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fawniewithorangejuice4 months ago
Confessions, Coffee, and Kisses - Part 1
It's been an awfully long day for Hinata Hajime.
Packing up his books, he stood up in one of the Reserve Course classrooms, admiring the terrifyingly clean floor.
Hinata hated this. Hated being around people who were so incredibly bland.
It just reminded him of his own bland existence.
When it comes to Hope's Peak Academy, the Main Course was the "big deal". Talented people who were the hope of the new generation. They could achieve anything they set their mind to - a clear carrier path. An obvious road to success.
... Hinata didn't have that.
A part of him wanted to accept it. A part of him wanted to give up.
Just let it be.
The universe wasn't kind enough to him to bless him with a talent, so he should just live with it.
He could only have one opinion overwriting all:
"Fuck that."
His Ultimate parents got him into the Reserve Course because of their fear for their image.
Imagine a successful, talented couple raising a child without talent.
Couldn't be them... so they did their best to hide the truth, for their own selfish desires.
Mr. Hinata long gave up on cultivating any possible talent his son might've had - he did not have any - so their so-called "family" was just a reason to keep their son alive.
He got fed, he had a roof above his head - but he never felt loved.
Hinata would never admit, but he craved validation. Which was fine, most children do... but not this way.
He developed the need to prove his worth.
This is why he attended every competition he saw fit, worked three times as hard as any of his other classmates - to get some sort of praise from his parents.
No, not praise. Any kind of acknowledgement of his existence.
He was mindlessly walking down the corridors, careful not to bump into anyone.
He heard a high-pitched male voice call out to him.
Hinata sighed, it was probably that annoying classmate again... Sakugi Kuri.
The boy always seemed a bit too happy-go-lucky to him, quite a nice contrast when it comes to the gloomy Reserve Course.
As if a gray cloud was constantly hovering over this department, while the Main Course had all the sunlight.
"What is it, Sakugi-san?
The brunette had the feeling the black haired boy felt like they were friends.
Hinata didn't really think so, but as much as he thought of Sakugi as a bother, his company was tolerable.
The shorter male looked at him with pleading eyes.
"You promised to help me out with the history homework, so please~?"
There came Hinata's signature sigh, paired with a nod.
"I did... give me your book, then."
Sakugi let out a loud "yay~" and bowed his head to Hinata, who had to give him a smile.
While they were walking out of the building, the black haired boy talked about things he found exciting.
Normal people talk.
Sakugi talked about his family, how they were planning to go on vacation to some city... Towa, was it?
Hinata just hummed as he listened, though his thoughts always seemed to drift away.
As they walked now on the streets, he noticed another one of his friends standing with a girl under a cherry tree.
Hinata's eyes widened, pulling the shorter male along with him to hide behind some bushes.
"Hinata?" Sakugi whispered curiously, obviously confused by the other's actions.
"That's one of my friends from the Main Course. He is probably getting confessed to right now."
The brunette smiled, even though not every part of him was happy for his friend's new possible relationship.
"Ah, but that is wonderful!" the boy exclaimed, and Hinata had to cover his mouth.
"Shh, be quiet, don't ruin this moment for him."
Hinata is going to be honest, he didn't really know much about Komaeda's love life. He didn't know if he liked someone at all, or if he would accept the girl's feelings.
The spring leaves were gently swaying in the wind, the sakura tree standing tall and beautiful as ever.
It was the perfect moment for a love confession, Hinata thought.
So you could imagine the confusion when he saw the girl staring at the ground, trying her best not to cry.
Sakugi raised an eyebrow, and he looked at Hinata.
"Didn't... why didn't he accept her confession?"
Hinata shrugged, honestly confused. The girl was an Ultimate as well, beautiful purple hair, pink eyes...
Then it dawned on him.
"Komaeda... is a difficult person."
That was a really accurate statement.
"It's because she is an Ultimate, isn't it? Komaeda can't indulge in being with a talented person, he wouldn't let himself do so in a thousand years."
The girl ran away crying, and Komaeda did look extremely uncomfortable.
"Sakugi-san, I've-"
"It's okay, Hinata, just talk to him."
The brunette nodded.
"Thank you for understanding. I promise I'll finish your history homework by tomorrow, okay?"
Sakugi chuckled.
"Alright, but make sure to redeem a cup of coffee."
Hinata smiled as well.
"I will, I will."
After waving to the shorter boy, Hinata made his way to Komaeda, who just helplessly stood there like a puppy.
Hinata's heart sank at the sight, so he placed his hands on the other's shoulders, as an attempt to comfort him.
The lucky student looked our protagonist in the eye, as if searching for answers.
Upon hearing his name, the white haired boy closed the distance between them, hugging the other male.
"Want to talk about it?"
Hinata asked cautiously after a couple of minutes, just gently rubbing the other's back.
"Hinata-kun, I just... I don't understand. She confessed to me. She doesn't even know who I am! A-and she looked so upset when I rejected her, I just froze in place... she..."
Komaeda was sobbing at this point.
As someone who rarely experienced care, a love confession out of the blue could stir up so many confusing and unwanted emotions.
"I made her cry, Hinata-kun..."
Hinata hated seeing Komaeda like this. He absolutely despised it.
... Though he didn't expect such a strong reaction after a love confession, but Komaeda was different.
Hinata carefully put together his words, not to say the wrong thing.
"But did you like her, Komaeda?"
The white haired boy shook his head, but didn't respond verbally.
"Then you did the right thing. You could've let her live a dream, a false reality... and leading her on like that would've just led to more heartbreak."
Komaeda was slowly calming down, holding Hinata tight.
"You think so?"
He asked in a small voice, which Hinata nodded to.
"As much as the truth hurts, wrapping yourself in lies will just mess you up more. It would've been so much worse if you told her later, believe me."
Komaeda sniffed, now no more tears forming in his eyes.
Hinata kept his strong but tender hold, not letting go until Komaeda wanted to.
Komaeda didn't exactly want to let go... ever, but he wouldn't say that.
So soon enough they let go of each other, not without the lucky student faking a sniff to smell Hinata's scent.
After crying, some people start to giggle. That's usually because of them feeling so overwhelmed, they don't know how else to function.
This was the reason why Komaeda chuckled, though he was much calmer than he were before.
"C-can't believe a Reserve Course Student came to comfort me... how despair-inducing."
Hinata sighed of relief. Komaeda had quite the sarcasm and his snarky comments, so whenever his friend used such abilities, Hinata knew he was alright.
That didn't keep him from rolling his eyes.
"You're welcome."
Komaeda chuckled again, and looked around to actually remind himself of his surroundings.
Hinata still had to make sure his friend was better, so he opted to ask:
"Would you like to grab a coffee?"
The lucky student gave him a small nod, being too emotionally overwhelmed right now to put up a fight.
Plus if he knew anything about Hinata, it was his stubbornness.
The brunette took him by the arm, and led him to his favourite caf茅.
Komaeda was paying attention to the familiar route, and shook his head with a smile, and a look of disbelief.
"Hinata-kun, are you seriously taking me to Thanks a Latte again?"
The other male just shrugged with a grin on his face.
"I may be... by then, perhaps you'll be able to learn some manners, and actually thank me for caring about you."
Komaeda pouted, narrowing his eyes.
"I think someone needs to know their place here."
Hinata tried his best to hold back a laugh, though he failed miserably.
"Oh really~?"
Komaeda sighed in fake disappointment.
"This is exactly why I don't hang out with people from the Reserve Course. All of you are so cocky."
The brunette chuckled as they were walking down the streets, turning the corner of Lollipop Street.
"Mhm... then why are you hanging out with me so often?"
Hinata loved playing this game. Whatever this game was.
Komaeda blushed, but he tried to give a rebuttal.
"W-well, because I have nothing else to do, of course. And you seem oddly obsessed with me, so I might just let you live your dreams of befriending an Ultimate."
Hinata shook his head again, giving Komaeda a "yeah yeah sure, keep telling that to yourself." before he stopped at the door to the caf茅.
The brunette knew Komaeda was hanging out with him because he enjoyed his company - and because Komaeda always seemed so lonely whenever he saw him.
He knew Komaeda liked him; just not in a way the lucky student actually did.
Hinata opened the door the usual way.
"After you, my liege."
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cjcooksvegana month ago
Flavorful & Cheesy Veggie Burger Parm
Flavorful & Cheesy Veggie Burger Parm | Brave Little Vegan #comfortfood #vegan
As a vegan, it鈥檚 great to have staple recipes. Even better is to have quick and easy recipes that can be whipped up at a moment鈥檚 notice. This is one such recipe, which involves your favorite store-bought veggie burger and can be ready to eat in less than a half an hour. (more鈥)
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comfortspringstation3 months ago
Tumblr media
Traditional Cobb Salad
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fawniewithorangejuice4 months ago
Confessions, Coffee, Kisses - Part 2
"After you, my liege."
He bowed.
Whenever this happened, the white haired male got a little flustered, though he masked that with laughter.
"Ah, some Reserve Course Students might have some manners after all~"
Hinata snickered as he went in after Komaeda.
"And you're saying we are cocky."
Komaeda chuckled, and Hinata was never so happy by hearing it before.
He was really glad he could be a good friend to Komaeda, just helping him out in any situation.
Hinata never thought he was good at comforting people in general, but Komaeda always seemed to get calm just by his presence.
It was... flattering, to say the least.
And mutual. Hinata could always see things clearer when with the lucky boy, even if some obvious hints went unseen.
Hinata turned to Komaeda, and asked him what kind of coffee he wanted.
The Thanks a Latte caf茅 belonged to a small family, but that's exactly what Hinata loved about it. It was tiny, cozy, didn't have many customers - perfect for the introvert Hinata, and the quiet-loving Komaeda.
The sun was beginning to set, soon orange and pink colours painting the spring sky.
Komaeda looked as if he came from a fantasy world, with all this warm backlighting.
The sun shone on his rosy pink cheeks, accentuating his handsome features.
Hinata couldn't help but blush at the sight, and had to blink himself back to reality to hear Komaeda's actual answer.
" usual."
He saw the lucky student pause, tilting his head.
Which Hinata found adorable.
Oh, the way he said his name. How much he loved hearing it from his mouth.
Hinata knew Komaeda was attractive. What he missed is putting two and two together; if he thinks Komaeda is attractive, then he is attracted to him.
While that could be platonic, it didn't feel platonic between them.
The way the white haired boy raised his eyebrows, his curious yet worried facial expressions... wait, worried?!
That's what got Hinata snapping back to the moment, and he bowed his head in an apology.
"It's nothing, s-sorry..."
Komaeda pouted.
"Why does he have to be so cute?"
"Hinata-kun, it's pretty rude to space out when someone's talking to you!"
Though a hint of worry was still present on Komaeda's face, it bothering Hinata.
"Hmpf, you probably didn't sleep enough tonight either, did you, now?"
Oookay, Hinata didn't expect that.
As usual, Komaeda just hit the bullseye, or at least a certain truth.
Hinata didn't really sleep, due to his schoolwork, and the amount of extra work he volunteered for.
He looked down, guilty.
"Komaeda, I... I told you I am sorry... I really didn't sleep much... but why does that matter?"
Komaeda just looked personally offended, crossing his arms, and leaning closer to Hinata... which seemed a little intimidating because of the slight height difference.
Hinata blushed at the short proximity between them, but he was also a little afraid.
"Hinata-kun! Why shouldn't it matter? How can you say something like that... your sleeping schedule matters because You matter."
He looked a bit betrayed, if I'm being honest.
Hinata felt awful, though quite flattered at the same time. Feelings sure are confusing, aren't they?
If anything, Komaeda just looked upset now, mixed with sadness. That might've been the reason he lowered his voice, and changed his posture.
"Hinata-kun, I care about you. Is it... really not obvious?"
The brunette nodded at his response.
"I-I know that... you're my closest friend, after all..."
The white haired boy gave him an unamused expression, and sighed.
"Guess I am... now, seemingly you not catching it before, I'll have a latte macchiato with vanilla flavour."
As Komaeda stepped back, Hinata could let out a breath he didn't know he was holding.
"The usual, huh~?"
Hinata teased good-heartedly.
"What else did you expect, it's the best one."
Komaeda declared with confidence.
"Mmm, sure sure. Then I'll order that too, see if it's really the best."
The lucky student narrowed his eyes at Hinata, his expression saying "are you testing me?"
Which the brunette responded to with a shrug and a "maybe~"
They sat down to their usual spot, in one of the corners.
Hinata really adored the aesthetic of the caf茅; the walls were made out of wood, fairy lights hanged all over above them, with the wide windows and comfortable seats... if anything, it felt like a wooden cottage straight out from some fairytale.
After they placed their orders, Hinata couldn't help but gaze at the other boy in front of him. He looked so ethereal, backlit by the setting sun...
Komaeda was no different, once he locked gazes with Hinata, he just couldn't look away. Not that he wanted to.
The two only came back to their senses when the waitress arrived, and handed them their coffee. They both bowed and thanked her, and Hinata awkwardly put some sugar in his.
"We legitimately just stared at each other for at least 4 minutes... friends don't do such, right? Not this way, at least..."
Hinata was slowly piecing things together.
Komaeda, on the other hand was really flustered, he just locked gazes with his friend and crush.
After taking a sip of his coffee and thinking over if he should really try this -he broke the silence.
The brunette looked at him curiously, tilting his head like a puppy.
Komaeda blushed. This is it. He just have to play his cards well.
It was a part of his act, so he looked to the side, embarrassed.
"I hate to ruin the mood like this, but I have to be honest with you."
Hinata's heart skipped a beat.
"You wouldn't ruin anything... so go on?"
After a dramatic sigh and a pause, Komaeda looked at him with sad eyes.
"I lost my keys somewhere in the academy... s-so I ugh..."
He blushed.
"I c-can't sleep in my room tonight."
Hinata was sort of disappointed. That was not what he wanted to hear.
"Wait, why was I expecting him to-"
"So... I-I wouldn't want to be rude or anything, I-I know better than anyone else that I am ultimately worthless, b-but I was hoping...聽 maybe! B-because we're like... friends... and all that w-we could... maybe... uhm..."
Hinata smiled at the flustered behaviour of Komaeda, and decided to have mercy on the poor guy.
"You want to have a sleepover?"
Komaeda gave him a cautious nod.
"I-if that wouldn't be t-too much to ask for..."
Now, Komaeda was sly, he had a plan to show Hinata his feelings towards him, but he didn't "act" nearly as much as he thought he would.
He did plan some of this out, such as the lie about his keys - he'll still have to drop those in a nearby bush as they head to Hinata's place - but he certainly was not acting his flustered state.
The brunette gave him a reassuring smile.
"Of course I wouldn't mind."
He chuckled.
"You act like you've never been to my place before. It's kind of cute."
That last sentence kind of worked his way out on his own, Hinata didn't mean to say it, but nor did he regret it.
To mask that, he drank some of his coffee.
On the other hand, Komaeda was blushing hard.
"D-did he just indirectly call me cute-?"
Hinata did his best to keep his calm demeanor, though seeing a flustered Komaeda was strangely enjoyable.
He took another sip of his coffee, declaring that it indeed was good; he still preferred cappuccino.
As the sun fell under then horizon, both boys were finished with their coffees.
Hinata argued with Komaeda, because it was "his turn to pay",聽 but the other argued back at him.
Puffing his cheeks, the white haired boy scoffed.
"Hinata-kun did so many nice things to me today, let me repay you!"
"Komaeda, I didn't do this because I am nice, I did it because you're my friend."
"You're my friend too, aren't you? So why wouldn't you let me pay, Hinata-kun?"
The brunette sighed. Technically, Komaeda had way more money than he did, and he knew sooner or later Komaeda is going to use that dirty card...
"Y-yes, I am your friend, but why are you getting so worked up about money- It's just money!"
Hinata didn't understand at all.
The lucky student took the initiative, and got them enough money so he could pay for both.
The shorter male didn't approve.
"K-Komaeda, what are you doing?! I didn't agr-"
He got a death stare.
And a grin.
"Hinata-kun would never agree to me paying for him. I just had to be faster."
The way Komaeda said that last word sent shivers down on Hinata's spine.
...which he got weirded out by pretty quickly.
"W-what kind of reaction was that-"
"But K-Komaeda... I offered to buy you a coffee first."
The brunette said it in a whine-y and disappointed tone.
"I know, but it's alright, Hinata-kun. This is my expression of gratitude."
When the white haired boy gave Hinata that smile, he couldn't argue anymore.
After our protagonist gave in, and made peace with the fact that even though it was his turn, Komaeda paid for his coffee, the journey to his apartment was tranquil. The taller boy did make sure to drop his key in a nearby bush, just so his luck wouldn't get him found out.
Hinata turned to the other male as he heard his name.
"Won't I be a bother?"
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sleepyhead-eskimo3 months ago
Be tender with my love
You know how easy it is to hurt me
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beegeesposts3 months ago
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kalogamakanmati3 months ago
Tumblr media
Yi Fu Mie Ni - Bakmi GM Bintaro Plaza, Tangerang Selatan Indonesia
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theharpieslunch10 months ago
Tumblr media
Sesame Noodles with Broccoli and Almonds
Recipe and images by:聽 Gimme Some Oven
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
1 pound (16 oz.) uncooked linguine (or any noodles, such as rice noodles, soba noodles, lo mein noodles, etc.) 1 tablespoon peanut or vegetable oil 3鈥4 cups chopped broccoli florets (about 1 medium head of broccoli) 4 cloves garlic, peeled and thinly-sliced salt and pepper 1/2 cup chopped Blue Diamond Almonds (I used the Wasabi and Soy Sauce variety) 1 batch Sesame-Soy Vinaigrette (see below) optional garnishes: thinly-sliced green onions, toasted sesame seeds, coarsely-ground black pepper, crushed red pepper flakes
Sesame Soy Vinaigrette Ingredients
1/4 cup soy sauce 2 tablespoons rice wine vinegar 1 tablespoon sesame oil 1/2 teaspoon freshly-cracked black pepper 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger 1/2 teaspoon sriracha or hot chili oil
For complete recipe:聽 Gimme Some Oven
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