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#magneto x reader

Originally posted by niralamba

Warnings: Fluff!

You always hated yourself cause of what you were. You were a mutant and you got a lot of hate for it cause you were different. You were at a club drinking your feelings away. ‘Whoa…’ Someone says causing you to look at the person. ‘Who are you?’ You asked. ‘Charles Xavier’ Charles says. You thought he was cute, but you knew Charles would never love you cause of what you are. ‘Your a mutant’ Charles says and you were shocked that he knew. ‘How the hell did you know?’ You asked confused. ‘I’m a mutant too. I read minds and I can move stuff with my mind, also I can communicate in people’s mind too’ Charles asked and you were shocked. ‘Prove it!’ You said and Charles nods his head. ‘You look really pretty’ Charles says in your mind and you blushed. ‘Ok yeah you definitely  can talk to people threw their mind’ You said and Charles smiles. ‘Do you want anymore proof of my powers?’ Charles asked. ‘That was enough proof honestly’ You said and Charles nods his head. ‘Charles who’s this cute girl your talking too?’ Someone asked. You looked at the person and oh my god you thought he was also hot. ‘Oh this is Y/n and she also a mutant like us Erik’ Charles explains. Erik looks at you and you felt weak. 


(Not sorry)

‘Your a mutant too? What’s your mutant ability?’ Erik asked. ‘Oh… well um…’ You started and Erik get’s closer to your face and you started to blush. ‘It’s ok you can tell me or am I gonna have to ask Charles what it is?’ Erik asked. ‘I can move stuff with my mind… but I can’t do anything that Charles does…’ You explained embarrassed. Erik backs away from you and nods his head. ‘Y/n you should be actually really happy that you have these kind of abilities , who cares what people think of you, cause everyone has a opinion  or the same opinion , but in my opinion  your a beautiful mutant that is very talented’ Charles explains and your blush got worse. ‘Thanks Charles your the first person to say that’ You said and Charles says ‘No problem.’ ‘Hey Y/n?’ Erik says causing you to look at him. ‘Yeah Erik?’ You said. ‘If anyone makes fun of you again… well let’s just say they are gonna regret that’ Erik says causing you to smile. ‘Erik!’ Charles says causing you and Erik to look at Charles. ‘I was just kidding’ Erik says. ‘Stop lying Erik’ Charles says. You started to laugh and that made Charles and Erik stop talking and just smiled.

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Pairing: Erik Lehnsherr x Reader

Warnings: none

Request: anon

For the song drabbles: Erik Lehnsherr and Yours Truly by Paradise Fears. Thanks!

Lyrics: “ Because the road to my heart leads me straight to your door ”

Word count: 424

A/N:  I hope you like it! Thank you so much for requesting!

Song drabble requests are open!!


Originally posted by xmenonly

You never would have thought that you would see him again, yet when your doorbell rang and you answered it, it was none other than him standing at your door.

“Erik” you breathed in surprised as you slowly observed him from head to toe. He had a weathered bouquet of flowers in his hands, clutching them like his life depended on it. His eyes were searching your face, trying to identify your reaction of seeing him again. You didn’t parted on the best of terms and he knew you had every reason to hate him. Your face hardened at first, but you cared about him to much to be angry at him.

“I am so sorry, y/n” apologized Erik. You started to shook your head, and Erik already feared the worst, he knew it won’t be that easy to get back to you, but he hoped at least he could talk to you one last time. That is why he was so surprised hearing your next words.

“Don’t say sorry Erik, I understand why you had to go” was your answer that shocked him so much, he never expected you to forgive him so easily.

“I never wanted to hurt you, but I was afraid, afraid of so many things that I forgot what was the most important thing in my life. And it was you, it was always you. You are my home and I just throw it away.” he said averting his gaze down. It seemed he just now realized he was still clinging to the bouquet. “I brought this for you, I know you love flowers” he looked back up into your eyes, reaching the flowers to you. You took it away and you buried your nose in the bouquet, they were your favorite flowers and you loved their smell so much. A smile graced your lips when you looked at him again.

“Would you like to come in?” you asked him. With the tiniest of smiles he nodded.

“Yes” was his answer, before you opened your door wider letting him in. But before he could enter your home you stood in front of him, defiantly looking into his eyes.

“First you have to promise me you won’t disappear without a trace again, that you will at least write to me.” you stated your condition, never wavering under his gaze.

“I promise” he assured you, closing the distance between you too and embracing you. You missed him so much that you were willing to put your heart in his hands again.

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Summary: Erik /reader, Quote challenge 4

Erik decides it’s better not to say anything about his mutation. That you’ll just be a fling and leave in a few weeks. He doesn’t want to risk losing more. It’s been months since that and he almost considers starting an actual life with you in it; in a more concrete way that occasional dates and dinners that he plays away with his busy job and your chaotic schedule. He almost says it when you ask his opinion on mutants but he gives a half answer; and avoidance and he thinks maybe that’s when you became distant.

”You do know I said I would never use my job on you; being a therapist; but we do need to communicate what we want in this relationship; whatever it will be.” You smile fingers running over his arm.
“Talk to me Erik?” Erik can feel the confession bubbling in his throat but he swallows it.
“I; I hate my job.” He spits out instead and you chuckle a little.
“Then start looking for a new one?” You offer no comment on whatever it is that he actually does in his government job that you don’t question.
“That would mean moving..”
“I could come with you; if you want?” He shrugs a little and you nod slightly.

“Where are you thinking?”
“Not sure yet.”
“Well as it works out I’m looking into another job; being a full time therapist is getting exhausting.”
“Of course; I do have a meeting tomorrow but we could talk about it after that?” You grin kissing him goodbye before you get to leave.
“Could you stay?” He questions and you sit next to him on the couch.
“Of course; feeling affectionate then?” You smile and he nods; you don’t notice the way the picture framing the two of you seems to rattle and turn of its own accord.

”I think it would be better..” He hesitates slightly, his hand brushing your cheek.
“If we no longer met up.” You swallow nodding as he watches your face contort slightly. He tilts his head and you grin shaking yours.
“I was just thinking if I had powers maybe you wouldn’t have said that; but it’s rude of me.”
“It’s a little cruel; I do want to be with you; it’s just easier; safer I mean; safer for us not to be like this.”
“I understand; I’m sorry about everything then.”

“No I don’t regret; I just..” He slumps in the chair slightly and you grin at him.
“Teasing Erik; just teasing.” Mystique changes from your form into her preferred disguise.
“That was horrible wasn’t it; sorry for making you do this.”
“Well It has to be done right?” He nods and Mystique’s hand curls around his shoulder before she half hugs him.
“You’ll both heal.” She assures him and he nods dreading the dinner he’d planned.

”You had something to tell me?” Erik looks a little surprised and you grin slightly sad.
“Yeah: it’s good; sort of…”
“Sort of?” He frowns and you bite your lip.
“Yeah I got a job offer in New York; as a teacher.”
“That’s great!” You can see how relieved he is and you sigh.
‘Now your turn.” You smile at him and you can see the conflict in his eyes.
“I can’t go to; New York; I got a; promotion.” He’s fumbling with his words and you let the lie slide.
What’s the saddest word in the english language?” He sputters after your question; you can tell it’s the truth when he answers his hand drifting to your cheek.

“Almost” He holds your hand throughout the rest of the dinner and he asks when you’re leaving; you explain you have another two days before you’re flying out and he spends both of them tangled with you and apologizing. You don’t ask what he’s apologizing for just reassuring him that he has nothing to be sorry for.
He doesn’t see you off at the airport but he does make sure to upgrade you to first class from the regular ticket you’d bought yourself.

”Pleasure to meet you Y/N; we’re looking forward to having you teach at our school; you left a fairly well paying job as a therapist; what made you consider our offer.”
“I wanted to help more people Professor; surely you can understand that..”
“Please just Charles, and I can; but you left a life behind.”
“I almost did.” You chuckle dryly  and follow him into the school.

” So you can feel people’s emotions? I see why you became a therapist..” You look up from your desk surprised to see Charles entering the room.
“I can make them feel what I want; for example..” You sigh and watch as Charles’ eyes become damp and then he starts sobbing. You let it go for a few moment’s his body shaking with sobs before they seem to vanish instantly.
“You seem to have very good control.” He wipes at his eyes and you nod.
“I’ve had a few slip ups; with different emotions; some are harder than others.”
“May I?” He reaches his hand forward and you nod curious to what he’ll think of your recent goodbye.

”Almost.” Erik responds, his hand closing around yours as the dinner continues. You’re debating telling him of your gift; about how you’d always seemed to know what he was thinking because you knew how he was feeling.
“Why?” Is what comes out instead of a confession and you can feel a sadness that he had pushed back over and over.
“I almost saved my family; I almost told you the truth; I almost had a life with you; I almost went with my parents..” He chokes, mumbling half of them in an attempt for you not to hear. You allow him the silence and run your hand up his arm before stepping from your chair and pulling him into a hug trying to push as much happiness and hope as you can.

“Almost means things get to continue; even if it’s not the path you want; you still have one.” He nods and you can feel Charles pulling back.
“You knew; and you didn’t say anything?”
“He didn’t say anything; I didn’t want him to think I was trying to force him to stay with me.”
“So you just let him let you leave! You didn’t want anything with him?”
“Of course I did but I wasn’t going to force him to let me into his life if he didn’t want it. He deserves better.”
“And you don’t deserve better?” 
“Almost.” You freeze when you hear his voice; even Charles looking shocked as Erik stands nervously in the doorway.

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Heart Attack| Erik Lehnsherr × GN!Reader

Request: yes! from anon- hi! 🥺🥺some magneto x reader angsty stuff please?

Warnings: angst, mentions of death, broken-hearted Erik, “heart attack” by trey songz is lowkey the inspiration to this fic, but it’s not heavily based on it

~i cried because i was listening to a lot of sad songs to get me in the mood to write this…i broke my own heart~


Originally posted by niralamba

He watched as you left with your significant other and it hurt. Sure, no one but Charles knew about his crush on you, but it pained him to see you with someone else. He wanted to make you happy, but if you were happy with them, then he would have to accept it. A tear streamed down his face as he clenched his fist and gritted his teeth. He let you go because he didn’t speak on his feelings for you sooner. Then again, you were probably talking to your now significant other for a while before making it official. He let out a sigh before making his way to his bed and sitting down with his hands in his hair. The pain was too much, but he didn’t know why.

He heard a knock on his door and he took a deep breath before clearing his throat. “Come in,” Charles came into the room and sighed. “Erik, you can’t blame yourself.” Erik leaned back and allowed himself to lay on his bed. “Charles, I don’t know why it hurts so much! We weren’t together!” Charles felt the pain his best friend was going through and gripped the armrest of his wheelchair. “It’s going to hurt because you’re in love and seeing them happy with someone else isn’t really the greatest thing in the world. Plus, you never confessed how you felt.”

“What if they were already talking to them for so long prior to their relationship? It still wouldn’t be fair!” Erik got off of his bed and leaned against his desk, his hands gripping at each corner as his breathing became heavy. Charles let out a deep breath and began making his way out of Erik’s room. “If you want to talk about anything, you know where to find me.” With that, Charles left his friend’s room and rolled his way to his office. Erik on the other hand couldn’t take it anymore as he felt his sadness convert into anger. His fist met the wall and a loud thud echoed through his room. He hasn’t felt this way since he saw his late wife and daughter die in front of him. However, he refused to turn evil this time because he knew you wouldn’t want that.

His heart ached and allowed the water works to be released. His sobs filled his room and he allowed his back to slide down on his wall. He brought his legs to his chest and his elbows rested on his knees as his hands made a mess in his hair. The tears didn’t stop which caused his best friend to lean in his wheelchair; Erik’s thoughts echoed through Charles’s mind. He sighed as he felt the pain his best friend was going through, but knew he wasn’t going to hurt anyone because of you. It would break your heart to know it was you who made him evil. Erik let himself fall limp on the ground as he continued to cry at the pain of losing someone he’s madly in love with be happy with someone else. He tried to tell himself that he should be happy for you, but to know that he wasn’t the one making you smile, making you laugh, spoiling you, hurt him.

He wanted to be selfish when it came to you because of the love he had for you. The pain only grew with every thought of you being happy with someone else. He got up from the floor and clenched his fist before slamming it into his wall once again. Adrenaline rushed through his body that he didn’t feel the pain his knuckles endured. He looked at his wall and saw the huge dent that he just caused. Erik, a man that everyone thought was unbreakable, broke at the fact that he lost the only person he learned to love after losing his family.

He was broken.


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Aww, I’m glad you liked it so much!! Here’s the thing though, this “prompt” is really specific, it’s more like a request, and I don’t actually do requests - kills my creativity in a snap. So, haha, instead I’m taking the basics and doing my own thing.

Erik/Reader, Dominant & First Time, Smut…


Originally posted by badassbaker

Lights flicker, radio scans channels without ever being turned on, as nerves and excitement both build. You want him, you’ve wanted him since the beginning and all the more so as time passed. And now, stripped bare and in bed, you can barely contain yourself. Can barely contain your powers.

Tongues dance, massage, tease each other as he grabs both your hands in one of his. He pins them over head, other trailing down your body with confident care. Fingers test, find you wet and wanting, before you buck hips to underline the desire. You’re tired of waiting, tired of being so worried of losing control that you stall in doing anything. In living.

“Breathe,” his voice is serious, instructional, but he’s a faint smile. While not wanting abilities flying beyond control, seeing the power of it, of you, is as arousing as the rest of you. “Spread.”

You part your legs, thighs, for him even as they shake. Even as you shake, knowing and wanting and fearing what’ll come next. Feeling him, hot and hard, against your thigh and then at your entry.

“Breathe.” He repeats firmly.

You do; a slow intake as he starts to breach slow, then sharp gasp as he buries with a grunting growl. There’s a stinging discomfort, a sense of being stretched too far. The flicker of lights and radio speed up, brightness and volume increasing as your body strains both with and against the intrusion of him.

Erik holds deep as you adjust. “Exhale,” he orders, slipping fingers to your clit to arouse and distract both. “Exhale exhale.” Fingers move faster until you finally do. 

Lights dim, radio settles on channel, volume low as he starts to move, rock, inside you…


Originally posted by your-eyes-were-full-of-regret

Right, so, haha, did the best I could in still trying to meet all/some the specifics - once I hear them, my brain has a hard time letting go. Not sure how it came out, but hopefully okay…hopefully well enough you still enjoy, Anon, and others, haha!

Wanna prompt a drabble? Go here to read the set-up!!

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X-Men is my jam and Erik is epic!!

(This came out more dirty than angsty, head’s up and sorry if that’s not your thing, Anon!)


Originally posted by your-eyes-were-full-of-regret

“I wanna hear you…” He mutters against your lips, kissing again. 

You giggle with closed lips, gasp when Erik’s hand lifts thigh so he might go deeper. Teeth catch your own bottom lip as he continues, steady, slow, and then fast. For all your desire, for all your buzzing arousal, you simply do not dare make more than a soft moan. 

Part of it is a shyness, he knows that. He lets that aspect slide while you’re out in public; there’s no reason to push you beyond comfort with others. But right now it’s just the two of you. Right now he suspects a holding back is a hiding. That, maybe, you still don’t trust him. Maybe he’s wrong in trusting you. “Please…”

His lips catch yours once more before moving down. You whimper, whine, as he slips out of you, leaving you wanting. Not for long though, as his lips move down to collarbone, nip and suck at breasts, fingers enter with thumb at clit. His mouth tests, tastes, down body as juices coat his hand.

“Er-Erik…” You arch as lips reach top of your mound, as tongue flattens and flicks over clit. He doesn’t give you a chance to adjust as fingers curl, rub spot deep inside that nearly has you seizing. “Fuck!”

It’s a yelp, it’s close. It’s encouragement to grow unrelenting in his teasing. He can feel your pleasure building and reservations falling to the wayside in gasps and groans and pants. This is what he wanted, begged for…The real you.

The room lights up with your scream…literally. Full extent of your powers unleash in the rush of orgasm and white light spills from your lips to the point of near blinding. You collapse back in bliss, then the panic quickly sets in. “Erik? Erik?!” You sit up, he’s not there. You crawl to the end of the bed to find him laying out on the floor. “ERIK?!”

Light spots still swimming behind eyelids, he chuckles. “I’m here.”

You frown deep. “I shouldn’t have -”

“Nonsense,” he cuts you off. “It’s beautiful.” He finally dares to open his eyes, smiles up at you. “Like you.”


Originally posted by gtfo-my-head-charles

So, first time writing Erik (beyond a cameo in bigger pieces), so be kind, haha! Either way, I had fun trying to write/focus on someone new. Again, came out naughtier than expected so, haha, I hope you’re not cross about that, dear prompting Anon!! (Also presumed the younger Erik over the old one, but both are good if you ask me ^_^). Hope ya’ll enjoyed out there, I had fun with it!! ^_^

Wanna prompt a drabble? Go here to read the set-up!!

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Biggest Temptation| Erik Lehnsherr × Reader

Request: yes! from: anon- Hello! Can I request Erik Lehnsherr x Reader where Erik literally dresses Reader for a party? He picks out her lingerie and put them on her, picks out a gold shimmery dress with a slit on the thigh, fastens a necklace around her neck, puts earring on her, and bends down to put her heels on. And throughout the party they can’t keep their hands off each other? Thanks

Warnings: touching, getting dressed by the boo, mentions of sex, mentions of hickeys, cringe flirting because your girl (me) can’t flirt to save her life


Originally posted by niralamba

Once again, a party is thrown in the mansion thanks to Charles and Erik. They decided to do so to celebrate the anniversary of the mansion. Of course, there was a color theme to the party as they both decided on gold and black. You had to have at least have at least one black and one gold item which was complicated for you as you wanted to wear all black with gold accessories. However, Erik said he bought you a dress, so you had to wait for him to show up with your dress. He told you it was only a dress as he likes the heels you have and the accessories you had would be perfect.

Your room door opened and you smiled when your eyes met his. “I bring a gift!” You giggled at his words and kissed his cheek. “I’m glad you’re back right on time for the party.” He chuckled and kissed your head. When you walked over to your drawer, he realized you were only in your robe. “Not dressed yet?” You shook your head and Erik walked over to you. “Darling, how about we do something a little different and I dress you?” You looked over at him and raised an eyebrow. “Is that code for sex?” He chuckled and shook his head. “No, it’s not. I’m being completely honest, love.” You sighed and sat on your shared bed.

He pulled out his favorite black lingerie that you only wore once since you bought it, and walked over to you. He slowly pulled off your (F/C) robe and bit his lip at the sight of you. The marks he left on you a few days ago were fading, but he still noticed them. Especially since he did them where no one else but the two of you would notice them. He put them on you before walking towards the bag and took out the dress. You gasped at the sight of the shimmery gold dress and he smiled. “You like it?” You nodded and ran your fingers down the dress. “It’s really beautiful, Erik.”

“I’m glad you like it, love.” He begins putting the dress on you and you’re not gonna lie, his fingertips touching you ever so softly made you putty in his hands. Sure, you loved Erik’s dominance, but there was no denying that you loved his soft side as well. He zipped up your dress before kissing your shoulder softly. You gasped at the slit on the dress and looked at Erik. “You know, for you being so overprotective, I’m surprised you picked a dress with a slit this big.”

He chuckled at your words before reaching down and grabbing your black stilettos. “Well, I just know no one will look at you as if they’re undressing you with their eyes!” He puts each shoe on your feet before looking up at you, reaching up and pecking your lips. “Now, if you need me love, I’ll be getting ready!” With that, he takes off his shirt which causes you to bite your lip. He smirks at your reaction before heading to the bathroom to shower.


You both head out to the party that took place in the dance room that was actually bigger than expected. You looked in amazement at the decorations as your boyfriend had his arm wrapped around your waist. He was wearing an all black suit with a gold tie and a gold handkerchief. You will admit, he looks sexy in the suit and he knew exactly what it did to you. However, you weren’t going to say it to his face…right? Wrong.

In fact, there were other things you didn’t mind doing, but of course, you weren’t going to be obvious about it. You knew Erik was going to be having a surprise for his life with what was going on in your head. Little did you know, Erik was having similar thoughts on what to do and how to do them.

So, you made the first move and while Erik spoke to Charles, you allowed your mutation to tease his chest. You knew your touch got him weak when you touched his chest, so being able to let ghost hands roam on any target was great to tease Erik. You felt his heart race and a smirk appeared on your lips as you took a sip of your drink. He turned around and started walking over to you which made you giggle to yourself. Once he got to you, he rested his hand on your leg that wasn’t covered from the dress. “Stop.” He said with a lace of seduction in his voice.

“Do you really want me to stop?” Erik bit his lip and shook his head which caused you to chuckle. “That’s what I thought.” You rested a hand on his waist and his breath hitched. His hand went higher and he smirked. “Wanna play this game, babe?” You bit your lip with a nod as your hand tugged on his tie. Luckily, you both were in a darker corner, so no one really knew what was going on. You wanted to jump his bones right then and there, but you knew it wasn’t right. Simply put, you figured it would be alright if you just teased one another even if it was going to cause you both to get sexually frustrated.

You unbuttoned one of his lower buttons on his shirt and let your hand slide through it. He chuckled and began rubbing your free thigh. He knew it was driving you crazy, but he didn’t care at all. Both of you didn’t care actually because you both just wanted touches. Plus, it didn’t help that he drove you insane while he was dressing you. You moved your hand up and down from inside his shirt to the point where he let out a soft moan. You smiled and he pressed his lips against yours. You wanted so much more than this. “Not yet, darling.” Erik whispered in the kiss and you whined into it. It wasn’t until he teased you because his fingers touched your panties that you gasped into the kiss.

“Now.” Erik grabbed your hand and with that, you both headed back to your shared room to have your own little party that was probably going to last longer than the one that’s going on downstairs.


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Pairing: Magneto/Erik Lensherr x Mutant!Reader

Word Count: 3.5k

Warnings: none yet…. spoilers maybe? Do you have to warn for spoilers for movies that are old? This takes place entirely inside Days of Future Past

Summary: “Our roles are nothing more than how the times choose to cast us.” -Magneto

Notes: The summary is just an epigraph of a Magneto comics quote, but it does more to explain the inspiration of this fic than a proper summary would.
This one goes out to some of the 38 Magneto fic requests I got when I put up a post asking for some.


Originally posted by unearthlydust

Charles had wanted to go himself.

Charles knew the world Logan was going back to. He knew what he himself was going through, where Erik was, how Mystique thought. Had Charles gone, he needn’t worry about Logan convincing him of the future, pulling him from his despair, reuniting him with his abilities. Had Charles gone, he would have been in control of his own body. Breaking Erik out and stopping Mystique would have been far easier. 

It was with a heavy heart he admitted that Logan was best suited for the task at hand. The task before Logan was more monumental than he knew. 

The three of them, Charles, Erik, Logan, they were all very different men at the time.

There was no telling where Logan would wake up, what situation he was in, how far he would have to travel. He was no one to Charles, and Charles may as well have been no one to him. Logan would have to convince a total stranger he was time travelling to save the universe. Not to mention if the link broke too soon, they would be throwing a wild, unpredictable man into the heart of the action and could leave the situation far worse than they’d found it.

Charles was without his abilities, and he was a long way from getting them back. He was weak, depressed, and alone; even with Hank around, he was alone. He would need to be rescued from the brink in a way Charles wasn’t sure Logan would be capable of, not because Charles doubted Logan but because he doubted himself. Logan would turn up on his doorstep, and Charles wouldn’t know if he was lying or not. Charles would need to be convinced of everything, and even if Logan managed that Charles would be of almost no help whatsoever unless he stopped his treatment months before he ever had in this timeline. 

And Erik? Erik was miles away from Charles. He wasn’t just miles underground; they were miles apart emotionally. They blamed each other, hated each other. 

It had taken a miracle to get them speaking again. 

A miracle with a name.

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Erik Lehnsherr x Reader| Hold On!


Originally posted by niralamba

MacTaggert was an idiot , a simple bullet wouldn’t stop him he could control metal for gods sake how could she think that was going to stop him, Erik simply deflected the bullet turning away as it ricocheted and everyone heard the gasp of pain. Erik turned to see Charles on the ground but his love his beautiful feirce love standing shocked as blood started to weep through her suit she looked down and then Charles stagger backwards and then starting to pass out , she’d never been one for blood especially when Erik rescued her as a teenager , she fainted at the sight of his bloody nose. Erik hear dropped as he got to her unzipping her suit looking for entry point it had been it was just between her ribs he started checking for a pulse she had one but faint

“ Erik .. we need to move her now or else she will die “ Charles tried to get his attention but Erik was just numb and empty he’d hurt the one person he’d love the most

Raven and Beast got Charles as MacTaggert watched , and if looks could kill she would have been dead four times at this point. Erik held onto his lovers hand tightly pressing a soft kiss to her hand watching her vitals , he was scared he’d never been this scared before in his life since the concentration camps and being ripped away from his parents. He lost them both. He couldn’t lose you because of his negligence. You’d both been through a lot together , discovering your powers. Getting married one drunk night in Greece , but you neither regretted it one bit it’s something you’d both been wanting for a long time. When you’d finally arrived at the base you were taken away for surgery , Erik just sat and prayed something he hadn’t done since he was a child.

“Take me instead .. you hear me! Take me instead she is too pure and innocent for this world.. “ he whispered tearing rolling down his face as he prayed to whatever god would listen to him having long given up on religion after all that had happened

Charles came down later to sit next to him , he’d had to admit thst he’d built a little friendship with Erik even though he’d gone a little rogue towards the end of it. He knew Erik didn’t mean for what happened to happen Erik would never intentionally hurt Y/N he loved and adored her too much. You could tell by true way he looked at her and they way his eyes lit up when he walked into the room , Charles had sensed for days something off about Y/N but he couldn’t put his finger on what. A nurse cane walking down the hall , holding a clipboard reading over the name a couple of times

“Y/N Lehnsherr family?” She read aloud trying to figure out if she’d gotten the name right or not

“ Erik, Husband. Is my wife okay? Can I go visit her? “ he stood walking to the nurse sorta stratling the nurse

“ Yes her and the baby are doing just fine .. you can go see her in a few hours she just resting from the surgery .. luckily the bullet didn’t cause any internal bleeding it broke her collar bone though.. and her passing out stopped her from going into shock” the nurse smiled at him

“B-Baby?” Erik and Charles looked at one another in shock

“ Yes .. your wife is about 4 months along .. did you not know? “ the nurse looked at him confused

“N-No she hasn’t shown any signs “ Erik sat back down confused rubbing his face in his hand chuckling a little “ if I’d known that she would have never gone on thst mission Charles “

Erik entered the room to see you breathing softly , he pulled a chair up beside your bed softly pressing a kiss in you hand , you opened an eye looking at him.

“ Thank god it’s you liebe .. I got so tired of the poking and prodding me” you whispered looking at him a small smile on your face

“Did you know Y/N?” Erik looked at you a questionable look on his face between anger and sadness

“About what?” She looked even more confused them him as if she was in trouble almost

“You are with child Y/n, I want the truth” he whisper red squeezing your hand

“No I didn’t .. do y-you not want it?” She whispered sadly

Erik looked at her with a crazy look tilting her head towards him pressing as kiss to her lips gently not to hurt her wound.

“I want both of you till the end of my days my love..” he pressed another loving kiss to her temple

“ She’s telling the truth Erik by the way” Charles chimes into his head and Erik just smirked

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Warning : 18+ only, contains nsfw content. And click the picture below for better quality



❝ We’d make a lovely mess❞

  • Erik was skeptical of you at first, but with your compassion and perseverance he realized you are not like other people
  • Being good friends with Charles.
  • Being the only human Erik cares about.
  • He is hella protective and possessive of you.
  • Everyone was shocked to find out you are dating him.
  • Charles saw it coming though.
  • He has hard time getting close to you because of his past of losing his loved ones
  • Intense arguments about him not letting you in

“Stop pushing me away!”


“Y/n” he cannot stand your crying face

“Erik, please… ”

  • “You won’t lose me, I promise” you assuring him
  • You loving every part of him
  • He shows you the side he never shows the world, vulnerable, passion and love
  • Him adoring you

  • Him calling you cute German pet names


“Mein Liebe”

“Meine Königin”

  • You always being there for him. No matter what, you always stand beside him
  • He is not much of PDA type guy but in private, he couldn’t keep his hands off you.
  • He can be both gentle and rough in the bed room, it depends on the mood.
  • You tease the hell out of him in public
  • During an important meeting, you purposely bend down in front of him, giving him innocent smile
  • You stroke his thigh sitting on his lap, knowing damn well what he would do to you.
  • He would punish you in private though ;)
  • You straddle him, placing kisses trailing down his jaw and neck
  • He grabs your face,roughly smashing his lips against yours
  • “Naughty girls always get punished” He flips you over bending you down on his lap.

He rips your red lingerie off with ease, you feel his firm hand slap hard on your bare ass “You like that, don’t you?”

“Yes…” Your cheeks burn hard, making you moan in pleasure.

“Yes what?” his voice is deep, his tone leaving you at his mercy.

“Yes, sir”

Pleased with your answer he spanks again.

  • He is dominant af like 99%
  • Probably has Sir kink
  • That 1% percent though.
  • “Hey baby” You would wear his magneto helmet and silk robe waiting for him in his office.

He chuckles when he sees you. It instantly disappears from his face when you begin to undress your silk robe revealing black lingerie that you know would drive him crazy

You push him down the bed, straddling him, you unclasp your bra watching him take a sharp inhale. You let out a chuckle, you grab his head, smashing your lips against his, your hands gripping his hair between your fingers.

His one hand roam on your bare back, while the other making way over your breasts.

“uh-uh,you are not allowed to touch until i say” you whisper,yanking him back by his hair.

“Y/n” he lets out a throaty moan, as your hands finds his thigh.

Unable to contain himself, he quickly flips you over, lying on top of you reminding you who is in charge. Metal bar secures around your hands to hold you in place.

You grin, satisfied, looking at his eyes filled with mad desires.

  • “God,Y/n, you are so beautiful”
  • After many rounds, you both fall over, to catch your breathes, huffing and smiling.
  • “I love you, Erik”

“I love you too, darling”

He kisses your shoulder

  • When everything is over, he instantly makes sure you are okay and not hurt.
  • He kisses all over your body. You giggle when you feel his stubble tickles you.

  • “He really loves you, you know?” Raven adds watching him and Charles placing chess.

“I know. I just want to make him the happiest he has ever been” you respond, smiling in his direction. And you truly stand by that statement.


  • He makes you cute,metal flowers,which you adore with all your heart.
  • He always treats you like a queen because you are his queen
  • You constantly worry about him whenever he leaves

“I’m the one everyone is afraid of and you worry about me?” you hear him laugh soflty.

“Just… be careful, okay?” you place your hand on his chest.

“I will, mein liebe” he takes your hand over his lips, kissing it

  • You feel like you can finally breathe when you see him after he breaks out of Pentagon


“I’m here now, darling”

  • He accidentally scared you one time.

“Y/n, I said No!” the metal table slammed against the wall,few inches away from you.

You gasped, shock filled in your eyes. He never even raised his voice against you before.

His gaze softened when he saw your face, “Y/n..” he called out softly

He inched closer to you. He flinched when you took a step back in reflex. “Y/n, you are scared of me…I would never–” he ran his fingers over his hair. He was the one you shouldn’t be afraid of. “Y/n, I would never hurt you” he spoke up regret visible in his eyes. “I scared you…” his voice was barely above whisper.

“Erik, I–” you take tentative steps towards him. You knew what he is capable of the moment you saw him. He didn’t mean to scare you off, you knew it too.

“Y/n, I’m so–”

“I know, Erik—”

“—I scared you, Y/n, I’m the one who is supposed to protect you, not hurt you” he cuts you off.

“Erik,I’m not afraid of you” you cupped his face, looking straight into his steel blue eyes. “It just…took me off guard, okay? And I would rather argue with you than kiss someone else…I’m not afraid of you, never. I love you” you pull his close, putting your arms around him.

He says nothing, he doesn’t need to. He rests his forehead against yours.

  • He promises you to ‘leave Magneto behind’
  • And he actually does
  • Moving into a cute, cozy house in a small town far away from bustling city

  • Waking up next to him everyday
  • One day, he gets down on his knees, holding out a ring “Y/n L/n, will you marry me?”

“Oh my God” you place your hand over your mouth “Erik… ” happy tears fill your eyes.

“I take that a yes” he laughs getting up.

“Yes! Yes! I will marry you” you laugh as he lifts you up, spinning you over.

  • The path was definitely not a bed of roses. It was messy, emotional and raw and you wouldn’t change it for the world.
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Originally posted by page-and-page

  • Erik is a passionate man and with loving someone, it’s no different. If you’re a mutant, Erik will encourage you to be proud of your mutations. If you’re a human, then it becomes too complicated for him, he has loved a human woman before but they never work out for him. In both scenarios, he’s fiercely protective over you even more so when you’re a human. This may seem like he doubts your capabilities, but in reality, he lost many people he cares about; he can’t take the risk. 
  • You have to accept Magneto because Erik won’t stop fighting for mutant rights even when he settles down, he’ll still desire to fight. Though Erik doesn’t become as violent as he used to be which makes Charles your number one shipper because he sees how you make Erik a much better person. Even when being a mutant, you’re not to be involved in his business only his children know about you. He trusts you with his secrets, especially his past and he cries when he tells you about his past. 
  • Erik is not big on PDA, mostly because he doesn’t want anyone to know you’re with him so he they don’t use you as bait. If you both are married, he’ll wear his wedding ring. He’s also calmer and outgoing when you’re with him. There are downsides to the relationship but he treats you like a queen when he’s in a good mood. Has a thing for kissing your temple with arms around your waist. You both have been caught making out by his children a lot. 
  • The moments that deeply warm his heart is when you’re with his children. Erik deeply loves Pietro, Wanda, and Lorna but due to him being absent for most of their life, it strains their relationship. Seeing you getting along with his kids, he wonders how much of a great parent you would be even considering getting a second chance to be the father he never was to his previous children. You tend to remind him of his mother/Charles, two people who make him believe there’s still hope somewhere. 
  • Very serious about your relationship. All the girls/boys can flirt with him and he doesn’t bother with them because he’s taken. He’s quite serious in general. He can be harsh when it comes to training you but makes it up in the end. Though his love for you is shown when you would give him attention and he gets easily jealous in fear of losing you. Erik is vulnerable at night because he cuddles you and talk all night due to him being unable to spend time with you during the day. Loves when you sing or read for him.
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How would Erik be during your pregnancy :


Originally posted by cat1212

*He would be happy

*But he would also be constantly worried.

*His childhood was awful and he swears that his child will have the best childhood

*But still he feels unworthy sometimes

*You reassure him as much as you can and tell him how amazing father he will be

*The two of you paint the baby room

*And maybe paint each other in the process

*No need to tell Charles he already read Erik’s mind, which is upsetting but also he speared him from a nervous conversation

*Charles is offering the two of you his help with whatever you might need

*Erik would be at your side 7/24 through the whole pregnancy

*I feel like he would always buy you, or attempt to cook you your favorite food because “now you’re eating for two”

*Him having mental breakdowns in the middle of the night because he is still not sure if he will be good enough.

*You tell him you love him and put his hand on your stomach, making the baby kick a little which always makes Erik smile

*His worries don’t go away until after the baby is born.

*But after that… He is like a whole new person. He smiles all the time

*He is super protective tho

*He will not let you or the baby out of his sigh for 10 minutes longer

*But overall he is an amazing father just like you told him in the beginning

Thank you for the request @im-hqlover

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Pairings: Erik Lehnsherr x Reader
Words: 434
Warnings: None
Request: @bluerose512​ Please, Erick Lehnsherr imagine - He’s jealous of his girlfriend’s friendship with Hank 😂🥰

Summary: Hank has a gift for the reader and Erik doesn’t approve.

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Originally posted by niralamba

Your eyes were following Hank as he was running around the lab and passionately explaining everything about the medicine he had prepared for you. Lately, you’ve been experiencing terrible headaches due to using your powers too often, and no human pill could help it. You became miserable, hurting for hours or sometimes days. But as soon as your dear friend heard of it, he made a point of helping you get rid of the pain.

“I realised that I added too much of it,” he said, shaking a little bottle he was holding in his left, “so I poured more of the second active ingredient and it worked!”

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Memory (Erik)

I really don’t know what this is. Hope you enjoy it.


Erik wasn’t a soft man. He was more than just rough around kid edges, burdened with the past and the present, with hatred and fear of past repeating itself. There were few people Erik held dear to his heart and even fewer that he would give his life for. His fragile human certainly fell into that category and wasn’t that strange? A man who resented humans loving one?

Erik couldn’t bring himself to regret his emotions, not when she was so precious to him. He tried, in the beginning, to distance himself from Y/N, to push her away with his patronizing and demeaning personality but she was tenacious and true to her heart. Erik fell in love, leaving everything behind only to go with her, love her, marry her. Y/N was the best thing that happened to Erik and he told her that every single day.

Then she was taken from him, murdered. Erik screamed at the skies for a long time, raged against god and nature. He nearly levelled a tiny town nearby. What was left of his heart, turned to dust when she died. So there he was, vulnerable and hurt and easily manipulated by a fossil of a mutant trying to take over the world.

‘She wouldn’t want this.’ Erik thought high in the air with metal swirling around him. 'She would smack me a good one and call me an idiot.’ So Erik stood down, betraying the megalomaniac who he joined. A bitter smile kissed his lips. He always seemed to betray someone but he’ll never betray her or her memory.

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First Spooktober Challenge Request!


For: @500daysofbecky

Words: 1.3k | Warnings: None

Note: Süsser is a German term of endermeant that means “Sweet/My Sweet”.

A/N: I know spooktober is over (though as long as the leaves turn sienna or blood-ornage, it is still spooky season imo) but I decided to do this late and let’s just pretend I have good time management skills.


The crunch of the leaves spread across your driveway had turned softer, quieter. The weather was no longer warm and the air no longer felt dry and pollen infused. Autumn had settled and changed the colours of the leaves into a sunset’s palette.

Something was bewitching about your secluded cabin built for two during this season. It seemed almost like a relic preserved out of time, away from the loud noises of cars and sondering city dwellers. Secluded and intimate was just how you liked it.

Your trip to the farmers market had been fruitful to the point that your arm ached from carrying the heavy wicker basket all the way from the town square. With a relieved sigh, you were glad to finally be back in your cabin. The first things to go off were your shoes, then your scarf and jacket and finally, your gloves.

“Erik?” you called out into the quaint space.

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