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Have you ever seen a more summer palette?

Hi guys,

I wanted to show you the newest edition to my Jeffree Star palette family …. the Mini Jawbreaker palette!!! So today I’ve going to be chatting you through the palette, first impressions and designs of the packaging and tomorrow I’ll be posting a video of me using the palette and showing you two very different looks.

I originally wasn’t too sure about the original jawbreaker palette because it was very bright and neon but when I saw the Mini palette I was obsessed. The palette is £27.00 and is a gorogeojs mixture of purple, pink and organge tones which are my favourite colourful shades to play with. Now obviously this palette is still very bright but these are the perfect colours for me to be comfortable doing a bright look with. The glitters in the palette look so gorgeous I’m excited to use them as centre highlight shades.

Now we have to chat packaging because I’m obsessed with it!! The design is basically colour splatters all over the packaging and the outer box is a gorgeous neon green which I’m obsessed with an then the palette itself is white and both packages have the colour splatters everywhere. The theme of this collection was colour so I think they nailed the design of the packaging. I’m so excited to come up with some colourful looks using this palette and like I said tomorrow I’ll be posting a video I filmed using this palette to make two very different eye looks so check that out tomorrow.

Lots of love

Bella x x

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These are the eyeshadow palettes will be using this month. I really enjoy doing this because I get to use these palettes and play with different colors. This month I get to play with new and old palettes. I’m excited to be using the Gemini palette and playing with some palettes that I haven’t for a awhile. I know I added five palettes this time but I will keep it to four for the next month. 

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