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uhhh jjk manga spoilers below!! idk how to hide it!!!
gorgeous gorgeous girls fight curses and barely (don't) live through it
this isn't canon obvi i just like pretending that nobara and maki are happy
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Got that hot Kakashi/Maki/Bakugo shirt
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as yours (ii); troublemakers
Tumblr media
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: sukuna ryomen x afab! reader
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝𝐬: 1,730
𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭: fluff, comedy(?), college au, mention of gang fighting/ involvement, sprinkle of angst (future updates), idk what I might miss.
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲:  "as a child, you have harbor a massive crush on Itadori Yuji; it wasn't until that college happened you dared to ask him. Trying to give him a letter, the one who you ended up giving to was no other than his no-good twin brother, Sukuna Ryomen."
chapter 1 ✿ chapter 3
Tumblr media
A few days passed, and you were still feeling slumped over the note is taken. You were walking to college with Maki and Nobara, who were lagging, whispering about the newest thing, and then giggling at one another. After arriving from the train station, you guys hit up at a local cafe around your college area for morning breakfast and proceed on.
Nearing the college gate, you see Megumi's car approach. “Hey! Megumi!” You wave at your friend who came out trying to tell his father off to stop embarrassing him. You only saw Megumi's dad from time, and have been to Megumi's home for school projects back in high school (and even till now). You have to boot that he's a good-looking dad even tho he's married and is in his forties with strands of grey hair donning his upcoming age. Even his mom and older sister are beautiful too; you had to guess that good looks run in the family.
Megumi mumbled a small ‘hi’ while shooting his father a final glare. “Oh, hey there, kiddo!” Toji greeted you with a smile that had a scar dash down at the corners of his lips, “Take care of that troublemaker, would you?” He gives you a hearty laugh with a wave, and you return it right back. You drag the boy by the arm, and Toji snickers before driving off.
When Maki and Nobara arrived at the gate with you and Megumi, a commotion was going at the front of the bulletin board. A bunch of students was chattering loudly among themselves and to each other. They were trying to see the latest news. You didn't bother much unless it was necessary about upcoming exams and important notice. Turning away for a second, something in bright red caught your peripheral view; on the board was a note, not just any message, but it mimicked your handwriting in a big font. Not to mention it sums up what's in the letter too!
From the deepest part of my heart, I hope you accept my sincere love and be my boyfriend since I have liked you for a long time, ever since we were children.
                                             Sincerely yours truly, (Name)”]
A hot and cold flash ran through your body as you weaved through the crowds like a madman. Going to the front, you tore off the paper from the board, feeling your face might explode from any second now. You freed yourself from the crowd and went to look for that despicable man!
Tumblr media
Sukuna, who skips the morning halls lecture as always, was humming a familiar tune. He listened to as a kid. Sukuna stopped when he heard rapid footsteps approaching his confined space; a wide grin made across his face like a Cheshire cat.
“Sukuna!” Your voice echoed into the room when you slammed the door open with rage, that it could've fallen off its hinges if there were more forces. Looking at the man who sleeps his life away, you point an accusing finger at him. “You!” Stomping to him angrily, he looks up at you, then down, scanning your chintzy form like you just got back from fighting for your life, hair disarray, and clothes slightly underhand. “W-Why did you have to post this bullshit upon the board?! Did taking my note is not enough for you?”
“This?” Sukuna pulled the confession out of his front pocket, waving it. Even though it had been with him for a few days, the paper was already damaged beyond repair by Sukuna. “I thought I should just amuse myself.”
A scoff came from you, “Your humor is broken as your personality.” Sarcasm rolling off your lips, you snatched the letter out of his hand and threw the other one already crumpled up in your hand. “You think copying the letter and making it yours is funny?”
Sukuna lets out a low charming chuckle (that could make his fangirls swoon) while he swings himself upon the makeshift bed; he props an arm to his leg while his jaw rests on his knuckles. “I already told you if it's not funny, I wouldn't have pulled the stunt. Plus, you're falling for a boy who views you as nothing but a friend for the longest time.”
A frown appears on your face; you overlapped your arms over one another, feeling one of your feet itching to kick him down a notch. “You don't know that,” speaking with confidence, you're not going to let a man like Sukuna bring down your affections for Yuji. “Quit acting like you're high and almighty; it's stupid and irritating. Just because you can pull anyone to your side doesn't mean they truly love you; they're just infatuated with you.”
“Ouch,” Sukuna feigned a hurt look before mocking you, “even if all the girls who had been in between my sheets may not love me, I can say that I'd wanted more than one way, unlike you.” A look of disgust flash across your face. Sukuna, extend a free hand out, pull one of your belt loops holes with his finger, and give it a firm tug that makes you tumble to him unexpectedly. Your hands fall upon Sukuna's shoulder for supports, the proximity between you shortened suddenly, “Another thing I could say to Yuji is that he's truly missing out though,” he looks at you with those glimmers rosy eyes, “you may not notice, but you're my type.” 
‘What in the actual fuck?’ Trying to pull back, you thought that Sukuna's jokes just got worse as he aged. “What a funny joke. Are you aiming to be a comedian? Maybe you should get it since you're a fucking joke.” Pushing him off, he lets you go without much of a fight.
“Suit yourself,” was all he said. 
You walk away about a reasonable distance, not before turning around to flip him off, then hold your chin high.
Outside the door, someone lingers unknowingly. Listening.
Tumblr media
After school hits and your group decides to hit the library, Panda and Inumaki finally show up after being swamped for days. Megumi works diligently on his history paper, Nobara flipping through her fashion magazine while Maki hangs around after revising her English papers. Panda and Inumaki were making origamis when they only worked for ten minutes and only called quit later.
And you, you were reading the same line for the eighth time before huffing a tired groan, rubbing your temples in stress. Closing the textbook, you slump in your chair and look up at the high ceiling of the library. Rays of cupids were painted across the vast top, with a baby blue background and clouds.
“You were the talk of the day (Name),” Maki mentioned, and an exasperated cry left your throat; you don't want to remember what happened in the early hours, “rumors about you already started flying. It wasn't the pleasant kind.”
“I thought that I would pass through college like a breeze, but here I am caught up in fraudulent rumors….” You quietly take a deep breath, “Why do people have so much time to come up with things about me? They could've donated those time to my lack of sleep and deadline extension.”
“You do remember about that Minori or Minomi person, right?” Maki asks, and you look to the side, trying to find a piece of memory about that person with that name in your head. “The one you got into a fistfight during freshman year in high school.”
Then it clicked, “Oh, you mean that pompous sassy little lady?” You turn your body towards Maki; now, an old face resurfaces into your head. Minomi, a girl back in high school who mistakes Yuji for Sukuna and starts ridiculing him, and it gets in your nerve that you ended up giving her a few punches to her face when she was insulting and making fun of him for being the ‘no-good’ half. You didn't regret what you did, but you would give her a few more if you could turn back time. “What about her?”
“Heard that she's the head of Sukuna's fan club,” Maki told you. While you don't know how this adds up, “She runs a large following online Twitter and Instagram for daily news.”
“And?” You raise a brow at the woman sitting across from you.
“She wants you gone.”
That makes a laugh rise out of you as you slap a hand over your mouth, surprised. The librarian over the desk shoots your table a glare, and you nod your head apologetically towards her.
The door to the library opened with a slammed which caught the attention of everyone in the vicinity, and lord behold, a woman who was a bit a tad shorter than the rest of your group and you, walk furiously towards you. Their coiled pigtails bounce behind them with each rapid movement.
“That's her,” Maki used a hand to cup her mouth and whisper to you without moving her lips as her eyes were glued to the sassy child.
“She's still short as I remember,” you whisper right back.
“I thought that after high school, I would have never to see you again,” she spoke with a condescending tone. Once she's up to you, her face is blocked by your chest as you look down on her.
Without warning or sign, no one saw it coming when she stood on her tiptoes and extended her arm back before swinging it forward, and a loud slap echoed around the room. Your friends and even you were shocked because it came so fast that you thought this was her way of getting back at it for all those years when you fought her Chihuahua stature.
“Stay away from him!” Minomi pronounces before turning away and walking out of the room, pushing a student out of the way.
“Well, I'll be damn…” You give the group a look before rubbing your cheek in pain. Despite her size, she can pack a slap. Years of pent-up hatred for you might have been the source of that holy power. “If she can slap, why didn't she fight me like that at the time?” You ask no one in particular.
On second thought, your ego and pride might've been bruised, and you convince yourself not to feel that way. A heavy sigh leaves you.
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Intro: What It Means To Be Friends
This is an intro to the main story, so it’s a short chapter.
It will follow a timeline, starting from high school Satoru & Suguru - teacher college - Yuuta intro - Geto’s death - Sukuna’s vessel & lastly pre-Shibuya (No major spoilers of Shibuya).
Updates are inconsistent, but At least 2-3 chapters a month!
Gojo Satoru was a name you couldn’t escape.
The Six Eyes who changed the balance of Jujutsu society.
Still waiting for an answer, a look tells you you’re like a fly swarming around him.
C’mon, I just asked if he wanted some soda…
“We don’t need any, but thanks”. The long haired sorcerer beside him replied with a grin. God, if anything’s good about him, it’s Getou-san. Suguru Getou was a quick breath of air when you had to walk beside your white haired classmate. A nudge to your side or a breath grazing your ear would leave you frozen, forgetting all the nerves previously. But it was quite clear neither boys were the type to hang out with you. It wasn’t like you were weak or anything. Scoring a 2nd grade position in your mid-term was a huge feat from someone of a low grade clan. They were just at a level that you couldn’t reach. ‘Living legends’ would be a good word to describe what they are. People that’ll be discussed years after you’re long gone. The strongest duo, Gojo Satoru and Suguru Getou.
So how on earth did you become friends?
It could’ve been when you ran into Getou, realising he was the blind date your friend forced you to go. Or when you both were engrossed by the convo, you brought up your fantasy of visiting a cat café. Or when you forced Suguru along to said café after one of his missions. A wash of green drained his face when one of the cats had the splendid idea of shitting in his drink. Needless to say, he never went back.
It could’ve been when you snuck into your bestie Suguru’s window months later, piss-drunk, meeting a baffled white hair you mistook to be the dorm pet. How could he not cackle at your face when you cooed and fed his hair the paper in your pocket? One look in the morning told you enough. Gojo Satoru drew a penis on my face when I blacked out.
It could’ve been when you all went out to get some manjū in your second year, when you told them your plans of domestic life outside of Jujutsu society. Maybe a few missions here and there, but living in the house your grandfather left behind with a personal garden you could start up. But most of all, a nice ass stove and  oven. Earning a scoff and a side eye from the pair. “Heyyy~ it’s not like I’m in demand here. I have no plans on becoming my family's puppet. I coul-”
“Yes, yes, you’ve been talking about this for the past 10 minutes. Hand over the manjū bag”  Holding a gorilla gripping on the brown bag, like you strangled a puppy.
“Show some gratitude that she paid for you Satoru. What ‘important’ plans do you have, hm?”
It could’ve been when you found both sorcerers beaten over the death of the star plasma vessel- Amanai. You couldn’t grasp onto Suguru for months. It felt like consoling a broken record.
I promise I’m fine Y/N. Stuff like this always happens on missions
Grazing death, losing the vessel, and learning  reverse cursed technique was definitely not stuff that always happens on missions, at least not for them. Satoru felt distant too, but…he began to implement his new reverse cursed energy into his techniques, taking missions on his own. And finally, learning how to keep his Infinity active unconsciously.
Gojo Satoru, the strongest.
The untouchable.
The Six Eyes.
It could’ve been when Satoru came to your dorm on a rainy day, worry written all over his face “Did Suguru come to your dorm afterwards?” “..No? It's 4, Satoru. I'm sure he’ll be back by tomorrow afternoon. The village he went to was far y’know”. Closing the door without another word.
“What?” “…Suguru fled after killing everyone in the village. He went back home and packed, but there's blood splattered and his parents are gone”.
‘He’ll be back by tomorrow afternoon. The village he went to was far y’know…’
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hi baby i’m back in your inbox but instead of porco smut i’m talkin about maki zenin.
i’m thinking about maki who’s just a little mean, just a little teasing. her favorite pastime is edging you until you’re nothing but a babbling, begging mess, drooling down your chin as she props you up in front of a mirror to watch the way her fingers disappear inside you.
“does it feel good?“ she asks, even though she knows it does—because you’re whining in her ear and dripping down her fingers, of course you feel good, isn’t that right?
“watch yourself,” she says when you have to look away from the way her fingers are stuffed in your cunt, curling up against your sweet spot on every thrust.
“not yet,” she demands as she feels your pussy tighten around her digits, toeing the edge of orgasm before she’s pulling her fingers out of you and moving you until your clit is rubbing against hers, wet sounds filling the room over your keening.
“what a good slut, taking what I have to give you so well,” she praises as she rocks her hips against yours, her moans breathy and puffed against your slack, kiss swollen lips. she wraps her fingers around your throat then, forces you to keep eye contact as she laughs at the way you beg her to let you cum.
“cum for me, let me see how you look when you fall apart,” she growls just as she cums, watching the way your eyes roll back and you choke out her name, back arching and nails digging into her thighs.
“what a mess,” she chides when she leans down to see the slick that coats your inner thighs, her fingers swiping through your pussy and pulling away with a thin string of your and her combined essence snapping between you too.
“guess i’ll have to clean you up, yeah?” she prompts, as she leans forward even further, lapping up the wetness between your thighs until you’re begging her to let you cum all over again.
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a present
Tumblr media
wc: 1.8k words, minors dni, sexual themes (18+)
pairing: maki zenin x female!reader
summary: maki buys a new toy and insists to try it out on you tonight
warnings: minors dni, smut, sexual themes, use of sex toys, swearing, mommy kink, excessive use of petnames, spanking, oral (female receiving), a pinch of aftercare
you were squeezing your thighs together from the moment you stepped inside her room. she said she had a new surprise for you and that could only mean one thing: she bought a new toy. last time maki said she had a surprise for you, you spent the rest of the weekend wearing vibrating panties.
you had been together for some years now so you had enjoyed experimenting with toys here and there. you liked that maki tried to expand your boundaries without pushing you to do anything that made you uncomfortable. you felt safe trying new things with her.
so now you sitting on her bed waiting as she closed her bedroom door then slowly making her way towards you. she leaned the tips of her fingers on your knees then bringing a hand up to tug on your bottom lip. you smiled then sucking her thumb into your mouth making her chuckle softly.
"such an eager girl, aren't you?," she questioned before ducking her head to kiss you. the force of her kiss had you falling back on the bed and she immediately climbed on you sitting on your lap. she continued to explore your mouth with her tongue wrapping her strong arms around your body. she ground her hips against your lap and you felt something hard poking your stomach. "did you feel that baby? that's your surprise."
you responded with a moan simply pulling her lips back to yours for a passionate kiss. you had been using dildos for a couple of months now and had discussed the possibility of buying a strap on, but hadn't gone through with it. your pussy was clenching from the idea of having her inside of you already. this was the best surprise you could have asked for.
"do you wanna take a look at it, baby?," she sucked on your neck harshly making it even harder to think.
you were melting in her hands already and she had barely even touched you. you nodded unable to formulate words and she pulled away from your neck and off of your lap. you quickly undressed for her taking off all your clothes keeping only your underwear. she pulled down the loose joggers she was wearing to reveal a huge purple strap on. of course maki would choose something so monstrous. she wanted to see you struggle with the size and then by the end have you begging for more. she strut back over you with her tight crop top wrapping her hand around her dick showing it off to you as she got closer.
"sit up baby," she commanded in the softest tone. "get all comfy on the pillows while mommy takes care of you."
you nodded quickly climbing up the bed and sitting against the headboard. maki always had a stupid amount of pillows on her bed. the only reason she had them was to see you all fucked out on top of them because she would always toss all of them off your bed while you slept. as soon as you settled on the bed she crawled up to you stopping between your legs. she started pressing kisses on your inner thighs inching her way closer to you cunt.
you were already breathing hard anticipating her lips on your cunt already. you were aching for her affection, already so on edge by her teasing. she reached up your hips pulling down your poor excuse for underwear which was soaked from all the teasing. she ran two fingers up your slit drawing an embarrassing moan from you then exposing your clit to her. she sighed happily before diving in to suck on your clit.
you were in a different galaxy, struggling to not squirm under your girlfriend's tight grip. every lick sent you closer and closer to the edge and then she started sucking your clit and your eyes lulled back. she released your clit with a pop before hooking your legs over her shoulder and diving in to your soaping hole. she kept prodding your entrance with her tongue making your body shake. you were so close already.
"mommy, please...," you begged needing to cum. you were so close it was painful. she pressed her thumb against your clit harshly drawing circles which shot you over the edge. you came instantly on her tongue waves of pleasure coursing through your body from your head to your toes.
"you came without permission," she stated so matter of factly. she flicked your eyes to her and you had forgotten that rule. you weren't supposed to cum until she told you, but you were so lost in the lust and pleasure you just completely forgot.
"mommy, i'm so sorry. it won't happen again," you apologized knowing that wouldn't be enough. she's have to punish you, but her punishments were rewards anyways so you were already anticipating something exciting.
"i know princess," she cooed softly. "but i'm still gonna have to punish you. since it's a special night, i'll let you choose the punishment."
you nodded at her proposal instantly knowing what you wanted. tonight really was going to be a special night. you just hoped that everyone else was out on a mission so they wouldn't hear you two.
"so, what's your punishment going to be?," she asked.
"a spanking," she chuckled slightly at your words.
"of course my girl wants her ass spanked raw. don't worry, baby, you won't walk for days after im done with you," she rubbed your cheek softly before sitting to the side of the bed. you crawled towards her, carefully laying across her lap. "you're going to count them, baby."
she massaged your cheeks roughly for a second before slapping one of your cheeks. you yelled out a one and she rubbed the skin she had just struck then spanking the other cheek. you winced clenching your thighs before yelling out a two. you were already dripping again. you were sure you'd be crying in pleasure by the end. and you weren't wrong. she delivered 30 spanks on to your cheeks and you counted along for each of them. you were a drooling and sobbing mess on her lap, so overstimulated from her spanking.
she easily manhandled your body laying you back against the pillows again and spreading your legs. she couldn't help but stare at the mess that was your cunt at the moment. it was the prettiest thing she had ever seen: bursting with your arousal and cum and clit so swollen. she could eat you up again, but knew you could just handle one more. your body was spent and she wanted to use your new toy.
she tapped the tip of her cock against your folds, smearing your slick all over the thick toy. you hissed from the sudden stimulation and she only went farther sticking the toy between your folds. she ran her cock through your folds moaning at the erotic scene unfolding before her. you reached for her hips trying to pull her closer. you needed her inside of you, the teasing was becoming torturous.
"mommy, please... i need your cock," you mewled from below her, tugging on the straps wrapped around her hips.
"oh baby, i don't know if you can take my cock yet. you need to be prepped longer," she explained slightly concerned that the sheer size of the dildo would be too big for you without the proper lubrication. you knew she was right, but didn't care. you just wanted her inside of you now. you needed to feel her.
"don't care. just need you inside me... please," you begged and she couldn't help but give you what you wanted. She finally slipped her shirt over her head and took a tight hold of your hips.
she pushed the cockhead against your entrance and slowly began to sink her cock inside of you. it wasn't just that the toy was long, but it was also incredibly thick which was what was causing you most pain right now. maki helped distract you from the sting of her size by kissing your neck and chest. she was just in awe of how you sucked her up. she reached back unclipping your bra and then attaching her lips to your nipple.
she decided to rip off the band aid and bottomed out inside of you which drew out a low moan. you couldn't believe how full you were, but you lost it once you looked up at maki. she was just staring at you adoringly as you adjusted to her size. you leaned up to kiss her passionately wrapping your arms around her neck tightly.
"thank you mommy, so good...," you let out and almost on cue she pulled out her dick and drilled back inside of you then repeating over and over. the way she rubbed your walls with every stroke had you moaning uncontrollably. she pounded into your pussy entranced with the way your pussy sucked her in so greedily every time.
"come on, princess, i know you want to cum like the good little slut you are," her thrusts became a little more erratic as she tried to find your sweet spot. she wrapped her fingers around your throat squeezing the sides slightly and she was sure you'd be cumming soon. "go on, baby. cum for mommy."
you squeezed your neck tighter and you were instantly cumming. you were overcome with waves of pleasure as your girlfriend proceeded to fuck you trough each of them. her thrusts were so deep every time and all you could do was sink your nails into her perfectly sculpted back. once you were done she pulled out her dick from your soaked pussy.
she cleaned the toy quickly before returning to your side cleaning the slick between your thighs. you winced slightly at the over stimulation, but she wanted to make sure you were clean. she was going to dress you both for bed, but you started calling her back to bed.
"i was trying to get us some clothes."
"I don't care and for all you know i’ll wake you up by sucking your tits," you countered cuddling into her side. "i'll have to pay you back for tonight," you sighed starting to drift off into sleep. you were exhausted from all your physical activities and just enjoyed being in her arms.
"it was a present," she replied.
"my ass is gonna hurt like shit tomorrow so i plan on spending it in between your thighs whether you like it or not," you stated and she simply rolled her eyes with a smile, but looking forward to it already. you both drifted off into sleep already anticipating the activities the next morning would bring. the strap on was definitely a great present.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
a illust i drew for the JJK 0 release day!!!
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Tumblr media
Edit: thank you for all the love! ❤
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jujutsu Kaisen + YouTube comments
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Tumblr media
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Jujutsu Kaisen Movie 0 Full PV. Movie premieres in Japanese theaters December 24th, 2021
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Domestic Time: Satoru’s Family
*Ongoing*  It will follow a timeline, starting from high school Satoru & Suguru - teacher college - Yuuta intro - Geto’s death - Sukuna’s vessel & lastly pre-Shibuya (No major spoilers of Shibuya). 
ALL CREDIT GOES TO AKUTAMI, CREATOR OF JUJUTSU KAISEN. Updates are inconsistent, but At least 2-3 chapters a month!
Satoru finds his family and a sense of domestic bliss with the help of his highschool friend.
*characters+reader aren’t in any romantic relationships*
Chapter 1: What it Mean to be Friends
This is an intro to the main story, so it’s a short chapter.
Chapter 2: Satoru, What the F*ck?
Chapter 3: Important Visit
Chapter 4: This Isn't A Hotel
Chapter 5: Vessel?
1/? Complete
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Tumblr media
I feel like this is an accurate depiction of their dynamic, right?
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tohmura · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
shibuya incident arc  (渋谷事変)
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Tumblr media
Heavenly Restriction: a summary
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
*completely ignores shibuya arc* HAPPY BIRTHDAY KUGISAKI
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