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Fun Fact
Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
oliviaboler · 11 days ago
This little hummingbird was a thirsty bear. (I say thirsty bear because of the brew pub in SF, The Thirsty Bear. Sometimes I am a thirsty bear or my kids.) I see a lot of hummingbirds in SF, and their magic gets me every single time. #hummingbird #hummingbirds #urbannature #inspiration #magicalcreatures
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I will be removing these to make room for more HP #fantasticbeastscollection #fantasticbeastsfunkos #fantasticbeastcreatures #magicalcreatures
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honolulusunset · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✨ Freyde - Fairy of Joy, Harmony & Happiness ✨
As soon as I saw her, I was thinking about which of my drawing styles would suit her and... Tadaaa!
Since she’s a fairy, I picked my Winx style for her ❤️
By her wings she kinda reminds me of Alfea’s Champions ✨
This gal is for the DTIYS hosted by RoyTheArt_ on his IG, I hope you like her! 💖
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cringebot · 15 days ago
Quick!!! Pretty girls with big swords!!!
Now that I’ve got your attention...
Hellooo, I’ve come to shamelessly self-promo, like a student that walks in late to class with a coffee in hand.
I don’t know if any of my mutuals are still around here, as I’ve not been active on Tumblr for years now, other than to reblog and like stuff (Hectic uni life is real.) but I’ve come back with Trash. As in, I’ve written a funky lil’ high fantasy story. You know the ones, lots of drama, royalty, fae, war, cute princes and pretty warrior girls. Lots of schemes and morally grey a-holes.
Yes, I’ve invented the spoon, I know. Never before seen, cutting edge literary work.
No, but really,  you’re interested in this type of story, please give it a read! I’ve had a lot of fun writing it. It’s got some whacky dialogue, diverse POC characters and that good meet-ugly, enemies to lovers kind of thing. Also, girls with swords. That’s a promise. There are lots of cute girls with swords.
Please check it out if you’re interested, I’ve put it on Wattpad for now, as I’m still learning how to publish. I might put it on Tapas later, once I see how it’s received. It’s also on a nifty little link in my profile.
Thanks so much, whoever finds this and decides to give it a chance!
Heirs of the Gods Series: Cycle of the Gods
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thedragonweasley · 15 days ago
I have this blip in my brain of Charlie being protective and it makes my brain go all mushy.
*customary headcanon wiggle*
Charlie Weasley is ferociously protective of the ones he loves.
I think we have all established how important family is to the Weasleys and as the second oldest of 7 I think Charlie was a guardian figure in his own right.
I feel like while Bill was calm, collected, cool, observant and acted with a sense of purposeful rationale, Charlie, the Dragonologist Sagittarius that he is, is more of a guns blazing kind of protector. So if you needed well planned and executed help then Bill is your man, but if you needed the unbridled fire that is Charlie's love, well then, just stay out of the way.
I need to figure out how to do the *keep reading* thing with my posts so they don't take up so much spaceeee. I am so aware I can be long winded.
Anywayyyy, here's the blip in my head.
You've been sitting in the same spot for hours at this point, chin on your knees, trying to hold the dam of salty optical waves that were pressing to get out; your heart heavy.
A weighted thud next to you brings your eyes away from your glass and upwards to find Charlie sliding into the booth, shedding layers as he did.
"I heard you walked out of the meeting, you were so excited for this, what happened?" He moves your empty glass away and slides over some water and orders you a refill. He waits, he doesn't move or talk, he just waits for when you are ready.
"I um, well..." you look around at the people and prayed for a black hole to fall into because you know if you open your mouth it will all come pouring out. Charlie's eyes are on you and are narrowing, you can see him sensing something bigger happened than just a business meeting gone bad. You sigh and let go of the dam.
You put your forehead on the table and just let it out. You tell him everything. How you had everything set for the proposal, despite the issues with Gringotts. How just as you are walking in you are informed that Lillietta Cristaw, the absolute bane of your exsistence and the sole reason you even had to make this appeal to the Ministry, had already met with the advisors.
You slow down and peel your forehead off of the pub table, realizing that was a questionable choice. Charlie is sitting stoicly, but you can see the spark behind his eyes catching.
"I knew I was still going to go, I had to at least try. But she was fucking there, she sat in on the meeting Charlie. She went to meet with the advisors so that her death grip on their balls was fortified." You feel your blood beginning to boil.
"Do you know what she said to me on our way into the room? She told me that my kind don't have the qualifications to run the sanctuary. Bitch called me a mudblood, and something about a squib but I don't remember, I think I blacked out for a minute." Your refill arrives and you start on it with a renewed vigor.
"Charlie, she was behind the Gringotts fiasco! Do you remember what they told me?"
Charlie looks at you, eyes wide with realization.
"That they felt your qualifications were lacking." He said with tight jaw.
"That my qualifications were lacking. She is trying to bar me from moving forward because my parents are muggles. HOW IS THAT RELAVANT TO LITERALLY ANYTHING!" You slam your fist down and collect yourself, trying to ignore the silence and eyes. When you look up Charlie is gone and you slowly just place your forehead back on the table because you know what a riled and protective Charlie is capable of.
You wait. Its not long before he apparates along side you, the bar keep shouting about the apparition rules. His energy still aflame with righteous anger he finishes your drink and hesitates before taking your hand and squeezing it, you don't pull away this time.
"I am so sorry you were treated that way, your worth is not based on things like that, but I know you know that. I'm sure she will back off now." He did a terrible job of hiding the satisfaction smeared across his face.
"Charlie, what did you just do?"
"I...talked to her."
"I talked to her with a dragon."
"Charlie oh my god."
"This is all entirely unacceptable. And plus it was Daphne's day for exercise."
"What? No I took the hortail to her." He rises from the booth, slinging his shedded layers over his shoulder and making his way towards the door, a smile playing at his lips.
"Took the hortail to her? That would take you at least an hour, you got back in half an hour. You'd have had to appar-" You whip yourself around, grabbing your belongings and scramble to follow him, shouting after him as you do.
Charlie's laughter billows through the night air.
Tumblr media
I dont even know, my brain had this whole friggin scene in my head. I, or the character really, worked at the reserve with Charlie and was trying to take ownership of the reserve after a few unsavory change in hands. But one of the reservations biggest financial backers, Lellietta, had been trying to bar her from it. Hence the situation at hand.
This one was a little different than how I usually write my head Canon shenanigans, but I had to get it out!
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Song To Myself
I am a child of the elements.
A child of the universe.
A child of stardust and beautiful storms.
I am a creature of earth.
A creature of magic and good intentions.
A creature of science.
Let me feel
and experience life
with the joys and sorrows
that will weave my golden thread
through a life I’ve lived well.
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beaucoupbougie · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
At this point I didn't love it and I didn't hate it... So I decided to leave it and go to bed... At the very least I learned what I did and didn't like for next time😞😞😞 #ThatBrujaShyt #BlackMagicWoman #GoddessGang #ConjureWoman #TheGoddessBruja #TheGoddess #GodIsInLaBruja #Bruja #LaBruja #MagicalCreatures #Magic #Goddess #MoonChild #MoonMagic #MoonPride #MultifacetedAscenscion #Ascension #LaHijaDeLaDiaspora #DivineFeminineEnergy #DivineFemininePower #Divinity #FeminineEnergy #TripleGoddess #MoonGoddess
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beaucoupbougie · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
I need to clean out my phone for the new shenanigans I have coming up. Baby momma's birthday dinner last month... Daddy picked out this outfit too but I got no pics in it at all. Lmfao #ThatBrujaShyt #BlackMagicWoman #GoddessGang #ConjureWoman #TheGoddessBruja #TheGoddess #GodIsInLaBruja #Bruja #LaBruja #MagicalCreatures #Magic #Goddess #MoonChild #MoonMagic #MoonPride #MultifacetedAscenscion #Ascension #LaHijaDeLaDiaspora #DivineFeminineEnergy #DivineFemininePower #Divinity #FeminineEnergy #TripleGoddess #MoonGoddess
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thedragonweasley · 21 days ago
Sparks in the Rubble. Chp 3 Prt 1
This one is a little longer than usual, but my brain needs where I leave off to feel right so *shrugs* what can you do?
Warnings: mention of blood, wound.
Anyway, onwards to the next installment!
*set scene*
*magical adventure commence*
Tumblr media
Charlie mumbled something about holding Bill to his word. He was left to stare quizzically at the mislocated table and it's contents. The unnamed woman was breathing, coarsely and shallow, however. 
Hermoine returned to finish cleaning and scouring some of the blood from the woman's clothes and bag. She only stopped moving to pat Charlie on the back and slide him some lunch. 
"She will be out for at least a few hours or so, so decide how you want to handle it. If you don't want to do it I can always ask someone from the ministry who can do a really precise obliviate, I can think of two people off the top of my head that will be here next week." She cast a few final diagnostic charms and lingered over one with a softly pulsating blue light. 
"Whatcha got there?" Charlie asked, seeing the slight twitch at the tips of her fingers and as she tapped them over her lips. 
"Nothing until it's something I suspect. These spells are in their infancy and i want to check a few things with my team before…" she trailed off for just a moment and turned to look at Charlie.
"Don't look so depressed Charlie! She is absolutely fine! Eat some lunch and send a patronus if you need me." With that she disapparated. 
Charlie pulled a stool up to the table and grabbed a stack of perfectly folded plastic tablecloths that his father had brought home and stored in the massive shed they were currently in. He lifted her head and slid them underneath for some support but then took them away in a huff, realizing how uncomfortable that must be. He found a plushie pillow that seemed to be a flat purple unicorn of sorts. Charlie laughed at the strange thing as he played with a bit of scratchy material that's purpose eluded him. 
Slowly lifting her head he slid the unicorn underneath, nodding in approval of his improved pillow choice. He sat back on his stool and squinted his eyes at her, thinking perhaps it would better allow him to understand what all had just happened. 
Charlie had been out setting protective charms and barriers at his father's request. He knew it probably wasn't necessary but since the war his father's anxieties seemed to have increased. But he knew it was true for all of them, they were all still broken. So he set off that morning, working his way through the property and as he was coming up on the last bit he heard someone screaming. 
He had taken off, apparating bit by bit on his way until he heard rustling in the tall grasses and stopped. Here he came around to see a woman squared up with two ligon hounds, a wand pointed at the pair.
But when she made no sign of casting he jumped in and stunned the attacking male. The female was quick to fall into a protective stance over the, signaling their retreat. When Charlie got himself over to the stranger she had stopped her strain to sit and slumped quietly to the ground, blood beginning to pool under her. He quickly looked for the wound, thinking it was a bite but almost instantly realized the hound had gone to use its tail, but when Charlie had cast stupefy it must have altered the course of its laceration. Which almost made him sigh in relief, almost. 
So he wrapped his arms around her, doing his best to bring the laceration together and in place and apparated to the most skilled medical witch he knew. 
And now here we are. He thought to himself. He put his forehead down on the table and moaned. He had so much to do and still had to take care of the actual reason that he was back in Ottery St Catchpole, not that he had forgotten about the other reason he was supposed to be home... that was happening at the house at the same, not all, he most definitely didn't forget. 
Charlie rolled his head to the side and rested on his brow, opening his eyes to take a better look at the stranger. Off the bat she looked like absolute rubbish, but underneath the dirt and blood (at least the blood Hermoine deemed pertinent to leave) Charlie could see that she was definitely an unfamiliar face. He lingered on the hair resting near her temple. Hermoine's eye was always sharp and her mind sharper and he wondered about what she had noticed when she was inspecting earlier.
His hands fidgeted to fix her up a bit and repair her shirt from where the hound ripped it and to untangle the blood crusted knot her skirt was in. But he didn't feel that was appropriate so he settled for patting the sweat away from her head and neck to keep busy. He picked some leaves from her hair and let his mind linger on the scent of lemon and clove that hovered over her.
He noticed an impeccably made leather belt she wore, it had a few compartments for storing herbs and perhaps an object or two. He also took note of her shoes, they were meant to be durable to take a beating, he could see she had put a lot of miles on them judging by their...worn-in...condition. What interesting apparel for someone dressed as she was. The long skirt and blouse would have made him think she were not the outdoors type. 
Why were you in the hills this morning? 
Charlie weighed his options and potential scenarios.  If she woke up and it turned out she was in fact a witch then there would be nothing more to do than to have Hermione finish healing the wound and have a laugh over some firewhisky. But if she wasn't a witch he had to figure out what she knew, what she remembered and if obliviate would be necessary.  It is always better to play it safe, but obliviate had always made Charlie uncomfortable. He knew it was necessary but the idea of ripping something away so completely from someone made him feel so…lonely. 
"So what do we do now mystery lady? You have answers I want and I have…" He trailed off mid sandwich bite as he watched the sweater she wore start fidgeting near her chest. It was moving in small bursts of movements and all of a sudden the sweater started making little grumbling noises. 
End Ch 3 Pt 1
Hi, hello! Hope you enjoyed!
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thedragonweasley · 22 days ago
I very much like to think that the twins got a little inspiration spark that began their mischief from Charlie. And not quite the way you may think.
He loves know....dragons....and so there is definitely a large component of who Charlie is that is unphased or unafraid of danger, risks and probably relishes in it.
Now I am going to take some liberty here and go ahead and say that it made Molly Weasley absolutely nuts. And the twins noticed.
Like, Molly is just going about her wonderful, magical day and then shit just explodes in the backyard. Once she has stopped screaming there is an absolute riot of clucking. Yes. Clucking.
Molly's left eye gets all twitchy and had never apparated faster. She shows up to find a charred and slightly on fire Charlie standing with his arms up and yelling triumphantly. As it turns out he had smuggled a fire breathing chicken home, he had kidnapped it on a field trip (Hogwarts was trying out a thing, didn't pan out) to the ministry.
He thinks it's just a chicken, just a regular chicken that needed liberation from it's cardboard confines. And upon bringing it home he decided to try a spell that he was sure would turn it into a dragon. So when he cast the spell and the chicken erupted in a flaming cluckery, Charlie was sure he had done it. Unbeknownst to him, he had stolen a fire-breathing chicken.
*catches breath, holds finger up*
Enter Molly, who had been yelling before she apparated. Charlie just flipping out because he just made a chicken breathe fire and Arthur comes around talking about a stolen magical creature at work. Chaos
And then Fred and George, lil dudes bopping around doing lil Fred 'n George shemamigans and they witness the whole thing, all of it. Because you know they had their noses in that the minute they saw Charlie take a chicken out from under his cloak and put it with the others. They saw that the chicken had been sparking at the mouth everytime it clucked. They watched the failed spell, explosion of flames, mom show up and have an absolute conniption and then dad with the earth shattering news of the obvious.
They see the whole thing play out and one of those sparks the chicken clucked found them and they said yes. And that was the spark that fueled their chaotic mischief.
I dont know if this head canon is about Charlie, the twins or the chicken. It might be about the chicken.
Tumblr media
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