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petervnguyen · 9 months ago
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Here is my tribute to the 1982
I have four new mutants done and i have four more to go:)
Now with all  9 new mutants members and head master magneto. A bonus pin up of the 1980s team .
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maamlet · 4 months ago
hey did yall know the x-men colossus and magik are canonically descended from rasputin. like THE rasputin
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1-800-444-tune · 2 years ago
Receive Good News This Week Spell
Positive Affirmation: "I will receive the good news is have been waiting for or I will get some type of good news this week"
Like to Charge, Reblog To Cast Spell...
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mykieekyuuxxo · a year ago
𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐀𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐥 𝐍𝐮𝐦𝐛𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐌𝐞𝐚𝐧🤍
000 -  The universe is letting you know that new beginnings will help you elevate your vibration and connect with your full potential 
111 - You’re on the right path to abundance, alignment, and creating your dream reality. You’re manifesting things with ease. 
222 - Trust you are on the right path. Stay focused on the things you want in your life rather than what you don’t want. 
333 - The Universe is working with you on making your dreams a reality. Belive in yourself and trust your intuition.
444 - Your being guided and supported through whatever you’re focusing on at the moment. Don’t stop, continue and keep going.
555 - A quantum leap is ahead, Embrace yourself for massive shifts. Be open to new opportunities in all areas of your life. 
666 - You’re distracted and need refocusing on your goals. The Universe is telling you to wake up to your higher self
777 - You’re in the frequency of manifesting your dreams. Good things are coming your way, let it flow your way. 
888 - Financial abundance is on it’s way to you. The Universe is letting you know you’re successful.
999 - You’re being told to embrace change and step into alignment with your soul purpose and higher self 
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earthmantra · 3 years ago
Connecting with Deities for Beginners
Tumblr media
First: religious or spiritual belief is entirely optional in witchcraft. Your own divinity and power to manifest does not reduce because you’re not throwing food at your altar for a “patron deity” every week. In fact, patron deities are a lot rarer than tumblr might have you believe. Allow this process to be what it is - a process. Allow time to discover your spiritual home. There’s no rush. You’ve lived lifetimes and you will live more. 
If you feel called toward connecting with deity, here’s my advice: write. Writing forces you to slow your thinking down and truly consider your ideas, thoughts, and desires. Writing pieces of yourself down puts them into the universe. 
Take these ideas into a journal that you’ve chosen with an intention to be a place for spiritual work. It can be a Book of Shadows or something else. Try these prompts - if you don’t know the answers to these questions, it’s an opportunity to dive into yourself!
1. Numbers: Are there numbers you’ve felt drawn to? Do you have any lucky numbers? Do things always work out the first time you try them, or does it seem to always take three - or seven? Do your relationships with others come in twos or fives? Does your birthday mean anything to you? What about your birth time, or place? If there’s a number you feel at home with, explore it! What deities are related to it? What direction? In my case, 3 is incredibly powerful in all aspects of my life. I’ve found Vishnu and Auset to be my focal points and recognize 3 in them. Vishnu has had 9 incarnations (3x3) and Auset recovered Ausar from the dead to become pregnant and give birth to their child.
2. Animals: Yes, everyone has an opinion about cats or dogs. But maybe you find yourself watching spiders closely rather than jumping away, or the finches in your yard carry weight when you see them. Maybe you found yourself getting a dragonfly tattoo out of nowhere, or there’s something about the octopus that gets your heart swelling with intrigue. Write these down. Check the World Wildlife Foundations adoptable endangered species. Which would you choose? What element or directions do you associate these animals with? Which ones do you want to experiment calling upon? 
3. Music: I don’t mean the radio. Think about the music you go to when you’re emotionally well; not full of happiness, not in a valley of sadness or pain. What do you like to study to, meditate to? What songs come on when you’re out at restaurants? Is there a song that just pops up at the strangest or most needed of times? Look at the words, the genre, the meaning of these songs or these types of music. If you’re into soundscapes, seek out elemental or nature deities. If you like hip-hop, seek out deities who are playful or assertive. Classical could lead you to deities of balance or justice. Try making music, just with your hands on the table. What rhythms do you find yourself producing? What’s your vibration? 
4. Joyous Moments: What makes you happy? Maybe bath bombs aren’t your thing, but tea in the morning is. Do you like being surrounded by friends, family, or strangers? Write down the moments of your life where you felt the most blissful. Write down what moments you want to collect before this life has ended. What deities reflect similar habits or goals? If you want to backpack along the Ganges or in Europe, think about deities of travel and movement. If you want to build a family, look at Mother Goddesses.   
5. Weirdnesses: This might be the most important and will require slowly opening your inner eye. Look! For! Weirdness! These are not coincidences, these are communications. Track your moods, your feelings, your interactions. Did a friend mention a film or historical figure that’s been in the back of your mind lately? Did that license plate you read have the initials of someone you care about? What imagery or feelings keep appearing in your dreams? Do you keep finding pennies everywhere you go? If you’re not experiencing weirdnesses in your life, throw yourself into a new situation, new people, hobby, or activity. Breaking routine is an excellent way to invite the universe to have a hand in authoring your day. 
These are simple journaling activities to help you place yourself in the greater world we occupy. Spiritual journeys are deep, personal, and a long-term commitment. Don’t choose a deity just because they’re popular, or you feel like you need one. 
Spirit guides are already here, waiting for you to listen. The more you reflect on the inner workings of your mind and heart, the more you’re saying YES to magic and saying YES to ascension. 
Love & Light <3
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moth-ma-am · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
me when someone even mentions the topic of witchcraft
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What to do this super blue blood moon!
Tumblr media
So pretty much every witch has been talking about this rare occurrence, with a pretty confusing name, and so lots of people don’t know what to do on January 31st (night of the full moon)
So what can I do?
Well first thing is to learn the correspondences
Super moon
This moon will have a strong effect on your personal power, as the moon is closer to earth creating a stronger gravitational pull.
Blue moon
The second full moon in a month. It enhances the connection between the realms (or in my belief the 9 worlds) and any spell work done has long-term effects
Blood moon
A lunar eclipse, an excellent time to welcome new beginnings or to let go of old feelings or unwanted items
* Now depending on where you live the moon falls on Wednesday which is a good day for creativity and change *
But what can I do?
⭐ Curses, specifically trump. Always trump
⭐ Long term spells, Money, Love, ect.
⭐ Cleanse your crystals
⭐ Perform a blessing or ritual
⭐ Dedicate the night to a deity or nature
⭐ Make an offering
⭐ Collect moon water
⭐ Scrying (or other forms of divination)
⭐ Kitchen Magick (create a soup or pie for dinner 😊)
These are just a few ideas, please feel free to tell me your own
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mikemaihack · 2 years ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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A few years ago, I started drawing a bunch of 80’s X-Women for someone who (I believe) is getting some elaborate tattoo made of all of them. Drew a few more for him recently and, since it’s been awhile, thought I’d repost some past ones for context. Still surprisingly happy with how these gals turned out. I’ll have some new ones to share starting Monday.
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lilith-key · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
🦅🦅🦅I would kill for one of these
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3allthingswitchy3 · 3 years ago
If your partner makes you chose between them and your craft, LEAVE THEM.
If your partner tries to aggressively change your religious beliefs to match theirs because yours makes them uncomfortable, LEAVE THEM.
If your partner is embarrassed about your beliefs and practices, LEAVE THEM
If your partner tries to force their beliefs onto you in any way shape or form, LEAVE THEM
If your partner doesn’t respect you, your craft, your religion, or your beliefs then they are not worthy to be by your side. A good partner is supportive and uplifting and does their best to understand your beliefs. It’s one thing to talk with each other about your different beliefs, it’s another when one party tries to use the relationship to attempt to convert the other. I will be the first to go to church with my boyfriend as a support system, that does not mean I am changing my beliefs for him and he knows that. If I ever convert (which is highly unlikely) it will be because I decided to convert back, not because someone made me or because I felt pressured to. Same goes for him. He supports me 110% with my craft in everything from helping me collect spell supplies to helping me with my alters but I respect that he has his own beliefs and would never try to convert him. I am a full believer that, along with communication, respect is a number one priority within any healthy, and lasting relationship. If someone can’t even do that basic thing then sweetie you need to kick them to the curb because you are amazing and can find someone so much better.
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deviantart · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Energy tugs at the sleeves of the witch as a powerful and ancient force manifests between her hands. 
“Crystal Witch 1” by FionaCreates:
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