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detailedart · a day ago
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The Moon, la Lune • old academic newspaper aesthetic
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minecraftheadcanons · 2 days ago
You know how end portal frames have colors similar to deep dark blocks like the catalyst, skulk, etc? You know how strongholds are always located underground? Yeah. I don't know exactly what it took to make end portal frames or why they are unbreakable, but I know for certain it involved a lot of death and magic.
O h .
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howtofightwrite · 2 days ago
Spellswords, Believability and Understanding how to use Powerful Characters
maybe a stupid question but how would i write a believable ‘spellsword’? without making my character overpowered
So, “believable,” and “overpowered,” are two entirely different, independent, considerations. You can easily have one without the other, and while the former is probably necessary, the latter is not, depending on the kind of story you’re telling.
Believability is contextual to your audience. Do they believe in your character? Do they accept that your character is who they say they are? This can get significantly more complicated if your character isn’t being honest with the audience, though that is a more advanced concept.
At its simplest level, “believable,” simply asks if it’s plausible that your character could be who they say they are. If spellswords are accepted as a part of your world (even if they’re somewhat rare), a spellsword will trend towards believable. If they are fundamentally impossible, (either because magic is understood to be a fantasy, or some fundamental element of spellcasting conflicts with martial combat) then they will be less believable (at least, initially.)
Similarly, how your character views the world is a serious consideration for believability. If you have a character who’s been formally educated in magic, then that knowledge will shape their understanding of how it works. If magic is uncommon, your spellsword would have an unusual understanding of how magic really works, when encountering magic during their travels. This would likely set them apart from other characters, who have no formal education on the subject.
Similarly, someone with a martial background will have a more practical understanding of waging warfare. Either, on a direct blade to blade, level, or (if they’re formally educated) at a more strategic level.
So, can a Spellsword be believable? Yes, absolutely. They can operate as a bridge between martial and arcane training, with a unique viewpoint of the world they exist in. Depending on how they fit into your world, they could easily have held military rank, or operated as a liaison between the military command and it’s battlemage corps.
Alternately, it’s quite possible they never ascended that far, or even graduated without actually joining the military (for whatever reason.) It’s possible they served in an organization tasked with protecting less militant mages, they may have worked as a mercenary, or any number of other jobs that would benefit from being able to fight, while also being able to cast magic. In a setting with freelance adventurers, spellswords are a natural fit.
So, it’s entirely possible for a spellsword to be believable, if your setting permits their existence in the first place.
Now, here’s the harder part of the discussion, “overpowered,” characters aren’t a problem, until they are.
“Overpowered,” is often a problem in games. I don’t just mean video games, ironically it’s probably a bigger problem in tabletop roleplaying, than in video games.
Ironically, the conflict between these two can give some pretty clear insights into how much you need to worry about this.
In a tabletop roleplaying environment, the gamemaster (whatever their actual title) needs to balance the experience for the players present. Most, quality, roleplaying rulebooks will devote some time to discussing this, and offering their insights on the subject.
The simplest reduction would be, you have multiple people at the table, and so your story needs to include all of them to a (roughly) equal degree.
In a game where you only need to worry about one player, they can be the focus. Concerns about being overpowered only relate to how it influences the experience of that player, and many, many, games heavily tilt the odds in the player’s favor, and the player character in an RPG being, “the chosen one,” has been a meme for decades.
How does this apply to writing?
Simple. As in games, “overpowered,” is a relative statement. A character is overpowered, when they’re mismatched to their place in the story and the challenges they face.
If your character is facing opposition that legitimately threatens them, then they’re not overpowered. If they’re carving through cannon fodder enemies without repercussions, then they may be a bit overpowered for that challenge.
Ironically, there is a similar element here. The danger of an overpowered character in a game is that the player will get bored. The danger of an overpowered character in a story is that the audience will get bored. There are deeper differences in how and why that happens, but there is still some similarity. If the character is too powerful, the outcome is preordained, and the experience itself is dulled. This leads into one of the most challenging elements of overpowered characters.
The problem with an overpowered character isn’t that they’re overpowered; it’s that you need to work harder to keep them interesting.
A character who is balanced against the threats they’ll face has to constantly work for every victory. In theory (though, not always in practice) that gives you a base degree of interest in the events that are unfolding. If the outcome is uncertain, the audience is less likely to tune out.
Similarly, repeating the same encounters will have diminishing returns. If your character dispatched three bandits in the previous chapter, will three or four really pose that much of a threat now? Remember, the threshold on a character being overpowered is whether the outcome is uncertain.
One solution is to introduce uncertainty into the environment. By, “environment,” I don’t literally mean the space the characters are fighting in, though that is an option; instead I’m talking about the general social space around the character. A character who is disproportionately powerful can still be interesting if they’re trying to expose a conspiracy lead by people on their own level, if they’re wrestling with the philosophical implications of their own nigh-omnipotence, or any number of other potential challenges, that extend well beyond what they’re dealing with. In a reverse, an egregiously overpowered character may struggle to hide their true nature from the people around them (a sub-plot that has been run into the ground by superhero writers over the years.)
An overpowered character isn’t, automatically a problem, but they can be more difficult to work with. Having said that, this may not be an issue for you. While your spellsword may be more dangerous than an individual fighter, they’re probably less magically adept than a mage who focused on their arcane education. Meaning they fit into a very specific niche between normal melee fighters, and dedicated magic practitioners, along with other specialized magic practitioners, like whatever you chose to name your stealth/magic specialists.
The hard part is making sure your character is believable. After that, power is what you make of it, if your character feels too powerful, they may just need more powerful foes to challenge them.
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Spellswords, Believability and Understanding how to use Powerful Characters was originally published on How to Fight Write.
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Daily Affirmations to Enhance Psychic/Magickal Gifts:
I am strong.
I am powerful.
I receive all that I desire with ease.
My psychic gifts are inherent.
I possess a naturally heightened intuition.
My intuition guides me gracefully.
Everything I need is already mine.
My psychic gifts grow more powerful each day.
I am in tune with the universe.
I am in touch with my highest self.
I am grateful for my ability to manifest.
All spells I perform are successful.
I am blessed with clairsentience.
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detailedart · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Detailedit: Dream Idyll (A Valkyrie), 1902, by Edward Robert Hughes.
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inthedarktrees · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
“Teen-Age Girls: They Live In a Wonderful World of Their Own”
Nina Leen, Life, Dec 11, 1944
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craftyintentions · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The brand new Merlion and Merlion Add-On Fins and Tails crochet pattern are now available on Etsy and Ravelry!!
A Merlion is a half-lion half-fish! The Main Merlion pattern comes with everything you need to make the body legs, head, pieced mane, and Style one of the Tail, Side, and Dorsal fins. The Add-On Merlion pattern comes with FOUR MORE styles of Fins and tails and an additional crocheted mane!! This one took a long time to write, and I'm super proud of it -- I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed designing it!!
You can find the Main pattern here:
Or here:
You can find the Add-On pattern here:
Or here:
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hallow-witxh · 2 days ago
Things I do when my chronic pain flares.
So like many many people, I have chronic illnesses. That comes along with the fun little bonus of chronic pain. I have skin conditions that can make moving incredibly painful, but I also have other conditions that make frequent, quick movements very painful. Sometimes I just don't have the physical energy to move around a lot for my craft, so... I have to get a wee bit creative.
One of my favorite cheats is so stupidly simple that I hate I didn't think about it sooner. It's an easy cleansing method that I've been using for a few years now, and all I have to do is hold my burning smoke cleanse behind a rotating fan with the window open in my room. If you can't walk around, this work fine too. Just be careful.
I know I've said this is a few other posts, but lemons. Lemons. Lemons. I love them so much. Slice one up, pepper around your space, constant negativity absorption. Sometimes I sprinkle on some salt, or cloves, maybe a few pinches of basil. As they dry over a few days, they absorb negativity and leave my space feeling nice and light. Once they're dried up, my flare has usually calmed down and I toss them into the fireplace to burn.
Cat purring is extremely comforting and charging energy. I use my cat for charging crystals, spells, candles... pretty much anything. I lay down, give her a few pets, and we both take a nap as she infuses whatever-i-need-charged with a calming energy.
Here's a bulleted list of just a few more ideas:
Stick a crystal to your Roomba or pet's collar
Use an electric wax melter instead of a candle so you don't have to worry about getting up to put it out
Put dried herb leaves in your phone case
Keep a spray cleanser by your bed so you can very lightly mist yourself/your bed if there's too much pain to smoke cleanse
Light incense on the opposite side of the room as the window, and keep the window open to spread the smoke
I know it can be hard to keep up when things are bad, but keep in mind that resting is just as important as practicing. You're not a bad witch for needing breaks, rests, or pauses. There's no 'minimum engagement requirements. You're allowed to recharge and recuperate whenever you need to. Please take care of yourself, and good luck <3 Blessed be.
Tips and Commissions: Ko-Fi
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jamesreads · a day ago
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Tumblr media
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Little Visions Tarot and Oracle decks!
These travel size tin box decks are now on kickstarter :)
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savagechickens · a day ago
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And more magic.
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