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#making me feel like you're on my island my perfect vacation
humansdni · 12 days ago
i could be your crush crush crush crush crush
i got a fascination with your presentation
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purplerose244 · 6 months ago
My thoughts on Seabound!!! 🌊🌊🌊 (2/4)
For now, nothing to complain about! We got Nya, we got MAYA AND RAY, we got GILES PANTON BACK A LEGO SHOW!!! 😍😍😍
Of course now I'm definitely curious about what the story is really about, like I'm guessing Wojira will wake up at some point so... Great Devourer all over again maybe? 😅 Idk, for now I just wanna enjoy Nya having her moment 🥳
Alright, here we go!
New alert for reader, during the Nexo Knights period I was and still am the hugest Clay fan. Now that his voice is in this season I might scream more than necessary... keep that in mind 😅
I love the humor in this, all random but still kinda clever 😂😂 Maybe I'm biased because I love Jay but still 🤷‍♀️
I really like the design of the marine world, very cool!! 🌊🌊🌊
I guess I'm not really seeing any big plot twist moment for now? Ninjago seasons have history of basing seasons on a "we need to prevent this event from happening but it will happen anyway", so I can see Wojira waking up no matter what 🤷‍♀️
I wonder if that will be shocking? Usually when this situation happen, someone makes a major sacrifice (Zane with the Overlord, sensei Garmaron with Chen, again sensei G with the Preeminent...). Maybe Maya? I DON'T WANT THAT 😭 But I am curious, everything is going nicely and I'm not sure what it will bring! 🤩 I'M EXCITED SO LET'S GO!!!
So this is the name of Clay's new incarnation, neat! 👍
Okay really, for having a season lately the main character just can't help but be trapped by the villain: kinda Zane in the ICE Chapter, Jay in Prime Empire, Cole in Master of the Mountain... we can call it a tradition at this point 🤷‍♀️
Giant serpent, yadda yadda, I wonder if we're gonna address the Great Devourer at some point? Not mandatory, but the reference would be very cool 🤩
Clay's new incarnation is a prince I- *hyperventilates in awe*
Nya playing dumb lol, I don't know if that's personal experience as she used to get kidnapped a lot in the past or she just have too many idiots in her life 😂
Tumblr media
Jay I love that you're so worried about Nya but maybe try NOT TO DIE? YOU'RE WITH LLOYD AND ZANE YET YOU'RE THE ONE GOING FOR THE SACRIFICE WTH?? 😱 But he's worried about his cool GF I kinda get it, also he didn't do it so good...
Tumblr media
So Giles is doomed to voice LEGO characters with daddy issues 😂 That being not having a dad at all or having one that is... a good guy? Idk he seems chill with the surface at first glance, I wonder what's the story of this family
Maya reminds of my mom, she also mentions her work a lot and I study the same thing. But she doesn't want to brag, it gets annoying but she just wants to give me advice. It's nice to see actually 👍 Also Ray reference NEAT ❤❤❤
Wow, if any child-parent couple of this show was doomed at going semi Emperor's New Groove style, I would've bet on Ed and Jay honestly 😅
Oh HECK yes I knew that with my water girls things were BOUND to get cool 😎 ... yeah I know where the door is *goes away*
My GOSH that scared the crap out of me 😅 Jay honey we have too many deaths in this team, you're not helping... BUT YOU POWERED AN ENTIRE SHIP BECAUSE YOU LOVE NYA AND YOU DIDN'T DIE AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BLUEBELL 💙💙💙
They were all so worried, I love this ninja family so freaking much 💜💜💜 Also better not tell this one to his GF 😂
And Bluebell?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Welcome to the "change eye color because of elemental power" team! WE GOT ANOTHER ONE I LOVE WHEN IT HAPPENS!!! 😍😍😍
Awww, Zane letting Jay be the captain, that was so cute of him 💕
Another great episode! Doing great so far but I still wonder if we got into the main story. Feels like there should be more, well we got time! Next one! 😊
Sooooo... that's one very telling title 😅 If we're going full Lion King on this one, I think I know where this is going 😵
Maya: Don't they know that metal taste terrible?!? (Again feels like Kai could say something like this 😂)
FINALLY NYA USING FREAKING WATER POWERS UNDER THE SEA!!! Thank you Maya for saying out loud what we were all thinking 👌👌
Pff, okay, the fact that Kalmaar is all evil and cruel and then he gets startled like that, it's kind or adorable! 💕 Honestly Giles got such a deep voice, with Clay it was firm warm and reassuring, here we got plain devious and I ADORE it 😍😍😍
Maya come on don't doubt your daughter 😅 But I like her, and if she knew Nya they way we all do she wouldn't doubt that she could make it every time 😎
Yeah I was right, the king seems chill... oww I fear what's coming then 😳
Okay, so Kalmaar thinks that the world should go back to be lead by them like in the past, while the king just wants peace with the surface. And as we know, no drama no season so...
Yep, saw the death coming 😅
WHOA DID NOT SEE THAT LITTLE BLAME ACT COMING KALMAAR IS SO EVIL!!!... with a glorious voice but still (Rose focus on something that is not that godlike voice, you can do it 💪💪)
Awww Benthomaar is actually really cute, he's so worried about his father 😢 And he's adopted apparently? I wanna know the story!!! 🤩🤩
Yep, there's the reason why Zane got a mask even though he doesn't need one, it completes his attire 😂😂😂 My gosh how I love this nindroid ❄
Did... did Jay just say phooey? Dude Ducktales ended a while ago but I'm still not over it 😭
I said it once before I'll say it again, Ninjago is really REALLY good at making death scenes. Like, omg, I genuinely felt sorry for them 😢😢 I also really liked that the king didn't ask to be avenged, he still wanted peace and he asked his son to protect the ninja and he cried actual tears...
Tumblr media
MY HEART WTH 😭😭😭 So we're adding this to the real tears moments of the show, with Jay crying over pie, Zane with the flashback of his dad, Jay crying over Nya and Lloyd thinking the ninja are gone... my world this show is angsty 🙂
Third startle for prince Kalmaar, I love the gag 😂 Oh wait, king Kalmaar 🤷‍♀️
Okay, we got a coup, the ninja running away because they got framed, Benthomaar is most likely going to join them or at least help them, I guess Wojira will come out at some point while... Kai, Ray and Cole are still playing videogames? 😅
Although I hope we get more stuff with Nya and Maya, that's what I like 🤩
I'm good at English and I can follow most of it, but the fantasy names are tricky so I didn't get before that this was the name of the place 😅 It's nice, at least it's not another Atlantis 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Ah, there he is, my new son Benthomaar 💙 He is so lovable already, I know nearly nothing about him and I like his character already a lot! He could relate with all of the ninja really, but maybe with Jay the most? They were both adopted after all 🤔🤔
*scribble note for a fanfic for later if this doesn't come up in the season*
Alright moving on 😗
I am so happy Nya gets a season, Kelly got a great emotional range that doesn't come out often in my opinion, but with a full introspection of water goddess we are all blessed by her voice acting 😍
Gotta say, admitting that Bentho didn't have to help them to answer the usual 'Can we trust him' question is pretty reasonable, like, better than other stupid answers 😅
Also don't mind me
Tumblr media
Just screenshotting by ship 💙❤💙❤
Somehow lately we are letting Jay do the talking and I both hate and LOVE the fact 😂😂 Plain Bluebell nonsense, heck yes that's my jam👌👌
I literally can't not laugh at the startle gag with Kalmaar 😂
Aww Jay is still the Captain, nice! Wonder if it's giving him Skybound flashbacks... I hope not considering all he went through that time, poor Sparky 😅😅
Can we skip a season and hang out with Pixal one time? I really wanna know how she organizes her free time to create these things 😍😍😍
THANK YOU LLOYD FOR NOT DYING ONCE AGAIN, MUCH APPRECIATED!!! 💚💚💚 My green bean needs a vacation... they all do 😅
Tumblr media
Alright, back to the island hoping Kalmaar will not track us and follow us so he can get to the place and discover the amulet 🙂
Are we not calling the others? I miss my flame babe and Rocky ❤🖤❤🖤 Also RAY WATCHA DOIN I WANNA KNOW EVERYTHING 🤩🤩
Wait what? Shark boy backstory? SHARK BOY BACKSTORY?!? 👀👀👀
Wow, I see that Kalmaar didn't change a thing growing up, still the same gonna-be-a-villain 😂 Of course his voice got a lot deeper and cool and okay you know I love his voice moving on
I find it kinda funny that Kalmaar is so focused on royal blood and superiority, while Clay was basically a farm boy who worked his way up. Giles knows how to get the character no matter what 😍
Tumblr media
The king seems like such a good pers- fish- creature 😅 Now I'm double sad that he died, my world, why do I always care so fast, it's not healthy in this show where everyone could die 😰😰
Literally every frame of Benthomaar makes me love him even more 😢
Interesting that we got an academic villain, he kinda reminds me of Clouse in a way, maybe even Harumi since she studied her way to her plan as well? I like that we got a bit of personality too!
Using your little bro for your own purpose... it's very evil but kinda also brotherly like 😂
Benthomaar really gives me that very PRECIOUS vibe, kinda the perfect son but also a naive and unaware BABY 💙
LEGO HUG 🤩🤩 Not exactly reciprocated but still 😅
Ooohhh, so this is how he found the temple! I like this, it shows that Bentho is most likely physically stronger than Kalmaar, while evil brother is focused on brain and studies. They are planned differently, I like it! 😚😚
Ouch, peer pressure... sibling pressure? Eh you get what I mean 😂
Bentho: will I really fit in with you guys? Do you really understand how I feel?
Lloyd: Jay was adopted, Nya's parents were gone most of her life, Zane lost his father while mine turned evil
Bentho(tearing up): yeah that can work
Okaaaaayyyyy, I like that we got a bit of backstory for Bentho too! We didn't get much for Vanya in Master of the Mountain, which is the only thing I was sad about (very little detail, AMAZING season 🖤🖤🖤), nice to see it here!!
But I really want more Nya and Maya interactions, I hope we'll soon get to them again!! 😍😍😍
Alright, getting somewhere here! I'm very curious about what's next 🤩🤩
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thatsgay-writes · 11 months ago
Korra x Reader
Summary: You’re from the fire nation and learning to air bender, however you’re not the easiest to teach. So Tenzin handed you over to Korra.
Warning: Light cursing?
Tumblr media
(Takes place a year after Season 4, Korra and Asami never go on a vacation to the spirit world.)
You were hard headed. Yep, that's it... Hard headed, stubborn, and strong as a bull with a fiery attitude. Maybe you got it from living in the fire nation for your whole life as a non bender, you don't know. What Tenzin knows though, is different. Tenzin knows you act exactly like Korra did when she first arrived to Air Temple Island. So, since Tenzin couldn't get through to you and Korra was almost done dealing with the new spirit portal, he thought it would be perfect for you to learn from her. "Korra!" Tenzin yells a little, getting the Avatar's attention. "Yes Tenzin?" "I need your help with something and since your almost done dealing with the spirit portal business, I thought now would be the best time to talk to you about it."  Korra nods in understanding before sitting down on a set of stairs in front of Tenzin. "As you know, we have new air benders... And their training is going amazing, if I do say so myself..." Korra looks confused, "Then why do you need my help?" Tenzin rubs the back of his neck, in embarrassment? Concern? Korra can't tell. "Well one student I have hasn't been the easiest to teach. But they remind me a lot of you when you were younger... So I thought maybe you could train them?" Korra asks who before taking a sip from her water bottle. "Y/n." Korra spits out the water in her mouth, getting it all over Tenzin. "Y- Y- y/n!?" Korra asks with a blush on her face.
Tenzin looks a little confused at her sudden out burst, "Yes, Y/n. She is very stubborn like you were when you got here. It makes me think that you were supposed to be from the fire nation or y/n could secretly be from the earth kingdom with how they act." Tenzin pauses a little, getting into his thoughts. "Anyways, would that be okay? I know you haven't hung out with them much but I think it'd be good for them." Now something Tenzin didn't know was that there was a reason why Korra didn't hang out with you. It was the fact that Korra had a giant crush on you and it made her feel like a little girl instead of a twenty two year old. One thing Korra didn't understand was how Tenzin didn't know about her crush on the fire nation native. Practically all the air benders knew and Team Avatar knew and she would get teased about it constantly! Korra blushed as she answered, "Umm... yeah... sure."
You walked on to the training ground to see Korra already training. You whistle in appreciation seeing Korra in her earth bender outfit (Favorite outfit of hers tbh). Korra blushes at your whistling before shaking her head. "Alright you ready to get to work?" You smirk a little, looking Korra up and down. "Most definitely." You trained with Korra almost everyday for 5 months, in the beginning it was hard, the both of you hadn't spent much time together before and Korra was trying to figure out a way to train you but not make you dislike her. Luckily, you made it clear that trainer Korra was different than regular Korra. After sometime, Korra officially introduced you to Team Avatar. You got along super well with Asami, sometimes too well in Korra's opinion, and Bolin. You didn't like Mako's vibe at all and never really talked to him unless you had to. Team Avatar, before you were introduced to them, used to tease Korra so much about her crush on you. But now after seeing the way the both of you act towards each other, they can tell that Korra's feelings are not unrequited.
Which leads you to know, sleeping over at Asami's house with her and Korra. It was the middle of the night and Korra had just gone to the bathroom. Asami shifted her whole body to look at the mattress you were on. "So when are you going to tell her?" You rub your face, trying to get the blush that Korra caused off your face, before turning around. "Tell who, what?" Asami rolls her eyes, "When are you gonna tell Korra you like her as more than a friend." "What? I... You... We... Ummm..." Asami laughed at the shock on your face. "Oh come on, everyone can see how much the two of you like each other. Whenever we hangout me, Bolin, and Mako are like three third wheels. I mean we use to tease Korra about her crush on you all the time..." Your eyes are wide at all this new information. "Korra likes me?" Asami literally face palms before responding, "Yes, everyone can tell. Hell, even Tenzin can tell and you know how dense he is. I mean it took him months just to figure out that he wasn't the reason Kya was staying in Republic City." You nod your head in understanding, Tenzin is dense and if he thinks Korra likes you than she has to... right? "Holy crap! Korra likes me!" You say, jumping out of bed and bounding around the room with new found energy. "Korra like me! Oh my spirits, what do I do now!?" You ask starting to freak out. Asami rolls her eyes and answers like it's the most obvious thing in the world. You nod your head and sprint out the room, only to hit your head on the door.
*Time Skip*
"And then she smacks her head against the door!" Asami says as she and the crowd laugh. You blush in embarrassment and try to hide your face in Korra's shoulder but she is laughing too. "I know asking someone out in a hospital is a weird thing but it was such a Korra and y/n thing to do." Everyone lets out a laugh and gives a nod of agreement. Asami holds out her glass a little before speaking again. "Anyways, I watched Korra go through many low points in life but always come back from them, which makes me so incredibly happy to see her finally get her happy ending. I may not have known y/n as long but I've never met two people who were so perfect for each other. I wish you both the absolute best and for many more years together." You and Korra both raise your glass, as a thank you to Asami, and give each other a grin. "Now can we please have the newly wed couple come to the dance floor and have their first dance as a married couple." Korra stands up and holds her hand out to you. You give her a smile and let her lead you to the dance floor. When you both get to the floor, you wrap your arms around Korra's shoulders and she wraps hers around your waist. You look at Korra and give her a quick peck on the lips before putting your head on her shoulder. "You know... I think we might have beat Zhu Li and Varrick's wedding... Not by much though." Korra rolls her eyes at your joke before kissing your forehead. "You're lucky I love you."
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wayward-blonde · 2 months ago
Bundled, Dream, Frost?
Ha! I was just lurking on your blog to see what you haven't been asked yet. I'll get back to that momentarily.
Bundled - describe your ideal date
I love the outdoors, so something outside. Whether that's a picnic, a walk along the lake or sitting by the ocean and just grabbing some food off a food truck. Something chill for the first time. Where you can get to know each other a bit.
Dream - describe your perfect au.
My own au? One where I don't have to worry about money (because between student loans/car payments, etc this adulting thing sucks). I don't need to be rich. Just comfortable and able to buy family/friends nice things and travel. Meet someone who is my crazy best friend that I get into (fun) trouble with but also can tell all my secrets without judgement & have crazy sex with. But not marriage or even living together. I like my shit. He can live next door. I want to have a few very close friends that I see often. Lots of animals. Lots of new experiences (travel, education). I want to work hard on something I love. Whether that's writing, helping animals, growing food - just something that requires brain power and makes me feel like I actually mattered in this world. I read somewhere that you don't have Monday's. You hate your job. I want to know what it's like to actually do something you love for a living.
Frost- anything you're looking forward to?
I did answer this and it's a depressing no. I normally head to the island at the end of September for the anniversary of my dad's passing (I was on vacation when he died). Was supposed to go home this year (other end of the country) to actually "visit" him with my mom, but one of my cat's can barely walk and is on 4 pills a day. No one can take care of her. So, I guess I'm just staying home.
That's was a depressing end. Eek.
Send me Autumn Asks 🍁
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danceing-spelled-wrong · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Made a Grumpus OC
They're just one of few of them..not sure if I'll draw any of them, I drew them because..I'm bored
I have a grumpsona in mind..but I'm not finish with it's design
I guess I'll explain them
Amly Ductforce(I'm bad at names) came to Snaktooth island because they were bored and needed a vacation from their "job"
He's gender-fluid and doesn't mind people getting his pronouns wrong when he doesn't feel that gender, but some just call him a "They" and that's fine by him
One thing that she's really good at, is lying and stealing. When she came to Snaktooth Island, she started her hobby right away and stole some things from Wambus which got him pretty upset
He gives everyone nicknames despite not liking anyone besides Cromdo
She likes order yet enjoys chaos, sometimes, she would plant random objects that belong to the residents in each other's huts to start up something
When the town split, he went to the Boiling Bay due to the nice warm yet cold feel to it and because she wanted to steal stuff from Floofty
They're probably in their late 40s early 50s
Her and Cromdo get along for the most part as long as she doesn't steal anything from him
In their hut, they have a lot of stolen objects, most from Wambus
Their hut is beside Liz and Egg's hut but is to the right of the beach
If he was in the game, then you'd meet them the same time you meet Floofty
She doesn't like Lizbert because she always calls her out on the stuff she steals, same for Beffica
Due to his hatred to Lizbert, he shares the same hatred towards Eggabell but doesn't go out his way to steal from her, seeing her as too fragile
He's scared of Chandlo(because he would snap her like a twig), Shelda(because she acts like a cult leader), and Gramble(because he's too nice)
If they get caught stealing, they lie about it and theres a 90% chance it'll work due to their confident sounding voice and being a bit manipulative
Dialogue in game:
What everyone thinks of them
"Oh..them? They're..ok, as long as they don't cause any trouble.."
"She's just a thief, no wonder her and Cromdo work so well together, they're nothing but squeebs."
"I never spoke to him before..but..I don't think he likes me very much.."
"She stole my banjo and said she wanted to play a song, but then she threw it off a cliff! I'm so glad I have fast reflexives."
"All they do is steal stuff! Then lie about stealing that stuff! I haven't gotten my inventions back in 3 months!"
"Ah..that grump is something all right..greatest business partner ever, she and I are gonna rule the money world!"
"Oh..Amly? I don't come in contact with her often but Wamby doesn't like her."
"After they stole my balls AND Snorpy's inventions, I promised to never speak to them for the rest of my life bro!"
"I don't appreciate them stealing my leg or my notes. If given the chance, I would experiment on them."
"Do not speak of thy name who gladly would turn his back on us if given the chance!"
"Nope. I don't like her at all..she's not that attractive..and she hangs with Cromdo."
"I really don't like it when she tries to remove my hurts my feelings.."
Being asked about Floofty:
"I like stealing their stuff but if I offered to help them, I think they'll kill me."
Meeting them:
"Woah..a new face! I haven't seen anyone new around here in..grumping forever!"
"Who are ya and why are you talking to me?"
"Oh! You're that amateur journalist Lizzie was talking about! I thought you were never coming, isn't this grand? New faces! New people! New stuff to..borrow!"
"I'm Amly Dustforce, the ruler of Snaktooth island!"
Will you come back to town?
" No way..if Cromy's not there, then I'm not going!"
"Also, I'm a little parched, can ya get me a Sqaquiri? I'd drink those things, everyday of the week, maybe we can..cut a deal, how's that sound doll?"
*Caught Sqaquiri*
"Now THAT was a refreshing beveridge, thanks doll!"
"So, ya want me to come back to town? Well, I might need some convincing, I want ya to find out what that Filbo kid does when nobody's lookin, I could use it for..things."
*You find out what Filbo does*
"HA! Are you serious?! Oh jezz, and I thought he couldn't be more of a squeeb! HAHA! Goodness..that's a laugh I needed..ha!"
"Good to know theres some things to see in town, but I'm more interested in WHAT is in town."
"For ya final task, I want ya to steal Beffica's diary..then rip out some pages that are interesting, and give them to me. Easy."
*You grab the pages*
"Sweet! Good job my messenger grump!"
"*sigh*, I think I'm ready to go to town..but..first I want you to get Cromy in town."
But you said that was the final task
"I lied."
"Get Cromy in town and I'll follow right behind, deal?"
*Cromdo is in town*
"Wow! That was..slow but it'll do!"
"Thanks doll, looking forward to chatting with ya! Farewell!"
Have time for an interview?
"Interview? That sounds fun! I'm in."
Who are you?
"Amly Ductforce, it's pronounced Aim-ly. Strange. I know."
Why come to Snaktooth Island?
"I heard of Lizzie's stupid conspiracy on TV, I was about to change the channel when I heard there was an island involved, and I just so happened to be looking for a place to host my vacation. So I packed up and lied about being interested in her expedition."
Vacation from what?
"My life. My job. My family. Everything basically."
Thoughts on Bugsnax?
"I guess they're ok, the names could be better..but some taste pretty good. Note, keep away from the Aggroll."
"Because those things will break some bones and the flavor isn't even worth it! Also because it's named after someone I'm not found of."
Why did you leave town?
"I could handle the drama between Wamby and Gram, but once Cromy left, I had no reason to stay. I wanted to follow him, but I decided to live near the beach instead, so yeah."
What do you think about Cromdo?
"Me and him have a pretty decent relationship, I give him what he wants and he takes the fall for me. Simple business."
Are you planning on betraying him?
"No way, he's cool, I don't consider him a friend, but he's still great to work with."
Any info on Lizbert?
"Liz..I grumping hate her! She keeps saying I stole stuff from her, I would never do such a thing! If she didn't have that little obstacle beside her, I would burn her hut down!"
Woah, calm down. Who's this obstacle?
"I am calm..just speaking out my mind. And I'm talking about Eggabell. The doctor? Lizzie's girlfriend? Eggy bell? Yeah. She and her are like..two papers in a file. Theres nothing you can do to separate those two."
What happened to Lizbert?
"If we're being honest, I'm not sure."
Are you lying?
"Heh. For once in my life, no. I really don't know what happened to Lizzie, she went up that mountain and didn't come back."
How do you know she went up the mountain?
"I saw her."
Why didn't you tell anyone?
"I did. Nobody besides Cromy believed me, guess that's the price being the best liar in the world."
That'll be it. Thank you
"No problem doll, that was pretty fun! Here, have this!"
*stolen piece of journal paper*
"Found it while cleaning Lizzie's hurt, it might help ya in someway. Any who, I gotta run, farewell!"
Side Quests:
"Heya doll, you won't believe what I discovered! It'll help ya find Liz!"
"First..get me a's very important."
"Trust me! It's super super SUPER important!
Sure, I guess
"Caramel please."
*Got the Poptick*
" need a Snaquiri.."
Are you going to tell me why?
"Nope. Make it quick! I have a feeling my brain's about to forget everyone!"
*Got the Snaquiri*
" need a Cheery, that'll be all to finish this!"
I have a feeling you're lying
"I'm hurt."
"Hurry up! I'm losing my life force!"
*Got the Cheery*
"That's it. I was just hungry."
Why did you say it was important
"There was no way you'd do it if I asked, so I just..slightly lied."
"Calm down doll! Everything fine! Nobody got hurt.."
You have a lying problem
"I know..but I can't do anything about it, it's the only thing I got."
"When you're a liar, nobody wants to be around you, nobody likes you..and nobody will trust you."
"Ever since birth, I lied, stole, and broke so many things, nobody wants anything to do with me. I had no friend and my family kept saying I was a bad I don't talk to them anymore."
"Lying is all I got left doll and if I stop, I got nothing. So I'm not stopping anytime soon, so deal with it."
"Thanks for the food..farewell."
Welcome back message:
"Heya Wamby, didn't know you'd be back either! How sweet! The gangs coming back!"
"Amly, if you go near my farm-"
"What? Me? Go near your farm? No way! I would never!"
"Don't think that everyone things you're a saint! Only Cromdo thinks that!"
"I don't think I am one, but it's nice knowing you think so!"
"Just stay away from my farm."
"Deal. Happy catching up with you!"
Major Celebration Dialogue:
"You know, Cromby..maybe we should take a break from our business, we're making a few people upset by it."
"Agreed. What should we do to be occupied til then?"
"Hm..maybe we could sell Bugsnax? I could..borrow that trap the journalist uses."
"Yeah..yeah I like that idea!"
"It's settled! Cromy and Amly's marketing lives on!"
"We need a better name."
*approaching him*
"Heya doll, how's the party?"
*asked to dance*
"Sorry, but I'm working. Maybe when we sell out."
*sold out*
"Wow! That was quick, how's about a dance Cromy?"
"You bet! Meet you on the dance floor!"
Reaction to partner(I guess..he paired with Cromdo and Beff):
Cromdo: "Grumping..NO!"
Beffica: "'s going on?!"
Dying message:
"I'm nothing but a liar..a cold..worthless liar. I hurt so many wonder I have no least I got bugsnax.."
Final message(Good ending):
"What the ever grump was all that?! Why..did...oh zonk who cares?We're alive! Ha ha! Amly lives to see a new day!
You know..after all of this..I think I'll finally turn over that new leaf..I'll quit my job..and start fresh in the country. I should also apologize to everyone I hurt, so..sorry doll, I stole your pen...
Geez that took a lot out of me! Ah! This'll be hard! feels..kinda nice..guess I shouldn't wait around..farewell, til we cross paths again, doll."
Final message(Bad ending)
"What..the grump? Cromdo..he's..gone. This..makes me..realize..our lives are so..fragile, I..shouldn't waste it..
Oh Cromdo..if I known that..I would have put myself in your place
At least..maybe we could be together..again
Business partners forever...ha.."
I over complicate everything
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quillsareswords · a year ago
Breathing Room
Damian Wayne
Of course the little dog here is basically my sweet baby girl Rogue with a different name (Baby/Babe because I'm sure all of you at home have dogs you'd like to substitute names for), who sends all her love and puppy kisses to all of you! Ugh this was fun to write. So goddamn fluffy I could call Build-a-Bear a competitor.
Reader is a Titan.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Prompt List // Masterlist (in bio)
"If I die, I'm leaving my dog to you."
Damian turns halfway to give you a suspicious glance over his shoulder. Then, he turns back to the fire place, where he's successfully stoking the flames currently living there.
The animal in question is the next victim of his scrutiny, laying perfectly peacefully on the corner of your blanket that's been left unused on the couch next to you. He points, you nod, he rolls his eyes.
"Awe! What? You wouldn't take my poor baby girl in?" You're borderline incredulous. "Did you hear that Baby? He doesn't love you!"
He scoffs, then pushes himself to his feet and joins you on the couch once more. The little dog lifts her head to look at Damian, almost accusingly.
You pet her gently. "Don't mind him, Baby, he's just jealous because I love you more," you soothe, babytalking the eight pound pooch like the spoiled princess she is.
"Firstly, you aren't going to die, it's only a snow storm," he argues, "and secondly, even if something were to happen, of course I'd take in your large rat."
You gasp and lightly slap his chest. "Damian Wayne!" you shrill. He chuckles loudly. "You take that back right now! Apologize!"
He rolls his eyes, knowing that if he doesn't, you'd probably give his spot on the bed to Titus, who's listening to the entire exchange from the giant pillow on the floor. He reaches across you, lays a hand on her little head, and says clearly, "Baby, I am sorry for calling you a rat. You are clearly small not-dog."
You sigh in exasperation and defeat. He laughs, though it's obvious he's trying not to and failing miserably. "What am I going to do with you, you scoundrel?"
His arm lays across your shoulders as you shiver for the second time in the last five minutes. "Well, you can first let me chose what movie we watch since I started the fire for you."
You can't help snuggling closer to him. "Firstly," you mock, "I could have started the fire myself. Secondly, I'll let you pick the movie if you let me pick the genre."
"Deal," he relents.
Two comedies and a horror film later, you hear the front door downstairs unlock, with a roaring chorus of arguing voices behind it.
When Kori and Dick invited you and Damian to a Titans Winter Vacation, you had been a little skeptical. You hadn't been a Titan for very long, and you weren't as familiar as you'd like to be with any of them.
However, you'd known Damian for years, and he insisted it wouldn't be as bad as you thought. He wasn't entirely keen on the idea either, but you'd eventually agreed that it'd be nice.
They'd rented a cabin up in the mountains. It was three stories, with six bedrooms, five bathrooms, two living rooms, a home theater, and a game room. You especially loved the balconies on every level. That provided a truly glorious view of the Smoky Mountains.
Though, when you heard it was six bedrooms, you knew that meant sharing a room. You only really slept alright by yourself or with Damian, so it concerned you that you'd most likely be sharing a bunk bed with Raven, as you and Damian were seventeen. But, because Dick knew you wouldn't be doing anything more than cuddling, he was more than happy to let you and Damian share a queen-size in the loft, directly above Garfield and Jaime's.
To sweeten the deal even further, everyone was in perfect agreement that you should definitely bring your dog. She was very sweet and quiet, and perfectly mannered. You didn't worry about taking her anywhere. It made you feel even better that Damian was taking Titus.
So here you are now, tucked into Damian's side on a plush plaid couch in the loft, Baby curled up next to you and Titus sprawled at your feet, listening to Gar and Raven and Cyborg come shivering in through the front door.
"Holy hell, it's cold as balls!" Gar shouted, kicking off his boots at the door. You were about to call down to ask how town was, but he was already sprinting up the spiral staircase.
Damian sighed, though only loudly enough for you to hear. He thought of the loft in it's entirety as yours, even though the bedroom was an entirely separate room, kept private by a thick door.
Garfield paused by the couch to lean over and pet Babe, which she gladly accepted, before zipping over to the firepalce to warm up.
"How was town?" you ask. Damian grabs the remote and backs out of the movie, which was already rolling credits.
"Eh, it was okay. Grocery store was neat, though. Had a candy section that was lit."
You laugh softly. "Get all the groceries?"
He nods. "Yeah, but their produce section was so confusing."
"Are you sure you aren't just dull?" Damian quips. You roll your eyes and flick his ear as you sit up. "Hey!" he chirps.
"Ha!" Garfield shouts and points boldly, though he looks as though he's about to hurdle the railing behind you. "Damian got in trouble!"
Damian, the tough, mature man he is, flings a pillow toward the green boy with as much force as he can while slouched against the couch back.
"Watch the fire, you dufus," you scold, laughing, as you slide toward the steps with Baby at your heels.
"Ha ha! You got in trouble agaaiinn!" Garfield sings. Then he shrieks, and then there's a green bird diving over the wooden railing and Damian's shouting something that has you scooping up Baby and hustling down the stairs to stay out of his way.
• • •
Your bedroom is dark, and because you both like the curtains pulled away from the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the drop of the mountain your cabin is perched over, it is quite cold.
Too cold for your liking, even pressed against Damian's back and Babe curled into the small of yours.
It's been fifteen minutes of listening to Bob's Burgers play on the television over your shared dresser and the collective body heat still isn't enough. So, in a desperate attempt to chase the chill off, you half unwind your arms from his waist, and slide them under the hem of his tee shirt to press them flat against his side and his back.
While you're sighing in relief, he's jumping and sucking in a breath of absolute shock. He all but gasps, "What are you doing with your ice cold hands up my shirt?"
You almost laugh at the tone of absolute offence he's using. "I'm cold! We can't all keep the same core temperature as the sun, Wayne."
"Well Jesus, you could have at least warned me," he grumbles, rolling in your hold to face you.
You fall asleep pretty quickly now, wrapped up in his arms, legs tangled with yours beneath a heavy quilt.
• • •
You're always the first ones up. Well, not always, but for the past four days that you've been on the trip, you both have. It's usually Damian, and only Damian, but you aren't far behind once your main source of heat leaves you alone in bed with sunlight beaming into the room.
You, Baby, and Titus all follow him down the spiral staircase and through the main common room, dining room, and the intermediate stretch between the two staircases and two bedroom doors.
He turns on the coffee pot for the rest of the team while you start the kettle and set out tea bags and mugs for the two of you. While he's still fiddling with the settlings on the machine, you let the dogs out to the small fenced yard off to the side of the huge cabin.
The machine spurs to life just as you're lifting yourself up onto the countertop of the kitchen island. "Are you gonna make pancakes and eggs?" You keep your voice low, considerate of Raven in the room on the left and Jamie and Garfield in the room on the right, all still sleeping.
"I wasn't planning to," he answers, leaning against the counter by the gas stove, where the steel kettle is still heating up.
"But you promised. . ." You just out your bottom lip and tilt your head just a little, soft eyes oh so slowly grinding away at that steel cover he keeps locked around his heart.
After exactly forty two seconds, he caves in. "Did the Happy Bunch even get the ingredients yesterday?"
Your sweet begging facade switches on a dime, now housing a devious glint in your eyes. "Of course they did, I put it on the list."
He sighs, loudly. He lets the dogs in before he goes around the kitchen, gathering all things necessary for the pancake mix you love so much.
It's twenty minutes later when Kori and Dick are opening the basement door and emerging from the hall downstairs, Kori's hair just as unkept as every morning and Dick's shirt just as wrinkly as the night before.
"Sometimes I think you only love me for my pancakes," Damian chides playfully, having yet to associate the creaking hinges with the basement door.
"I won't deny it," you laugh, grinning down at the bowl you're stirring with more dedication than is probably necessary.
"Damian, I didn't know you cook," Kori states, with enough surprise that you're a little taken aback.
He turns to look at her over his shoulder, still dicing strawberries without looking and making your nerves twitch while he does it. "Only occasionally."
"Hey hey, watch what you're doing, boy," you sound a little too much like someone's grandmother, but you're really a little aghast that he hasn't steeled himself yet.
Damian reserves a certain part of himself around most people. It's a part of him you're allowed to bask in only after years of assurance and affection. You wouldn't be so surprised if it was only shown to Dick, but it was Kori he was speaking to, eyes still a little glittery and smile still lopsided and prominent.
In a moment of adoration and maybe a little pride in him, you hum, "Only for me, of course."
To yours and even Kori's awe, he chuckles. "Only when you force me, you mean."
You recover faster than she does, and cover yourself with a laugh. "I wouldn't call you promising me strawberry-blackberry pancakes forcing you, but if you wanna try and save a little face . . ."
Kori turns to Dick, with a look on her face that is silently asking if he's seen the same thing. His eyes flit between her, you, and his youngest brother, before they settle on you. He seems a little less jarred.
"Gezz, what'd you do, (Y/N)? Drug him in his sleep?"
With Garfield's arrival, Damian's smile fades off and he resumes quickly dicing strawberries on a wooden cutting board.
You mumble into your batter, "I'm starting to wonder."
• • •
At 11:15 in the morning on the sixth day, a war commences.
While you and Damian decide to hide out the still-raging snowstorm in your cozy little loft with your faithful hounds, half the team is out in the snow, hurling handfuls of snow that vaguely resemble spheres at one another from behind artificial snowbanks.
Though eventually, you decide the total war out in the front yard is far more entertaining than anything on his Hulu or Disney+. So, you pop a bowl of popcorn and brew your third batch of tea, and sit backward on the couch to watch out the massive windows that take up most of the front wall of the common room.
Over the porch roof, you can watch all the atrocities of battle play out from the safe warmth of your loft together.
Though, some time around three, Damian reminds you that you have plans to drive into town to explore, and asks if you'd rather stay and finish the battle.
An hour later, you and Damian stand at the front door, dressed to brave the weather, having bid your dogs goodbye as you left them in the warm safety of your bedroom.
Damian's hand is on the doorknob, but he seems hesitant. "Are you ready?"
You flip up your hood and pull your scarf up over your nose. "Yes."
He hauls the door open, and with your hand in his, you quickly cross the porch, jump the steps, and make it halfway around to the driveway, when you hear somebody shout, "Civilians! Open fire on civilians, they're both wicked!"
Damian spins on his heel to threaten the entire group, but you beat him to it when you see Jamie, snowclod wound up, aimed right at you.
Silence falls over the battlefield like the snow still drifting down at an alarming rate.
You point a sharp finger at him. "If you do this, I will never forgive you," you declare lowly. "I swear to every god in existence you'll wake up with your head sewn to the carpet."
He stops. Narrows his eyes. "You're bluffing."
"Am I?"
A moment's debate. You can image the Scarab waving you off with we can take her. But oh, that thing has never seen you with a grudge.
He swivels on his feet and hurls it at Raven, who's been hiding behind the snow that'd been shoveled off the sidewalk that morning.
You take Damian's hand again and make a break for his car.
After the drive to Downtown Gatlinburg and three or four hours spent roaming the streets, you're already talking about living there. In all honesty, he isn't so opposed to the idea of buying a home in the area. You seem so in your element here, and the town and the scenery surrounding you is so breathtaking.
But you know you'd never be able to drag him out of Gotham. Perhaps a vacation home, or maybe retirement.
You decide to stop in to a little cafe in a place called The Village, which is a collection of shops surrounding a lovely courtyard off the main stretch of Downtown.
It's crowed inside, so you decide to stand out by the fountain while you sip your steaming drinks and converse about the little shops you liked best so far. You are particularly fond of a candy shop, and he would very much like to check out a blade shop a block or so down the way.
Your teeth chatter as you talk about wanting a souvenir, something small to keep on a shelf, and finish the rest of your hot chocolate.
"Are you that cold?" his question is simple enough, but his voice is so soft and so drenched in concern it catches you off guard.
You laugh lightly. "I'm okay, just might need another hot chocolate before we set off again," you shrug, jamming your hand into your pocket has he takes the paper cup from you and nods.
"Well, I'm sure that can be arranged." He smiles.
There's something in his eyes, though. It's subtle, in the little wrinkles between his eyebrows, and the redness of his nose and his cheeks. As much as you like the way it looks on his honey crisp complection, it's starting to worry you. Not the blush he gets from the cold's kiss, but the slightly out of character openness he's been exhibiting. You like to think that maybe he's growing out of hiding his louder emotions, for his own sake, but you can't take the risk that it's something else.
He returns to you with an offering of mint hot chocolate. He smiles again when he greets you, and the pair of you set off back toward the sidewalk do a little shopping.
"Hey, Dame?"
You wind your arm around his elbow with your free hand. "Everything okay with you?"
He turns his full attention on you. "Yes, of course. Why do you ask?"
You take a sip out of your hot chocolate. "I don't know, you've just been acting a little differently the last few days." His eyebrows crease in a worried way, and you get the sense he's disappointed. "In a good way, I mean," you correct yourself quickly, "I just want to be sure it isn't for a bad reason."
He shakes his head and takes a deep breath. You turn out onto the sidewalk, and start making your way farther up the street. "No, there isn't anything wrong," he assures. "I can't exactly explain it, which I'm not entirely okay with, but it's been. . . nice, this trip. The land is beautiful, the air is much cleaner than in Gotham, the people here are nice." He turns to face you again. "And you seem a lot more comfortable with the Titans. I'm glad; I'd feared you wouldn't bond with them at all, truthfully, and they're all far more bearable with you around."
You nod as he speaks, eyes jumping past him to the signs on the building fronts every once in a while. There's something he isn't saying, and you know it.
"And. . ." He sighs. "And you."
You pass him a quizzically quirked brow.
His voice lowers and he lays a hand over yours on his arm. "I love you so much, (Y/N). I can't even find the right words anymore."
Your eyes lock with his and you stop walking. Your lips part because your jaw goes a little slack, and your wide eyes reflect all the neon colors of the signs in the window on your right.
It isn't the first time he says he loves you. And you know it won't be the last, but he hardly ever says it so freely. It always behind closed doors in the softest moments, when you're both vulnerable or so drunk on love for one another neither of you can think straight.
You can't remember the last time he's been so open about in in front of anyone else, and it only ripens your concern.
You pull him closer, eyebrows slanting together. "Damian, I'm serious, are you okay?"
Now he's the one with one eyebrow reaching for answers. "Pardon?"
"I'm sorry," you blurt, "you know I love you from here clear to Alpha Centauri but you're really starting to worry me."
He laughs at that. Then, his eyes are as soft as his smile, and his hands smooth down the sides of your arms before they rest on your forearms. "(Y/N), I promise you there is nothing wrong with me now that hasn't been for the past seven years. Am I not allowed to let once in a little while, and allow myself a little breathing time?"
You hadn't realized you were so tense until you relax under his touch with the assurance. "Of course you are," you reply after a pause. You take one hand off your hot chocolate to rest it on his chest, coincidentally over his heart. "I just worry sometimes. I don't want anything to happen to you, Dame."
"I know," he says. He gingerly takes the paper cup from you and sets it on the bench you hadn't noticed before. He pulls you into his arms, enveloping you in a warmth like sunshine and a scent that's too particular to Damian Wayne to be mistaken. Your arms wind inside his open coat to the hoodie he's wearing underneath.
A long moment passes in relative silence. Your eyes are closed, ears perked to the drifting sounds of uncaring passersby and the rumbling of passing cars.
"I really want to slip my hands under your shirt right now," you mumble into his shoulder. "But if you tell me not to, I won't."
He grunts.
And for a moment, you ponder weather or not that was a denial. You silently make your choice and close your eyes again.
He leaps under your touch. "Damn it, (Y/N)!"
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ashlaenikoal · a year ago
Lost and Found (Arthur Fleck x Reader)
Tumblr media
A/N: This is a Arthur Fleck x Reader imagine requested through DM by @hellonheels-x. Due to my unforeseen delays in finishing it, I wrote more than my usual length and filled it to the brim with fluff. Again, thank you so very much for your patience.
The abbreviations (key below) are kinda freaky, but they’re only for one scene, I promise.
Y/F/N = Your First Name, Y/L/N = Your Last Name, Y/FN/I = Your First Name Initial, Y/LN/I = Your Last Name Initial
Description: Arthur Fleck x Fem!Reader
Rating: General audiences. How about another fluff fic, Mur-ray?
Warnings: none.
Setting: Pre-movie, maybe a year or so before.
Word count: 1,794
Gif credit: unknown (comment if you are or know the creator)
Imagine getting a visit from your neighbor Arthur when he finds something lost of yours.
You barely hear the voices coming from the glowing box before you, your eyes beginning to glaze over as the television flashes, lighting up your abysmal apartment. Working double shifts at the diner was going to kill you, you thought. Still in your uniform, spotted with grease spots and random smears of ketchup, you reach into your dingy apron and pull out your measly tips from the day. $3.57. That was all.
“I’m never going to make enough to get out of here.” you grumble, casting it aside on the stained sofa cushion beside you. 
All you wanted was to take a vacation. Maybe you could make it another year or two in Gotham if you could just get away and clear your mind. With tips like these, you’d have to peddle burgers and fries for another ten years if you hoped to see another state line, let alone a tropical paradise.
How else could you get the money? You were never able to afford college, and with no higher education and no time to earn it, getting a higher paying job didn’t seem likely. You had too much respect for yourself to “walk the streets.” You had no rich relatives and no friends financially stable enough to help you out either. Besides, you could never ask them. Living in Gotham nowadays was a game of survival as it was, no need to hurt anyone else’s chances. The only option left seemed to be pawning something off, but it’s not like you had anything of real value left. 
You scan the room, looking for possibilities that deep down you knew weren’t there.
The couch? Too old and worn out. 
The coffee table? You didn’t use it much. It’s just a home for the mail and whatever random stuff you toss on it. You could use your dresser for that. Maybe.
The TV? No. If you lost it, you might lose your sanity completely.
You definitely couldn’t afford to go without the fridge or the coffee maker.
“Face it, you're never gonna see that sandy beach.” you tell yourself with a sigh, slumping further in your seat. 
The only possession you owned that was valuable was your grandmother’s silver locket, but you could never part with it-
“Oh no.” you reach for your neck, but the familiar chain isn’t there.
“No no no no!” you leap up and start scouring the sofa for it. “Please be here.”
Your mind flooding with panic, you fling off the cushions, but find nothing but crumbs and some hair ties.
“It’s got to be here!” you screech, dropping to your knees and running your hands all across the floor.
Tears start pooling in your vision as you retrace your steps in your mind, knowing the diner, the train station, and the walk home are all places it could have been lost. You didn’t even remember hearing it hit the ground anywhere! Oh if someone found it, it’s lost forever. Anyone would keep something like that.
“No, I can’t lose it, please...” you beg, dread fully setting in.
Sudden knocking on your apartment door sends you shooting up, but your head collides with the underside of the coffee table.
“Oww!” you seeth through the pain, muttering curses as stars swirl in your eyes. 
Dazed from the impact and the panic, you climb to your feet and stumble to your door. You look through the peephole, but you don’t recognize the person on the other side.
Who could be knocking on your door at 11 o’clock at night?
You pull back the chain and open the door to behold a vaguely familiar face.
“Hi. Can I help you?” you ask, trying to push your lost locket from your mind.
“Hi. My name is Arthur. I live on the floor below you.” the man says, shyly pointing toward the floor. “Does your name start with a Y/FN/I?” 
The question catches you completely off guard. 
“No, it doesn’t” you answer skeptically, your brain telling you you’ve seen this guy before. “What’s this about?”
“Um it’s just...I kinda need to know...because I’m looking for someone.” He replies, visibly nervous. 
“Who are you looking for?” you ask.
“Well that’s just it...I don’t know yet.” He answers, disappointment in his tone, “What is your name?”
“Y/F/N Y/L/N.” you say.
“Is your last name spelled with a Y/LN/I at the beginning?” he questions, smiling a bit.
“Yes?” you answer, terribly confused. 
“Then, in that case,” he begins, reaching into his jacket pocket, “I think I might have found something that belongs to you.”
You gasp, the heart-shaped locket dangling from his outstretched hand. 
“You found it!” you exclaim as you grab it, clutching it in your fist and holding it to your chest.
“I found it in the elevator. I saw the initials on the back of it and I figured it belonged to someone in the building.” He grins as tears return to your eyes, ”I’ve been knocking on a lot of doors. This is the third floor I’ve tried. I’m glad I found you.”
“Thank you so much!” you squeal, throwing your arms around him in a hug, “You are my hero for finding this, you have no idea!”
You pull away and see the stunned look on his face, but it makes you smile all the more. You fasten your beloved necklace around your neck where it belongs and open the door wider.
“Please come in. Let me repay you somehow. Would you like some coffee?” you offer, trying not to giggle at his shocked expression. 
“Um...sure. Yeah.” he says, composing himself and stepping over the threshold.
“I’m sorry, I know my place is a mess. Just make yourself comfortable.” you say, flipping on a light and turning on the coffee maker.
“You don’t have to do that for me, you know. It’s not a problem.” he says, watching you move around the tiny kitchen space.
“Nonsense. It’s literally the least I can do after you found my locket.” you say, pouring the grounds into a clean filter. “It belonged to my grandma, and it’s all I have left of her. I thought I’d lost it for good, and to be honest I don’t know what’d I’d do with myself if I had. Guess I need to put it in a drawer or something from now on.”
“Don’t do that. It looks nice on you.” he says, standing opposite of you, the little kitchen island between you.
“Aw, well thank you.” you chuckle, grabbing a clean mug from the cabinet. “So you said your name was Arthur, right?”
“Yes. Arthur Fleck.” 
“That’s right. I think I’ve seen you around before. Your mom is Penny Fleck?”
“That’s my mother.” he nods, “I’ve seen you too. You’re a waitress, aren’t you?”
“I am. My outfit gave it away, huh?” you reply, remembering your tired getup.
“I’ve seen you walking home late at night. It’s dangerous out there. You should be careful.”
“Tell me about it. Believe me, if I could afford to work from 8 to noon, I would.” You sigh, finally taking off your apron and tossing it on the counter. “So what do you do for a living, Arthur?”
“Well right now I working as a clown.” he answers, staring down at his hands. 
You interject briefly, “Do you want cream or sugar?”
“No thank you.” he meekly declines.
You pick up the conversation once more. “A clown. Like, in the circus?”
“No. I visit kids in hospitals, advertise for businesses, stuff like that.” he clarifies, “But I want do to stand-up comedy. I’ve been working on my material. People say I’m getting really good.”
“Well that’s really cool. I’d like to hear some of your jokes sometime.” you say, turning back around and leaning forward on the counter.
“I could do that.” he smirks, “You could come to one of my shows when I get into one of the big clubs. I will soon.”
“I think I could make time for that. I could use a night out that doesn’t involve french fry grease and the same twelve jukebox songs.” you laugh.
“What about you? Do you wanna stay a waitress?” he asks, pulling up the single stool and taking a seat.
“Definitely not.” you exhale, shivering at the thought, “Honestly, I don’t even know what I want out of life right now. All I want is to go on vacation somewhere far, far away from this city. Somewhere where the sun shines and the sky is clear. No mountains of trash, no giant rats, and no creeps shorting me on tips because ‘I didn’t bring them a new bottle of mustard.’ I’m sick of this town. I wanna walk on a warm beach with a deep blue ocean and remember what it’s like to be a real person.”
“That sounds perfect. I like the sound of that.” he remarks.
“It does. But I don’t have anywhere near enough money to make it happen. I’m afraid it’s just a dream.”
“Don’t say that. You’ll get there. If I can be a comedian, you can go on your trip. I’ll help you if I can. I’ve got a little saved up.” he offers enthusiastically. 
“That’s sweet of you, but you don’t owe me anything. You have your mom to take care of and that’s what’s important.” you respond.
“It’s my own savings, and I want to give it to you. You work hard and you should have it.” he insists.
You get the feeling you’re not doing to win this argument. You weren’t sure what compelled him to be this generous to a person he’d just met, but you had to admit it, it was refreshing to see such kindness still existed in the world.
“Tell you what,” you begin, not wanting to hurt his feelings, “If I don’t make enough tips by the end of the year, I might just take you up on it. A loan only. I’ll pay you back.”
“Okay, but you don’t have to pay me. I want to help you.” he relents, but only a bit. “You deserve it.” 
You smirk, touched by a genuine compliment, “Thank you, Arthur.”
Your eyes fall to the necklace dangling from your neck, and your heart skips.
“Thank you again for finding this. It means the world to me.” you say.
“I’m glad you lost it. It made me find you.” he declares.
His innocent words made you blush. How could he be so sweet and sincere and survive in this city? You didn’t know, but at this moment, the warmth you felt with Arthur was better than the brightest island sun.
“I’m glad you found me.”
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tirednotflirting · a year ago
you're my golden hour (the color of my sky)
i miss going to concerts and when the fall festival in my city got officially canceled last week, i wrote lashton going to a festival to make me feel better. and then i started listening to Lorde and got emo. enjoy <3
ps special thanks to @calumcest bc i am having an absolute shit 24 hours but helen ur britpop playlist and that comment i found on the doc for this made me feel a bit better this morn x
LAST THING! i went ahead and made an ao3 (finally???) so if you prefer reading things there, you can head that way here
Ashton smiles, feeling the stretch in his cheeks from laughter and the sun that’s been shining on his face all day, and wonders if there was any way at all to top the feeling he’s experiencing right now.
It had been a long but good day. He watches the sun set over the desert horizon, his view waving from the heat from his spot on a quilt in the middle of the festival. Behind him he hears the beginning of some EDM set starting on the opposite side of the festival grounds, the earth just barely shaking from the bass. People pass him from behind as a large crowd begins to form some 100 feet in front of him. It had been a tiring and warm afternoon and evening, and while he was excited to hear this set, it wasn’t anyone he was a huge fan of, so he had made the executive decision to find a good spot back in the area that allowed chairs and sitting.
He watches flags and totems teeter around in the wind, the light breeze cooling the back of his neck. It was nearing the end of the second night of the festival and as he felt the dull ache in his ankles from walking and jumping around all day, he wonders to himself how the hell he is meant to manage another day of this. Maybe he would ask around once everyone got back to the house later in the night if anyone else was feeling their age and maybe wanted to head to the grounds a little ways into the afternoon for the last day? He sighs as he lifts his eyes toward the desert sky knowing that the answer would be a clap to his shoulder and the shaking of heads, his merry band and accompanying crew always somehow maintaining the energy level of 8 year olds when they came down for the festival.
Though he definitely did understand where they were coming from. He wasn’t sure how, but every time he found himself at a music festival (as a fan rather than a performer) the child-like, effortless joy of going to a show would surge through him. The big, sprawling crowds that if he saw in any other context would give him mountains of anxiety, felt like a breath of fresh air even as he snuck his large body between those around him to get closer to the action. The euphoria of a late night set, the only lights being those coming from the stage, with thousands of people all singing along to a song that meant something unique and new to each and every one of them. There was a special kind of magic brought into the world only by running around festival grounds in the desert with tens of thousands of people for a few days every spring. It was the kind of magic Ashton wished he could bottle up to save for cold, late autumn days when he was cooped up in his house, trying to remember what the memories really felt like.
He leans back then, clasping his hands behind his head to rest on, and recalls on the previous day. It had been awhile since the band had had the opportunity to go to a festival obligation-free and they were fully taking advantage of that chance. A house had been rented closer to the city where the festival was held, friends were invited, a grocery list divided up. They spend the Thursday night before the three day festival all trading stories of recent travels and adventures around a fire pit. It was fun to hear what mischief everyone had been up to while they were out on the road.
(Though if Ashton were being honest, he didn’t recall much of what was said following his trip to the kitchen with Luke about halfway through the night when the blonde had snuck in a kiss after shots with Calum. Ashton wasn’t sure if he was more shocked by the action or the lime juice that got left on his lips.)
The morning was spent divvying up snacks and sunscreen, emptying water bottles and tucking flasks into backpack pockets less likely to be checked by security. Or at least that’s what Calum and Ashton got up to while Luke and Michael pressed glitter stickers to their own faces before invading the kitchen to do the same to their boys. All in the spirit of the festival, the former two decided as they giggled while shooting stars and hearts were pressed to their cheeks.
They spend the day mostly just the four of them, the rest of their party having other people to catch up with or promotional obligations for their work to attend to. The merry band of Aussies would never admit it in front of anyone else but they really always preferred to attend shows just the four of them. There was a silent energy that wrapped around them when attending a concert, the same kind of whisper that had brought them together to make music together in the first place. They thrived on it, rode the feeling like a high of sorts.
That first night Michael and Calum decide they want to grab a drink just before the last set of the night is meant to start so they make the choice to just stick to the VIP section until the end of the show. Luke kept on glancing between Ashton, the direction Michael and Calum have just wandered toward, the crowd forming for the show, and back to Ashton so it doesn’t take long for the hazel-eyed boy to place a hand to Luke’s back and guide him in the direction of the sprawling crowd.
Luke had been sipping from a flask throughout the evening and was sufficiently loose and giggly as they find a spot in the middle of the crowd as darkness settled over the grounds. They’re talking through ideas for which sets they should hit the following day when the roar of the crowd picks up as a cue that something is about to happen. Ashton’s lifted his left hand to cup around his mouth to project his yells along with the rest of the crowd and when he moves to raise his right, he finds the limb stuck in place. He looks down to see Luke’s fingers tucked between his own and lifts his eyes to the dazed, happy look settled into the pale eyes of the slightly taller boy. He let a smile pull across his own face and his fingers squeeze around Luke’s hand as Lorde’s dreamy voice floats over the crowd, bright green lights illuminating their faces to tell them what she’d chosen to begin the set with.
Ashton had always felt a special kind of connection to the younger singer’s bright and exaggerated lyrics. The romanticization of youth and glittery nights that flow through her lyrics spoke to him in ways he always wished he could express in his somewhat younger years, the brilliance of being young and in love with everything something that their style of pop back in the day just couldn’t capture in quite the same light. Hearing the songs he was listening to in years prior, when he was pining after the boy just to his right, unable to express just how big his feelings were at the time, it all has his mind spinning.
She starts ‘Ribs’ up on the stage some ways in front of them, the gentle crooning of it drives you crazy, getting old feeling more poignant than normal in that particular moment. The lyrics feel heavy, though light at the same time, like his youth is drifting away in the desert wind while his age - though still quite young, Ashton does recognize - settles onto his shoulders like a heavy coat. It feels so scary, getting old floats through his mind when he feels a pair of arms wrap around his waist.
“Stop thinking so hard, old man,” Luke says in his ear above the crowd’s singing. He lets his lips pout against the little hoop through Ashton’s ear lobe before he continues. “It scares me too, but in this for a bit.”
Ashton’s eyes close, the bright colored lights from the stage bleeding through his lids, and he sighs when he feels Luke’s stubble against his cheek when he moves to press a kiss to his temple before returning to bobbing along to the beat of the song. He’ll never understand the way the blonde is able to hear the racing of his thoughts though it's something he’s always been gifted with. Ashton is thankful for it, that Luke somehow knows exactly when to step in to ease his mind for a moment. He’s not sure what he would do without it.
They dance and yell and sing songs about being 19 despite being very solidly in their mid-20s for another hour before the set is over and the desert is lit up with the tall bright white lights above the grounds. They stumble into each other as they laugh and sing, eventually finding Michael and Calum along the way and pressure them into the same actions. Next thing they know, the four boys have piled into a car, repeatedly falling asleep against one another and the plushy seats of the car until they make it home.
The only sober one in the bunch, Ashton plants his boys at the kitchen island, making them all drink a few glasses of water and pass a bottle of aloe gel around to rub at the back of their necks to minimize the griping about sunburns the next day.
(It takes approximately three seconds of whining before Ashton gives in and pats the cool gel into Luke’s neck, chuckling at his whines at how cold it is. A babbling Calum leans his head against Ashton’s bicep while he performs the action, the brown-eyed boy telling him a story about some actor that him and Michael met backstage who bought them shots and knew one of their songs other than “She Looks So Perfect” and “Youngblood”.)
The remaining residents of the house have either ended up at after parties (how people can attend after parties on each night of the festival and still make it all the way to the end is wild, Ashton thinks) or at other houses in the area so Ashton makes sure to lock up after they all vacate the kitchen before heading up to his room on the next floor up.
He’s just slipped into the bed and clicked off the lamp when he hears his phone buzz on the bedside table. He squints against the light from the screen before his features soften as he opens up the picture Luke must have snapped of him toward the end of the Lorde set. He’s in the middle of laughing through the joy of hearing a song he loves, pink lights from the stage illuminating his face. The picture is accompanied by a caption that makes his heart drum some kind of hurried rhythm despite how simply its worded:
you looked so bright
Ashton sits up from the blanket as he hears a drum beat pick up from the stage up ahead, the crowd rising both in volume and height as those who were waiting get to their feet. The lovely breeze he had been enjoying while reminiscing on the day before dies off a bit as it gets blocked by those moving to stand. As a familiar guitar rhythm starts up, he closes his eyes and smiles, still caught up in this gorgeous, delicate moment that he feels so lucky to be somehow living in.
However, Ashton realizes then, as a water bottle gets placed in his lap and a second body drops to his right, that there was in fact a way to top how he was feeling just a few minutes before. The sun has just made its final descent below the horizon when he turns to see the smile spread across Luke’s sun-kissed cheeks.
“You were looking a little spaced out there, Ash,” Luke laughs as he pokes at Ashton’s cheek before shuffling a bit closer and wrapping his arms around the older boy’s neck and leaning in to press a kiss to the sun-warmed skin beside the condor just below his tangled black hair. The high of another music filled day and the tequila in Luke’s belly have him throwing caution to the California wind in terms of displaying his affection. Ashton figures the darkness provided by the hour and the low number of people that had come up to ask for photos throughout the weekend so far were enough justification to allow the tipsy, happy blonde to continue pecking at his neck. “Thinking about me?”
He giggles at Luke’s teasing words, feeling his cheeks warm some more than they already were. Ashton shifts some to get Luke to sit up and look at him. He can’t help the calloused hand that falls to his cheek, his thumb running along his cheekbone, beneath his tired, happy blue eyes. “Always.”
When Luke leans in to press his forehead against Ashton’s own, the crinkles beside his eyes just visible in the flashing lights from the stage far up ahead of them, he finds himself wishing he could bottle up this kind of magic too.
(What kind of magic this exactly is, he has yet to figure out. Though Ashton thinks he maybe might have a word for it. Maybe.)
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theme-park-concepts · a year ago
I really liked the question you got about drinking fountains/restrooms (I agree on the restrooms for guests; my favorite cast restroom was the one inside the Haunted Mansion, where you can hear that wolf howl every few seconds; it's creepy, but in a delightful way if you're a Haunted Mansion fan). But here's a question. What's your favorite view? Is it of a specific thing, from a specific place, or just something general like "the Castle from Town Square?"
Oooooo. I have a couple honorable mentions I'll bring up first.
1. The view of Everest from the bridge into Africa...I mean talk about environment design. It's this perfect picture that spans half a mile, and it just looks so natural and it's one of those "holy crap I can't believe humans made this" moments.
2. Tomorrowland Terrace looking towards the hub and castle, particularly if it's raining. The DEFINITION of serenity. And it's freaking magical.
3. Pretty much any view of the rivers of America on either coast.
But my favorite view, isn't exactly even a view. In that, you can't actually see much/you have to travel. But man...the shores of bay lake near ft. Wilderness, with the expansive lake in front of you, and the sounds of a steam train in the distance. That's magical, transporting, serene, otherworldly, and oddly mind bending. In that spot you can't actually see the kingdom - once you get out on the water you might, but definitely not there. You might not even be able to see the contemporary. But it doesn't exist in my mind as one vista...more of a 360 degree VR Vista - with the dock, and settlement gift shop with wooden checkers, a sand-covered nature trail, pioneer hall in the distance, the lawnmower tree, a distant island, a faraway castle, and that whistle echoing through the air. It's something that can't be captured in one physical picture, but nevertheless your mind can kind of synthesize into one. To me, when I think of the phrase "vacation kingdom" this is what I think they were really trying to create. More than just a high-energy theme park, but an entire ecosystem around it that could flex all sorts of emotional muscles, a place that promotes relaxation as much as it did intense theatrics. It's a true resort, and a true world. It's a great example that themed entertainment can be more than just rides and impossible architecture. An application of themed entertainment principles beyond just the park itself - and a way of using them that's so fundamentally real...that that space isnt exactly fictional anymore. Ft. Wilderness - well it really is in the wildnerness, and it really is something that has a real age and history to it (as the location of the people that lived at Disney before Disney, and now one of the longest-lasting places on property), and it really is kind of a remote outpost, and it's physical function (the settlement) as a transportation linkage, and gathering space, matches its fictional role. And the fictional story of what has been added is very subtle, and blends into what is real. Then there's the fact that the people that go to ft. Wilderness - there's a lot of repeat visitors, and people who have created traditions, even the servers at pioneer hall - many have been around for decades. There's a real blurring there...reality shapes the fiction and the fiction has in turned created a new reality. Add in the symbolism of shores, and steam trains, and outposts, etc. And so when you stand in that specific spot, with all the atmosphere around you, it really is one of the best examples of the ability of themed entertainment to create something that's "realer than real".
I have a personal connection too to that place, it being where my parents both first worked and grew to know each other. And where we came back yearly - a bit of a pilgrimage of sorts. And idk ft. Wilderness definitely informs some of my ideas or what happens when community and themed entertainment see it happen in certain regional Parks: Dollywood, silver dollar city, Knotts, Disneyland itself. Places with rich histories, that become functional places within communities, more than just entertainment venues, where the history shapes the fiction, and the fiction shapes the future. Where people grow bonds to the places, and they become hyper real.
I think one of the reasons people visit theme parks is for that sense of hyper-reality. The same reason people go to rock concerts, and spectacular broadway shows. And there's lots of ways to achieve that, and they're all pretty great. But often there's this very clear awareness of it being a "show" that comes along with it. Which is fine...I want to make those shows lol. But man, there is really something special that happens when you're able to erase that feeling of it being a show. When it just becomes a real place that's part of life, part of the community. A place that you can then therefore have an emotional connection too, a place that becomes part of your own narrative. (And it's a nice way to get repeat customers too). And that vista at ft. Wilderness is one of the few places that manages to have both the sense of the spectacular and still be real.
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tarotdeckshuffle · 2 years ago
(yay my first request to you! ☺️☺️) So can you do Christmas tradition headcanons (does Christmas exist in FFXV lol) for the Chocobros + Nyx, Luna, and Ravus? By traditions I mean do they go caroling, watch christmas movies, wear tacky sweaters, go on Christmas vacation you know stuff like that ☺️ Thanks Taro. I hope you're doing well ^_^
Merry! I’m always happy to do a request for you! ^^ Christmas in July, huh? Ok! lol
I don’t think Eos would celebrate Christmas, but let’s pretend there’s a similar gift-centric holiday. 
Taglist: @idiotflowerex, @laststory1013, @sayaoqueen, @jophinabean, @mysme-already
This is a priority request! If you’d like a request to be fulfilled right away, please consider supporting me on Patreon or buying me a Ko-fi!
Watches the cheesiest of movies all season long. 
Like, the really bad ones,
All about romance, Christmas miracles, and all ending the same way. 
(But way more diverse romance than we’re used to seeing because Eos movie channels are awesome!)
And if you complain about them,
He’ll watch them without you. 
Make a recommendation and
Otherwise he’s not really a fan of all of the holiday hub-bub. 
The Citadel gets decorated the same each year. 
And there are so many ceremonies to attend. 
But the movies give each of you a time to relax and enjoy each other. 
Without commercialism or pomp. 
Because that’s what the holiday should be about to him. 
All the Bros, his friends, his coworkers, you, everyone he possibly knows!
Tacky sweaters?
Itchy, but check!
Holiday baking?
You bet!
Wears a Santa hat all season long, now. 
Does the big dinner!
Absolutely everything!
He is so hyped for the season that he may overdo it.
He means well,
But you may have to make him slow it down every once in awhile. 
All while wearing an amazingly tacky holiday sweater!
All the holiday goodies!
Candy, cookies, pies, cakes, EVERYTHING!
Until you are so utterly sick of it,
You don’t even want to look at another sweet!
He donates most of his creations to shelters and foundations,
And takes whole plates to everyone he knows and loves,
Making sure everyone has something amazing for the holidays. 
He insists upon wearing horrible tacky sweaters for this season.
It is “traditional” to him. 
It’s a fun season of baking together and giving,
Before returning home to a beautifully decorated scene. 
Ignis truly loves the coziness and warmth of the season.
I want to see him in a tacky sweater,
But I doubt he would because it’d be “too hot” and itchy. 
Christmases to him are really small and intimate,
Just his dad, Iris, and himself.
And now you. 
He loves having you there!
Cuddling by the fire under the tree lights. 
Type of family that doesn’t spend a lot on traditional gifts,
Instead, they exchange older gifts or lots of small things. 
Like Clarus passes down family heirlooms,
Or Iris makes homemade hot chocolate mix for everyone. 
They play traditional games,
And Gladio wears a paper crown all morning!
Later, he really loves to just watch the snow fall outside, 
And feel the cold on his face,
Before getting into a snowball fight! 
It’s a fun, intimate day with your new family. 
Because Gladio wants to spend the season with those he values most.
Doesn’t typically celebrate the season. 
But with you around, he will. 
You get a tiny tree in his apartment, 
And a gift or two for each other. 
He insists on some of his old traditions from the island, though.
He hums songs you’ve never heard before
And cooks food you’ve never had!
Together, he and Libertus put together a grand dinner for all of the Glaives
That mimics something had in their home. 
You enjoy the night with Nyx at your side,
And his arm almost always around you. 
That evening you take a stroll in the snow,
Enjoying the lights. 
For the first time in a very long while,
He truly enjoys this season. 
Always spends the season giving presents to the needy. 
You make the rounds between shelters, homes, and community events. 
But on her off time,
She wants to spoil you!
She is overflowing with presents for all of her loved ones,
Including you!
So many presents!
Did you mention you liked something in passing?
Well she got it for you!
Loves the tacky sweaters, even though they don’t fit her aesthetic. 
And drags you along caroling!
After the long days, 
She falls asleep in front of the fire 
After listening to you read Christmas tales. 
Her favorite is The Nutcracker. 
This season is about giving back and bringing joy for her,
And that is what she aims to do. 
Really hates the tackiness of the holiday.
But for you, he’ll try. 
You go on a vacation somewhere that doesn’t celebrate the holiday.
A place that’s warm, exotic, and relaxing. 
You don’t celebrate in a typical manner, 
But he makes sure to get you a gift. 
Something truly heartfelt,
That you didn’t even know was perfect!
He loves seeing you relaxed and happy,
So he works hard to help you do so,
And to find you the perfect gift.
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vipstarlight1990 · 3 years ago
Vixx Reactions
Vixx reacting to being on vacation with you
Cha Hakyeon - N
You were super excited when Hakyeon had promised to take you on vacation. Though where to go became an argument you both settled on jeju island since you could have an extra day or two. With a big suitcase on your bed you go through all your clothes. There was the echoing as the front door closed.
"Jagiya!", you heard him shout before coming into the room. "In here!", you yell putting a dress in you suitcase. He walked in and saw the mess and you could feel him suppressing the urge to nag. "Sorry I'm running late.", you say grabbing a few bathing suits and tossing them in the bag. "Why didn't you pack last night like I told you I was doing.", he said folding while you picked some things out. " fell asleep.", you laughed as he popped you on top of the head. "Don't know what I'm going to do with you.", he said as you thought over everything you needed. "Do you have comfortable shoes we may go on a hike.", he thought. "I'm wearing them....dress, suits, underwear, pajamas, toiletries....Okay I think I have everything.", you said as Hakyeon grabbed a few light sweaters and jackets. "Don't want to catch a cold.", he said as he zipped up your suitcase.
Taking a cab and a bus gets you to the airport with about thirty minutes to spare. Hakyeon makes a point to mention how much earlier you would've gotten there is you had left when he got to the apartment. "Are we staying on the beach?", you asked as he went over the itinerary. "Yes and no....the resort is on the beach but we are on the other side of the hotel.", he said still being somewhat vague.
It was time to board as you walked towards the gate, Hakyeon was holding your hand so tight that you thought you were glued together. This was the first time you went away just the two of you. Both of your parents had been chaperone on the last two trips. The flight was fairly quick since you nodded off not to long after taking off.
Hakyeon gently woke you up as the other travelers deboard. "You sleep okay jagi?", he whispered. "Yea...can't wait to stretch out on a bed.", you yawned. Laughing he took your hand as you got off the plane.
The ride to the hotel took a while but she noticed the beach fairly close to the resort they park at. "Its really close.", you said almost giddy. "Jagiya this way we have to check in before you go frolicking.", he said as you went to the front desk. Checking in took a few minutes but you couldn't wait to get upstairs and change into your swimsuit. After finishing up the paperwork you expected to go upstairs but the bellman and Hakyeon started walking back outside. "If you flew me out here just to go back home?", you said almost pouting. Hakyeon laughed as they were led to a golf cart. "Am I that michevious?", he asked. "Yes.", you said bluntly as he smirked at you. "I'm hurt...", he said as you drove up this side drive way to a road filled with private houses. As you stopped at one you realized what he had done. Taking your bags into the private villa the bellhop put their bags down and she gave him a tip. "Surprised?", he said as he hugged you tightly. " weren't kidding about walking.", you laughed. "I wanted it to be perfect..Now that I can finally have time with you.", he said softly
Tumblr media
N would plan every detail. He would want to spend as much time with you as possible. I think it would be less traditionally romantic. He would find every activity he could possibly fit into your time there. Going anywhere with N would be fun and probably around nature just so you can recharge. So beach, country, maybe mountain trips would be in-store for you.
Jung Taekwoon - Leo
It was early as you opened the curtains of the hotel you were staying. Taekwoon was still asleep in the comfy bed. Time to wake up sleepy head. You said pulling him up, he looked at you intensely as he pulled you back down into bed and held you closely. "No..we did not fly all the way to France to sleep.", you groaned trying to pull away. Grumbling he finally got you to lay down in cuddling position and held you until you relented. "Ten more minutes.", you said sternly as he wrapped his arms around you.
It was almost noon when you two finally left the hotel. Taekwoon held your hand tightly as you walked around the beautiful Persian street. Of course the first thing you did was get brunch. Ordering was difficult for you but you managed to figure out what you liked. "So what should we do today?", you ask as the waiter brought your drinks. "We would just enjoy the sights.", Taekwoon said looking around. "Okay.", you smiled because Taekwoon was never talkative, but you could tell he was enjoying himself. The waiters brought the food and set it down in front of you. You picked up the your food and started to eat. "You want some?", you asked as he leaned over and took a bite. "Is it good.", you asked. "Yes.", he said with a sweet smile as he took his spoon and fed you from his plate. "That is so good.", you smile as you finished eating. You both ended up sharing your food with each other.
After finishing your meal you decided to walk around. Taking pictures everywhere you could think of. You never really got a chance to do couples pictures but today that was all you could think to take. When Taekwoon offered to take you on a trip you had no idea he meant this far out. You walked together a a somewhat leisurely pace for the first time in a long time.
As the day went on you find yourself at a bridge. Locks covering it from head to toe. "What's this?", this you ask him. "The locks symbolize an unbreakable love between two people.", he said with his hands in his pocket. "That's really sweet.", you say looking over the different padlocks. Taekwoon takes your hand as he walks down the bridge scanning each spot. Finally he finds a small open and takes out a lock. Handing it too you he gives you the key. Smiling you turn it to unlock the clasp and you both place it on the bridge locking it. You hand the key to him. Looking at you he tosses the key in the river. "The things you come up with.", you say as you continue your walk through the beautiful city.
Tumblr media
Leo wouldn't have everything planned he would mostly want to relax. But the one or two thing he would want to do would be unforgettable. Not even super romantic just somethings that would make you remember the trip fondly.
Lee Jaehwan - Ken
"Jaehwan?!", you laugh as ran through the stone maze. You stopped and listened for footsteps, or Jaehwan's loud voice. "I know you are hiding!", you said walking down another path. You walked a little while longer now you were getting annoyed. It was funny the first 15 minutes, then it was just excited. Now you were lost and you were now hungry. "Lee Jaehwan!", you yelled looking around.
"JAGIYA!", you finally looked up and saw him waving from a an over head walking bridge. "You ran ahead?!", you yelled. "Yea just keep going your close to the end, now hurry up it's cold and I need warm hugs!", he yelled making you smile. Like he said as you kept walking you, calming your mind you quickly found your way out. You were greeted by the tightest warmest hug you ever felt. "Come on let's get some coffee.", Jaehwan said taking you back to the house you were renting.
You were in the kitchen making drinks while Jaehwan tried starting the fire pit. You walked outside and sat down next to him with a large blanket. Jaehwan sat close as you two cuddle under the thick blanket and watch the night. "This is nice.", you say softly as jaehwan starts humming softly. "I wish we could do this more often.", he said as he ran his fingers through your hair. "Me too.", you smile as he covers you up more.
Tumblr media
Like N, Ken will want to do something more in nature. He would want do fun out there activities as well as relaxing kinds. Just no you will probably have to bring the brochures to him. He will get excited and then plan your trip accordingly. No surprise here because you will be apart of everything from the word go.
Kim Wonshik - Ravi
"Let me do it.", you said putting food ready to cook on the outdoor kitchen island. "I got it.", he said as he continued to attempt to light the grill. "You're not doing it right.", you say under you breath. After messing with it a few more minute he finally got the fire going. "I promised to cook go make yourself busy that is not in my way.", you say as he kissed you on the forehead.
You start cooking while Wonshik changed into less smoky clothes. Bringing his computer outside he worked while you cooked, it wasn't any different from when you were home. He did attempt to relax but that only lasted a few hours when his phone started ringing. "I was thinking we could go to that boardwalk.", you said as he looked over his computer screen. "play some games, ride some rides.", you say as he still look at his computer. "Maybe I'll streak through the house.", you muttered. " Okay but do that after we go to the boardwalk.", he said slowly looking up and sending a flirty wink your way. You laughed and finished cooking the food.
While setting the table Wonshik kissed you on the cheek and sat down. Dinner is quiet with a few sprinkles of conversation. "You didn't have to do this we could've went to a restaurant.", he said softly. "We rented a house and you want to waist this kitchen.", you laugh. "I just don't like to see you working so Mich while we are on vacation.", he said looking at you sincerely. "Okay then we will split cooking.", you smile as you finished your meal.
After cleaning up you get ready for bed while Wonshik picked a movie out. "You know it's funny.", you say sitting down next to him. "Hmm?", he said as you lay on his arm. "We really didn't change anything but location.", you laughed. "That's because I'm most comfortable and at home with you.", he yawned as a movie starts up. "Maybe we can finally finish it tonight.", you laughed as you felt him get comfortable.
Tumblr media
With ravi you might as well have a staycation. He would want to just shut his phone off and spend time with you.
Lee Hongbin - Hongbin
You look at the hotel room while hongbin excepts the room service. "Oh food!", you said as he placed it on the table. "Greedy.", he laughed as you mad a face and looked at the two desserts sitting there. "I'm not looking forward to this comeback.", hongbin said as you both relax on the bed. "Why is That?", you asked. "I won't see you for a month.", he said as you waited for some form of sarcasm. "What?", he asked. "Waiting for the other boot.", you laughed.
"I'm'll be a month before you'll be able to come to a show, we'll have a long distance relationship even though I live ten minutes from you.", he sighed. "It is what it is....I'd rather have a long distance relationship with you then none at all.", you smiled. He kissed you on the cheek as you finish your snack.
After showering and changing into your swimsuits you two walk to the indoor pool. The water was warm as you slowly walked into the chlorinated water. Hongbin sat on the steps while you swam back and forth. "Come on.", you said swimming back towards him. "No.", he whinned as you took his hand and pulled him along with you.
You laugh as he swam around with you on his back. You were happy when there weren't a lot of people around. This is when you two had a lot of fun. Smiling you hug hongbin tightly as he made a loud choking noise. "That's not funny!", you say as he laughs.
Tumblr media
Short and sweet but I stop when it makes sense. I think with hongbin travelling would be just an escape from everyone and everything. You'll get him at his most sincere. So expect to be up late talking laughing and playing.
Han Sanghyuk - Hyuk
You slip on your jersey while hyuk bangs on the door. You knew he was excited to go to this game, hell you scheduled time to go see it. "Hold on!", you said pulling your hair back. As you opened the door he picked you up. "This is going to be awesome!", he laughed. "Put me down.", you laughed as he kissed you and went to get his bookbag. You grabbed your messenger bag and the two of you left the hotel room.
The walk to the arena was filled with beautiful architecture. "I could live here.", you mutter. "No.", hyuk says holding your hand. "No I can't move to Spain?", you laughed. "Yup.", he said putting his arm around your shoulder. "You are not leaving me alone with my hyungs.", he said as you shook your head. "You don't control where I live.", you muttered. "How are we suppose to live together if you live in another country.", he said as you looked up at him. You never knew if he was joking or being serious.
You finally make it to the arena, take your tickets out and find your seats. You two always agreed on stuff but today you were enemies. Wearing opposing team merchandise was part of the fun. This mad the game fun as you shit talked each other. Which made the day so much better when your team won.
You spent the rest of the day poking fun. You could tell he was getting annoyed. It was the first time in awhile that you could tease him. While getting dinner you still kinda wanted to poke at him but you knew you were creeping into the no return zone. "We still have a few more games before we go home.", he said as you nodded while eating.
On the walk home you take in more scenery. Taking a bunch of pictures that hyuk threw up on social media. You wished he would ask but he just does it out of habit. Getting some ice cream before going back to the room. You lay on the bed and finished you snack while hyuk talked to his mother. "Yea we are taking the train tomorrow.", he explained their tiring schedule. After hanging up he hopped on the bed. "Hey.", he said with a sly smirk. "You wants a bite?", you ask holding the spoon out. Taking a bite of the cold treat he clenched down on the plastic spoon and grabbed your cup. "Hey no give that back!", you said reaching for it. "No this is for earlier!", he laughed.
Tumblr media
Hyuk is going to want to go for a specific reason. Vacation is nothing over the top, so travelling is a special thing for him. You will have fun of course. Twitter, Instagram all of social media will be flooded with annoyingly sweet pictures of the two of you.
Tumblr media
For more writing click the thing : 🔜 Masterlist
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amjustagirl · 2 months ago
Nikkiiii !!! i've said this before but i'll rephrase in case it becomes more comprehensible, YOUR BRAIN IS VERY SEXY.
in all seriousness, the fact that you like your characters only proves that you aim to write good and enjoyable pieces instead of writing for the sake of posting, no matter how uninspired and unfaithful to the characters the work might be.
and that is precisely why you're one of my favourite authors here AND IT'S NOT UP FOR DISCUSSION !! you have authenticity and it shows. so no, it is not shameless to enjoy your characters when they're beautifully written !!
my trip it's ,,, i don't know how to describe it, im currently camping in the middle of a forest, on a god forsaken island, on the other side of greece so it's uhhh interesting? i come here every year to enjoy the nature, mediate, reflect on myself, and set goals for self improvement before i go back to a year of intense studying 🤧
almost everyone comes here for the same reason, a small community is set up every may and people come and go until september. i'll be hitchhiking my way to natural hotsprings and waterfalls for ten days, so i'd say that this is bliss! but this kind of more primal, i guess you could say, situation isn't for everyone so i'll just say that my trip is interesting instead :>
no no no girl you're doing amazing !!
even in irl situations most dialogues we have aren't exactly the profound type but isn't that okay? to talk about seemingly unimportant things i mean, it's like 'love knows not it's depth'. the same way negative things that get swept under the rug end up pilling and can even dissolve a previously good relationship, conversations about 'nothing seemingly substantial' can grow into the substance of a relationship when shared between the right people, me thinks.
and now that i've said me thinks, i forgot to mention something very important earlier, MIYA KAIYO SUPREMACY ME THINKS !!!
kaiyo and atsumu though 🥰🥰
truth be told reader chan and i both share the anxiety and overthinking thingies, so i can't wait to read the next chapters and witness at least SOMEONE making some progress and shake these off, even if it's just with hot mr. Perfect Shinksuke
ahhhh i mean isn't it natural that he did ????
take care love ♡ i admire you for even trying to skate tbh, just give me a cup of coffee and a book and let me vibe, i can't get behind more athletic activities :(
pretty much already replied this even though i wasn't asked to lol, i'm doing well !! im enjoying my vacation but i also want the days to pass faster because i'll be moving out of town next month and it's exciting !! you find me in my usual paradoxical mindset tbh
ellie!!! thank you bb!! yeah i feel like an indulgent parent to my characters sometimes - i love them so much, but then i wonder whether my love for them is misplaced HAHAHA. and yeah no it's a matter of personal honour to never publish works that i'm personally not happy with (hence why the osamu installment of storm chaser is still in limbo LOL).
oh on another note - yeah it's something i struggle with, writing reader insert characters with strong personalities of their own. i can't ever write blank slate characters (or unrealistic characters for that matter, yknow the characters that sit around the house all day and wait and cry when their hq bfs come home late fr work) but sometimes i wonder if ppl don't want me to write personalities into my characters cos it makes it harder to relate to them? idk. something i grapple with from time to time.
HAHA it's actly so much fun writing both kaiyo and the reader in this fic cos they're pretty different but yet they're such good friends and continually support each other! personally i feel like the reader here is a lot more relatable - she's a bit like yachi in the overthinking department, and she's obviously anxious despite being v competent in her own right. also, *waggles my eyebrows about her progress w dear shin-chan*
omg know i grew up reading the corfu trilogy by gerald durrell and i've had a hankering to just spend a whole month kicking back and enjoying the greece countryside so im exceedingly jealous but happy that you're enjoying yourself, bb!!! i love the food i love the culture (even tho i just spent a couple of days on santorini and athens) and when travel reopens i defo wanna explore more of greece! in the meantime, take care and rest and recuperate!!! it's so exciting to hear you have so many things lined up ahead!!!
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dilkirani · 4 years ago
If you're still taking prompts-- Fitzsimmons + 25) things you said in the back seat of a cab please! :-)
I’m always taking prompts, it just takes me a million years to get to them, apparently! Here you are, lovely! Set in the unspecified future when everyone’s free from these framework shenanigans.
He leans forward to give the driver their address and then collapses against the back seat. Jemma melts against him, soft and giggly in his arms. It’s not that he thinks he deserves to be rewarded for saving the world so often, but these occasions are rarer than they should be. And how can he regret anything about his life when it’s led him to this particularly perfect moment, but even still would it kill the universe to let evenings like this stretch past the hours allotted for their happiness?
He feels Jemma twisting to look up at him, a pretty frown darkening her features. “Fitzy,” she draws out in a whine that he absolutely shouldn’t find attractive, “why are you being serious now?”
“I’m not,” he tries, but the rest of his protests die on his tongue at her knowing eyeroll. It’s no use; there’s never been any use in hiding things from her, but the desire to protect her from everything bad extends to his own melancholy thoughts.
“Do you remember when I left to find Coulson with Fury’s toolbox, and you made me my favorite sandwich?” The cab driver, on the phone dealing with some minor family emergency, isn’t paying any attention to them, although Fitz is sure this conversation would make no sense to him anyway.
Jemma wrinkles her forehead in confusion. “Of course I remember. What brought that up?”
“That’s the last time I was in a cab.”
“Really?” she asks, eyes wide. “That can’t be right.”
“It is, though. Ever since then it’s been the Zephyr or some other high-tech SHIELD transport. And in…” he pauses, looking away from her briefly. “In, uh, Morocco I hired a car and driver.”
Jemma inhales sharply and her fingers grip his arm so tightly it stings. He’s desperate to draw the hurt from her before it spreads like a poison, so he places a kiss to her forehead and smiles bracingly. “That ended up being quite expensive. Had to buy the guy a new car. Left him a 5-star review on TripAdvisor, though, so maybe he’s forgiven me by now.”
His joke falls between them with a dull ache. “That’s not funny, Fitz,” she says, voice trembling.
“I know,” he sighs. “I’m sorry. I just…that’s not the point.” He pinches the bridge of his nose, trying to form coherent thoughts with alcohol muddling his system. “I was thinking about the last cab ride because…I was really scared. Not sure if I could find Coulson. I was scared of what they’d do to me if they found me, and I was so terrified to leave you behind. But when I saw you’d made me that sandwich I felt…genuinely happy. It was the first time I really believed you and I would be okay. You know, that we were friends again.”
Jemma blinks slowly up at him before grasping his hand between hers, drawing it up to rest against her heart. “We were always more than that,” she says quietly, her words weighted with a truth so long unspoken. Even now, when they’ve entwined their lives as deeply as possible, it feels like a secret too precious to share with the world. 
He swallows thickly, suddenly overwhelmed with how much he loves her and how he’s still sometimes convinced it’s all a miraculous dream.
“The point is,” he says, clearing his throat and leaning his head back against the car door, “that cab rides are better with you.”
She laughs, and he does too, because he’s done a terrible job at expressing the feelings rending his heart. “Everything is better with you,” he clarifies.
Jemma slides her fingers across his brow, tracing his nose, the curve of his jaw, trailing along his lips like the softest kiss.
“We need a vacation,” she says suddenly and he stills, drawn to her honey-eyes and the tenderness she can’t contain. She nods decisively when he doesn’t reply. “That’s what this is about. We had a lovely evening off and now you’re moping because it’s about to end—”
“I’m not moping,” he grumbles, but she presses a quick kiss to his lips and effectively shuts him up.
“You’re moping because it’s about to end,” she repeats. “Come on, Fitz, we deserve this. And we never made it to the Seychelles.”
He can see them so clearly—lounging in bathing suits, drinking cocktails and getting sunburnt despite their best efforts and his lungs ache with the want of it.
“We’d never get the time off approved,” he says sadly, and Jemma smirks at him.
“Maybe you can’t get time off approved, but I’ve already got two weeks secured.”
“What?” he gasps, genuinely shocked. “Since when?”
She shrugs. “I talked it over with Coulson a few weeks ago. I was waiting for the right time to surprise you, which is apparently…now. In the back seat of this cab.”
They both look around at the decidedly unromantic interior of their cab and simultaneously fall into laughter.
“When should we go?” Jemma asks, when she’s gotten herself back under control.
“Now,” he replies, grinning at her eagerly, suddenly looking years younger. She raises an eyebrow and he knows it’s pointless; Jemma Simmons, who creates binders of research for any small decision, will not allow their first romantic getaway to happen with zero planning.
“Next week?” she offers as a compromise and he has to stare at her for a moment before he realizes she’s being completely sincere.
“Yeah,” he says, stunned and breathless. “Next week. Me and you. The Seychelles.”
She draws him towards her, smiling into a kiss. “I’m gonna do something with you on that island that will take your breath away,” she whispers, causing his entire body to go numb.
“Yeah, snorkeling, I know,” he says archly. “Someone told me there are over a thousand species of fish in the Seychelles.”
“I’m not talking about snorkeling,” she replies, voice lower and throatier than it has any right to be, and he audibly gulps.
“Can we perhaps finish this conversation at home?” he pleads, throwing a glance towards the front of the cab where the driver, thankfully, appears still engrossed in his own conversation.
Jemma giggles delightedly. “Whatever you want,” she says softly, like a promise. With her warm weight pressed against him, he can’t imagine any universe in which he might be happier. When he’s sure Jemma has half-dozed off, he sticks the hand not wrapped around her deep into his pocket, fingers grazing over the small black box. He grins to himself. He might need to create his own binder of Seychelles research after all.
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Do not Fall For The Latin Fantasy Tourist Rip-offMexico has been in the news rather a lot lately, sadly not very a lot of it good. With out actually understanding how big Mexico is and what the violence is admittedly about, many individuals assume that the country is one massive conflict zone. After all, till just a few years in the past, you did not even want a passport to cross south of the border.<br/>After the 1994 economic debacle, Mexico has made a formidable recovery, building a modern and diversified economic system. But if you want to really feel pampered, relaxed, and unstressed when traveling to Mexico, you higher save some cash for an excellent stay in a lodge, equivalent to Grupo Mayan.<br/>Bonita Springs, generally known as The Gateway to The Gulf, is home to a number of the most stunning beaches and islands along the Gulf of Mexico. The retail outlets, upscale boutiques and distinctive shops nestled within the larger Bonita Springs area, are reflective of this metropolis's lure.<br/>Whenever you want to travel to Mexico, Cancun is one of the high locations. Word from Mexican residents coming across the border suggests there are way more occurring down the coast along the seaside areas. Munich, Germany which hosts and celebrates traditions of 16-day pageant every year in where there may be rivalry to begin days of boozing with parade, songs and dance.<br/>And the #1 CROSS NATION ROAD JOURNEY OF ALL TIME? Flying to Mexico is the most common solution to go to the principle resort and tourist destinations. Many vacationers discover it thrilling to experience an ATV along the coast or other in Mexican locations. With this tour, you are taking a helicopter to the West Rim and descend to the canyon flooring.<br/>There are a considerable variety of lodge-room theft, pickpocket, and purse snatching incidents. For the adventurous, a each day tour is offered at 5:00 a.m. to descend halfway down the sinkhole, and watch as the thousands parakeets wake up and ascend in unison out of there jungle house.<br/>Encompassing some seventy six,300 sq. miles (197,600 square km), the peninsula consists of the Mexican states of Campeche, Yucatán and the well known Quintana Roo. Avail of the very best offers provided by many flights to Mexico and see for your self. The Summer time months of June and July are gradual sufficient you can haggle a reasonably good deal for an prolonged stay of some days to a couple of weeks or so.  <a href="">cheap flights jfk</a> Prices will sky-rocket during the peak Winter season.<br/>The State of Texas Division of Public Safety suggested against "spring break travel anywhere in Mexico." Suggesting instead, locations like Bahamas, Belize and Jamaica, all of them having a lot increased homicide rates. 2. Mérida - Just four hours from Cancun, this metropolis is positioned near several Mayan sites and has a beautiful historic middle.<br/>The resorts also provide a wide range of prompts in the course of the day and night time including live leisure, reveals and a nightclub. Hikers usually select a mountaineering tour, boats typically opt for boat tours, and history lovers typically select tours that focus on the history of Mexico.<br/>The village of Santo Tomás Jalieza is understood for manufacturing of cotton desk runners, placemats, napkins, belts and purses utilizing the primitive again strap loom, and bedspreads and tablecloths using much bigger equipment. There are quite a few issues to do in the city for travelers and vacationers.<br/>Some are flight deals and would possibly provide that kids fly without cost, which is nice for those large family holidays. The Nationwide Museum of Mexican Railroads and the Chihuahua Pacific Railway are additionally two stops that many guests make whereas in Puebla.<br/>Although you might be extra likely to have the ability to get a great worth ticket to another Canadian airport around the time of the Olympics, you'll be faced with a really long drive. For instance, cruise buddies could decide to go their own way by day but meet for dinner and the present each evening.<br/>The episodes of violence happen in very particular locations. As an alternative, rely on mass transit, cabs or transfer companies to get you where you want to be. It may be harmful driving in Mexico, particularly at night time, so this would possibly prevent extra than just police trouble.<br/>We are going to focus on and determine two key objectives to finding somebody in Mexico. 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Museums is usually a great choice for anyone anticipated to undergo a worrying surgery, as visiting them doesn't generally place large amounts of stress on the body.<br/>I continuously have somebody in San Diego visiting from Mexico to speak with me on how they'll discover merchandise of all types to export. Vacation brochures include short descriptions about the metropolis's highlights together with the white sandy beaches and the Mayan ruins.<br/>US-eighty will take you through the majority of this journey which provides more diversified cultural experiences than you are more likely to get in every other U.S. cross country journey. Perdido Key guests in the fall can even enjoy the Nice Gulf Arts Pageant, where a whole bunch of local artists come collectively to celebrate their artistic endeavors.<br/>The hospitals in Tijuana are excellent and lots of of them have been constructed with an emphasis on providing for clients from overseas. Standard resort actions embrace swimming, golf, and beaching. My unbelievably chic Tutorial Teacher offered to take me searching for some new garments at a few of Mexico's hippest boutiques.<br/>Escorts Heart Institute and Research Heart, in Delhi, India, is one other standard medical tourist destination. Take some time off your work if you wish to grab some low cost vacation deals. Via particular effects and an over-the-high tour information, this little 45-minute adventure aims to place a bit good-natured fright into guests.<br/>The Acapulco space is most well-identified for its big selection of panorama sceneries. If you are excited about scheduling an ATV jungle tour, you may have to be prepared to journey to the meant tour site. 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When instances are good, Mexico is a tremendous place to spend a while.<br/>That is clearly great information for the Mexican vacationer board, but don't be blinded by propaganda. The humorous thing is the overwhelming majority of Mexicans will never be impolite to you in 1,000,000 years. Mexico City as an example, solely has 8.3 homicides per a hundred,000 folks, compared to Miami's 14.1 and Chicago's sixteen.1. Compared to different nations in the area, Mexico can be much safer.<br/>When studying about this method, the distinction between HGVC developed resorts and HGVC affiliated resorts is important. The excerpts from the City Page referenced above are usually not from a Oaxaca newspaper, but somewhat from The Toronto Star, April 8, 2007, within the midst of arguably one of the vital tranquil and peaceful family weekends of the year, Easter.<br/>Because the United States and Mexico share a border, it's quite widespread for individuals who stay on the U.S. side to cross over daily to conduct enterprise or take pleasure in a few of the beautiful Mexican surroundings and hospitality. You'll be able to of course spend your time on the seashore as well with Area Coast nature reserves, Kennedy Space Centre, Clearwater and naturally St. Pete.<br/>Maybe the most well-liked boat trip is a experience to close by Isla Mujeres, home to a laid-again former fishing village with retailers and restaurants. Due to these reasons, I personally keep away from driving at evening in rural areas, protecting most of my night drives between Todos Santos and San Jose Del Cabo.<br/>Within the final decade, purified bottled water has undergone somewhat of a revolution in Mexico. The fantastic and paradisiacal white seashores, the Hotels and all inclusive resorts have made the Riviera Maya an interesting Mexico Destination. The Tulum seashores and warm clear blue waters are indeed elegant but there is way more to this place than mere breathtaking beauty.
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