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#make ugly shit

gave in and tried listening to that stupid “hes just not that into you” show and yeesh officially cured of any melancholy over not dating much, why are people so mean, why does no one be just straight forward about relationships??? Why? my mom threw this book at me while i was in high school as if it would magically turn me into something she wanted me to be and i kept refusing to read it. i was not missing much apparently. ugh too much time to listen to things i start getting desperate on ntflx. anyone got suggestions?

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my reply to my last ask sounds so rude, i’m sorry nonnie i didn’t meant to reply in a rude way :/ the situation with gif stealing makes me a bit upset and the two solutions i had were either stop doing gifs or watermarking, in the end i went with watermarking bc i love making gifs and i don’t want to stop doing them and since i can’t stop anyone from stealing them i better put my name on it so people know who made it at least :/

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“You end up sleeping with a bunch of em” *laughs in ugly virgin* I can confidently say that that would never happen. I probably couldn’t pay someone to sleep with me. Hell, I’ve never even been kissed unless we count a super awkward preteen kiss from a guy who ended up realizing he was gay and was just as socially awkward as I am. He was sweet, but our lips barely even touched. So yeah. I’m probably going to die a virgin over here.

jsjdkskskskskakksa hey I mean you never know what the future brings my love, I was a very well behaved horse girl when I grew up, now I’m a very stupid alcoholic bitch that screws around with people that she should definitely not screw around with, and still a horse girl

but in all seriousness maybe it’s not nice to be a virgin but I got the slut stamp on my forehead so who’s the real loser here? 🤡🤠

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but i fuckin love the album!! totally worth the wait! and dude, i suck at picking favorites - i can never pick just one above the rest JKSL-SD:FGKJDFS 

The Eternal definitely has that special spot in my heart tho, ON hits most of my aesthetics, UGH! is the rapline song i’ve been dreaming of since the last cypher, Louder Than Bombs gives me chills, Respect is so fun and threw me back to the era i became an ARMY!!

Inner Child, My Time, Moon & Friends have such a sincere vibe and made me cry a lil - and Filter obviously ended my entire career as a Jimin stan,

00:00 is one of those songs like Magic Shop to me? it’s a very comforting one and the boys’ vocals just add to the magic -

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