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Erik: *Looks into the camera like he’s on the office*

Based on this excellent thing and @hellfre ‘s corresponding comment!!! 

Dang I really drew so much in the past week it’s been fun :0 ‘Peace was never an option’ is next! Then I’m slowing down lol (I don’t have any more textposts to draw after this…I think.)

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Revisando DVD viejos me conseguí con la serie de #Xmen del año 1993 donde el villano #apocalypse crea un virus que ataca mutantes y crea aún más racismo hacia ellos y crea la histeria masiva y colocan en cuarentena a los mutantes.
Creo que la moraleja es que a pesar de todo este aislamiento por el #covid19 no debemos alejarnos de nuestra humanidad ni solidaridad.
Esto lo conseguí por casualidad, el capítulo se llama Time Fugitives, todo parece conducir hacia nuestra situación.
#xmen #marvel #marvelcomics #wolverine #comics #deadpool #cosplay #avengers #logan #marvellegends #mcu #comicbooks #xmencomics #xmencosplay #art #mutant #uncannyxmen #magneto #jeangrey #xforce #mutants #marveluniverse #marvelcosplay #actionfigures #darkphoenix #hughjackman

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Okay, and please, don't feel pressured to write this if you got many other prompts (which i'm sure you did :D) But what about some X-Men? I was thinking something short and sweet between reader and Erik? If this fits with your other stories, ofc, something like this: reader thinks Erik is being overprotective and goes against his orders and Erik, of course, handles the situation accordingly. I'm pretty sure he is all softy under that act of his :D Tell me if ya need more details!

Note: I did change this up a bit, but I hope you don’t mind!

In all honesty, you’d been the first to notice Erik, Charles and Moira returning, and the moment you’d locked eyes with the former you’d stopped short, almost crashing into the others from where they were still dancing on top of the table. Your blood ran cold and your eyes filled with a strange fear. Darwin thrust his arms up in slight confusion and irritation as he bumped into you. “Hey, Metallica, why’ve you-“

What are you doing?”

Everyone followed your lead in stopping after that, prompted by Moira Mactaggart’s voice ringing out through the broken glass window. She looked positively exasperated as she threw her arms out and turned towards the headless statue. “Who broke the statue?”

You swallowed and looked away from Erik, who had since crossed his arms and fixed you with a steady yet indecipherable gaze.

“It was Alex,” Hank told her.

“No.” Raven stepped behind you, placing her hands on your shoulders. “Havok. We have to call him Havok. That’s his name now. And we were thinking, you should be Professor X,” she pointed at Charles before moving her finger across to Erik, “and you should be Magneto.”

There was a moment of silence before Erik rose both eyebrows, glanced at Charles with a look that clearly read ‘I told you so’ and, in all his sarcastic glory… “Exceptional.”

And, with that, he turned to leave. “Y/N.” He called your name as a clear indication for you to follow after a mere two seconds of you watching him, and with one final glance at the rest of the kids behind you, you stepped down from the table and jogged after him, all the while worryingly biting at your lip.


You were sharing a room with Erik, which neither of you minded. You’d always shared rooms. You’d never really had the chance not to. Constantly moving around… never staying in one place for too long… and even if you ever had had a safe place in the sixteen years you’d been alive, Erik had never once let you stray too far from him. So, really, it was a wonder he’d managed to leave you alone just now while he was with Moira and Charles.

He walked into it first, leaving you to shut the door, and immediately spoke up. “I see you’ve made some new friends,” he said. His back was turned as he opened his case on the large bed and reached to take out one of his turtleneck jumpers to change into.

You swallowed thickly from where you were stood about four feet away from him, arms nervously crossed over your chest. “I’m sorry, Erik.” Why not just get it over with?

Erik paused and turned around to face you, a dark eyebrow raised. “For making new friends?”

“For… for disappointing you,” you told him. “For acting immature.”

It was silent for a moment before one corner of his lips turned upwards a fraction and he put the jumper down on the bed before sitting next to it. “Liebling.” The affectionate term cleansed all your worries immediately, and you looked up at your brother to find him gazing at you. “I’m sorry I gave you that impression. Come here.”

You did, walking over to him and perching yourself next to him on the bed. He turned a little to face you, lifting a hand to cup your cheek. “You did not disappoint me, neither do I believe you were acting immature. Quite frankly, I felt happy to see you happy, if only for a short moment.” He smiled a little, and you mirrored it. You’d felt happy, too. Admittedly not at first, but that was only because of the nagging worry at the back of your head that Erik wouldn’t approve. Which was foolish, really, because when had he become the big brother who refused to let his sister have fun? The others were a different matter entirely. You knew Erik thought of them as irresponsible nuisances who wouldn’t take the job seriously, and in all honesty, as much as you enjoyed their company, you couldn’t find much fault in that belief.

Erik’s other hand came up to your other cheek. “Those children are not ready for what they were brought in to do,” he said quietly, and you listened, “but I know you are.” He leaned forward and pressed a kiss to your forehead. “So do not think I’m disappointed in you. I rarely am and you know that. Once this is over, I’ll throw us our own party.”

You breathed a laugh at that, taking hold of both your brother’s hands once he’d lowered them. “Okay.” A moment passed. “Then why were you giving me a weird look?”

He shrugged. “For show. Charles was obviously not happy with what he saw, so I decided to get you out before he chose to reprimand you.”

“You think he’d do that?”

“He clearly likes you… but perhaps not. He would know it’s not his place. Though I can’t say the same for this Moira.”

You shook your head with a laugh and he grinned. “What name has been decided for you, then, hm?”

You looked at him and rolled your eyes. “Metallica.” It wasn’t all bad, you supposed… you could control metal like Erik, after all.

Erik rose an eyebrow. “How wonderful. I do hope you didn’t make it up.”

“Raven did. And what about you?” you asked. “Do you like Magneto?”

He smiled before standing to his feet. “I can live with it.”

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so if you wrote magneto in the comics, how would you characterize him/ what plot lines would you want to explore?

I think Erik needs to go down memory lane. It seems like he’s forgotten the things that made him who he is, but the good parts. Magneto hasn’t been a proper good guy in a while and I would want to explore him as a person trying to reconcile his survival with his heritage. So maybe he meets a child of someone he rescued in the Shoah. Maybe Kitty connects him with a few other people, who ultimately make him realize that he can and should be a good guy. I would want to draw from Uncanny X-men a bit and really do a deep dive into Erik’s Judaism. 

I would remind him o what he’s fighting for, a future where mutant children are good and aren’t being hunted and everything can be happy. 

I also find it deplorable that Magneto would work with Mr. Sinister in any capacity and wouldn’t oppose his inclusion on the Krakoan council. That’s just gross. 

Also I would destroy the retcon that took Wanda and Pietro out as Erik’s kids. And this journey of self-discovery and renewed faith brings him on the steps of various other Jewish superheroes. Obviously, Kitty is first, then Ben Grimm, and all the way down to end up on a day in the park with Billy and Tommy. It would also be cool if he ends up helping us figure out the mystery of Vance Astrovik’s Judaism as well. 

Maybe he talks to Sabra too, talks to Gabrielle Heller again. He needs to meet Bernie Rosenthal too. 

I have a lot of ideas. 

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