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we-could-call-it-love · 5 months ago
Make me feel...
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euesworld · 5 months ago
"When I think of you, it's hard not to think of your gorgeous smile.. so hard, but I think of how kind and soft you are even when you are so strong. I think of how your voice is as gentle as a soft little breeze and it softly touches my soul like a hurricane of bliss kissing me in ways that I could never dream.. the lips of a goddess are quite simply a soft kindness that grace you with her tender happiness when you do right by her, they sweetly kiss your body in ways that heal the very skin that they touch.. gentle erotic sensations swirl on your sexy flesh, but I regress.. it's hard not to.. when I think of you, I think of beautiful mountain views and bodies in space beyond the realm of beauty into the spectacular, breathless, vivid, timeless, perfection. Sweet, sweet perfection that lights up your face when you look at me.. when you touch my soul like I matter more than anything in the world, you make me feel. FEEL. You make me feel so many things, but what I love most is that you make me feel as if I am living in a tiny heartbeat, a soft breath.. you make me feel alive, so alive. Every time that I think of you, my heart beats in tandem with the universe, planets, stars, constellations.. they all align into perfection, cause you are a goddess.. you are perfection.. and you are the love of my life."
How could I not worship the places where your hands touch, those beautiful hands are connected to your amazing heart - eUë
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secndlife · 20 days ago
make me feel: an announcement
hi, hello! 
this is not an easy post to write considering everything that lead to it, but oh well.
for personal reasons, i’ve decided to discontinue make me feel’s sequel. i know a lot of you have been expecting it for a while now, so i know it must be disappointing. i won’t say sorry, because i don’t think this is a sorry situation. i’ve decided this for me, and i did it in order to move on with my writing.
i’ve been invested in this universe for a pretty long time, but didn’t manage to keep on writing it. in several ways, i often came back to it, and, when i couldn’t write something related to it, i didn’t write at all. i miss writing and, in order to move forward, i need to give this story a closure.
it will for sure not be the closure i intended or wanted. i wanted to write it all. part 2 would end in soonyoung’s proposal plan and part 3 would be all about their wedding, and then it would end. but i just don’t have it in me. things happen. things change. but i guess that’s the beauty of it. i can turn this into whatever i want because it’s something made by me. 
so in order to give myself (and you guys) this closure, i’ve decided that i’ll post about 5 separate scenes i have written that i really like and that i’m very proud of in some sort of memoir? and then the final post will be their wedding vows, which is something i always said i wanted to write.
everything i plan on posting is written and basically ready to go at this point. so expect them to start being uploaded probably by friday.
i also wanted to take this opportunity to thank every single one of you that took the time to read make me feel. like i said, this story is very dear to my heart and it was, for a very long time, one of my few sources of pride. i’ll be forever grateful for the response this fic got. i’ve said it before, but posting content has a lot to do with the response it gets, and the response make me feel got was breathtaking and overwhelming. it made me genuinely happy. it made me feel like a writer. so thank you, a million times thank you. i loved every ask, every reblog and every tag.
thank you guys for giving me this, for the support and for your patience. 
dunno how writing will be from now on for me, but hope you’ll enjoy it nonetheless.
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closet-keys · a year ago
the queer imagery of feeling up another version of yourself..
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cluelesspigeons · a year ago
The second prompt for the hp pride fest by the lovely @girlwithacrown on Instagram! You can find the post here.
The song’s ‘Make Me Feel’ by Janelle Monae
It’s a little late (almost a week) but sshhtt, you know nothing.
Also, an enormous thank you to the amazing @nv-md for beta-reading this!!! :))
Little cw: cursing and mentions of cigarettes and alcohol
The Way You Make Me Feel
People were dancing and singing on the streets below, the orange-yellow hue of the streetlights making everything look ethereal. It was Harry’s favourite time of the day. He had just eaten a delicious home-cooked meal and was now relaxing with a glass of wine on the balcony, enjoying the slightly off-key French songs filtering up from the crowds below. The iron railing of the balcony was adorned with wisteria, the sweet smell filling his nose.
Yes, moving to France was definitely one of the best decisions he had made. Well, he and Draco had made the decision together.
Draco had come up with the idea, one day. They had been standing on their balcony back in London, quite the same way as Harry was doing now, with expensive glasses of wine in their hands and lit cigarettes between their fingers.
Draco had blurted it out, apropos of nothing, just at the moment Harry had taken a sip from his wine. “I think we should move to France.”
Harry had choked, Draco actually having to pat him on the back as he was gasping for air. “Moving?” he had managed to squeak between coughs. “To France?”
Still patting Harry’s back, Draco nodded. “Yeah,” he said, “I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time, you know.”
“Then what…” Harry had coughed again “What brought this up now?”
“I don’t know… I just—I just imagined us standing on a balcony like this, in a small village in the south of France. It would be so much better than living in this disgustingly busy city.”
Harry had straightened again, taking a small sip of his wine to clear his throat. “Well…”
“You don’t have to decide right now”, Draco had said quickly, taking a drag from a freshly lit cigarette, “I know it’s not an easy decision…”
Smiling softly, Harry had shaken his head, entwining his fingers with Draco’s. “I’ll think about it.” He had brought Draco’s knuckles up to his mouth and placed a loving kiss on top of them.
It had taken Harry 3 months to think it over, eventually deciding that, yes, moving to France wasn’t that bad of an idea.
Draco had been delighted when Harry told him, rambling on and on about a cosy apartment he had found in a small village. He had wanted to move as soon as possible.
And so they had.
Taking a deep breath, Harry took another sip of his wine, swirling the liquid in his mouth before swallowing. It had been two years now. Two years of them living in that cosy apartment Draco had talked to about. And two years of Harry very slowly learning how to communicate with the locals. Though he would never be as fluent as Draco, his French had improved immensely. At least now, he could ask for the right bread at the bakery.
“Je voudrais un pain complet, s’il vous plaît.”
Draco had taught him the little phrase. And it was only after rehearsing for what felt like a thousand times, that Harry could finally pronounce it the correct way.
“Honestly, Draco,” he had complained, one day, after he had repeated the phrase for the tenth time, “whose idea was it to just throw every weird sound you can make with your mouth together and call it a language?”
Draco had only laughed, shaking his head as he muttered something under his breath Harry couldn’t quite catch. They practiced almost every day after that. Seeing as almost no one in the village spoke English, Draco had deemed it absolutely necessary for Harry to learn French. Even if Draco had concluded Harry was a completely useless student.
How Harry had survived seven years in Hogwarts, Draco didn’t know.
“What are you thinking about, darling?” Arms wound themselves around Harry’s waist, a pointy chin resting on his shoulder.
Harry leaned back against a sturdy chest. “Hmmm… just thinking about our French lessons.”
Draco snorted next to Harry’s ear. “I don’t understand how you’re so bad at learning the language.”
“Well, not everyone had the privilege of speaking more than one language while growing up.”
Another group of people passed on the street below, their drunken giggles filling the warm evening air. Harry closed his eyes, letting his head fall back on Draco’s shoulder. “I could go for a little walk, right now.”
“Of course you could,” Draco’s lips brushed the side of Harry’s neck, “you and your strange midnight walks.”
Harry rolled his eyes, turning around in Draco’s embrace. “You love going on midnight walks with me.” He wiggled his eyebrows as he leaned closer. “It’s romantic.”
Grimacing, Draco shook his head. “You’re an absolute sap.” He ignored Harry’s lips curling into one of those far too smug smiles. “It’s disgusting.”
“Mhm”, Harry turned to place his empty glass on the small table, “let’s go for that walk then.”
He stepped out of Draco’s embrace. But before he could go inside Draco stopped him. “Wait! Harry, I…”
Harry turned back, a frown crossing his face. “Draco…?”
Draco was still standing on the balcony, his silvery blond hair gleaming in the light of the street below. He was staring at Harry, a look in his eyes that hadn’t been there in months. His hands were clasped in front of him, though Harry thought he could see them shaking slightly.
“Draco, what’s going on?” Harry took a step closer, one of his hands reaching out to Draco.
But Draco shook his head. “Nothing is going on”, he said softly, “I just…I need to tell you something.”
Harry’s frown deepened as he watched Draco run a shaking hand through his hair. This wasn’t about what he thought, right? Not after the lovely evening they had had so far? Harry had cooked them a delicious meal and Draco had brought home a fine French wine. They had had a comfortable candle-lit dinner, talking about their days, making plans for the weekend.
Surely, this couldn’t be the moment Draco decided he had enough of their relationship…
“I’ve been thinking about this for a while”, Draco began. He wasn’t looking at Harry now. “I— oh, I don’t know how to say this.”
“Draco,” Harry closed the distance between them, ignoring the slight tremble in his hands as he cupped Draco’s face between them, “you know you can tell me everything. We’re a team, remember?”
Draco nodded. “Yeah, yeah, I know.” He smiled softly when Harry’s thumb started stroking his cheekbone. “I just… I repeated this so many times in my head. I don’t want to mess this up.”
“You won’t.”
“You don’t know that!”
Harry raised an eyebrow.
“Okay, okay.” Taking a deep breath, Draco met Harry’s gaze. “There’s something about the way you make me feel”, he took another deep breath.
“All of those feelings I’ve got, I can’t explain it. I know I sometimes second guess your intentions, even after all these years we’ve been together. But we’ve come so far and I sometimes find myself wondering if this…” Draco gestured around him, “if this whole life isn’t some kind of joke, some kind of dream. I’m scared I’ll wake up one day and everything will be gone.”
Shaking his head, Harry opened his mouth to protest but Draco put a finger against his lips, silencing him.
“I’m not done quite yet”, he smiled. “As I was saying, you make me feel powerful, Harry. Whenever you’re by my side, I feel like I can take on the whole world. So that’s why…”, Draco fumbled for something in one of his trouser pockets, “that’s why… hold on a moment, I can’t find what I’m looking for.”
A frown had appeared between his eyebrows as he frantically patted his pockets. “Oh Merlin, where the hell is it?”
“What are you looking for?” Harry asked. He had taken a few steps backwards to give Draco some space whilst he searched for whatever it was he was looking for.
“The whole point of what I’m trying to say!” Draco exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air. “I think I’ve lost it… oh Merlin, I’ve actually lost it!” He ran his hands through his hair, tugging at the blond locks. “I can’t believe I managed to fuck things up—”
“You didn’t fuck anything up, Draco.”
“—Normally, you’re the one to lose things or screw everything up—”
“—What am I going to do now?”
Harry stepped forward again, taking Draco's hands out of his hair and entwining their fingers together. “Calm down, love”, he said gently, “everything’s fine. You didn’t mess anything up.”
“Yes, I did!” Draco exclaimed. “I messed up the perfect opportunity to bloody propose to you! And it’s all my fault! How could I be so stupid?”
“Wait”, Harry put up a hand to stop Draco from talking, his eyes as wide as saucers, “you were going to propose?”
Draco stared at Harry, a muscle in his jaw twitching and then…
“Bloody, fucking hell!” Draco exclaimed loudly, throwing his hands in the air before letting his head fall into his hands. “I can’t actually believe myself! Could this get any worse?!”
Still slightly baffled, Harry answered, “I could always say no.”
Draco peeked out from between his fingers. “Not helping, Potter.”
Harry chuckled then, peeling Draco’s hands away from his face and leaning in to place a soft kiss on his lips. “If it helps you at all,” he whispered, “I would gladly marry you.”
“But I didn’t give you a ring…”
“I don’t care about the ring, Draco. All I care about is that you actually want to marry me.”
“You do?”
“Yes, of course!” Harry placed a kiss on the palm of Draco’s hand. “The most important thing is that I love my sappy boyfriend enough to marry him, don’t you think?”
“Don’t call me that”, Draco said, rolling his eyes, though Harry could see a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. “I can’t believe this actually didn’t go the way I intended.”
Harry shrugged, pulling Draco closer so they were standing chest to chest. “You got what you wanted, right?”
The smile now fully spread across Draco’s face. “Well, yes. Yes, I did.”
“Good”, Harry said, and closed the small distance between them, his lips lovingly caressing Draco’s.
Draco wrapped his arms around Harry’s neck, making a satisfied noise in the back of his throat.
When Harry pulled back eventually, he was smiling broadly. “How about that walk now?” he asked. “A little midnight walk with your fiancé.”
Read it on ao3
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riberrypie · 9 months ago
Every autumn you should have the one thing: the Harry Potter therapy
Tumblr media
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poppapeasy · 3 months ago
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1hyunjae · 4 months ago
I dont like it when my friends think that im incapable of finding love....... Its okay when i think and say that but pls do not think that gives you the right to do the same thing.....
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borrowingpoetry · 4 months ago
“Baby, don't make me spell it out for you all of the feelings that I've got for you,”
Song: Make Me Feel
Lyrics by: Janelle Monáe Robinson
Artist: Janelle Monáe
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lovestereo · 2 years ago
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inmyfuckingmind · 9 months ago
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euesworld · 10 months ago
"Give my soul the thunder of your passion and make me truly feel you, I want the uncensored version of you.."
Just be you.. that's what I want, be real with me - eUë
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secndlife · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
i hope y’all know this is mmf soonyoung
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miscmabel · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I mean wowza 
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gwydionmisha · 12 months ago
Janelle Monáe – Make Me Feel
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riberrypie · 9 months ago
Autumn makes me feel alive
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coraleeannibal · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
janelle monae, make me feel (2020), march 29 2020
redo & progress of a piece i did in 2019. you can see the comparison here: https://ko-fi.com/i/IM4M51XLHW
if you like what i post, please consider sending me a tip on ko-fi!: https://ko-fi.com/leeannibal
society6: https://society6.com/product/make-me-feel3234361_framed-print?sku=s6-16692252p21a12v65a13v54
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lunas-worlds-blog · 2 years ago
"Sometimes you can't explain what you see in a person. It's just the way they take you to a place where no one else can."
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katerinacherie · 10 months ago
She used to be my strength
My only feeling stirring about, in the numbness.
In the hardened shell I’ve cast around myself as protection.
The only feeling I’d let myself feel in the hollow shack I’d been living in..
She could shield me so—
I didn’t have to be vulnerable.
To anger at the dropping of a pen.
Everyone’s feet were blistered from walking on the eggshells that follow wherever I’d lead.
I knew I wasn’t happy… but at least I was something?
Girl, how you’ve grown to know yourself, to love yourself.
In those first ever months my life wasn’t a constant battle with people I care about…
I felt free, finally.
I cultivate harmony in my life and yet my sharp tongue prevents me from getting close to people; no, it’s so they won’t get close to me.
It’s not because I’m bad, I am actually quite kind.
But because I’m like a fucking porcelain doll; I crack easily and all it would take is one drop—shattered or a drop and my shards draw blood.
Now she’s come for me, she disrupts my peace.
With a target on my abdomen, she shoots her arrow with precision, piercing.
Creating a black hole that sucks my heart into my ass.
For months I’ve been relaxing, and she has been hibernating.
I have been hiding her, well might I add.
Only for her to claw her way to my forefront when I finally care about someone.
She came for me, and although I didn’t fully give into her call I felt it again.
The power in the rage.
I haven’t been letting myself feel anything for anyone and yet I felt her, like a lightning bolts’ electrical current shaking the soft insides I’ve sorted inside the hardened shell over the past months.
My face, stone cold.
My lips, a thin down turned line.
My heart POUNDING.
My soul. Yearning to be free.
A one woman show. Preservation.
I don’t want to care about anyone so much that one thing can determine a whole mood for an entire day.
So babe, I know you’re out there. Unless you’re someone that will never EVER make my fury wake, make me cry.
I love my peace, my harmony.
I love how far I’ve come and the life I have built for myself thus far.
There’s pieces of myself I never got to explore while I was always with a companion, a friend 24/7 — CODEPENDENCY.
I’ve always relied on others to bring me the joy and love that I want,
When really I bring those to myself in my every day life now. I do not require SOME-ONE, other then ME.
I would however love to be surrounded by loving, caring, nurturing, fun people that also have found their happiness inside themselves and are excited to be happy beside me— experimenting, experiencing and loving wholly.
That dream ^ is where she will stay at bay..
Trust in the vision, on what is in your heart whilst it is in your chest.
And so mote it be sweet child,
The Endless Universe♾
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theworstkindofforgetful · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
(2017 me was not okay lmao)
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