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#magic toad
rosepetalmimi · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
“I really appreciate you staying here with me while I finish this...”
Woo! Okay so I started this super late at night lmfao, I just wanted to draw some comfort 😗 It looks kinda like she’s forcing his head down tho like “put your head on my shoulder, bitch” ahwhdjfndjf ,,, and Satan looks shorter than Mimi but she’s sitting on his lap 😭😭😭
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beatrixcromwell · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
This naughty little grump and his equally guilty cohorts are now in the shop! Check them out at !
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beatrixcromwell · a month ago
Tumblr media
AHA, I knew I heard a rustling the other day, they were quick enough to hide then but not today! I can never have candy when there's toadstools about! These naughty jelly bean toadstools will have to go, look for them in the shop on Thursday (3/25)
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thedeadsquashua · a month ago
"Why does that man look so angry? He must be the one putting all the cracks in the sidewalks..."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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empyrealhesper · a month ago
With Mahigan’s latest release, I wanted both to share the link & to talk up his wonderful prior creations for everyone!
On my experience with the Mercury’s Green Lightning bag:
"Things I’ve experienced with Green Lightning: make a wrong turn on the way to the bus stop, pass Winged Foot Law, then manage to catch your bus ten minutes early when you thought you’d missed it entirely.
Win first place in a giveaway you wanted to win the consolation prize more. (Heh, consolation…the prize was a code for a new console port of a game…) [This was an ask specifically directed to the bag itself.]
Get inundated with people seeking your writing skills. 
Additionally: all my study-related library books showed up at once today, I was exceptionally clear and eloquent while advocating myself to the doctor, I had absolutely no troubles crossing the road even around...erratic Florida drivers.
A wonderful charm for just smoothing life in all Mercurial arenas. Blends well with other media, as I’ve had interesting experiences using it in conjunction with Hermanubis materia as a channel to Them.”  
On my experience with a custom talisman:
“Late in 2019 I commissioned a personal talisman from Mahigan: a charm bag of the Moon and Mercury, to assist my spirit-sense and bolster my sadly lacking psychic abilities. Housed in its own box, fed incense and oil every week on Mercury’s day, I came to use this charm almost daily because it was so potent an aid.
I kept it under my pillow to assist in deepened, spirit-touched dreams; my recall improved, and the dreams seemed more relevant.  
I clutched it while scrying, and saw lucent glimpses—and the one full, clear vision I’ve experienced while scrying.
I tucked it against my skin while drawing a spirit into crystal, and glimpsed the spirit itself.
Then, in the middle of some dramatic life changes, one Wednesday morning I awoke from trying to dream with the bag feeling compelled that I had to stop relying on it so much. It was time to walk without the crutch. And during that morning’s dawn-hour feeding of incense and oil, the bag itself disintegrated. I caught the remains in a small bag for funereal purposes once life allowed. Mahigan’s charms are truly alive with spirit, their own small creatures, and demand respect. Give them that and their weekly bread, and they’ll serve you well.”
On my experience with the Mars Urchin:
“I received this urchin as a gift, and what a comforting one it is. Every time I hold and feed this talisman (whiskey and Mars’ hymn), it’s like holding a warm coal in my hands! A flame of comforting fire, a brand that scares off the nasties in the night. Powerful enough for even me to detect: as it is fed the feeling of warm safety expands outwards, just like the urchin visual Mahigan describes.  Divination indicates its status as Justice, powerful and inexorable and ready for all comers who would do me wrong. Clearly, I feel much safer with it hung over my bed.”
I’ve had incredible experiences with Mahi’s Elixir of Trance and Proloquor Elixir, as well, being excellent aids to trance and divination and a bolster for my still-damaged second sight. Seriously, check out Mahi’s stuff, if you’re able. It’s all incredible.
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thecrowlizard · a month ago
When they broke the mirror, "dazzling light flooded in".
Not that these books are like, based on realism or anything but. I am pretty sure once they put out the torch on their side (or even before then) they could have seen through. I'm pretty sure the light on the reflective side needs to be brighter than on the window side. My workplace has a two way mirror and you can see through the reflective side because the room on the other side is lit up.
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lailoken · a month ago
Tumblr media
“The Touch of the Dead to Cure the Living
There is a long history within West Country magical tradition of the cures that may be imparted by the dead, and by things connected to the dead, upon the living.
News of a man's death might in the past have brought visitors from miles around in hope of receiving the touch of the dead man's hand to cure diverse afflictions and maladies. The hand of the dead would be touched to the afflicted area, and passed downwards and leftwards, either three or nine times. The ritualistic touch of the dead was held to have the power to bring the death of the patient's affliction.
It was also believed that to touch the dead body would prevent one from dreaming of it, or from seeing it again. I can attest to the truth of this tradition, and that, conversely, the dead body of a loved one I had neither touched nor even seen had repeatedly haunted my dreams, whilst the dead that I have touched have visited only as they were in life.
Relics of the dead are also, by tradition, possessed of curative virtue. As an old cure for fever, a bone is kept, wrapped in cloth, from the body of a man, who in life had never suffered from the fever. The fever bone would be brought to the patient so that it may be put to lie for a while upon the chest of the patient to bring upon them a cure.
The rope by which a man had died from hanging was a highly prized object of potent curative virtue. Such would be kept to be brought out by the charmer to impart cures by being touched to ailments to charm them away. The sought afrer rope would, for example, be placed around the head and then removed to cure headache. For the same malady would a snuff be made from moss that had grown upon the skull of a dead man.
A ring made from the handle of a coffin would be employed as a charm to be worn against cramp.”
The Black Toad:
West Country Witchcraft and Magic
by Gemma Gary
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beatrixcromwell · a month ago
Tumblr media
Whilst unpacking, I discovered a small colony of a new species of toadstool had snuck in amongst my belongings (likely to escape the frigid climate of my former home!) I've identified them as puffball toadstools, and as I'm much too busy checking my other boxes for stowaways to care for them, all five of them will be up in the shop tomorrow (2/25) at 6 pm EST!
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lex-n-weegie · a month ago
Omg I never posted my "hot takes™" on Mario characters being LGBTQ+
Mario: Asexual and straight (experimented with romantic male relationships in his past)
Luigi: Pansexual (also Autistic)
Peach: Demisexual
Bowser: Bisexual and a Demiboy (I'm projecting here on this one)
Toad(s): Mostly non-binary with he/him pronouns
Toadette: Trans Lesbian
Yoshi(s): Non-binary with any pronouns besides it/its
Birdo: Trans bi
Kamek: Gay king
Daisy: Bi/pan (the / means I can't make up my mind not that they're both)
Wario: Aroace/demisexual
Waluigi: Pansexual (this man finds everyone hot)
E. Gadd: Aroace
Gooigi: Non-binary and asexual
(tagging this is gonna be a nightmare for 2 AM tired me)
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incorrectpeterparker · 2 months ago
what's your favorite memory? :)
Also have a magic toad
Tumblr media
i think my favorite memory was when my two best friends and i went on a trip by ourselves for the first time bc it was freeing but also so freaking chaotic
thank you for the magic toad! i have been blessed!
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theflyingpimphat · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Part of a birtday art trade on FA, depicting an American toad wizard/witch and their California slender salamaner familiar.                                    
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pbwzindistro · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This week we got lots of things back in stock at the PBW Witch Shop! Also, if you were wondering where we get our ribbon and yarn we use to secure items inside packages, I just got a giant back of yarn from a thrift store yesterday. Some if it is super fun stuff!
Back in stock!
Weird Walk Number Two & Number 3
54 Devils by Cory Thomas Hutcheson
Folk witchcraft by Roger J Horne
Memento Mori: A Collection of Magickal and Mythological Perspectives on Death, Dying, Mortality, and Beyond
Crooked Path: An Introduction to Traditional Witchcraft by Keldon
A bunch of Troy Books back in stock!
Traditional Witchcraft: A Cornish Book of Ways by Gemma Gary
Silent as the Trees: Devonshire Witchcraft Folklore and Magic by Gemma Gary
The Black Toad: West Country Witchcraft and Magic by Gemma Gary
The Devil's Dozen: Thirteen Craft Rights of the Old One by Gemma Gary
Treading the Mill:Workings in Traditional Witchcraft by Nigel Pearson
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beatrixcromwell · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Aha! I knew the snowy weather would bring with it a flurry of snoads! In the wild, these frosty creatures go into hibernation during the non-snowy months, but they acclimate quite well to indoor temperatures. I was able to capture these three, and they'll be up in the shop this Thursday (1/14) at 6 pm EST!
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