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chaoticconstellation · 2 days ago
Find out what kind of Magic User you are, by entering my maze and finding your way out!
Please reblog with your results!
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oldschoolfrp · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Dress for the job you want (ad in Dragon 66, October 1982)
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atomic-chronoscaph · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
art by Keith Parkinson
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silly-thinkings · a month ago
Batman x Magic user reader
-In this story, Reader is a very powerful magic user that seems to hold more secrets than the Bat himself. One of those secrets decides to throw a tantrum. 
Listen... I was sick when I started to write this (December 5th) and I got sick again... soooo plz take this ;-;
Keys: S/N= Superhero name  F/C= Favorite color
The sea monster wrapped its limbs around the cruse ship. The sounds of screams could be heard from where you flew.
“(S/N!)” Superman practically barked into the coms.
“Yes. I am aware.”
You began casting a spell upon your allies. Superman, Aquaman, and Batman all began to glow green.
Their wounds quickly healed, and they felt lighter, stronger, faster.
With your help, you and Aquaman were able to safely save and escort all the civilians to the far shore. While Superman and Batman successfully finished the creature.
You made a platform in the middle of the water. All four of you stood and looked around the chaos.
“Stuff like this is happening world wide. We’re spread to thin.” Batman said pulling up a live video feed of many parts of the world. “Aquaman, I need you in Japan. Superman. Go back to Metropolis.”
The two men nodded. You opened a portal and they both walked through no problem.
You felt eyes on you. You turn your head to see a very stoic Batman. You gave him a soft smile and walked up to him “You are tense.”
You places both of your hands on his shoulders as he let out a sigh “I don’t like magic.”
“Ahh, you’re getting better at noticing magic.” You lightly booped his nose “Yes, this is very chaotic magic at play. And I believe I know where the source of all this is.”
Batman’s eyes squinted slightly. He was about to ask before his wrist began beeping.
“This is Batman.” He said answering the video feed.
“Batman. This is Aqualad, we need backup.”
You could hear the sound of a familiar whine.
“Where is she! I need to see her NOW!”
A loud blast was seen, knocking superboy far. You placed a hand on the bridge of your nose “why does he do this. He has my number.”
“We’re on our way.” Batman said before hanging up the call.
“Y/N. Do You know who’s doing this?”
You let out a sigh and nodded “I suppose this is my fault. I shouldn’t have spoiled him so much.”
Batman raised an eyebrow at your statement. You waved your hand summoning a fairly large castle in front of you. It reminded him of Constantine’s house.
The front door opened to reveal a F/C being “Lady Y/N. Batman” he bowed.
You notice Batman hesitate for a minute. You took his hand “come my love. I’ll explain on the way.”
Batman watched you intently as you walked around your magical castle. This must be the same feeling people get when they arrive to the manor for the first time. One odd thing he noticed however were the oversized furniture.
As you walked you picked up a teddy bear, water, some medication, and soup.
“I believe after tonight, I would be voted off the team.” You said in a somber tone. You still held a smile as you gently opened the door to a room. Batman followed, he noticed this room to be that of a child. Maybe a teenagers. It was fairly clean and unused for a very long while. In the corner, many cat toys littered the floor. You gently placed the items down along the bedside table. Batman was now very confused “Why would you say that?” ”Do you know who I am Bruce? Why Nabu despises me so?” Batmans eyes widened. “How did you-” You placed a finger on his lips “It is because of who I am that I know who you all are. Clark, Diana, Hal.” Bruce stiffened. This whole time you knew their identities and you respected that. He wrapped his hands around your hips “you are a very powerful magic user who is also a close friend of Constantine.” You giggled “Is that what he told you.” Bruce nodded. You waved your hand again, your outfit changed into a dark red gown that beautifully hugged your body. You pressed a light kiss on his lips, he pulled you in closer before pulling away. “Who are you Y/N?” He asked in a hushed tone. You smiled before you removed yourself from him “Some call me a Witch, others call me a Goddess. When I’m with you I am only Y/N. Which has been fun. Thank you. Bruce Wayne.”
“You’re saying goodbye.”
You notice a slight frown on his face. You smile and place a hand on his cheek “I want you safe. I want you to stress less. I know of how the league perceives me.” You spawn a ruby-like stone and hand it to him “if you ever need me. For anything at all. Just say my name three times while holding this.”
Bruce felt you gently place the oval-like stone on his hands. He looked into your eyes. He can see the sadness you bore. The pain you’ve been through. A similar kind of pain he has been through. Never in a million years did he think he’d have romantic feelings for someone on the team, let alone a magic-user. But when they first met. Their first mission, the first time she healed him. It was like she was his second half. It was like someone else properly understood all that pain he went through in his life.
Batman watched you pull away from him slowly. You turned to face the door. You opened it and strut out into a cornfield. Bruce shook his head in the realization that they had not only moved in the house itself but relocated. “Batman!” Robin shouted before a cube of water landed on him. Aqualad and Miss Martian were surrounded by fire. Superboy, Kidflash, and Artimes were struggling to stand. Zatanna could be seen standing in front of the witch boy, clearly wounded. “Klarion” You said softly. The witch boy didn’t listen, instead, wind began to pick up around the boy. A dragged-out meow could be heard beside him “Shut up tikkle!” Suddenly, the witch let out a sneeze. Sending Zatanna flying “Where is she huh! I don’t see her.” You flew high in the sky and held out your arms. Your body began to crack like a glass doll before you start to grow “Klarion!” Your voice boomed through the air Red and white aura began to surge around you. Batman looked around him to see many of the plants to regrow. The water around Robin popped, causing the boy to fall down to earth. Batman caught him and noticed a familiar green aura surrounding him. The same was happening to the team. “What’s happening?” Wally groggily asked standing to his feet. “Woah, am I dead? Why am I glowing?” “No idiot, look.” Atriums pointed to the vibrant glowing sphere illuminating the sky. 
“I feel… lighter.” Aqualad said looking at the palms of his hands “Its S/N’s healing magic” Robin informed the team.
Klarion finally turned around to face what everyone else was seeing “Haha! It would work.”
Batman’s coms Chirpped “Batman, things are clearing up here” Green arrow stated
“Same here. The buildings are practically fixing themselves” green lantern added.
“And the hurt civilians are healing. No casualties Bruce.” Wonder Woman smiled
Batman looked to the sky in awe. The world is fixed is your doing.
You focused all of your energy in such a multitask. It wasn’t just the hero’s that you were healing, it was the rest of the world. Repairing the damages that the boy made in such a short amount of time. Correcting his wrongs, its not the first time you did such a thing. You just wished it was a smaller scale. Like a parent teacher conference. Finding an opening Zatanna quickly regrouped with her team “This just got worse?” “Why? S/N’s is fixing everything” Robin quickly got to his feet. Zatanna’s face paled “She’s S/N?! What the hell Batman! Why would you recruit someone so dangerous? Surly Dr.Fate said something against this.” “Who is she?” Batman asked now annoyed with being in the dark. You landed little ways away from the group. Batman noticed your tired eyes and your wobbly figure. He wanted to approach you but he stopped himself as he watched the cat saunter towards you. Tikkle purred as she rubbed up against your leg “Hello hun. Have you been caring for my boy?” The cat gave an approving meow before resting along your back. Klarion looked at you then sniffled, followed by a nasty cough. A burst of energy zoomed out of him and towards the group.
Zatanna stood in front of them ready to block the spell. But you were faster, directing the bolt to you. The zap hit you making you stumble a bit more. You shook your head as you weren’t expecting such a powerful hit.
“Zatanna? Who is she?” Robin asked getting into a fighting stance.
“Mother!!!!! What took you so long!” Klarion whined. He crossed his arms and looked away.
“Mother!” Everyone but Batman and Zatanna widened their eyes in surprise.
That explained the room in the house. Not to mention her mighty magical capabilities. And the doors, so this must be her true form. she’s practically a giant.
“Klarion. The lord of Chaos. Y/N. The queen of it all.” Dr. Fate appeared out of nowhere and floated above the group. “She is a witch that deserves to be purged from this plane.”
You ignore their comments and stairs. opening your arms you knelt down and gave Klarion a soft smile “come here my child. Mother is here.”
Klarion’s pout only lasted for seconds before he came running into your arms. You were significantly taller than most humans in your natural form. In fact very very tall. 9 feet tall. So you were able to pick him up like one would do a toddler. Klarion wrapped his arms and legs around you and pressed his head on your shoulder.
“I knew it. You have a fever. You poor thing, you’re burning up.” You said pressing a hand on his forehead. He refused to let you go, let alone look at the hero’s that ruined his fun.
“Y/N, Klarion. Both of you will be coming with me.” Dr. Fate demanded, floating towards you both.
You placed a hand in front of you causing him to stop “I don’t think I will. I must care for my son. He is sick.”
“Sick! That kid has caused us so many problems. He almost destroyed the world looking for you!” Kid flash grumbled.
“Yes, there have been times where my boy has been nothing but chaotic. However, that is why I came to this plane. To keep him in check. And to fix the many wrongs of the world.”
“Like hell you did!” Dr. Fate sent a light beam towards you and your son. You wrapped Klarion in a tighter hug and turned around. Attacking him wouldn’t do anyone any good, And you were already so weak from healing the world. The only thing you can think about was protecting your son.
The blast threw both of you far. The two of you tumbled into the ground. Klarion felt you limp above him. He scrambled to his knees “Mother? Mother!.”
“I’m here baby. It’s ok. Do not fight.” You place an hand on his cheek. He leaned into it with relaxed closed eyes. Rage consumed Klarion “how dare you!” He began forming a nasty spell “you’ll pay!”
He casted the spell towards Nabu. You attempted to direct the dark magic back to you, but you were too weak. It was like pulling at a wild horse. So you went for the other option and flew infront of Dr.Fate. Taking the blow.
The mighty wizard made no move to catch you as you fell towards the ground. He did however wonder why you protected him.
“Mother!” Klarion began running towards you “Stupid corn field. Stupid heroes.” He tumbled to the ground “stupid fever!”
Superboy jumped up in an attempt to catch you, but you were too big. In the end he only just softened your fall. After the dirt cleared you slowly you got to your feet
“are you ok?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.
“I should be asking you such a question. Thank you Connor.”
Connor was face to face with your breasts and blushed heavily. He placed both of his hands over his face “y-yea… no problem ma’am”
You gave him a smile before you flew towards Klarion who laid on the floor sniffling. He refused to look at you.
“Klarion. Please apologize. Then we’ll go home hmm.”
“No! No no no no NO! I will NOT!” He slammed his fists to the ground.
You began tutting. You grabbed the back of his neck to stand him up to his feet “Klarion! That was not a request.” You said in a low tone that made even Batman shiver slightly.
Klarion got up. He kicked some dirt before shoving his hands in his pockets. “Sorry… that you couldn’t take me down again! HA”
You pinched his ear “ow ow ow ow”
“I will subjugate you to the most wicked grounding you could ever possibly imagine young man! Now, Apologize.”
The aura around you surged a dark rich red. Klarion gulped “sorry… for causing so much trouble.”
You calmed down and smiled “as am I. I hope you can forgive us.”
Aqualad stepped forward. He strained his neck just to look up at you “it is fine. In the end nothing has been damaged.”
You gave him a grateful nod before feeling Klarion hug you again. You placed a hand on his hair. Cooing to him softly before picking him up.
Everyone looked past the two to see a giant castle appear behind them. They watched Y/N and Klarion enter their home. The mansion then fizzled out.
“Well. That was a surprise.” Dick was the first to break the silence.
“Mother! Let me out of here this instant!” Klarion snapped as he fired another blast to the wall. ”No. you have endangered so many. Be thankful that I’ve allowed you only to be in the room of solitude.” You frown “Do you hate your mother so much, that you would want to leave me so quickly my child?” Klarion frowned. He felt guilt wash over him “I don’t hate you. This is just annoying. Especially since you’ve been with those… heroes.” Klarion fired a blast to which you redirected it towards the floor. The personification of the castle shivered before pouring tea for you. “My apologies Cast. I forgot that you absorbed magic. Thank you for the tea” The being smiled “It is not a problem my queen.” You stood from your throne like chair and walked towards the room, sipping your tea “One day, you will understand that the universe survives through balance. Too much of one thing isn’t a good thing child.” Klarion let out sigh before aggressively fiddling with his hair. You placed a had on his shoulder “I will set you free. I believe you’ve learned from being here this month. There are matters that need my attention. I trust that you will behave?” Klarion nodded “Yes mother.” You gave him a soft nod and a smile “Thank you.” Tikkle sat on Klarion’s shoulder before zapping away. As soon as you felt their presences gone you lost your footing. Falling to the floor. “My lady!” Cast rushed to your side. You were breathing heavily, your eyes slowly opened and closed. He noticed the golden yellow vain like stream corrupting your body slowly. “My lady, this has gone on for far too long. Surly you would call the Batman to cure this.” He said under distress. You shook your head “Batman knows nothing of magic. This is Nabu’s doing.” You try to sit up but fail, falling to the floor. The butlers distress only worsened. He watched your form grow, unable to maintain your human figure any longer.
“You are Dying Lady Y/N!” Cast grew himself. He took you in his arms bridle style and rushed to the master bedroom. He gently placed you down on the bed. You’re skin burnt. He took off most of your clothes only leaving you in your undergarments.
The Yellow-Gold continued to corrupt your body. You tried to say something, anything. But you couldn’t. The last thing you saw was Cast shouting your name, before allowing darkness to consume you.
“My Queen? Y/N! Y/N WAKE UP!”
Bruce held onto the stone in his hand. One month since the incident. One month since he saw her. One month of feeling empty. He tried to forget you. After Dr. Fate’s explanation he felt very conflicted. He used horrible words to describe Y/N but she wasn’t like that at all.
“Call her Batman” 
The man turned around to see Constantine walk into the surveillance room with him. 
“What are you doing here?” Batman asked standing from his chair.
“Well, it feels like you need a little push .” Constantine said lighting up a cigarate “I’ve seen the way you look at her. as twisted as it may seem, you both got that spark.”
Batman let out a sigh and took the stone. “If what Zatanna and Dr. Fate say were true. then this is for the best.” “You dont belive in that shit yourself mate.” He scratched the back of his head “Dont you think that a bit hypocritical. I mean c’mon, im in this fluffy team.”  Batman faced him and looked into his eyes. he sensed no lies in his words. Batman held the stone “Do you know what this is?” Constantine smiled “Well ill be. The lady of darkness really does have a thing for you to give you something like that. Its a summoning stone. only six in all the planes. mighty rare item ya got.” Batman nodded. He said her name three times, the stone in hand glowed a vibrant red. Than the two began to float upwards before a bright light teleported them out of the tower.
The two men looked around. Bruce recognized his surroundings, It was Y/N castle. But something was off. The plants were wilted, some of the pillars were cracked and broken. It looked to be abandoned. Bruce felt his chest tighten. Something must’ve happened to her.
“Finally. You are here.”
Constantine turned around to see a very tall orc in a suit. Batman stepped forward “Where is Y/N?”
Cast frowned “Dying. I fear that there is nothing more I can do for my queen.”
Constantine's eyes widened. Dying? She’s dying? How? Why? When did this happen? his eyebrows furrowed “where is she.”
Cast turned and walked towards the master bedroom with both of them following closely behind. Constantine noticed how clenched Batman’s hands were, As they walked through the rundown halls. 
“I warn you. What you are about to see is too much for a regular human. I hope you understand.”
He opened the door, the room around them was an endless bright red. Furniture floated around, the room around them seemed to throb. Mimicking a heart beat. In the middle of all the chaos was Y/N on the bed. Bruce walked by her bedside. “Who did this.”
Cast stood on the other side of the bed, next to a silent Constantine. “Dr. Fate. Do you remember when she took a hit. To protect Klarion. That spell is meant to incapacitate those who practice the dark arts. At first I myself didn’t notice how she was growing weaker. Until yesterday that is.” Constantine traced his hands over the golden veins across her body “I cant believe it.” Batman looked up “Do you know how to fix this.” Constantine smiled “Oh yea. Nabu hit her with a classic sleeping beauty sleep mate. you’ll be able to fix this no problem.” Batman raised an eyebrow. “You mean, someone has to...” Constantine groaned “True loves kiss. ya know, for a detective you can be kinda dense.” 
Batman straightened his stance “and if it doesn’t work?”
“Then that little brat of a child will be the new being of chaos. And we both know how that’ll turn out.” He answered, shoving his hands in his pockets.
Batman looked at your face. You were breathing heavily, clearly fighting off something. He took a deep breath before kissing your lips. The room around them shook, the furniture returned to its positions. Cast’s form began to change as-well. Constantine smiled as he watched everything around them return to normal.
When you opened your eyes you smiled “well well. If it isn’t my knight in shining armor.”
Batman smirked before kissing you again. Cast adjusted his suit before leaving the room. Constantine clears his throat “Y/N darling. You gave us a fright. Next time you want to confess your love, do it with some chocolate yea?”
You laugh as you sat up on the bed. Bruce hasn’t gotten over your natural size, but he now realized where Dick’s love for taller woman came from.
You place a finger under his chin “well my love. What are your thoughts of learning the truth?”
Batman looked at you up and down “my feelings haven’t changed.”
“Good” You lean down to face him.
Constantine stuffed a laugh at the mighty size difference. “Please let me third wheel your dates.”
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rothebear · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Untitled by Lie Setiawan on ArtStation
Hidden at the bottom of some of the artist’s other work was this little gem. A female mage or at least spellcaster. Gorgeous little piece.
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axothl · a year ago
Tumblr media
Nikaido And Noi
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vicky-pandora · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
DnD Character - Cedranh Verdandi
Cedranh is a community created character! My instagram followers helped me creating them!
Cedranh is a wooden elf, they are 26yo and their class is Sorcerer! They are genderfluid. Size of 1m90. They are chaotic good! You can see their lvl 1 outfit drawn back in April and their hypothetical lvl 10 outfits from two weeks ago! 
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villainquoteoftheday · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“There’s no taming this tiger!”
-Agnes/Agatha Harkness, “WandaVision”
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2dmax · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
i wanted to try to figure out how to draw chibis...
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writingwithcolor · 6 months ago
Non-human Malaysian man, Persian name
Anonymous asked:
I have a non human character who I created when I was 8, I gave him a name I later found out was Persian in origin. Now that I’m older I want to do a story that has these characters, but now i’m worried because the character in question did use elements due to that being the stories “magic system” and so did his mother who would either be coded to be full Persian, or half Persian half Malaysian.(I haven’t decided that part yet.)
The character’s species are all coded to be of human ethnicities and practice elements. I’m still in the process of world building and contemplating whether they’d have religions like our own.
Would it be for the best to change the character’s name and make the mother full Malaysian? Or is there a way I could portray this thoughtfully? 
Thank you in advance!
Calling our Malaysian followers!
As we don’t have any Malaysian or Malay mods, judgement falls to our readers! 
Not Malaysian but from a Southeast Asian perspective, I think that we definitely need more Malaysian representation as well as Persian representation. I don’t see why a character can’t be both!
Mod Niki also provides some additional commentary below regarding othering and naming.
- Mod Emme 
What was the name?
It could have been helpful to know what the name is. There are Persian names of various origins that may indicate different religious backgrounds, historical connections or cultural elements. Without more information though, I don’t see anything inherently wrong about a Persian-coded character using elemental magic if that’s your world’s magic system. I’m more concerned about the character being non-human, and the fact that you’re coding non-human species to real-world ethnic groups and cultures. This can potentially lead to dehumanizing and harmful tropes. This topic has been covered on the blog already. I recommend reading through the race allegory tag. This recent post is especially relevant. 
- Mod Niki
Feedback from Malaysian followers Malaysian followers only requested!
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oldschoolfrp · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Pass-Wall, fifth level magic-user spell, opens a hole in solid rock or stone 5′ in diameter and 10′ deep (Larry Elmore, BECMI D&D Expert Rulebook, TSR, 1983)
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chronicallylatetotheparty · a month ago
Related to the previous post, here's my completely arbitrary classification system of magic users that is for my own personal use.
Mage: Someone who only uses the type of magic they're born with. Depending on context can refer to an adult (gender neutral), someone who makes a living with magic, or a citizen of a magocracy.
Sorcerer: Someone who learned two or more types of magic. Typically studied at one of the great schools.
Wizard: (gender neutral) Master of all forms of magic (theoretically). Generally employed by their respective nations' governing body. Pointy hats are optional. Staffs are not.
Archmage: In charge of wizards (supposedly).
Alchemist: One who studies how magic interacts with, flows through and changes the physical world. And vice versa. Great knowledge of the magical properties of material substances.
Witch: (male: warlock) One who is both mage and alchemist but with a leaning towards the magical properties of herbs specifically and nature generally. Typically instructed by family.
Enchanter: One who enchants objects. More accurately called an Artificer.
Necromancer: One who controls their respective nations' zombie problem and makes vampires uncomfortable. On account of being very good at slaying them.
Geomancer: Magic farmer. (Don't laugh, they've fought off decent sized dragons and survived devastating curses)
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sarah-k-is-cute · a month ago
I am making my own wizard subclass. What do you think of what I have so far?
Tumblr media
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stellalicious · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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trickster-grrrrl · 8 months ago
Can we get more wizards with ADHD, Executive Function problems, and/or dyslexia? Magicians who can't function unless they get a full night's rest and take their meds? Sorcerers whose special interest is in one very particular type of magic and couldn't care less about the other types?
Can we please get more neurodivergent magic users and explore the problems and struggles that come with those conditions and disorders in a highly academic field?
and also just more neurodivergent characters/characters on the autistic spectrum who aren't automatically super geniuses or excel in school across the board?
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axothl · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Shin and devil Noi
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villainquoteoftheday · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“I take power from the undeserving. It's kinda my thing.”
-Agatha Harkness, “WandaVision”
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funkshire · a year ago
I decided I'd jump on the new year wagon a bit. It's a little late, but when you need beef I feel like Noi's the girl to call!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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thegirlfairytalesforgot · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Drawing Skye to get back into things 😊❤
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jee-bus · 4 months ago
the only difference between witches and essential oil moms is that one of them birthed the dead kid in the basement
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