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lostonehero · an hour ago
The ocean was something Maxie hated, even after everything with groundon and kyoger. Sure he did regret his actions he still has burn scars on his hands from the red orb, but he cannot bring himself to care for the ocean.
Although Maxie found himself on the younger man's ship now in the middle of the ocean. Why did he agree to Archie request in the first place he didn't know.... actually he did he was in love with the younger man. It was a stupid crush and it made him want to sing. Thoes feeling were always pushed down and crushed.
"Tell me Maxie don't you love that smell of the sea."
Maxie made a face of disgust. "Reminds me of my terrible childhood." He didn't mean to say that and regretted the words as soon as they left his mouth.
Archie furrowed his brows. "You lived by the sea?"
Maxie dug himself a nice hole but he might as well come clean they were technically dating he thinks. "I mean yeah I grew up on the ocean, it wasn't a terrible place but everyone around me made it a living hell."
"I kind of figured your family wasn't the best by the way you flinch around mine." Archie sighs leaving other things unspoken.
"Everything was always a competition, and I wasn't the best in any of it. As a failure I would be punished, and I got tired of it so I ran away and never looked back."
"Do you miss it?"
Maxie pauses the correct answer would be no but he did miss a few things, but they never did compared to how he suffered. "My siblings weren't as cruel as I make it seem.... I haven't seen them since I left."
"You have siblings?" Archie chuckles. " you never did act like a single child."
Maxie snickers leaning back on the railing. "I have you know I was the baby in my family."
This got Archie to laugh more which made Maxie's heart skip a beat. "Bullshit you've always been a old man."
Maxie smirks at the taller man. "Just because I'm ten years older then you means nothing Archie."
Archie chuckles letting his pokemon out. "Are you sure you don't want to ride on my lapras"
Against Maxie's better judgment. "Actually I would." His face red "not because I want to be close to the water I just want to be close to you."
Archie's face lit up red and nodded helping Maxie onto his lapras and went to swim around on his sharpedo.
Maxie watches Archie fondly knowing the lie that he couldn't swim was what kept Archie from making him go into the water. He still needed new excuses why he couldn't do swimming lessons. He was stuck in his own thoughts that he didn't notice the garaydos slam into Archie's lapras knocking him into the water. He did however hear Archie yell commands to get that pokemon to stop.
Maxie needed to swim to surface he knew that humans couldn't hold there breath this long right? He was in full panic mode as he broke to the surface, his legs were gone Archie could see him like this, he was going to be terrified. He was going to hate him for lying. He was-
Archie was holding onto his wrists bringing him back to reality. "Maxie breathe for me ok, you can still do that right?" Poor joke aside it did help Maxie come to reality.
"You I, I. Archie I." He was at a loss for words. He wanted to run away and hide in some cave maybe dissapear.
"Maxie what the fuck? First what kind of twisted fairy tale are you from that you hate the ocean. I mean I can't be the only one here who sees this irony." Archie was starting to ramble he always did when he was nervous. "And younhave sharp teeth..... why do you look younger.... your tail is beautiful... have you eaten humans before.... can you talk to my pokemon."
Maxie started to laugh at the absurdity of the situation. "Just help me back on the boat it's a bitch drying out."
After many questions tears and panic confessions the two sat in silence watching the sun fall over the horizon. Maxie was stretching his now legs trying to get the stiff feeling to go away it always took forever.
"Well you're now the idiot of irony Maxie, a hot headed fish." Archie snickers
Maxie scoffs. "Rude Archie, besides you thought you could control the wave bringer." He clicks and trills then covers his mouth going red. "Shit I uh pretend you didn't hear that."
Archie starts to bellow with laughter. "Did you forget English for a moment Maxie? Hot headed fool."
Maxie hisses then smirks and does something he hasn't done in years he sang. It was rough but it did the trick Archie's eyes went unfocused as he laid down on the deck and let Maxie right on top of him as he finished his song letting Archie come back to his senses.
The larger man's face was a bright red and confusion filled his gaze. "What did you do?"
"Oh come now Archibald a man of tge sea should know sirens can put anyone in a trance with a song."
"Siren? Wait Maxie that's what you are?"
"Yes, wait what did you think I was?"
"Experiment gone wrong "
"You love me."
"Just because I do doesn't mean you aren't a dick."
Getting back to shore was the easiest thing Maxie has done flipping off the ocean as he happily went back to land.
"Irony incarnate Maxie that's what you are."
"Oh hush Archie the ocean is horrible, I never want to go home." Maxie sighs. "Besides if I never hated the ocean I would of never met you, and I fear I just couldn't have that."
Maxie smiles watching Archie's face go bright red.
"I love you my pirate."
"I love you to you damn siren."
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leilani-and-kass · 8 hours ago
Lava paintbrush for Leilani? 👀
Tumblr media
"I bet I won't find any Sharpedo in here!!"
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tsunflowers · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
new magma abilities discovered
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geofobos · 10 hours ago
6 CRAZY VOLCANOES! Largest Lava Eruption in Iceland. Geldingadalur Volcano Eruption (April 20, 2021)
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envossan · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🌠 Shop update! 🌠 4-20-2021 Hey, I have some new merch up in my shop!
⭐--Pokevillain Boss Charms! $10 USD each. Single, choose any 2, choose any 3, and Full Set options.
⭐--Goomy Mochi Enamel Pin drop! $12 USD each. B-grades and C-grades also available.
⭐--Raihan/Piers acrylic keychain. $8 USD
⭐--Leon and Raihan enamel pins are back in stock! RESTOCK PROMO: You can get both together for $20 USD up until SUNDAY, APRIL 25, 2021!
That's all for my shop update announcement! Thank you all for your attention and support! 🙏✨
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caffeinedreamsketches · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You know what yeah. Hands you them.
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the-river-person · 19 hours ago
Worldbuilding Tangent Part 4
Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 Since I have all the tabs open still, I’m just gonna hop straight into Hotland. (A reminder that these are my own observations and analysis of the Game’s text  it is still only my interpretation of how this area MIGHT work if we attempt to apply real world systems Undertale’s world. It’s possible that I misunderstood or don’t know enough about the natural systems described and that things couldn’t work that way without some kind of magic, whether that of the Monsters or some natural source of it.) I’ve already covered the idea that Ebbot is a Stratovolcano and that it pushed up through limestone layers in a gigantic explosion that not only formed the mountain, but also pushed lava flows up through the rock and formed numerous lava tubes that intruded upon slowly forming caverns and caves. However the area of Hotland itself is rather weird. When you catch your first glimpse of it over the bridge while being chased by Undyne it appears to be free flowing lava. But later once you’ve crossed the Labs, it seems more like a still lake of it. Other areas are clearly hotter than others by far, such as the area seen in the distance surrounding the base of the core compared to the area where Frisk can walk up on ledges and roads not too far from the surface of the lake. The only way this might work is if you had a Permanent Lava Lake, a rare occurrence where a lava lake has a continuous source of heat, possibly due to magma flow rates in the volcanic conduits below. Some might suggest that this is actually the magma chamber of the volcano, but if that were the case... No one could possibly survive that. Also Magma Chambers are much further down and subject to immense pressure and heat. Most Monsters couldn’t survive, and no humans could either unless they could reset time upon death and choose not to enter the magma chamber or get anywhere near it. So a Permanent Lava Lake. But most of the time you can’t actually see the surface of the lake, as the game simply shows blackness on either side of your arid and red rock formation path or various mechanical platforms. This might suggest that you are much higher up and away from the surface, possibly in areas where the flow is much faster and the lava much hotter. Lava is actually quite tolerable and isn’t likely to cause serious burns to you unless you get really close. 8 feet away for slowly flowing lava as demonstrated by geologists trying to get a close look at the formations of lava toes. But while some parts of this lake might be slow and cool enough to get close to, most areas probably aren’t. Which is why it makes sense for a lot of the areas to be elevated high up, away from the surface of the lake. The biggest problem with lava heat is actually due to Radiant Damage. Essentially, if you can see the lava, that means its light is hitting you and can possibly cause burns if you’re too close, or blind you. Have you ever been near a bonfire and felt the heat sear your face even when you were far away? Yeah, lava is a LOT worse. Which is another good reason to be far away from the surface most of the time, so that even if you do glance over the edge, you won’t have your face burned off by the light. If we’re thinking of Undertale’s fire or volcano based monsters, this probably isn’t a big issue. But any of the game’s other monsters might face some of the same issues as a human who wanders the area. However, human bodies are remarkably adaptable, and despite the intensely inhospitably conditions present in the caverns containing Hotland, its likely that Frisk would be able to linger for some time in the extreme heat before it started doing major damage to their body. However they wouldn’t survive living there. Some might point out the issue with the water dissolving from your cup if you try to take it beyond the area where Undyne collapses, but aside from an in game gag where the rules of physics are broken, I’m unable to find an explanation for this that still allows a human to survive the area for any period of time at all. Fortunately we have a number of instances through the game where physics and reality are broken specifically to stop us from causing errors big enough to crash the game. If you head the other direction the water simply “returns to the cooler” while heading deeper into Hotland causes it to “Evaporate” away. It’s unlikely that it really did so and can probably be safely ignored as the proper actions are to give the water to Undyne or leave without getting any. We even have proof that it’s not hot enough for water to truly evaporate, since Undyne, who is already sensitive to heat, doesn’t even die but only suffers because her armor heated up far too quickly, and later caused her to develop heatstroke which leaves her weak and in bed. We see a similar phenomenon with other armor in the area that is not protected by a “cooling dirt”. However there is one main problem that would make things difficult. Lava produces poisonous gasses through a process called degassing. This process is normally quite volatile in ordinary Lava Lakes, but in Permanent Lava Lakes its more constant and less explosive. But the actual gas is incredibly harmful. Even in open air areas it can present a hazard depending on where you are and where the wind is blowing. More frustrating is that both the red formations the path is on and the blackish formations that make up various distant walls we can see are basalt, which means the lava is Basaltic. Basaltic Lava produces more poisonous gasses by volume than any other type. But Frisk is wandering through a cavern where there is no weather to blow away gasses. One possibility is that to make the area more accessible for Monsters who had lungs (unlike the skeletons) or who weren’t fire or volcano based somehow, an artificial method of sucking out gasses and pulling in fresh oxygen from the surface. This wouldn’t be too difficult if you were willing to draw away the air near the surface of the lake as it begins to rise and out through some kind of vent, possibly to outside or maybe to where the gas can be collected and used. And we already know the Underground has numerous holes in the ceilings where things like airflow and sunlight are possible, but not living beings with souls. If air were being pulled away from the lower areas, then new air would rush in from the openings to take its place. This would also keep upper areas cool and cool the surface of the lake a little, but not enough to totally solidify it, since its kept heated by geothermal cycles below. Another frightening point is that if there is lava this high above the lower Magma Chamber at all, even in a relatively stable Permanent Lava Lake, that means that Mt. Ebbot is not permanently dormant and could, in fact, reactivate at any time.
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askmaxie · a day ago
Is there a chance that we will see your smile? ❤️
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I had a question about your scientists, are they considered grunts or admins or like their own category?? Also can I submit to be a Team Magma scientist on my application??
Science is deeply valued here at Team Magma, so scientists are their own category!  That said, many of us are technically also scientists or at least have science degrees.  You absolutely can apply to be a Team Magma scientist!  As long as, in addition to the normal application, you also submit this little safety and release form...
As a scientist at Team Magma, you will specialize in one of three categories:
1) Rocks
2) Land
3) Science
many people do a bit of all three.  hope this helps
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hearty-an0n · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
me when the
yea same
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