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to be the oldest of seven
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Maglor has his dramatic moment of casting the Silmaril away beyond anyone's reach yes, but unfortunately for Maglor the Sea is very much not a void one can simply cast unfortunate objects into.
He threw the Silmaril into Ulmo's living room... and Ulmo finding keepeth it.
So it is on these shores that Maglor has to stay, until he has retrieved the Gem. The Oath doesn't appreciate his slowness at all, and tortures him a bit from time to time. It is the pain and regret caused by that people often hear when they find him, staring at his ragged form from from afar.
Yes, Maglor haunts the misty grey shores, singing sorrow and regret-- and half-heartedly stabbing the waves every time they are foolish enough to reach for his feet.
It's not very effective, stabbing the Sea. But then the Oath, despite specifically bothering to include bright Valar in its revenge clause-- was never all that clear on how to defeat one.
So far his attempts have just left many swords rusty. And simply retrieving it is not an option; when he swims the waves become unruly, and ships of his have an unnatural tendency to sink. Oh Maglor, accidental siren of the northern shore. The water is never friendly when it can hear him.
It even manages to look deeply unimpressed.
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shitty-tolkien-aus · 15 hours ago
"Gildor Inglorion" is actually Maglor. He just kind of hung out in the woods with friends singing for the past age. He can't go back to Tirion, but he's fine.
Then Maglor heard about the death of Smaug and the retaking of Erebor.
Earendil was permitted to reach Valinor because he carried a Silmaril, though all previous ships were lost.
Maglor does a bit of grave robbing, and then sails before any dwarves can put the clues together.
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marta-bee · 14 hours ago
I’ve been thinking an awful lot about the headcanon I read somewhere last week, about a totally feral Maglor moving in to Imladris by the late Third Age. 
This is utterly, undeniably hilarious in light of the popular fanon that Elrond was --shall we say-- a bit uncouth when he lands in Gil-Galad’s court after wandering the wilds with Maedhros & Maglor. Just the thought of Elrond having to deal with that from the other side. Such fun.
But what’s really caught my imagination is the idea of Bilbo, writing his ill-advised song about Earendil with Maglor’s help, and Elrond just having to sit there and listen with Maglor sitting in the corner. Grinning widely if not outright cackling, even while there’s a pathos-laden truth to it all that Bilbo is clueless to: that, whatever their reasons, Earendil and Elwing abandoned their children (were forced to abandon, whatever; when you’re --what-- all of seven such finer points get lost in the noise), and in what is arguably the first commendable thing he’d done in an inexcusably long time, Maedhros and Maglor were There.
Still. Angst aside, Maglor “helping” Bilbo just knowing how some of those points are going to hit Elrond as he has to hear the song in public is hilarious to me, in the same way my brother and sister and I used to take great joy in torturing each other in the most creative and witty ways possible. Family can be like that some time, and doubly so when your family is, well, Like That.
I swear, if I still had a muse and/or writerly discipline, I would so be writing this in fic form.
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LEGENDARIUM  by https://hehuihehui.lofter.com
1. Noldolante (Maglor & silmaril)
2. Maedhros with Maglor finds Elrond & Elros
3. Earendil & Elwing` family 
4. Finrod & Amarie
5. say “Mellon” and go! (Legolas & Gimli)
6. Elrond & Celebrian` meet
7. Finrod vs Sauron
8. Feanor`s death
9. Earwen & Finarfin
10. Turgon & Elenwe
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Tolkien Secret Santa Advent Calendar Day 6: Singing
Tumblr media
The prompt was singing so I decided to redraw this old doodle of Mags singing Mae and the Twins to sleep :)
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youareunbearable · 4 months ago
Since in canon hobbits are good at hiding and finding things, and their home is generally considered a paradise to other races for its peace and prosperity, I think it would be a fun little thing if for some reason Maglor ended up just being hidden in the Shire and accepted there despite being Unfortunately Tall and allowed to heal
Like maybe, when the Shire was being settled a group of Hobbits continued westward just to scope out how safe their land would be, and happen upon the shores enjoying the sound of distant singing. They set up camp and unfortunately didn't realize the tide was coming in until it was too late and are all scrambling and crying out for help as one of their party gets washed away to sea.
Maglor, who was nearby but didn't notice these tiny sneaks until the screaming started, rushes up and in a panic and sees what he thinks are a group of children (with pointed ears, he can't see their large feet under the water and sand, and thinks they're Elven) alone and Drowning and thinks "not again" and dives in to save them
Which he does, but he's had 4 thousand years of malnutrition, lack of care for his body and mind, and has his wounded hand that is black and scarred, which he had to use to pull these young ones to shore. Once everyone is saved he collapses to the ground, exhausted and unconscious.
The Hobbits, of course, can't just let their savior stay on the beach like this where he could also drown or be swept off to sea, and they MUST thank him for the life debt, so they carry him to their pony cart and head back to the Shire where they can give him a proper thank you
Maglor is out cold for weeks though, long enough to be brought back to the Shire and situated in one of the guest rooms in the newly built Great Smial of the Took Clan. They clean him, bandage and heal his wounds, put him in some hastily made Tall Folk clothes made out of bedsheets, and wait for him to wake.
When he does, he's in a panic and then confused, for he's never seen hobbits before, and under the fear and dread he's a little amused. All throughout the First and Second ages he's managed to avoid others and has never been kidnapped, yet here he is, at the mercy of folk that look like children.
Some things get lost in translation between Hobbitish, Westeron, and Sindarin, and Maglor thinks that he's now a prisoner to these small people, and the Hobbits think that they are going to care for him and have him be a guest of theirs for as long as he likes. Maglor, who hasnt had great mental health for the past 2 ages, agrees to be their prisoner, for honestly, he believes he deserves it.
So he heals, and once he heals (minus the blackened hand which gets medicated and wrapped and secured under a leather glove which reminds him of his eldest brother and he grieves) they put him to work. Or well, they allow him to help in their gardens, to sing songs of the sun, of joy and family and all things Hobbit. They let him help in the kitchen, where he shares recipes long since lost to the sands of time, and he helps them build a forge and how to do basic metal working, for even if his craft is one of voice and song, he is still his father's son and a Prince of the Noldor- he knows how to use a forge.
And time moves on. They build him his own smial, one that suits his height, and Maglor heals, both in mind and in body, and he goes from not wanting to escape his captors because he deserves enslavement to finding a second family amongst these folk. He gets adopted into the Took Clan, and the Hobbits all affectionately call him "Old Maggie Took" or "Songbird" or if his singing is particularly a little to loud a little too early in the morning "that damned Rooster"
He helped protect the Hobbits, weaving Songs of illusion around their home, fighting Goblins and Orcs off with Bandobras Took, making daggers and leather gear for Belladonna Took as she travels the world, and trying his best to fight off the wolves during the Fell Winter. Not as many Hobbits die to fang and claw that winter, but they did to cold and starvation and sickness.
After Belladonna and her husband died that winter, her young son Bilbo often spent time with him (mostly to escape the well wishers and their looks of pity) and so Maglor taught him things to keep his mind from loss. Taught him Quenya, and Sindarin, all about the Noldor, about Elves and Men of old, what little he knew of Dwarves from Maedhros and Caranthir, and when Bilbo asks in a quite voice, how it feels to be the only one of his family members left
He, and the whole of the Shire really, also play a very fun game of Keep Away with Gandalf whenever he visits, and while he knows Something Is Up with the Shire, he never found out about Maglor (even though he has heard about Maggie Took, and all her apparent namesakes)
While Maglor wasn't there to see Bilbo off on his own adventure he was able to make sure that when he came home it was to a home at all, even if some silverware did go missing. And when he sensed something fowl lingering in Bagend after his return, Maglor just brushed it off as something tainted from a dragon horde (later he weeps for how wrong he was and all the lives lost that he could have prevented if he investigated more)
And when Bilbo goes off to Rivendell, old and grey, all those years later guided by his dwarves, he has a silent, nervous, elven companion with him.
And its not the first or last time Elrond was grateful for the nature of Hobbits, but he wept tears of joy as he hugged his father nonetheless
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Finally finished these feanorian concept sheets.. . .
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sunflowersupremes · 5 months ago
I love how variable the Wood Elves methods of dealing with prisoners are. Because on the one hand, Thorin and Co got thrown into the basement for fucking up their parties and petty assholery, but on the other hand Gollum got to go on walks because they thought he would like sunlight.
So where on this scale would Maglor fall?
Like, if the Wood Elves caught Maglor would he end up their new pet minstrel or would he be locked away for eternity? Or would Thranduil write Elrond and tell him to come pick up his beach cryptid dad?
I feel like all of these are possibilities depending on Thranduil’s current level of intoxication and how amusing he would find any given punishment.
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without context, he may be killing orcs or extended family, you never know
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» . . . so we called for Nelyo, and he always came. «
- Another Man's Cage by DawnFelagund
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dad of the year
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Baby feanorians ♥
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maglor’s rivendell adventures
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Oath of Fëanor by https://hehuihehui.lofter.com
Be he foe or friend, be he foul or clean, brood of Morgoth or bright Vala, Elda or Maia or Aftercomer, Man yet unborn upon Middle-earth, neither law, nor love, nor league of swords, dread nor danger, not Doom itself, shall defend him from Fëanor, and Fëanor's kin, whoso hideth or hoardeth, or in hand taketh, finding keepeth or afar casteth a Silmaril. This swear we all: death we will deal him ere Day's ending, woe unto world's end! Our word hear thou, Eru Allfather! To the everlasting Darkness doom us if our deed faileth. On the holy mountain hear in witness and our vow remember, Manwë and Varda!
—The Annals of Aman, §134
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Inktober Day 6-10
Spirit Fan Watch Pressure Pick
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Maedhros and Maglor at Himring
(Sons of Feanor at Himring part 2/3)
Part 1 Amrod and Amras
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sunflowersupremes · 5 months ago
Hobbit AU where everything is the same except Maglor shows up to yell at Gandalf and Thranduil about the stupidity of going to war over a shiny rock. He’s also disappointed in Bilbo, Bard, and Thorn, but they’re all Second Born, so he’s not sure how much history they know.
They leave the Arkenstone unguarded in Thranduil’s tent for approximately five seconds and when they come back, Maglor is sitting on Thranduil’s fancy chair with his arms crossed.
Just… imagine the look on the face of Thranduil (a survivor of Doriath) when he walks into his tent and there’s a SON OF FEANOR sitting there with the Arkenstone in front of him. FUCKKKKK.
No one is certain how he got in there. The guards never saw him.
At this point, everyone in Middle Earth had assumed he was dead, because there hadn’t been ANY sign of him since the Sinking of Beleriand.
Gandalf doesn’t know what’s about to happen, but he knows it has the potential to provide great entertainment (or end in tragedy, but either way, he’s looking forward to it). He’s looking forward to telling Elrond and Galadriel, because he’s certain they will have highly emotional (and very different) reactions.
Bilbo doesn’t know why everyone fell silent when they walked into the tent, so he just politely bows to Maglor and introduces himself as “Bilbo Baggins, at your service.”
Maglor gives him a funny look - because he knows that offering your service to a Fëanorian is a really bad idea - but he decides the funny little creature looks too innocent to scold, so he smiles and bows his head. “Well met,” he says. “A star shines on the hour of our meeting.”
Thranduil internally screams at the word “star”
Then Maglor just starts shouting at Thranduil and Gandalf, calling them all fucking stupid. He asks Thranduil if he enjoyed the Kinslaying at Doriath, since he’s about to do the same fucking thing (‘It’s not the same!’ Thranduil argues. “Oh really?” Maglor asks, “You’re not about to go into an underground Kingdom to flush out the native inhabitants, ALL OVER A ROCK”)
Bard and Bilbo are looking at each other like ‘do you know him?’ ‘no, don’t you?’ (Bilbo is highly upset because he’s considered an elf that could be so rude or that there was any such thing as an elf with a ‘hobo aesthetic’)
Thranduil is, of course, offended to be compared to the Feanorians, so he shouts back that those are bold words for someone who came to claim the Silmaril for himself.
Maglor stands up - and he’s taller than all of them - and just picks up the Arkenstone in his bare hand.
Everyone goes silent. Thranduil is waiting for him to start burning. Bilbo is seeing their chance at using the Arkenstone to prevent battle slipping away. Gandalf knows what’s coming, and he’s having a BLAST.
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