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angeloracle · 19 hours ago
🌙 Pisces Full Moon
✧ 20th September 2021
There is a Pisces Full Moon happening tonight at 28°. One of my personal favourite full moons of the year (not just because I am Pisces myself) because Pisces is one of the most spiritual and psychic sign of the zodiac.
An amazing time for any spells, rituals or divination. Expect heightened psychic abilities, prothetic dreams and possibly feeling more emotional than usual.
Pisces is traditionally ruled by Jupiter and at the time of this full moon, Jupiter is trine Mercury. This brings us overall luck and optimism. Make sure to write your goals and manifestations down or speak them out-loud! 
Pisces is very connected to dreams, so I truly recommend writing down any dreams you may have and trying to decipher their deeper meanings.
I wish you all the best✨
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babywitch77 · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Cleansing is a way to remove unwanted energies from a person, place or an object. This is quite a gentle process and is not forceful when removing the spirits. This process ensures that you and your surroundings are free from energies or spirits that could harm or disturb you.
Ways to cleanse: 🤍Smoke cleansing- You can use sage since its best but you can use cedar, palo, incense, santo etc. also work! Light your herb bundle and then blow off the smoke, after that you have to waft the smoke over what you want to cleanse. This allows the negative energy to become free flowing energy again. 🤍Water cleansing- You can cleanse anything using water by washing, soaking or bathing it! Another way is to fill a spray bottle with charged water and misting a room with it. 🤍Sound cleansing- Any type of instruments are all capable of removing unwanted energies. 🤍Salt/Earth cleansing- Burying and object for 12-24 hours will work. 🤍Moon/Sun cleansing- The Moon or The Sun can be used to cleanse or charge any object. Keeping moon phases in mind is necessary. How to know when to cleanse: 🤍When a tool or room feels off.
🤍When a tool or room comes in contact with negative energy.
🤍When your mind tells you its time.
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judithmageia · a day ago
Ars Goetia: History & Origins
Tumblr media
The Goetia is a text which is part of the Lemegeton and its origins date roughly to the 16th/17th century. The best way to describe what the text of the Lemegeton ultimately is, would be to call it a collection of five books, grimoires, or treatises concerning the conjuration of certain spirits.
The collection includes the following books:
Ars Paulina
Ars Almadel
Ars Notoria [omitted by Skinner and Rankine in their edition]
The history of the Lemegeton is a little bit obscure, as are the infamous 72 demons of its Goetia. It is safe to say that the grimoire in its entirety originates from the European Renaissance, during which ceremonial and planetary magic was refined and popularized among academic and clerical circles.
What is widely known is that Johann Weyer' De Praestigiis Daemonum lists most of the goetic demons and that his list was probably the main source for the Goetia. This work of Weyer in particular was written to disprove the accusations and confessions of witchcraft. He argues that those who confessed wouldn't have been able to practice any of the magical practices they confessed to. The conclusion is that those alleged witches suffer from delusions and mental illness, that they are not guilty of witchcraft, and that they actually are in need of medical help instead of an unjustified witch trial. Weyer wrote this work particularly in reaction to Malleus Maleficarum, which endorsed the torture and manipulation of accused witches.
Skinner and Rankine speculate based on the source Johann Weyer used for his De Praestigiis Daemonum which he sourced as Liber Officiorum Spirituum, seu Liber Dietus Empto[rium] Salomonis, De Principibus & Regibus Daemoniorum (Engl. Book of the Offices of Spirits, or the Book of Sayings received from Solomon concerning the Princes and Kings of the demons) that the origin and sources of three books of the Lemegeton could go back to Trithemius; those books being the Goetia (which is disputed), the Theurgia-Goetia and parts of the Ars Paulina (both appearing in Trithemius' Steganographia). Skinner and Rankine argue for the likelihood that the source for Weyer's De Praestigiis Daemonum goes back to a work that was mentioned to be in Trithemius' library called Liber Malorum Spirituum, which was listed right before a work called Liber Officiorum Spirituum. We also know that the Ars Alamdel and the Ars Notoria were very likely in Trithemius' possession. The conclusion of Skinner and Rankine is that Trithemius and his students were the ones who compiled all those books into one collection, which later on became known as the Lemegeton.
So based on speculation, Skinner and Rankine concluded that the list of demons, as well as other sources for the Lemegeton, could go back to Trithemius, who taught Agrippa, who in turn taught Johann Weyer, who overall made the list of demons famous by publishing his De Praestigiis Daemonum in 1563. This is however speculative and not based on physical evidence, since we don't have the manuscripts of Trithemius' library.
1. “The Goetia of Dr. Rudd” edited by Stephen Skinner and David Rankine
2. “The Lesser Key of Solomon” edited by Joseph H. Peterson
3. MS-Sloane 2731 Calvicula Salomonis
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insectteeth · a day ago
⛧Pinecone Prosperity Spell
2𝔫𝔡 ♓︎
Color of the Day : Orange
Incense of the Day : Eucalyptus
Here, we'll combine a classics fall craft with a little abundance magick.
You'll need :
Peanut butter
Begin by tying a loop of string to the end of a pinecone, make it as long as you need to in order to hang your finished treat from an outdoor tree or hook.
Next, use a butter knife or spoon to spread peanut butter generously on the pinecone. Be sure to get it into the crevices.
Pour birdseed onto the plate, then roll the peanut butter covered pinecone in the seed, coating it.
As you roll, visualize your household full of warmth, health, prosperity, and say :
By bird and cone and hearty seed, we welcome friends come round to feed.
Of warmth and love in autumns chill, may all who dwell here get their fill.
Hang your pinecone[s] outside and enjoy watching the critters who snack on them.
Tumblr media
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serpentandthreads · a day ago
Let's play a game of this or that. Reblog this with your results! You can only choose one from each selection.
Sun or Moon?
Candles or Incense?
Sigils or Runes?
Tarot or Oracle?
Crystals or Herbs?
Coffee or Tea?
Folklore or Mythology?
Mortar + Pestal or Cauldron?
Self-Written Journals or Books?
Jars or Sachets?
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bloomingwildwitch · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
🖤🏠 House Protection Spell 🏠🖤
🕯black candle dressed with rose oil, salt, cinnamon, and black pepper
🌹 rose petals
💐 lavender
🌿 rosemary
🌸 jasmine
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genesises-altar · 9 hours ago
Things to do while the Full moon is in Pisces
(September 20th)
Astral project
Have a spell bath
Try dream Journaling + Analysis
Magic involving psychic enhancement + Divination eg, Tarot readings, Pendulum
Make some moon water for psychic energy
Do something creative - paint, draw, colour in.
Try not to manifest during this full moon, wait until the new moon, (way better energy! Super worth the wait) use this moon to let go & recharge! 💗 Have fun angels & be safe! - Love Genesis x
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pallastrology · a day ago
hello friends,
since today we are celebrating the harvest moon - the full moon in pisces - and this week happens to be the week of mabon - the autumn equinox and the second harvest - I thought it might be nice to talk a little bit about how I will be celebrating these two events.
I usually keep my celebrations very low-key, but both mabon and the harvest moon are two of my favourite points in the year. my birthday is this saturday too! so the whole week is for celebrating 😅 for me, both occasions call for giving thanks, and so I make a point to say thank you to my loved ones, my home, my plants and the world around me.
firstly, I like to clean my house top-to-toe… why, yes, I am a virgo dominant, how did you guess? 😂 in all seriousness though, cleaning the house is a wonderfully grounding activity for me, that helps me feel calm and balanced again. it helps to clear out any negative energies I’ve picked up throughout the moon cycle, and it leaves me feeling accomplished and appreciative of my little home. during mabon, we want to reflect on the last six months, and clear away what we no longer need to keep or hold onto. so for me, an autumn deep-clean is perfect, as I can physically and spiritually declutter and cleanse my space.
I make a feast! again, this is something that - on a small scale - I like to do during the full moon, to celebrate and relax. with mabon being the celebration of the second harvest, of fruits and vegetables, it’s the perfect time to cook something delicious. I like to try and use seasonal vegetables where possible, so this week I’ll be making a delicious, savoury pumpkin pie, some homemade bread, and spiced apple butter to spread on it. maybe some chai too… lovely, simple food that sums up autumn and warmth.
I reflect. this is something I like to do at night, or early in the morning, when the world is a little quieter and I feel more introspective. I like to write in two books - a messy, personal diary, and a somewhat tidier planner-slash-journal. the former is where I spill all my thoughts and reflections on the season, the past six months, the current lunar cycle, and myself; the latter, where I gather those thoughts up and weave them into something understandable.
I go outside. this is my favourite point in the year, and I love to go for long walks at this point. I bring a bag in case I find treasures to take home, and set off. I like to walk down my local cycle path, where it’s quiet and rural and I can be in nature, to appreciate the changing seasons, the weather and the energy around me. this year I’m hoping to collect some flowers and perhaps some damsons, if I can find them!
I complete. full moon is a time to rest and reflect, so at this point in the month I like to look through my planner and tick off those tasks that have been waiting on me. I take some time to finish any projects, or at least find a natural break in them. I finish the book I’m currently reading (right now it’s The Book of Disquiet, a beautiful work!).
during the full moon, I like to cleanse my crystals and tarot decks too. I gently bathe my water-safe crystals (please research before bathing your crystals friends!), and dry them. then I arrange them into something of a grid, it tends to be different every time. I leave them on a windowsill where the moonlight can reach them, and, along my cards, they stay there overnight.
this isn’t something I’ve done before, but a little while back I read about a ritual someone performed for mabon wherein they wrote down something they were grateful for, something they wanted to harvest in the future, and something they were ready to let go of. they kept the first, planted the second, and burned the third. this year I will be trying this, as it seems simple and effective, and the idea of being able to see what you are grateful for throughout the darker months is very sweet to me. 🥺❤️
now, a lot of these things may not seem very magickal, but to me personally, witchcraft and magick are not loud, dramatic events or spells. for me, magick is found in the kitchen, the woods, in quiet moments, in the moonlight, and in history. in my practice I lean more towards folk magick, and so what feels authentic to me is very simple, very honest, and very small. this isn’t an instruction guide on how to celebrate or what to do, just my personal plans and how I will be celebrating 🍂🥀
I’d love to hear what you will be doing, or your thoughts on this post! reblog, reply or message to chat about it. be safe now everyone, take care of yourselves 🧡
- kira xo
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ravenousnightwind · a day ago
Pagans just wanna blame all our problems on Christians. Listen, we all need to go see a therapist because shit happened and now we're traumatized by it. It's not every single Christians fault of why some of us have religious trauma. It's not even Christianity. It's the people who decided to do those things. Blaming Christians for all the problems that pagans face will not take away the pain and suffering we went through. It's just going to make things way worse than it should be. Seek better ways to cope with your trauma. Instead of blaming Christians, take responsibility for yourself.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My albums selection for the week:
- Jean Schwarz - Symphonies du ciel — Schwarzland 
- Edward Ka-Spel – Splendid Isolation Chapters 1 & 2
- Popol Vuh ‎– Sei Still, Wisse Ich Bin
- Cindytalk ‎– The Wind Is Strong...
- Nubiferous – Mana
- Current 93 – Where The Long Shadows Fall (Beforetheinmostlight)
- Coume Ouarnède - Trilogie du monde de l'intérieur de la Terre
- Coil – Selvaggina, Go Back Into The Woods
- Cisfinitum ‎– O vs O
- Волок – Циклоп
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insectteeth · 2 days ago
⛧Harvesting Prosperity
2𝔫𝔡 ♒︎
☽ 𝔳/𝔠 5:14 𝔞𝔪 ⛧ ☽ → ♓︎ 4:22 𝔭𝔪
Color of the Day : Blue
Incense of the Day : Pine
We are in the midst of the harvest season, which is a perfect time to work on magick for prosperity and abundance.
You can use this spell at any time, but it is especially nice if you can do it either at noon in a patch of sunshine or under a full moon.
Take a pretty bowl and fill it with fresh fruits and/or vegetables. Make sure they are practically spilling out to represent the abundance of the season.
Place your hands around the sides of the bowl and feel the energy of your prosperity running through you.
Send out thanks and appreciation for the bounty in whichever ways you need the most.
Then say :
Gods of the harvest, abundant and overflowing.
Allow it into my life, in whichever ways are best for me.
Grant me prosperity, in any and all forms.
So mote it be.
Tumblr media
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serpentandthreads · 2 days ago
Unpopular Opinion? Maybe?
Disclaimer: This is just an opinion I’d like to put out there to get people thinking. Don’t take offense to it- it is just an observation.
I see the same type of thing being shared in regards to what ingredients and tools can be used to replace other ingredients and tools.
Rosemary can be used in place of any plant... Black tea can be used in place of any tea... Roses can be used in place of any flower... I’m sure many of us who have been around the occult side of social media have seen it before.
Although I understand how this may seem convenient to those who don’t have a lot to work with up front, I feel like this is false information. I’m not sure where this originated from, but I’ve seen it across various social media platforms over the past few years. Now, I’ve been practicing and studying for my craft for three years. In that time I have come to realize that some things have certain correspondences for a reason, and because of that... The idea that one ingredient can replace all other ingredients seems like a lazy way of thinking (not trying to offend chaos witches- I understand that y’all have a different perspective on magick).
When I heard that rosemary, in theory, can replace all other plants, I was a little shocked. It seemed convenient, but I thought about it for some time. Rosemary is typically associated with focus, memory, knowledge, protection and generally anything in relation to dream work. So how can it possibly replace any plant?
Something I feel people fail to realize is, for a lot of things, correspondences aren’t pulled out of thin air. Sure, all theories and concepts we have are made up, but in regards to magick correspondences there is an origin to it. When we look at the correspondences of plants, for example, we can see that the magick correspondences are heavily tied to their medicinal and psychological properties.
As an example, studies have shown that rosemary helps improve memory and increases mental alertness. Some people use it to prevent (or slow the effects of) Alzheimer’s or to help them memorize content they are studying. This is part of the reason why people use rosemary for things in relation to focus, memory and dream work. Rosemary is not the only herb used for these things either. Peppermint, lemon balm and turmeric are all used for similar concepts. So, with this information in mind, it would make more sense for rosemary to replace peppermint, lemon balm or turmeric and vice versa.
Before going to use one ingredient to replace another, do some thorough research. Do these ingredients have similar properties? Are there other ingredients that you have that could work just as good?
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vvitchrot · 8 hours ago
thinking of the phoenix; whose strength doesn't come from being reborn from the ash but from the courage needed to ignite everything that defines her in order to become the next iteration of herself. when you find yourself in the middle of a burning nest, try to honor that flame.
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