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Shit to Watch Out For If You're Interested in Magic:
The Rites Are The Rites - Closed practices are closed for a reason. Open practices are open for a reason. Learn those reasons. The history of magic is a messy and complicated thing, but learning will only enrich you. Remember, it is possible to learn about things without participating.
Magic Does Not Require Blood, Money, or Cruelty - Rarely, people will encourage unsanitary or dangerous practices. Don't get tetanus. Don't eat poisonous herbs. Bleeding and sickness are not necessary for magic. Be extremely wary of anyone who crosses established boundaries to ask for money, items, or services. Magic does not require money. Sometimes people are just bigoted assholes. Even if their information is good, you can likely get it from someone who isn't an asshole. Magic does not require cruelty.
Disease Is Not Occult - Your physical, mental, and psychological illnesses are not a gift from the gods. Magic cannot cure them. Take your meds. Listen to your doctor. If something about your practice fucks with your physical or mental health, stop immediately. No spell or religion is worth your physical and/or mental health. There Are Gates, But No Keepers - Magic requires study, practice, and preparation. Its called a practice for a reason. There are best practices, common protocols, and traditions to be respected, but almost nothing is inherently required for magic. There are no deities or spirits you are required to contact, no drugs you are required to take, no books you are required to read.
The Paths Are Myriad - There is no "one path" or "true magic." Be wary of anyone proclaiming their ideas to be the One True Way forwards. Many rules are generally held by practitioners of all stripes, but very very few thing could be called universal. Paths twist and cross, none are inherently superior to another. Additionally, gods and spirits are not people, and summoners are not journalists. Personal conversations with deities are not a primary source.
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spwarkles · 2 days ago
I know that Arthur didn’t actually know about Merlin’s magic, because his reaction to finding out in the final episodes makes it clear that it caught him off guard.
But then there are scenes like the “there can be no place for magic in camelot” scene, where you just have to think… he knows. At least on some level, maybe even subconsciously, Arthur knows. Because he looks at Merlin, looks him dead in the eye while Merlin is saying that magic is evil, and he says “maybe my father was wrong, maybe the old ways aren’t as evil as we thought.” And Merlin is crying, and he’s trying to hide it but it’s still obvious and Arthur is just watching him, waiting for an answer.
And then, in what is a defining moment for Merlin and Arthur’s relationship, whether you view it as romantic or platonic or what, he asks “what should we do?” Not “what should I do?”
What should we do?
He’s putting himself on equal footing with Merlin; or, really, putting Merlin on equal footing with himself. He’s no longer simply asking for Merlin’s advice. He is trusting Merlin to make a decision.
And you can tell what he thinks Merlin will say. “Magic will reign in Camelot once more. Is that what you want?” Because throughout the show, Merlin has been a staunch defender of magic. He has openly sympathized with druids, played a hand in saving sorcerers from the pyre, and argued with Arthur about how not all magic could possibly be evil. So Arthur, of course, thinks that Merlin will tell him to legalize magic, save Mordred.
And instead, Arthur watches Merlin cry and say “there can be no place for magic in Camelot.” And the way that Arthur looks at him, it’s so clear, that he knows.
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violet-the-witch · 19 hours ago
Since I read “your future does not lie ahead of you, it lies inside of you” on a bookmark, I’ve been a lot less worried about the future tbh
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whumpadventureprompts · 2 days ago
When Whumpee has nightmares or flashbacks they uncontrollably broadcast what they’re seeing and feeling into the minds of those around them.
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There's Magic in Cities Too
                I think we often think about magic as belonging deep in the forest, amongst fae and fairies or lost within lochs, country-sides, oceans, little towns with mysterious people. However, I would argue that magic exists everywhere, even in the largest of cities, and after living in cities myself and visiting plenty of others, I’d like to share with you where I see magic the most.
In the reflection of lights/neon against wet pavement
In the groups of people standing outside of restaurants or pubs, huddling together to preserve heat as the sun goes down
In the earliest mornings where only a few lights are on in the apartments around you—the sleeping city
When church bells ring through the window during a morning shower
Around the holidays when balconies are done up in Christmas lights, buildings turned into decorations
During events, when fireworks explode high over the skyscrapers
Across the water, a distant city where the glow is brighter than anything else across the landscape
In the used bookstores and small cafes, where screenwriters and editors diligently work away on their projects
On the train, watching the city quickly pass outside the window, the rest of the world faded away into a blur
In the little plant in my neighbor’s window, or her cat sitting on the windowsill, looking out
In the loud group passing down the sidewalk on a Friday night
Amongst the community gardens—the groups built out of likeminded people in a big population
In the windows across from mine, watching movies or TV or sharing a meal with family late into the night
In sitting on the bus, surrounded by a variety of different languages all talking around you
In all of us, living in our own little spaces but connected through the space and time we share with each other.
Let me know where you look to find magic, or any magical cities you know of!
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Tumblr media
Crochet Magic Mushroom Granny Square Pattern
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zhjake · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
orcs doing magic you love to see it
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Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio 🌕♏︎
Astro News
May 16th
Expression: Ruler:
Emotions Pluto
Element: Degree:
Water 25°18'
Source astromatrix.com
Tumblr media
The upcoming Scorpio Full Moon (aka flower blood moon) Lunar Eclipse has us knee-deep in Eclipse Season. This one is particularly intense, what with the Moon in the sign of her ‘fall’, and the Eclipse itself being at a degree very close to the ‘demon star’, Algol. Is there a way out of this madness?
Happening close to midnight and being a total Eclipse, the only way out is through. Avoiding, escaping or burying our heads in the sand simply won’t serve our highest evolution. It could be tempting to run and hide, seeing as the ancient, traditional ruler of Scorpio – Mars – locked into a conjunction with Neptune. But perhaps we could use this to our advantage: we could look at ways in which we can heal, forgive and find deep compassion. Singing, dancing, praying, meditating and dreaming are useful pastimes to utilize during this brief period of darkness.
Eclipses themselves generally have a heavy feel. This is because the light from the Sun – symbolizing consciousness – is being, quite literally, blocked out. We are plunged into our unconscious, making it very easy for very old traumas and hurts to surface. This process indicates what we have not yet healed. Our soul’s karma is often a theme during Eclipses, so it can be extremely useful if we observe with curiosity what arises instead of being in a space of judgment.
Practically speaking, this Eclipse is linked to Saturn in a tight square. This indicates limitation, restrictions and responsibilities, perhaps to do with our relationships, values, or even our material situations. There’s a release to be had, but we need to look carefully at the fears and insecurities holding us back before we feel ready to let go. This could also be a time of tightening the reins. Saturn is putting in a very hard ‘no’, and sometimes, we simply have to accept what cannot be. This brings growth, maturity and understanding that we can’t always have what we want.
Another aspect to note at this Eclipse is the proximity of Uranus. Uranus is about freeing ourselves of said limitations, being the planet of rebellion, liberation and unexpected change. Thus, there is a ‘way out’ of Saturn’s noose, but it might not fully be in our own control.
A final word on this Lunar Eclipse is that we may, collectively, be more tired and exhausted than usual. Eclipses can be draining, and this one asks that we find a source of water, whether it’s an ocean or simply a long bath or shower, to cleanse ourselves and find calm. This can help us be ready for the accelerated changes and endings that Lunar Eclipses so often bring.
Tumblr media
via @inkindofmagic
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Wanda Maximoff/Billy Maximoff
Pietro and Tommy comparison is found 👉🏼 pietro/tommy
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pondering-the-kaiju · 2 days ago
I’m sure most of you know this already, but just in case anyone needs to hear it... If someone claims that the stuff they’re teaching comes from someone in some geologically remote region, who cannot be reached for comment and has no verified materials you can check out for yourself, that’s a red flag. “Oh yeah the stuff I’m teaching totally came from this guy in this faraway land I visited” is a bullshit tactic that’s been around for centuries now. There are variations on this trick, like “this guy came and taught me before vanishing forever” and “I’m still in contact with this guy but he’s unavailable for... reasons.” Another red flag is when somebody claims they’re here to teach you the truth of our history, then treat that kind of thing as if it’s initiatory knowledge. Historical facts that concern everyone should be available to, well, everyone. (We don’t expect people to be initiated into a special tradition to learn the history of Rome, for example.) If they’re doing this, it’s because they’re trying to get you to make a commitment to their personal cult. If someone demeans or insults you when you ask for something you can actually verify, that’s a red flag. It can come in the form of saying things like “I’m not here to entertain you” or “you expect to be just handed all of this stuff?” (If it’s supposed to be a matter of world history, you bet I do! World history is something everyone is entitled to.) Basically, if they’ll do anything to avoid giving you anything you can actually verify, despite insisting they have a Very Important Truth You Ought To Know About Right Now, that’s a red flag. Now conversely, just because someone gives you something you can verify doesn’t mean they’re teaching you actual objective truths, either. If you get something you can verify, you have to go through the process of actually verifying it. So yeah, be careful out there, and watch out for people making big claims without providing any real evidence or anything you can actually verify. You are always entitled to seeing actual evidence and being allowed to verify people’s claims before making up your mind on things that affect your life.
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Its Golgari time! Depicted in the colors green and black is life and death. These dice are inspired by the Golgari guild from Magic. Sometimes a sacrifice is necessary to feed the swarm...so stay vigilant!
These dice are still raw and need some sanding and inking.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Calvary's Knight advanced by 88grzes
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reginarubie · a day ago
Sansa month 2022, day 16 ~ magic
Tumblr media
So there is magic beyond the Wall after all. He found himself thinking of his sisters, perhaps because he'd dreamed of them last night. Sansa would call this an enchantment, and tears would fill her eyes at the wonder of it. — Jon III, ACOK
Tumblr media
The northern girl. Winterfell's daughter. We heard she killed the king with a spell, and afterward changed into a wolf with big leather wings like a bat, and flew out a tower window. But she left the dwarf behind and Cersei means to have his head." (...) That's stupid, Arya thought. Sansa only knows songs, not spells — Arya XIII, ASOS
Behold, the magic of Sansa Stark (allegedly accused of bullying her half brother, Jon Snow, and her sister, Arya Stark) managing to be associated to music, and sweetness and magic by her bother and sister. — she cannot have killed Joffrey, she's too sweet to have done so, knows only songs (— Arya Stark); oh look, there's magic here, Sansa would be in wonder of it (—Jon Snow).
Sarcasm aside:
In art, music, magic, trade, all that makes us more than beasts (...) — Daenerys III, ADWD
Music and magic are tightly interwoven, spells are often chanted (and it happens even in the span of the books — Mirri chants as she does her spells; Mel chants when she does her spells and her prayers; the prayers are often done in chants and we all know that Sansa's wishes and prayers somehow comes true). And with LF consideration that a harp can be as deadly as a dagger in the right hands...
... music is magic and magic is music, they are very interwoven as they were in the real history; and this can also be considered so for the simple reason that creating music is an act of creation of emotions and melodies and if there is one thing that Sansa Stark is, it's a creator. She knows how to play the bells, she wanted to learn how to play the harp, she knows how to sew and compose poetry and sing, all acts of creation, most of which connected with music and in history of mankind music and chants have always been connected to magic.
Sansa lost her connection to the old magic all Starks seems to be drawn to very early when she lost Lady, but not everything is lost, she keeps dreaming of Lady and her wishes and prayers do come true; maybe her magic is softer... and maybe it's also not magic at all but that of someone capable of working magic, someone capable of inspiring loyalty and empathy in others even in horrible circumstances (there are some instances in which people try to comfort Sansa even during her stay in KL, even if it's a poor excuse for them not acting), capable of acting de facto Lady of the Eyrie while posing as a bastard and yet managing to not be opposed by the lords and ladies who don't like the man they think it's her father. That's working magic in a way.
So, imo, wether Sansa has still some magical residual abilities or it's simply her capacity to create lasting emotions in the people around her and thus learning to create something solid between them to move forward (get people to work together), Sansa is soft magic. As opposed to blood magic, dark sorcery and aggressiveness as a method of creation, that we see in the books.
And thus, something my grandad used to say come to mind ‘you don't have to be a volcano, you can and should be the tree. There is dignity and honour in being a tree and magic is surviving the wind and offering shelter to those who come under your fronds to seek refuge just as much as annihilating those who would hurt you’, and I think this fits Sansa and her brand of magic and softly wielded capability of creation.
Sansamonth2022, day 16 ~ magic
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pratchettquotes · 2 days ago
"But...but...but think of the things we could learn here!" said Ponder. "The possibilities are breathtaking! At last there's a god who's actually got the right idea! At last we can get some answers to all the important questions! We could...we can...Look, we can't just go. I mean, not go! I mean...we're wizards, aren't we?" He was aware that he had their full attention, something that wizards did not often give. Usually they defined "listening" as a period in which you worked out what you were going to say next. It was disconcerting.
Then the spell broke. The Senior Wrangler shook his head. "Curious way of looking at things," he said, turning away. "So...I vote we take plenty of those cheese nuts, Archchancellor."
Terry Pratchett, The Last Continent
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theriu · a day ago
As some magic curses are broken by saying a specific word or phrase, wizards and such start picking more and more random words and phrases unrelated to the spell whatsoever. A line of magical hackers develops who break into spells that are increasingly password protected.
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zorlok-if · 11 hours ago
So if magic can't do things permanently what does that mean? Is everything magic does temporary? Is there a way to do things permanently?
Referencing the scene under the cut in this post.
All magical effects are temporary or require some kind of maintenance where the magic is renewed. For example, a magic ritual to summon a demon only opens a portal for a limited time and requires material components, arcane knowledge, and other forms of spellcraft to work. But, even with all of that, the portal will close (and rather quickly). In order to keep that rift open, a magician would have to constantly be maintaining it and channeling power through themself into the portal (takes a physical toll over time, so it cannot be done by one person indefinitely).
In a way, arcane power is like an instrument and magic is music. You have to know how to play the instrument to make music and the quality of the music produced depends on the skill of the musician. But when the musician sets the instrument down, the music stops.
There is a way to make things permanent and that is through alchemy. Magic bends the laws of reality, alchemy fully (and irreparably) breaks them. Alchemy is forbidden in most worlds and for good reason. It's uncontrollable and by its very nature unknowable. Skilled magicians know exactly what will happen when they cast a spell and why it happens. Even the most skilled alchemists rely entirely on guess work. There is no certainty with alchemy which makes it inherently dangerous and once something is done, it cannot be undone.
"No, uh uh. Get that shit out of here. I don't fuck with alchemy. You hear me?" - Harlow Mars
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kamala-laxman · 2 days ago
Love is cure. Love is power. Love is the magic of changes. Love is the mirror of divine beauty.   Rumi
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