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apicturewithasmile · 3 minutes ago
You're definitely the Ben x Locke mutual
Oooooh that's a real honour tbh considering I've only been back on that bullshit since the beginning of the year.
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thethistlegirlwrites · 4 minutes ago
Hello, dear! You've been visited by the random character question fairy! :D ~☆
What are your character's flaws, and how do these flaws affect themselves and the people around them? Is your character conscious of these flaws and, if so, are they trying to better themselves?
Hello!!! I’ve got a lot of characters lately, but I think I’m going to do this for one of my favorite flawed characters I’ve ever written, John Stoker, from Magic & Silver.
John is capable of becoming very deeply entrenched in his ways and his mindset. While this is part of the reason he's intensely loyal, it also means he’s very resistant to change, and once he forms an opinion about something or someone it is very hard to show him another perspective. 
This flaw most obviously affects his relationship with his teammate Robin. Robin is fae, which causes tension between them since John believes, based on a past experience, that fae are selfish and untrustworthy. Even when presented with plenty of evidence that this is not true of Robin, John continues to keep him at arms length, which results in the opportunity for Robin to be kidnapped by an enemy. 
John is aware that he’s stubborn, but until he sees how terribly his mindset and opinions hurt Robin, he doesn’t see a need to change. After that, though, he actively works to overcome his usual reactions to situations, and to try to see things from more than just his own, limited, perspective.
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justanotherpersonsuniverse · 12 minutes ago
Om au
Alix breaks her leg and is still in drugged up in the hospital the next day cause some armature reset it wrong.
At school Chloe is slowly becoming loopy and after awhile she starts to complain about her leg hurting. The current class period ends and Chloe's still sitting there so Alya checks up on her.
Alya: "Hey you okay?"
Chloe: "My thingy hurts."
Alya: "What hurts? Are you okay?"
Chloe: "Legsms."
Alya: "Oh."
So Alya steals Juleka as their classmates head to lunch. Juleka carries Chloe to a bench, but whilebeing carried, Chloe falls asleep. When she wakes up she looks around feeling like as lost puppy as she asks where Alix is. Then they have to remind her about what happened and Sabrina and Aurore show up with everyone's lunches. They eat together, sending an apology text to the ones they normally sit with.
After school they go see Alix who got released only a little while ago. Every leaves a little earlier than planned so Chloe could cuddle with Alix
Chloe’s a very worried werewolf,, poor girl
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latanadellorco · 12 minutes ago
Jack in the Box
Jack in the Box
THE JACK IN THE BOXUK – 2019 cast: Ethan Taylor – Lucy-Jane Quinlan – Robert Nairme – Philip Ridout – Darrie Gardner regia: Lawrence Fowlersoggetto e sceneggiatura: Lawrence Fowlerfotografia: Cameron Brysonmusica: Cristoph Allerstofer durata: 89 min. STREAMINGDVD VIDEO   VALUTAZIONE: PROLOGO: un ignoto vecchio contadino/fattore inglese scavando (per ignoti motivi) in uno sperduto (ed ignoto)…
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wimsiecal · 14 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Hey, look! It's @toonmaina !! Ain't she cute? 😁💕
I wanted to draw her because well... I think she's cute! 🤣
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the-ashen-gm · 20 minutes ago
Improvising Spells in D&D 5e: a quick draft of what a flexible spellcasting system might look like
The following is just a quick idea of what this might look like. Maybe it could be a feat, or an optional feature of sorcerers? 
Improvised Spellcasting. You can improvise a magical effect if you have the Spellcasting or Pact Magic feature and at least one spell slot of 1st level or higher. 
To improvise a magical effect, choose an effect comparable to a spell you already know in terms of range, effect, and scale. For example, the magic missile spell has a range of 120 feet, has the effect of dealing force damage, and the scale of dealing 1d4+1 damage per dart to up to 3 creatures. An improvised effect similar to this spell might be to create three glowing darts of magical light that stick to a surface that they touch, creating a 5-foot radius of light for 1d4+1 rounds. 
To create the effect, expend a spell slot one level higher than the one needed for the base effect (in this case, a 2nd-level spell slot is needed to improvise an effect from the 1st-level spell magic missile) and make an ability check using your spellcasting ability score modifier. The check must be either Intelligence (Arcana), Wisdom (Insight), or Charisma (Performance). The DC is 12 + the level of the spell slot expended.
On a successful check, the desired effect occurs. On a failed check, the desired effect occurs but also triggers a wild magic surge (as per the PHB on page 104 or a wild magic table of your choice). At the DM’s option, the wild magic surge may be replaced by the desired spell effect itself being twisted into something unexpected or undesirable. 
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hyrule-kingdom-updates · 22 minutes ago
heyheyhey ooc but this has been in my mind lately?? what do u think of the botw/aoc/zelda gerudo designs? like, racist/culturally sensitive much?? like bruh i can’t- or if u could go like, fuck nintendo over about how bad the designs are would u??
Very bad, but unfortunately Nintendo has a history of racism integreated in their lore and designs, not just for the Gerudo but in general.
Fortunately, designs don’t impact writing very much so you can just imagine Urbosa in one of those fanmade redesigns. Now all that’s left is to fix the lore. Sure do wish someone would address the Sheikah race as being subserviant to the royal family from a negative angle...
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brightwoodacads · 24 minutes ago
Tumblr media
@BRIGHTWOODHQ is a 21+ supernatural kink academy rp with two kinds of characters that are looking for their soulmates: those known as Guarded, each possessing one special power and the Guardians who were born to guard them.
Upon finding their bond, Guardians are sworn to both protect and serve their Guarded, and the pair are mated forevermore as soulmates. Guardians and Guarded do not know who it is they are destined to bond with when they meet, those bonds are not revealed until a Guardian is put into a position to protect or defend their intended Guarded. This made it difficult to form pairs, and the process of finding who was meant for whom became tedious. So, an entity that governs the world known as The Council formulated a plan, a way to gather all un-bonded Guardians and Guarded in one place, to make it easier for all to find their intended mates.
                                Thus, Brightwood Academy was opened.
This year, a few seemingly random events have taken place that have left everyone wondering just how long they'll be safe at Brightwood. The Guarded have already been threatened, an attack could happen at any moment.
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modernelemental · 29 minutes ago
Queer Witch for Hire
I'm disabled, I'm queer, I'm poor, I do weird magic on the internet.
Custom spells akin to those on my blog (emoji spells, image spells)
Rituals/spells performed on your behalf
Counterspells and countercurses
Custom rituals designed for you to perform
Playing card tarot
Prices start at $3 and are adjusted according to the request made. My ko-fi is here. Thank you and be well.
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Gallus: My taste in girls?
Gallus: (gestures to Smolder and Yona) Powerful.
Gallus: (gestures to Silverstream and Swift Foot) Elegant.
Gallus: (gestures to Ocellus) Intelligent.
Gallus: My taste in guys?
Gallus: (gestures to Sandbar... who’s choking on a Cheeto) That, apparently...
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curious2know1-original · 32 minutes ago
Tumblr media
To think of him in the middle of the day lifts me out of ordinary living.
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darkestdawnpromos · 32 minutes ago
Tumblr media
All witches and wizards residing in the United Kingdom have been assigned a code. The success of this code system is of the upmost importance in order to maintain peace and strength in our community as well as preserve our future. Your code is a reflection of your values and commitment to all witches and wizards. Good behaviour is necessary to be awarded access to the benefits of a lower code. It is our commitment to you to continue to keep our community safe. There are some out there who do not value the truth and therefore would rather create fear and war amongst us. Where others have failed you previously, our new leadership under Orion Black is committed to you.
Darkest Dawn is a new literate, character and plot driven roleplay set in the era of the marauders. We are an AU set in 1981, three years following the marauders' graduation from Hogwarts. We are centered around the end of the first Wizarding war where Voldemort and his followers have won and Orion Black has just been appointed Minister of Magic. The Order of the Phoenix is currently scattered and without leadership. Please check out our full plot as well as our character masterlist to see who is open!
Click the source link for our main
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adioslele · 33 minutes ago
The inspiration for au!Sapnap's power came from two different lesbians in two different book series and I think that's real cool of him
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roleplaygateway · 37 minutes ago
StorminJericho, writing in Titan's Fall, a part of The Abyssal Paradox:
The world swirled and yanked around at dizzying angles, which was to say that the world tittered back and forth like a particularly bad video glitch. J-3's vision blurred as they were shook about, and it took a short time to readjust to the shaking. J-3 snarled as ink pulsed in the head they had formed, their skull becoming flabby and loose as Aegis' hands continued to thrash them. After a moment, with their head looking like that of an octopus, things began to change. Pressure built, and built, and built, and then built some more. By the time Aegis had yet any moment to glance at them, J-3's skull exploded with a fire-cracker bang. The sound was deafening in close proximity, and the spray of viscera and gore that subsequently covered Aegis' face as a horrid sight. And stench. The worst smells that J-3 could bring to bear were released with violence. The stench of dead flesh, mixed with the horrid smell of a skunk multiplied by excess, and the pustular reek of diseased blood; and it all splattered against Aegis and the wall of light behind him. They ripped themselves free from Aegis' grasp, bodily yanking themselves in the direction of Raudd with a screech of indignation. Fist-fulls of their flesh and chitin hanging in the super's grasp as they twitched away. Their voice popped into being as a newly formed- vaguely humanoid- head took shape on their shoulders. "I will NOT be contained! I am NOT your food!" They shrieked in return, claws and tail flailing back into motion as they slammed themselves violently into the dome surrounding them. The rage had quickly faded by now, and the fear of being contained yet again had set in. Panic was what fueled them to scrabble across the ground and walls of light of the dome, saltwater yet still pouring from their body as it began to pool on the ground. Their head snapped around wildly, eyeless and yet taking in the nearly blinding light of the dome and of Aegis' and Raudd. "You can't keep me here forever! You won't keep me here! I'll get free! I'll take you to oblivion if I have to!" They screeched. At this, a wave of ink pulsed across their form. They abruptly shrank as the wave vanished, standing at only four feet or so tall, though their shape didn't change in the slightest. Water continued to pour from them by the gallon, slowly raising the level that was beginning to form within the dome. They would drown their captors before being held here, and if the big-one couldn't be hurt in a way that mattered, then he would drown for his persistence. Raudd found himself suddenly bearing the weight of J-3's smaller form on his back, their claws dug in some before they launched themselves at the ceiling of the dome. When that changed nothing about their situation, they returned to bouncing around like the worlds most vicious, moist, pinball. Occasionally they swiped at Raudd, and throughout it all, built up pressure in a sac that sat just under the chitin of their chest.
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justanotherpersonsuniverse · 40 minutes ago
OM: *Chloe past out on a bench after gym class cuz she couldn't sleep last night*
*class worried but don't have the guts to wake her up in fear of her lashing out*
*alya coming back from changing and seeing her laying there*
*she just frowns and goes to wake her up*
*class terrified for her but instead of seeing a angry Chloe they witness a sleepy calm child waking up and following alya to the class*
Class (minus the gang): :0
Alya just flips on the big sister mode
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pinch-of-nettle · 41 minutes ago
Nothing super important. It's just that I've been interested in becoming a witch for a while now, but my family is super conservative and would definitely have a problem with me becoming one. And everything I've found on witchcraft involves so much physical stuff, and there is no way I could bring any of it into the house without them finding out.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
First, anon no need to apologize. Your observation is not off base and even if it was I am always happy to answer questions.
So, I know for a fact that you are not alone in this sort of family situation. There are many witches who practice on the down low because their house hold (parents, family) wouldn't approve.
This is just an opinion that I have formed from my years practicing, but my simple answer to your question is: no, you do not need special tools to be a witch.
Complex answer?
It's been my experience that magic and the energies of the world and universe are all around us. It's there, crystals/wands/candles/alters or no. You don't even need rituals to tap into this energy.
Tool and rituals are used for a reason.
They make it easier
They offer protection
It's been my experience that all a witch needs to practice and cast spells is a strong will and a heap load of clear intention. Tools like candles and crystals and even plants offer their own energies, and they help focus and direct a witches efforts. They make manifestation easier because they are physical objects with specific properties. Do you "need" them? No. They just help.
Another reason witches use tools is because magic (no matter how you spell it or what you call it) is so much bigger than us. We all have our own power and it's not insignificant, but when you begin to practice and intentionally interact with the supernatural, it's like stepping into an ocean. And a witches tools act as flotation devices of sorts. Magic and the energies of the universe are neither "good" or "bad", positive or negative, it just is. To dive in without any sort of protection is foolish. Now, again, you don't need physical tools to create a safety net. Wards, spells, and cleansing rituals can all be done without items. But like I said earlier tools help.
You don't need anything other then yourself to be a witch.
But if my above ramble has made you a bit disheartened, I have good news: anything can be a witches tool.
You don't need anything overtly witchy, and I'm willing to bet there is a lot of stuff already in your house that you can utilize without drawing suspicion. The table salt, egg shells, paints, markers, notebook paper, that cool rock you found on your morning walk, a teacup and spoon, bits of string. Want to pray to a patron god that isn't the christian one? Make a nightly prayer like you would and just don't correct people if they assume. That is between you and the divine, and is no one's business but your own. Giving thanks at a meal for the food and drink? That's witchy as fuck my friend.
You don't need anything but yourself to cast a protection circle, and meditation is an excellent way to connect to the energies around us.
My point is, a witches tools are tools because we say so. What those tools are is up to you.
Hope this answers your question, and feel free to ask me anything any time!
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pcrish · 42 minutes ago
alas... i’m finally done with the bios. so to celebrate, like this if you’d like a starter, a reply to one of your open starters, and/or a few ask memes sent your way from any of my muses! please specify muse(s) that interest you, otherwise i’ll pick at random.
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irisofink · 44 minutes ago
Guys, I'm still feeling warm. I'm in bed- not shivering. Even my toes aren't frozen.
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