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‘Dark Feather-Skull’ and 'Captain Frozen-Petal’

The korax and kapra heroes. They’re room mates in My Dino Hero Academy, with wind and ice powers respectively.
Maybe rivals to Lightningale and FrostBat.

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A Dog Heart in a Salt Jar

A dog is an animal with full of history in our human world. So, I as a magic person, is going to have a little experiment concerning putting a dog’s heart in a salt jar.

The salt jar is to draw all the moisture from the heart, and the heart is to ofcourse be a heart. I’ll invoke the spirit of the dog and a dog lord spirit, which will likely I be referreing them as a Dog Lord. Fumigations and consecration aswell as offerings. Offerings will be given every two weeks, offerings such as animal meat, animal meat and animal meat will be used.

The salt can be used in numerous workings. Mix a teaspoon and rose petals then boil till you sure it wont give anyone disease and add sugar will make a love potion that could cause someone to love you like how a sweet dog would ofc with prior consecration for impact. Sprinkle dog salt in a bird nest and put it near the home of your enemy and they will suffer as those bird chirps turns to barks. The whole contraption can be a familiar and a one that you can use as a fetch. You can also create a talisman by putting iron nails in a satchet with dog salt and feed with war water. So much things you can do its amazing, all planetary workings can be made with them aswell. You can put dog salt in a satchet with gold and money so they can fetch them for you. Listing the ones on the top of my head I can see the usefulness of a dog’s heart and thats kinda cute tbh.

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6 June 2020

US Protests Continue: Confederation Announces Plans For Involvement

The protests in the US (Muggles are protesting police brutality, Wizards are protesting pro-Muggle legislation) have reached the point that the International Confederation of Wizards will be forced to interfere.

Says Supreme Mugwump Lilith Taylor, “While the International Confederation of Wizards is in agreement with the Black Lives Matter Movement, the anti-Muggle protests are against what the Confederation stands for. If you want to protest police brutality, feel free. If you want to protest the existence of Muggles, go home.”

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I am such a sucker for that trope where Person A has supernatural powers that they’ve been hiding, fearing that they’re a monster. And A is having an argument with their loved one, Person B, and eventually it reaches a point where A lashes out, their powers emanating outward from them in a violent arc, possibly even causing minor injury to B. And B looks at A in shock/horror, and A looks horrified at what they’ve done. A may or may not whisper an apology or an “I didn’t want you to find out like this” before running in the opposite direction, subconsciously using their powers to make obstacles so B won’t follow.

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@hypereactive another snart-verse snippet

An ethercall from work had sent the ghost of Great-Aunt Mirthil into a frenzy. It was the perfect backdrop to my illusocall with Great-Aunt Roswella, given that I was trying to convince her to let me have Great-Aunt Mirthil exorcised.

Great-Aunt Roswella was a wonderfully practical woman. She had loved her sister Mirthil dearly when Mirthil was alive, but if I could prove that Mirthil’s ghost had lost her unearthly marbles I would have no obstacles to removing her from the mortal plane.

That’s the thing with ghosts. Once the mind goes, well.

One day they’re ranting and raving, the next they’re possessing politicians and causing enormous amounts of property damage. Better to be safe than sorry. Better to get rid of them.

If I could get Great-Aunt Roswella’s approval to exorcise her dearly departed sister, then I’d have this whole big house to myself. It would be great. I was looking forward to it.

Great-Aunt Mirthil shrieked something about newts and rushed through a wall. I’d have to get the wiring checked later.

Great-Aunt Roswella sighed deeply through her great hooked nose. “Well. I suppose it can’t be helped.”

I sat forward eagerly, pasting a deeply worried look on my face. “Great-Aunt Roswella?”

Great-Aunt Mirthil conveniently shrieked through again. I made a note to get the whole house checked when she was gone.

Great-Aunt Roswella looked resolutely down her nose at me. “If it must be done,” she said, “then do it, but trouble me no more about it.”

“Yes, great-aunty.”

“Use Laughing Jack’s services. He’ll make it quick and clean.”

“Yes, great-aunty.”

Great-Aunt Mirthil made a another pass through. Great-Aunt Roswella closed her eyes and pursed her lips.

I felt a little sorry for her. She really did love her sister.

“Goodbye.” Great-Aunt Roswella said, teeth gritted.

“Goodbye, great-aunty… I’m sorry.”

She nodded sharply at me, and ended the call.

I picked up my phone.

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Blinking bewilderedly, you could only stare up in silence as you tried to process what you were seeing before you, and how the hell you had ended up in this situation, though your mind continued to come up blank.

You were pretty damn sure there hadn’t been a fucking lion in your room when you had gone to sleep.

As the strangely awkward silence dragged on however, you started to pick up on little things you hadn’t noticed at first glance, things that pointed towards this very much not, being a lion. Although, considering the fact its face was inches from your own as it stood over your previously sleeping form, you figured you could probably be forgiven for the brief misconception.

At least it didn’t seem to be aggressive.

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Based on a strange dream that I had;

“Orange Juice leads to Magic School Fight-!!”

In this dream i was Eelectron the electric exohero, and i was going to school with the Lizard Wizard [tech obsessed bad guy].

Wizard said it’d be fun if we filled the swimming pool with orange juice and i didn’t question it, just helped her.

After the fact i wondered if we [as fish people] could breathe in that orange pool… if there were any fish people living in that section of the campus they might have temporarily lost their homes or even drowned…

Word got to the principal [who’s a big bad Spinosaurus] and the only way outta getting outright expelled was if i or a relative can defeat Spino in an arena fight so i elected my T-rex brother-in-law.

And they fought with fire and ice powers, throwing fireballs and ice beams until eventually T-rex charged and slipped on ice and slammed into the wall and got frozen stuck to it.

Bye-bye scholarship…

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Apparently when I have to confess to studying magic, I call it religious history.

Them: “What are you reading there? Is it any good?”

Me: “Religious history. Not really.”

No more questions asked. And if they were asked, I can prattle on about the cultural tension in regions that had recently converted from Catholicism to Protestantism.

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