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29th October 2020-Lakeside 

Rather unusually in recent months today all of the 15 pictures I produced - 10 of them in this photoset - were taken on my lunch time walk at Lakeside Country Park nearby. On a rather gloomy and mostly wet day I did try to take some of garden birds though but didn’t take any that weren’t blurry sadly as I saw the Goldfinches, Starlings, House Sparrows, Collared Doves and Woodpigeon joined again in the garden and out the back by Blue Tit, a couple of crow species Magpie and Jackdaw and some Pied Wagtails they are already regulars our winter visitor but I have taken a lot of garden bird pictures this week. I did enjoy garden birdwatching again really lifting my spirits at times this morning. 

On the walk I took the first three pictures in this photoset of red autumn leaves at the Lakeside entrance, a view and a lovely male Mallard on beach lake. On the concorde lake in a week a bit on/off for me for getting right beside all of the lakes at once on a walk I hadn’t yet seen the Great Crested Grebe chicks which I have followed from mid-summer onwards this week. So I was relieved this lunch time to see them and they really do not look much like chicks now it was only the fact there were the three together which meant I didn’t have a debate with myself as to if they were the chicks or other adults. I was very relieved to see them again and know how really well they are doing they really have been raised so brilliantly this year and its been one of the best bits of my year to follow these one of my favourite birds and first ever birds I got excited about as a kid so locally to me. 

I walked on and took the fourth and fifth pictures in this photoset of the lovely little tree that has red leaves at this time of year which I’ve photographed a few times this year, the fifth one actually was of a Magpie sat on the tree. Whilst taking these pictures two lovely people came up and spoke to me at a safe social distance and asked if I was taking a picture of this lovely looking tree they had seen from a different angle which I was and one of them was about to. We remarked how truly pretty it is just sat there by the visitor centre in the middle all alone sort of especially on a wet day. So this was very pleasant. 

As I walked on through the field north of the steam railway station my next goal for my working from home lunch time walks was realised or realised it in a way. The goal was to see my first Redwings of the winter at Lakeside, I didn’t quite manage that as we saw Redwings and one of their cousin the Fieldfare for the first time this season at Rockford Common in the New Forest on Sunday which I did enjoy. I did see a bird at the top of a bare tree here today and felt it was the moment. I edged safely closer and saw it better and it wasn’t the common for this site - I often get them as year ticks in January when they are well and truly moved in during their migration here at this inland location - Redwing but a Fieldfare. I was very happy to see this bird as I had only seen one once at Lakeside before I think they are a little rarer. So it was that very satisfying moment after a New Forest view to see my first Fieldfare on what is really my patch at Lakeside of the season an exciting moment. But alongside that its one of the most special birds I have seen at Lakeside on a lunch time whilst working from home. Right up there with Spotted Flycatcher, Common Sandpiper, Common Tern, Whitethroat and Stonechat as birds I so easily see at other locations but are quite a turn up for the country park right by our house showing just what happens when I am going here every day and really having my eyes open. I took the sixth picture in this photoset as well as one other of this Fieldfare. 

It was quite a dark affair so the picture was pretty dark as was the other one when I got it on the laptop so I got to have a little play with photoshop this evening to get it lighter and I found quite a nice effect to do it with which I might well be using in future. I was glad I could achieve this goal this lunch time a brilliant wildlife moment to inspire me during my working day and quite an autumnal one too. I then took nice colourful views again in the seventh, eighth and ninth pictures in this photoset. 

When on my way out in the east of the site I loved watching a mixed tit flock seeing blue and great and especially lots of Long-tailed Tits. The amount of birds seen especially little seems so synonymous with this time of year. You may recall that I’ve had a bit of an up and down relationship with Long-tailed Tits with my camera this year at Lakeside never seeming to have the right lens on me or being quick enough. But today I persevered and managed to take the tenth picture in this photoset with it hanging down from a berry bush. A moment I really enjoyed to end the walk. 

Wildlife Sightings Summary: One of my favourite birds the Great Crested Grebe, Mallard, Mute Swan, Black-headed Gull, Long-tailed Tit, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Goldfinch, House Sparrow, Starling, Pied Wagtail, Woodpigeon, Collared Dove, Rex and Violet the regular Feral Pigeons in the garden Carrion Crow, Magpie, Jackdaw and Fieldfare. 

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◆ WE’RE FULLY FUNDED! This is happening! ◆
We actually reached full funding in seven hours, that’s incredible, thank you so much!! (´∇ ` )

The first stretch goal is up and we’re already so close to it! The cards of the deck will be upgraded from 350gsm to 400gsm. 
I love the touch of heavier cards, it’ll make the deck even more precious!

It almost feel unreal, I’m so happy thank you so much for your support!

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Nox faced Ellie and Rapid across the table. He was intentionally drawing out the suspense of the moment. Rapid knew this, and raised an eyebrow at him. Nodding slightly to the increasingly fidgety child. For her part, Ellie was making predictions. 

Today was Ellie’s 13th birthday, but she had no idea what it might mean in umbrid culture for Nox to be making such a big deal of it. She hadn’t seen Gabrial since the day she first flew, which meant a halt to her history lessons. What minimal information Nox could provide was pitiful, and only made him sad. So no reason was evident as to why Nox would have placed a box large enough to sit in before her.

“I suppose you’d like to know what’s in the box, hmm?” Nox’s lip quirked up slightly in amusement at his daughter’s painstakingly controlled nod. She was learning and applying her lessons well, a true Intelligencer.

“Yes please.” Ellie calmly responded. She knew the present wouldn’t be taken away if she showed enthusiasm, but she loved to see the pride in Nox’s eyes when she practiced a skill he had taught her. Rapid wordlessly passed her a folding knife, allowing her to neatly slice the tape. Ellie paused, awaiting approval before opening the lid. Nox waved her on, and the lid was lifted away.

“Woah.” Was all Ellie could say. At the top of the box was a mask. A magpie mask. The colors matched her wings perfectly. She took the beautiful thing out of the box reverently to examine it further, revealing more elements of a uniform. Armor, a jacket, a utility belt, pants, boots. The whole kit. It was perfect, the material smooth and soft to the touch. “What is this?”

Nox straightened his shirtsleeve. “That, little warrior, is your uniform. If you want it to be of course. You’ve progressed in your training so well, and I think it’s time for you to join me in the field.” He smiled at the sheer joy scrawled across the girl’s face. She was ecstatic. This was what she’d been waiting for.

“I am so in!” Ellie cheered, holding the mask up to her face. “How do I look? Scary? Do I strike fear into your heart, Rapid?!” She crowed dramatically. Rapid nodded very seriously.

“Truly, I shake in my boots.” The woman laughed.

Nox, smiling gestured back towards Ellie’s room. “Why don’t you go try it on? That way we can start on any alterations as soon as possible.” Ellie leapt up, taking her box and darting off. She was back in minutes, suited up but carrying her armor plates in her hands. 

“Can you show me how to put this stuff on?” She asked. Nox smiled happily. He was hoping she would ask. That gave him an excuse to gear up too. 

Standing, Nox promised. “I’ll be right back. Gimme a sec.” While Nox dressed, Rapid helped Ellie sort her armor into piles based on where it would be worn. Bracers and gloves in one pile; Knee pads and shin-guards in another. When her father returned, he was wearing a falcon mask and a black uniform just like Ellie’s. Her’s was just a mini version of Nox’s. “Ready?”

After ten minutes of demonstration and wrangling, both birds were strapped snugly into protective gear and had donned their mask. Ellie ran her fingertips over the smooth matte plates and canvas pockets on her belt. All sorts of new and lovely textures to experience. Rapid beamed as Ellie spread her wings and arms in display.

“Fearsome Ellie. I think it’s picture time!” Rapid pulled out her phone and gestured for Nox and Ellie to pose. “Click!” The werewolf announced to indicate she had taken the picture. “The new birds of prey are here to wreak havoc, and establish order.”

“Darn right we are!” Ellie declared proudly. She couldn’t wait to get started.

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💕 Baby Magpie Falls In Love With His Rescuer’s Cat . 💕

This guy rescued a baby magpie he found on the side of the road and watched him learn how to fly. Y

ou can keep up with Swoop and Mowgli and all of their adventures together on Instagram: 

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So there I am, sat in bed drinking my coffee and minding my own business when I heard a noise close by outside… I got up and opened my blinds.

No word of a lie, a fucking magpie was sat on my window ledge tapping it’s beak on my window.

I’m getting incredibly ominous vibes this morning.

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