hoofpeet · 2 days ago
love how ur sneaslet drawings have just gotten progressively rounder as time goes on. just like a real kitty
Tumblr media
They're kibby !!
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newyorkthegoldenage · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Blackie's Government Housing Project, 1941.
Photo: Weegee via the Jewish Museum
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lvlpin · a day ago
Its sunglasses back with a new short fic! i cant put my tag on the bottom die to the fact im using tumblr mobile on my phone.
brain liked kindergarten au and there proceed to dump a short story
dunno when are you getting this since timezones are fun!/j its nearly 2 as im writing this and ill go to sleep soon after ———————
Gabriel wishes he could pinch himself just to check if this is just another dream his mind came up with but couldn't since he had to rock the newest child that Six had stole mere days ago. A newborn just weeks old.
His four children had gone out to harass humans last night and only 3 came back, when he specifically told them all to come back tomorrow.
Cesar, his current youngest kid and the one who spends the most time outside is curiously absent. 
"Six, what did you do this time?" He asked his oldest with a tired glare. Being mindful of the small child sleeping in his arms. When Six didn't answer and just looked at him nervously, Gabriel intensify his glare. "Six, what happened to Cesar?"
"Okay! I was just trying to intimiate the police when they went to check on the last guy's place and then Stanley needed me to do a demonstration so i had to leave Cesar alone." Six quickly explained, pulling Stanley by the wires of his TV head, "Tell dad Stanley, tell him."
If Six's nervousness was visible, then Stanley's was clearly obvious. The TV cracked with static before Stanley's face appeared on the screen.
"Yeah, i had Six come show the kids how to make more friends." He told Gabriel before wriggle his way out of his brother's grip. Which didn't work at all. 
"And you couldn't ask for N?" Gabriel asks with an eyebrow quirked up. 
"N was busy!" Stanley defended himself. Gabriel nodded his head slowly and focus his attention on Six again.
"Did you at least check on Cesar?" 
"Yeah, I went back to help him but then there wasn't anyone in the house anymore." Six answers.
“I see.” Gabriel mutters as a tulpa waddles from out of nowhere towards his legs, reaching its arms up, asking to be picked up. 
It looked like a normal regular boy except it’s face was covered in a void and one of its hands was a claw.
“Well, go find Cesar now Six and Stanley. N, you stay with me to help the tuplas with their powers.” Gabriel tells his three kids as he bends down to pick up the little tulpa.
Six and Stanley nodded and Stanley’s humanoid form drops, leaving only his tv head. He leaves with only a black screen left and Six squats down and crawls through the empty tv. Leaving N, Gabriel, and the two kids left.
N doesn’t speak too often but has done this routine enough times to know what to do. It picks up the tv left behind by his second oldest brother and follows Gabriel out of the room.
It might be surprising but Six and Stanley have no fucking clue where their youngest brother could be. As each alternate falls under a different spectrum depending on what they can do, only alternates from the same or similar line can easily find each other.
Since Six and Stanley both work with electrical devices and spread information, they can easily tell what the other is up to, compare that to N whose main ability is body distortion, technically shapeshifting but it’s really bad at it, and speaking undesired truths, it makes it more difficult to contact it.
Cesar’s main trait is shapeshifting, though he sometimes has a problem with perfecting the image unlike Sasha who can perfectly mimic a person. He does dabble into some electrical stuff but not enough that Six or Stanley could call out for him.
Now, they could contact N to ask if it could check on where is Cesar but N also tends to ignore their calls when it helps their dad take care of the many kids they stole.
Karma was really biting their asses on that one.
So the only choice they had was to check the police station that came to investigate the crime scene from last night.
Which meant that Six is going to have to go camouflage and alone since he was the one with a human looking body. 
Which is bad since the police could recognize him as the tv intruder.
Brilliant, just amazing. But that’s all they can do.
Six searches through the closet tv to the police and pulls himself out. He crawls out of the screen and lands ungracefully onto the pavement.
His surroundings consisted of a dark alleyway with garbage bags and a tv sitting off the the side behind some dumps. Lovely.
He pats himself down and makes his way to the station.
“I’ll like to report uh,” Six had to think real quick for his cover story. “I’ll like to report a strange shadow in my home.”
The officer seemed sceptiable but nods at his story. “Can you describe the shadow?” He asks, pulling out a file and pen.
“Well, I only started noticing it like, a week ago? At first I thought it was the way my hanger casted the shadow when I got home but then I keep on seeing it everywhere.” Six made up.
The officer writes his story down, “Can you describe the shadow sir?”
“It’s tall, lanky, appears around the doors and lamp.” Six was just basically describing N at this point, “I think I saw eyes and teeth at one point but I don’t really, know. Could you have someone go check on it?”
The policeman scratches the last part down. “I’ll be sure to send someone down there. By the what’s you name sir?”
“It’s Dav-“
Six was interrupted by different officer walking out from the door off to the side of the reception desk.
“What’s going here?” The officer asks, he was somewhere the same height as Six.
“Greetings Lieutenant Thatcher. Apparently this guy is here to report an alternate.” The officer pointed a thumb straight at Six.
“I could go investigate that actually.” Thatcher said.
“But you've been attacked by an alternate yesterday sir. I think you shouldn’t go on this case.” 
“No, no. It’s fine, it’s my duty to help the people after all.” Thatcher waved his hand dismissively. He flashes an eye to Six, his eye briefly appearing to be a black sclera and white pupil.
That’s when Six realizes that Cesar had transformed into the police officer that was investigating the crime scene when he wasn’t looking.
The officer didn’t seem to notice the brief eye change at all as he said, “Well, it’s not in my rank to tell you what to do.”
“I’ll be going out to help this gentleman now.” Cesar said, tipping his hat and grabbing Six’s arm to drag the both of them out.
They made a mad dash to the abandoned tv, well more like Six was dragging Cesar to the alley by the fake fabric of his suit.
Once they reach the TV, Six lets go of Cesar and demands an explanation.
“What were you doing Cesar?!” He asks angrily. “ Did you forget that dad told us to get home today or what?”
"It's Thatcher now," Cesar, now Thatcher piped up. “I was planting seeds in the force.” He explains dully. “And I couldn’t just leave since I don’t exactly work as fast as you.”
“But still! Dad was after my skin when you didn’t show up.” Six was going to say more but Stanley suddenly appear on screen.
“Hey guys, we should be getting home now.” Stanley tells them, “Dad’s getting impatient.” 
Six sighs but lends a hand to Thatcher, Stanley disappears off the screen and he brings Thatcher to the digital screen to get home.
sunglasses anon i am SO going to (preferable method of affection) you RN /pos /lh
i love this. oh my god I Really Do. six and stanley has Oldest Twins Energy, N is just the calm middle child who doesn't speak often, and not-cesar is Youngest Little ShitTM and alt gabriel just needs mercy because if he has strength he'd start punching shit
anyways not sure if this is 100% kindergarten au but it kinda is because this fic gave me brainworms and i had to pause on my wip to doodle for a bit HAHA
Tumblr media
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cremanata · a day ago
Hey just wondering, are you okay with people using your art as profile pics? I saw someone use your catboy Link as pfp
yeah, don't worry, i don't mind! i actually like seeing people use my art as their pfp ♥
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cyani07 · 2 days ago
i really like your art style :D and i was wondering if you've got any tips for doing anatomy or rendering. if not then that's fine :]
thanku!!!! i honestly. end up winging a lot of things.... but i absolutely recommend u look up basic anatomy just a bit if ur struggling with a pose, and while studying is helpful, if ur someone like me who has trouble doing studying and focusing, looking at the way other artists handle form, movement, and gesture helps a ton! even looking up poses on google helps, u dont have to do everything by memory, reference images is not cheating (and trust me, i do this a lot)
same goes for rendering too, its a bit trickier as colors are into play, but i like to study the way others use colors in their work, and sometimes try to execute the method myself, as well as mixing other methods! i shade a very lazy way sometimes tho, i like using a default airbrush and putting color on, then refine with a textured/scratchy brush, or just a brush of ur preference. dont be afraid to use layer modes, gradient maps, and all! theyre there for u to use and make things easier!
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tinytinybumblebee · a day ago
Hc with nothing to back me up with, but I think regressed Izzy, regardless of age, loves being rocked to sleep. Being on the ship itself with it swaying is already nice, but the first time Stede or Ed lift him up or have him on their lap and rock him a bit he just conks out immediatly
;o; !!!!! yes !!!!!!
The movement of a swaying ship out to sea has always been a constant in Izzy’s life and when he’s tiny, he finds comfort in feeling the rock of the ship, helping him sleep even if he’s having a bad night, the gentle rock of the boat and sound of the waves hitting the wood soothes him a great amount!
So, the first time he’s with Stede/Ed, scooped up in their lap after they saw his sublet cues that he’s teetering on sleepiness- when they start to sway every so slightly, simulating the rock of the boat, Izzy is out like a light within minuets ;w; (It lowkey surprises Stede and Ed when they see just how quick Izzy fell asleep but they smile and continue to rock him even after he’s asleep) aaaaaa
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tmmyrp · 2 days ago
we can hang out fi you'd like i'm currently hashtag wallowing becau se my hashtag shit body hurts today but we can chill yours truly @tubbolul
okaye lets go fuckin wallow im in a wallowing mood omw i wanna wallow
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mymarifae · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
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1coweveryday · 10 days ago
do you have any personal cow drawings to share? i miss ur cow art sm :(
I surprisingly haven’t really drawn any cows since last year.. I do have sheep drawings tho if that would suffice V
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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willowwhispersspeakeasy · 6 months ago
I had the best thought. You ever watched Hotel Transylvania? What if the obey me brothers did the zing thing??? Can I convince you for headcanons for them?
this is a cute idea! so here's my lore for this lil AU:
Zing: the "zing" is a slang term, it refers to a phenomenon some demons experience, in which they will discover a human who's soul perfectly fits their "lack".
Soul: each human soul is completely unique. while some souls can reincarnate that soul retains its unique fingerprint regardless of how many times it returns to life.
Lack: referring to the hole within a demon, where their "lack" of a soul would be.
Obey Me! demon brothers "zing" Soulmate AU
warnings: gender neutral reader, spoilers for before lesson 16, angst
Tumblr media
Lucifer was an intimidating demon, as such while you did look at him, the first time the pair of you actually held eye contact was back at the house of Lamentation.
he was explaining that Mammon would be your guide and body guard, when your eyes met the dark red of his. you heard a strange "thrum" sound echo in your head, nearly causing you to jump out of your skin.
Lucifer took a step back in shock, hand placed over his chest. he blinked down at the startled human before him.
no, there is no way. his father surly wouldn't curse him like this, hadn't he been punished enough?
if you didn't realize what happened, he wouldn't tell you. he would shake his head, cheeks lightly pink and simply continue speaking. he had always pushed the "zing" idea away as a stupid superstition. however, he would begin spending every spare moment he had digging into the old story.
you had assumed that the strange "thrum" was just in your head, or perhaps some frightening ability Lucifer had. it wasn't until much much later, you heard the story of a "zing" from Asmo.
its up to you if you want to confront Lucifer about it. if you don't however, his pride will hold him back from confessing, instead biting the truth back and attempting to maintain keeping you in line through his intimidation.
however, each time you enrage him, he can hear that strange noise in the back of his mind, almost feeling your heart rate match his own. he pushes it down in shame and fear.
he'll wait until its too late. watching your broken body you lay in Mammon's arms. only then will he regret his own cowardice. he should have held you and treasured you when he had the chance. 
the demon broke his own heart, and the narcissism began eating him into self hatred and inferiority instead.
Mammon moaned out about having to “baby sit��� until his golden blue eyes met yours. his breath caught in his throat as his heart pounded in his ears, a strange “bsst” sound like electricity echoing in his head. 
you were so thrown off you stumbled back, almost falling to the floor, but a pair of arms reached out to steady you. Mammon was panting as though he'd just run a marathon as his left hand held your arm and his right rested on your waist. 
“...ya heard that to right?” his voice was a whisper, a shaking sound in his voice. when you nodded, you heard a small “fuck” from the demon and he pulled you into a gentle hug. while you barely knew the demon, his arms felt safe and warm. 
“cmon, I need to show ya ‘round at least.” he sighed, but pulled you along deeper into the house. 
Mammon would explain to you what the “zing” was. he’d be embarrassed and refuse to look you in the eye the whole time, his tsundere persona still at a head. but, he'd be much quicker to take your safety seriously. 
he refuses to let you out of his sight for to long, you are a human, and how delicate you are he is hyper aware of. if you except him, it won't take long before he's practically your boyfriend. 
or actually your boyfriend, but you’ll have to ask. his shy tsundere personality is far to frightened you'd push him away. 
oh dear, lets say since he’s pretty eye contact averse in my headcannons anyway, that he never meets your gaze until you’ve beaten him in the TSL trivia challenge. 
Levi’s shoulders shake as his tail whips wildly, a yell of outrage emanating from him as you try and duck away. Levi raises his head, eyes a toxic orange as he aims his tail to attack you, and the otaku meets your gaze for the first time. 
a buzzing like a rattle snake echos in your head. you jump and raise your hands over your face, thinking its some strange ability of the demon, when everything stops. 
Levi is stunned and shaky and he just, runs. he bolts out of the room without ever looking back. no one can find him for two days. he's not in his room, not at RAD, and the brothers have turned the house of Lamentation upside down to find him. no luck. 
when you tell Mammon what happened he pieces it together and explains to you what a “zing” is. Levi returns late in the evening, slinking quietly into the safety of his room. if you wait for him there, make sure you stay hidden until he's far enough in the room for you to get between him and the door. because he will try and run away again. 
his face is red under his fringe and hands, trying to make himself small and hide from you. he's terrified of you. not only did he let his jealously get the better of him but he nearly killed his soulmate. 
if you manage to get the demon to speak he's going to word vomit a variety of apologies, self deprecation, and hatred between tears and hiccups. he’ll beg on his knees, blubbering that a disgusting, shut in, weirdo, otaku like him doesn't deserve your forgiveness. 
your “zing” with Satan accrued in the library, of course. it was only a couple days after you'd come to the devildom. he snuck up on you, causing you to jump when he asked you what you were looking for. 
his face was just over your shoulder as you turned and backed up against the bookshelf, the sadistic satisfaction on his face changing to surprise as the sound of a “hisss” rang in your ears.
“MC?” he questioned. “did you just hiss at me?”
“no! you heard that too right?” you looked around trying to find the source of the sound. it was then it dawned on him what actually happened. 
Satan was conflicted like Lucifer. he refrained from talking to you about it for a while. it was only when you sought him out for a pact he brought it up. to his surprise you were already aware, having asked Asmo and Mammon about it.
when he asked why you didn't come to him about it, you replied, believing he didn't want to talk about it since he'd left quickly after the incident and had avoided you since. 
Asmo’s curiosity with you lead to your “zing” also taking place quickly. you had run into the demon on the way to the dining room on your first day. you'd nearly bumped into him, his eyes glued to his D.D.D. and yours noting the wallpaper on the molding of the hallways in the house of Lamentation. 
“hey! watch where you’re going human!” he screeched, dramatically stepping aside and turning to send you a glare. the glare never came as when your eyes met a gasping sound ringing in your ears.
you placed a hand over your mouth, thinking it had been you. quickly scrambling to apologize to the shocked demon. Asmo stopped you, placing his D.D.D. in his pocket and grabbing you by the shoulders. 
he shook you lightly, eyebrows furrowed. 
“you simply cannot be serious.” he muttered to himself before letting out a sigh. “come with me, we need to chat.” there was an underlying threat in his words as he dragged you by the wrist back to his room. give him a mouth or so, he’ll fall for you faster then he’d like to admit. 
hes a naturally gentle creature, so when he looks up from his rummaging through the fridge late one evening, he is met with your curious eyes. a shiver runs down your spine as you here a humming noise, one you can only describe like the purr of a cicada. 
Beel stiffened. oh, oooh. so that's what a “zing” feels like.
he blinks at you, not saying a word for a moment. 
“...are you okay?” he asks.
“did you hear that?” you ask in unison. he blinks at you again. 
“yeah, yeah I did.” he nods. closing the fridge, his appetite abandoned. he stood to his full hight, running his hands though his hair in slight embarrassment. 
“do you know what it was?” you asked. he bit his lip, before nodding again.
“yeah, but... this may sound strange but I need you to listen to me, okay?” and with that, you now have a very large, sweet, hungry demon at your side. 
well, it looks like your luck has run dry. Belphie immediately ignores the thumping sound that rings in each of your ears the first time your eyes meet. he probably even gaslights you into thinking it was in your head. 
he's fully aware of the “zing” but he's so angry and blinded by his own lust for revenge it only fuels his hatred for humanity. he won't tell you anything, but he will use the fact of just how drawn to him you are. 
you cannot get the dark haired demon out of your mind, and your heart races a little each time you see him. his smile is warm every time he sees you. and even Belphie cannot deny the raw chemistry between the pair of you. 
he finds himself aching for your company, but he tries to just add it like logs onto the fire of his heartbreak and trauma. 
half of his heart longs for you, to hold you in his arms. but his mind is dark and clouded, scolding him for “replacing” his baby sister with you. he will refuse to care about you, believing it would be betraying his care for his lost sister. 
the regret will only choke his lungs after its too late. after your blood is already on his hands. 
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80sfinalgrl · a year ago
yo aint "biden" that shit boys use to hold their titties or some shit?
everyone shut up this is the only inauguration related post i care about
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suget · 4 months ago
Geto w a tonge piercing eating you out *rattles the bars of my cage*
As soon as that piercing healed, the first thing Geto did was tease you. He made you beg for his mouth and his wet kisses, for his lips that went back and forth on your chin, for his fingers that formed circles on your covered pussy and for his pierced tongue that licked your lower lip every time he denied you another kiss.
And you no matter how much you tried to stick to your dignity you saw yourself falling for his charms, begging him every single time he asked you to do it; watching your pride melt before his caresses is something Suguru will never get used to— then after you've been good, he lays you down on the surface, spreads your legs and plays with your slit for quite a while discovering in which position his tongue gives you the most pleasure, touching every space of your dripping pussy with his expert tongue and his now, nice metal piercing.
The sensation makes you arch your back, curl your fingers and occasionally tap his shoulders because it's just too much. It seems that with each suction your clit feels more sensitive.
His humming, the little ball tickling your folds, spreading them apart, soaking in your juices, plus, two of his fingers he adds later is what ends up making you cum with one hand on your aching lips while he accompanies you on your high, kissing every little corner his mouth can find: your thighs, your legs, your pussy, to finally spread your trembling thighs apart and apply occasional pecks to your still throbbing clit.
Suguru traces a path of kisses from the middle of your legs, going over your navel, your chest, throat and mouth: there he kisses you four, three times, as he did your thighs and legs before taking you in a deep kiss where he seeks your tongue to give him the freedom to play with his, allowing you to taste yourself in every space of it.
The sensation of the metal is strange, you're not used to it but every time you feel it massaging against your tongue there is something that begs for more, you want to feel it even deeper, on your skin, in your mouth, on your legs, in your pussy.
But you'll have to beg him one more time to take care of the pool that's being created between your thighs a second time and even though you know he'd love to do it again and again, you know he won't do it without you inflating his ego just a little bit first... Without you reminding him how much you adore that he pierced his tongue and how patient you had to have been these days waiting for him.
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lvlpin · a day ago
Sar looks at the doll before looking straight into Six's eyes before twisting the head right off
Six is so emotionally damaged that his sweet young brother just fucking rips the head of what he used to be. Stan's influences is taking affect.
Okay okay but in actuality. Sar would just nuzzle the doll before demanding to be picked up by Six
that last bit is too cute for me to just read it-
Tumblr media
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cremanata · 3 months ago
girls girls prety drawings of pretty girls 🥺🥺 i amn just a litle boy
i made this for you because this is what you look like inside my brain <3
Tumblr media
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serominee · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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arcadesoup · 6 months ago
If you’re taking requests, then how about glamrock freddy being supportive big bro
Tumblr media
there they are
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thegayjoker · 25 days ago
Walks up to you lkke this .
Tumblr media
i am so enchanted by your feminine walk that i. pass ouy. luckily you perform mouth-to-mouth on me and i wake up and say "wow.....thank you for saving me gay batman. and then we kiss,.
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mymarifae · 4 months ago
Without the power and privilege he previously held and kicked out by the butler Swatch, this man has taken a broken machine made and rejected by Lightner hands and repurposed it to regain what he has lost. After his battle, he attempts to succeed using his true power- but falls to the ground motionless. He becomes the Lightners’ strength. Rouxls Kaard’s story in Chapter 2 sounds quite familiar, huh?
Tumblr media
[ID: SpongeBob SquarePants staring at his own hand with a wide and blank smile. End ID]
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1coweveryday · 2 months ago
have you ever drawn the two headed calf? :)
I have ! It's one of my personal favorite pieces still :]
Tumblr media
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willowwhispersspeakeasy · 5 months ago
since we already have catboy!demon bros and dog person!mc, how about bunny boy! side dateables with raphael, thirteen and mephistopheles? , but not luke he baby
soooo im hella behind on tasks and have not actually interacted with any of the new 3 at all. I will go in and update this at a later date when I have a better grasp on their personalities (right now I only know Mephisto) but for now here's the other dateables!
Dateables get turned into bunnyboys
warnings: gender neutral reader, the last two are very horny, mild power play
Tumblr media
he's having a fantastic time. Prince cannot stop petting his own ears, very pleased with the soft fur. he is jumpier then usual, easily startled and quick to yelp in surprise.
"MC! feel my ears! aren't they soft?" his grin is wide as you each up to pet the baby soft fur. 
“they certainly are.” you giggle. your hands trail down from his ears to his hair, ruffling it affectionately. “Solomon says the spell should be worn off by tomorrow morning.” 
“ah how unfortunate. I wouldn't mind staying in this form a little longer.” the Prince pouts with a sigh, poking at the fluffy tail that now sits at his behind. 
“you like it?” you ask, curious by his adoration for this animal form. 
“I suppose I do. it isn't very often I am able to be...” he trails off, a look of disappointment in his eyes. 
“...soft, fluffy, small...” you offer. he nods but then speaks one more.
“treated as though I am delicate.” he admits, a bashful smile on his face. you nod in understanding, before reaching up again to touch his ears.
this time you trace them with care, they twitch as you touch them with so much caution, like they could snap or bleed at any moment. 
“you are aloud to be delicate sometimes Dia. everyone deserves to be treated with care. regardless of their ability to take care of themselves or protect others.” only a moment after the words have left your lips you feel his arms around you. 
“...you truly are to kind MC.”
the ever patient butler is amused by this turn of events. while odd, the addition of the green ears and matching fluff tail don’t impede his ability to work so he pays them little mind. 
Barbatos sets a cup of Jasmine tea before you, walking around to join you at the table. 
“thanks Barb but you don’t have to pour my tea you know, you already do enough.” you smile kindly. 
“nonsense, I am happy to offer my services however you will allow.” he grins and you catch a glimpse of one of the fluffy ears twitching slightly. you can't help but he curious to touch them. would they be soft like a rabbit or would the fur be courser like a hare? 
“would you like to pet them?” the teasing tone in his voice pulled you from staring. you felt warmth in your cheeks as his eyes danced with amusement. 
“...yes please.” Barbatos set his teacup down and leaned his head down in a bow, allowing you to touch his ears without needing to reach so far up. 
they were incredibly soft, reminding you of petting the baby bunnies at petting zoos as a child. Barbatos let out a soft sigh, leaning instead to rest his head on his arms. you continued your pets, gently massaging each of his ears. 
“maybe I can offer you some comfort in return for all you do for everyone.” you tease, watching the way his back relaxes as your gentle touches. 
“thank you MC. I treasure moments like this with you.” the heart felt words from the demon only serve to pull more pink to your cheeks.
the sorcerer is annoyed at first, finding the animal attributes hard to adjust to. that is until, you start giving him attention. 
“MC... you’re going to make me blush-” to spite his words his cheeks were already dusted pink. you just cooed, pulling him closer on your lap. laying with your head propped against the arm rest of the couch, your sorcerer with his head on your stomach as the rest of his body lay between your legs.
Solomon let out a small whimper as you tugged playfully at the bace of one of his ears, his hips rolling against the couch and your leg. 
“s-sorry I-” it was rare to see him lacking his usual confidant facade. you shushed him gently. 
“does it feel good when I do that bunny?” you asked, tugging on the bace of his ear once more. Solomon let out a choked moan, burying his face in your stomach. 
“p-please you don’t understand how much I've been holding back I-” you tugged on the little tuffed of a tail this time. his hip jerked harder, and you were now aware of just how needy he was for you. 
“if you need something Solomon, use your words and ask.” you teased, tugging his head up by his hair. he gasped, eyes rolled back in pleasure. 
your darling angel has a problem. if you had explained this situation to him before he would think little of the temptation he was now experiencing. rabbits are adorable little creatures! often representing innocence and youth!
so why does he find himself unable to look you in the eye for fear of the growing heat in his stomach? 
“is everything okay honey?” the nickname was sweet on your lips, as sweet as the concern in your eyes for him. 
“y-yes, I'm sorry. I'm just not feeling well...” Simeon reasoned, praying you didn't notice the warmth in his cheeks or the shaking of his hands. 
“come here baby let me see,” his heart skips another beat and his ears twitch. you sit beside him now, resting the back of your hand on his forehead. “oh Simeon you’re burning up! lets go lay you down hm?”
somehow this is worse. your hands gentle in his hair, rubbing softly at his ears, god and you even smell divine. Simeon is desperate to fight the feeling of how uncomfortable his pants are. 
“what is it my angel? what's bothering you?” you coo as you watch his hands twitch as he turns to hide his face from you. 
“I'm sorry Dove but you’ll think me an embarrassment-” his words are cup off by your hand, now resting gently on the front of his pants. his breath hitches and his whole body stiffens. 
“come now there's nothing embarrassing about needing something so... primal.” you tease. 
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