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#make it happen
frankly-idgad · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
As someone who really enjoyed this movie, I hope this style does indeed comeback because it’s a dying art. And it just looks so good on the big screen ❤️
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lena-in-a-red-dress · 29 days ago
Or what if, in order to take Lena out of the fight and even the playing field for Nyxly, Lex abducts Lena one night. Lena's shoved into the same room as Esme.
Esme throws herself tearfully against Lena's legs, and Lena just scoops her up and holds her, for ages and ages. When Esme's finally falls asleep, Lena sets about breaking them out.
Her signal watch is gone, and her magic is nullified, but that isn't Lena's true strength anyway. She hacks her way out of the room, and she takes Esme to try and escape Lex's bunker. When they're caught, Lena puts herself between Lex and Esme. She won't let Lex ruin another little girl.
But when Lex fires his gun at Lena-- because he's totally not above killing her-- the love totem activates and a shield emanates from Esme and envelopes them both. Because Esme loves Lena, and she protects the ones she loves.
Lena uses the distraction to scoop Esme up and run. They end up on a cliffside, and faced with a deathly drop and Lex's nefarious plans, Lena takes a deep breath. She looks at Esme. Esme looks at her.
"Do you trust me?" Lena asks her.
Esme nods.
Lena nods back, and hugs Esme close. She takes a deep breath, and plunges them both off the side of side of the cliff.
"SUPERGIRL!" she bellows, at the top of her lungs.
It's a harrowing plunge, and Lena can only hug Esme closer and close her eyes against the rapidly approaching ground. The next thing Lena knows, warms arms are around her, slowing their descent. Lena pries open her eyes, and chokes out a breath of relief at the sight of Kara's wide blue eyes.
"You found us," she gasps unnecessarily.
Kara nods, as stunned as she is. "Yeah," she says. "I just... knew."
Esme peeks out of Lena's arms, hugging her zebra tight. "Can we go home now?"
Lena gives Kara a small smile. "Yeah... can we go home?"
Kara nods. "Yeah. Let's go home."
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astaticworld · 11 months ago
like once a month i get very very upset that i cannot watch my favorite fan fictions. no i do not want to watch the witcher. i would like to watch the fan fictions where they kiss.
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meanqueer-witch · 12 days ago
I wanna read a Merlin fic where after about a century of waiting Merlin gets fed up, and starts trying to bring Arthur back himself. He starts screwing around with the lake, then he remembers that in a time of great need, Arthur would come back. So, Merlin starts using his magic to create a few problems. Just small stuff first, maybe a natural disaster or two, but when nothing happens after like, another century or so, he starts to get desperate. His powers grow, and the problems he causes start to get worse and worse. Maybe about once a century or so he starts a plague or something, who knows. Each time he does something, he does feel bad, but it’s for Arthur. Arthur needs him, and he’s doing this to bring Arthur back, so how bad can it be? Soon he does something so bad that Arthur does come back, and they have their happy reunion, but they soon realize that Merlin is the reason he came back, and not in a good way. Merlin is the reason that this is the time of Albion’s greatest need.
Friends to enemies to lovers, maybe slowburn, angst, 50k words. Make it happen tumblr.
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opbackgrounds · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
It is a sin that Toei ruined the Davy Back Fight with filler hell but didn’t do a slice of life episode of Luffy and Aokiji helping Tonjit pack
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india422 · a month ago
The day Taron Egerton or Richard Madden get to host SNL is the day I will find the true meaning of life.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
But I feel like Richard would get the opportunity anyways because of the new Marvel movie.
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angeltiddies · a month ago
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forcearama · 3 months ago
If we're gonna be cranking out like a zillion High Republic things over the next while, can they make a comic that is just the World's Most Relatively Average Day at the Jedi Temple?? I don't need people in capes standing in a stiff wind with a dramatic John Williams Soundtrack fighting the forces of Eeeeevil, I want "everyone hustling to be first in line for Pizza Day in the cafeteria", or "first day of the new school year where a bunch of younglings stand around in their cute baby backpacks", or "look, someone superglued the Council Room door shut as a prank, and we all know it was Yoda, and we're all gonna stand around the corner watching one Master after another try and fail to open the door for 6 hours", or something 😂
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acreativenamewastaken · 11 months ago
Not me picturing Philza teaching baby Techno the violin as a way to release his anger and Techno playing it to soothe Tommy and Wilbur
Not me picturing Tommy or Ghostbur out in the snow, lost and alone, but hearing that same soothing violin so filled with sadness and anger and instantly following the sound to find Techno lamenting his loneliness
Not me picturing Tommy Techno and Phil having their own little funeral for Wilbur and Techno solemnly playing the violin to soothe his deceased brothers soul
Not me desperately wanting Techno playing the violin to be canon in the SMP
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peraltiagos-toitnups · 3 months ago
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thebeatlephenomenon · a month ago
Okay pixar used David Bowie's starman for the new lightyear movie trailer. Which means they are now obligated to use ONLY David Bowie songs for the duration of the movie soundtrack excluding the score
Otherwise... what's the f**king point
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totem-of-ungaying · 4 months ago
Self indulgent thoughts but what if Eret joined Wilbur's side now that he's revived. Like she just hangs out with him and Tommy now because she wants to like. Just be on Wilbur's side again, simply to Not be his enemy.
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opbackgrounds · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
This isn’t quite one of those lies that end up coming true, but I really hope somewhere in Skypiea there’s a strapping young warrior training in the art of the rubber band
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ceruleanmage · 5 months ago
Misato already calls futaba shotaro
Shotaro has told misato to be needy
Misato has now told shotaro to be needy
All we need now is for shotaro to call misato ryoya and then the cycle is complete and I can rest easy
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silverlin29 · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
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