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What are your favorite #movie sound effects? @kevingootee @kevin_israel_comedy and @freeworldcomics give their on the latest ep where Task poo poos #xmen Link in bio

#podcast #moviereview #podernfamily #moviepodcast #film #wolverine #hughjackman #magneto #professorx #comicbooks #comicbookmovies #funnyshit

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A TON of people yesterday (thank you!) jumping on our latest episode where @freeworldcomics surgically slices up the first #xmen #movie In this clip, @kevingootee and @kevin_israel_comedy disccuss the AWFUL accents.

#podcasts #MovieReview #TuesdayThoughts #Halloween #wolverine #hughjackman #professorx #magneto #comicbook #comicbookmovies #mutants

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Where do I belong? 4

~Pairing: Erik Lensherr x Reader, Charles Xavier, Raven

~Authors Note: language, angst, fluff in the end :3

~word count: 1872

Where do I belong masterlist


Originally posted by virtuallyinsane


Originally posted by moan-s

As you uncovered your eyes from underneath your blanket you could hear and feel the gentle tapping of raindrops agains your window. It was early the day when you stretched your body and you felt a bit sore due to the training you had in the last few days. Yet together the raindrops brought such a soothing sound which got you more relaxed again. You decided to open up the window, stretching your right arm out of it. The water on your hand felt soothing. Almost like the soreness in your body was vanishing.

You tilt your fingers upwards and watch the remnants of the drops run downwards your arm like tiny rivers. With a small smile you let your window open and began to cloth yourself in your training outfit. The rain was no excuse to not train.

Since it was five in the morning when you woke up and no one else was awake, you made your way alone to the big training hall. You took a punching bag with you and carried it on your shoulder to the hall.

It landed with a thud on the concrete and you began to concentrate on the rain.

You closed your eyes and inhaled deeply.

“I can do it.” you murmured to yourself. “I can do it.”

You held out your hands, feeling the rain and the cold. You felt a little tickle in your arms when you opened your eyes again.

A big water drop flew in front of you. It was almost as large as your head. You moved your hands in circle motions as the drop did the same. “Good, and now…” you spoke to yourself when you rapidly moved your hands to the side where it crashed onto the wall and the water began to run down the cold concrete.

A smile began to appear in your face, filled with pride. You moved on to your second mutation: handling air.

To control air was definitely harder than controlling water because air isn’t a solid aggregate state. The only time you created a strong wind, was, when you were angry with Erik because he once again ate YOUR yogurt! It was silly but you had a bad day and the only light you could see ont hat day was your well deserved yogurt.

You huffed after remembering that memory with him. It were the little acts. That made you smile. That made your heart race. That made you want to never forget the moments with him. In the first moment he was very polite and charming to you. Laughing with your or even joking with you! The big Magneto joked with you! Y/N! How hilarious!

In the next moment he was distancing. Cold. It was like he wasn’t sure if he should stay with you. You could also have sworn sometimes, that you saw fear in his eyes. That he regretted the friendship between the two of you.

You didn’t notice that the punching bag which just laid in the right corner of your room, suddenly laid across the hall in another corner.


“Y/N!” your heard Charles “You did it! I knew you would!”

You turned around not knowing what just happened “Did I…”

He looked impressed “Yes!” His smile reatched his eyes when he spread out his arms for a hug “You did it Y/N!”

You ran to him and hugged him as tight as you could “I did it, Charles…”

He swung you around, getting squeales out of you “I know Y/N. I saw it! You did amazing, love” After what felt like an eternity he let you down again looking into your eyes. “I’m so proud of you”

Relieve washed over your face and so did the tears. Flowing over your hot cheeks.

“Hey, hey, don’t cry, you did it” Charles spoke softly. His thumbs wiped your fresh tears away. “I’m just… I’m just so happy” You sobbed in his shoulder when he embraced you again. “I know, love. I know.” His words made you relax so much that you haven’t heard the steps from across the room.

“Congratulations.” Erik spoke. You slowly turned away from Charles seeing Erik coming over to you.

“I have to go to Raven and the others. Breakfast is in 15 minutes” Charles spoke before getting out of the hall.

Erik then embraced you slowly. His strong arms around you made you feel safe. “Thank you” you silently mumbled in his chest “You probably hate me now…”

He hesitated for a bit. “Why… Why should I hate you Y/N”

“Because I went here without you. And I controlled air the first time… without you..”

He just scoffed “I don’t hate you for that.” He took your face in both of his hands “I- I’m proud of you, you know”

You could feel his warm breath tickling on your skin. Your heart began to race faster.

It was one of those moments again. The ones you don’t want to forget. But the last months, you were in Erik’s range, it was like he wanted to distance himself from you again.

“I uhm” His hands fell from your face and he stepped away from you again “We should go and help the others with breakfast.

He was on his heels, heading to the exit when you had to say something.

"Why…” you began with an almost audible voice.

He immediately stopped and turned to you again.

“Why are you like this… Getting close to me. And then leaving again?” You could clearly see his heart dropping when he searched for the right words to say.

“Y/N… It’s not like that… I wish- I wish I were a better man… But-” he hesitated

“But what Erik? Why are you such a loving man in the first moment and such a distancing and cold man in the other?” Your words got louder at the end

“Because I fucking lost things!” He spat back and coming closer to you again. “I lost family! I lost friends! I lost my parents!” His voice breaking in the end. You stood there now with your back faced to the wall, his left hand on the cold concrete next to your head. Your foreheads almost touching. The floor began to vibrate. You could see a mixture out of fear and anger in his eyes. “Erik” you fearfully spoke. Your gaze now locked to the ground. It was like a lever in his head which just clicked and changed the Erik you knew to this: An angry, dangerous man.

“I’m sorry” his eyes widened a bit. Noticing what he just did, he fastly stepped backwards “I’m- I’m a monster” he checked, if he did something to you before heading straight to the exit.



The breakfast was cheerful- most of it.

Raven hugged you because of the victory you just had the morning. Hank did the same and blushing afterwards. Charles was clearly happy but his smile didn’t reach his eyes. Erik just sat there. Being uncomfortable. obviously. And you… You had to pretend that you were comfortable and happy about what happened this morning.

After eating you went to your room. Just wanting to get some rest.

Half way there, you heard steps behind you.

“Y/N” Erik softly called out to you.

You nodded but still facing the way you were going and not Erik.

“Please. I can explain?” he tried again.

“I’m tired Erik” you mumbled. “I’m tired of getting close to you and losing everything the next moment!” You opened your door, hesitated to close it.

Then he stood there. In your door frame. “Please let me try.” You closed your eyes for a moment before stepping to the side, letting Erik in. “Sit” you started, pointing to your bed and taking a seat in the back of it.

“I… As I get close to people, I lose them” you nodded, wanting him to go on

“I’m just- It’s… I don’t want to lose these people here… That’s why I decide to not let people near me.” he hesitated for a bit, searching for the next words he wants to say “That’s why I don’t want… I just-” he stuttered

“You don’t want to lose me?” You whispered.

he silently nodded and glanced to the floor in front of him. He sat on the edge of your bed, his legs steady on the floor, his hands in his hair and his knees supported his elbows above. His back facing you.

There was a certain silence in the room- It wasn’t uncomfortable but full with thoughts of what to do next. You softly laid the palm of your hand on his back. He flinched when he felt the warmth of your hand.

“Y/N-” he began softly. “You’ll lose me it you don’t let me near you.” You silently spoke. Silent but demanding. He knew his odds. Not letting you in his life and losing you - and letting you in his life and probably losing you. “I can watch my own back. I can get strong.” you continued.

His head turning now your way.

“I’ve hurt people” he whispered.

“Fuck Erik. I’ve done too!” you voice grew louder again. “I’ve done too but if you don’t fucking let me in your life I might break because of the pain!” Tears began to rise up your eyes. A knot building in your throat. Breathing got a lot harder now.

His eyes closed for a moment. “Y/N I don’t know…” he slightly shook his head.

You wanted to punch him so bad. You wanted to let him feel what you felt.

“I might break you because I’m not good enough Y/N. I killed people. Thousands of people.” He rose to his feet “You deserve someone better…”

You didn’t believe what you just heard. Someone better?! Your jaw dropped open. You sprung off your bed. Hitting him in his chest “How dare you” you cried between your hits. It were no strong hits. You just wanted him to feel the anger inside of you.

“Shh Y/N stop.” he began but you continued hitting him “stop…” his voice grew a bit louder. You began to ugly cry again. “You fucking asshole” You spat at him. Your eyes swelling because of the fact that you cried again.

Erik now held your wrists in his hands. Securing them in front of his chest so you won’t hit him again. “Don’t Y/N!” you looked him in the eyes. The anger written in your face

“Don’t you dare to come in my life, mess with me and throwing me away like fucking garbage!” You spat again “I got tossed away once in my life and I don’t want that to happen again!” you continued.

“Shhh” he now embraced you. You relaxed in his arms again and sobbed quietly in his shirt.

“Please don’t go Erik…” you begged before he let you go again looking into his your eyes.

“okay…” he whispered. A single tear making it’s way down his cheek but instead of wiping it away, you used your mutation to do it. He smiled in response making you smile too.

“You’re an idiot, Erik.”

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Dadneto combinations! I’m still severely dadneto deprived so recently I’ve decided to put photos together. (The second photo’s hair is drawn)

Also the last sunglasses one is personally so funny because I can’t help but think of this gif:


And I imagine a scenario where after finding out Peter is his son Erik is all misty eyed and moved by how is he is a teacher and a refined adult, goes to see how he conducts his class only to find an absolute chaos with a completely chill Peter sipping at soda and relaxing. He’ll need to adjust his expectations of his son.



I’m still feeling so defeated about how there was no reveal and it’s not even funny.

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Originally posted by aldensutton

Imagine: being mute and dating Kitty Pryde

- You were the son of magneto and were adopted by Charles

-being heavily isolated from the outside world

- Kitty learning sign language just to talk to you

- you being introduced to her by Bobby and Rogue

- her taking you into the city for the first time and taking you everywhere

- her asking you out after bobby making you do it after four months of convincing

- being Logan’s favourite student

- her being over protective of you

- you two training with the other x-men

- you proposing to her at age 22

- you losing it when she gets hurt and using your powers

- Kitty being the only one to calm you down

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“You have more strenght and resources than you know, Rogue.”

“I thought… I thought… For what I did… Y’all would hate me.“

“We’re not like that, remember? We’re the good guys.“

Rogue is able to manifest all the powers and abilities she absorbed over the years, as well as their personalities. She is overwhelmed by all the dangerous psyches she absorbed, but is soon helped by the psyches of her friends and family.

Source: X-Treme X-Men: Savage Land (2001) #1, by Chris Claremont and Kevin Sharpe.

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Good morning to multilingual europeans, girls who order cokes at bars, guys who like fish, kinky scientists, angels who have put up with guys being stupid their whole lives, gay ex cons, gay taxi drivers, young professors who can really put away their liquor, and women who work for the CIA 

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Psylocke, Wolverine and Cyclops are bound, gagged and put on trial in a kangaroo court by Exodus, Magneto and the Acolytes. 

- X-Men: Prelude to Perdition #1, 1995

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heyo! one fluff then smut one shot coming right up! the first & only smut i wrote for erik is a dom!reader, but if you’re interested to see how i write smut, you can check that out if you’d like :D anyway! welcome if you’re new to my blog, new to my asks as a whole OR both :)

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bet! i never wrote an angst smut, but ill make an attempt as the only smut i wrote for Erik was a dom!reader one because it was requested & it was my first time ever writing a dom!reader smut, but i know people sent me asks saying they liked it. anyway, ONE ANGSTY SMUT WITH ERIK LEHNSHERR COMING RIGHT UP!

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