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rainbowsans · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
i wanted to doodle something for mafiaswap u_u
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supa-yel · a year ago
Tumblr media
I swear I might have an addiction drawing this boi ( other than Red )
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izumi-lov3 · a year ago
Tumblr media
Mafiaswap yanberry  supa version!!!
mafia swap by: @supa-yel
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xxkoichiixx · a year ago
Tumblr media
I can slowly feel the stress of college build up so I drew this to cope XD
I really liked @supa-yel‘s drawing of bunny koi and her mobswap blue so I just had to draw this!!! This boi is the final piece to my trio of fav blue bois so yeeee!!!!!!!!!! <3
Mobswap Blue by @supa-yel!!!
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maria-ster · a year ago
Tumblr media
Oohhh gosh look at this bad boy. I love him owo I had a little trouble with the background but I think it's fine now qwq. I also changed a bit the colors of his clothes qwq I hope it's okay.
This version of Mafiaswap belongs to this amazing person @supa-yel go follow them. They're amazing! I hope you like this aaa
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supa-yel · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yeeet...I dies a million Times drawing tulis host sa mofo
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absurdmageart · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And here’s the Mafiaswap brothers! Flash, Art, and Gauge. (It was just easier to do half body shots for them since they’re all just wearing dress pants, and dress shoes.)
ALSO, I’ve added another Mafia family to the line up. (this is all MessedUpEssy’s fault, she convinced me) So, there are now 4 Mafia families. 
Tale, Fell, Swap, and Swapfell Red/Fellswap. So, I’ll also be introducing Bolt, Barrel, and Ammo later. 
MafiaSwap Sans “Flash”
Middle Brother
Birthday is June 13, making him a Gemini. He’s 510 years old.
The most political in the family, and the best schmoozer. People just tell Flash things. He’s got one of those faces. 
He’s a smoker, and it bugs the crap out of Art. 
He has a tattoo of an arrow on his spine. This has meaning. It means that Flash always hits his mark whether he’s gathering information from a target, or throwing a knife. 
He gathers the information for the family along with some help from others (Such as Mag). He has a room dedicated to all information he’s gathered, and he has files on every family member. He’d put Wine to shame with his skills. 
Has an incredible memory, and can remember things with perfect clarity even if it’s been years since the incident
He doesn’t really have a preference for guns, and actually uses knives, or throwing knives. He’s very proficient with them. 
He gave himself the scar on his cheek accidentally when he was younger. He was learning to use his knives, and injured himself. The scar doesn’t bother him, he kind of likes it.
Has the amazing ability to remove his presence from a room much like Rus does (Rus is better at it though). This allows him to gain information more quickly. 
HATES ties, and refuses to wear them. He’ll only wear bowties, and has an insane collection of them. 
He LOVES fruit drinks, and has this favourite little Mom, and Pop cafe that he frequents because the drinks there are the best. 
Has a tough outer shell, and can come off really subdued, polite, and quiet when you first meet him.
Get past that, and you’ll see the little hellraiser. He loves laughing, and joking around with the others when working, and creating a little mayhem. However, when he goes overboard sometimes for shits, and giggles he’ll try to blame it on Bullet(Mafiafell Sans) mainly to see the larger monster’s face when the 4 Heads get angry. (Bullet doesn’t mind him doing this. The two are friends, and Bullet always gets him back later. Think of it like a prank) 
Despite being a guy that loves getting a little rowdy, and raising a little hell, he doesn’t drink. It’s just not his scene. If he did, he’d be the biggest heavyweight of the family.
He’s insanely patient. He has to be since he sometimes has to keep coming back to a target to get information, and not lose his cool. 
When he goes out on a job he normally gets paired up with Gauge (MafiaSwap Papyrus), Caliber, or to his displeasure Mag (Mafiafell Papyrus). It’s not that he dislikes Mag, it’s that Mag’s intimidating presence makes it much harder to do his job.  
Calls his S/O “Sugar”
MafiaSwap Gaster “Artillery” “Art”
Oldest Brother
Birthday is January 28, making him an Aquarius 
Very political, and soft in nature, but terrifying when angry
Has no problem with taking revenge on those he deem wronged him in some way.
Doesn’t like caffeinated drinks, and usually prefers to just drink water or warmed milk with honey.
Prefers to use his magic when fighting, but if he needs to use a weapon he’ll use a rifle
He’s a really good cook
Clashes with Arsenal a lot as they have differing personalities. He’s considered soft, too lenient while Arsenal is considered too harsh. 
He’s really humble of his position in the Mafia, and thinks that he’s not really needed, but is always really happy when one of the underlings comes to him for advice. 
He hates belts, and will only wear suspenders
Doesn’t like the color black so most of his suits are navy, grey, white, blue, or orange in color
He is in second place for hand to hand combat skill (Caliber is first)
Doesn’t like being called sir, or boss. Finds them too impersonal and stuffy.
Snorts when he laughs. It’s actually quite cute, but he finds it embarrassing. 
Sings to himself while working unconsciously. He’ll just be singing under his breath with no music on as he works. 
Has a collection of drawings Flash, and Gauge did for him when they were little. He has some framed in his office. 
He has a terrible tendency to hold grudges so it’s best not to get on his bad side. 
Has an odd collection of snowglobes. He thinks they’re funny. 
He’s incredibly intelligent, rivaling that of A.K., Arsenal, and Ammo.
He has the worst handwriting. It’s chicken scratch. 
Takes walks to relax. There are several parks he really loves. 
Of the 4 Heads, Art is the most lenient, and is most likely to be forgiving of little mistakes as long as it doesn’t negatively impact the Family. If it does impact the Family, lord help you.
He’s wickedly competitive. It clouds his judgement sometimes, especially if he is competing with Arsenal. The two get under each others skin(figuratively) a lot. 
Calls his S/O “Treasure” “My Treasure”
MafiaSwap Papyrus “Gauge” 
Youngest Brother
Birthday is July 1, making him a Cancer
Bisexual, but leans more towards men then women. He’s perfectly happy to date a woman, but just finds he’s attracted to men more often.
The family mechanic, he likes to tinker with their weapons and cars
He’s a quiet person, and is normally soft spoken when speaking. He sometimes has to be told to speak up when talking usually by Arsenal. 
The best thief 
The sneakiest despite his large size. He can sneak into almost anywhere and get back out without being seen
He got the scar on his face when he botched a robbery, and got caught. He ended up getting injured as he escaped. 
Prefers to use his rifle over all weapons
A chain smoker
Very perceptive
If he gets any downtime he likes to read cheesy romance novels
Third place for hand to hand combat skills although he could be second if he tried harder
Like Clip he drinks way too much coffee but he does like tea from time to time with lots of honey
The biggest lightweight of the family (two, or three drinks, and he’s gone). Art has forbidden him from drinking.
Like Art he isn’t a huge fan of black, but unlike his brother he’ll wear it. He prefers usually wearing white or orange
Always wears gloves (he’s a thief remember?)
Usually gets paired with Flash, Barrel (MafiaSwapfell Red Papyrus), or Mag(Mafiafell Papyrus) (surprisingly, Mag and him make an efficient team)
Him, and Barrel are really good friends. They trust each other emphatically. 
He’s forgetful, and is that person that needs to be reminded of stuff all the time. 
He’s like a human calculator. No one in the family really gets how he does it.
The Family swears he can pick any lock. It’s his greatest skill, and he carries around a set of lockpicks with him everywhere.
He’s wickedly flexible, and is able to contort his body into really odd positions. It really helps when he needs to hide in an odd place. 
Very good at hiding. If he doesn’t want to be found, you won’t find him.
He’s not one to give up after one small failure. He’s good at sticking to things until he gets it right. 
Gauge has pulled off a lot of really big heists, and has stolen an incredible amount of things, and money. He knows the amount, but if you ask he’ll smirk, and tell you it’s a secret.   
Calls his S/O “Sweetie”, or “Handsome”(if male)
And there they are! The MafiaSwap boys. (:
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ratsoh-writes · 6 days ago
The Lineup is Here!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Alright in order from left to right we have:
Pluto (outertale sans) at 4’11
Pop (dancetale sans) at 5’0
Lord (fellswap sans) at 5’1
Mal (swapfell sans) at 5’1
Sans (undertale) at 5’3
Charm (underlust sans) at 5’3
Red (underfell sans) at 5’3
Star (underswap sans) at 5’4
Peaches (farmtale sans) at 5’4
Wine (fellswap gold sans) at 5’5
Snipe (mafiatale sans) at 5’5
Ace (mafiaswap sans) at 5’5
Butch (mafiafell sans) at 5’7
G (gastertale sans) at 5’8
Coffee (fellswap gold papyrus) at 6’0
Cash (swapfell papyrus) at 6’0
Honey (underswap papyrus) at 6’3
Sugar (underlust papyrus) at 6’3
Rhythm (dancetale papyrus) at 6’3
Oak (horrortale sans) at 6’3
Rust (horrorfell sans) at 6’3
Papyrus (undertale) at 6’5
Jupiter (outertale papyrus) at 6’5
Edge (underfell papyrus) at 6’5
Rancher (farmtale papyrus) at 6’6
Mutt (fellswap papyrus) at 6’6
Lilac (horrorswap sans) at 6’6
Bruiser (mafiatale papyrus) at 6’6
Slim (mafiaswap papyrus) at 6’6
Boss (mafiafell papyrus) at 6’8
Green (gastertale papyrus) at 6’8
Basil (horrorswap papyrus) at 7’11
Willow (horrortale papyrus) at 8’0
Noir (horrorfell papyrus) at 8’3
So there we go! Official heights and a first look at all the guys!
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supa-yel · a year ago
Tumblr media
Since yall love Modswap/Mafiaswap here's more of my earlier sketches of him 
Modswap Blue self insert cause lmao why not huehue~
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miracleofunicorns · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Because you can run, but you can't hide.
I'm gonna make you mine.
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bigoltrashpile · a year ago
Is there anything that would make the yandere boys rethink their actions? Maybe realize they are hurting their S/O with their actions? What would it take for that to happen? How would they come to this realization? Maybe a punishment went too far? Or their S/O is too scared of them? Or they saw their brother sweetly interacting with his own S/O and came to the conclusion that he wanted to have that too?
Ooooh, this is really interesting
Mafiatale Sans: Honestly, it’s when you don’t laugh at his jokes.  Before he kidnapped you, when you were “just friends,” you would always laugh.  Now, you never do.  At first, he thought that you were just adjusting.  However, as the months went on, he got more and more worried.  Finally, he realizes just don’t like him.
Mafiatale Papyrus: For him, it’s when you flinch away from him.  He’s supposed to be the one protecting you, making you safe and happy.’re scared.  Of him!  That’s the opposite of what he wanted.  When that happens, he backs away, shame and fear in his eyes.  Has he turned into something...scary?
Mafiaswap Sans (Lucky): The first time he realizes that you don’t actually love him is when he raises his hand to get something.  Even though he wasn’t going to hit you, you flinched back anyway.  You never did that before he kidnapped you.  That’s when he knows  that he’s...a bad person.  A bad person for you specifically.  Major things have to change.
Mafiaswap Papyrus (Slim): It’s your hollow, hopeless eyes that get to him.  After you’ve lived with him for a few months, after a few escape attempts, he notices that your eyes don’t have the life and hope that they used to.  Now they’re just...empty.  And that kills him.  He knows that it’s his fault.
Mafiafell Sans (Butch): What really makes him snap to reality is when you lose your fire.  He always loved how stubborn and fiery you were, but after a change.  You become hopeless and obedient.  It’s not that he just liked the power struggle (although he did), it’s that you’ve become sad, and distant.  That’s what makes him realize that he’s been a real dick.
Mafiafell Papyrus (Noir): After he gives you a severe punishment is when he finally realizes it.  You had tried to escape, and he’d been forced to give you a very painful punishment.  When he backed away and saw all the blood and injuries marring your skin, it finally clicked for him.  He was the problem.  And he has been all along.
Mafiaswapfell Sans (Scar): When you see him talking to Hound, happy, smiling, and laughing, it breaks his heart.  You never talk to him like that.  And you probably never will.  That really makes him depressed.  He won’t punish you for this, that would just make him feel worse.
Mafiaswapfell Papyrus (Hound): It happens when you tell him that you hate him.  For all this time, he was sure that you felt the same way about him that he did for you, him.  That can’t be right, you love him!.....Right?  He has some serious thinking to do.
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spookiibuggii · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
a present for @mafiaswappapyrus and @swapdancepapyrus ~ uwu
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supa-yel · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I got this idea from one of those ASMR yandere boyfriend youtube videos ( don’t judge me I was bored) and this came up in my mind. Mafiaswap + yandere Blue.
I am not sure about this being a good idea. IDK you guys tell me, this is very random. I’m being super awkward again Lmao can’t help it XD
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ratsoh-writes · 7 months ago
S/o is happily chatting and contributing to a conversation about something they enjoy when someone interrupts them saying, "Shut up/no one cares/why are you being so loud?" and s/o just shuts down, retreating into themselves. How do the skeles respond?
No warning, that guy is getting punched: cash, mutt, snipe, butch, boss
B*tch you wanna go!!?!?: red, mal, charm, Jupiter, butch, G, ace
“Well that was rude!” Yes he said that out loud: papyrus. Star, edge, lord, sugar, peaches, rancher, noir
Goes quiet and stares creepily at the rude person until they feel uncomfortable: sans, oak, willow, coffee, pop, rust,
Doesn’t say anything, he just takes your hand and leaves with you: honey, wine, rythm, pluto, green, slim
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bigoltrashpile · 10 months ago
If asks aren’t open, you can just delete this! Have the guys ever dealt with human/monster trafficking? And what if they met their soulmate as one of the “wares”?
Oof, angsty!  And the guys don’t deal human/monster trafficking, they mostly just destroy the trafficking rings.  They’re monsters, but they’re not monsters, come on
Mafiatale Sans: He’s absolutely horrified.  He never thought he would ever have a soulmate, and now that he does, this is how he meets you?  Stars, you must have been through so much.  He tries his best to make you feel comfortable, both in general and just around him.  There’s no way you got out of this without some serious PTSD, so he’s very careful around you.
Mafiatale Papyrus: Obviously, he’s super excited to find you, but more than that, he’s heartbroken.  You’ve been so traumatized by all this, that’s terrible.  In the back of his mind, he’s a little worried that you might not ever want to be with him thanks to that.  Naturally, he cares more about you being comfortable than being with you, but it would still hurt to never be with his soulmate.
Mafiaswap Sans (Lucky): Honestly, he’s not sure if he wants to put you through any other relationships after what you’ve been through.  He doesn’t want to tell you what your connection to him is, so you don’t feel pressured into doing anything you’re uncomfortable with.  What kind of person would he be if he did that?
Mafiaswap Papyrus (Slim): For once, he feels like he’s...maybe a good match for you?  After all, he’s a soft, gentle person, maybe he’s good for you?  Of course, he isn’t going to force you into anything, he would never!  But if you do, he’s going to do everything he can to make you happy and comfortable again.
Mafiafell Sans (Butch): If he was feeling merciful towards the traffickers before, it’s all out the window now.  Every single one of them is going to die, gruesomely.  They’re going to get back every single bad thing they did to you.  When they’re all dead, he’s going to immediately try to comfort you, telling you that you don’t have to worry.  Nobody’s going to hurt you anymore.
Mafiafell Papyrus (Noir): He’s honestly never felt less worthy of someone in his life.  He’s awful, just like the people who did all these terrible things to you.  He’s truly a piece of shit.  He most likely won’t even tell you that you’re soulmates, because even though he really wants to be with you, he doesn’t want you to have to suffer being with him.
Mafiaswapfell Sans (Scar): Like Noir, he feels incredibly unworthy of you.  You deserve someone kind, and soft, like his brother.  Not him.  He’ll do his best to cut the soulmate bond, absolutely positive that you don’t want to be with him.  Please say something to stop him, or else he’s going to believe he’s unworthy of love for the rest of his life.
Mafiaswapfell Papyrus (Hound): His main thought (besides, “holy shit i have a soulmate”) is that you must be so scared of him right now.  After all, tall skeleton with a resting bitch face who just killed your captors?  He really should get out as soon as he can to make you more comfortable.  Even if you are soulmates, he’s sure that you’ll be happier without him.
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absurdmageart · a year ago
Tumblr media
For my friend @vampirezelda who wanted to see Flash (Mafiaswap Sans) a wee shirtless after I did that one of Caliber, so here he is! (Yes, Flash smokes, that’ll show up in his headcanons when I do them, as well as the tattoo)
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supa-yel · a year ago
Tumblr media
Ayee this Cinamon is donee!!!
His probably a bit of a play boy same as @lostmypotatoes 's wildwest Paps but a bit mysterious i should say, I'm not the great at making characters I just design them lol.
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ratsoh-writes · 4 months ago
What are the boys preference for spooning? Any switches? Big spoons? Little spoons?
Thank you for asking ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
How about spoons AND favorite cuddle positions
Sans: little spoon all the way. It’s also his preferred way to cuddle. Especially if his partner is taller. He just likes the feeling of being wrapped up tight.
Papyrus: big spoon! And when papyrus does cuddle, he prefers to be facing his partner with his hands free so he can mess with their hair.
Star: he’s a big spoon, and no he doesn’t care if he’s the short one. Star is the worst at cuddles but if you hit him tired enough, he would love to have you lie facing him with your head on his chest.
Honey: he’s a switch. As the king of cuddles, his favorite position is you in his lap so he can rest his head on your head or shoulder.
Red: he’s also a switch! Red likes it best when he’s laying his head on your thighs
Edge: another switch but leaning more towards big spoon. Edge doesn’t really have a favorite cuddle position, but he prefers one where he can see your face.
Mal: he’s a little spoon! And mal especially loves being spooned while his partner holds onto his waist.
Cash: he’s also a little spoon. Cash’s favorite way to cuddle is facing you with his face in your chest
Oak: he’s uncomfortable with anyone near the back of his head, so he’s strictly big spoon only. Oak loves just lying on top of his SOs and squishing them lol.
Willow: he’s also a big spoon! He’d rather have his partner face away but still close enough so he can mess with their hair.
Charm: he’s little spoon! And his favorite cuddle position is the same as cash. Face right in the chest
Sugar: he’s a switch! And sugar doesn’t really mind how he cuddles as long as there’s maximum contact
Lord: he’s a little spoon in denial. And once he’s comfortable enough with his SO, he likes sitting in their lap or curling up in their arms.
Mutt: he’s a switch! But mutt does prefer facing his partner. Especially if he’s close to their ears. He might just whisper something nice ;)
Wine: he’s also a switch! Both wine and coffee have a thing for hands. Wine likes holding his partners hand when he cuddles
Coffee: he’s a big spoon! And he loves curling up behind his partner while holding their hands
Pop: he’s also a big spoon. And he lives up to it by being the jet pack in bed. He’ll just latch in to his partners back and pass out. Until he starts sleepwalking that is
Rhythm: he’s a little spoon! And rhythm loves it when his partner tangled up their legs in his
Pluto: he’s a little spoon of course. Perfectly predictable. And his favorite position is getting rolled up in a blanket burrito then getting hugged by his SO
Jupiter: he’s a big spoon. He likes having his SO lay on his chest. If you fall asleep like that with him, you two are likely to start floating lol
Peaches: he’s a switch. And peaches doesn’t care how you cuddle as long as he gets to tuck his face under something like an arm or pillow
Rancher: he’s a big spoon. And rancher also likes it when his SO falls asleep on his chest.
G: he’s the little spoon! G just really loves the classic spoon where his partner holds him from behind
Green: he’s a switch! And green is fine with whatever as long as he gets to see his SOs face. He likes to stroke their cheeks
Snipe: he’s a big spoon. And when he holds his SO, he tends to hug them by the waist. After the hug, it’s pretty much guaranteed that snipe is asleep.
Bruiser: he’s a switch! And bruiser isn’t picky as long as his legs have room. They fall asleep easily.
Ace: he’s also a switch. And ace loves just facing his SO and holding them that way.
Slim: he’s the little spoon. If SO throws their arm over him, he’ll purr
Butch: he’s also the little spoon! Like red, butch lives resting his head in his partners lap.
Boss: he’s a big spoon. And boss likes hogging his SO from behind and resting his face in the crook of their neck. He might bite too ;)
Lilac: he’s a switch! And lilac is cool with any cuddle position as long as nothing is lying on top of him. He doesn’t like feeling pressed down
Basil: he’s also a switch. Like honey, basil loves just having his SO in his lap. He also has the best back of the horror papyri and won’t have any issues carrying SO around so he can prolong cuddle time
Rust: he’s still a switch, and rust enjoys laying on his SO and snuggling his face into their belly.
Noir: he’s a big spoon. He likes sitting up on the couch with his SO in one arm and a book in the other.
And here’s the 1-10 cuddle rating for each guy!
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