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ethotv · 10 months ago
i thought the green white pink newfoundland flag was the genderqueer flag at first
what the fuck is a newfoundland
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fanlore-wiki · 4 months ago
Fannish History Friday: Ladyslash
Tumblr media
[ID: Lavender-coloured banner with the word 'Ladyslash' next to an illustration of a laptop computer surrounded by an anglepoise lamp, mug and cactus, with Yahoo! Groups open on the screen. Behind it is an open mailbox with several envelopes trailing from it. /End ID]
It's Fannish History Friday! Today we're talking about Ladyslash, the first multifandom femslash mailing list. It was founded by Hth on April 4, 1999. Members discussed femslash pairings from fandoms like Xenaverse, X-Files, and Highlander.
Ladyslash offered femslash fans a place where they could connect, share their f/f fanfiction, and discuss the f/f subtext of their favorite shows. However, the term is still occasionally used for fanfic about queer female characters.
Learn more about Ladyslash on Fanlore!
We value every contribution to our shared fandom history. If you’re new to editing Fanlore or wikis in general, visit our New Visitor Portal to get started or ask us questions here!
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wormyorchids · 3 days ago
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New zine printed!
You can find it at Etsy.com/shop/wormyorchidsart or sign up for my mailing list for a zine every month at Patreon.com/wormyorchids :))
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ettawritesnstudies · 3 months ago
AIGHT, so I'm not much for obligatory self promotion but I only do this every three months so y'all are going to have to put up with me for a minute~
I'm writing another short story for my mailing list! It's a wacky body-swapping changeling adventure about the Semivera Twins with a questionably experimental format I'm having altogether too much fun messing around with. This takes place before the events of Runaways, so there's no spoilers. If you want to read it, you can sign up at this link here and it'll get automatically emailed to you on Friday morning!
Also when you sign up, you can have access to the backlog of all of the other stories I've shared so far! I won't flood your inbox so I can promise this post is the most annoying thing you'll read. Those other stories include
A narrative rhyming fairy-tale poem about Jack of Fables - one dude from the 11th century who had an eventful (after) life
"Matter" - a magical realism/sci-fi story about a Keeper who lives at the bottom of a black hole giving a pep talk to a Traveller that falls in during their breaking point
"Brigid's Visits" - a Christmas Carol ripoff exploring one of the side characters in Runaways, told in three verb tenses, because I like making myself go insane.
That's right, most mailing lists give you one cookie and I'm giving you the whole jar. What's keeping you from signing up?
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meru90 · 5 months ago
preparing for my shop reopening! i'll be posting previews and updates later but you can already sign up to my online store newsletter to get notified when it reopens or updates ^o^ ~
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amaregamesdb · 9 months ago
Want to know how to get your game on The Amare Games Database?
Sign Up to my mailing list to be one of the first developers to know when developer submissions go live.
CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP I’m currently working on a new profile system for developers so they can safety and securely edit their information on the website. The integrity and safety of your data is important to me so I’m not rushing this step.  I hope to begin trials in the next few months once I iron out all the kinks so please bare with me. Thanks Folks!
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mayticks-art · a year ago
Psssst...    The official mailing list for the launch of the Locked Tomb merchandise on my Etsy! Coming soon I'm waiting to launch this until all Kickstarter merch has been sent out to all our lovely backers!   But please feel free to get the word out now. [RB] Numbers of what is left over will vary. There will be B-Grade pins available too! 
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duckprintspress · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
Did you know we have a mailing list?
In fact, we have four different mailing lists, depending on what kind of information people are looking for:
General Interest List: for the latest from Duck Prints Press - news, new releases, funding campaigns, etc. (currently publishes roughly once a month; will never publish more often than weekly)
Calls for Authors: a list geared at writers interested in potentially working with us/contributing to our projects. (publishes a handful of times a year at most)
Calls for Artists: a list geared at artists interested in potentially working with us. (publishes a handful of times a year at most)
Erotica List: within the next few weeks, we'll be publishing our first erotica short story. We will never send news about erotica releases to the General Interest list, so if you want to hear the latest on our erotica releases, this is the list for you! (will publish roughly once a month; will never publish more often than weekly).
Interested in one (or more!) of the above lists?
Sign up now!
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gr8writingtips · a year ago
writing tip #3137:
create a mailing list to stay in touch with your readers, give them insight into your creative process, and commit wire fraud
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s-n-arly · 8 months ago
COVID Bride Interest
For those who didn't know, when I'm not writing fiction, I freelance as an editor and technical writer.
I have spent the past year providing developmental editing on a book called The COVID Bride.  It's 3/4 story and 1/4 how-to for planning a wedding or other big event in a pandemic or other crisis.  The story is engaging, often downright funny, and the author managed to keep her humor even when everything that could go wrong, did. I get to be listed as the editor on this one, and I'm continuing to work with the author (a long time client) as the publishing process proceeds.
If you are interested in receiving announcements or promotional emails about the book, please message me the address the marketing crew should send these to!
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ethotv · a month ago
how about some cock
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wormyorchids · 4 months ago
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Postcards 🎋
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ettawritesnstudies · 5 months ago
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Lady Brigid!
I got new art supplies for Christmas, so I couldn’t resist drawing the main character of my upcoming newsletter story. This design is loosely based on iconography of the historical St. Brigid, who was the inspiration for the character! She’s a supporting character from Runaways, and the short story follows her adventures through time with the Spirits of Christmases Past, Present, and Yet To Come.
If you want to get a copy, sign up for my mailing list here! Joining will trigger my automation to send you a welcome email, which also includes “Jack of Fables” and “Matter”. The email with Brigid’s story will come out on Friday!
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lauraannegilman · 3 months ago
“Argh, I didn’t know you had a new book out!”
I have been reminded to remind y'all that if you want to know when new books are coming out, there's an easier way than scouring social media and hoping you don't miss it.
Go to www.lauraannegilman.net/ and find the sidebar that says NEW NEWS NOW!  
Type your email in the box. 
 Press the button.
Boom.  All the release info and nothing BUT release info.
(well, first you have to confirm your email, because we believe in consent.  THEN Boom.  You never have to say "I didn't know you had a new book out!" ever again.)
(if you want the chattier Gilman Quarterly, you can sign up for that just below)
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ollyarchive · a year ago
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ollyyears dreamy surprise for fans signed up to the mailing list in my bio 💌 🌙
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zaynmalikupdates · a year ago
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Email to Zayn’s Mailing List - 19.1.2021
Watch Better
Watch Vibez
Buy & Stream the Album
Tune into the Nobody Is Listening Parties
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bindy417 · a year ago
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Crafting and jewelry making is a hobby I've really come to love over the past couple of years. But I'm still a fangirl at heart, so I wanted to share some of the really fun fandom wine charm sets I've made recently for my Etsy shop. The first three are Olicity/Arrow, then To All the Boys I've Loved Before, Roswell, One Tree Hill, and finally Bridgerton (my newest show obsession!).
Please note, the Olicity/Arrow sets usually sell out really fast. I just added these yesterday. So if you see one you like, make haste to claim it!
Also, you can sign up for my email list to receive exclusive shop offers and updates. There is a special welcome promotion going on right now that you can use toward your first purchase.
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datainfometrix-buzz · 8 months ago
Hepatologist Email List - DataInfoMetrix
Now connect with 20M+ hepatologists from all over the globe. Grab DataInfometrix’s Hepatologists Email List to enhance the performance of your marketing campaign. 
To more visit: https://bit.ly/3aWSqky 
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ethotv · 12 months ago
ranboo waiting at the house while tubbo goes out is giving me 1950s valium housewife vibes. the nerf gun is just a nice pot roast dinner. or perhaps it is fancy mac and cheese. tubbo gets home like "you have no idea how hard it is... i was SHOT today" and ranboo is like "I DONT KNOW HOW TO MAKE THIS HOUSE INTO A HOME... I DIDN'T GO TO SCHOOL FOR IT."
WHAT does this say
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