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#make her feel special

“You have to wake up and smell the coffee beans, ok? You are special, you are you.. the only you that will ever exist in this world, that makes you perfect exactly the way you are. So damn special, you don’t even know..”

So you best be believing right now that makes you a one of a kind, unique kind of beauty that can’t be found anywhere else.. aka special - eUe

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Girls are the specialist thing ever

Treasure her be her friend spend time with her even if not seeing the guys full time but be her full time women are meant to be nurtured with love so that they can be the best mothers ever

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I don’t care what your girl look like, if that’s your girl, you gotta treat her like she’s the sexiest thing on earth!

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Make her feel good about herself, the stars shined for her to exist, she is a wonderful masterpiece of stardust incarnate and there will never be another just like her, she is special, perfect in her own little way, not that of a model like you would like to believe hearing the word perfect, no, she is something else, something far more special, all her strengths, her weaknesses, from her beauty to her every flaw, she is unique, a work of art, something only the cosmos itself could fathom to bring into existence


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This is very important: don’t expect caressing to lead to sex.

Some girls might automatically assume that caressing them means that you want to have sex. This can be an instant turn off to a woman who may not be in the mood or who may be wary that you only like her that way.

  • It helps to caress her a few times a day when you know that you do not want to have sex so that she doesn’t feel as if you are only expecting to have your needs met. You want her to know that you are doing it for her, not for you.
  • Stroke her in the arm or run your fingers through her hair, and don’t automatically head towards private areas! Maybe don’t head toward them at all. For example, you could just gently stroke her wrist or arm while you are watching television together.
  • Caress gently her thighs, make her feel special in a non-sexual scenario. She’ll know she’s important and means a lot to you and will eventually feel more confident towards you.
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Ask her whether it’s okay if you caress her.

There’s no downside to being a gentleman. Girls like it, and then you won’t risk picking up on the wrong cues. To caress a girl, you first need to be trusted and liked by this girl and receiving cues (verbal or via body language) that she wants to be caressed. If the girl does not know you, she probably doesn’t want to be caressed by you. If she asks you to stop, then stop.

  • You can ask the girl if she likes what you are doing, ask her what she’d like you to do, or ask her to coach you and put your hands where she wants them. This can make her feel more comfortable by showing that you are open to her requests and boundaries.
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Consider your relationship.

Whether or not you should caress a girl depends on the type of relationship you have with the girl. Think about your relationship with her before you start caressing her.

  • Consider the duration of the relationship. If she tries to spend time with you, if you’re exclusive or have been dating for some time, and if you have intimate conversations, it will be easier to caress her. The level of acceptable caressing is related to how intimate you are. As intimacy increases, so do opportunities for caressing.
  • If you are in the early stages of getting to know a girl, but have established some level of trust, a first gesture could be reaching out to touch her hand or her arm. Every girl is different in the physical category of relationships. You want to study her personality before you decide where or whether to touch her.
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Consider the setting.

There are some types of caressing that are appropriate for a public setting, while others are not. Your girl might feel uncomfortable if you try to touch her in certain ways around other people or in public. If you’re in public, then you will want to vary your approach.

  • If you take a girl to the movies, hold her hand and rub circles on her palm. It’s a small thing that will probably feel good to her.
  • What is appropriate is contextual. If you are walking down the street together, gently touching her elbow or the small of her back as you usher her across a street or through a doorway is great first contact. The next time, simply slide your hand gently up her back or along her arm before releasing your touch.
  • She will probably be more open to a caress in a private setting, such as your home or hers.
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