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4 youngest vs oldest: on the left the youngest of the group, Vinnesstra, aka Vinny. She is a 14 year old half-elf at the start of the story. The bastard daughter of Empress Danea of Rowiter, she was given to the church at a young age to cover for the affair. She was trained to be a Seeker, a magic wielding agent of the church that seeks out potential Gaurdians( More in a different post lol) This is how she hears about the prophecy and seeks out Andromeda, who is also her half-sister. She is shy and enjoys her alone time, and can be quite irrational(to be expected she is young).

Then the oldest of the group, Levin, a 19 year old Dragon Kind( also for another post) he is stern and responsible, and often doesn’t take time for himself or others. Being a Dragon Kind, he never had a set home, and was often on the move. He eventually joins the Farris Military around the age of 16, to find some purpose, and devotes his life to doing good. Which is why, 3 years later, he joins up with the first attempt at the crusade against Dalowin.

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Quarentine blog day 215


Lost in the mists, there is a place

Set far away, from the troubles of the world

An island that can only be found

By those who do not

Search for it.

The fast pace of life, seems so far away

Here where nature holds sway

No sound of machines

No blight of industry

Can be seen or heard

Amongst the forests

And rolling hills

For here does modernity not exist

Here where winter has no power.

Magic? Maybe

But none can deny

The gentle breeze

The sound of birds

And the quiet babble of streams

Does much to ease the mind

And allows the soul

To rest and relax.

And among those seeking solace

In the perpetual spring

Is a king from another age

Who sleeps ever on

Until the day

That his people once more

Need their king.

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TW: abuse, death

Reserved and aloof, many have forsaken themselves trying to understand Evangeline Selwyn’s infuriating air of mystery. Dreams stolen by stars, they are the cold uncertain turn of the tide highlighted in the glittering silver of the moon. Born to callous people, the Selwyn’s cared less about their children and more about the legacy and image that they were leaving behind. Notorious for being volatile, it was only to be expected for a family that was rumored to hold the air loom of none other than Salazar Slytherin himself. Harbouring sinister secrets, happiness was never something found within the Selwyn manor. Growing up in Bedfordshire, England, there was no doubt in the Sacred Twenty-Eight community that the Selwyn’s were purists. Holding a snobbery towards muggles deeming them less than, no one could match their ranks and no one dared tried. One of the most powerful and noteworthy families in the country, the lineage was filled with atrocities better left as hidden secrets uttered by skeletons at the backs of locked closets. House elves tormented and repeatedly mistreated by their father, Eva was one of the few in their household that held empathy. Not seeing the world as strictly black and white, they saw the souls behind their father’s critiques and disgust. Creeping out of bed to offer a kind word to patch up the pain her father inflicted was common, among those was her brother EDRICK who was a frequent victim of their fathers abuse. 

Walking into the Selwyn manor was like walking into a viper pit. Each as manipulative and deadly as the next; the family were known for holding power in the ministry and using it to their advantage. With their father HARRELSON working in the International Confederation of Wizards, their mother SAFFRON acted as a crowning gem on his arm. Charming exteriors hid their calculating and deceitful natures, secretively pulling strings as if skilled puppeteers to turn the tide in their favor. Toying with those they deemed inferior, they thrived on the power held in belittling others. With bitter distaste for anyone challenging traditionalist views, the couple forced sorcerers to conform and bend under their whim; disposing discreetly of anyone who dared not comply. Eva turned a blind eye. Knowing it was better to be withdrawn than to partake in the nightmares she could only imagine her father created outside of the walls of their manor. Compared to her brother who grew to mimic their father’s behaviors, Eva grew inwardly. Typically a loner, Eva developed a distaste for people especially those among the Twenty-Eight who cared more for appearances than self discipline. With crystals and astronomy maps for company, they found friendship in their cousin ABIGAIL FERNSBY. While chastised for spending time with the ‘black sheep of the family’, Abigail is the only person related to the Selwyn’s that holds compassion and love. Their friendship was filled with exchanging letters and prying eyes from parents. While their grandmother hoped having a ‘true’ Selwyn as an influence would benefit Abbie, in actuality the effects had been reversed; leaving Eva with a softer touch. 

Despite being in separate houses, Hogwarts offered a real chance to spend time in her cousin’s company. Opposites, Abigail held gentle mannerisms, lion hearted bravery and kindness in every ouch of her body. Eva was the opposite. Warn to a cold exterior from years of forceful opinions, she was an obstinate witch more concerned with safe guarding her heart than how her blunt comments could leave others with bruises. Excelling in divination and astronomy, her natural talents quickly shone through. Renowned around the halls for predicting disasters that came to fruition, many saw her as a bad omen. Avoided at all costs from fear and her family’s reputation, Eva was labeled an oddity by her peers. While her professor expressed their admiration and suspicion that Eva could be gifted with the inner eye, the notion of being a Seer hovered over her head like an unwanted shadow. Met with dismay, irritation and disregard, Eva buried the possibility to console her deepest fear that they could be right. Knowing her talents could lead to peril, she harbored them with dread of the repercussions should her father become aware. Holding niche interests in peculiarity, Eva never expected to find friends who shared similar interests in the unusual. Perched alone by the waterfall, her interest peaked when she heard the harrowing voices of twins SAGE and ROWAN BOSWELL who sung into the night like sirens luring their pray. Accompanied by OPAL GREY, RIVER NORWOOD and NOVA MURRELL, the group were equally as strange and unlike many of the students passing in the halls. 

Over the years, the group began to feel like home. Marveling at hidden objects in the room of requirement, they shared tales with the tower ghosts and spent nights gazing at constellations. Thankfully their close bond continued after Hogwarts despite Eva’s family voicing rounds of objections to associating with half bloods and half breeds. The group became her sanity after graduating. While playing the idealistic product of a Twenty-Eight, she craved a moment of sanctum away from the snobbery. Escaping London, what had meant to be a two week holiday turned into a summer romance and the best four years of her life. Brought to Paris following Sage and Rowan’s band ‘Siren Call ’, Eva longed to find peace for her troubled soul; never did she imagine she’d find love instead. CLAUDETTE DELACOUR felt like coming up for air. A complex woman, Evangeline found herself quickly captivated by her. Meeting at the club ‘Siren Call’ was playing at, exchanged glances turned to drinking and dancing with the night ending wrapped under sheets in each other’s arms. Encapsulated with one another, from that night they never spent a day apart. While Eva’s experience was more extreme, they both shared overbearing families and a displeasure in the pressure of continuing a lineage they held no interest in. They cherished one another and it wasn’t long before Eva had moved in with Claude and her best friend JACQUELINE LEJEUNE. Claude’s social circle became hers, with GABRIEL DUMONT and RAPHAEL FRANCOIS the five became extremely close. With her friends visiting from England when they could, Paris was idealist and offered a life Eva had only ever dreamed of.

Letters and howlers from home were burned on arrival in an attempt to distance herself from the Selwyn’s by any means necessary. The exception was Abigail, along with rare exchanged letters from Erik who consistently pleaded with her to see reason and return. Not heeding his warning, Eva was prepared to disown her family while Claudette held reservations to sacrifice the same. Left exasperated and hurt at being kept a secret from people that still meant so much to the french woman, the topic was a continuous sour point. With the desire to love openly and freely, they’d planned to flee Paris once Claude had visited home to gather personal belongs and to tell her siblings. Planning to leave a mere note for her parents before joining Eva so they could disappear into the night. Never did Eva consider their simple goodbye would be their last farewell. Hours and days past with no word, leading her to assume Claude had gotten cold feet and chosen her family rather than facing her again. Abandoned and left by the one person she’d truly loved, her heart ached with betrayal and broken promises. Inconsolable, despite efforts from Gabriel and Jacqueline to assure them there was no use. The rejection forged walls back around her heart, ashamed of believing her childish fantasies could ever become a reality. Plans to stay in Paris were quickly torn, owls from Opal and Sage informing her that Nova had passed suddenly and under suspicious circumstances. While the Ministry tried to cover up the death, Evangeline can sense that River is holding reservations and the secrets of what really happened that night.

Devastated, Eva returned to England with a shattered heart, broken dreams and grief that was beyond comparison. Isolated in an attempt to numb her heart ache, despite efforts to be consoled by Rowan nothing seemed to ease her. Reluctantly, the Selwyn’s started to make more of an appearance in her life. Leaning heavily on her brother, Edrick spoke of a new world where creatures didn’t have to live in fear or discrimination. Holding onto hope that life could be better for sorcerers like River, Eva is slowly turning towards the ideology that it could be the best way forward to help everyone. Influenced back into the grasp of their father, his fury upon her return could have burned the manor to the ground. Adamant she brought shame onto the family name, his ‘teachings’ had been ill in comparison to the torment she faced upon return. Long sleeves hiding scars from cursed quills, Eva fell back in line with the Selwyn’s. Distancing herself from her friends to prove loyalty to her family, she took a job within the Ministry under her father’s guidance that having sorcerers hold Ministry positions would come in useful when the time came. Taking the opportunity and using her status as an unspeakable as an advantage, Eva has been looking into the murder of Nova’s death with the help of NOBREGAS THORNE. Though she is still skeptical about the world her family envision with THE DARK LORD, Evangeline is starting to grasp that being closer to the death eaters could mean safety. Security for the family, herself and friends when the new world comes to light, but she is keeping her head down and counting her plays in the mean time.


  • Blood Status → Pure-Blood
  • Sexuality → Pansexual
  • Relationship Status → Single
  • Previous Education → Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  • Family →  Harrelson Selwyn (father), Saffron Selwyn (mother), Edrick Selwyn (brother), Abigail Fernsby (cousin/close friend)
  • Connections  → Sage Boswell (best friend), Rowan Boswell (best friend), Opal Grey (best friend), River Norwood (best friend),  Claudette Delacour (ex-girlfriend/potential love interest), Jacqueline Lejeune (old room-mate/friend), Gabriel Dumont (friend), Raphael Francois (friend), Alexandra Rosier (adversary), Nobregas Thorne (colleague/friend/potential love interest), Regina Rowle (colleague)
  • Future Information →  Future member of The Death Eaters


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Candle Colors & Spell Work

  • White: Peace, purity, healing, divination. - A white candle can act as a blank slate and be used to substitute any other color candle.
  • Black: Protection, uncrossing, warding off negative vibes, hexing, black magick.
  • Green: Growth, connection with nature, luck, prosperity, money, success. Green candles represent earth and also the goddess in Wicca practices.
  • Blue: Clarity, focus, forgiveness, truth, calm, good fortune, protection. Blue candles represent water.
  • Pink: Love, caring, friendship, maturity, affection, communication, passion.
  • Red: Strength, survival, career, independence, seduction, passion. Red candles represent fire and also the god in Wiccan practices.
  • Orange: Creativity, justice, joy, ambition, opportunity, celebration.
  • Purple: Spiritual power, wisdom, breaking habits, psychic abilities, driving away evil.
  • Brown: House blessings, communication and healing with pets and animals, stability.
  • Yellow: Intelligence, memory, positivity, networking. Yellow candles represent air.
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Herbs & Their Magickal Powers

(How to use herbs in spell work)

  • Mugwort: Clairvoyance, protection, prophetic dreams, purification, ward off evil, astral projection, consecration of divinatory tools.
  • Rose Hips: Healing heartbreak, calming anxiety, ritual baths, luck, abundance, protection, psychic powers, peace, knowledge.
  • Rose Petals: Attraction, banishing bad habits, love, healing, romance, casting circles, offerings to the divine.
  • Chamomile: Prosperity, growth, confidence, money, luck, love, relaxation.
  • Myrrh: Meditation, connecting with spirits, healing sorrow, sexuality, cleansing, love.
  • Frankincense: Consecration, rituals, purification, luck, spirituality, aura cleansing, divination, visions, meditation.
  • Patchouli: Money, fertility, love, list, prosperity, wealth, abundance.
  • Bay Leaves: Prophecy, divination, wishes, prosperity, curse reversal, wealth, money.
  • Mandrake: Protection, fertility, prosperity, apply to third eye for scrying.
  • Lemongrass: Balance, calm, love, uplifted mood, psychic ability
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The Gwarch:

A Hood-Working Charm


One element of the magic worked in the Wending Way, which I decided would be worth sharing here, is what my partner and I call the “Gwarch” (pronounced like Quark, but with a G.)

In Welsh, Gwarch translates as “What encloses or shuts up; a cover or lid.” Derivative words in Welsh include:

  • Gwarchad—“A covering over; guarding, securing, or protecting.”
  • Gwarchan—“What secures; an irresistible influence; a talisman or enchantment.
  • & Gwarchawdyr—“A warden, conservator, or guard.”

In concept, a Gwarch is very akin to a charm bag and other similar magical devices, with particulars of operation unique to the Hood-Work my partner and I carry out (hood-work being a term that describes the confluence of Pellarcraft and Witchcraft my partner and I engage in; ie a way to describe the magical principles, procedures, and praxis observed in the Wending Way.) They can be used for beneficent and malefic magics alike, though they seem particularly potent when it comes to protective measures and the influencing of emotions.

To elucidate the subject a little better, I thought I would document and explain the creation of a Gwarch meant to promote joy and ease after a period of grieving.

The first step in creating a Gwarch is to obtain the freely given shell of a snail, either terrestrial or aquatic. It must simply be abandoned, found by your own hand, and big enough to suit your purpose.

On a small slip of paper, write out a petition using a Sigil, a composite-sigil, or a concise statement. If you’re using a petition of words instead of sigilry, I would recommend feeding the note your blood to reinforce the potency of your intention. I’m not free to share any details about the specific sigil used here by my partner, but I included a picture of the paper mid-inscription, to give you an idea of the size of paper we used.

After the petition has been completed, fold it tightly into a strip that can be inserted into the opening of the shell, with as little paper as possible sticking out. Next, stuff the remainder of the shell’s interior with herbs, spices, and/or gums appropriate to the context of your charm. For this particular example, the shell was stuffed using a mixture of Rose (for emotional openness,) St. John’s Wort (for joy,) and Chamomile (for soothing.)

Once the shell has been thoroughly packed with paper and plant materia, proceed to physically seal the charm by melting beeswax over the opening, so as to properly secure the contents, while saying

“In the name of the Snail—

Cardinal of Void,

Ruler of Mystery,

and Violet Warden of the Bower—

I ask you to empower and to rattify this charm.

By the Helical Sanctury of your Shell,

So be it.”

When you have finished with the incantation, fumigate the Gwarch with Dragon’s Blood smoke, to metaphysically seal the charm.

Once all this has been done, either give the Gwarch to be carried in the breast pocket of the patient/victim for nine days before burying it on the premises of their home. If you are using the Gwarch surreptitiously, it’s ideal for you to place it somewhere on their property yourself, before returning nine days later and burying it.

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Day 21 Dimitri

A long time ago, when I was still in high school, I drew a “rag” doll that seemed to me to resemble a voodoo doll, so in my October challenges, I have tried to make a doll of that style.

Today I made an altered version of that first doll named Dimitri. Where you can see the magic book that gives it life and that corner of the magical fire bottom in which they offer the beautiful memories that turn into nostalgia.

Alexa H.

Día 21 Dimitri

Hace mucho tiempo, cuando aún estaba en preparatoria dibuje un muñequito de “trapo” me pareció que semejaba a un muñequito vudú, así que en mis retos de octubre, he procurado hacer un muñequito de ese estilo.

Hoy hice una versión alterada de ese primer muñequito llamado Dimitri. Donde se puede ver el libro mágico que le da vida y ese rincón del fondo de fuego mágico en el cual ofrendan los bellos recuerdos que se tornan en nostalgia.

Alexa H.

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So here’s one I’ve had bouncing around in my head for a while.

Takisha is a Taluuri freedom fighter and revolutionary spearhead. Once a soldier in the Taluuri military, she was tortured for deserting a fight once she began questioning the ethics of slaughtering supposedly faceless enemy soldiers, and whether the enemies were all passionately fighting for a cause or just soldiers because they needed the money, like she and many people she knew were.

The brutality of the torture left her with a massive lightning scar on most of her body and a chip on her shoulder about Taluuri governmental conduct (as influenced by increasingly pushy Vitylan “collaboration” read: playing diplomatic and loaning Taluuh a bunch of cops and soldiers as a way of strongarming them into Vitylan policies i.e. massive institutional oppression and increasing class division as a means to soften Taluuh up enough that Vitylus can plunder their resources and claim their land) so big she basically no longer had a shoulder.

Takisha hides her face under a Taluuri Guardsman’s helmet (Alexa, play Cop Killer by Body Count) to stay anonymous, and goes around clad in blue as a direct opposition to Vitylus’ distinct red iconography. Though her beef is far more with Vitylus, the Taluuri government’s chickenshit approach to dealing with them by basically seeing the size of Vitylus’ army, rolling over and just making sure whatever they’re trying to do happens as slowly as possible doesn’t exactly leave Takisha fond of her own nation’s leadership either. It’s basically impossible to tell which guardsman is local and which is loaned from out west, and it doesn’t much matter anyway when they’re all beating up the same people.

Even if Vitylus were to withdraw tomorrow, Takisha and her comrades would still have a lot of work left to do, and few are deeper into it than her. Some say her head’s too far in the game, leaving her with few genuine friends and fewer hobbies, and on some days she might agree, but someone’s got to do it. If she has to sacrifice a happy, fulfilling life to prevent anyone else from going through what she did and what she knows other are, she’s fine with that. Whether or not that’s healthy… it’s not, but that’s what she’s chosen.

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