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Top 5 of my favourit Makeup products that won’t leave a big dent in your Portmonnait

Hey flowers! I currently work in a 3 Year long apprenticeship in a boutique. I absolutely love makeup and fashion, problem is, that I am living on a budget. I can’t really go out in a rainbow cut crease, so I have to rely on a more natural looks. I can’t really spent my money for fancy brands or pricy makeup. Mostly I rely on drugstore brands like Essence or Catrice. Which in most time are pretty much hit or miss. So here I have Top 5 favourits that I use basically everyday. (Also most of them are Essence, Catrice and Maybelline) Also I was so tempted to write by falloutboy just because of the huge freaking title)

1. Essence, Colour Boost Liquide Lipstick, in the colour mad about matte

I don’t really know the price. Since I have it for a long time. But this little thing is my absolute favourit. This colour looks absolutely gorgous. The liquid lipstick looks a little more brownish red on my brown skin. But on my friends skin it looks a little reddish. It goes more into the Bordeaux colour spectrum. I have this lipstick in all my bags and let me tell you. This f*cker stays on your lips from morning 8am till 5pm in the evening. I had to only apply it once or twice throughout the day. It’s very lightweight.


Source: The Image is from Google from the blogger Bibi Fashionable

2. Maybelline, Super Stay Matte Ink

This Lipstick also has its perk of staying on your lips very long. Also you can snog the hell out of your partner without their face being full with lipstick. The one con about this lipstick is, that it is very dry on your lips and you additionally have to but on lip balm over it. Also it gets a little messy removing it with your wipe.


source: Google images (also stood there that it was from Pinterest)

3. The essence Eyeshadow in the colour shameless

I wanted to try out a good pinkish eyeshadow that was pigment. Let me tell you this little thing is freaking pigmented. I would say it is around 4 to 5 bucks depending on where you live.


source: Google images

4. Catrice Cosmetics The Spicy Rust Collection Shadow Palette

Before I had the time to explore more eyeshadow looks and colours I would always have three looks. Rose tones for a romantic look. Nude tones for a natural look. And rust tones for a more glamorous look. I used the Spicy Rust a lot for my rose-coloured eyeshadow looks. It’s very buildable and pigmented.


source: google images (ebay)

5. Essence, Volume Stylist Lash Extension Mascara

I really enjoy this on. I have pretty short lashes. But this mascara works some magic on my lashes it’s also around 3 to 4 bucks. I don’t really have to say a lot about it since this is seriously, next to the butterfly mascara from loreal, the only mascara I have that I really enjoy.


source: Google images (

Make up is very subjective so I do understand if there are some of the products you don’t like. Also if you have some constructive criticism I would be happy about it. We can learn from each other right? Have a lovely day and until next time!



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I have so many mixed feelings about makeup. I don’t want to wear makeup because there’s so much societal pressure for women to do so. But it looks pretty and I feel cut off from a large part of my gender experience if I don’t. But I’m lazy and the feeling cut off part just results in me feeling pissy that I feel excluded because of something that superficial. ARGH!

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