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#mainly in that gore is one of the characters that I think how much they personally like you can effect gameplay
spacedikut · 9 months ago
spooky scary skeletons ; spencer reid
pairing: spencer reid x gn!reader
summary: spencer has the prettiest face you’ve ever painted on. 1626 words
a/n: a poorly edited, poorly written and late halloween thing! inspired by idmakeitbehave (go read everything theyve ever written ever) because they have the BEST meet cutes and every time i think of them i :-)
The haunted mansion of the fair, overflowing with screams, the sound of chainsaws and the evil cackle your friend has been rehearsing in the mirror all month, stands tall behind you like the looming presence it is. It’s brought great entertainment for you, watching and hearing the reactions of those that dare enter.
You’re set up not far from the exit of the house with your array of face paint around you, paintbrush in hand. Most of your customers are children – this year’s most popular request is pumpkin, last year was skeleton – and as much as you love spookiness and gore and everything in between, the rush of pride you feel when a little girl gasps and thanks you with the sweetest voice when you show her your finished work is unmatched.
You’re not the least surprised that your clientele is mainly children. There’s the odd parent here and there that is persuaded to get a black cat on their cheek, or some fake blood coming from their eyes and mouths, but they never venture beyond the small request.
Until him.
He’s marched up to you by his friend who, wearing a dress covered in fake spiders and cobwebs, pushes him by the shoulders right up to the foldable chair that’s placed opposite you. You’re drying off a wet paintbrush, glancing up when you hear the crunch of leaves beneath their feet.
“My friend would like his face painted.” She tells you.
“Of course,” You gesture for him to take the seat in front of you, the compliment slipping out after giving them both a once-over. “I like your outfits.”
“Oh!” The girl grins. “Thank you. I’ve been waiting all year to wear it. And he,” She points to the still-silent customer who hasn’t taken his eyes off you once, “Is more obsessed with Halloween than anyone I know.”
Looking at the bright orange pumpkin-covered sweater he’s wearing, you’re overcome by the urge to touch it – and his hair, with the way it’s all squiggles and curls and seems so soft. “What can I do for you?”
The first time he speaks, it’s after he takes a deep breath and rubs his palms on his trousers. “A skeleton, please.”
You’re already arranging the colours you’ll need, missing how the girl slips away, too busy asking the usual questions, “How big?”
“My entire face.”
That’s a new one. For an adult, at least. Usually all they want is an easy to clean, easy to hide image on their cheek.
It’s only then you really take in his appearance. In the dark, dusty light of the fair, he looks like a real life Tim Burton character – shallow eyes, sharp cheekbones, a general gauntness that you’ve only seen in fiction. He’s the perfect skeleton, if that isn’t weird to think.
“All over?” Your hand moves to gesture over your face, as if miming to him what all over really means.
“Yeah,” He nods, “I’m not that good of an artist, and my mask makes it kind of hard to see. So a skeleton is spooky enough but not a lot of work, right?”
“Right.” You smile at him. “Right, okay, let’s do it.”
The second the cold bristles dip into the paint before you, you’re absorbed in ensuring you do a good job. You’re used to working on children, so you naturally take hold of his chin to move his face this way and that way to apply a firm coat and get your lines right.
“I’m Spencer, by the way,” He mumbles.
You huff a laugh. He feels your breath on his lips. “Hi, Spencer, I’m Y/N.”
The customer – Spencer – wiggles his lips in a way that tells you he’s holding back a smile. You’re not sure what it is about him, but you like him. You like how still he sits, patiently letting you do your work, you like how much he seems to like Halloween (you refer to the sweater and the fact he’s about to cover his entire face in paint to look like a skeleton), and you like how his eyes on you make you feel. Because it doesn’t feel gross, or weird, like it normally does; it’s like his gaze is complimenting you silently, the intensity of it making you bite the inside of your cheek.
Small-talk comes naturally after hours of doing this job. “You mentioned a mask? What was it a mask of?”
“Michael Myers.”
“Oh,” You shiver, “I hate that guy.”
“The iconic mask is actually a William Shatner mask that’s painted white and changed to blur the resemblance to Shatner. Specifically, it’s a Captain Kirk death mask created for Star Trek.” Spencer tells you, giving a tight lipped smile when you pause for a second to take in the information.
“How does William Shatner feel about that?”
“Not great, probably. But, can you imagine being considered one of the stars of the Halloween franchise?” He’s giddy, almost wiggling in excitement. “I’d love to see people wearing my face every Halloween.”
You laugh at that.
A few more facts are spewed out while you mix black with a little bit of white to make grey, some you already know and some you don’t, but he’s still chattering on when you turn back to face him, ready to paint again.
The words die in his throat, however, when your hand finds home on the back of his neck, thumb hooking around to lift his jaw up. “Still, please.”
Even if he wanted to give an unnecessary apology, he wouldn’t be able to, as if his throat is full of sand.
It’s silent for a while, Spencer’s eyes trained on the twinkling night sky that sits calmly compared to the thundering of his heart, the scramble of thoughts in his head. When your hand moves away a few minutes later, his disappointed eyes fall back to your face, where he finds himself thinking, please do that again.
“Do you want the black on your eyelids, too, or just around your eye?” You ask over your shoulder, oblivious to the new slump in Spencer’s back.
“Eyelids, too, please.”
You smile to yourself at how polite he is. Spencer might be the sweetest person you’ve ever met and you’ve known him for twenty minutes.
By the time you’re done, you’ve decided Spencer is the best customer you’ve ever had and you’d give anything to replay this interaction again and again. He’s polite, listens when you ask him to turn a certain way or sit up (a surprising amount of adults simply do not listen), and brings the most interesting conversation.
Did you know the use of OMG can be traced back to 1917? Cause Spencer does, and he bestowed you with the same knowledge.
You’re impressed with yourself and Spencer’s brain when you finally lean back, checking for any spots you missed or parts you can fix.
Before you even reach for the mirror, Spencer’s interrupting you.
“Um… do I-do I look spooky?”
You face him, a pretty smirk on your lips, “Terrifying.”
When you hold the mirror up to his face, he barely spares himself glance (but it’s enough of a glance for him to think holy crap, you’re talented) and there’s a look in his eye – he’s hesitant. About what, you’re not sure.
You wonder if he can tell you don’t want him to go. You enjoy his company, you enjoy him, and you’ve never wanted to wipe your work off someone’s face so quickly just for an excuse to do it again until now.
“How much do I owe you?” He asks, reaching for his wallet but not leaving the chair.
Your eyes narrow for a split second as you weight your option. Then you think fuck it, and say, “Nothing. It’s on the house.”
“I can’t let you do that.”
“You can, and you will.” You stand. “Consider it thanks for all the cool facts you gave me.”
He lights up when you say cool facts, and opens his mouth to again offer to pay when he’s cut off by a group of laughing teenagers flying out of the haunted house, the exit door slamming against the wood with a startling bang.
Spencer gets an idea.
Seeing you look at the house, he asks, “Have you been in yet?”
You shake your head. “No. Not yet. If I have time later, maybe-“
“Come in with me.”
His grip on his wallet is tight, channelling all worry into his fingers so he doesn’t stumble or say something stupid.
“It’s the least I can do, and it’ll be too scary on my own.”
He’s lying – the idea of going through a haunted house by himself sounds exhilarating, but he’s found an opportunity to not leave you just yet and he’s going to take it.
You consider him for a moment. It’s late, you’ve been painting faces all day, and the sweetest, most attractive person you’ve ever seen is asking you to join them in a haunted house on Halloween. What kind of person would say no?
“Okay,” You happily concede, “But don’t blame me if I end up clinging to you.”
The two of you join the line into the house, giggling when someone dramatically falls through the exit and gasps for air like he’s barely made it out alive. And when the next people to leave the house are a couple who hold eachother close and tight, hands intertwined and one with their head buried in the neck of the other, Spencer steps a little closer to you, hoping you get the memo that having you cling to him doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.
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randomslasher · 2 years ago
I feel,, Kinda bad for liking Remus? Cause a lot of people dislike him and even the ones who don't still call him bastard and rat man and trash and like. He is my creativity, as an angst writer I mainly use that side of creativity, the dark, the morbid, the gory and bloody, and the way people treat him make me feel really bad, not only about liking him, but about being like him in general... I loved him, so much, and all the gore and crudeness, but now I feel like I should still insult him (1/2)
If you sent a part 2 I never received it, but I can respond to this. 
First, there are a couple of things to address, and I’m going to do this in the best order I can. 
1) Your enjoyment of a character is your own, just as everyone else’s is their own. While I understand it can be tough to see people saying things you don’t like, they have the right to do so, just as you have the right to enjoy the character however you like. You should never feel bad for enjoying a character! 
2) Speaking meta-textually, I don’t think Remus would mind being called “garbage” or “trash” --in fact, he seems to revel in it. And many of the people using those adjectives are doing so fondly. Sort of like how many of us call Virgil an emo, or Logan a nerd--we love them and those are terms of endearment, not insults.  
3) Now I’m going to dive into some more character analysis, so this might get a bit long. 
What Remus represents is more than just the dark side of creativity. He represents the sides of creativity that Character Thomas has deliberately rejected. 
Let’s talk about that for just a moment, because there are actually two things we’re talking about here: Intrusive Thoughts, and Dark Creativity. If we were looking at a diagram, Dark Creativity would be an umbrella over the subset “intrusive thoughts.” Also included under that umbrella might be the things you’ve mentioned: angst, gore, horror, etc. They are different things, and in the video, Remus was more about throwing the intrusive thoughts--aka thoughts that were deliberately and maliciously distressing to Thomas--at him in order to cause him harm. 
Now, why was he doing that? Well, as @ironwoman359 pointed out in one of her analyses, one possible reason is because he was frustrated and trying to get Thomas’s attention. We’ve already seen that Character Thomas has a tendency to try to repress or ignore the things he doesn’t like about himself, and for a side, that can be incredibly frustrating. As we’ve seen in canon, an ignored side will eventually end up employing any means necessary to get what they want--which is for Thomas to listen to and consider their input. Virgil did it by being scary and broody. Deceit did it by trying to impersonate the sides that Thomas DOES listen to, and then by trying to make his point in an elaborate legal setting. And Remus? Well, Remus did it by wearing Thomas down, lowering his defenses by interrupting his sleep, then throwing the most distressing thoughts at him that he could muster so that Thomas had (another) breakdown about whether or not he was a good person. 
It’s important, though, to realize that while Character Thomas separated his “good” and “bad” creativity into two separate sides, not everyone does that. Think about someone like HP Lovecraft, or Stephen King. These people embrace darker creative topics willingly, without guilt. I think it is safe to say they, and many other people who enjoy darker subjects, do not go out of their way to repress the parts of creativity that Character Thomas did--and as a result, perhaps, their creativity, dark and light, work in balance and harmony. For them, there are not 2 separate Creatives Sides, there is just one, and it is free to explore all parts of creativity, good and bad.
And that’s another piece of this puzzle to consider: the relative subjectivity of “good” and “bad.” The subjects and things that Thomas the Character considers bad are heavily informed by a number of things--his religious upbringing, for example--and as such, what he’s decided should be “shunned” (the “bad”) and what should be “accepted” (the “good”) is liable to be very different from what you believe is good or bad. Just because Character Thomas thinks that gore or violence is “bad creativity,” that doesn’t mean 1) that he’s right, or 2) that you should let someone else’s subjective opinions color your own. Back to the very first point: you’re allowed to like things that other people don’t. You get to decide where you filter things in your perceptions of “good” or “bad.” 
Finally, I’d like to add that Remus represents more than just “gore” or “horror” or “angst,” or “dark creativity” in general. Remus also represents the psychological phenomenon of intrusive thoughts. By definition, these are unwanted thoughts that are often devastatingly disturbing and distressing to the people who have them. Joan themself said they used to suffer from them and even cry themself to sleep because of how worried they were about the thoughts and what they meant. 
Representing these dark, distressing thoughts with a character that people are allowed to find repulsive, silly, absurd, or repugnant gives them a coping mechanism. Just like many of us find Virgil comforting because we can treat our anxiety more kindly by imagining it’s just Virgil being worried about us, many people now have a weapon against their invasive, intrusive thoughts: “Oh, it’s not me, it’s just Remus trying to mess with me. What an asshole, haha!” He was created in part to help the people who are suffering from intrusive thoughts by giving them a mental punching bag, and while I understand you don’t appreciate seeing your favorite character insulted, it’s important to also understand that part of the very reason he exists is to be a bit of an asshole. He’s there to help people separate themselves out from the distressing thoughts created by their brain’s random firings by giving them an avatar for those thoughts, and if they need to distance themselves by hating on or mocking that avatar, that’s legitimate, because it’s part of why he exists (per Joan). 
Now, none of this means that you can’t like him. None of this means you can’t adopt him as the avatar of your own creative impulses. None of this means you, personally, have to call him names. It also doesn’t mean that anyone who IS calling him names is trying to imply that you are bad for exploring darker themes in your content. 
That’s the best part about fanon: you can interpret a character however you like. And in particular, with Thomas and Co., I think it’s safe to say they would WANT you to interpret their characters in whatever way feels best to you, because the major purpose of their content is to help people work through their issues by giving them fun and educational visualization tools for the functoins of the mind. 
But it’s also important to realize that you may not always 100% agree with the way other people chose to interpret the characters, and that’s also valid. Curate your experiences by following, unfollowing, blocking or blacklisting tags as you need, but just remember that someone else using Remus as a punching bag for their intrusive thoughts does NOT mean you cannot adopt him as the avatar of your own darker brand of creativity. 
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darling-disastrous · 5 months ago
.marko; yandere alphabet
{marko x reader}
rating: explicit
warnings: yandere!marko, mentions of breaking bones, kidnapping, DARK CONTENT, physical abuse, gender-neutral reader, non consensual biting, blood and gore, mentions of murder, predator/prey dynamics
a/n: i’m sorry if marko’s sucks i just ,,,, don’t know his character as well??? anyway, i tried
Tumblr media
affection: how do they show their love and affection? how intense would it get?
much like paul, marko has no issue walking straight up to you and flirting your pants off.  however, he’s not exactly like his friend.  he has a more aggressive approach that almost comes across as rude.  don’t worry, he’s like that with everyone.  he might pester you for a few nights, but if you continually deny his advances then he’ll be forced to take some drastic measures.
blood: how messy are they willing to get when it comes to their darling?
the messiest out of all the boys.  he would kill the entire boardwalk if he could get away with it.  he doesn't like people (who aren’t him) looking at you.  he gets so pissed off when someone so much as bumps into you.  you’re his.  marko doesn’t want to share you, not with his brothers and certainly not with the world.  will 100% kill your family and friends and coworkers and maybe even your pet.
cruelty: how would they treat their darling once abducted? would they mock them?
mocks you constantly, its his love language.  will tease you about crying and screaming for help.  (honestly, don’t you understand that no one is looking for you.  everyone who ever cared about you is dead.  all you have is him.)
marko treats you as best he can.  he spends all the time he can with you, either staring or drawing you.  the cave isn’t the most suitable place for a human to live, seeing as theirs no indoor plumbing and they rarely eat healthy human food.  he’ll give you his own clothes to wear when your old ones get messy beyond repair, and occasionally cuddle you (though he doesn’t like how stiff you get in his arms.)
darling: aside from abduction, would they do anything against their darling’s will?
yeah.  it’s mainly biting or drinking your blood.  he absolutely loves the taste of your blood and thinks its criminal you want to keep it all to yourself.  he’s your mate!  he should be able to drink from you Whenever He Wants. he wants you to come to him/love him willingly but if you take too long marko will take matters into his own hands
exposed: how much of their heart do they bare to their darling? how vulnerable are they when it comes to their darling?
doesn’t really bare his heart to you.  the only time you glean any insight into what he’s feeling is when he’s throwing a temper-tantrum.  it’ll have to be further down the line, when you finally accept him and your relationship, that he’ll allow himself to be vulnerable around you.
fight: how would they feel if their darling fought back?
it amuses marko. do you really think you can win in a fight against him? that’s so cute! definitely the kind that encourages you to act out because he loves and hates it in equal measure. he loves how feisty you can be, but he also wants to break this rebellious spirit of yours.
game: is this a game to them? how much would they enjoy watching their darling try to escape?
he loves watching you struggle. marko enjoys watching you (read: letting you) escape because he makes a game out of it. think tag or hide and seek, but with severe consequences if you get caught. marko gets pretty pissed off if he catches you too soon. are you even trying? the longer you’re able to evade him the more excited he gets.
hell: what would be their darling’s worst experience with them?
these little “hunting games” marko plays with you. you’ll go along with it at first because a small part of you thinks you can actually win. but you never win. no matter how hard you try, there’s no escaping him. you’ll eventually give up fighting and resign yourself to the fact that you’re never going to escape him. this makes marko ... mad.
you’d think he’d be ecstatic that you’ve finally accepted him, right? wrong. marko doesn’t want a broken pet, your fiery spirit is what he fell in love with!
he’ll make you continue your games. he’ll make you run away from him. he’ll make you do it over and over again. if you don’t put in the right amount of effort, marko becomes furious. your punishment will now be ten times worse because you decided to be lazy.
ideals: what kind of future do they have in mind for/with their darling?
he doesn’t give his future with you much thought. he assumes it will always be the way it is now, but with one minor change: you adore him.
jealousy: do they get jealous? do they lash out or find a way to cope?
if marko gets jealous, he’ll lash out. he gets jealous over the littlest things, ranging from you talking with someone who isn’t him to you reading a book. if it’s an inanimate object, he’ll rip it up and find a creative way to remind you you’re is. if it’s a person, he’ll kiss you in front of them. if he’s really jealous he might slip his hand into your pants and embarrass you in front of them
kisses: how do they act around or with their darling?
marko doesn’t act much different than he normally does.  he has two moods: playful and sadistic. obviously he wants you to like him, but when you continually deny him he gets scary. 
love letters: how would they go about courting or approaching their darling?
marko would approach you similarly to paul. he’ll throw several flirtations your way and hope one catches. he might leave you cute little gifts on your windowsill at night as a surprise in the morning. (this can range anywhere from a rock to a sketch of your sleeping form.)
mask: are their true colors drastically different from the way they act around everyone else?
sort of??  marko is very out going, like paul, however his temper is quicker to rise then paul’s is.  the boys know about his--ahem--Anger Issues, so that’s not much of a secret.  however, if it’s still early on in your Relationship, you might not be aware of this.  when marko snaps for the first time it leaves you permanently scarred, both mentally and physically.
naughty: how would they punish their darling?
lots of painful biting.  he knows how to make it really hurt, he’s had at least a century of practice.  if he wants you to feel true pain, then biting is the way to go
marko doesn’t want to hurt you, but when you continually deny his love (or worse, try to escape) he’s left with no choice.  if you like running away so much then he’ll make a game out of it.  you hide and he’ll seek.  you better hope he doesn’t catch you, because he won’t be nice, and no amount of screaming or crying will make him stop
oppression: how many rights would they take away from their darling?
pretty much everything, but he won’t be obvious about it.  he’ll allow you the illusion of control, but don’t for a second think you have any power in this situation.
patience: how patient are they with their darling?
not very patient.  his short temper will get the better of him.  he can’t understand why you’re so against this--against him.  he loves you, why can’t you love him back?!  marko will lash out at you if it gets to be too much.
quit: if their darling dies, leaves, or successfully escapes, would they ever be able to move on?
it’s extremely unlikely you’d ever actually escape him, but if you did, marko would go into mourning ... even if you’re not dead and you’ve just runaway to new york or somethign
marko will be distraught but he’ll eventually get over it. however, this will take decades and he’ll get emotional over anyone who looks like you—then kill them because it’s not fair he can’t have you anymore.
regret: would they ever feel guilty about abducting their darling? would they ever let their darling go?
stigma: what brought about this side of them (childhood, curiosity, etc)?
this is driven by the vampire instinct to mate. unlike the other boys, he doesn’t have abandonment issues. he willingly ran away from his home and never looked back.
tears: how do they feel about seeing their darling scream, cry, and/or isolate themselves?
at first it’s funny but if it goes on for too long he’ll get mad
unique: would they do anything different from the classic yandere?
he’ll be more sadistic rather than loving when it comes to you. he wants to be kind to you, but you make it so damn difficult
vice: what weakness can their darling exploit in order to escape?
the norm: sunlight and holy water
you could get creative and harm one of his pigeons, but that won’t end well for you if he finds out
wit’s end: would they ever hurt their darling?
all the time.  marko can’t help it, you amplify his emotions tenfold.  that’s why when he first saw you, he didn’t ~like~ you, he loved you.  when you reject him, he’s not upset, he’s furious.  how can you say things like that to him, after everything he’s done for you?!  how can you be so ungrateful?!  it’s easy to forget his strength around you.  he’ll always end up shoving you into the wall a little too hard or breaking your bones.  after the rage subsides, he will apologize, but remind you that it was your fault he lashed out in the first place
xoanon: how much would they revere or worship their darling? to what length would they go to win their darling over?
marko doesn’t worship you. if anything, he’s the type who wants to be worshipped. marko will go to any lengths to make you his but he gets frustrated when you don’t appreciate the effort
yearn: how long do they pine after their darling before they snap?
marko could pine for quite some time before snapping. if you show the slightest inclination of attraction towards him, he’s taking you. if you play hard to get, he’ll play with you—but the moment someone else pops into the picture he’s done playing. you’ve taken it too far and it’s time you learned your place
zenith: would they ever break their darling?
oh, for sure. it’s both intentional and unintentional (no, it doesn’t make sense, but it does to him.) marko loves your fiery spirit but he also wants you to stop being such a bitch.
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onebizarrekai · a year ago
heck I keep forgetting to post this
please read carefully; this relates to certain kinds of fan content creation.
to be completely honest, some culminated experiences from the last few months are making me lean towards ambivalence towards whatever content people feel like creating.
I can’t control other people or tell them what to do, and there are always inevitably people who have different ideas than I do, so I think I really should just back out of all involvement and protest of certain content types.
people have the free will to create and share whatever they want, and even if I don’t agree with it, I can’t force anyone to agree with my own ideals. even if I fear repeated patterns, or people getting hurt, it’s not my business unless that person is directly associated with my personal life. often times, content creation is a hobby, and who am I to tell other people what to do with their time? maybe it’s sort of condescending to walk in and tell strangers how to think, regardless of who’s right or wrong.
that being said, you probably figured out by now that I’m talking about explicit content–I’m not going to monitor it much at all anymore, unless it is incorrectly tagged (aka, it is not properly labeled as explicit, or it is misleading, etc). I will only encourage people to avoid it if they are not legal adults, but if they decide otherwise, I can’t force my own experiences onto them if they decide to choose differently. I might block people if I get really uncomfortable, and that’s it.
similarly, I will not be monitoring who is having explicit content made of them–by that I mainly mean I won’t stop people from making content with underage characters as long as it is tagged as underage, if they really want to. yes, I will likely block people if they make anything distasteful or romanticize anything unhealthy, or if they repeatedly try to get me to talk about things I’m not comfortable with talking about. but yeah, realistically, minors have sex with each other all the time, and while I don’t think it’s in responsible taste, that doesn’t change that the fact of the matter exists–not to mention, on contrary to real life, it’s fiction. it doesn’t help that the laws for legal age varies from country to country.
I will only monitor and ask people to adhere to my requests when it comes to my own content, not yours. if I post explicit content on my ao3 for example, I do not want minors interacting with it.
also, please remember that gore is considered a form of nsfw and I hope that you apply the same tagging sensitivities for it as one would apply to sexual content. I am personally very sensitive to detailed violent content, and I don’t want to come across it by accident, so please be considerate in that regard.
please note that I still hope for the main tags to remain sfw, so please continue keeping it like that. thank you!
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