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~Bad at Love~

[Song by Halsey]


She frowned and ignored the text that flashed upon her phone screen. He was begining to get desperate with her but what was she supposed to say to him? She felt like he was too good to be true, and she felt like at any minute she’d fuck it all up. She simply typed “I’m sorry. I’m just bad at love I guess…” then she blocked the number. God knows Magne wanted it to work wit him but she’s been through so much shit before that she was scared to mess up a good person like him by dragging him down with her baggage. Nothing in the past ever worked out s why would it suddenly matter now? 

Her first boyfriend was in her hometown outside of the city. Her first love made her blind to everything behind the scenes. He drank way too much and his friends would always say awful things about her. They’s bring her down every time they came around. Magne politely asked him to stop being with them, and he dumped her. Her second boyfriend seemed to be better for her. It was just when she was on the cusp of becoming a villain and breaking away from the chains of the current society that she met him. She wanted so badly to bring him with her! She tried everything to show him this was the best route and that someday it would all be worth it when the current society would change. “Mag, why can’t you just stay here and be normal. I don’t know. I kinda just pictured myself with a regular girl that cooks me dinner, washes the dishes and shit while I handle work. Just something average.” it was clear to her that things weren’t going to work putout, so they parted ways leaving her heartbroken once again. 

She soon fell for a very beautiful girl with a heart of gold and eyes that reminded her of the foreign beaches at California. Sadly, before she could even ask the girl on a proper date…the girl overdosed on drugs. Magne attended the funeral but didn’t fully cry until she made it home later that night. Her fourth love was a sassy foreigner. The two kept their relationship a secret while they dated due to Magne rising at the ranks of wanted villains. t became apparent the two couldn’t be together due to this, but Magne still remembers her smile every time she passes through the old neighborhood where they met. 

Now she had someone willing to give everything up to be with her but she was scared to take the plunge. The boy on the other end of the phone was terrified she was going to leave him alone, and she wasn’t sure how to make him feel better. She couldn’t just lie to him and confidently say that he could be the one to fix her after everything she went through. Still…he deserved her attempt at least right? She sighed and unblocked his number to call him. “Hey uh…meet me at the park I guess.We should talk.”

[I always make the same mistakes…]

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11 parents, compressmangne and Jin

What’s your ideal date?

I dunno. Anything at home.

I’d rather stay home too. As long as we’re spending time together, I don’t really care.

I don’t like “dates” dates, actually. Feels too cheesy and… I dunno. Not my thing.

Sushi. He loves sushi a lot. -Magne

Well, now mine sounds selfish. Also. Sushi. But she likes fondue. -Mr. C

As long as Giran’s there, I’m down for anything. Although if donuts is an option, then… -Twice

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Doing a sad roleplay with a friend. Compress was visiting Magne's grave, which is kinda small because she was a villain. He used a marker to cross out the name Kenji Hikiishi and instead put Magne, since Kenji is a masculine name and Magne was a beautiful woman.


I personally headcanon that they buried her sunglasses in Touya’s grave, since she probably wouldn’t have been given a gravestone at all, but this is Good™

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Yandere kurogiri hcs :)



Originally posted by sansan9

  • Hes super protective of the League
  • Needs to know where they are always going
  • He considers everyone in the League his kid
  • If Toga needs him she just shouts his name and he appears like magic next to her cuz he has Dad Senses
  • Does not put up with Shigaraki’s tantrums
  • Does not put up with Dabi’s shit
  • Dabi is the only ome whos actually scared of him
  • Magne is his fly on the wall when he cant be there
  • Spinner likes having Kurogiri around but thinks he can be a little overbearing
  • Mr.Compress usually distracts Kurogiri with his magic tricks so Shigaraki can sneak off to play video games
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I’m emo thinking about the league still possibly being friends in a world where quirks don’t exist. And it’s bittersweet because without those powers they can’t really do anything to change society on their own like they do in canon but also,,, they’re safe, and they’re friends, and they can find confort and recognition and understanding in each other. And they’re peaceful and Magne and Twice are alive,,, and maybe Hawks joins them and learns to think for himself and form friendships for real,,, and I cry.

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Midwife!Magne already hating Overhaul before meeting him bc she helped with Eri's delivery, and big sis instincts kick in send tweet






Your mind … so powerful.

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