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#mahito chan
meenah-chan24 days ago
Watched Jujutsu Kaisen after waiting it to end for too long~~ and here's my reaction:
Dorky, adorable, cool, a ray of sunshine馃挅馃挅 I cry, I rage, I everything on ep 5 馃槩. Yuuji bibi, c'mere~~ I wanna cuddles!!
Tumblr media
Hehehe Dazai vibes, I like it~~ I love you too~~ OP is also hart hart馃挅馃挅
Tumblr media
NANAMIN!!! DADDY, I LOVE YOU!!!!! 馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅I SIMP HARD 馃槫馃槫馃槫馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅
Also, love the bromance between him and Gojou UwU 馃挅
Tumblr media
Sukuna? He's hawt, yeah. I like him but for some obvious reasons (ep 5 & 12) I hate him. It's a love-hate relationship, yeah.
Tumblr media
You see this guy here? Don't freaking love him I swear. I obsessed over him during the opening but when he was introduced and sorta things happen? I rage. HARD!! I'll bear this wound for months, yeah...
Tumblr media
How about this guy? At first I don't really care about him. But things happen again, now I want to drop dead. Please just die okay? Can I kill with my own hands, ha? HAA?!
Tumblr media
Toudou. He's an obnoxious and delusional buff fella. I'm pretty much annoyed with him but some parts of me wants to like him?
Tumblr media
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mah1toa month ago
he protecc
Tumblr media
he attacc
Tumblr media
but most importantly... he got a nice rackk 馃憣
Tumblr media
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mah1toa month ago
I know...
Tumblr media
OMG studio mappa has created SOMETHING with that jujustroll also, i just know mahito would straight up drown me, i know it, but i鈥檇 still follow them into the water to get a glimpse of THEM TIDDIEEEEEESSSSSS
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amethystsodaa month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
top 10 anime betrayals
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kuratsukiun2 months ago
Tumblr media
I'm made it!!! 鈮р垏鈮︹櫏鈾モ櫏鈮р垏鈮︹櫏鈾モ櫏鈮р垏鈮︹櫏鈾モ櫏 Happy Valentine's Day!!! Guys!!! Your girl Erin make friendship chocolate to you ~~~ @fifteenskies15 @itsmikatheghost @bingsu-chan @kaptainkoalaoshiz
Tumblr media
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kuratsukiun6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
More stuff about Erin's job ~~ but she betrayed by Mahito-kun afterwards. Also, the manager doesn't like the violence in the cafe ^w^
Mahito belongs to @bingsu-chan
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viixensa day ago
hey you! ship your moots!
Hell yeah I will
this is gonna be long so here's a cut lmfao im so sorry I just dont want to miss anyone
@styxtm -- Iwaizumi / mattsun
@meiyaspup -- Osamu
@onyxoverride -- Sukuna / Aizen
@devilrins -- Gojo
@spidehpig -- Reiner聽
@katslutski -- Bakugou
@spikesbimbo -- Dio / Grimmjow聽
@hajiswife -- Iwaizumi
@tanjirotv -- Bokuto聽
@devilkou -- Suna
@velvetfireworks -- Levi
@kenmasbb -- Kenma
@blxemafia -- Sniper Mask
@likesugarandcyanide -- literally any villain聽
@sunaluvs -- Akaashi
@sleepyrintaro -- Eren
@bjbex -- Suna聽
@keishinslove -- Hawks聽
@haji-tv -- Suga
@saintdabi -- Shiggy
@sightoru -- Deku聽
@kshira -- Tendou
@godjo -- Suna
@seroh -- Osamu
@aquastellium -- Kita
@flowering-springs -- Kuroo
@kohito -- Mahito / Geto
@nanengko -- Meian / Itachi
@anarchicmartyr -- Shinsou
@tamakisbunnygirl -- Tamaki聽
@natsuarchive -- Natsuo
@moping-bitch -- Tendou / any femdom
@kiyoobi -- Shouto / Sakusa
@fukurotiny -- Bokuto
@toshidou -- Mirio聽
@rat-suki -- Dabi聽
@lovesakusa -- Sakusa
@katsuhera -- Levi
@erosojiro -- DAICHI
@daddyjima / @hisoillusandwich -- Ushijima聽
@semisgroupie -- CHOSO
@siren-writings -- Hisoka
@unmeiii -- Dabi
@b0ba-chan -- Suna / Sakusa
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blueemondaya month ago
This is like the second time I鈥檝e seen you call Gojo a paintbrush and I鈥檓 dying. I mean you鈥檙e not wrong lol. Now I can鈥檛 get that cursed image out of my mind every time I see him send help 馃槀 Speaking of cursed images, schoolgirl Mahito-chan haunts me to this day *shudders*
Nacht anon~
lol every time i see gojo my brain automatically goes 鈥渋t鈥檚 him !!! the paintbrush !!鈥 and yeeess, the chaos that schoolgirl mahito created !! he looked cute though ngl
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quirklessidiota month ago
Tumblr media
title : cigarettes and parfaits [3] pairing : older!nanami kento x younger!reader [13 year age gap, ft toji fushiguro] Genre: romance, fluff, slice of life, josei, angst, comedy, strangers to lovers au
Summary: you鈥檙e pretty sure you鈥檇 remember marrying a man 13 years older than you, right?
Warnings: alcohol, smoking, mild smut, y/n making stupid decisions, everyones a human-au so yeh non-canon stuff and everyone鈥檚 happy (periODT) i keep forgeting to add that this isnt beta-rread..all of my stories arent so yeah shshs Notes: ah, i feel like this story will be lengthen more than 8-10 chapters shshshs i wanted to add a little spice anyways thanks for all the comments uwu ily all!
Masterlist || taglist || [prev ; next] [updates; every saturday!]
Tumblr media
You cringe in embarrassment as soon as you hear that awfully familiar and cheerful voice, you could barely remember this man and the events that transpired the night before but here he was, acting like your new best friend. You weren鈥檛 even sure if you wanted to go here but you needed clarity. Surely you didn鈥檛 just legally marry a man at an Izakaya out of all places last night?
鈥淥h, you actually did marry him.鈥 Gojo Satoru proclaims as soon as you take a seat across him, he gestures around his face, 鈥淚 could tell by your whole, 鈥業 hope this guy is messing with me鈥 face. You have it, signed and sealed. Even got the cute matchy rings that I had one of my assistants delivered.鈥
You pale at the thought of his assistant coming in with a silver ring. Wasn鈥檛 he sober? How could he not have stopped you two from doing something as reckless and stupid as this? Weren鈥檛 older men supposed to be more responsible than this?
鈥淲hy the hell didn鈥檛 you stop us?鈥 You groaned, burying your face in your hands, embarrassment painted all over your features.
鈥淚 was just as drunk as you two.鈥 He confessed, scratching his head, 鈥減robably even more drunk聽but anyways back to the topic in hand, I only remembered it when the same assistant came in and congratulated me about it. It鈥檚 good I had your number on my phone before you two bailed.鈥
鈥淪o you don鈥檛 really remember?鈥
鈥淏its and pieces.鈥 Gojo grinned, this guy was a maniac, how did the serious man you met just this morning have friends like this? You probably wouldn鈥檛 even last long, 鈥淚 did call Nanami-鈥
He鈥檚 cut off by the rough sound of someone pulling a chair out, you immediately jump on your seat when you realize it鈥檚 Nanami Kento, the guy from this morning. The man you had recklessly married!
鈥淭his better be some prank you鈥檙e pulling, Satoru.鈥 His voice was anything but kind that you almost wanted to hide behind Gojo鈥檚 back.
鈥淗ey, hey.鈥 Gojo raises his hands, 鈥淒on鈥檛 look at me. I didn鈥檛 force you into anything and stop scaring your poor little partner.鈥
Nanami snaps his gaze towards you and you notice how his eyes soften just a bit when he sees your red ears and your eyes looking away from him, 鈥淵ou better call Geto and fucking fix this, I refuse to bother this young-鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 fine.鈥 You cut him off, still shy and red, 鈥淚t鈥檚...fine...I just鈥lease don鈥檛 think I鈥檓 burdened by it. It was technically my fault for even agreeing immediately.鈥
Nanami clenches his jaw and turns away, 鈥淣evertheless. L/N-san鈥檚 young. I hope to not be such an uncouth man like you.鈥 he retorts, voice sharp as he eyes the white-haired businessman up and down. Gojo, seemingly used to it, rolls his eyes behind his dark shades.
鈥淢aybe you guys should try it out.鈥
The blonde man looks like he鈥檚 about to smite the white-haired man out of existence yet Satoru remains oblivious to his friend鈥檚 gaze, 鈥淒on鈥檛 ya think so? It will take a while for those divorce papers to settle in so why don鈥檛 you two go out and get to know each other? Who knows鈥︹ he sing-songs the last part and Nanami is so close to chunking his briefcase towards the tall businessman, not even caring聽
鈥淎h, he鈥檚 not exactly wrong, Nanami-san.鈥 you try to calm him down, placing a small hand on his broad shoulder.
鈥淒on鈥檛 tell me you鈥檙e actually listening to this idiot鈥檚 idea.鈥 Nanami replied, gaze narrowing.
鈥淣ot really but you have some problems I can help you out on and I have problems that you can help me out on...Of course, the last say is on you...鈥
鈥淭old you I actually had a brain.鈥 Satoru piped in.
鈥淪hut up, Satoru.鈥 he quips, then turns to you, 鈥淚鈥檓 thirteen years older than you, L/N-san. I have two high school kids that could pass off as your siblings, and-鈥
鈥淲ell, I technically did marry you.鈥
鈥淵ou were drunk.鈥
鈥淒oesn鈥檛 exactly really excuse it.鈥 You laugh nervously, 鈥淭he whole divorce process usually lasts up to a few months, some even takes a whole year. I could help you out with the boys and I can use you to ward my family off from moving back home.鈥
Nanami is quiet for a moment, actually thinking about it. Weighing the pros and the cons, not only would you be able to help him out but you鈥檇 also be able to get Gojo and blind-dating out of his back.
There really wasn鈥檛 anything he could loose, really.
鈥淥r you two might fall in love.鈥 Satoru teases, making Nanami throw him another side-eye, as if saying 鈥業 dare you to say another word.鈥
Tumblr media
It鈥檚 a Thursday today and Sukuna absolutely loathed Thursdays 聽 聽 apparently because it reminded him of Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. They all were far from the weekend 聽 聽 Everyone seems to be happier than usual though. Maybe it was because you were there teaching some basic shit at the board or something.
鈥...and if we transfer this here and change the positive to a negative, you鈥檒l end up having five as your answer.鈥 You smile, placing your chalk down, 鈥淒oes anyone have any questions?鈥
Echoes of no鈥檚 resonated throughout the room.
鈥淎lright then, let鈥檚 end the lesson here so you guys can have an early lunch. I don鈥檛 think an assignment is in order since many of you were able to get a perfect score in the activity awhile ago.鈥 You winked. A couple of whoops resonated throughout the whole class right after.聽
As the kids shuffle out of the room of the class, Sukuna remains behind. The ojisan had cooked them something delicious this morning and he wanted to eat it in peace without that pesky Nobara grabbing a share from his bento and Yuuji鈥檚 annoying babbles about horror movies with his best friend Junpei (the only one who was really bearable was Megumi, really)
鈥淪ukuna-kun?鈥 you called out, snapping him out of his small trance, 聽鈥淎re you alright?鈥
He notices a glint of worry in your eyes, he had to admit since his transfer here last Monday, you were the least annoying teacher in the academy 聽 聽 the blue-haired professor in Japanese literature was absolute shit since he loved to tease him a lot and that bald-headed teacher in science who looked a lot like Mike Wazowski was an annoying twerp who loved dawdling in him and Yuuji鈥檚 business 聽 聽 and you were kind of good at your job. Not only did his idiot of a brother stop coming to him and their ojisan for help in math but he could actually do the worksheets right and get an actual decent grade at it.
鈥淵eah.鈥 he roughly replies.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 good.鈥 You smiled, he watched as you bind their worksheets together and clip them in utmost delicacy, 鈥淵ou should head to the cafeteria now, I heard they鈥檙e serving milk bread today.鈥
Without saying anything more, you left the room, leaving him there in the silence.
Well, the Christmas tree idiot was right.
You kind of had a motherly aura on you and it didn鈥檛 even look forced.
No wonder, everyone in this room was whipped for you despite your subject being a pain in the ass.
Tumblr media
鈥淵ou look like an idiot.鈥 You mumbled as you slapped Mahito鈥檚 hand away in annoyance, your workmate wiggling his eyebrows like the little shit he is.
You completely forgot you did have someone like Gojo Satoru in your life and it was one of your co-workers, Mahito, a Japanese literature teacher who was too nosy for his own good.
鈥淵ou鈥檝e got a ring on your ring finger and a mailman comes in and gives you an invite for Zen鈥檌n Toji鈥檚 fortieth birthday.鈥 he whistles, 鈥淓ven Jogo-sensei gossiped by the water cooler awhile ago, saying that you had eloped with the man. Not that I鈥檓 judging you or anything...鈥
You choke on your saliva, clearly thrown off by the backhanded comment. That darn bald-headed fool that looked like the green eyed monster from the DreamWorks cartoon, he sure needed to lay off the gossip and actually focus on his job as the head of the science department, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e not denying it.鈥 Mahito stated, narrowing his eyes in suspicion, 鈥淲hy aren鈥檛 you denying it?鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 not dating Megumi-kun鈥檚 father.鈥 You grumbled, finishing up your paperwork, 鈥淭hat man is off limits.鈥
鈥淩ight,鈥 he drawls on sarcastically, 鈥...because you have a strict rule against dating hot older men with money.鈥
鈥淚 also teach his kids and his cousin鈥︹ You deadpan.
鈥淲e don鈥檛 even have a rule against that.鈥 He retorts, rolling his eyes, 鈥淚f we did, Hanami-sensei would鈥檝e been fired a long time ago.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e an asshole.鈥
鈥淎nd you鈥檙e so secretive. If it isn鈥檛 Toji Zen鈥檌n, who鈥檇 ask you out?鈥
鈥淗ey, I do have a man.鈥 You huffed, 鈥渁nd he鈥檚 very kind and considerate...鈥
The image of the tall and lean man sleeping next to you slowly wormed its way back from your memory and you feel your cheeks start to flush. Good god, what were you? twelve? How embarrassing.
You needed to get that image off of your head, it wasn鈥檛 right.
It was all temporary, anyways and he doesn鈥檛 even see you in that sort of way-
鈥淵es, I鈥檓 Sukuna and Yuuji Itadori鈥檚 guardian鈥︹ a very familiar stoic voice could be heard from the nearby table, cutting your thoughts short. Wait, were you so head over heels for the man that you started imagining him here? Yuuji and Sukuna鈥檚 guardian? Wait a minute.
All color drained from your face as you snap your head behind you to find the same man you were imagining.
Oh no.
Oh no, indeed.
There stood Nanami Kento in all his glory; 聽crisp suit, stoic face, and eyes laced with mild worry.
鈥...L/N-sensei is Sukuna-kun鈥檚 adviser, by the way. It would be best to discuss this with them.鈥 Akari somberly informed the man, turning to your direction. You don鈥檛 miss the shift of expressions when he sees you standing there.
Your mouth parts and you know you look like gawking fish trapped in a small aquarium.
鈥淎kari-sensei鈥檚 looking at you with the new hot daddy.鈥 Mahito mumbles next to you, eyeing him up and down, 鈥淒efinitely wonder where all these old men come from these days.鈥
You were only half-listening to your co-worker because your head was all over the place, just what were the odds that he was the guardian of the new transferee鈥檚? Just how awkward would everything be? Why did it even have to be at this school out of all places?
Never ending questions pop out of your head as you approached them, 鈥淕ood afternoon, Nanami-san.鈥 Your smile comes out very stiff and awkward while you hold your hand out for him to shake, clearly there was no memo on how you were suppose to act around your sort-of-fake-husband-whos-kids-you-actually-taught.
Nanami reverts back to his stoic expression as he clears his throat, 鈥淵es, good afternoon to you too, L/N-sensei.鈥 he greets, maintaining a straight-laced tone.
鈥淎kari-sensei says that Sukuna has been class鈥︹ you try to rack your brains up to describe his kid.
鈥淵our son literally pointed out that the history lesson I was teaching was fake and that I should study again so he could get his tuition鈥檚 worth.鈥 Akari looks clearly perplexed and ready to throttle the boy if it was legal. You had to admit, Sukuna went overboard with that insult.
You knew how passionate Nitta was about her job and what Sukuna just said to her was like a big 鈥榝uck you, you suck.鈥 to her.
鈥淚鈥檒l be sure to talk to him about this,鈥 he sighs, bowing down, 鈥淚鈥檇 like to ask for forgiveness for that, the boy is a good and smart student-鈥
鈥淣anami-san, the school not only cares about grades but character as well.鈥 Akari Nitta sighed, cutting him off, 鈥淚鈥檒l let this slide once, if he does that again, it goes on the record.鈥
You internally bit your cheek, still trying to process everything that was going on.
鈥淚 understand. Thank you for that.鈥
鈥淚鈥檒l walk him out, sensei.鈥 You immediately say soon after, wanting to have some alone time with him, 鈥淟et鈥檚 go, Nanami-san.鈥
You walk right next to him silently, some students peerlessly glancing at the tall blonde next to you but you were too immersed in thought to notice the stares, 鈥淣anami-san?鈥 you ask softly as soon as you reach the exit.
Nanami Kento looks at you, his eyes still laced with a bit of worry, 鈥淚t鈥檚 okay.鈥 you silently comforted him, 鈥淛ust talk to him calmly.鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 not the problem.鈥 he sighed, 鈥淚 just didn鈥檛 expect that the person I married would be the boy鈥檚 teacher.鈥
You sweat drop, 鈥淎ren鈥檛 you worried about talking to Sukuna? I mean, he literally just disrespected a teacher and you said that he and you weren鈥檛 in good-鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 easier to talk to him about that rather than鈥︹ he paused, showing his ring, 鈥渢his.鈥
You blinked.
Seemed like Nanami knew what to say about the little attitude problem his son had, 鈥淪o you must be used to this?鈥 you asked, 鈥淗im disrespecting the teacher?鈥
You notice the shift of expressions on his face, you had only known this man for a few days so far but he was starting to get easier to read. His eyes shed more emotion than his face, no wonder he likes wearing those funny sunglasses a lot.
鈥淚t鈥檚 something I鈥檝e scolded him over a couple of times,鈥 he gruffed, trying to dance around the subject, it seemed like he had such a soft spot to the point where he had a problem with disciplining them, 鈥淎t times I believe it鈥檚 just because he鈥檚 way too smart for his age. The boy has read history books for fun when he was a kid and solved quadratic equations to prove that he鈥檚 better than me when he was ten.鈥
鈥淚t still doesn鈥檛 give him the free pass to say things like that to a teacher鈥
鈥淚 know,鈥 he acknowledged, 鈥淚鈥檒l be sure to give him a better scolding-鈥
鈥淣o, you see. This is why he thinks he can get away with it. He isn鈥檛 afraid of you. You鈥檒l only probably tell him that you can鈥檛 do that.鈥 you frown, crossing your arms, 鈥淵ou do know that not all sensei鈥檚 are as nice as Akari-sensei and he could get in trouble for that even more in the future, right?鈥
Silence lingered between you two for a moment and suddenly you realize that you must鈥檝e said something way off the rails.
鈥淚..鈥 you turn red, embarrassed by the sudden outburst, 鈥淭hat was too much, wasn鈥檛 it?鈥
You look at him directly in the eye, the worry-filled ones are now replaced with a softer gaze. God, he really needed to stop looking at you like a kid. It would only make this set-up more awkward!
鈥淣o,鈥 he mumbles, 鈥淚t...It wasn't too much鈥︹
鈥淥h.鈥 you cleared your throat, flustered and looking away from his face, 鈥淲ell, okay then goodbye then Nanami-sa-鈥
You needed to get out of this conversation quick.
Your gaze snaps directly towards him, clearly taken aback by the correction.
鈥淲e鈥檙e technically married now, right?鈥 he softly corrected, 鈥淐all me Kento.鈥
鈥淥h,鈥 You uttered again, this time softly. You looked down on your shoes, it seemed like the floor looked really interesting now, 鈥淭hen bye-bye, Kento.鈥
鈥淏ye Y/N.鈥
He leaves you standing there, cursing yourself because of your erratic heartbeat at the way he says your name in that voice. First name basis? okay, totally normal for sort-of lovers, right?
Tumblr media
taglist聽[if crossed out, i can鈥檛 tag u ; - ;]
;聽@coldbookworm聽聽;聽@frankenstein852聽聽; 聽@neavil聽聽;聽@shephard17895聽聽@kristineyoshaii聽;聽@airybnb聽;聽@okachansenpai聽;聽@amortentiaxo聽;聽@rinvtaro聽;聽@franko-pop聽;聽@kozutenshi聽;聽@kaldoesthings聽;聽@moonlitdabi聽;聽@chococroissant ;聽@bleepop聽; @kaldoesthings ; @moonlitdabi ; @chococroissant ; @pettybroccoli ; @nixxona ; @kiyoo-omi ; @omibaby ; @bokkunto ; @peccobagnaia鈥 ; @sangwoahbigbussy鈥 ;聽
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Tumblr media
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tozhana month ago
Chapter 141: Happy Birthday, Yuuta, lmao 馃槵
I don鈥檛 have much to say since it was an action-heavy chapter! One thing that needs to be said, though: Despite being outmatched here, Yuuji is fighting incredibly smartly and well, you love to see it. He has grown so much.
Tumblr media
Gojo crumbs! (Gege sealed him off only to mention him at least once every chapter after Shibuya, lmao.) And I really, really love how Yuuji always recollects things and advice he has heard in the past, internalizes it and immediately uses it in battle. His fighting instincts are through the roof, of course, but so is his battle smartness!
Tumblr media
Lol. At least, Yuuta acknowledges him :p
Tumblr media
Oh D:
Hello there, Rika-chan. I sure hope we get the story behind why Yuuta still has Rika despite setting her free in the prequel. Maybe it鈥檚 a thing about her soul having been set free but Yuuta still being able to recreate her curse-form...聽
Tumblr media
Yuuji :( On one hand, he forced Rika out, so that speaks volumes about Yuuji himself. But maybe she should go back now, lol. The fun鈥檚 over! No need for you here!
Tumblr media
...was that right through the heart??? Please, Gege, give my son some rest T_T
Tumblr media
Sukuna panel in the same chapter as a Gojo panel. Truly blessed.
What鈥檚 that smile for... He goes from annoyed to amused/happy??? Honestly, right now, I cannot fully discard the possibility that all of this (harming Yuuji) is supposed to lure out Sukuna somehow (the apology can also be seen two-fold in that regard; either meaningless words or not). I don鈥檛 know why or how, though. I do remember that one of the questions that they included in the fanbook was about Rika vs. Sukuna (from the past, full strength) and who would win - the question itself might have been randomly posed, but maybe them including it in the fanbook specifically was for a reason? Maybe I鈥檓 overthinking, lol.
But who knows, maybe Sukuna noticed something else altogether - Megumi approaching, perhaps? In which case, big yikes. If Megumi sees that the senpai he respects the most just mortally wounded the friend he has been desperately looking for... :/ That鈥檚 going to cause conflict. Although I sure would love to see someone familiar confront Yuuta about his actions here because if he is truly fully on the side of the higher-ups, then that puts him in direct conflict with all of his friends. Plus, emotionally lashing out at Yuuji like that without even trying to consider his pov or talking with anyone else about this is not a good look, at all.
Tumblr media
So, Naoya has a form of projection sorcery. As many assume, probably what Naobito was whining about to Dagon, lol.
Tumblr media
You know what would be great? Choso activating a Domain Expansion. Mahito awakened his when he was on the verge of death, right? Although I doubt we鈥檒l get rid of Naoya this soon, lmao.
Anyway, something will have to eventually give in these fights. I don鈥檛 see either of the four participants dying just yet (yeah, even Choso I don鈥檛 see dying because one: him dying without Yuuji acknowledging their bond somehow would be emotionally dissatisfying, and two: in this and the last chapter, Naoya has asked Choso who he is - because of the technique he possesses - and I do believe that Choso might play a role in the Kamo family鈥檚 mess eventually) - but how to put a rest to this madness? Megumi interfering might stop Yuuta, but that has nothing to do with Naoya...
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recentanimenewsa month ago
Jujutsu Kaisen 鈥 20 鈥 Purple Boogie Woogie
Tumblr media
In a brief but gorgeously lit and colored flashback, Toudou Aoi, only in third grade, is beating the shit out of a high schooler who mocked him. He catches the eye of a blonde sorcerer with a skeletal shikigami, and she asks him what type of woman he likes. Fast forward to the battle with Hanami, Toudou laments that while it鈥檚 time to unleash his technique, there鈥檚 no time to explain it.
That said, it doesn鈥檛 take long for him to demonstrate that technique, known as Boogie Woogie, in which he swaps positions with someone with the clap of his hands. He swaps with Hanami just as he鈥檚 about to land in a mass of spiked roots, so Hanami takes the damage. Yuuji was about to punch Hanami, but is about to punch Aoi instead.
Tumblr media
Aoi uses Boogie Woogie with great effectiveness, swapping with Yuuji every few seconds to keep Hanami off balance, unsure which of them鈥攚ith their, let鈥檚 say widely varying builds鈥攖o prepare for. We briefly check in with Nanami, who holds the record of most Black Flashes in one battle with four, including two consecutive.
As expected, thanks to Aoi鈥檚 tutelage, Yuuji鈥檚 able to easily break both of Nanami鈥檚 personal records, popping off three straight Black Flashe then a couple more for good measure. Hanami then unleashes an attack consisting of a enormous mass of cursed buds, too many of which could put either sorcerer out of commission (as they did Megumi).
Tumblr media
Aoi, who claims to have an IQ over 500,000 (which, okay) retreats into his mind palace for a fraction of a second, which takes the form of the same high school drama where he and Yuuji became best brahs, and where Takada-chan is a classmate who turned him down flat. While Aoi initially prepares to defend the onslaught of buds with cursed energy, Takada helps him realize that鈥檚 exactly what Hanami is hoping for, so he reverses the energy and the buds bounce harmlessly off of him.
We also learn that Aoi has been strategically moving the battle back to the riverbed where Megumi went down, as before being carried away he told Aoi the three-part cursed staff is still lying the water. Since Aoi鈥檚 Boogie Woogie works on anything with cursed energy, he swaps Yuuji for the staff, infuses it with his own cursed energy, and smacks the shit out of Hanami, who suddenly has to resort to their version of Brazo Izquierdo del Diablo.
Tumblr media
Just as Hanami鈥檚 arm collects all of the life energy of the surrounding forest in preparation for a Doman Expansion, the veil suddenly falls, and Gojou Satoru is floating up in the sky, mask off, ready to rumble.We cut to the other two battles going on just before the veil goes down, as Gakuganji shows Juuzou (the guy obsessed with turning Satoru into a coat rack) how his body serves as an amp for his guitar shredding.
We also catch Utahime about to square off with some cocky human who brandishes a sword with a hand for a grip, as made for him by Juuzou (which is how we learn the prolific cursed craftsman鈥檚 name). Utahime proves too quick for him, while Nobara and Mai soon arrive to back her up.
Tumblr media
I鈥檇 have loved to watch them fight the hand-sword dude three-on-one, but then the veil goes down, and he skedaddles like his life depends on it鈥ecause it probably聽does. Juuzou doesn鈥檛 fare as well, as Satoru determines that he should be his first target to obliterate. While he 鈥渉olds back鈥 he still makes mincemeat out of Juuzou鈥檚 arms and legs, keeping him alive for interrogation.
Satoru then sets his sights on the retreating Hanami, determining he鈥檒l have to launch a long-range attack mixing orbs of red and blue cursed energy(?) into one big mean purple blast that almost swallows up Yuuji and Aoi, but doesn鈥檛. It looks like the sorcerers have won the day, but they don鈥檛 even know why these bad guys showed up in the first place.
Turns out the anti-Satoru veil and everything else about the attack amounted to one great big diversion, enabling Mahito to steal one of Ryoumen Sukuna鈥檚 fingers that was being held on Jujutsu Tech grounds. But assuming the Exchange Event is now over and won鈥檛 be started back up, hopefully the Kyoto kids will put their Yuuji knives away, as they all just went though some shit at the hands of their mutual enemies.
Tumblr media
By: braverade
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linkspooky2 months ago
Hi! This might be a stupid ask, but do you know why Choso looks sad in the last page of the latest Jujutsu Kaisen chapter?
Tumblr media
He鈥檚 sad because Yuji won鈥檛 call him Onii-chan <3, obviously! Just kidding anon,聽 your ask is really good actually because it allowed me to think about a deeper point made by this chapter, Choso and Yuji are foils, brothers, but they鈥檙e not really getting along despite teaming up. They鈥檙e facing opposite directions. More under the cut.聽
1. The Cursed Children
Yuji and Choso are foils. They are both curse / human hybrids but they are completely opposite in origin. To clarify Yuji is a curse / human hybrid, by eating the cursed object聽鈥淪ukuna鈥檚 Finger鈥 he gained the properties of a curse and became a vessel for Sukuna鈥檚 cursed energy. Yuji isn鈥檛 a natural sorcerer, he has no innate technique of his own.聽
Getwo gives a pretty good explanation of what Yuji is. There鈥檚 three types of beings and they can all channel cursed energy.聽
Tumblr media
Non-sorcerers / Regular humans create cursed energy with their thoughts but it leaks out. Sorcerers are humans capable of chanelling cursed energy. Cursed spirits are beings made of pure cursed energy.聽
Yuji started out (as far as we know) in category one, a person unable to see cursed energy or channel it. Humans that can channel cursed energy from a young age like Miwa or Megumi are category. The divide between Miwa and Megumi is that Miwa is a sorcerer born with the ability to channel cursed energy, but without an innate technique hence why she鈥檚 a simple domain user which is a cursed energy usage that doesn鈥檛 require an innate technique you鈥檙e born with. Megumi was born with the innate technique of ten shadows, so he can use that on top of channeling cursed energy.聽
Thirdly, is cursed spirits like Mahito and Jogo, they鈥檙e bodies are made out of pure cursed energy, and they can channel it because they were formed from the cursed energy that leaks out of non-sorcerers slash regular humans.聽
When Getwo says he wants to create a new kind of sorcerers he divides them into two categories.聽
Yuji ingested a cursed object, and became a vessel for that cursed object鈥檚 energy. Therefore he is a human, but his whole body is a vessel for Sukuna鈥檚 cursed energy. He comes off looking half and half, a hybrid between category one and category three.
The second type is peple like Junpei. They were born with innate technique and the ability to see cursed energy making them like Megumi, but for some reasons their brains aren鈥檛 wired to be able to use their technique so their brains needed to be modified. Even in that case, Junpei became more like a sorcerer, able to channel cursed energy, and use his innate technique of the poisoned jellyfish. He became more like Megumi. Whereas Yuji is a vessel for Sukuna鈥檚 cursed energy, he becomes more like Sukuna.聽
Tumblr media
This is all just thoery but I think we鈥檙e supposed to take from Geto鈥檚 explanation is he鈥檚 trying to create two new kinds of sorceers.聽
1) Non-Sorcerers with innate technique converted into sorcerers by programming their brains to be able to use the cursed technique they were already born with.
2) Non-Sorcerers with no innate technique, who gained cursed energy by consuming a cursed object. Therefore, he strengthens their body to make them strong enough to hold that cursed energy.聽
If we define cursed spirits as a body made of cursed energy, who is also able to use cursed techniques, then the second type resembles cursed spirits yes? Yuji ever since he ate the finger is no longer simply human, he has become the hybrid of both Sukuna and Yuji. He is a hybrid half between normal human, and the curse known as Sukuna.聽
Tumblr media
Choso is the result of Kamo Noritoshi鈥檚 previous attempt to create a hybrid of a聽鈥渃ursed spirit鈥 a being made of pure energy and also聽鈥渁 sorcerer鈥 born with an innate technique. Choso is both a cursed spirit, but also, someone who is carrying the genetically inate technique of the Kamo Clan. Just like Yuji he鈥檚 ambiguously both a curse and a human. Howevver his creation process was in reverse.聽
Choso started out as a cursed object.聽
Tumblr media
His fetus as a cursed object was then ingested by a human who was a non-sorcerer with no potential. At that point, Choso began to possess the body of the human, using the human as a host and a vessel. However, it鈥檚 flipped around.聽
Yuji is the dominant personality even though he is the vessel to Sukuna鈥檚 cursed energy. In Choso鈥檚 case, Choso becomes the dominant personality even though he鈥檚 the cursed object but not the personality of the vessel. The result is, unlike other cursed spirits they鈥檙e given physical bodies that don鈥檛 disappear when they die.聽
Tumblr media
I think it鈥檚 really ambiguous about whether or not the original personality of the vessel is kept in tact. Kechizu hid the face on his back which was crying out in pain, which might have been the original owner of the body. Choso however seems to have complete control. He doesn鈥檛 fight over control with two people in one body like Sukuna and Yuji.聽
So, anyway opposites. Yuji decided to eat a cursed object of his own free will and became a hybrid that way.
Tumblr media
Choso, Kechizu and Eso had no control. They didn鈥檛 choose both how they were born, or how they were force fed into humans. Yuji chose to become Sukuna鈥檚 vessel, Choso literally didn鈥檛 have a choice. The plot even goes to point out that they don鈥檛 really have a paritcular hatred for sorcerer鈥檚 or humans.聽
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They were in essence unborn children before this.聽
Kechizu and Eso wake up, and the first thing the people who claim they聽鈥渞escued them鈥 tell them to do is go on a delivery mission for Sukuna鈥檚 fingers. They are suspicious but decide to comply because they聽鈥渙we them鈥 and because they think the world that the cursed spirits and Geto would make would be more聽鈥渓ivable鈥 for them.
Tumblr media
So their goal isn鈥檛 even specifically to hurt innocent people. It鈥檚 to live, and make sure all their brothers can live, and also, it鈥檚 to be free. In order to achieve that goal, however, they decided they were okay with hurting innocent people at first.聽
It is fair to say that Choso did kill people upon waking up, and he鈥檚 responsible for that even if he was only being used by Geto. It鈥檚 also fair to say Yuji has every right to feel alienated from Choso because he decided to kill people, especially since that鈥檚 the opposite of Yuji鈥檚 goal.
Tumblr media
Choso鈥檚 goal is to choose how to live from now on, and Yuji鈥檚 goal is to choose how he鈥檚 going to die. However, their goal is kind of the same as well, because Choso鈥檚 goal is to be surrounded聽 family, and Yuji鈥檚 goal is to be surrounded by others.聽
However, despite the fact that Choso wants to work together now with Yuji after considering him a brother. Yuji finds Choso offputting, which to be fair, he has killed people even unknowingly. On the other side though, I don鈥檛 think Yuji鈥檚 particularly upset with Choso, he鈥檚 just upset that Choso reminds him of hismelf. Choso is a cursed / human hybrid that unknowingly killed people. Yuji is a cursed / human hybrid that was manipulated by others (Sukuna) in order to kill people.聽
Tumblr media
Yuji is having trouble coping with that. The reality that he hurt people. He can鈥檛 accept either of Choso鈥檚 feelings, first his sudden loyalty towards him as a brother, or his forgiveness for having unknowingly killed two other brothers. Yuji continues to hold these things against him and push Choso and his attemps to help away because he can鈥檛 forgive himself. He also, can鈥檛 look at himself.
Yuji鈥檚 face is drawn to highlight the unscarred side of his face this chapter. The scars he has were inflcited on him by a curse. Yuji鈥檚 face is now almost drawn in half, the unscarred side, andthe scarred side. By, showing only the unscarred side the author is using visual language to tell that Yuji is ignoring his own scars, and also ignoring the parts of him that are more like a curse because he鈥檚 so desperate to be seen as human. THat鈥檚 why he tunes Choso out. Choso who is a curse. But also he tunes Choso out because Choso is concerned for him and Yuji can鈥檛 accept Choso鈥檚 positive feelings when he feels so negatively about himself.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yuji and Choso are drawn as facing away from each other the whole chapter despite being left alone to each other, and talking to one another. I think Choso is sad, because he can sense this distance between them. Not only will his brother not look at him, but Yuji isn鈥檛 really ready or in a healthy place to accept his feelings. Which means that Choso can鈥檛 help his brother or comfort him the way he wants to. Nor can he get Yuji to understand his feelings, or understand what Yuji鈥檚 going through.
I think Choso feels lonely because he expected them to get along as well as him, and Eso and Kechizu did, but Yuji鈥檚 more complicated than that and he doesn鈥檛 know what to do besides hover around him and be there for him. Choso and Yuji are also reflections in that sense, Choso cares about his brothers above everything else, and prioritizes his brothers over the world. Yuji will always prioritize the whole world over himself, he is always thinking about saving strangers instead. Hence why, they have a hard time understanding each other even if they want to work together.聽聽
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Tumblr media
TW: Shibuya arc SPOILERS *and my very mediocre writing that鈥檚 deteriorating as days pass*
鈥淵ou鈥檙e late.鈥 Chattering and giggles filled the air as hundreds of people poured in and out of the train station, all dressed in their costumes for the holiday awaiting them. Your foot tapped on the tiles as you stared at your husband who was strolling up to you with a sheepish smile on his lips and before you knew it he was dipping down for a kiss, lips softly connecting with yours in a form of an apology.聽
鈥淓ight minutes princess, it鈥檚 my charm.鈥 He smiled at you again, linking his pinky with yours as he led you deeper underground, cursed energy becoming thicker the further you descended. Intertwining your fingers you gave them a firm squeeze, grounding yourself more than anything else. Of course, he squeezed back tugging at your hand to bring you closer, keeping you glued to his side, head remaining locked on the path in front of him. You could feel his nervousness. He would never show it -and god forbid he ever admitted it- but it was there lingering in the back of his mind. Thoughts of leading you into a situation in which he couldn鈥檛 fully protect you, putting you in danger or even worse getting you injured. He couldn鈥檛 care less about himself, the only thing occupying his mind while fighting was always you. His palms were getting sweaty and he feared that you could feel it. Maybe he should let go before you make a comment about it. But try as he might, he couldn鈥檛 convince himself; he didn鈥檛 want to anyways. 鈥淚t鈥檚 gonna be fine.鈥澛
Mindlessly nodding your head, you held on even tighter, almost cutting his blood circulation. The air had become heavy, almost suffocating, as you stepped into the platform, swarms of people occupying the platform, patiently waiting for the train to arrive. Nothing seemed amiss. The huge amounts of cursed energy said otherwise. Scanning the room, your eyes bounced from head to head until they landed on a mop of sky blue hair followed by a pair of mismatched orbs. Mahito was a pain in the ass. His presence meant trouble and lots of it. When patchface smirked at you all hell broke loose.聽
Another pair of special grade curses appeared ganging up on Satoru as you were completely ignored, the volcano head that had attacked him a while back going all out on him as revenge for its decapitation. There wasn鈥檛 enough space for Satoru to move around freely, screams and yelps coming from the crowd as they watched everything unravel in utter horror, their legs rooted to the floor. Leaping into action you took it upon yourself to distract Mahito who was having a blast disfiguring poor bystanders in an attempt to get Gojo to surrender. The curse mocked you, belittled your abilities as it dodged your attacks, your anger surging with every innocent soul lost to its cursed technique. You could hear Gojo fighting behind you, the other two special grades spewing nonsense at him while blasting out enormous amounts of cursed energy. He evaded every single one, maneuvering his body this way and that making the curses completely miss their target and before you knew it, one of them was exorcised. You watched in triumph as the plant curse crumbled to the floor, eyes locking with Satoru鈥檚 in a silent 鈥榓re you okay鈥 only for a cheeky grin to be shot your way. Rolling your eyes you went back to attacking Mahito, landing a handful of blows before Gojo鈥檚 voice boomed through the station.
鈥淵/N. Behind me. Now!鈥 Asking no questions, you rushed to him, his fingers circling your wrist as he activated his domain, exorcising every minor curse in the span of a few milliseconds, his eyes frantic, an expression you had only seen once before on his face. Gojo Satoru was livid. Making your way through the frozen crowd you noticed him stopping dead in his tracks looking at something on the ground.聽
鈥淧rison Realm Open.鈥 And from the shadows emerged a face you thought you would never see in person again. His robes swished as he moved, saluting Satoru before turning towards you flashing his infamous grin. You both could only stare in awe as your dead friend from all those years ago paraded through the crowd, the words leaving his lips falling on deaf ears, your breaths coming out shallow. Dark liquid wrapped around Gojo, forcing him to stay still, his arms glued to his sides and despite his efforts, he couldn鈥檛 break free. He let Geto - or the thing that looked like him- blabber away, eyes frantic in search of yours the only thought prevalent in his mind being you and your safety.聽
Finally catching your attention, he begged you to go, leave, get somewhere safe, somewhere away from here. When you simply shook your head he mouthed the words which soon turned to whispers, 鈥榞o鈥 dripping from his lips like a mantra but you didn鈥檛 budge, slowly moving towards him in an attempt to get him free.聽
鈥淵/N-chan I wouldn鈥檛 do that if I were you.鈥 Getou turned to you then, a sick grin spreading across his face when his eyes landed on the matching rings on your fingers. He let out a chuckle before looking back at Gojo. 鈥淭ime鈥檚 up lover boy.鈥澛
Gojo鈥檚 last word was ripped from his throat. He wanted to say more. Remind you of his love but he could only scream for you to go before he was sucked into the cursed cube, the tears running down your cheeks being the last thing he saw.聽
@the-arcana-fan-fic鈥嬧 @angelwritings鈥嬧 @threeamwriting鈥嬧嬧 @dark-thoughts-and-red-roses鈥嬧 @wolfkid22鈥嬧嬧 聽@reinyrei鈥嬧嬧 @dnarez鈥嬧嬧 @axerrri鈥嬧嬧 @storage11037鈥嬧嬧 @ysatrap鈥嬧嬧 @angel6786鈥嬧嬧 聽@aliteama鈥嬧嬧 聽@yashinosakura鈥嬧嬧 @ezoyscorner @letscheereachotheron
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reehlia2 months ago
content creator: year in review
tagged by @rubydragon16 | @gojosattoru | @mazusu | @shiruba-tsuki | @nitsumii鈥 thank you all so much! 馃挄
1. First creation and most recent creation of 2020: My first creation was an edit of Eri-chan and the last edit I did during 2020 was a Mahito edit :3
2. One of your favorite creations from 2020: I really like this edit I did for kunoichiweek! It was my favorite day and theme of the event , and I always wanted to do an edit of that arc and fight!
3. A creation you鈥檙e really proud of: This Chisaki Kai edit !! It was my first time doing an edit with this type of composition, I remember working hard on this especially since it was a request from a dear friend . I ended up being super proud of the end results. I like how everything just looks so right ^^
4. New style you tried this year and a gifset that uses it: This Noel edit, I tried a new style of coloring and layout, I think it looks great! Probably one of my fav edits.
5. A creation that took you forever: This edit of the kunoichis took a lot of time with choosing the right images for the girls and 聽with cutting out the characters, there were times were I saw mistakes and I had to go back and fort many times because of that. Also my photoshop was just so slow XD
6. Your creation from 2020 that received the most notes: This Todoroki gifset :3 Didn鈥檛 think it will get so many!!
7. A creation you think deserved more notes: oh idk hmmmm maybe this Sakura edit , I think it looks cool or this SasuSaku edit since it鈥檚 a cute one 聽>///<
8. Creation with a favorite scene/quote: This scene with Midoriya and Katsuma!! I had happy tears in my eyes when I first saw this moment in the movie! The parallels just hit me right in the hearts! ;v; <3
9. A new fandom you joined and a creation you made for it: Jujustu Kaisen!! I鈥檓 in love with it <3 The first edit I did for it was a gifset of best boy Megumi X3
10. A creation you made that breaks your heart: I wanted to choose a different fandom so I went with Haikyuu!! This scene with Shoyo was really hard to watch, the entire episode was just me feeling really bad for him, my sunshine boy ;-;聽
11. A 鈥榮imple鈥 creation that you really love: This taichihaya edit!!! It鈥檚 simple XD but I just really love it <3 I love the ship and characters a lot. Also love the pastel colors in it <3
A creation that was inspired by another one (add both your creation and the one that inspired it!): I don鈥檛 think I have a work that is like that (yet) but I want to say that聽I have see many beautiful work from all of my amazing mutuals and fantastic people that I follow, each of their work inspire me in a different way. <3
13. A favorite creation created by someone else: there are so many people with beautiful work so I鈥檓 gonna choose from my mutuals that have tagged me for this :3
Kochou Siblings by @gojosattoru
Dabi鈥檚 Dance聽by @mazusu
Little Yuki Sohma by @rubydragon16
Ichihime by @nitsumii
Megumi vs Sukuna by @shiruba-tsuki
14. Some of your favorite content creators from the year: there鈥檚 so many!! okay so I did this in a very unorganized way and with a tired mind, so if I forgot to add someone (I鈥檓 sure I did) I am so sorry, please do tell! I want you all to know I love you all very much!
@gojosattoru聽 @shreedy聽聽 @rubydragon16聽 @mazusu @mafuyuh聽 @ackersoul聽 @ackernen聽 @asukachii聽 @nitsumii聽 @shizukku聽 @shiruba-tsuki聽 @elriccs聽 @elliejoys聽 @sukerokus聽 @sukunalogy聽 @beekugou聽 @hanae-ichihara聽 @weisying聽 @fugoukeijis聽 @miyazonoh聽 @katsukes聽 @misakarose聽 @blossomchi聽 @romeo-v-sama聽 @kilruas聽 @manganimae聽 @tanchirou聽 @ayumiko聽 @vyctornikiforov聽 @tobiohchan聽 @haru-kaas聽 @pbvbbles聽 @ocarinnas聽 @krshima聽 @uzumaki2810 ,聽 @frailuta聽 聽@haivkyuu聽 @inarazki聽 @kikuism聽 @s0ushimiketsu聽 @inahochi聽 @ayarins聽 @jenitsu聽 @zuura聽 @naruzumake聽 @koutawoo聽 @gojjo聽 @emperanas聽 @okkotsou聽 @kiroz聽 @faeriiess聽 聽@gojous聽 @gojosexual聽 @senjutobiirama聽 @dicennio聽 @tohaki聽 @prince-rivailles聽 @runwiththewind聽 @ierishouko聽 @hakyunie聽 @tooruyama聽 @suzouyas聽 @akaashikeji聽 @yyh聽 @saeitoshi聽 @dazaiosamu-s聽 @kourai聽 @hinata-boobs聽聽@naoamaya聽 @kor-ra聽 @flamefly聽 @sasukechiha聽 @kotsume聽 @sakurauchis聽 @aanyaforger聽 @khirishima聽 @ridleey聽 @azamin聽 @sougu聽 @miidoriyas聽 @kuzuyami聽 @dezuya聽 @kmuiyato聽 @1tobio聽 @todorokih聽 @xoxomyseriesxoxo @uzukarin聽 @lady-nounoum聽聽
15. And for good measure, another a couple more creations of yours that you love: Kageyama Tobio聽,聽 Zenitsu聽 ,聽 Nase Mitsuki聽 ,聽 Akashi Seijuro聽, Kunoichis聽聽:3
Tagging : Anyone who wants to do it <3
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recentanimenews2 months ago
Jujutsu Kaisen 鈥 15 鈥 My Best Friend
Tumblr media
The first group battle of the Exchange Event begins, and is ultimately notable not just for its various character pairings, but for what it lacks: Sukuna, the ultimate target of the Kyoto sorcers, barely makes a peep, and the only demon that鈥檚 slain is a small frey that got in the way of Toudou鈥檚 fist, and incidentally, saved Yuuji鈥檚 life. Even Gojou is only appears at the beginning to start the battle and at the end of the聽omake.
That means the episode belongs to the Tokyo and Kyoto students, and both as complete groups and once split up, they very ably and entertainingly carry the day with scene after scene of badass and/or hilarious interactions, starting with Toudou Aoi and Yuuji. Yuuji lucks out by having the same type (tall, large posterior), which temporarily sents Aoi into a kind of idyllic school drama daydream in which he gets shot down by Takada-chan but comforted by Yuuji.
Tumblr media
They are now best friends, so when Aoi鈥檚 Kyoto classmates, led by Kamo Noritoshi, converge on Yuuji with the goal of assassinating him, Aoi uses a cursed technique to make Yuuji and Noritoshi switch places, then tells Nori and the others to buzz off. This is his fight, he鈥檒l say when he鈥檚 done, and he鈥檒l decide鈥攏ot Nori, not the principal鈥攚hether Yuuji dies.
It鈥檚 clear the Principal has more to contend with than the threat of Sukuna if his own elite students are in such disarray. Much to Yuuji鈥檚 confusion, they scatter as Aoi commands, while their witchy comrade Momo鈥檚 air superiority is suddenly nullified by Megumi鈥檚 Nue. They were counting on her for the actual group battle part, involving locating and defeating demons.
Tumblr media
Once the Tokyo kids realize the Kyoto kids are trying to kill Yuuji, they rethink his use as a decoy. Inumaki is sent to start exorcising, Panda and Nobara keep Momo busy, and Maki ends up with Miwa Kasumi, by far my favorite and the most 鈥渘ormal鈥 person in perhaps either school.
Yuuji takes off the kid gloves and demonstrates to Aoi鈥檚 boundless joy that despite being way skinnier he packs a lot more raw power. Of course, Aoi鈥檚 gotten to the point where he can focus that power a lot better than Yuuji, and in any case has a whole bag of cursed tricks at his disposal. Aoi is having fun聽until his thoughts linger on how Yuuji鈥檚 Divergent Fist feels, and decides, quite loudly and emphatically, that it is WRONG.
Tumblr media
Kasumi would really rather not kill Yuuji or anyone else, and makes it known to Maki that she鈥檚 not an asshole like the others; she just wants to do well in this event so she can get good recommendations, ascend the ladder to a well-paying position, and move out of the poorhouse with her two brothers. Maki is both admiring of Kasumi鈥檚 wholesomeness and聽mortified by the fact Kasumi must spend considerable time with Mai.
As for Aoi鈥檚 problem with Yuuji, he flat-out tells him it won鈥檛 be enough to defeat him, cool name, signature move or no. As soon as it starts, their BFFship is threatened. Yuuji doesn鈥檛 really care about that, but he聽does care about winning. He was never going to be satisfied simply buying time for his comrades. If he could hold out against a monster like Mahito, than he should be able to beat a fellow human.
I鈥檓 looking forward to more of their forest sparring, which was superbly directed and animated, as one expects of Jujutsu Kaisen by now. But the mood-lightening omake聽ends this week鈥檚 episode on a funny note, going through everyone鈥檚 different romantic types. Kasumi seems to put the most thought into it, and she鈥檇 be absolutely over the聽moon to learn that she鈥檚 exactly Gojou鈥檚 type! Great stuff.
Tumblr media
By: braverade
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recentanimenews2 months ago
Jujutsu Kaisen 鈥 08 鈥 Twisted Sister School
Tumblr media
After being entirely absent from the previous episode, Megumi and Nobara stick around for the lion鈥檚 share of the eighth. While I understand that plot-wise it makes more sense to unveil Yuuji at the Exchange Event, there鈥檚 still a sense of dissatisfaction from the fact the central trio has been apart far longer than they鈥檝e been together, and Megumi and Nobara of them are still in the dark.
The delegation from Kyoto arrives at Tokyo Jujutsu Tech, and their third-year ace Toudou Aoi decides to pick a fight with Megumi, while Zenin Maki鈥檚 twin sister Mai restrains Nobara. Toudou decides to beat up Megumi for no reason other than he finds him boring, especially when it comes to his non-specific taste in women. Mai鈥ust wants to shoot a bitch?
Tumblr media
Megumi tries his best against Toudou, hoping his ranged cursed techniques will let him keep his distance. But it doesn鈥檛 go well, and the outmatched Megumi ends up beaten bloody before Inumaki and Panda come to the rescue. Toudou is content to end the fight there, but it鈥檚 clear that Kyoto鈥檚 sorcerers-in-training are far crazier and more violent than Tokyo鈥檚 (Granted, we haven鈥檛 met any of the third-years).
Tumblr media
Mai proceeds to shoot holes in Nobara鈥檚聽brand-new tracksuit, to teach her a lesson in 鈥渕anners鈥, but Maki arrives to stop her twin sister from putting any bullet holes in Nobara鈥檚 body.聽Nobara demands Mai leave her uniform behind as payment for ruining her tracksuit, but Toudou whisks her off, as he doesn鈥檛 want to be late for the super-tall idol Takada-chan鈥檚 handshake event.
Maki confirms to Nobara that she doesn鈥檛 have any cursed energy, while Mai doesn鈥檛 know any cursed techniques. You鈥檇 think that considering together they possess the two qualities that are typically crucial to being an effective sorcerer they鈥檇聽work together鈥ut you鈥檇 be wrong. As for Nobara, she gains a heightened respect for her senpai, affectionately leaning onto her as they walk.
Tumblr media
Kyoto鈥檚 principal Gakuganji is waiting with his attendant Miwa when instead of Principal Yaga, Gojou enters the room, having intentionally changed Yaga鈥檚 schedule so he could have some time along with the Kyoto bigwig. Gojou simply wants to impart his dissatisfaction with the stuffy, tradition-obsessed higher-ups.
Between stronger cursed spirits and stronger students, terms like 鈥渟pecial-grade鈥 will lose all meaning, and the fogies aren鈥檛 prepared for what happens then. Gojou, on the other hand, intends to be. Miwa comports herself well, but 鈥淚nner Miwa鈥 is going completely gaga over Gojou. Akasaki Chinatsu and some excellent character animation really bring a seemingly bit player in Miwa to life. Finally, Toudou gets to meet Takada-chan.
Tumblr media
A month passes, and we transition to a movie theater where three high school students ended up killed and their heads severely deformed. One witness spots the apparent culprit Mahito, whom we met on the beach last week. Then Yuuji appears for the first time this episode, along with an older guy wearing Batou-like glasses. Looks like Yuuji is being given one more mission to break him in before heading to the Exchange Event.
Tumblr media
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inaflashimagine3 months ago
JJK Characters Using Zoom
A/N: About to start online classes aka hell so I wondered how jjk characters (from Tokyo+Kyoto schools to cursed spirits) would fare at Zoom College
Tumblr media
Gojo Satoru pins his video to admire himself. His background is a picture of space so he can say, 鈥淲elcome to my domain!鈥 while chuckling as if it鈥檚 the first time telling that joke. Mutes his students to remind them who鈥檚 in charge (which means muting Megumi whenever he speaks to witness his frustration). Always 7-8 minutes late, even to his own meeting. Constantly munching on sweets despite telling his students they can鈥檛 eat during class (aka their own rooms). Oh, and he never wears pants, an unfortunate discovery the Kyoto + Tokyo faculty made during a staff meeting.
Nanami Kento is still in his suit and tie, and yes, he鈥檚 wearing pants. Arrives 5 min early to the call and leaves as soon as it鈥檚 scheduled to be over (no overtime). Everyone appreciates how straightforward he is鈥揾e unmutes, explains his point concisely, and promptly mutes again. You may think he鈥檚 drinking coffee out of his mug but nope, that鈥檚 whiskey鈥e has to endure Gojo鈥檚 horrible attempts at virtual pranks, after all鈥lthough if Nanami is the host of the meeting he is not afraid of muting others or even kicking them out (do I even need to say who?).
Fushiguro Megumi tried, he really did. He鈥檇 sit in his desk, turn his camera on, and actively participate in class. He鈥檇 somehow tolerate Yuji and Nobara, even after they made fun of the way his large, red headphones squish his hair. But when he realizes that he can mute his computer sound and not hear Gojo, he just鈥licked and never went back. Now, his mic and camera is off because he doesn鈥檛 want anyone to see him in bed with a blanket wrapped around him like a burrito while he listens to music and reads on his tablet. Cut Megumi some slack.
Itadori Yuji, bless him, is lost. When do classes start? Why are there so many different zoom links? Doesn鈥檛 know there鈥檚 a mute button so his classmates hear him softly saying, 鈥淗uhhh, I鈥檓 confused,鈥 when Gojo glosses over an important topic, his sensei proceeding to ignore him. But he likes using reaction emojis, his top three being 馃憦, 馃槷, and 馃帀. Brings his laptop everywhere, as if listening to a podcast instead of, you know, being in class. Always seems to be cooking (鈥淎re those meatballs?鈥 Megumi asks quietly) but nothing compares to the embarrassing time when Yuji went to the bathroom, with both the camera and mic on鈥
Kugisaki Nobara looks flawless every. Single. Class. (Which start at 8am!!) She鈥檚 putting everyone to shame, especially since she鈥檚 the only one who actually wears outdoor clothing instead of pajamas or sweats. Has mastered the art of scrolling through social media on her phone while looking like she鈥檚 paying attention in class. And even if a teacher asks her a question she immediately responds with the correct answer. A zoom queen.
Zen鈥檌n Maki often cleans her weapons when on video. She鈥檚 the first to leave the meeting when she hears her teacher say, 鈥淟et鈥檚 go into breakout rooms!鈥 Eats her fries and chicken nuggets shamelessly. (鈥淪top looking at me like that, hypocrite, I鈥檓 at home,鈥 she says to Gojo, who is enjoying mochi.) The reflection on her glasses shows Maki watching a show or playing online games but people are afraid to call her out on it since her blunt retorts are still sharp through a computer screen.
Okkotsu Yuta looks so scared and it seems that he鈥檚 the least prepared for the class, despite doing all the readings. Checks that mute button every five seconds just in case. But lately his camera has been off and people are always asking, 鈥淲here the hell is Yuta?鈥 Gege, let me know where my timid boy is.
Inumaki Toge is always on mute, but you can expect to see him nodding enthusiastically or giving a thumbs up. Instead of speaking he uses the chat, but for some reason, he still types out onigiri ingredients. His classmates have told him countless times that he should just write what he actually means but his only response to that is, 鈥淪almon!鈥
Panda broke the laptop and is on a gap year.
Ieiri Shoko is the exam proctor because Yaga trusts her sharp eyes and intuition (and knows that she cheated through med school). Frankly, she doesn鈥檛 care if people cheat so if they do, she didn鈥檛 see anything. Unabashedly drinks wine and other liquor in the morning. Her background is a picture of a scalpel, no one dares to question it. Often tells Gojo to stop picking on others (Ijichi). Also not afraid of muting Satoru. Another zoom queen.
Yaga Masamichi has a ton of his cursed dolls in the background. People are too distracted by them to pay attention to what he鈥檚 saying.
Ijichi聽Kiyotaka is a nervous wreck. Always forgets to unmute when he needs to talk, but when he doesn鈥檛 need to talk he鈥檚 not on mute, his strange mumblings public. His glasses fog up, he can鈥檛 stop sweating, and Shoko is concerned that zoom will have a recorded video of him having a heart attack. He once presented on a case on the verge of tears because someone began annotating penises on his slides.
Kusakabe Atsuya lets everyone leave class early or cancels it altogether. Ignores students using the raise hands function because why should he help those in need?
(Honorable mention) Yoshino Junpei is trying his best, poor boy. Too quiet to talk but his backgrounds are always a film scene or an obscure but cool movie reference. He鈥檚 definitely watching films with Yuji instead of paying attention. But just let him, he deserves a little happiness :)
Tumblr media
Todo Aoi changes his background every day to a new picture of Takada-chan and changes his displayed name to 鈥淭akada鈥檚 Husband鈥. He yells into his laptop鈥檚 mic and it鈥檚 worse when he鈥檚 wearing earbuds and is shouting and breathing into its little microphone. But as soon as everyone is in breakout rooms he鈥檚 quiet. Loves to private chat Yuji about girls but doesn鈥檛 realize he鈥檚 sending messages to everyone. 聽
Zen鈥檌n Mai polishes her pistol on video and, with that wide smirk of hers, she looks super intimidating. But then the next minute she鈥檚 using her camera to brush her hair and do her makeup. Once tried convincing Maki to switch cameras to see if anyone would notice and Maki just whacked her in the head. Sometimes Maki is in the background and you can see (and hear) them fighting. Absolutely loves to play devil鈥檚 advocate during discussions.
Muta Kokichi (鈥淢echamaru鈥) rarely attends classes, although he occasionally likes to crash other zoom rooms and spy on what they鈥檙e doing. Has perfected the ability to look completely frozen/act as if his connection is poor when a teacher calls on him. Eventually makes a robot that automates responses whenever he receives a question.
Miwa Kasumi changes her display name to 鈥淢iwa the useless.鈥 Does the readings, but is nervous to speak. The person you rely on to know what the homework was. Sometimes she catches herself zoning out but she prefers to continue thinking about how cool Gojo is and how much money she can make after graduation. Her private chat buddy is Muta. If she gets called on she鈥檚 a blushing mess while rambling, poor baby :(
Kamo Noritoshi is in a fancy bedroom with a bookshelf wall to remind you he鈥檚 from a rich family. The goody-two-shoes, always volunteering to speak up. Somehow successfully leads breakout rooms, even when he鈥檚 the only one with his camera on. He answers so many questions that the teacher begs others to participate, despite Kamo using the raise hands function, ready to answer.
Nishimiya Momo contributes once in a blue moon but texts nonstop in a group chat with Kasumi and Mai complaining about online classes. Her profile picture is a photo of her with a speech bubble that says, 鈥淢y camera is off, but I鈥檓 still listening!鈥 No, she is not.
Iori Utahime is tired of Gojo crashing her zoom room while she鈥檚 trying to teach. Sometimes he convinces her students to prank her mid-lecture (she was wondering why everyone suddenly turned their cameras and mics off, only for them to turn back on and it鈥檚 just Gojo smiling back at her in each screen). Utahime is so close to quitting please pray for her.
Gakuganji Yoshinobu tried looking at the tutorial Miwa sent him on how to use zoom but that would require knowing how to use YouTube. Ends up using a phone to call-in during meetings and it creates the worst echo. Gojo wants to make an old man joke but he doubts the gramps would be able to hear it.
Tumblr media
Mei Mei doesn鈥檛 go to zoom meetings unless it鈥檚 about her getting paid for completing a task. You want her to attend a video call, for free, in this economy??
Ino Takuma experiences so much lagging. Whenever he鈥檚 notified his 鈥渋nternet connection is unstable鈥 he must inform the class, almost as if he鈥檚 blaming them for poor wifi. Wrote 鈥淲hat would Nanami do?鈥 on a post-it note and stuck it to his screen for motivation. Confidently speaks up though most of the time the answer is wrong or it鈥檚 a fact everyone already knows. The last person who should volunteer to read a passage aloud but he does it anyway.
Fushiguro Toji has his mic off, camera off. His display name is just a period/dot. If no one recognizes him because he has no cursed energy he might as well be unknown on the Internet, too.
Tumblr media
Geto Suguru鈥檚 background changes between the forest, ocean, and beach, but the beach is his favorite. Sometimes he might change it to a meme if he鈥檚 feeling funny. He鈥檚 so chill and people actually listen to him whenever he speaks. The jokes he says in the chat are hilarious, too. +10 points to House Geto for being good at zoom/the online world, -10000 for being mass-murderers in the real world.
Mahito is so freaking annoying during calls. He鈥檚 incessantly interrupting others to spout nonsense about the body or soul. Has that smug smile when he鈥檚 about to correct someone, coupled with a high-pitched, 鈥淲ell, actually...鈥 No one wants to hear your philosophical BS at 8am, please stop.
Jogo gets heated if Mahito tells him his opinion or answer is wrong so he ends up melting his computer.
Choso has a cat on his lap he calls his brother but people don鈥檛 mind because the cat is cute. He rarely talks but people like to pin his video of him holding and petting the cat because they鈥檙e adorable.
Tumblr media
Ryomen Sukuna doesn鈥檛 know what the fuck zoom is and he doesn鈥檛 care. But he鈥檚 tired of hearing Yuji complain about it-those thoughts are literally invading his space-so, being the problem-solver that he is, Sukuna simply takes over and breaks Yuji鈥檚 laptop. Modern problems require modern solutions.
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piinkblood4 months ago
Kai (can I call you Kai?), Would you like to accompany me in breaking through the fourth wall, slamming Mahito's face into the concrete, reviving Kugisaki and Nanamin and getting Yuji to therapy?
I- *sniffles* re- oh god *ugly sobbing* revive Kugisaki I-
Why would you word it that way 馃槱馃槱 bitch ain't dead until I see her flatline 馃槱馃槱
But yeah for starters everyone calls me Kai :D I also go by Kai-chan/Kacchan, Mu, Mumu or simply anything else that comes off the tongue
Anyway I would like to grab a massive chunk of his hair (I like to think we did this way before now) and just fucking bash his face in the cement bc bro I'm done with him if you stan Mahito for any reason other than him being a well written villain, why
So ignoring you said revive Boba bc I know she ain't dead I feel it in my heart I would wholeheartedly help you revive Nanamin, even if it cost an arm and a leg and my brother I stg I don't just need him Yuji needs him more than I do
AND MECHAMARU LIKE I'm sorry I know he low key caused this but he tried okay he tried to make this better
And Yuji I stg I would help find him the best therapist in all of Tokyo and singlehandedly pay for the expenses myself if I had to I would hold his hand and pet his hair and tell him not to be afraid and if counseling was too rough one day I'd let him cry and give him chocolate just pls leave my son alone
They all need therapy after tonight but I'm willing to help pay for Megumi too I know he don't know that's his dad yet but-
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jujutsu-headcanons5 months ago
Yes to Yuji wrecking Mahito! Just so much yes my boy needs to avenge those wrongfully killed!
See I wanted Geto to be on my shit list (as I'm not normally a bad guy lover) but I swear he wore me down reading the manga. Plus he's just so pretty he makes my brain all static noises 馃槼 Not to mention that backstory between him and Gojo like YES give me all the drama I need buried drama 馃ぉ
Totally agree on the Mai thing. See I wanted to hate Todo too bc of well him beating on Megumi but the moment him and Yuji were just like "Big Dumb Meat Heads" together I threw that out the window! Those two together are *chefs kiss* Absolutely stupendous I never get tired of them 馃憣馃憣馃憣
Mai on the other hand is just crawling more and more under my skin. Like why you gotta be like that gurl? You wanna go in the crusty corner with Mahito? Cuz you gotta crusty attitude that needs fixing like yesterday 馃槓
Literary brain tells me it wants more drama/character growth between Megumi and Toji. But my useless overly big heart wants to punch Toji and protect Megumi at all costs bc he just showed up on the screen like the kool aid man and burst right into my heart and I shan't forgive Megumi for that but now I will die for him so 炉\_( 銉)_/炉
But I'm not the only one who lowkey fantasizes about self inserty type day dreams??? Like every day all day I got my thoughts flowing into 500 different lil oneshots I'm too chicken to post anywhere bc I havent written anything in a while and I feel I'm rusty. But your idea! YOUR IDEA WOO BOI- I'm not even a Gojo fanatic (like I adore him but my heart dick thudded elsewhere RIP) but that scene you described of straddling him just to rip his blindfold off in the heat of an arguement that's clearly deadly to either party- Just to see him on the brink of tears fighting back every emotion to slate his composure to cocky/uncaring. Only to have it obviously failing, and the metaphorical reality around you both crumbling along with Gojo's emotional state- Oh God I would read that crap outta something like that. It fills me with the angst and I thrive on it daily *heavy breathing* You should think about posting more of your original content too! Self inserty or not bc that sounds down right brilliant on so many levels
Bro I can't help but feel had for Gojo. That shit must have hurted. Like he looked so calm and collected when it all happened but was he really? His best friend potential lover went feral and murdered an entire village AND his family then he tried to kill his first years once and now AGAIN what is happening. Did you see the look on Gojo's face when Yaga told him he went rogue? That was a face of hurt and betrayal he couldn't even begin to understand at the young age of... What was it, 17? 18? He was practically a little itty bitty baby compared to now. I haven't read the prequel yet don't laugh at me but I've heard it hurts so much worse having to face Getou back then AND now. Stupid brain worms, stop fucking around.
I wanted to hate Todo too hut before he even turned good I couldn't. I have a thing for big buff boys who have zero brains and too much brawns I'm looking at you Metal Bat, Captain 艑bi I just wanna adopt/marry them because in all reality they're trying their best. I'm really glad Todo exists and has his big brother delusion because honestly I think that's something Yuji needs, especially in the current arc. Yuji needs as much support as he can get.
PFFFT CRUST CORNER I cannot with you omg they do need to sit on the time out chair for s bit and think about what they've done lmaooo
DID YOU CALL TOJI ZENIN- FUSHIGURO THE FUCKING KOOL AID MAN AHAHAHHHSH oh my god i hate this so fucking much or were you calling Megumi the koolaid man bc really each one is absurd n e wayz I dunno bro I rlly can't wait until Megs wakes up post Shibuya arc and actually has time to process what the fuck happened to him back then. I really want to know if he can connect the dots by himself and realize holy shit that was the source of my daddy issues right there in the flesh and how he reacts to him being a curse and all that. There's so many ways that can go too it's scary to think about.
Low key unrelated but I have a theory that Gojo can see everything from his little cube prison and knows what's going on. Its probably because of the six eyes, or because he's just fucking Gojo, or even because Geto seems kinda sadistic and would do something like that. But I can imagine him watching Megs and Toji fight and it absolutely destroying him. For starters, Gojo killed him .... Right? Wtf is he doing back? What? Second don't commit suicide in front of your kid oh my god Toji what (I'm probably just salty because of a past experience, but also, calm down Toji oh my god) and third I can see it hurting Gojo because in a way it feels like he's been trying to protect Megumi. Its obvious Gojo has this attachment to Megumi, and maybe it's because they've known each other so long, but I don't think Gojo is prepared to deal with the aftermath. Does he have to tell him, if Megs doesn't put the pieces together? Will he have to knock some sense into him to actually tell him? Because he DID try to tell Megs once before and he avoided it like the plague. Its also gotta hurt when you feel like someone's dad and you witness them have a bad interaction with their other dad.
Throw in his daughter being on the brink of death, his other son being emotionally demolished, his second year kids lost in the void and not even his void, his best friend locked him in a box, his other best friend exploded, etc. I think Gojo I pretty distraught even if he doesn't show it
Bro okay my brain is riddled with ideas like this and 90% of them are always angst. Idk where tf they come from half the time but they exist and I hate it. They're always self inserts too.
So I actually read this ask last night, but due to personal reasons I didn't reply to it now, and I actually started experimenting writing out this scenario. I had to stop when I wrote the line "Approximately one year after the first finger was consumed, Itadori Y奴ji was formally executed. At three minutes to midnight, Sukuna Ryomen was expelled from his body, destroying the vessel along with it. The executioner was none other than the teenager's teacher and mentor Gojo Satoru. When Y/N awoke to this news, they attacked on sight."
Oh god I made myself so sad with that line
And i do really want to post some of my fics, like I did with Nobara Meeting Sukuna For The First Time. However, I only posted that because it was short and simple lmao it was basically just a meme I didn't even run it though grammarly like I do with the headcanons.
I like sticking to the headcanons as of right now because I feel like grammar didn't exist when I make those. I can spell things wrong and leave off punctuation and word then like I'm a third grader just learning English and no one will laugh lmao. Fanfics kinda stress me out because i want them to be perfect. I also have a hard time with fight scenes and transitioning and it's s mess.
I REALLY want to write out my Guardian Angel! Junpei AU because I think it's so cute. Just the idea that this boy is assigned to fight against fate and the higher ups and keep Yuji alive despite him being an idiot and a target is cute to me. Like I just canon him being the plantonic equivalent of in love with this boy and he feels like he rlly owes it to Yuji for trying to save him it's the LEAST he can do. Plus I need the mental imagine if Junpei annoying reader-chan into finding Yuji because "they play a pivotal role in Yuji's future" just for the "pivotal role" to literally be playing therapist and just being there for him and being a medium between Junpei and Yuji because guardian angels aren't allowed to reveal themselves to the person they're guarding but also/// he might risk his wings being stripped just to talk to Yuji one more time////
Okay I'm going to stop now
But yea, maybe if I have time and create little mini works like Nobara Meeting Sukuna For the First Time I'll def post them! I'll work on casually making them longer and soon I'll be confident to posts longer ones. But until then I hope just the headcanons at alright ;-;
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itsmikatheghost5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Made some bnha babes in some outfits I thought would have been cute for them. I wanted to do some more but.... I started to lose motivation.
oc鈥檚 used -
Takahashi Hoshihiko ( @fifteenskies15鈥 )
Haruna Okidaira ( @kaptainkoalaoshiz鈥 )
Sakura Hanamura ( me and km鈥檚 )
Kubo Mahito ( @bingsu-chan )
Mizuki Akatsuki ( @kmcreations01 )
Erin Minamoto ( @kuratsukiun )
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