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#mainstream media
Loki cares about Sylvie's emotional well-being
How many m/f pairings are there that have the male character care about his partner's emotional state or mental health? Its always the other way around.
I never expected Loki to single handedly up the bar for the fictional husbands...
And if anyone deserves the treatment like that it is Sylvie.
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ivyist11 hours ago
Hey gays show support for soljiwan by giving this a like. Video might be unavailable if you鈥檙e not in south korea or have vpn but you can still like it if you have a naver account
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ashdoesfandom3 hours ago
janet (the good place) is the best nonbinary rep in mainstream media and that's the tea
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sawasawako18 hours ago
do you think that your post about people's unwillingness to venture outside of mainstream media applies to music as well (since i know there are a ton of people who exclusively listen to popular songs on tiktok, kpop, radio-friendly songs, etc.) or do you think your argument only applies to the pieces of media listed in your post (books, tv, film)
yeah i think it applies to music too
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holding-onto-the-world19 hours ago
Me finding the dickheads that mercilessly attacked Dev Patel's physical appearance that have hounded him since he was a literal child to the point he refuses to be involved with mainstream media
Tumblr media
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fullpraxisnow3 years ago
How to destroy an informed public:
1) Squeeze the public's ability to take time to question information and think critically.
2) Defund publicly held broadcasting.
3) Flood information channels with misdirection and misinformation.
4) Popularize the idea that every side to an idea, debate, or ideology has at least some claim to legitimacy.
5) Declare knowing right from wrong and fact from fiction is impossible.
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radicalgraff10 months ago
Tumblr media
鈥淣ews: Rich people paying rich people to tell middle class people to blame poor people鈥
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thehairiestfeminist3 years ago
The aspects of feminism currently given voice in pop culture are the most media-friendly ones, the ones that center on heterosexual relationships and marriage, on economic success that doesn't challenge existing capitalist structures, on the right to be desirable yet have bodily autonomy. It doesn't challenge beliefs or processes or hegemonies so much as it offers nips and tucks.
- Andi Zeisler, 'We Were Feminists Once'
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devillikeme4 years ago
When I say I have enough of the 鈥渃hosen one narrative鈥 in media what I actually mean is I have enough of medicore white boys being the chosen one when everyone around them is more competent to do the task.
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serotunein3 years ago
Tumblr media
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phillipschneider26 days ago
Tumblr media
We all know "fact checkers" are really front-groups for big tech and the mainstream media to silence dissent and competition.
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accras4 years ago
鈥淗ollywood is way too quick to pat itself on the back for the smallest and most overdue steps forward when it comes to diversity, inclusion and representation 鈥 and the industry is far, far too quick to let the backsliding begin. And when that backsliding does begin (as it has many times in the past), many who mouth easy platitudes 鈥 instead of doing the real work of increasing the diversity of the industry 鈥 very easily and even reflexively turn a blind eye to the return to the status quo...鈥
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uppityfemale4 years ago
Tumblr media
Donald Trump kicked CNN, the New York Times, and Politico out of the White House briefing today.
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