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#magical momo
majokkoradio · a day ago
“Love Love Minky Momo” -  PicoMoe! Future 8bit Series 2-Magical Chip 8bit-chan! - Minky Momo Opening Cover 
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puremydoll · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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majobun · 7 days ago
i had a dream where i was trying to fight a giant dragon with the power of music by using this magic wand that looked like a microphone with rabbit ears..... and for some reason minky momo’s animal pals were with me too for moral support
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shychaengie · 15 days ago
Momo pushed her food around with her fork, deep in thought. Her mother frowned when she noticed, fully knowing that her daughter was an absolute food lover.
“Momo, honey, is something the matter?” Momo looked up and opened her mouth to speak but closed it again as she thought about what she was going to say.
“Did something happen?” Momo’s father asked.
“It’s just...I think I want to move to Aewi Village”
“Oh? Why is this so sudden, dear?”
“It’s been on my mind for a while now but I thought you’d be upset if I brought it up”
“Momo,” Momo’s mother reached across the table to hold her hand. “We’d never be upset about you wanting to be independent, we could always just visit”
“I guess that’s true...and if I move there I wouldn’t have to travel every time you want me to check on how the medicine is doing”
The family discussed Momo’s moving situation for the rest of dinner and since they didn’t have any immediate business to tend to, they figured that they could start packing her things tomorrow.
Momo’s mom and dad seemed to be pleased with Momo moving for the sake of independence as well as their business although that wasn’t really the real reason she wanted to move.
Her reason was a certain pretty church sister who had the cutest giggle. Momo had always been independent so she’d wanted to move out awhile ago but she was also extremely lazy and Sana just happened to be the little push that she needed.
Momo smiled as she looked at the boxes stacked up in her room. She thanked her parents for helping her pack before crashing onto her bed, finally realising how tired she was from constantly moving about. Momo wondered if Sana would be happy about her moving, she wondered if Sana would ask to come and see her new cottage. Momo shook her head, she liked Sana a lot yes but she hadn’t even asked her out on a proper date yet.
Momo’s eyelids began to feel heavy the longer she thought about Sana. She figured she’d dream about how to ask her out.
Hundreds of curious villages gathered near the gate, watching the horse carriage trot off to the neighbourhood. Sana was amongst the crowd, instantly recognising that it was Momo in the carriage. Unfortunately, as desperate as she was to go and greet the older girl, her nerves got the best of her which forced her to make her way back to the cathedral.
“I thought you were going to welcome the new villager?” Jeongyeon asked.
“I was! But then I saw who it was and...” Sana trailed off, twiddling her thumbs as she avoided Jeongyeon’s gaze.
“It’s Mistress Hirai”
“Oh my, well that’s certainly not what I was expecting” Jeongyeon began to pack away her things, grabbing Sana’s hand once she’d finished. “Well that gives us an even more important reason to greet the new villager, doesn’t it?” Jeongyeon asked though she wasn’t expecting an answer, dragging Sana out of the cathedral and to Momo’s cottage.
Unsurprisingly, many of Momo’s fangirls were at her cottage. Both girls could tell the older woman felt incredibly flustered by the bombard of attention. Jeongyeon cleared her throat loudly, the younger girls immediately quieting as they noticed her.
“Girls, I’m sure Mistress Hirai is pleased to see you all but is it not improper for you to be bombarding her like this?” Jeongyeon asked, using her stern voice which left no room for any arguments. The teenagers bowed their heads and apologised to Momo, quickly leaving afterwards.
Sana and Jeongyeon bowed. “Welcome to Aewi Village Mistress Hirai” Sana said, Jeongyeon stifling her laugh at the Japanese girl’s sudden shyness.
“Thank you for the lovely welcome, Sana” said girl blushed at her words. Momo turned to Jeongyeon. “And thanks for rescuing me back there” Jeongyeon waved her off.
“It’s nothing, I unfortunately have sone business to tend to so hopefully Sana can help you get settled in” Sana’s jaw dropped, immediately spotting the mischievous (and loving) intent in her fellow church sister’s eyes.
Sana felt her heart beat faster when Momo smirked at her. “Is that so? It must be my lucky day having a beautiful girl help me settle in and all” Sana giggled and thanked Momo for the compliment.
Helping Momo settle in was more fun than Sana had anticipated, surprised when she found herself occasionally flirting back with her.
Being slightly shorter than the older girl, Sana had to go on her tiptoes while putting away the silverware. Momo noticed Sana’s small huffs and puffs while she was putting up her curtains.
She quietly made her way over, placing her hands over Sana’s and easily stacking the rest of the plates. If Sana’s heartbeat was fast before, it was beating even quicker now. She looked behind her, finding Momo staring right back at her.
Momo let her arms wrap around Sana’s waist, noting how natural it felt to have her in her arms. “Is this okay?” She whispered. Sana nodded, not trusting her voice. A minute passed before Momo spoke again. “Would to join me at the tavern tonight?” Momo’s heart was going a mile a minute as she awaited the younger girl’s response.
“I...I’d love to” Sana replied softly.
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colin-crossing · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Minky Momo of the Sky and Momo of the sea made in miitopia
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🌈Rainbow + Black and White Minky Momo Figure Icons💖
I've really taken a strong liking towards figures of magical girls (esp old school/obscure ones!) so I guess I'll just keep making these as a small side project of sorts lol!
Do enjoy!!
-Mod Hobbes🌈 (Shift: Yumi Hanazono🌷💐 + Boss🌻🐹 + Howdy🍎🐹)
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mohawkcorgi · 27 days ago
This is another older one, something different to break up the masses of Nanachis I have lol. I recently started a new job so. I gifted this to my dad.
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shychaengie · a month ago
Jeongyeon’s eyebrows furrowed in concentration as she read over some important papers. She could hear Sana babbling on about something but she wasn’t really paying attention, too focused on the task at hand.
“Sister Jeongyeon? Are you listening to me?” Sana asked. Jeongyeon jumped slightly, apologising.
“No, Sana, I’m sorry, is something the matter?” She asked, the younger girl proceeding to ask what she thought of unrequited love. “’s certainly sad but it’s not something I’ve personally experienced, why do you ask?”
“Well...I may have a crush on someone...someone higher than me status wise”
“Oh my- Sana I’ve told you it’s perfectly fine to have crushes on singers” Jeongyeon said, stifling a giggle when she thought back to all of Sana’s crushes throughout the years.
“It’s not a singer though” Jeongyeon quirked an eyebrow.
“Oh? Then who?” Sana leaned close to the older girl and whispered a name in her ear. “Oh my Lady Aeri! You’re kidding!” Jeongyeon exclaimed, voice bouncing off if the walls of the cathedral. Sana winced.
“No...unfortunately I’m not, what should I do? I’ve tried praying but am yet to receive an answer...” Sana pouted, slumping in her chair, quickly straightening her posture when Jeongyeon told her to.
“You already know the answer dearest Sana and a little birdie told me Mistress Hirai will be visiting tomorrow” Jeongyeon winked, lightly nudging her friend, chuckling at her instant blush.
The well known Mistress Hirai Momo’s family was Aewiron’s main supplier for magical oils that were used for medical purposes and such but Momo herself was one of Aewiron’s strongest knights, for that reason she was well respected throughout Aewiron. She liked to visit the small village every now and then to check if her family’s oils were working well and also because of how comforting she found the village. If she were being honest, Momo preferred the small village over her big and (in her opinion) overly fancy house.
Momo flashed a smile at the guards who saluted at her as she walked through the gates. Immediately, Momo was drawn to the smell of fresh pastries, her nose practically dragging her towards the stand.
“Mistress Hirai! Welcome! See anything you’d like?” The owner asked. Momo tapped her chin as she looked over the different pastries, trying her best not to buy the whole stand.
“They all look divine, Soobin, how about you recommend one?” Momo smirked, not missing the blush that spread over the woman’s cheeks who was probably more than surprised at the fact that Momo remembered her name.
“O-oh! Uh...I think you should try the apple crisscross should you be in a sweet mood” Momo smiled.
“I’ll go with that then” Momo took the pastry, handing the flustered woman her money with a little extra.
Momo spent most of the day walking around and chatting with a couple people who she was familiar with. When night fell, she made her way to the cathedral, admiring it before entering. As soon as she stepped in, she was amazed by the calm atmosphere, her ears perking at the beautiful sound of the organ.
“Welcome to Saint Aeri’s Cathedral Mistress Hirai, we are pleased to make your acquaintance”
Momo jumped slightly before quickly recovering and greeting the Sister back.
“I’ve never seen you around before, what’s your name sweetheart?” The Sister blush, stammering out her name. “Sana? Pretty name for an even prettier girl” Sana giggled, thanking Momo.
“Are you planning on staying the night, Mistress Hirai?” Momo had only just noticed how late it was as she glanced at the clock.
“I suppose, I’m perfectly capable of going home myself and defending myself if needed but I’m not keen on going through the hassle tonight” Sana nodded and asked if Momo was going to stay at the inn, quickly apologising when she realised how nosy she must’ve sounded. “It’s no problem, I’m happy to be talking to an angel like yourself” Sana blushed again, thanking Momo for the compliment.
Jeongyeon smiled and shook her head from afar, thanking the gods above for finally granting Sana happiness.
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pumpkinspice7500 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Magical Princess Star Butterfly and Minky Momo vs the Forces of Evil
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