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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
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Light… Perhaps a Prince of Doom? Doom, in particular, concerned not just with Death, but his Modus Operandi, messing around with the Rules of the Death Note, and those of society itself? Could be. L… Probably Void. Maaaaage I want to say? Misa… Heart or Blood. Maybe a Knight?

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my half of an art trade with the extremely talented stale.goose! they don’t have tumblr (but they should totally get it), stale.goose is their instagram user so if you have that you should 100% follow them. these are their OCs named Myka and Orion!

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Small gift I made for my lovely @riisa_riisuje while having fun together. I really wanted to draw her sth since I didn’t finished painting I was making for her. Here you can see Hayden, problably flirting with some pretty girls. I adore him, he’s just great and his design is purrfect . Our little sunshine <3

We had so much fun together since she was visiting me <3 Also I was shocked since my friends prepared small surprise b-day party for me xD One of best weekends I had lately, I really wish you all to have friends like that <3

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A page from my comic. Ancient ruins! A mage! A knife! This page has got it all

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Knowing bullshit meta knowledge to avoid stuff or get the upper hand could be good. Imagine knowing you got plot shields and just going ham.

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Really though, Knower of Wealth? Stock Market, baby. Capitalism…

Or in all seriousness, there’s so many ways to go about it. Knower of Health. All sorts of Medical Expertise. Knower of Biology. Able to tell Weakspots in people to strike them? Knower of Animals. Beast and Plant Communion. There’s a lot of fun potential.

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I was going to work this evening, but my niece DEMANDED to play Mage (an rpg) with me, so instead I’m getting beat up in a weird magic car by a slightly high teenager who got a fake covid vaccine that was actually a magical fungal substance while my daughter (niece’s PC) is in the backseat

Fun times!

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Being able to read the way people are and getting good instinctual vibes from others is always good! Probably alongside being able to tell what people need, or what they THINK people need.

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Something I drew last night. Here’s a story that goes with it:

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The prompt ‘Dragon Mage’ won this week’s sketch poll. Felt like going with something fey dragon-y for it. >_>

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Magister Alerio Invidus

Father of Francesca and Florian

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Elaar Lavellan vs Dragons (aka give the poor inquisitor some vacations)

Weekend sketches!  Elaar really enjoys the high AFTER the dragon hunt, feeling alive and powerful. He does spent the entire fight wondering WHY is he doing this, he is a mage, a first, not a bloody hunter. But then Cassandra smiles at him after the fight and its worth almost dying for.

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