbeat.
“Have you met me?” Bucky asked. “You know I only give my girl the best.”
“I’m well aware.”
“Good. The car will be here in two minutes, doll.” Bucky grabbed your purse and escorted you out of the enormous master bedroom, down the spiral staircase, and through the main hall of his sickeningly large mansion. His hand remained on your lower back the entire time.
Within your first few days of being with Bucky, you quickly learned that his love language was physical touch - along with gift giving, of course. He was constantly in contact with you, finding any excuse to pull you into his side or wrap a thick arm around your waist. He was also brutally possessive, and would try to have any man who even looked at you killed. You had to remind him on multiple occasions that a side-glance was not a decent reason to murder somebody.
It wasn’t long before you and Bucky were seated in the back of his sports car, separated from the driver with a pull-up window. Bucky typically liked to drive, with you in the passenger seat controlling the music. But today, he wanted you all to himself with no distractions.
“How are you feeling?” He asked, his voice low.
You hummed. “Good, I think. I’m happy this is happening.”
Bucky smirked, unbuckling your seatbelt and pulling you into his lap. “I know you are, pretty girl.”
“Bucky,” you whined, rolling your eyes as his hands wandered up your thighs.
One thing you learned about Bucky was that he would find a way to get into your pants anywhere. He was insatiable, with an appetite only for you. That’s partly why your relationship was so exciting: the sex was mindblowing. Bucky was like no man you had ever met, or even heard about. He took his time with you, learning your body and what made you tick. He always made sure you were one hundred percent satisfied before he even began to think about his own pleasure.
“Sweetheart,” Bucky groaned against your neck, “you can’t wear that short little dress and expect me to control myself.”
“Maybe I did it on purpose,” you retorted, gasping when he bit into your skin. “Maybe I wanted you to lose control.”
“Well, it fuckin’ worked.”
He was quick to shove his metal hand under your dress, feeling around your panties and pulling them down hastily. You yelped when the car hit a pothole, but he only tightened his grip on you and continued to undress you. When his cool fingers came into contact with you, you sank into his embrace, breathily moaning into his ear. “Please don’t stop,” you pleaded.
“Never fucking stopping, darling,” he said. “You should know that by now.”
He slipped two digits into you and you immediately clenched onto them, throwing your head back. Bucky sucked on your exposed neck, pistoning his fingers inside of you. You could tell he wanted to mark you up, turn your skin red so that when you saw Henry, he’d know that you belonged completely to Bucky.
“Gonna make ya feel real good, sweetie,” he muttered, drawing his fingers out. “Gonna make you scream for me.” He fumbled with his belt, huffing in frustration. You smiled, pecked a kiss on his nose, and gently pushed his hands aside, replacing them with your delicate fingers. You unhooked his belt loops with ease, pulling it off and unzipping his pants. He smiled up at you, squeezing your waist with affection. “What would I do without you?”
“No clue,” you said with a smile, guiding his leaking cock to your entrance. “Please, get inside of me.”
Bucky didn’t have to be told twice. He shoved himself into you, groaning as his length filled you completely. Your walls constricted around him. “Never felt anyone this tight,” he stuttered, forcing himself into you repeatedly. “God, this pussy was made for me.”
You nodded against him, already sinking into his broad chest. He sighed into you, holding your tiny frame against his huge one with ease. “C-can’t take it,” you whined.
“Yes, you can, baby. You’re my good girl, right? You take what I give you. I fuckin’ own you, isn’t that right, doll? You’re mine, yeah?”
“All yours. I belong to you, Bucky.”
“Say my name again. Who’s making you feel like this?”
“Fuck, you are! Oh, god, Bucky,” you whined pathetically, biting into his shoulder so you didn’t scream. “You fill me so good. Never felt this good before, baby.”
“Yeah, you love this shit, don’t ya? You love when my fat fuckin’ dick is fucking you stupid? When you can feel me in your guts?” Bucky’s words were practically snarled at you, his demeanor turning vicious as he got closer and closer to his release. “You gonna come all over me, aren’t you, you filthy girl?”
You nodded, incapable of forming words.
“I know you are. God, you look so innocent. If only everyone knew how fuckin’ slutty my girl is. But I ain’t sharing you, doll. Never gonna share you.”
His words literally sent you toppling over the edge. You clenched, every single muscle in your body spasming and constricting as you screwed your eyes shut and opened your mouth in a silent scream. Bucky took this opportunity to shove his tongue into your mouth, covering up his moans as he thrusted into you a few more times before coming deep inside of you.
Your heart raced as you came down from your high. You realized your nails were clenching Bucky’s biceps so hard that you had indented his thousand-dollar suit. He didn’t mind; he had a hundred spares and could afford as many as he wanted. As long as you were the one ruining them, he didn’t have a single complaint.
“God, I’ll never get used to that,” you said through a sigh, nestling into Bucky’s shoulder. He smirked, kissing the top of your head.
“You better. You’re gonna be spending the rest of your life like this, honey.” He was quick to clean you up, pulling your panties back on your hips and rearranging your dress, soft hands fixing your hair and gently positioning your jewelry. His eyes glazed over with love and adoration as he examined you.
“Now I have to go into this meeting looking like I just got fucked,” you whispered, burying your head in Bucky’s shoulder. He only laughed, rubbing small circles around your lower back side.
“That was the goal, sweets. Need him to know you’re mine now.”
You didn’t reply, instead smiling and pulling back from him. You two had apparently finished just in time because you felt the car be put in park, its slight shake cueing you that it was time to get out.
Bucky got out first, walking around to the other side of the car to help you out. You shot him a shaky smile, taking his hand as he pulled you out and up. “You’re okay,” he murmured into your hair. “I’m here with you. You’re not doing this alone. Yeah?”
You nodded into him, inhaling his expensive scent. The sun was just beginning to set, and you could see its reflection in his steely eyes as he gazed at you. His face was set in its usual stoic expression, but you could fish out the hint of softness he reserved only for you. He truly was your person - and you, his.
“Thank you,” you replied, squeezing his hand in signal. “Now let’s get this shit over with so we never have to worry about this douche again.”
Bucky barked out a laugh. “That’s my best girl.”
You smirked, tugging him along with you as you led him into the looming office building. It felt intimidating, but the knowledge that the most powerful man in the city was accompanying you provided an enormous comfort.
Bucky’s hand grazed your back possessively, sliding into its usual place. The two of you entered the elevator. Most people in this building didn’t know who Bucky was and what he was capable of, but his large frame and cold gaze had people jumping out of your way nevertheless.
It wasn’t long before you were sitting in a closed off office, having checked in and consulted with your lawyer. Usually divorces were done in court, but somehow Bucky had bargained his way into avoiding that hassle. He didn’t even want to have to leave the house, but he settled for a business building instead.
“Hello!” came a cheery voice from the doorway. You turned your head, meeting the stare of your lawyer, Kristine. She nodded and greeted you, then turned to shake Bucky’s hand. “Good to see you both,” she said. “Mr. Claremont is on his way up. He’ll be accompanied by his representative, of course, but this process shouldn’t take long. All we need is two signatures, one on your part and one on his, and we can all be on our way. Sounds good?”
You smiled. “It does. Thank you, Kristine.”
Bucky nodded in appreciation, squeezing your hand from under the table.
He didn’t remove it when Henry walked in the room - if anything, he held you tighter. You watched intently as Henry’s eyes flitted to your cleavage, and you bit down bile.
It had been half a year since you‘d seen him, and he hadn’t changed at all. He was still the selfish man you knew, only thinking about himself and his pleasure.
“Alright, we’ll try to get this done quickly,” Kristine said as Henry sat down, his lawyer next to him. “If anyone has any questions, you have every right to ask.”
“Uh, yeah, I have a question,” Henry said, raising his hand. “Why is he here?” He pointed an accusing finger at Bucky.
You inhaled sharply. You had been clinging on to a slim hope that Henry would be mature, also wanting to get this over with as fast as possible, but you were obviously incorrect.
“You were informed that you could bring a plus one,” Kristine said. “You chose not to. But she reserves every right to have her company.”
Henry scoffed, but his eyes landed everywhere but Bucky’s cold stare. “Whatever,” he said. “Let’s do this.”
Kristine began reading off of her computer, listing legal terms such as “plaintiff,” “prenuptial,” and “writ of summons.” You didn’t care to listen, knowing that Bucky was. It gave you reason to zone out and stare blankly at your lap, where his large hand rested on top of yours.
Several moments passed, and you snapped out of your haze when Bucky tapped your thigh. You glanced up, feeling everybody’s eyes on you. “Sorry,” you said, blinking rapidly. “What was the question?”
Henry scoffed in disbelief. “You file for divorce, after cheating on me, and you can’t even have the decency to pretend to pay attention? I don’t know if I can sign these papers,” he said, making a show of shoving the folder in front of him.
You felt Bucky tense, preparing to defend you, but a quick squeeze of his hand had him shutting his mouth and shooting you a curious side-glance.
“Do you know how many times I washed lipstick off of your shirts after you came home from wherever the hell you were?” You hissed at Henry, leaning forward. “I will not allow you to sit here and pretend that you were some loyal, loving man who had my best interests at heart. You and I both know you don’t. You never did. I am finally happy after years of a suffocating marriage with you. I won’t let you ruin this for me, Henry. Not anymore. I refuse to give you that power. Now sign those goddamn papers before Bucky ruins your fucking life.”
Henry looked at Bucky, who raised an eyebrow, practically daring him to say one more word. Henry gulped, wisely shut his mouth before averting his eyes from the infamous mobster. Kristine cleared her throat, seeming unphased by the outbreak. As a divorce lawyer, you thought, she had probably seen her fair share of spousal fights.
“Fine,” you heard Henry mutter, but his voice cracked. He signed the presented papers in shaky writing, dropping the pen down onto the table and sliding the papers to you. You grabbed your own pen, holding your breath, and signed.
It sounded cliché, sure, but you truly felt an immeasurable weight lifted from your back as soon as you lifted the ink from the paper. You were no longer chained to Henry. Now, you and Bucky were able to truly be together in the way that you wanted. It was just up to him to make it official.
Once Kristine confirmed that everything was set, Henry cleared out of the room faster than you had ever seen anyone move. Kristine shot you a wink, following the other lawyer out of the room. Just you and Bucky were left.
The second the door closed, Bucky was on you, kissing you feverishly. “God,” he grounded out between groans, “at one point, I thought I’d have to pull my gun out to get him to sign.”
You pulled away from Bucky. “You brought a gun?!”
“Doll, I’m almost always armed,” he said, “but I’m constantly armed with you.” He pressed kisses across your face as you frowned up at him. “Gotta keep you safe. You’re my responsibility.”
“You didn’t need to bring a gun to my divorce signing,” you grumbled.
“I absolutely did, darling.” He snaked a strong hand up your thigh, and you gasped as he came into contact with your panties.
“We can’t do this here, Bucky,” you whined.
“Haven’t you learned by now that I can do whatever I want?”
“Can you wait until we get in the car?”
Bucky sucked on your neck, clearly aiming to leave a mark. That’s how the man worked - he needed to mark his territory.
You whined as his bulge pressed against your thigh. “You’ve always been mine,” Bucky said.
“I know, baby,” you replied, but Bucky wasn’t having it.
“No, doll, I need you to know that a bunch of fucking papers don’t matter to me. From the first second I saw you, I loved you. Today doesn’t change anything. You’ve been mine from the start, and I’ve been yours.”
Your eyes glazed over, tears threatening to spill down your cheeks. “Bucky, baby,” you whispered, staring steadily into his icy eyes, “I love you too. I can’t wait to spend a lifetime with you.”
Bucky didn’t respond, instead, he shoved your dress up and groaned against your neck. You leaned your head back, exposing your throat. Bucky wrapped his metal hand around your neck, squeezing just enough for you to whine. He moved his right hand and practically yanked your underwear down. He sucked in a breath when he saw how wet you already were for him.
“Still got me leakin’ down your thighs from our car ride over here, sweetheart,” he said cockily, “and now I get to fill you up again.”
You moaned lewdly at his words. This man could make you finish with his words alone, and he knew it too, which was why he was sure to be so vocal in the bedroom (or, in this case, the office building).
“You like the idea of that? You want me to stuff ya so full of me everyone can see me dripping out of you when we walk out of here? My filthy girl.”
He pushed two fingers inside of you. You clenched and bit down on his shoulder, your entire body tensing as he thrusted them in and out.
“You know how pretty you look like this?” Bucky asked, peering down at your blissed-out face. “Lips all puffy, hair messy, eyes crossed. Fuck, could spend the rest of my life just looking at you, you pretty little thing.”
“I… Bucky, I need you,” you said, your voice involuntarily high pitched.
“But doll, you have me,” he replied, feigning confusion.
“Need… need your cock,” you clarified, and Bucky chuckled.
“Why didn’t you just say so? I’d be more than happy to oblige.” He unzipped his pants hastily, wasting no time in pulling his hardened cock out and tapping it against your soaked core. “Look at me,” he said. “If you look away from me, I swear to god I’ll stop.”
You looked into his eyes as he pushed inside of you, opening your mouth in a silent moan. He pulled out, leaving only the tip in, then shoved himself all the way back in. He pressed his forehead against yours as he peered deeply into your eyes.
“You feel so good,” you said, clutching onto him for dear life.
“Oh yea? You’re shaking already, doll,” he commented, holding your trembling thighs with his ring-clad hands. “You can take more, baby. I know you can. Can’t you?”
“I can take it,” you gasped out.
“Atta girl. You’re so perfect. Can’t believe I get you all to myself.”
You clenched down around his length, drawing a moan from him. You loved the thrill of it, the sheer power you felt. You were doing this to him, making him make these sounds. You were the one making him feel good - and he’d never let you forget it.
He set a brutal pace, practically breaking the table as he fucked into a pussy that was much too small for such a large man. He gripped your neck with force, and you had to tap once on his arm to let him know that if he didn’t let up soon, you’d pass out. He loosened his grip, but only slightly.
“Tell me you’re mine,” he growled, and you could tell he was getting close by the way he gasped your name.
“I belong to you, Bucky. I’m yours. Forever.”
“Fuck yes you are,” he snarled. “Don’t ever forget it.”
You were coming soon after, screwing your eyes shut as he drove into you with such force you were sure he’d split you in half. He thrust in several more times, pushing himself as far in as he could go before releasing deep inside of you. You groaned at the feeling of warmth spreading inside of your core.
Bucky pulled out slowly. He squatted down, gently pushing your shaking legs apart so he could get a good view. His release slowly dripped out of your quivering hole, and he licked his lips at the sight.
Your face flushed with embarrassment and you had an urge to close your legs, but the adoring expression on Bucky’s face had you keeping them open. You’d do anything for this man - anything he ever asked of you.
“Fucking shit. I can’t tell you what that does to me,” he said, standing up and smoothing your dress out. “You are just…”
“Sexy? Pretty? Wonderful?” You teased, hugging him tightly when he kissed your forehead affectionately.
“All of those things and more, sweetheart.”
He helped you off the table, gathering your things before ushering you out of the door. You felt somewhat bad about doing such… unholy things in a public place, but if Bucky Barnes was by your side, you knew you’d be untouchable.
The two of you made your way to the waiting car, Bucky nodding to the driver before helping you in and scooting in next to you. You leaned your head against his shoulder as he buckled your seatbelt for you.
“I love you, Bucky,” you said.
Bucky said your name, gently pulling your face up to look at him. “I love you. You are my everything.”
You sighed happily, leaning into his comforting hold as you wove your way through the bustling city.
“Gonna give you everything, doll,” Bucky whispered, eyeing your bare ring finger. “Everything.”
a/n: since i am 19 and have never been divorced, i have no idea what the process is like so this is a shot in the dark. ignore any unrealistic scenarios please & thanks <3
hope you enjoyed, lovelies. 🤍
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metalbuckaroo · 6 months ago
Company Party
Summary// Bucky approaches you at a company party
Warnings// smut, unprotected sex, cursing, this is pretty mild compared to what’s to come
AU// mafia!bucky x f!reader
Note// these gifs make me think soooo much of mafia bucky that it hurts. So excuse me while I go on a rampage with them.
Tumblr media
You could feel the eyes on you the entire night. The slate blues searing into you from where he was talking to your boss on the opposite side of the crowded room, lingering lower before lifting again to meet your burning face. A smirk tugging the corner of his mouth as he lifted the fragile glass to his lips.
His left hand in the pocket of his slacks that fit snug around thick thighs as he sat the glass on a nearby table. Taking smooth steps in your direction as a coworker droned on about the problems he’d been having in the workplace.
“Are you even listening?” Your coworker said snapping his fingers in front of you as you nodded, inhaling a sharp breath as Bucky stepped in front of you. His irises nearly swallowed by blown pupils.
“Mr. Barnes-“ you went to give him a smile and he shook his head. “It’s Bucky outside of anything business related. Can I steal you for just a moment?” His eyes trailed down to the exposed skin of your chest before flitting towards your coworker who took a couple steps back. “Yeah, of course.”
Bucky nodded his head towards the armchairs that were unoccupied in the corner, taking two champagne glasses from a nearby tray as he walked towards them with you in tow.
“Remember when you shot me down on going for coffee?” He said, clearing his throat lightly as he leaned back against the upholstered chair.
There wasn’t a way to forget it.
A day the office had been busier than usual, including the weekly meeting Bucky had with your boss. His usual stop at your desk ending in a much more awkward way than usual.
Files stacked to your chin when he sprung the coffee offer on you, expecting a yes from the prior conversations that were shared on his way in and out of the building. His eyebrows creasing together in confusion when it turned out to be a frustrated no.
“Um, yeah.” You muttered, looking down at the rising bubbles in you glass to avoid his gaze.
A deep chuckle rumbled from his chest as he rubbed a hand over his stubbled jaw, shaking his head lightly. “I’m not mad, just- curious.”
Letting out a breath, you looked back to him. “I was wondering if I could ask again.” He suggested, leaning forward slightly, darkened blues staying trained on you. “Wouldn’t hurt anything.” You shrugged, giving a light smile.
“Then how about-“ he inhaled a deep breath, wetting his lips as he thought over what he was going to say. “I take you to dinner tomorrow night. Restaurant of your choice.”
Bucky watched the way your eyes danced back and forth in thought before you nodded. A ghost of a smile barely curling the corners of his mouth. “Perfect.”
What felt like hours passed of talking with Bucky, the two glasses of champagne abandoned on the side table as he cleared his throat lightly. “You know, there’s a perfectly private office upstairs. With a door that locks.”
Trying not to nod too eagerly, you stood to follow behind him. No one realizing that the two of you had walked up the stairs and made your way to the large door that led to your bosses office. Bucky’s hands immediately going to your waist the moment the door was shut and locked.
The kisses started as careful nips, almost as to test the waters before deepening. Breaths being shared and hands gripping clothes until he grasped your waist to hoist you onto the desk. Slotting his thick body between your thighs as he shrugged his blazer off, teeth grazing and nibbling the skin of your neck and shoulder as your fingers worked at the expensive leather of his belt.
“If someone walks in?” You questioned as his hands slid up your outer thighs to hook his fingers in the waistband of your underwear. “No one will.” He hummed against your skin, rocking his hips forward when you tugged his zipper down.
“Someone’s gonna catch us.” You exhaled, letting your eyes close briefly to soak in the feeling of his lips against your skin and light stubble scratching at your collarbone.
His movements suddenly stopped, lifting his head to look at you with furrowed eyebrows. “Do you want me to stop?”
You swallowed thickly, shaking your head. “No…”
A cocky grin spread across Bucky’s face as he leaned forward again, catching your lips in his and guiding your underwear off. Holding the backs of your knees to pull you closer to the edge before shuffling his slacks down.
Your breath caught in your throat when you felt his swollen head gliding through your folds. Slick coating the silky skin as he started to ease in with a guttural groan, slowly filling you to the brim with shallow thrusts until he was fully seated in the warmth of your cunt.
“Fuckin’ tight-“ Bucky exhaled, gently rolling his hips to elicit breathy sounds from you. Slowly picking up the pace until he found a rhythm that had you biting back moans as he huffed out breaths.
Your hands gripped at the sleeves that covered metal and flesh biceps, mind so dizzy from the fullness and anticipation that bubbled in your lower belly that you couldn’t do much more than whine and moan with every roll of his hips. Bucky’s hands groping at your chest as he sucked a light mark to the dip of your shoulder.
“Milkin’ me so damn good, sugar.” He huffed out, pressing impossibly deeper to hit the sweet spot deepest in your walls that had stars littering your vision and heat sprouting in your veins. His lips ghosting along the side of your neck as his thrusts started to lose rhythm. “There you go- so perfect.”
“Bucky-” you choked out, wrinkling the fabric of his shirt sleeves in your fists as you rode your high with the shorter thrusts. “Wan’ me to fill you up, sweetheart?” He panted, lifting his head to look at you as he held your cheeks in metal fingers. “Yes- please, Bucky.” You whined, tightening your legs around his waist as his hips pressed flush to yours. Lips crashing to yours in a smothering kiss as he spilled into you with a low groan. His fingers digging into your cheeks.
Slowly pulling away, Bucky pressed a brisk kiss to your lips with a satisfied hum. “Make sure you’re ready by six tomorrow evening.”
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angrythingstarlight · 11 months ago
girl yessss and when they act all shocked and their eyebrows go up like “what did you say to me?” HA! boy…you fucking heard me
Tumblr media
Pairing: Mafia Bucky x Brat!Reader
A/N: Sinday drabble #1. Do not copy, rewrite, expand, repost or translate my drabbles. Minors DNI. 
Warnings: Smut, choking, spanking. 
You repeat yourself slowly, smirking as you plant your hands on your hips. "Make. Me."
Bucky has been in meetings with sworn enemies, has sat next to men who tried to kill him, and yet no one has caused him to lose his temper.
His restraint and cold demeanor is fucking legendary. He can't believe that you, his sweet princess, is the one that's making him about to lose all control.
"And you can go fuck yourself too."
Hearing those bratty words leave such a pretty mouth ignites the darker side of him. Oh Princess he was really hoping to keep that part of him away from you.
Bucky counts to ten in his head, reminding himself that he's so much bigger, stronger than you are. He releases a slow measured breath. "I'm giving you once more chance to behave, little one. Now apologize and we can-"
"James, I said you can go fuck yourself." You preen knowing you're never allowed to call him by his first name. His brows lift in disbelief, nostrils flaring, he takes another deep breath in.
"In fact why don't you be a good boy and fetch me something to eat, I have important things...," your voice trails off into a low whimper as his slate-blue eyes flare, pupils blown wide with rage.
The sheer intensity of his piercing gaze makes your breath stall. You may have gone too far.
Fear surges through your stomach and your eyes widen as you watch his hands roll into large fists. His jaw clenches again, relaxing enough for his pink tongue to dart over his lips.
He can sense your apprehension, his cock hardening when you avert your baleful eyes, lips pressed together. No princess it's too late for you to shut that mouth. He's going to show you what its really good for.
Bucky cracks his neck, the loud crunching making you take a step back.
"Finish what you were saying, little one," he laughs, strolling towards you.
One hand in his pocket, the other gesturing for you to come here. "I wanna hear what you were going to do."
You glance around the empty office, the door is right behind him. If you can make it around him, you might be able to get away long enough for him to calm down.
"Try it little girl." He says, mocking your earlier tone.
Your eyes swing back to him and fuck. Fuck. You definitely went too far. His black shirt is crumpled by his feet, the matching suspenders pulled taut over his broad tattooed chest. He rolls his larger shoulders, veins running along his biceps as his muscles flex.
You take a wobbly step to the side. "Bucky," you start, holding your hands up. "You know I was-wait" you squeal.
Bucky rushes to you with a low growl. The world spinning as he grabs you. For a second you don't even know what's happening until you blink. Your legs swinging helplessly in the air as he hoists you over his shoulder.
"Now tell me what important things you have to do princess. I'm all ears."
He draws his arm back and slams his hand down on your ass, a sharp stinging pain ripples up your back.
"Bucky," you cry out, trying to wiggle in his hold. 
He leaves the office, strolling through the hallway until he reaches the living room.  Your desperate attempts to get down don't phase him, he continues to rain down slaps on your tender ass. "Bucky please."
"C'mon I want to hear every detail." He asserts, throwing you on the sofa.
You bounce once before sinking into the plush cushions. He's on you before you can stammer out another plea. Bucky's large yet nimble hands rip your clothes off with eases. Its disorienting, the way he can manhandle you without breaking a sweat, the show of strength has you aching. 
Pushing your knees into your chest, the soft linen of his black trousers smooth over your bare skin. Bucky gazes down at you, drinking in your gasp when you feel his hot swollen cock slide through your folds. “Go on princess,” he taunts slowly drawing out each word as he pushes into your tight sopping cunt. “Every. Last. Detail.” 
 You bite back a gasp, a familiar burning coursing through you as your stretched wide around his thick veiny cock. His hips snap forward, the sudden sensation of being so fucking full makes your mouth go slack, for a second all you can do is breathe as he goes deeper until you swear he’s in your belly. 
“That’s better,” he smirks, “guess all you needed to shut your fucking mouth was some cock huh?” 
He’s right. And now you want to be fucked until you can’t even speak. You know exactly how to get what you want too. Innocently gazing up at him, your hand twists around his suspender and you tug him down. “I’m sorry,” you say, brushing your lips over his. “I guess I wasn’t clear when I said to go fuck yourself. “ 
You pull back, chuckling at his sharp inhale. “Now be a good boy James and-” 
Bucky pushes your knees apart, his hips pound into yours, his cock splitting you open so good, your back arches off the couch, sensations surging through your cunt as you wail his name. 
Bucky grins, his hand wrapping around your throat as he buries himself in your body. “Oh I’m going to fuck myself alright. Tonight you’re going to be my own personal fucktoy.” 
He pulls your head up by your throat, squeezing harder as he stares into your eyes. “Let’s see how long it takes to fuck the brat of you, princess.” 
And I-  
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buckgasms · 25 days ago
🎀 Day in the Life 🎀
Dom!Mafia!Bucky x Sub/Little Reader
I'm absolutely indulging in my own fantasy here but I'm hopeful there are some thirsty sluts out there who this also appeals to 👍🏻
Sometimes when I can't sleep this is what I think about ❤️
Tumblr media
This is all assuming you've been a good girl of course 😇
Bucky wakes up before you, no matter what day. His baby needs her sleep 😍
When he's all showered and dressed in his perfect suits (and the rings my god) he writes a little note for you and lays out something pretty for you to wear.
Then he climbs up on the bed and hovers over you, pressing kisses to your neck and shoulders. He'd probably whisper pretty things in your ear until you are giggling and kissing him.
You have breakfast in his lap, his hands smooth over your thighs, examining and squeezing all the marks he left on you the night before.
Then he kisses you goodbye, one of those kisses that will fuck you up for the rest of the day 🥵
Then you go through your list of Princess tasks for the day. Including but not limited to:
Have a nice long shower / plenty to drink / putting away toys from the night before 😈 / eat snacks / indulging / and most important "no touching babygirl"
And of course you send your Bucky pictures throughout the day so he knows what his pretty girl is up to.
Bucky invites you to join him for lunch so you head down the elevator of your apartment, to his office because of course he owns the whole building.
He had the whole route you walk carpeted so you can wander barefoot all the way from the apartment to his lap.
Anyone who crosses your path has to find a fine line between greeting you and totally avoiding looking at you because your daddy doesn't like lingering eyes on his best girl.
Tumblr media
Lunch can be a combination of things. He makes sure you are fed and watered, checks in on your to-do list and tells you about his morning.
He might also decide to play with you, because you are such a treat and you are his to play with.
You show off your pretty outfit. He kisses you, squeezes your thighs and runs his finger along the damp line forming on your lacy underwear.
What happens next depends on what he has to do that afternoon. If he's got a quiet day or he can't be bothered, he'll fuck you all around the office, no item of furniture is safe from either of you.
If he has meetings, he'll play with your pussy right until the moment before his guests arrive. Then he'll stuff his cock in you, and tell you to keep him warm. You sit there with glassy eyes, the occasional whine slipping out, which he shushes with a quick slap to your heat or a few fingers in your mouth.
Even in your haze, you notice some of his men shifting in their seats, eyes darting to and from you to catch a quick look at you.
If you feel overwhelmed he'll tuck you under his desk, cock in your mouth and his hands softly brushing through your hair while he talks business up above.
Tumblr media
When his work is finished he will finally fuck you, making sure people are still in the lobby outside hearing you wail and moan. Just in case they forgot who you belonged to.
He brings you back home, he might carry you or you walk with his cum dripping down your thighs. Either is good.
As you come down from your glow, he cooks orders dinner. You watch cartoons, colour, play, while you wait, always under his watchful eye.
He might get overwhelmed by your sweetness and come and sit with you.
More kisses.
So many kisses.
Sometimes he'll colour with you, or read you something. He secretly loves cartoons as well so that's always a fun evening.
Oh and I forgot, when you get back home, no panties for you, so hand them over princess.
Let's talk petnames
Sweet Ones: Princess, Best Girl, Dolly, Pretty Girl, Birdie, Angel, Sweetheart, Babygirl
Dirty Ones: Slutty Girl, Dumb Baby, Cumslut....
Tumblr media
After dinner you might go out. He'll take you to a show, a fancy bar, a nightclub?
He's normally doing business but why not mix a little pleasure in with it?
You normally pick what you wear out, but he gets to watch. He likes when you wear makeup because he knows it'll be running down your cheeks later (hehe)
Any time you go out is an opportunity to rile Bucky up. Most of the time he does it to himself.
All you do is sit there looking perfect. Or dance a little bit. But that seems to be enough to make Bucky lose his cool.
There will often be fucking in a booth, the alley, the car, the lift....
Tumblr media
By the time you get home you are a mess, a slave to his fingers, lips, cock. You want it all and he's more than happy to give it.
You might have to earn it, but don't worry, you'll get it.
Sloppy blowies, kissing, biting, squirting, spanking, thigh riding, spitting, fingering (the rings 😭). It's all there.
I'll write something don't worry babes
"You like being my little princess?"
"Gotta show them all who you belong to huh?"
"Daddy's gonna take such good care of you sweetheart"
"They think you're so sweet, but look at you, my little fuck toy, crying on my dick"
Mmmnh I love him
Tumblr media
After, he runs you a bath and you get in together. He takes his time gently washing your hair, running a soft loofah over your sensitive skin.
Candles because it's less harsh on your eyes and it smells good.
He kisses your damp skin, whispering how much he loves you. How perfect you are.
After nearly all the bubbles have gone he picks you out of the bath and wraps you in a fluffy towel.
He likes rubbing lotions and potions on you, and this often leads to more sexy times because his touch is like fucking fire and you are so goddam soft and so he might just have to fuck you right there on the bathroom counter.
If you are chilly you can wear his Henley, otherwise you sleep naked, wrapped up in his arms.
SEXY NIGHT TIME SEX but that's for another day I think
Damn I lost control of that
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daisybvck · 2 months ago
Oh, honey honey
Pairing : mafia!bucky x baker!reader
Warning : smut, praise kink, teasing, dumbification, food involved
Summary : the time you chose your newly baked cake over bucky, oh how dumb that was.
Tumblr media
The pink bells jingled against your front door, coated with glitter and flowers. A bright orange sign adding a homely feeling to the bakery. It felt almost illegal to see the brooding man walk into such a delicate shop with the biggest grin on his face, pearly whites on display just for you
You spun around when a hard grumble was made, your eyes lit up so big, someone might of thought you had just received them moon and stars right in the palm of your hand. You ran as fast as your legs could take you and jumped into bucky’s big arms snuggling into his chest.
“Hey sugar, I missed you” Bucky kissed you softly as his tongue fought against your own, that taste of cinnamon entering him and a small smile being brought on his lips. His scent evaded your nose making you sign in content
“Bucky, I missed you too but I have to show you this new cake I made. It’s just for you and it’s probably my best one yet and I saw it on this T.V show-“ your babbles fell on deaf ears as Bucky got lost in his own mind
Bucky’s heart leapt out of his chest as you said just for him, he loved you so fucking much and the fact that this is yet another creation made just for him, made his heart go sore. His face broke out in a grin as your much smaller hand grabbed his own and dragged him to the kitchen
Bucky planted multiple kisses on your neck, cheek, forehead. Anywhere he could touch as you gathered your newest creation for him. He was about to kiss your lips but as he leaned in you dived to the side with a small creamy red and white cake in your hand. Bucky’s eyebrows furrowed immediately as he leaned for another but yet again was being turned down
“Sugar what’s the’matter, I just want to kiss my girl” you giggled sweetly and shook your head at his antics. “ No kisses yet buck, I gotta make sure my cake is amazing and so you can have some too”
Bad move y/n, bad fucking move
You were already a whining, babbling mess at this point. You had just come down from your second orgasm as Bucky slid yet another piece of cake in your mouth with his cock in you. Crumbs down your chest but not staying to long before bucky could lick them of, groaning about how amazing it was
“My girl is so fucking talented, makes the best fuckin’ treats around. She’s the best one though” said with a wink
“No more, please buck! It’s too much, too much.” You whined, begged even as he sped up, causing you to let out a loud shreak.
“Shouldn’t have picked your cake over me sugar, you knew better” He lets out a gruff grunt, a smirk covering his pretty pink lips. “This is your punishment.” He kisses your cheek. Feeding you yet another piece
You whine, squirming on him as the overstimulation becomes too much. “I’m sorry OKAY! ’M sorry buck! I won’t ever chose cake over you again, no more please.” You plead, hoping your boyfriend will stop the torture.
“You’re sorry?” He laughs, stilling his cock inside of you. “I’ll show you sorry, sugar.” Bucky pumps his fingers in and out as a quick pace, not letting up as you let out small broken whines and moans. You’re still attempting to squirm away from him, though it’s no use. The moment you slide from his grasp, he’s quick to hold you tightly against him once again
“Be a good girl and stay still,” he barks, landing a soft slap on your pussy. It instantly begins to sting, “God, you’re such a fucking brat. First you chose your baking over me, run away from my kisses and now when I’m letting you cum you still are complaining.” He sneers, speeding his pace up, and kissing your roughly.
“I’ll be good! I’ll be a good girl buck! Im so sorry.” You whine, clenching around his cock. Something about him being so disappointed in you spurred you on even more. You knew he loved you, knew he didn’t mean any of the things he was saying, but god you fucking loved it
He continued his brutal pace bumping against the spot you could never reach over and over again. Tears pricked the corners of your eyes as you were approaching your third orgasm. The tears glossing over your eyes only caused him to go faster. Smirking at the dumb look on your face, watching your fingers go white, holding on for dear life to your little baking station
Your pleading whimpers were just so cute, he just couldn’t say no to you, couldn’t make you wait any longer. He couldn’t wait to see your juices all over him again, prove a point that his girl is an obedient little doll for him
“Are you happy now?” He teased, leaning down to place a kiss on your forehead, “happy you’re getting what you wanted?” He hums, slowly rocking his hips against your own, hard metal table digging into your back, squeaking with each hard thrust of his. Inside your mind your hoping your customers don’t hear but they knew better than to complain because Bucky Barnes would make their life Fucking hell
“Yes, ’m happy! Thankyouthankyou.” You babbled as he began to thrust into you at a rough pace, taking out all of the frustration that had built up through out the day. He loved hearing you moan for him, loved watching you writhe beneath him as he pounded into you. So sweet and adorable. There for him to mend and make you his
“God, you’re taking my cock so fucking well sugar, so well for me angel.” He groaned, tossing his head back in pure pleasure. You clenched around him at the small amount of praise he was giving you. You wanted more, wanted him to call you a good girl, wanted him to let you cum. “Can feel you tightening around me, baby. Feels so good.“ The praise continued and you felt yourself melting.
His words sent you over the edge, you couldn't hold the moans of his name that flew out of your mouth. You were so loud you were sure the customers could hear you. all you could do was say his name over and over like a prayer
Bucky close by, finding his own orgasm as your tight walls milked his cock. He let out one final groan, painting your walls white, filling you with his cum.
Both of you panted as you came down from your highs, trying to catch your breathes, Bucky slowly slipping his cock out of you. He watched as his seed leaked out of you and smiled proudly to himself. You squirmed, trying to fix yourself to look presentable and Bucky stopped you gently pressing a kiss to your temple
"You understand now sugar.?"
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jin0 · 6 months ago
If We Could Turn Back Time
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary : If they could turn back time to erase the mistakes from their younger days or the pain that their lives brought you, they would. But they can't. Which doesn't stop them from trying to fix things. No matter how hard you push them away.
Pairing : Mafia!Stucky x Reader
Warning : 18+, Minors DNI, angst, canon level violence, wound description, blood, angry stucky i guess, very badly written mob business, smut, p in v, creampie, anal, double penetration, tits worship, fingering, oral (male and female receiving), overstimulation kinda, kinda subby steve and kinda dom bucky, fluff (you go from heavy angst to porn to fluff for like three paragraphs so enjoy :))
Word Count : 16,550 words (this is genuinely so fucking long ??? for what ?!?! i think it's just 10 pages of filth around the end so that's fun)
A/N : for my girl @lipstickbisous promised you a fic so here it is !!! hope you like it as much as i like writing it, i had a blast !!
For as long as you remembered, you always had a terrible relationship with Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. This had been the relationship since you met them, in your third year of college. Coming from abroad as an exchange student, you had been quite the topic of your class, being one of the very few to pass the entrance exam and succeed in your classes.
Starting off on the very wrong foot, you three didn’t seem to get along. Always finding a way to pick a fight or biker with you, you tried to keep your distance because you weren’t about to ruin your mental health for random rich boys who’ve never been put in their place before.
Things rapidly changed as they suddenly became nicer to you, less annoying you would say. They would engage in conversations with you out of nowhere and over time, you started enjoying their company. You quickly became friends, best friends and even more down the line.
Sleeping together could’ve been taken as a mistake but you didn’t regret a thing and they assured you they didn’t either. This was a relationship, kind of, and you were happy with it. They made you feel good, loved, cared for, and you weren’t going to let go of it. You loved them, and they loved you
The thing is, because yes there is a thing, this isn’t a fairytale, that didn’t mean they respected you or cared for you. Actually, it was the complete opposite. They liked the idea of owning you but not fully committing to you and never addressing you as a girlfriend. You were just a temporary interest, something good enough to keep them entertained with a pretty sum of money at the end of it.
Your had been shattered by that discovery. You had worked so much, so long, on yourself, on being a version of yourself who could get by without dealing with too much unnecessary shit, you had been taken as a joke, a bet between friends to know how long it would take them to fuck the new girl.
You were the first to say no, or to not be looking for the one sided kinds of relationship they would have usually. You had wanted authenticity, showed difference, and they had cared because it was interesting in the moment but definitely not for the long run. Not until they could assure their friends that they had won the bet, and in less time that they had predicted.
You should’ve seen the signs, no, you shouldn’t have ignored them like you did. A crowd of giggling dickheads following closely on the first days of your ‘relationship’, never truly doing anything like other couples like going out on outdoor dates or anything of this sort. You would ask questions and the answer would be loads of presents and kisses on your forehead, telling you to not worry and that it was nothing.
They had build this one sided relationship, this joke on the back of your ignorance and you had been sick to your stomach when confronted by the fact that they seemed to not be remorseful in any way. So you tried to fight back, begging for the truth, begging for them to let you go if they cared a little at least. But you didn’t get any of this, quite the opposite actually.
For the first time in their lives and relationship, they couldn’t and hadn’t said a single thing, watching you beg for answers as you cried and screamed. They stomped on your dignity, and couldn’t even try and speak a word to defend themselves. They had let you cry and gather your things, walking out of their lives as if you were never there.
You had taken so long to grow out of the damages left by this relationship, if you could call it that. You had been scared in a way you wished to never deal with again, the problem was that sometimes, you didn’t get what you wanted.
It didn’t take long after you had left for them to find you. This time, keeping their distance, they discreetly kept themselves involved in your life. Now, you weren’t stupid or blind. The little things they used to do for you in college, they kept them, doing them to this day and dropping hints of their presence in your life. They were expecting to be welcomed with open arms, hilarious. They would be suffering the consequences of their actions when meeting this new version of you, one that didn’t take shit from anyone, not them or anyone close to them.
With time, the secrets were revealed, one of them being their involvement in the crime empire build in New York. Their empire. Inherited from their own fathers, they were more than efficient in their job, dead bodies following them like shadows and deals less than legal following not too far behind. Everything made sense in the way things went between the three of you and your conclusion had been simple : you wanted nothing to do with them, not just because of the danger, but because they had been clear that if they found no purpose in it, your protection would come last. As brutal and hurtful as this sounded, it was the truth that transpired from their actions and you had to take it as it was.
With time, their presence got more vivid in your life, the presents got bigger. It went from a simple necklace to apartments, cars and multiple other things as expensive as the next. At first, you would ignore, then you started to decline nicely but things got more and more invasive as they ignored your refusals and kept the presents coming. They even went as far as having them dropped inside your apartment, on your bed, a little note mentioning that this was in case you didn’t get the previous ones. The last straw was when they started sending people to make you that you would not only receive the presents but open them. That specific night you remembered like it was yesterday.
You had received a box full of expansive jewelry and a fancy dress to go with it. They were bribing you into something they weren’t even smart enough to tell you and you were done, you would deal with this. When you got down that night, wearing your comfiest fluffy pants and a hoodie taken from one of your friends with a baseball bat in hand an expensive gift pack in the other, you looked priceless, probably laugh worthy.
But the closer you got to the car in charge of spying on you that night, you had the luck of noticing them. Steve and Bucky in the flesh, hiding not to far. Bunch of fucking pussies, how dared they hide when they were playing with your life like that ?
You changed trajectory, speeding towards them instead and not hesitating to swing the bat in one of their goon’s stomach to prevent him and the people around from even touching you. The duo got out of the car when they saw you march towards them, determination oozing out of you. Before they could utter a word, you had thrown the gift in their faces and swung your bat over it when it ricocheted over their front window. You watched the glass dent and break all over the headboard, turning towards them, determined to get your point across.
“I don’t want you anywhere near me, do you understand ? You’re not about to buy your ways in my fucking life, not after the fucking way you treated me. I’m not one of your little business friend and I’m not about to kiss your ass because of a fucking diamond necklace and a nine thousands dollar dress.” Your spat through gritted teeth.
That was one of the last times you ever received a present. You has though you were finally free of them but no, absolutely not. Life wasn’t that easy.
They had given you three weeks of freedom, three weeks without them and that was it. After these three weeks before they decided to show up themselves. Invading your life explicitly, they wouldn’t miss any chance to see you and they never seemed to get the hint so you kept it classy, focusing on the possible heart problems they would cause, simply ignoring them.
Deep inside, you loved them still. Despite the bet and the feeling of not being enough, you still kept them close to your heart, the good moments shared. You couldn’t just forget how hard you had fallen for both but you couldn’t forget how physically hurt you were when you found out all of it was a lie for entertainment purposes. And that pain was clearly stronger than any other feeling. You wanted peace and if they disturbed you, well you sure as hell weren’t going to stop hating them.
Now that peace of yours was effectively difficult to maintain when they owned New York and therefore, half the places you enjoyed and came in contact with daily. This was made violently clear when on one of those nights you spent with college friends in a bar, helping with some of the clients by serving drinks, you were sent to one of the VIP booths. These were small secluded rooms that hosted some pf the bigger, wealthier clients.
The moment you stepped in, you scoffed in exasperation. Obviously they would be here, it was practically marked by fate at this point. When seeing you, the smiled widely, signaling for you to approach.
“Come on now doll, don’t be shy.” Started Bucky, voice covered in badly hidden amusement at your reaction.
“Don’t call me doll, we’re not friends and I don’t know you.” You spat, words laced with hatred and annoyance.
You got closer, swiftly avoiding the glares of the bodyguards around, probably displeased that you didn’t get on your knees to bow to their bosses like they did. Not your fault you didn’t enjoy the pet life they lived, but if it was their thing then no problem.
You kept your eyes empty and avoided their attempts to touch you. Once finished you were practically certain to be left alone until you ended up with Steve’s hands holding you in place between his legs. He looked up at you, searching through your eyes while yours stayed void of emotions.
“I don’t think this is a very good way to treat a customer, don’t you think ? Can we at least get a smile ?” He asked, himself smiling at you. You kept looking at him, bored out of your mind and about ready to stab him with the beer opener.
The blond male let out a sigh, you clearly weren’t going to cooperate and the last thing he wanted was to cause a scene here.
“I gotta say, it’s a little harsh for you to say we’re not even friends. We’ve got history you can’t just ignore.” Said Bucky, twirling his drink before taking a sip.
Looking at him with a tilted head, you smiled, the most unassuming smile you could muster.
“The same way you ignore my boundaries and the clear signs that I don’t want anything to do with you, I can ignore you and whatever history you think we have.” You responded, again, devoid of emotion or care for the way they would take it.
This resulted in both sighing, clearly displeased at your response or words. You shook your head, violently ripping yourself out of Steve’s grasp.
“Why did you refuse the presents ?” Asked Steve as you were walking towards the door
You stopped in your track before turning around. This had to be an opportunity for you to stand your ground and get them off your back and you wouldn’t lose it.
“You mean the presents you send without a fucking reason after you made it clear that you didn’t care about me or my feelings ? I don’t know Steven, take a wild guess on the reason why I don’t fucking want your presents.” You spat, trying to keep your cool as much as you could.
Their eyes darkened, both standing up to walk up to you. They probably expected you to back up in fear, but clearly it wasn’t working like they wanted. Keeping your eyes on theirs, you challenged them further.
“You think we don’t care ?” Asked Bucky, voice low and controlled. “You think we would do all of this if we didn’t care ?”
You burst out laughing, clearly mocking them. They quickly lost the surprised expression to glare at you as you whipped a tear of amusement.
“You think this shows you care ? I’m sorry, you clearly have a shit memory James. Because last time you pulled this shit, drowning me in expensive presents you had a bet on how long it would take you to fuck me.” You scoffed, smiling in amusement. Taking your things and walking up to the door of the booth. You stopped in your track, turning one last time. “Probably ruined the new bet, probably had you loosing a lot of money. What are you gonna do now ? Kill me ? Go ahead, that’ll probably be the best way for you to leave me alone anyways.” You said finally, walking out to go back to the other clients.
The rest of the night was pretty calm, enjoying other clients and their company, keeping yourself busy to not think about how upset the whole encounter had you. After all this time, they still behaved like nothing happened and that made your blood boil. Guess they had learned this from years of doing a job that required to ignore a shit ton of things.
As the night came to a close, you said goodbye to your friends and rapidly got in your car, it was still New York at 3AM in the morning. Clearly not the safest place out there. You started driving, singing along to some song on your playlist when you looked in your rearview mirror, seeing a car dangerously close to yours.
“Why the fuck is this jackass so close to my fucking car dude ? Might as well jump in and have my drive you, dumbass…” You cursed seeing the vehicle get closer.
Looking closer, you saw a second car appear from behind the first car. You anxiety rose, instinct all over the place. Something was wrong. You tried to speed up to lose them but it was already too late for you to fully react and act to save yourself. Before you could do anything, you were being rocked around as the collided with your car, pushing you to lose control and panic further.
Looking around to try and assess everything going on around you, you missed the small shift in roads, your car taking a leap downwards a small hill and rolling over to be stopped by a tree. Flipped upside down, you were surrounded by broken glass and your own blood blurring your vision. You were suffocating, your seatbelt strangling you as you lost more air trying to take it off. You were loosing conscience, rapidly loosing more blood and panicking.
You heard footsteps besides you as your car door was ripped off its hinges and before you could fight back, you were dragged out, skin sticking to the mud covered floor and bleeding from the new wounds opening on your body. You passed out as your body was carried in unfamiliar, unsafe arms. Your last thought was to call out their names, Steve and Bucky. For the first time in a while you were desperate for their help.
On the other side of New York, in a secluded area with a huge mansion surrounded by gates and heavily armed men, you could find the Kings of the town. Steve and Bucky had been home, thinking of their encounter with you and how brutal you had been with them. Most would be terrified to even look at them in the eyes nowadays but you weren’t afraid to speak your mind and hurt them in the process. That had been one of their favorite parts of you, you never kept anything important to yourself. You wouldn’t speak if you found no purpose in your words. When you said something, you made sure you said it loud and clear, you hated repeating yourself. That part was less because you found it annoying and more because you were deeply self-conscious about the things your said and the way you were perceived.
Having all eyes on you was the worst but it never stopped you from staying in their lives, before they had fucked it up. It was stupid, they had been stupid. They had never needed the money or anything, they just wanted a little ego boost and entertainment for a while. They had never intended on falling in love for you and on hurting you. That was the last thing they wanted, to hurt you. You held their hearts in the palm of their hands after all, for the first time, they had given themselves to someone other than each other.
The fantasy from the bet wasn’t the only cloud over their sunny days with you. The life they lived and were destined for could’ve been a reason for you to leave and they would’ve never been able to handle it. They couldn’t handle that, seeing you walk away. But they had allowed it when their own mistake resulted in everything they swore they wouldn’t do. They made you cry, hurt you, broken you and your heart.
You became so cold, they couldn’t stand it, having you act like they were nothing to you. You had every right to but they still couldn’t stand it. So they showered you in presents, acting like nothing had happened. This was the way, they thought. You refused to talk so they simply skipped over that step. When they started getting the presents back, their hearts broke a little more every time. No matter how much they tried, it was never what you wanted. Their best attempts was to slither themselves in your life like snakes and learn as much as they could from what you had become. Even when you had made it clear that this wasn’t okay and that you hated it, they couldn’t give up, not when you were the only good thing in their lives. They needed you, craved you, longed for you, and they would do anything to get you back, even ready to beg on their knees for you.
Their internal sadness was cut short by a call from one of their right hand man, Clint Barton.
“Boss ? We have a problem.” Silence and panic filled the room. Clint was the one in charge of you and gathering information about you. If something was wrong, it was about you.
Bucky put the phone on speaker, getting closer to his best friend with trembling hands. As he signaled for their car to be prepared and for men to get ready, he told Clint to speak.
“Your girl, she… She was in an accident.” Silence filled the room as the two men stopped breathing. “We found her car completely turned over, there is glass everywhere and blood on the floor and inside what’s left of the vehicle. But that’s the worst part. There is no body and we have fresh tire prints. She was taken boss.” Declared the man over the phone.
At his words, their entire world instantly collapsed. Everything around them started spinning, the balance of the universe, their universe, thrown off. Their stiff limbs started to shake violently, a need to throw up at the idea of the danger you were in currently and the state you were when taken. You had been hurt and were probably going to be hurt further.
Realization hit them like a train, they needed to act. Everything started ringing in them. Their blood, hot like lava, boiling and rushing through their bodies, they started walking mechanically, eyes dark and filled with rage. There were no logical thought in their heads anymore, only violent waves of anger, hatred for anything existing and an unquenchable blood thirst. Usually known for their calmness when dealing with dangerous situations, this was a completely different aspect of them. They weren’t going to act logically, logic didn’t matter right now. They were going to find you and make whoever took you regret ever thinking of you.
As soon as they exited the room, the atmosphere shifted completely. These missions were never easy but both the man in charge seemed to have everything planned to the T, without a single chance of failure or unexpected events. Here, they looked ready to hurt a lot of people, without a single plan behind it.
“Scour the town, you know who you’re looking for. We want a rundown of the exact events leading to the accident and a list of all the people involved.” Began Bucky, voice so deep it could be the cause of nightmares.
“Everyone who stands in your way, you don’t kill, bring them to the warehouse. We’ll take care of personally.” Added Steve, just as terrifyingly.
Both took their weapons, checking the amounts of bullets available before grabbing their car keys and jumping in the vehicle. The drive was silent, so silent it resembled the one of a corpse. Both men couldn’t think properly and speaking was even more difficult. The images running through their minds were grim making them dizzier by the second. Last time they had felt this way had to do with you to. You had discovered the bet and they had been incapable of talking, the fear of making the situation worst creeping in their veins. Now, they were confronted with the possibility if the world loosing you for good, not just them. This was the worst possible thing ever and they would turn the world over if it meant finding you.
When they arrived at the location of the accident, the scene turned their stomachs over. They had seen worst in their lives, bloody footsteps following them everywhere they went. But this, this had to be the worst. Your car, completely turned over, all the windows shattered and broken glass covering the floor. Blood the roof over the driver’s seat and they could see bloody fingerprints on the seatbelt, probably yours. The hood of the car was folded by the middle, a giant three stopping the car from going down further. If you gad been projected out, your entire body would’ve probably been shattered by the trunk. The possibilities of surrounding the level of danger you were in kept growing and so did their rage. They couldn’t let this go unpunished.
“We need to find her Buck…” Whispered Steve, eyes fixated on the totaled car. “We need to find her and we need to make them pay. I won’t rest until they’re begging for mercy.” He spat through gritted teeth.
Whoever took you had just signed their own death certificate and the death certificate of all the people they loved.
For the next twelve hours, the city of New York was turned into a war zone. Houses were raided, people were taken and beaten brutally. There was no place for peace or safety anywhere, not until you were found. The Barnes and Rogers families were both put to work, looking for the names of the responsible and the work was done quickly. A list was formed and no one was ignored or forgotten. The city was turned upside down and burned to find you. That night solidified something that should’ve been clear for a while : you were off limits and whoever wanted to attempt it would be ready to face the consequences of their own arrogance and stupidity.
All this, you didn’t know any of it though. You were still unconscious when the sound of a banging door woke you up in a panic. You frantically looked around, wincing at the violence of your headache, when you noticed two blurry shaped in the dark. You were barely awake and the dizziness just made everything so much more difficult to distinguish but you recognized the feeling. This sense of comfort, this warmth, the sift touches on your bloody skin. All of this you recognized it, knowing it better than anything else. You couldn’t believe it and probably would deny it later but you were overjoyed when you felt yourself being caressed softly.
“We’ll get you out of there baby, we promise.” Muttered a voice, deep and full of emotions, pressing a soft kiss to your temple.
You were lifted of the floor, whimpering as a sign of protest, your body was still to sensitive to know what was going on and you were being moved somewhere unknown. You couldn’t help but be worried, terrified even, at the possibility of this being a dream and the cruel truth of your captivity welcoming you once you’d wake up.
The warm hands of your saviors never left you, at no moment were you left alone to suffer. They made sure that you knew that they were here and they were protecting you. During the whole trip, you had been protected and once you finally fell asleep under the sedatives you were given, the last thing you could say was their names, Steve and Bucky’s.
When you had been found, gallons of blood had been shed all through the streets of New York. Torture and death had ravaged the city, all in the name of the woman who held their entire being. Finding you had been easy, your abductors cocky enough to string you around like some kind of bait for a shark. That had sent Steve and Bucky fuming, not wasting a second to pounce on the man and beat him to a pulp.
Now, they made sure he wouldn’t die, not now, not like that. It was all too easy, to let him die and rest in peace. They couldn’t have that, they wouldn’t not when he didn’t deserve it. So they took his body to a special place, one only them and their closets knew of. No one ever left this room alive except them. That would be his punishment. John Walker would be tortured for hours and after convincing him that he would live and be freed, they would have him killed on his way out. This wouldn’t just be the treatment reserved to the head of the operation, but to each and every individual responsible for the incident. From the car crash to the kidnapping. Everything would be punished.
Bringing your body to the hospital, they made sure that their own private medical staff took good care of you before you’d been moved to their mansion. They would take care of you personally and let nothing stand in the way of your safety ever again. They couldn’t care less about the specifics of your relationship or if you hated them, rightfully so. They would burn the world to the ground, dancing in it’s ashes, to protect you. It had been the case before and it will be the case for as long as they lived.
On your side of the story, the first thing you noticed when you woke up was a smell. Familiar, woodsy, pine trees, mint tea and rain. It smelled like walking through a forest in the middle of fall, when the rain was constant and comforting to some. It smelled like Steve and Bucky mixed together. You could distinguish the different scents coming from both but you didn’t want to. Not when you knew that both were a package deal and you would give yourself a headache forcing your senses to separate them.
You wanted to stay like this for a little longer, turning in the sheets and nuzzling against the pillows, so many pillows. You felt like you were sleeping on a cloud. You wanted to stay forever, there was nothing out there waiting for you anyways. Except, there was something wrong. Why were you here ? And what was here anyways ? It was not your apartment and not a place you were familiar with.
Your eyes snapped open and you were instantly met with absolute darkness, or not absolute. The blinds were closed but you could see the shine of the moon creeping through the little openings. You body slowly regaining all its sensations and senses, you started feeling the aftermath of the events from before. You turned you face to one of the bedside tables and saw that it was late in the night, or early in the morning, 3:27 AM precisely. Now the time held your attention for a little time only.
As you sat up, you reached for a framed picture. It was Steve and Bucky, both smiling genuinely with you between them. You remembered that day, it was your birthday, your first with them. You were turning 22 at the time. Steve had instead on having you on his lap while Bucky wanted to have you on his. They tried to compromise, arguing like children while you tried to catch your breath from laughing to hard, so hard you were snorting. At the end they agreed on having you seating on Steve’s lap while your leg rested on Bucky’s. You weren’t looking at them but they were looking at you, with so much love and fondness. You three were so close Both managed to share your shoulders.
Looking at this you caught yourself smiling but rapidly lost it when you felt your face sting. You put down the frame and reached for the corner of your mouth and then your forehead. Red came in view and you finally noticed your hands too, scratched open and palms red. You ripped off the covers in a panic and when you saw the bandages on your left foot and on your knees which had been scratched open, you tried to keep in tears. You had been in an accident and then dragged out of your car and taken by some people you didn’t know. Or at least not that well, the face of some guy who would come in the bar and chat you up to end up rudely insulting you when you’d reject him, was the only thing you remembered before passing out.
Now you weren’t in any kinds of nostalgic mood anymore, you were angry, at yourself and at both Bucky and Steve. If they gad left you alone like you had so desperately begged, you would’ve been fine right now. You knew, it was ungrateful of you to think but how many more people would try and hurt you to get to them ? And would they come and save you next ? For all you knew, you didn’t matter that much to them. A frame on a bedside table wouldn’t change a thing, and neither would the fact that they had brought you here, probably their own house, to make sure you would be safe.
Nothing would change your mind, they didn’t care. They never did. And now wouldn’t be the beginning of it.
You stood up slowly, the violent stinging pain on your side reminding you that you’d been hurt around your stomach too and therefore had to take it slow. You limped towards a mirror and finally saw what you looked like. A mess. Well, that came with getting into an accident, if it could be called an accident. You exhaled, already exhausted by the whole thing but feeling even worse when you remembered that your car had been totaled. You would need to by a new car, a probably dozens of other things that had been lost.
You couldn’t help but feel a little happy for yourself though, you were alive which was great, and you honestly expected to be in an a way worse state than you were. All your wounds would heal in a few days and you’d be as good as new. You foot would probably take a few more weeks but that wasn’t too bad, you couldn’t handle it. The worst would probably be having to explain the incident to people. That was already killing you so you’d ignore it for now and focus on something else. Something like getting out of here.
You were lucky to find a pile of neatly folded clothes on a chair not to far from the bed, they had probably expected you to wake up at some point. You got dressed as slowly as your body allowed and checked for any sounds behind the door before opening, there was nothing. You checked the hallway and was surprised to see that it was empty. Waiting a few seconds, you understood that the whole place was empty.
Walking towards the exit, you were so close to leaving. So, so close. You hand reached for the door handle and before you could press it, it opened on its own. Shit. Coming in full view, standing tall and probably just as surprised and exhausted as you, were the two men you wanted to avoid at all costs. When their eyes dropped on you, you cursed out loud, backing away from them. They rapidly lost the surprised expressions on their faces and switched to angrier looks, slight worry visible through the whole stern thingy they had going on.
“What are you doing downstairs ? Why are you out of bed and how did you get out anyway ?” Queried Bucky, slowly walking towards you menacingly.
You narrowed your eyes, sending the both of you pointed looks of anger and annoyance. Who the fuck did they think they were talking to ? Certainly not you.
“How did I get out of bed ?” You repeated, trying to express the stupidity of the question. “I walked James. I’m not fucking dumb, thanks for asking.” You answered, rolling your eyes at them.
You tired to walk between them and towards the exit, in hope to go back to your own home and your own bed, but you were unfortunately blocked on your way by the larges bodies forming a barrier in front of you. Grabbing your wrist tightly, Steve pulled you towards him.
“You’re not going anywhere. Not until we’re certain that you’re fine.” He ordered, voice deep and commanding.
Again, they clearly were talking to someone else cause there was no way that you’d allow them to talk to you that way. You violently pulled your wrist off of his grasp and stifled a wince of pain before glaring at him.
“What are you ? My fucking dad ? Move !” You snapped, trying to push passed the two men but both blocked you again. This was worsening your already terrible mood.
Both men were probably in a similar mood to yours anyways. They had expected you to be asleep when the came home, nicely wrapped in their sheets and resting peacefully as they freshened up and cooked you diner. They would’ve slept in the room with you but on seats or the floor, they wanted you to be fully comfortable and that meant giving you the bed. But here you were, fighting to get out of their house, leaving them behind for forever probably. That thought alone ruined their moods but the idea of you being ready to fight to get away from them also made them violently angry, because the last thing they wanted was having you defy them while hurt and in need if help. You were ready to hurt yourself to get away and that wouldn’t do.
Their next attempt to stop you made you chuckle, more in annoyance than anything. You rubbed your face and screamed in your hands before starting to laugh hysterically.
“God, you’re really that fucking bored in your lived aren’t you ? Don’t have enough people to fuck over ? You need to fake being sorry to get your daily enjoyment ? You need to fake caring because you’re that pathetic ?! God, can’t believe half the town is scared of you.” You mocked, looking condescending as ever.
Both looked at each other before grabbing you by your arms and lifting you up towards the living room. They sat you down on the couch and kneeled in front of you to take your shoes off. You trashed around, cussing them out and cussing at yourself for being in pain. Bucky left to get you ice while Steve stayed to make sure you would stay put.
Once the brunette was back, he elevated your foot, holding it carefully but tightly and glaring at you when you tried to rip it off his grasp. When they were done, both started pacing around the room, trying to call down before they tried to speak to you. You on the other hand simply exhaled, bothered and exasperated by the situation. You rolled your eyes again and put your foot down again before putting on your shoes again as they watched, completely baffled at your incapacity to stay put.
When you stood up, ready to walk out again (or at least limp out), Bucky rushed to grab your wrist and spin you around. Holding you by the shoulders, you could see the anger dancing in his eyes when he looked at you. He wasn’t used to being defied and even less used to being ignored.
“You really can’t listen for shit, can you ? You’re hurt and you have one fucking task, staying out and letting us take care of you, is that so hard to do ?!” He snapped, face so close to yours, anyone in your position would probably be pissing themselves. Except you weren’t anyone and you weren’t going to let them treat you like you were.
Looking at him with eyes void of emotions but just as severe as his own, you put your hands on his chest softly which surprised him, before pushing him backwards.
“Listen to me carefully James. This is the very last time you talk to me like I’m some kind of child that you’re in charge of. I’m not one of your fucking slaves who follow your every love and word because they’re terrified of you. The business relationship you both have with others, that’s you. Me, I’m not your responsibility, I’ve never been and I’ll never be. If I need dickheads like you, I’ll find them myself, but don’t act like you did me a favor when we all know that this wouldn’t have happened in the first place if you had left me alone like I told you to.” You said, your voice calm and controlled but your eyes burning with anger.
Taking his hand off of his chest, you were ready to walk out once more but was stopped in your track. This had been your last straw, the echo created by your hand meeting the skin if the blond man behind you.
“Let go of my fucking hand before I slap you again Steven. I will not repeat myself and I won’t mind punching you next. Broken bones or not, I don’t want you anywhere near me, when are you going to fucking understand that ?!” You snapped, not noticing the tears gathering on the corner of your eyes.
The taller man kept his face hanging on the side, recovering from your slap. He grazed his cheek softly before looking at you. Now all three of you looked fuming, this was about to be fun.
Steve was glaring at you, probably trying to keep in all the things he wanted to say, and opted for the physical approach. As he dragged you towards the couch once more, you violently stepped on his foot, kicking his shin on the way. It gave you a few seconds to make a run for it but as you reached the entrance lf the room, you were lifted off the floor and carried to the couch. You trashed around again, kicking and scratching violently to get out of Bucky’s grasp.
“Let me fucking go ! I said let go, you fucking asshole ! Let me fucking go !” You screamed, elbowing him in the ribs and scratching his hands violently.
The man threw you on the couch and pressed your thighs down to keep you still. He kneeled in front of you, daring look on his face, begging you to try and run away from them again. You eyes, blown wide and furious, juggled between the both of them. You raised your hand to slap him but he caught it, probably thinking this would be enough but rapidly understanding that it wouldn’t be when you violently backhanded him in the face. You didn’t give him time to recover before chuckling in his face.
“You think you can keep me here ? You think that you’ve got all the fucking rights in the world when it comes to me ? Because we fucked for a while once in a long time ago ?! Fuck off !” You roared, voice resonating in the room.
You tried to stand again but were brought down by the both of them. Bucky’s metal fingers grabbed your jaw to force your eyes to look at him. You violently tried to get him off of you but it was impossible. You were too angry to notice the pain and anger you were in. Your tears were heavily rolling down your cheeks as you sent him your deadliest stare.
“What happened to you ? You’ve never been this fucking difficult and violent but suddenly the only thing you wanna do is run and hurt yourself just to get your fucking way ? We saved you fucking life ! They would’ve killed you !” Snapped the brunette, letting the emotions that the thought of your death brought to him, transpire in his eyes.
“And you want me to thank you ? You want me to get on my fucking knees and kiss you feet for fixing a situation that happened because of you ?!” You responded, voice resonating through the room. It wasn’t as steady as you wanted it to be but it didn’t matter anymore, you had too much things to say and they were already tumbling out of your mouth.
“For as long as I’ve known you, you played with people, me included ! And you’re still doing it ! You’re fucking gamed practically got me killed but it doesn’t fucking matter to you because all you fucking care about is enjoying your fucking games !” You said through gritted teeth.
They looked at you carefully, studying your face and expression. They’d never seen you this way, angry and emotions overflowing. You weren’t keeping anything in and they could see it, they’d seen it before on people. These people were exhausted of keeping in years of emotions in, hiding it al’ and acting like everything was fine when truthfully nothing was. This was you right now, because of them.
Both sets of eyes softened and it made you even angry. You started hitting them wherever you could reach, your hands coming in contact with their necks and collarbones. This time, they stopped you delicately, reaching for your hands and holding them tightly in an attempt to reassure you.
“Stop touching me ! Don’t fucking touch me ! Don’t ! Fucking ! Touch ! Me !” You punctuated each words with a punch wherever you could land it.
As the minutes passed, your actions started loosing strength. You were hitting less hard and crying harder but it did not stop you from pushing them one last time and limping as fast as you could away from them. Both let you go, watching sadly as you ignored the pain of your bleeding hands and swelling ankle. They sat in silence, trying to keep from crying themselves.
They couldn’t stand to see you in this state, so distraught and desperate to get away. The vision of the woman you were when you met them kept popping up and the difference made them so dizzy, they could throw up. This broken person that they had loved and still loved so much, they made her. They had made you this was, crumbling over yourself. You’d lost your spark, they had taken it by playing with your heart in the past and deciding that burying you under presents would get them back in your heart.
They had messed up and nothing would stop them from trying to gain your forgiveness. Even if it meant accepting to give up on your live for them. Even if it would kill them, they would accept the punishment they knew the deserved.
“W-Why can’t you just leave me alone…? I didn’t do anything to you… I took all the things I owned and left without disturbing anyone but you keep popping up in my fucking life !” You sobbed loudly, smearing blood all over your face as you tried to stop the flow of tears dripping out of your eyes. “You didn’t fucking care before so why do you keep ruining it for me ?!” You asked without looking at them.
They couldn’t stand this, couldn’t keep it in any longer. Walking towards you, they kneeled in front of you, trying to sooth you.
“Baby, please look at u-“ Steve was cut off by your hand.
You were quick to stop them in their track. You raised your hand, forcing them to back up as you tried to back up into the wall too. They raised their own hands as a sign of peace, making sure you understood that they wouldn’t force you anymore.
“Look at us… Baby please…” Begged Bucky, eyes filled with emotions.
When you shook your head, denying them the possibility to fully see you, they let out heavy sighs. They would do it this way.
“We… We know we hurt you. We understand that and nothing will ever justify what we did.” Started Steve. “Hurting you was the last thing we wanted princess, we swear it.”
You responded by crying louder in your hands.
“Why are you lying to me ?! That’s all you fucking did ! You keep lying to me ! You had a bet on me and now you’re still toying with my fucking life for you enjoyment ! Did it make you happy to see me hurt ?! Is it punishment for not coming back running to you ?!” You asked, your voice shaking and your eyes full of fear.
“God, no, never !” Cried the brunette man.
This was enough for both men to start crying. They had never wanted to hurt their younger selves more than right now. Here you were, the woman holding both their hearts, looking at them with fearful eyes. This was their worst nightmare, worst than losing you forever. Having you fear them was the last thing they wanted.
Steve reached for you, crying profusely and taking your face in his warm hands delicately. He tried to calm you down as you fought against his skin, trying to get him off of you. He wanted to leave you be but he couldn’t. He wouldn’t, not when they both had made the mistake of letting you suffer on your own before.
“Please… I’m begging you, don’t fight it… You’re hurting yourself, please just give us a chance to explain…” He begged, searching for your eyes with his own.
You were exhausted and dizzy. You couldn’t fight anymore and something in you wanted to hear their explanations. You wanted to know why, no, you needed to know why. You’d given them your heart and they had crushed it. You deserved to know why. So you stopped fighting and looked at them both.
For the first time since the beginning of this situation, you could see them fully. They looked just as exhausted as you, and bloody too, but you doubted the blood was theirs. Or yours. It was covering their fancy shirts and suits. Specs of blood could be seen on Bucky’s metal hand and on his knuckles. Both men’s knuckles were bloody.
“We had to make whoever took you pay baby… We had to. We couldn’t let them get away with it.” Explained Bucky, noticing your eyes on their hands.
“Why not…?” You asked softly. You were genuinely confused by the discovery, your brain wasn’t functioning right now and your headache was worsening by the second.
Crawling up to you and holding your cheek tenderly, the brunette looked at you with the most desperate and loving gaze ever.
“Because we love… Fucking hell doll… We love you with everything we have… We can’t just let you get hurt…” He declared through his own tears.
You had managed to bring both the most terrifying men in the country to their knees, crying for you. Begging for you to look at them, to let them explain, pleading for your forgiveness, for your love, for you. Them who made even the biggest and tallest out there shake in fear under their deadly gaze. Both could get absolutely anything and anyone in the world but here they were, begging for you and you only.
“You say that now… That you can’t let me get hurt… But you didn’t mind humiliating me back in college…” You said, finally wiping the tears of your face and seating straight. “Was it fun at least ? To bet on me like that ? Did you enjoy it ? Or maybe you didn’t… I probably ruined it for you by finding out… Is that why you can’t leave me alone ?” You asked, eyes juggling between both men.
This time, Steve felt like he had to answer. This conversation, they had it between each other before. They needed to have it, to figure out why they thought it would be a good idea to begin with and why they had waited until you’d been gone completely to fully realize that they had not only lost you but the capacity to explain. Bucky could very much explain but the blond man had been the closest physically to you that day, he’d been seating right besides you and he remembered the way your eyes looking into his last, begging for an explanation before you left, crushed by the silence.
Grabbing your thighs softly and waiting for you approval, he brought you closer to him, lifting you up and seating you on his lap as he himself sat on the floor. His fingers grazed your face, wiping the tears and stains of blood left under your eyes.
“The bet… God, this was probably the most childish thing we’ve ever done… Just thinking about it, I feel like kicking my own ass. We both feel this way…” He chuckled, taking a pause to reminisce. “We thought about it you know ? We talked about why we did it and why we didn’t explain ourselves. The truth is, nothing could justify it. We can’t understand why and we don’t really want to honestly… There is no point in looking for justification when there’s none.”
“Why didn’t you tell me this the day I found out ? You’re saying this now but it’s been years Steve…” You muttered, looking sadly into his eyes.
He wrapped his arms around you, holding you tight against his chest but letting go when you winced in pain. A wave of anger took over him when he remembered that you were suffering, wounded. He quickly gathered his thoughts, rubbing his hand over his face before looking at your face again. He was about to speak again but was stopped by Bucky’s hand on his.
“We didn’t tell you earlier because at that moment, when we realized what was happening… We felt like it was what we deserved.” Started the brunette, seating besides you and laying his hand on your thigh carefully. “We had thought before about what would’ve happened if we told you. How you’d react and how we’d react. When it became reality, we thought that the only thing we could do was let you go. The foundation of the relationship was based on a lie and keeping you in it wouldn’t have been fair to you.” He explained slowly, fiddling with his fingers.
You knew this tendency of his, he would fiddle when he felt anxious, worried about something but was too scared to speak up and ask for help. You had helped greatly with his anxiety, helping him feel better in life and he would tell you one day that you were the reason why he even became as confident as he was today. When you left, everything he had struggled with before came back in a giant wave. And while he had been able to rely on Steve to help him through it before, now both were sinking.
After a year without you, they had hear about you from some connections they had from college. You’d grown and succeeded, getting what you wanted in life. They’d been so proud of you for advancing, they felt a rush of life flow through their veins. They were ready to grow and learn, and when they could, they would face you again. Ready to prove themselves to you. They had it all planned out. Except the part were you had changed too, becoming cold and closed off. You weren’t just rejecting them, they simply didn’t exist to you and that crushed them in a way nothing had ever before. They couldn’t give up, they refused to give up. So they kept pushing, ignoring each rejection and trying again. Until they couldn’t anymore.
“We were punishing ourselves for letting the lie go on for so long. We thought about telling you from the beginning. Even before actually, when we figured out how much we loved you, we couldn’t stand it, we were terrified. We couldn’t think of anything to keep you in our lives while also telling you the truth. So we didn’t, we chose to keep it to ourselves and changed motives. We started acting genuine with you, out of love. Most, if not all, the things we did were out of love more than greed or weird sick amusement. We wanted you honestly and we couldn’t ruin it by letting you think that we only wanted you for the bet.” Bucky’s words soon started tumbling out if his mouth, he wasn’t speaking to explain himself to you, but to himself. All the thoughts he had about the situation gathered themselves in a way that made sense and could be expressed out loud.
You’d been listening attentively and felt a weight being lifted off your shoulders. For years you’d think about the fact that they had never explained themselves despite the multiple chances you gave and for long you had thought that maybe there wasn’t anything to say because it didn’t matter that much. You thought that it was you, your fault for catching feelings that easily and you had taken a long time to heal from those thoughts.
The truth being revealed felt so good, but not just because truly it wasn’t your fault, or theirs. It felt good because you knew now, they truly cared. Maybe you were being stupid by taking their words for what they were without a second thought, but you did. You spent too many years overthinking everything about them and your relationship. You spent years looking for signs that they cared and now you finally had one. You had plenty actually and that was enough for you.
Blinking slowly, you reached for Bucky’s hands and separated the both of them, preventing him from fiddling further. His breath caught in his throat when he felt your fingers on his and he kept in a sob when your hands stayed on his. Grabbing them softly, he nuzzled against your palms, ignoring the blood and just inhaling your scent and your warmth. God, he had missed you so much. For so long, he dreamt of the feeling of your skin on his again, the scent of you and everything you were. He had craved it and having you here, reaching for him and welcoming him to do the same, it was all too much for him. For the both of them.
“Listen baby,” Started Steve, looking at you in the eyes. “We know that after tonight, a lot of things need to be discussed and done better. They way we acted all this time, the way we approached the situation. Nothing about it was right and fair to you. We should’ve done a lot of things differently and it’s probably too late to say but we’re sorry. Truly. We’ll spend the rest of our lives fighting for your forgiveness and your trust again.” He declared, smiling softly, those bog blue eyes so intense and full of love, all of it directed towards you.
“Except this time, we’ll follow your lead. What you want from us, we’ll do. Everything you want. If you want us gone, we’ll disappear, but just know that it won’t ever stop us from loving you with everything we have princess…” Added Bucky, sharing the same adoring look that Steve had on his face.
Your eyes filling with tears all over again, you lowered your head, smiling happily. You hated yourself for folding that easily, but you couldn’t help it. They owned you mind, body and soul. You were theirs, you loved them unconditionally and you had never stopped loving them. You hid your face in the crook of Steve’s neck, crying silently.
“I’m tired…” You muttered, voice muffled by his broad shoulders.
Both responded by chuckling. They couldn’t help it, finally feeling comfortable enough and at peace. You were welcoming them in, allowing them to learn and love you again. They would be everything you desired and beyond, spoiling you by proving to you that they were worth you love and attention. This wasn’t just a promise, but an oath to you and them.
As both stood up, Steve holding you in his arms, they walked up the stairs towards their bedroom. They would take care of you for the night and discuss the rest later.
After laying you on the bed, they instructed for you to strip of your clothes and sit comfortably while they handled diner for the three of you. They made sure to put an ice pack on your ankle and give your hands a little bit of cleaning before wrapping them again. When diner was ready, they brought it for you in the room. Bucky had insisted on feeding you himself, to make sure you would eat well, before both started eating their own plates. They put on a movie to cover the silence but soon turned it off when you started speaking again. The conversation soon got animated, the topics changing constantly but the positive atmosphere always present.
Once dinner had been over, you found yourself resting your head comfortably against Bucky’s broad chest, your legs draped over Steve’s as he massaged your calves. Both men were still dressed in their bloody suits and after a little bit of convincing, you got them to agree to a shower. Now the only conditions were that it would be a bath and you came with them. They wanted to clean the blood in your hands and around your wounds. You’d simply chuckled and agreed, enjoying how desperate and needy they were for you. They refused to let you go and you could only give in to their wishes.
Once the water filled the tub, they were careful to undress you themselves, taking turns and taking pieces of clothing off of your body. They admired you in silence, even taking the time to inhale your lingering scent on the clothes. Once completely naked, they admired you from head to toe, trying their best to contain themselves as your wounds were revealed. They had been told about your physical state over the phone but this was ten times worse.
You observed as they stared at your body, quickly understanding that a wave of rage was taking over their bodies and ruining the bliss they’d been basking in for the past hours. Reaching up to the both of them, you caressed their faces tenderly, reminding them that you were here and you were safe, with them. Their moods instantly shifted, going back to the peaceful and loving men they were to you and you only.
It was your turn to undress them and you made sure to take your time and let your eyes linger for as long as you want. When taking off their shirts, both watched as your eyes travelled around their tatted chests and both let out similar grunts when your fingers retraced the ones with interested you the most. Again, trying to distinguish their smells would be headache inducing so you didn’t try it but you enjoyed being covered in their scents. Once you reached their pants, you were a little less bold than them, blocking at their belts. They both chuckled, encasing your naked body in their against their chests and kissing your forehead and cheeks tenderly.
“Don’t worry sweet girl, we’ll help you get comfortable with our bodies again…” Muttered Steve, lips stretched in a smile and pressed to your temple.
“You’ll get to do whatever you want very soon, remember that our bodies are yours too. Every piece of them.” Added the brunette man, his metal hand sliding around your waist softly, to rest on your belly, and his lips pecking your cheek.
When their pants dropped, you averted your eyes which amused them a lot because there was nothing you hadn’t seen before. All of it, you had seen, touched, played with, owned. Some tattoos were new, a lot of them, but the rest, it was all something you’d seen in the past. Seeing you so shy around them sent warmth straight from their heart to their hardening members. You had effects on them in the most mundane ways and having you naked did not help, but they weren’t complaining.
Stepping in the very large tub, Bucky lifted you up in his arms before seating down and helping you seat between his legs. He could feel that you wanted to completely rest against his but were refraining so he took it upon himself to slide his metal arm around your waist and pulled you close to him. You gasped in surprise when you welt his length poke your back, which made him chuckle. Steve watched in amusement as the two of you got more comfortable around each other and he took the opportunity to elevate your swollen ankle on his shoulder to massage it.
Putting his hand flat on your belly, Bucky lips travel from your cheek to your jaw and then down on the side of your neck.
“Relax for us baby…” He whispered in your ear, his deep voice resonating in your head.
Once you fully laid against his chest, they started massaging any part of your body they could reach, taking time to leave tender kisses behind. Each and every one of them left you craving for more, your hand reaching towards Steve to caress his jaw or your fingers hooking around Bucky’s. Once both were done with you, considering you relaxed enough, they allowed you to play with them.
You kneeled in the tub, crawling towards Steve to settle between his parted thighs. You grabbed his hand and traced the veins on his palms. You took the wet cloth they had placed besides the tub and started washing around his neck and shoulders, cleaning the remnants of blood on his skin. He let you navigate his body, groaning when you’d touch a sensitive spot. He tried to not be in your way, you seemed so focused, but he couldn’t help wanting to kiss you all over. You just looked so perfect, taking care of him so attentively.
When Bucky’s turn came, you couldn’t help the heat that rushed all the way down to your pussy. You could fell yourself get wetter and wetter the more you looked at him. Here he was, heavy thighs parted and welcoming you in, one of his arms resting on the tub and holding his head while the other came up to your waist, pulling you closer in a smooth and effortless motion.
“Come on princess, don’t be shy… You took such good care of Stevie, now you gotta do the same for me…” He teased, a devious smile on his beautiful face.
He was playing with the part of your waist that didn’t hurt, pinching your skin delicately, and enjoying your little yelps of surprise. You were rubbing the cloth on his skin, staring at the tattoos around his neck and back, when you felt his lips against your ear, biting on your ear lob delicately. You stopped in your track which he noticed, tapping you lower back with his thumb.
“Don’t stop princess… I’m just having fun, don’t mind me.” His words sounded teasing but he was giving you an order, and you were a good girl. So you obeyed.
Rubbing soap over his large shoulders, you tried to stay as focused as possible while his hands lowered on your body, settling on your ass and grabbing handfuls of your flesh. His lips were getting lower and lower, getting dangerously close to a point he knew would have you weak on your knees. His teeth bit onto your collarbone and sucked on your skin, his eyes never leaving your face. He knew the effect he had on you, he could feel your fingers trembling on his shoulders. Your hands hadn’t been moving in the past minutes, you were trying so hard to follow his order and that only made his cock throb in the water.
Looking over your shoulder, his eyes settled on Steve, signaling for him to get closer and have some fun. The blond man didn’t need to be asked twice, quickly sliding behind you and wrapping an arm around you. When you whimpered, feeling his girth press on your back, he kissed you on the cheek to get you to settle down. His free hand caressed your stomach, dipping in the water and reached your folds. He used two fingers to part them enough to fit his middle finger inside your tight heat. He could feel you, wet and desperate for more. He had missed this, both had. So, so, so much.
“Come on baby, keep rubbing Buck’s shoulders. Don’t pay attention to us.” Whispered Steve, pumping his middle finger in you.
You couldn’t respond, only breath heavily and whine against their bodies, trying your best to keep doing what you’d been told to do. You closed your eyes tightly, biting your lips to prevent the loud moan that threatened to escape when Steve started rubbing your clit with his thumb. Circling around the nerve, you turned your face in an attempt to hide how utterly desperate you were. But they already knew.
Bucky reached for your face, taking hold of your chin softly before spreading his fingers over your jaw and forcing you to face him.
“Open your eyes princess. Open them, I won’t repeat myself.” He ordered, voice deep and commanding.
You shyly obeyed, looking into his deep blue eyes which made you feel like you were drowning. You could see the lust in them, his pupils dark and blown wide as he stared at you with a faint smirk of amusement.
“Look at that Stevie… Ain’t she the best ? So obedient and just for us huh ?” Purred the man in front if you.
“Yup, she’s definitely the best. At least she is now, but not so much earlier. Don’t you think babygirl ? You weren’t very good earlier.” Responded his best friend, breath fanning the side of you face as he kept fucking his finger into you.
Tightening his hold on your body, Bucky’s hand traveled back up to your breast, griping your tits firmly and wrapping his lips around your nipples and sucking on you. You gasped, throwing your head back in pleasure and breathlessly whispering his name. You dropped the rag in the water to free you hand and slide them in long raven hair. You pulled on his roots but pressed his face further against your chest, begging for more a little louder.
Steve observed as you slowly lost all strength to resist or do anything other than moan their names in pleasure. He took the opportunity and slid an additional finger deep in you, spreading you open further.
“S-Steve… F-Fuck… Please more… Please…” You pleaded, voice strained and wavering.
Letting go of your breast in a wet plop, smiling wide, his hands still palming your tits. His metal thumb was rubbing circles around your neglected nipple, making it so difficult for you to think rationally.
“God, you were so loud earlier, so, so, so loud… Now look at you, can’t say a fucking coherent word can you ? Can barely think straight, you’re a blabbering mess…” Mocked the brunette, dropping kisses on the swell of your breasts.
Suddenly standing up, Bucky slid his arm under your thigh and lifted you up. You squealed in surprise, quickly wrapping your arms around his neck and holding tightly onto him.
“How ‘bout we take you to bed huh ? Gotta discipline you and teach you about manners.” Said the man, rubbing his nose on the crown of your head. You could feel his finger play with the skin of your thighs, creeping dangerously close to your leaking cunt. Before you could even beg him not to, he was already palming you folds. Your teeth sunk into your lips hard, biting back the most obscene moans.
Steve stood up, a soft smile on his face, and reached for your face, turning you towards him. God, the vision of your sweet face trying so hard to not let a sound out was the biggest turn on ever. He felt his cock twitch against his stomach when your he noticed the faint tears on the corner of your eyes.
“It’s okay princess… If you obey to Bucky’s commands, you’ll be fine.” He reassured, pecking your cheek tenderly and stepping out of the tub.
When your body, still wet and glistening under the light, was laid on the bed delicately, Steve sat behind you while Bucky kneeled in front of the bed. He grabbed your thigh firmly and spread them open. Heat creeped up on your face, a wave if embarrassment spreading through you when you felt his piercing gaze stare down at your dripping pussy. You saw him lick his lips, sending you a quick glance, before diving between your legs.
There was no sign of defiance from you anymore, your mood and personality from earlier completely gone to be replaced by the needy girl they knew you to be. You’d lost all signs of courage to hide your face against the thick thighs of the blond man who took the opportunity of having your beautiful face so close to his cock, to stroke it slowly. Grabbing your jaw delicately, he rubbed you face with his thumb while you spread your legs wider to allow Bucky’s punishment to deepen itself.
Starved and just as needy as you, the brunette lapped at your folds, drinking every drop of slick coming out of you. He’d dream of the things he would do to you once you’d allow them back in your heart. Some days he felt like Steve and him would be gentle and loving, taking time to explore your body again, as if it was all new to them. These days were the ones where they would see you but not talk to you. They would stay far and observe as you lived your life, smiling genuinely and laughing without a care in the world.
Some other days, the only thing they would have in mind was throwing you over their shoulder and laying you on a table or the nearest flat surface. The primal need to have you begging for them, pleading to be allowed mercy and asking for forgiveness as they fucked you senseless, was all they could think about. They would rip your clothes off, keeping the remnants for themselves and would play with your body as if being fucked and used by them specifically was all you could do and were good for. These days were the ones like today, where they would talk to you and be violently rejected.
The lives they lived cemented the idea in their minds that they could have everything and anything they desired. They’d always been able to bring anyone to their knees, never lacking in attention or other things of this sort. You’d been the first to not only ignore them, but deny them once they made the first step. Rejecting presents after presents, they could only think about how much they would spoil you if you accepted them back in your life. You’d been their center of gravity, keeping them on the ground and humbling them from time to time. Losing you had been like losing any sense if rationality and all that you could feel it through the treatment they both inflicted you.
Ignoring your pleas to be fucked finally, Bucky let his tongue explore you thoroughly, his beared scratching your inner thighs. Filling your tight pussy with his tongue, you could only squirm as he kept you still on the bed. His hand were holding on your flesh so hard, you knew you would feel his fingers on you for a little while after.
The brunette raised his eyes up to watch your face contorted in pleasure as his tongue circled around your swollen clit. Tears has been threatening to flow out of your beautiful doe eyes and he would make sure to get you crying soon enough but for now he wanted something else of you.
“Babygirl, how ‘bout… You help Stevie out a little. Bet the poor guy’s has been dying to have that bratty mouth of your full, huh Stevie ?”
Looking up to the blond man, you knew you were done for the moment your eyes crossed his. Those beautiful blue eyes of his that you started into when looking for comfort and reassurance, they were glowing with this little light of need you knew your lover to have. The soft Steve you knew years before, the one who always waited his turn or asked to touch you. Poor boy, you’d been neglecting him and he kept quiet and obediently watched Bucky fuck you with his tongue. You had to make it up to him.
You laid your head on his muscular thighs, rubbing your fingers on them and moaning against his skin that you would bite on when Bucky’s punishment became too much to bear. Looking at Steve’s cock, your mouth watered seeing how thick and long it was. Softly running your lips up his shaft and looking up at him, you let your tongue lick a droplet of pre-cum leaking out of his bulbous head. You’d never wanted to have something in your mouth that much before. It looked so red and desperate to be touched, stuffed tight in that beautiful mouth of yours.
You wrapped your hand around him, stroking the shaft quickly before kissing the tip. He let out a heavy breath, gulping loudly in anticipation. Feeling confident under his gaze, you kissed down on his cock, reaching his balls that you sucked into your mouth.
“F-Fuck… Our beautiful dove… Missed that mouth of yours so much…” Cursed the man, brain going completely blank when you vigorously sucked onto his sack, his thick cock resting on your face and pulsating against your soft skin.
Bucky, still enjoying himself between your legs, flipped you around effortlessly, and spread your thighs apart as he raised your hips in the air. Here you were, face down over Steve’s thick girth and ass raised high in the air, ready to be played with more. Parting your ass from behind, he dived deep in you pussy once more except this time, his thumb circled around your ass, preparing you for the both of them at the same time.
Arching your back, you let out a loud moan at the new intrusion, which sent vibrations all around Steve’s sensitive dick. The man slid his hand around the back of your neck, squeezing lightly to tell you to fully take him in your mouth and you obliged. Swallowing him whole, you felt tears wet the corner of your eyes at the intrusion. You’d completely forgotten how large and long Steve was, and his tip poking into the back of your throat was a reminder you could never forget.
Eyes blown wide, he grabbed onto your small jaw, tightly holding your face, as your wicked tongue circled around his thick shaft. Deprived for so longue of each other, he couldn’t contain his sounds increasing at each of your movements. Your held onto his parted thighs and started bobbing your head, taking him deeper and deeper down your throat.
“God… P-Princess… That mouth of yours will kill me one day…” He growled, pushing your head lower again his lower stomach.
Your lips were already grazing his pelvis, you could barely breath and you felt like you were about to cry, but you couldn’t stop. The feeling of his massive cock pulsating in your throat as you worked to please him made your own pussy throb. Clenching around nothing, you could feel Bucky’s smirk against your cunt as he knew the effect Steve’s cock had on you. Always the eager girl to have your throat fucked thoroughly.
“Come on Stevie, don’t you wanna fuck that pretty face ? Don’t hold back buddy, she loves it, she’s so wet I could drown in her sweet pussy…” Said the man between your thighs, his thumb spreading your ass open a little more as he pleasured your dripping cunt.
The blond man tried to fight the need to fuck your throat as best as he could, but when his eyes crossed yours and you moaned around his shaft, he couldn’t control himself. Bucking hid hips against your face, he moaned a string of profanities mixed with your name. Soon, you weren’t doing anything anymore, just being used as a set of holes that had been dearly missed.
“F-Fuck… Fuck, fuck, fuck… Mouth so good for me… Keeping me all warm in your throat don’t you babygirl ? Bet you dreamt of getting fucked like that huh ?” Purred the blond man, throwing his head back in pleasure, his hips thrusting against your face mercilessly.
Your nails were gripping on the flesh of his thighs, leaving slight red marks behind you as you felt him swell a little more in your mouth while Bucky’s thumb slid deep in your ass, stretching your muscle open and getting you ready to be fucked and filled in every hole you had.
You were on edge, waiting for your violent orgasm. You felt it coming, you pulsating clit warning you that you couldn’t take anymore and the next flick of Bucky’s tongue tearing you apart as yours orgasm washed over you. Your vision blurred, specs of white covering everything in sight while you moaned around Steve’s cock. Soon it was his turn to cum, filling your throat with his creamy seed. His hands kept you face close, keeping you so close that you choked on his cum, coughing loudly but swallowing every drop he gave you greedily.
Your legs gave out as you collapsed on Steve’s body, breath fanning his dick which managed to still be hard even after that.
“Look at you, already broken and we didn’t do anything yet…” Chuckled Steve, dropping tender kisses on your open palms. He was grinding against your face, letting his hardening cock grow against your skin.
Suddenly, you were grabbed by the waist and hoisted up on Steve’s legs, seating on his and giving him the opportunity to feel your fluttering pussy on him. He took your hips in his hands and pressed you down on him to feel you more. Your sweet slick pooled out if you and coated both your inner thighs and Steve’s thighs that you began riding desperately.
You were pulled forwards by the man who finally, and for the first time in the night, brought you in for a kiss. His lips, soft and plump against yours, only made you dizzy for more. You were rolling your hips against his body and reached for his girth, stroking it up and down slowly. The taller man’s tongue, massaging your, rediscovered your mouth. Both of you felt your arousal grow when he tasted his own cum in your mouth.
Once more, you were taken by surprise and pulled backwards by Bucky who crashed his own lips against you. While his tongue forced you to taste your own juices, his fingers reached for your tits, grabbing one and palming it. Steve took the second one in one of his hand while the other wrapped around your hand still stroking his dick.
“Y-You feel this baby ? What you do to me ? To us ?” He moaned, watching in admiration as his best friend rubbed his own cock on your ass. You could feel heavy drops of pre-cum leak out of his shaft and on your backside. His lips were molding against yours and his teeth biting in your flesh.
Pulling away to let you breath, you started mindlessly begging to be filled. You wanted them inside you and you wanted them now
“P-Please… I’m sorry, I promise… I’ll be good…” You cried, reaching for his face. You fingers grazed his lips before dropping in exhaustion. “Please, just fuck me…”
You voice sounded so exhausted, but desperate. Both men could only look at each other, wide grins on their faces. How could they refuse you when you were begging so well ? They simply couldn’t and wouldn’t.
Manhandling you to sit on Steve’s lap, the blond man kissed the side of you neck tenderly, reaching your lips and kissing you passionately. You were so focused on it, he couldn’t miss the opportunity to catch you by surprise. He lined himself up at you entrance before sitting you down harshly ln his cock.
“O-Oh… G-God, fuck, fuck… Oh my God…” You gasped, feeling a lava like sensation cover your entire body.
You were burning from the inside, you brain completely off when you felt how thick he was. You’d completely forgotten about the difference between feeling him in your mouth and feeling him in your tight cunt. Even as wet as you were, you were holding him so tight in you, he could practically collapse in your arms. You velvet walls fluttering around his cock and begging to be stretched, you moaned his name loudly before he even started doing anything to you.
“Oh Princess… Pussy’s so good… Feels like heaven…” He moaned, trying to give you time to adjust to him. His face was flushed and his eyes filled with lust, you could see him slowly lose control over himself. Poor baby, he’d been deprived of you for so long, you’d enjoy taking care if him.
Laying your palms flat on his chest, you pushed him back a little to be able to see his face.
“Let me take care of you Stevie…” You whispered softly, looking down on his beautiful face.
Having you keep him so warm inside you was already a lot for the man who had waited for you for so long. But now that you wanted to take charge, he felt just about ready to cum just at the thought of it. So he laid back, obediently letting you do whatever you wanted.
As familiar as he was and as wet as you were, Steve was impossibly thick and long, you would never be able to take him fully in one move. You had to sit up and lower yourself on his cock a little more each time. Your walls stretching to a point of thinking you would rip in two, you finally sat on his cock, fully buried in your tight cunt. He groaned at the feeling of your pulsating throbbing pussy, clenching around him, desperate to be filled with as much cum as you could take.
Bucky, watching from behind, couldn’t contain his arousal at the absolute vision you both were. He sat back in silence, taking his cock in hand and started stroking himself while you fucked yourself on Steve’s cock.
The whimpers you let out, trying your best to not let the desperation show to much were giving away how needy you were. Your hands gripped onto Steve’s firm sculpted chest and you started bouncing on him.
“F-Fuck baby… Can’t take… Can’t take it… Knew that cunt would kill me one day…" Grabbing your hands, he brought them to his face, letting you slowly sink in pleasure and completely forget that you were supposed to take care of him.
Sliding your fingers in his mouth, you started riding him like a mechanic bull, letting your tits bounce in sync with your body. The vision was worth every in the world, you magnificent body, warm and inviting, welcoming every inch of him inside you, this was the dream.
“S-Steve… God, fuck, feels so good… That big cock feels so good in me… So thick, c-can’t take it…” You cried out, bouncing faster and faster on his lap.
Watching your breast sway over his bearded face had his mouth watering, drool leaking from the side of it. His hand reached up and his mouth got busy, sucking on your tits and biting your nipples desperately. Flesh so full and supple, he couldn’t help what your tits did to him. You gripped on his hair, rolling your hips over his pelvis, the pleasure making your legs weak.
When you slowed down, Steve started whining against your chest, no, don’t stop please baby, don’t stop. He couldn’t be deprived of your pussy, he wouldn’t survive it. He detached his hands from your breasts, keeping you deep in his mouth still, and grabbed your hips tightly.
“Holy fuck, shit, Oh my… Oh God…!” You wailed in pleasure as the man started slamming you against his cock. Raising his hips, you felt him deeper than ever before, you cervix suffering the violent hammering of his tip. He wasn’t just poking your spot, he was destroying it and enjoying the vision of his cock in your belly at the same time.
“F-Fuck… ‘M so… So sorry baby… Can’t take it, need your pussy so bad…” He preened again your tits. His teeth had been holding your nipples hostage while sucking on you, desperate to taste your skin all over.
His hands were going to be felt for days seeing as he kept tightening his hold on you, slamming your poor body on his thick girth. You could feel his sack slap against your swollen folds and the mix between both your juices mixing at the base of his shaft.
You were loosing your mind, all rational thoughts rapidly leaving you and his name being the only thing left. Picture of his cock tearing you up from the inside were plastered around the corners of your brain, your nails digging into his flesh. You couldn’t take it, neither of you could, you’d been so deprived of them and you hadn’t even noticed. Your pussy was designed for them, shaped around them to fit perfectly around their manhood. You were ruined for anyone else.
Tits still swaying on his face, his mouth never left your breast for more than a few seconds, needing to feel you inside it. He sucked on your skin, groped and massaged you with passion, feasting on the sounds you would let out and letting his beared scratch your sensitive skin.
“Oh… S-Steve, f-fuck… Baby ! Steve p-please slow down baby, p-please !” You begged, feeling your orgasm get closer and closer.
The man couldn’t even respond, simply shaking his head before focusing back on plowing into your cervix. You felt Bucky’s metal hand slide over your stomach and press the part where his best friend’s tip could be seen and felt. You threw your head back, crying out in pleasure when the brunette placed himself behind you, letting his cock nuzzle between your ass cheeks while his free hand came to play with your clit.
“Come on doll… Cum for us… Cream all over his cock, make a mess over him…” He whispered, kissing your jaw softly.
You were overflowed by emotions and sensations, your entire body was taken over by pleasure, your cunt clenching around him and swallowing him deep.
“F-Fuck babygirl, fuck me… Fuck… I-It’s gonna be big princess, can’t keep it in, fuck…!” He growled, his thrusts loosing rhythm but never strength.
Feeling a wave of confidence, you arched your back and slammed him to the mattress, riding him as hard as you could. Your fingers were stuffed in his mouth and in his hair, pulling his roots roughly. He was overwhelmed by the beauty you were on top of him, taking everything you wanted as if his pleasure didn’t matter.
“F-Fuck Stevie, come on baby ! Oh fuck ! So good !” You cried out, feeling him suck on your fingers. “Fill me up ! Please, give me that load of cum, God please Stevie ! I want it ! Give it all to me baby !”
Your please were all it took for him to loose it finally let his cum cover your slick walls and drip out of your core. Screwing your eyes shut, you felt pleasure run down your spine, your own wetness exploding over his girth. You were completely out of it, dazed and exhausted but so full. You were still shivering in bliss when you felt Bucky cum all over your back, making you whimper against his neck. Your head had fallen back against his shoulder and you couldn’t help the sensation coursing through you when his metal hand caressed your neck.
“Sorry in advance for that babygirl… But I told you we would discipline you for earlier…” He muttered against your cheek, kissing you lovingly. You didn’t understand what he was talking about but the way his arm wrapped around you to keep you in place, you knew he was up to something. He turned your face towards his, keeping your jaw in place and sliding his tongue in your mouth for a passionate kiss. You were feeling so good, your walls pulsated around Steve who let out a little whine of desperation.
Before you could notice, the leaking tip of Bucky’s neglected cock poked at the entrance of your ass, shaking against you as you whined. He did not give you any time to think or realize what was going before sliding his hips forward into your pretty hole. He cooed in your mouth, trying to sooth you, when your jaw went slack and you screamed against his lips, in both pleasure and pain.
“It’s okay baby, it’s okay… Relax, you’re okay…” He whispered, kissing you with passion to distract you.
It was easy to say but your brain was already half out of your head and here he was, fucking into you again. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head and your scream lowered, becoming completely silent. Poor Steve who was still buried in you, winced at the feeling of you delicious cunt tightening against him by surprise. He sat up, wrapping his arms around your waist delicately to avoid your wounds and bit your shoulder to keep in his own sounds.
“F-Fuck Bucky… You can’t take the poor girl by surprise like that… Gonna end up killing the both of us here…” He whispered through gritted teeth. His fingers were tracing your ribcage to help you breath.
Both felt slightly guilty, seeing how unresponsive you were suddenly. Where you broken ? Steve didn’t know, but all he knew was that you were definitely cumming all over him again.
“God, baby you gotta talk to us… Come on princess, let me see your pretty eyes…” Pleaded Bucky, trying to bring you back to them.
When your eyes fluttered open, looking around as if you were lost, both men chuckled against your skin, making you shiver. You grinned in Steve’s hair, kissing his head and turning towards Bucky to peck his lips too. There you were, their best girl, their doll.
“Thought I had broken you just now baby, had me scared for a second.” Grinned the brunette, pushing his hips forward slowly. You gasped, rolling your hips over Steve’s and biting your lips roughly. “Tell me when you’re ready to start babygirl, I’ll take good care of you.”
Without a word, you squeezed his hand over your stomach and nodded your head to tell him to start. Your reached for his hair, pulling him down to your level and crashing his lips against your. He grinned at how eager you were despite being very close to passing out a couple of seconds ago.
Thrusting his hips forward again, his movements increased in speed, feeling you relax around him. Soon, the room was filled with lewd sounds again, the ones coming out of your throat, the ones Bucky would make as he fucked deeper into you and the ones Steve would make, feeling everything you felt as his cock kept pumping into you.
Sounds of skin slapping and of wet noises were all that could be heard, the walls doing a poor job at hiding your cries of pleasure. You were definitely still a screamer for them. Completely disconnected from reality, you couldn’t fully realize how obscene you looked, taking them both greedily and crying for more like the brainless cockslut they knew you to be. You had refused them for so long, it was funny to see how easily you came apart for them
Their massive cocks plowing into you in sync, you felt just about ready to collapse again.
“F-Fuck, you feel how tight you’re squeezing me baby ? Couldn’t wait to get fucked all over, could you ?” Teased Bucky, ignoring his own desperation as he slammed his length deeper and deeper in you. The vision of your puckering hole swallowing him whole was driving him insane, he’d never felt this out of it before. Only you could do that to him.
His hand reached down towards your pussy and he started fondling with your folds, getting you closer to your third orgasm of the night and pleasuring his best friend on the way.
“Buck, god… D-Don’t tease her like that… ‘M still here buddy…” Whined Steve again you neck. The brunette chuckled.
“Come on Stevie… C-Can’t tell me you don’t want her milking you cock a little more, can you ?”
Steve wouldn’t lie, it was useless, he was already feeling himself cum and feeling how tight you were squeezing him, you wouldn’t be too far. He took the opportunity to join his nest friend and play with your clit too, circling his thumb around it.
“Oh ! God, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck ! More, please more ! ‘M so c-close !” You sobbed loudly.
You nails digging into Steve’s back, your release leaked out of you in a waterfall, covered Steve’s cock as you tightened around both of them.
“Cum a little more for us baby, come on… We know you’ve got a little more…” Purred Steve, trying his best not to let out a cry of pleasure as you squirted all over his chest.
Both men couldn’t hold back any longer, Bucky cumming deep in your ass and Steve in your pussy. Your body lost all strength, collapsing over them as you shivered violently, letting the orgasms run through you. Their loads kept filling you up more and more, making you feel so full and pleased.
They were completely done but kept themselves buried in you before collapsing on the mattress with you held nicely in their arms. You three felt so good, better than ever actually. You felt at peace with each other again, desperate to catch up on all the missed moments. Exhausted by the previous events, it didn’t stop both men from admiring your resting self, already preparing all the ways they would spoil you in the next days. They smiled, kissed you forehead and fell asleep, whispering how much they loved you.
The next day, the fairytale was cut short. When they woke up, you weren’t there anymore. It was around 3AM and they lived in a secluded area of New York so you couldn’t have gone too far right ? Well you did. You had entirely left their mansion.
Quickly throwing on pants and robes, they jumped in their car to drive around the city in hopes to fond you. They’d spent the next hour looking for you before finally finding. You were at your apartment.
You hadn’t noticed them yet, sleeping peacefully in your bed as if nothing was going on. You didn’t even get to register what was happening that you were thrown over Bucky’s shoulder, slapped on your ass (which was still very tender and sensitive) and taken outside.
“We told you to stay put and the first thing you do is leave.” Snarled Steve, rubbing his sleepy but angry face.
Bucky wasn’t even speaking, simply walking down your stairs. If he spoke, he would end up way angrier.
“Well I’m still a free woman, I get to sleep in my own bed.” You chuckled, not even trying to defend yourself.
Both men stopped in their track, Bucky put you down and grabbed your face in both his hands to look at you deeply, looking at you angrily. Both were staring at you so intensely, you giggled at how ridiculous they were being. These giants who terrified half the city were here, staring at you with these adorable angry faces which quickly turned into pouts. They never asked you out. You were indeed a free woman.
Steve’s head dropped in the crook of your neck, sighting in exhaustion. Poor baby probably panicked when he didn’t see you in bed. You reached up to caress his blond head softly and did the same to the grumpy man in front of you. You were giggling at them and they debated on bending you over the staircase and fucking you senseless for mocking them, but here you had every right to laugh.
Taking them by the hand, you limped back towards your apartment, both men following you like obedient puppies. Once inside, you closed the door with your foot and walked to your bedroom. You sat on your bed and motioned for them to get closer and join you which they did. You laid under the covers.
Bucky placed himself behind you while you faced Steve. The brunette was holding you by the waist, keeping you tightly held against him while the blond nuzzled against your breasts. He was kissing your skin so softly, probably trying to bribe you into being nice to them, he used to do that a lot, you missed it. Your thighs wrapped around Steve’s waist, letting him grip on them and bring you closer to him while one of your hands covered Bucky’s metal one and your other reached up to caress his dark hair.
“You know… We should punish you for running away again…” He muttered against you neck.
“Yeah… You have a broken ankle, how do you disappear like that anyways ?” Asked Steve, his voice sending vibrations on your skin.
You chuckled, eyes closed and practically asleep.
“I’m just stealthy like that… You should try it sometimes…”
They hummed in agreement, amused by your sleepy humor. A silence settled in the room, the warmth provided by your bodies and the cover relaxing you all. This was good, this was great even. That’s the relationship you deserved.
“Just so you know, you’re our girl now princess… So no more running away…” Whispered Bucky, already half asleep.
“Or rejecting the presents… Or us…” Added Steve, voice slurred as he yawned.
“I’m good with that… I’ll be keeping the presents from now on… But no more breaking in my apartment… I’ll give you a key… Deal ?” You offered with a smile.
They responded by nodding their heads against you. You three fell asleep a couple ok seconds later, you would discuss the other terms of your relationship later. Yeah, for now, you just wanted to cuddle and drown in their scents. You got to do that, you’d missed them so much after all. Maybe next time you were mad at them, you would fold faster. You were in love for them after all. How could you be mad at them for more than five minutes ?
All three of you sunk in the most comfortable sleep you've had in years, feeling like you were back in easier times. You felt like time had been reversed, making you three the college students you once were, all over again. No worries, no mob, no blood, nothing but the three of you. This is where you belonged, together as if nothing ever separated you in the first place.
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