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Source: Eclectic Witchcraft
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successful spooky shopping trip for my home and altar
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I have limited Books in stock because I underestimated how many people like these:
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Have a look see by following the link below:
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spooky baby 🖤🎃
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Don't expect everything will be going smoothly when doing your spells/rituals/craft in general
Witchcraft can be messy and unplanned, your candles can be blown by accident, the wax can spill on your workspace, the incense smoke can iritate your eyes and nose, your prayers or words can be messy and not scripted etc.
What really matters are intentions, feelings, time and effort your putting in it. Your guides will protect and help you. Trust The Universe.
Embrace the chaos and learn to work with it.
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Commonly misunderstood aspects of tarot cards:
Tarot cards can’t typically be understood by using one or two keywords. Tarot is pretty complicated, and the meanings of each card change depending on the cards around it. It’s best to look at many different keywords, analyze the picture on the card and what it symbolizes, the number on the card, if it is major or minor arcana, and determine the cards meaning that way. It can take years to master, but it is worth it!
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So how does magic work? Like why are some people better with it when it's held outside the body? Why does it need to be held outside the body at all? How do people decide what spells they like and are good at? Is there a limit on how much they can use before it's harmful?
How does magick work?
The use of magick was made possible by the thinning of the veil between the physical plane, Aerd, and Hel. Magick draws power from Hel, and it's more powerful near places where the veil is the thinnest.
Why are some better at magick than others?
Simply put, they have either dedicated their life to the study of magick, or they have an aptitude for it. With enough practice and study, anyone could become a mage, but those with a knack for it will truly excel.
Why does it need to be held outside the body?
Magick is not held outside the body, it comes from within. The sigils serve as a focus/guide for their spells; they are not strictly needed but it would be like capturing a gale in a net, or a very slippery fish with your bare hands. Only the most skilled of mages can tame that sort of chaos without a focus to rely on.
Tattooed sigils are the easiest to draw upon due to their proximity to their wielder, but objects such as jewellery work as well; objects also have the added benefit of being able to hold a reserve of magick.
How do people decide upon their spells?
Mostly necessity, really. Common folk rarely have access to any sort of magick, only those in certain positions. Magick is reserved for those with privilege or those in servitude to the Order.
Elexis and Penrose are not magick wielders themselves, for instance, while Idris and Shea are.
Are there limits?
Yes. I've likened it before to how swimmers train to increase their lung capacity. Once depleted of magick, the caster will need to rest to replenish it. Those who push beyond their limits will rapidly weaken and physically deteriorate.
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model: unknown? Post in comments if you know plss
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My review of Hermetic Spirituality and the Historical Imagination is now up
Been working on this the last couple of weeks - now up at Paralibrum. It was fun to work on and may annoy some folks. Hope you, and they, enjoy it.
"For this was not about magicians “gaining power” in conventional modern senses, but ritual specialists (priests) creating conditions for those involved to be able to apprehend the gods, and in that apprehension, be “lifted” from the contouring and structures of ordinary existence. Nor should it be assumed that the “lifting” necessarily implies a spatial hierarchy as perhaps our modern language might suggest. It is quite simply then, creating “set and setting” for the gods to engage. That kyphi or the respective incense might have acted in concert with the nervous system to enhance the experience is not some sort of gotcha to suggest everyone was high and therefore the experience was merelychemically induced. Quite to the contrary, because, as Hanegraaff suggests, “Alterations of consciousness result in altered states of knowledge.” (p.3) To meet and have congress with the gods was the point – and in doing so be acted-upon. Thus, it is about acquaintance, understanding, rather than description. So how are we to understand what those involved experienced? Hanegraaff suggests that we do so by considering that the gods reveal themselves to those involved, and it is by that divine appearance, by presence, that the body and soul are revealed themselves, and reconstituted and purified. It is not that the body, or the matter itself is corrupt or evil per se, rather that it has to be treated-with/by-divinity, which comes through the re-cognition of the faculty of imagination. The faculty of imagination, as related to nous, is fundamental to the actuality of existence. It is not some poor, deluded, dreamy mooncalf of a distant cousin, but the faculty and power of the gods themselves. "
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Sun kissed 🖤
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Im back in stock!
There aren’t very many because #eds and my fingers have been dislocating more than usual, but I managed to make a few favourites!
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Grab yours here 👇
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Principles of Goblin Magick (Pt. 1)
These are the principles so far I have created for my goblin witchcraft path. This is a path inspired by the goblincore aesthetic and folklore surrounding these creatures, though I am creating my own goblin culture as well. 
I may update this list in time but this is what I have so far. 
Principles of Goblin Magick; 
1. Belief is a tool and adds power to anything. 
2. Surrounding yourself with objects that make you happy far outweigh what they are or how much they cost. 
3. Comfort in the self, and your individuality is more important than pleasing everyone. 
4. The more you embrace your unique combination of interests, the closer to divine you are. 
5. Nature is a constant wonder and working with it shows we care. 
6. Nothing is broken, it just wants something different in life. 
7. Food that is cooked is meant to be shared. 
8. Adventures wouldn’t be so if you don’t come back with new keepsakes, treasures, mud, injuries, or stories to share. 
9. Nothing in nature is ugly/gross, it just isn’t meant for your specific interests (this includes other people). 
10. If something goes with your ‘unique brand of ugliness’ it’s yours now. I don’t make the rules. 
UPDATE: I am collecting my goblin posts on a masterpost here!
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