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March 4th, 2020

I keep forgetting that Minecraft builds are arguably art and can go on this blog lol. Also this is as good a time as any to say that when I date my posts, it’s not the date I posted it, but the date I finished whatever is in the post

I call this the Spruce Containment Palace, or the SCP Facility for short. :P  It’s built to protect and contain villagers, which is why the doors are weird trap door doors if you can see them. Players can crouch to get in, but villagers can’t get out

I’ve been doing a lot more ambitious builds lately now that I’ve been blueprinting stuff in Blender and/or MagicaVoxel. These past few years of branching out into 3D mediums has been revelation after revelation of how much hidden artistic potential I have that I’ve never tapped into before because I wasn’t working in the right perspective. I struggle with 2D art because I’m only working from a single angle and can’t get a full “view” of what I’m drawing, and I struggle building things directly in Minecraft for a similar reason. The 1st person perspective makes it too difficult for me to get a good mental image of what I’m working on. With 3D modeling programs though, I can easily see the entire build from all angles and it works so much nicer with how my brain works! I have an even bigger build in progress at the moment that I can’t wait to show off :D
Both Blender and MagicaVoxel are free, and I recommend people check them out if you’re interested! The learning curves can be steep, but it’s very worth learning them if you ask me

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The Museum from ACNL 

It’s kinda weird thinking about how this might end up being one of the last ACNL posts I’m going to make because you bet your ass the moment NH drops I’m gonna be making models for that!

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