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will-o-the-witch · 2 days ago
There's been a lot of hubbub lately about Kabbalah being a "closed" practice, and saying that Christians/Pagans/other Gentiles shouldn't touch it because they don't know what they're doing. Anyway, local Jew here to share a helpful guide all about how to practice Kabbalah as a Gentile! Enjoy. :)
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little-witchys-garden · 2 days ago
Magick sounding words:
Orphic- mysterious and engraving behind ordinary understanding.
Eunoia - beautiful thinking: a well mind
Caelum - the shy/the heaven
Moonbow - also known as a lunar rainbow, occurs at night when light from the Moon illuminates falling water drops in the atmosphere.
Moonbroch - a luminous ring around the moon popularly regarded as an omen of bad weather.
Kalon - a beauty that is more then skin deep.
Nesh - soft, tender and delicate.
Leal - faithful and true
Gramary - magick and enchantment.
Noetic - of or relating to the mind or thinking.
Whist - to hush or silence, to still or become silent.
Sweven - a vision seen in sleep: a dream.
Ferly - something unusual, strange, causing of wonder or terror.
Palsy walsy - very friendly in a artificial way.
Abscond - to secretly depart or hide oneself.
Ludic - full of fun and high spirits.
Lucent - soft,bright or radiant.
Mimp - to speak in a prissy manner.
Sabaism - the worship of stars.
Selenophile - a person who loves the moon.
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genesises-altar · 2 days ago
The Decans Explained
Libra - Scorpio- Sagittarius - Capricorn - Aquarius - Pisces
Have you ever wondered why people born under the same zodiac sign are so different in their nature? The ancient astrologers knew this and divided each zodiac sign; modern astrology has taken the divisions further. We divide the signs by their elements, qualities and by the positive (masculine) and negative (feminine) expression. Sometimes Decans can complete the story, other times it helps to pinpoint the nature of activity going on in the subject’s life.
Click here to read: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo
Libra 1st Decan: Born Between September 23 – October 3
Libra Decan 1 is ruled by the Moon. These people are adept and bringing peace and harmony into the most fraught situation. The ironic thing about Libra decan 1 is that sometimes their push for peace can attract very aggressive and mean mates. Either that or violence just seems to blow up around them for no reason at all. Libra has a horror of arguing, they don’t like to offend, so they tell lots of little white lies, and I mean lots….The danger is that they could all become one big fat lie which then will reveal itself at just the wrong moment.
Libra 2nd Decan: Born Between October 4 – 13
Libra Decan 2 is ruled by Saturn. Sometimes these folk appear very shallow and can seem like charlatans. This is because they can’t convince themselves. They often feel they are impostors when they have to mix with the big wigs, a flying fish out of water. Libra decan 2 can of course have genuine talent, the real problem is ironically their talent for finding short-cuts to fame and fortune. Their fast rise up the ranks can draw envy and suspicion from others.
Libra 3rd Decan: Born Between October 14 – 22
Libra Decan 3 is ruled by Jupiter. It does seem like these subjects need to go through a period of initiation, an endurance test that involves some suffering. Libra decan 3 may have to go through some tough times where they have to prove themselves. They may be harshly judged because their ideas or behaviour is controversial in some way. These folk may be exiled and painted out to be the bad guys even though they see themselves as whiter than white. Anti-heros, fallen souls and the victims of society will fascinate them. Libra decan 3 cannot help but pick up the collective mirror and reflect back to the world it’s shadow self.
Scorpio 1st Decan: Born Between October 23 – November 1
Scorpio Decan 1 is ruled by Mars. These folks are certainly very driven, but they glide to the top quite silently. Nobody notices them until suddenly, bam, they are there, right at the top. This gives them an advantage over their rivals because they are often underestimated at first. Scorpio decan 1 are the perfect invisible man, they make a great classic Scorpio spy because of their amazing ability to construct a psychic cloaking device.
Scorpio 2nd Decan: Born Between November 2 – 11
Scorpio decan 2 is ruled by the Sun. Scorpio decan 2 may be experiencing a tumultuous emotional storm, but on the outside, nothing, not a flicker, awesome…It’s all in the eyes though, the eyes burning into you with such ferocity, but what,what do these folk want, they won’t tell you?!!! How infuriating. Scorpio decan 2’s make excellent judges and critics because of their innate ability to weigh up all the odds. They are also the world’s best hagglers. They know your real best price and can beat you down to it by very skilled non- verbal communication.
Scorpio 3rd Decan: Born Between November 12 – 22
Scorpio Decan 3 is ruled by Venus. They are just naturally creatures of the night and are accustomed to creeping about so as not to disturb anyone. They are considerate folk who just like to blend in and make as little fuss as possible. Scorpio decan 3 is very close to nature and like the natural world it does not have much of an ego, it just wants to blend in and harmonise because that is actually the best way to survive. Scorpio decan 3 are pack animals so everything they do is motivated to protect the future of their breed.
Sagittarius 1st Decan: Born Between November 23 – December 2
Sagittarius Decan 1 is ruled by Mercury and Jupiter.The great attraction for foreign cultures that comes with Sagittarius serves these subjects well when looking for herbs (Or drugs..), cures and enlightenment from far and wide. There is also a fascination with ancient cultures and their healing wisdom. Sagittarius loves wide-open spaces, fresh air and being close to nature.
Sagittarius 2nd Decan: Born Between December 3 – 12
Sagittarius Decan 2 is ruled by the Moon. Sagittarius decan 2 have come to this planet with a mission to remind us of the gnosis we have buried in our subconscious. They serve to tempt us with the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge. This could result in wonderful revelations or it could equally send us mad. Those who have become entertainers in this decan have that extra magical allure that, added to their talent, that makes them super-famous.
Sagittarius 3rd Decan: Born Between December 13 – 22
Sagittarius Decan 3 is ruled by Saturn. Sagittarius decan 3 doesn’t really use words and often finds it difficult to listen to them. This is because they often just sense things and this is why they get into trouble. A typical example is when they find themselves scowling at someone, who from the outside seems like an adorable, charming person but is hiding something less them savoury. These folk can see right through into the sorcerer’s dark soul. Sagittarius decan 3 are accused of being rude, anti-social, cold and even sociopathic. Sagittarius decan 3 wants to fit in and needs to be loved, so they will feel guilty when they don’t find it.
Capricorn 1st Decan: Born Between December 23 – 31
Capricorn Decan 1 is ruled by Jupiter and Saturn. Yes this is no ordinary goat. Maybe there is something about these horny hoofed ones that knows what it is to be one of the little sheep only too well. With afflictions to this zone, or with Facies prominent they know how terrible it feels to be the black sheep of the family. Those Capricorn decan 1’s then have a lot to prove to the world.
Capricorn 2nd Decan: Born Between January 1 – January 10
Capricorn Decan 2 is ruled by Mars and Venus. The artists and musicians among them will have weakness for finely crafted furniture and will want the highest quality instruments to play on. Capricorn decan 2 believes they were made for greater things, so the “trash” doesn’t get treated with respect. The trouble with Capricorn decan 2 is their state of mind if they never make it to the impossibly high grade that they aspire too. If these goats can’t be the very best, then they are really hard on themselves and others.
Capricorn 3rd Decan: Born Between January 11 – 19
Capricorn Decan 3 is ruled by the Sun and Mercury. These goats are often underestimated because often they are just too aesthetically pleasing. The really beautiful ones are either feared or treated as bimbo’s. Even if we have the Peacock here, Capricorn decan 3 generally dress to impress, but in a very classy way, wearing expensive natural fibres, silks and really well cut suits. Capricorn decan 3 are incredibly cunning; they play with words and are delightful storytellers. Of course this can make brilliant liars too. They can spin a yarn, draw you in and before you know it, you are caught up in their spider web of fables.
Aquarius 1st Decan: Born Between January 20 – 29
Aquarius Decan 1 is ruled by Venus and Saturn. Decan 1 Aquarians are visionaries and are forever chasing new horizons. As they hover above the clouds, their mind is free to catch an innovative idea from the ether. They can be so intent on pursing its goals that they can suffer from tunnel vision. Aquarian decan 1 can find it quite difficult to live in the here and now.
Aquarius 2nd Decan: Born Between January 30 – February 8
Aquarius Decan 2 is ruled by Mercury. These are the ice kings and queens of the zodiac, if you dump them there will be no drama, no yelling or unbecoming sobbing. How uncouth! These subjects will simply glide away without a fuss or ruffled feather. It literally is water off the ducks back for these aquatic birds. Aquarians aren’t noted for their sensitivity, but I beg to differ when it comes to Aquarius decan 2. Their soppy side is kept hidden though, and they will tend to bottle up their feelings.
Aquarius 3rd Decan: Born Between February 9 – 18
Aquarius Decan 3 is ruled by the Moon and Venus. Aquarian decan 3 can be skittish and playful like the fool. Some of them, despite their intelligence, can manage to come across as real airheads. They tend to push their luck but somehow get away with it through a blend of genuine innocence and sheer good fortune. Here we find the famous Aquarian commitment phobia.
Pisces 1st Decan: Born Between February 19 – 29
Pisces Decan 1 are ruled by Saturn and Jupiter. These subjects are visionaries. However in dreamy Pisces, they less likely to take steps to make these visions reality. Very often Pisces decan 1 thinks the mirages in their life actually are real. Look, don’t touch, for these subjects turn unrequited love into an art form. Pisces decan 1 will tease you until you are half insane and then disappear leaving just a puff of fairy dust.
Pisces 2nd Decan: Born Between March 1 – 10
Pisces decan 2 are ruled by Jupiter and the Moon. Pisces decan 2 is probably the most liquid area of Pisces, which means it also risks being the most toxic. These subjects are supremely absorbent of their environment, so can work positively or negatively. This placing would be great for a spy, but the most criminal and slimy of individuals could turn this great power into something quite nefarious. With Pisces decan 2 the evolutionary state of the soul is paramount, they can absorb toxins just as well as they can absorb love and bliss.
Pisces 3rd Decan: Born Between March 11 – 20
Pisces Decan 3 is ruled by Mars. These fishes are often confused as to why they are such hotheads when the usual descriptions of Pisces are so laid back and languid. This really isn’t the case with decan 3! They retain some of the wonderful Piscean imagination, mysticism, musical talent and psychic ability, but they are more likely to put these talents to use because of their great desire to see their name in starry lights. They are ambitious visionaries, and will not stop until they see their dreams materialize.
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emnemz · 2 days ago
☆Messages from your spirit guides☆
please choose the picture that resonates with you the most
! i do not own any of the pictures on this post !
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pile nr 1 (upper left)
❄ I am seeing the number 6 and the color blue if that resonates with you. Your spirit guides want to tell you that you need more balance, more rest and more credit to yourself. They want you to take a break and meditate on your accomplishments because you might feel really down right now but you have to remember where you started and where you got now. It seems like you don't acknowledge your power. They want you to claim it. They see that people might treat you badly sometimes and some of them even dim your light. You got this, you have all the answers within you, you just need to trust yourself more. You are your own leader. I am seeing an image of a dog, they want to tell you that they are always protecting you from evil energies. Also, things are about to change abruptly soon, you need to trust the process and go with the flow. Good things are about to come your way. They see your sadness. They see you feel alone and misguided but there is this new energy that will bless your soul soon, just hang in there.
Pile nr 2 (upper right)
🌷 Your spirit guides are saying that they see you are hurting. I am having an image of someone that is crying in their bed at night. You hide your feelings and ideas, you are scared of judgement and recently something happened that made you shut down, I am not sure if it is a break up, a stressful work situation or something about you but this affected you deeply. On the outside people see you as someone radiant and happy, inspiring and nurturing but you are fighting your demons and you feel like you relate to people less. Your spirit guides want you to reconnect to the Divine and your Higher Self. They are saying that this is all happening for a reason and soon you'll feel understood. Your mind is complex and so it's your reality. You might have a tendency to exaggerate things a bit but that's because you feel everything more deeply than others, it's very likely that you are an empath. Your guides are proud of you, your effort is seen. Your integrity will not be taken for granted.
Pile nr 3 (lower left)
💮 Okay I need to take a long breath for this one. I see some really really dark s**t here. You are going through a huge loss/mental breakdown. There is also a need for a quick important decision to be made. Your spirit guides want to be with you during rough times like this and they want you to claim your strength. Some people in your entourage might be energy vampires and they are draining you, also bad habits add on this heavy, negative energy. Your guides want you to set some boundaries, pick people carefully, protect yourself and cleanse your aura. You are a beautiful soul and you love to give, but now it's your turn to receive. It is time for you to redirect all the energy you give out to other people to yourself, to love yourself as you loved others and motivate yourself like you motivate those whom you love. Justice is on your side. Whatever this situation might be, do not be afraid, your guides are protecting you. Be very very cautious of how you spend your energy and prioritize yourself.
Pile nr 4 (lower right)
🌴 Your guides are proud of you, there is some significant growth you have attained. I see you are going through a spiritual awakening phase and you might be getting a lot of signs and messages from the universe. Something in the past was really rough on you and it changed you into someone independent and wise. People look up to you and you have a teacher aura. Your guides really acknowledge your achievement. They are saying "there is no need to doubt now". I see something really harsh and explosive you dealt with in the past and now you have changed that experience into a work of art. I am seeing that you pay less attention to what people say these days, you focus on yourself and your growth. Some people from your past are really jealous of you, they don't understand your glow.
i hope my reading resonated with you guys.
if you are interested into getting a personal reading, dm me for details.
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green-cannaclectic · a day ago
Notebook Project
This is my project for the day. Please note this is 100% a rough draft and I will be redoing it, but for my first time I'm pretty happy with the result.
Tumblr media
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honeykarra · 2 days ago
Venus, the planet of love and creativity, rules Friday. Social activities and artistic endeavors are associated with Friday’s energy. No wonder everyone wants to party on Friday.
Venus rules Libra and Taurus. Libra is mental (air element), and Taurus is physical (earth element), and we take on both attributes during Friday. Friday is the time of healing mentally and physically.
🧘. Anything you are enthusiastic about should be in focus on Friday. Don’t be embarrassed to be passionate.
🧙Spells for Friday
This is the best time to focus your meditation and spells on romance, love, friendships, dating, pleasure, partners, unions, and fertility.
💑 Attraction Spell
Write your target’s name on a small piece of paper.
Sprinkle with fresh flower petals.
Fold the paper toward you.
Hide it within your underwear drawer.
🤑 Financial Spell
Shred approximately 1/2 cup of fresh basil leaves.
Cover the basil with boiling water; around 2 cups.
Let the basil steep in this water for three days.
On the fourth day, strain out the water, reserving the liquid.
Sprinkle or use a spray bottle to distribute the potion near entrances, the cash register, corners of the room, or behind doors.
Learn how to utilize the Moon's energy for stronger spells CLICK HERE
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serpentandthreads · a day ago
Unpopular Opinion? Maybe?
Disclaimer: This is just an opinion I’d like to put out there to get people thinking. Don’t take offense to it- it is just an observation.
I see the same type of thing being shared in regards to what ingredients and tools can be used to replace other ingredients and tools.
Rosemary can be used in place of any plant... Black tea can be used in place of any tea... Roses can be used in place of any flower... I’m sure many of us who have been around the occult side of social media have seen it before.
Although I understand how this may seem convenient to those who don’t have a lot to work with up front, I feel like this is false information. I’m not sure where this originated from, but I’ve seen it across various social media platforms over the past few years. Now, I’ve been practicing and studying for my craft for three years. In that time I have come to realize that some things have certain correspondences for a reason, and because of that... The idea that one ingredient can replace all other ingredients seems like a lazy way of thinking (not trying to offend chaos witches- I understand that y’all have a different perspective on magick).
When I heard that rosemary, in theory, can replace all other plants, I was a little shocked. It seemed convenient, but I thought about it for some time. Rosemary is typically associated with focus, memory, knowledge, protection and generally anything in relation to dream work. So how can it possibly replace any plant?
Something I feel people fail to realize is, for a lot of things, correspondences aren’t pulled out of thin air. Sure, all theories and concepts we have are made up, but in regards to magick correspondences there is an origin to it. When we look at the correspondences of plants, for example, we can see that the magick correspondences are heavily tied to their medicinal and psychological properties.
As an example, studies have shown that rosemary helps improve memory and increases mental alertness. Some people use it to prevent (or slow the effects of) Alzheimer’s or to help them memorize content they are studying. This is part of the reason why people use rosemary for things in relation to focus, memory and dream work. Rosemary is not the only herb used for these things either. Peppermint, lemon balm and turmeric are all used for similar concepts. So, with this information in mind, it would make more sense for rosemary to replace peppermint, lemon balm or turmeric and vice versa.
Before going to use one ingredient to replace another, do some thorough research. Do these ingredients have similar properties? Are there other ingredients that you have that could work just as good?
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genesises-altar · 2 days ago
The Decans Explained
Aries - Taurus - Gemini - Cancer - Leo - Virgo
Have you ever wondered why people born under the same zodiac sign are so different in their nature? The ancient astrologers knew this and divided each zodiac sign; modern astrology has taken the divisions further. We divide the signs by their elements, qualities and by the positive (masculine) and negative (feminine) expression. Sometimes Decans can complete the story, other times it helps to pinpoint the nature of activity going on in the subject’s life.
Click here to read: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces
Aries 1st Decan: Born Between March 21 – 30
Aries Decan 1 is ruled by Mars. They come out into the world kicking, screaming and bawling their eyes out. Everything is fresh, new, shiny and bouncy. These people are natural leaders, warriors, front line fighters and trail blazers. They have to be the first, best, biggest and bling-est. These folk are so sharply focused on their goals, they find it very hard to see their peers right next to them.
Aries 2nd Decan: Born Between March 31 – April 9
Aries Decan 2 is ruled by the sun. This is where Aries gets regal, these people follow no leaders and work best as their own boss or taking commandeering others. Aries decan 2 desperately wants to shine and be respected for rising to the top of their field. They can be seen as quite ruthless in pushing past those they perceive are holding them back from their ultimate throne. This decan can be brutally honest which can get Aries decan 2 into trouble even if its in the best interests of those they are trying to direct.
Aries 3rd Decan: Born Between April 10 – 19
Aries Decan 3 is ruled by Venus and Jupiter. Despite the decan being ruled by two benefics in separate systems, nearly all of the stars in Aries decan 3 are given the attributes of Saturn, or Jupiter/Saturn. Everything with these rams is played at epic proportions. It is also very sexual, since we know Jupiter was the biggest nymph chaser of them all.
Taurus 1st Decan: Born Between April 20 – 30
Taurus Decan 1 is ruled by Mercury and Venus. These can be the raging bulls of Taurus, with less of the usual placid, laid-back energy tropical Taurus are known for. Taurus decan 1 may take ages to start a project, but once they get the momentum going there is no stopping them and they will flatten everything in their path, so don’t get in their way.
Taurus 2nd Decan: Born Between May 1 – 10
Taurus Decan 2 are ruled by the Moon and Mercury. These bulls are tenacious and ambitious; they rise to the top through sheer determination, patience and stamina. Their speech is a potent tool for propaganda and spin-doctoring thanks to the mercurial influence. Being ruled by the Moon makes them popular, and they appear to play the father or mother of the people. Politically these people give you the feeling they will take care of business and that your life is safe in their responsible hands.
Taurus 3rd Decan: Born Between May 11 – 20
Taurus decan 3 is ruled by Saturn. This part of Taurus houses bohemians and temperamental, artistic types. They can be daring, but are still very much fixed in their determination to pursue their dream. Taurus decan 3 are extremely chivalrous, they have impeccable manners and a lot of class. Taurus decan 3 has great taste and appreciation of the aesthetic, managing to dress like a lord even if they can only afford to shop in charity shops.
Gemini 1st Decan: Born Between May 21 – 31
Gemini Decan 1 is ruled by Jupiter. With Jupiter’s influence here then we get activists and militants who are on a spiritual or religious mission. They see themselves as spiritual warriors and reformers, on this earth to stamp out evil. This area is also very artistic, so those in the entertainment business here will always have a socio-political message behind what they do.
Gemini 2nd Decan: Born Between June 1 – 10
Gemini Decan 2 is ruled by Mars. These people don’t do anything by halves. All too often however, Gemini decan 2 just takes on far too much and then suffers burn out. The twins here are extra inquisitive, intellectually daring, and their mind is as agile as their bodies. They need to have this acrobatic ability since their propensity for living on the edge means they often have to make very narrow escapes.
Gemini 3rd Decan: Born Between June 11 – 20
Gemini Decan 3 is ruled by the Sun. This is a multi-talented, multi-tasking, multi-faceted super-parent who wants it all and does it all. Like tropical Gemini, this decan has two sides to it and each one is just as forceful and strong as the other. There is no in between for these people. It’s all very black and white, you are either best friend or enemy, good or evil, sinner or saint. These twins are not your typical, bridge-building twins, but they are about duality. They sometimes like to play devils advocate but they are not chameleons or shape shifting tricksters.
Cancer 1st Decan: Born Between June 21 – July 1
Cancer Decan 1 is ruled by Venus. These people are extremely opinionated and have to have their say. It’s impossible to put a muzzle on them. Try to gag them and watch out for a rabid fit. Disagree with them if you want to see them roll out the whites of their eyes. To the outside world, their friends and colleagues they appear wild, untameable, free-spirited jokers. They come across as uncompromising activists, brave, fearless and sometimes barking-mad.
Cancer 2nd Decan: Born Between July 2 – 12
Cancer decan 2 is ruled by Mercury. Cancer decan 2 can be the true moody, crabby crabs. This Goddess totally fits with the side of Cancer that we know as the devoted, nurturing moon. This association gives Cancer decan 2 the ability to resurrect and ablity to breath life into the dead. Hysteria comes from the Latin word for the womb, which is ruled by Cancer.
Cancer 3rd Decan: Born Between July 13 to 22
Cancer Decan 3 is ruled by the Moon. Cancer decan 3 therefore can be the moodiest of all the crabs, never knowing if they will be sunny or shadowy. Their emotions being so colourful are great for creativity. As artists they throw themselves right into their work, there is no holding back. In love they are utterly, utterly devoted to a fault. This can be quite overwhelming for their beloved. Cancer decan 3 really need some artistic or musical outlet.
Leo 1st Decan: Born Between July 23 – August 2
Leo Decan 1 is ruled by Saturn. Leo decan 1 are extremely dedicated to their field of endeavor. Some may pursue a career for the sole reason of achieving high status. They need to be seen as the boss, the leader of the pack or the queen bee. They do not like to play the role of the underling. However they will doff their hat and play the loyal servant if they have to, anything to get up the ladder.
Leo 2nd Decan: Born Between August 3 – 12
Leo Decan 2 is ruled by Jupiter. Leo is known as the dramatic sign, so here we will certainly get full-blown theatrics. These folk, are typically mouthy. So they are outspoken, fearless in their reasoning and dive into debates with gusto. Leo decan 2 does tough love extraordinarily well, but sometimes make enemies because of this.
Leo 3rd Decan: Born Between August 13 – 22
Leo Decan 3 is ruled by Mars. The main theme with Leo Decan 3 is their belief in the divine right of kings.. ie: themselves. They are always right, their rule is absolute, any challenge to their authority is seen as betrayal. Leo decan 3 will give you the strong leadership you desire, but only if you submit to their authority 100%.
Virgo 1st Decan: Born Between August 23 – September 2
Virgo Decan 1 is ruled by the Sun. Most of the stars in Virgo decan 1 are in the maternal mother bear. So there is a nursing quality here too. They can very easily become martyrs though and have to watch that they don’t become so self-sacrificial that they loose themselves entirely. Virgo decan 1 can become very drained by others because they have difficulty saying “no”. It’s ironic really, these folk who are so good at organising others and categorising items find it difficult to place limits for themselves.
Virgo 2nd Decan: Born Between September 3 – 12
Virgo Decan 2 is ruled by Venus. Virgo decan 2 can push people away and then wonder why those people sometimes stay away. They seem to need to test their partner’s backbones and push them to the limits. Virgo decan 2 can be great stalkers, but they don’t want anything that comes to them too easily. They feel they have to go through hell and back, severe trauma and a mental breakdown before they deserve to win anything. When they have their prize they will stick with it…forever.
Virgo 3rd Decan: Born Between September 13 – 22
Virgo Decan 3 is ruled by Mercury. Virgo decan 3 are the zodiac’s natural healers. Mercury is the god of medicine after all and of course Mercury is the natural ruler of Virgo as a whole anyway. The stars in the Crater here are gifts passed down through generations of healers, the healing can be in the form of art, film, song, music, poetry as well as medicine, traditional or alternative. It is vitally important that Virgo decan 3 keeps themselves as clean as possible, as they are also the great purifiers.
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ravenousnightwind · 8 hours ago
Pagans just wanna blame all our problems on Christians. Listen, we all need to go see a therapist because shit happened and now we're traumatized by it. It's not every single Christians fault of why some of us have religious trauma. It's not even Christianity. It's the people who decided to do those things. Blaming Christians for all the problems that pagans face will not take away the pain and suffering we went through. It's just going to make things way worse than it should be. Seek better ways to cope with your trauma. Instead of blaming Christians, take responsibility for yourself.
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bloomingwildwitch · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
🖤🏠 House Protection Spell 🏠🖤
🕯black candle dressed with rose oil, salt, cinnamon, and black pepper
🌹 rose petals
💐 lavender
🌿 rosemary
🌸 jasmine
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insectteeth · a day ago
⛧Harvesting Prosperity
2𝔫𝔡 ♒︎
☽ 𝔳/𝔠 5:14 𝔞𝔪 ⛧ ☽ → ♓︎ 4:22 𝔭𝔪
Color of the Day : Blue
Incense of the Day : Pine
We are in the midst of the harvest season, which is a perfect time to work on magick for prosperity and abundance.
You can use this spell at any time, but it is especially nice if you can do it either at noon in a patch of sunshine or under a full moon.
Take a pretty bowl and fill it with fresh fruits and/or vegetables. Make sure they are practically spilling out to represent the abundance of the season.
Place your hands around the sides of the bowl and feel the energy of your prosperity running through you.
Send out thanks and appreciation for the bounty in whichever ways you need the most.
Then say :
Gods of the harvest, abundant and overflowing.
Allow it into my life, in whichever ways are best for me.
Grant me prosperity, in any and all forms.
So mote it be.
Tumblr media
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musicktoplayinthedark · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My albums selection for the week:
- Jean Schwarz - Symphonies du ciel — Schwarzland 
- Edward Ka-Spel – Splendid Isolation Chapters 1 & 2
- Popol Vuh ‎– Sei Still, Wisse Ich Bin
- Cindytalk ‎– The Wind Is Strong...
- Nubiferous – Mana
- Current 93 – Where The Long Shadows Fall (Beforetheinmostlight)
- Coume Ouarnède - Trilogie du monde de l'intérieur de la Terre
- Coil – Selvaggina, Go Back Into The Woods
- Cisfinitum ‎– O vs O
- Волок – Циклоп
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lili-moon-child · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
shalom 💛
this book is a great read for any fellow green witches.
i have found that ever since i started learning about the history, background, and general information about each plant and herb aside from the magickal properties, it has really improved my understanding and appreciation for the plant and where it has come from in its own journey. i definitely encourage every green witch to get to know plants in every way, not just magickal elements! 🌱💛
- vivi
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