#making this broke me haha :)
bdoubleowo · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Listen I can't see any other explanation for this turn of events-
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superduperstitionss · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
I'm so sorry, Hunter
(dont tag as ship)
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cobaltfluff · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
just another night back from S with the family
(aka it’s the mcdonalds meme)
Tumblr media
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doodlebloo · 3 months ago
Am I spouting bullshit or is the constant and relentless joking about killing Michael_B and how funny that would be from other ccs not just another way to make fun of fans who actually like lore and would like to see the characters' stories get completed, whether intentional or not?
Because the main argument I see is always like "he is a MINECRAFT MOB" so it feels like. Weird and ESPECIALLY weird from people who have their OWN lore because it's like. Ok so YOUR lore is cool and people should watch it but if people care about RANBOO or TUBBO'S storylines not getting unexpectedly ruined/derailed just so you can have Funny and Unexpected content on your stream it's "just Minecraft" and they "care too much" ? Do you want us to care about lore or should we start ignoring everyone's lore including yours like 💀
#/neg#discourse#this is abt a ton of people take ur pick who u think im vaguing#im so sick of this joke. i dont five a shit anymore tell me im a stupid little whiny sensitive baby for like#following Tubbos roleplay character for literal years and knowing ill get to see him roleplay again because of this mob and. not wanting#that lore stream to get fucked up bc someone thought itd be funny to mess it up . ?#in any other context that would be SO fucking BM like they set something up for lore then left can you imagine if the DSMP#was like a real show and they set up the stage or lore then left and other members broke into the set just to fuck with and almost destroy#props??? because again call me dramatic but thats kind of whats happening here. like they need Michael_B to tell their story.#its just so WEIRD to me like why is it SO funny to them to pretend to derail other members' plotlines. Why is that funny? its just mean#because they put like time and effort into making their character.#and also the entire punchline of the joke is either ''haha we ruined the lore'' or ''haha we made lots of people upset arent they lame for#being upset over this'' or both of those but ''haha you THOUGHT we were going to ruin our friend's lore! lol''#like o.....kay ? ive heard every single one of them be 3x funnier than this so idk why they fall back on it#anyway hi new followers i think the Killing Michael_B bit is the most painfully unfunny thing to happen in over a year#so if you disagree feel free to unfollow and curate your experience /nm! <3#doodle.txt#* meant to say literal months earlier not literal years im sorry its 3 am as i type this
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peachypizzicato · 6 months ago
listen okay i know this has nothing to do with ship stuff but someone has to say it
ive been slowly watching through high guardian spice, and like… its fine? its not amazing but its generally fun, nothing offensively bad as far as ive seen
but my one big gripe with it? they’re literally all named after fucking herbs
not a SINGLE one of them is named after a spice… what the fuck is this shit
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uglypastels · 3 months ago
— tag game - tagged by @softholand !!!
since tom’s stylist has been lacking fashion sense these last few days, i decided to create this lil tag game for us to have some fun lmao
post 9 looks you’d have tom wear if you were his stylist
So I posted much more than 9 haha but i realised that i basically was picking the same outfits in different fonts and welp i'm a basic bitch but so is Tom so fuck it, I would love to see him in these.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Basically split it up in 3 categories but the colors are the same coz I think dark greens /red-browns /blue-greys would suit him with some pattern to spice it up (again, he is a basic baby). Also layers and like oversized/loose fitting things :))
@duskholland @justasmisunderstoodasloki @worldoftom @spidey-sophie @wazzupmrstark
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still-with-koo · 4 days ago
currently listening to 4 & 20 by joss stone and sipping some dizzy juice. totally in my feels and i love it
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abrilstevens · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
let’s all analyze these facial expressions and suffer together
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horridsweetness · 4 months ago
how in this entire week of running through every possible scenario for what the inversion is have we not considered VEGAS FUCKING PRISON BREAK
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colinrobinsonn · 6 months ago
the episode actually made me kinda really sad. there was so much hope and it all crumbled 🥺
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gee0theo · a month ago
Tumblr media
(guy / he/they)
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dyketectivecomics · 14 days ago
So I DID end up finishing 60s TT yesterday and I’m gonna start chipping away at the various NTT soon. But let’s have some Rambly Thoughts first. No deep analysis. Just me digesting what I read and spoiling™️ everything that I feel like spoiling
The beginning despite being par for the course racially insensitive as one can expect is pretty fun! Much like the Cartoon Of My Youth™️ there’s a monster/villain of the issue that’s occasionally brought back a little later to give some semblance of continuity. They start off without Speedy, eventually add him, drop Aqualad. The Fab Five that you hear so much about is more of a fab four but don’t worry! It’s kind of addressed a bit by the final arc??? Surprisingly???
A big shift occurs ofc, with Lilith’s introduction. The titans nearly “give up” the superheroing game when they cause the death of a Great Man™️, and instead decide to become protégés to Mr. Jupiter (don’t worry abt him. He’s rich, he funds them, he sends/supports them on missions)
They gain another member with “Mal” (eventually fully named Mal Duncan, who before cancellation of the run was Just Some Guy basically lmao)
It’s wild bc the original titans will SOMETIMES don costumes. Sometimes not. But Lilith and Mal just… hung out in their street clothes???? Wild. Loved them but also omg they just constantly looked like random ppl the titans picked up instead of being *part* of the team. Maybe that was intentional. Like Hey Kids, This Could Be You Hanging Out With The Titans!
Just look at this goddamn panel and TRY to tell me she’s not basically a reader insert character. And goddammit I love her anyways
Tumblr media
Oh that brings me to cancellation. Yea, it ended in like ‘73??? From what I saw on the cover dates??? And picked back up in like ‘76. No more Mr. Jupiter, Mal had stayed behind to watch HQ, but the group just Randomly Disbanded and Came Back Together One Last Time aksjsksj
This first arc after cancellation was where Duela (Joker’s Daughter) Dent was introduced and in a Twist™️ revealed to be Two-Faces kid (& I was so wrapped up in the plot at the time that I completely missed the clues at first CMON RANDY THERE WERE TWO GANGS HE WAS SENDING TO STEAL SHIT THIS IS T E X T B O O K SHIT)
Anyways, second plot was them wrapping up with every superhero who had ever teamed up with them and introducing two more kids for the team (Bumblebee &… Golden Eagle???? Whomst the FUCK is golden ea-
Final issue was an origin issue roll the goddamn credits
Like overall it was enjoyable and I could see myself rereading it mostly for the wtf and I Forgot This Happened factor
I wouldn’t call it Essential Titans Reading tho. Not unless you want to be a completionist or read every titans run in chronological order like I’ve been trying to do
Listen this is part of my Reading Every Robin goal and my Much Bigger Reading Everything I Can goal. I’m having fun so far!
Now it’s time for me to try reading all the way thru NTT for like the 5th time in my life ooof
But THIS TIME I’m actually READY and SPOILED for most of the shits that’s gonna happen lmao
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shapa-likes-art · 6 months ago
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stephanos-spaceopera · a month ago
if only flipaclip wasnt being a bitch rn i do wanna practice more
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morgunaa-stark · 8 months ago
Continued from here
@bbannertm​​ answered:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He didn’t mind Morgan hanging around while he was in his office. It was a lot safer anyways but she was smart. She knew what to touch and not to mess around with. If it wasn’t Tony who did, Bruce certainly took extra care in keeping her informed and safe. She was rambling endlessly about a few things but Bruce had tuned a lot of it out. His mind set on finishing up some documents that needed to be signed here and there. He would nod his head, glancing up at her with a quick smile and diving back into his work.
Bruce nodded most of the conversation. He wasn’t annoyed in the slightest. The youth could talk an ear off. And the fact that Morgan had called him ’uncle’.. that made his heart swell.
He chuckled lightly at her efforts to get out of the office. He guessed it was time to get something to eat. He was pretty hungry.
“ You did have breakfast, right? ” Bruce asked her. He gave her a look that was similar to what Tony would do to get some answers out of him. Bruce set down his glasses and got up from his chair. He stretched. “ Hopefully it wasn’t sugar packets cause you seem like you have some energy. ”
“ Come on then, let’s get something to eat. What are you feeling? - wait, what were you sorry about? ” Bruce asked her.
Tumblr media
“Shit.” Was her first thought. “Think Morgan, think! Uhhh...-Breakfast, go back to the breakfast question.”  Morgan actually did have breakfast that morning. Exactly one bite of a gluten free waffle, then two chocolate chip waffles with strawberries and whipped cream to make up for that absolute assault against her tastebuds.
However, she wasn’t keen on getting in trouble with Bruce for her recent little fuck-up. Quickly deducing that Bruce would have a more preferable reaction to her skipping a meal, she responded with the following. “-Right. Regarding breakfast, uh...Not exactly?” Giving an awkward grin, making sure to look sheepish and slightly guilty.
Tumblr media
Then, for extra flair, she added on to it. “In my defense, I didn’t exactly get up early. I was working on something last night and it took just a bit longer than I thought it would. Just a couple hours, give or take. Definitely not the longest I’ve stayed up, heh.” More sheepish, guilty smiling. Tony would be proud. Even if he were to lecture her for it outwardly. He had to at least pretend to be a responsible father. Morgan knew that well. Besides, it was just a little white lie, nothing harmful would come of it and it’s not like she frequently got into situations where it was necessary.
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mariaaagoesblank · a month ago
me, waking up to ctubbo "villain arc" and the lack of cclingyduo discourse: ....
me, deciding that s4 ctubbo just isn't him anymore:
Tumblr media
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kuiinncedes · 8 months ago
!!!!! fucking went to a club meeting and it was awesome and i like made friends maybe and we went to this late night event going on and my feet hurt and my back and shoulders bc i had my backpack the entire time but sdklhgkalsdjglj it was so niceee
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taketheringtolohac · 11 months ago
what are your thoughts on stu trololol? (and tilly <33 if u want)
I think that Stu and Axel’s relationship is something so interesting and also so tragic... like your older brother that you grew up with who you LOVED and ADMIRED and you have nothing but fond memories with him and he just becomes so consumed with blaseball and like his entire life’s goal is to BECOME a car... and I think in many ways she would see that as a betrayal of HER and wanting to get rid of what makes him HUMAN and his past to get away from the everything about blaseball and she thinks that that’s his way of leaving her behind. He was just a regular guy! He liked beer! He liked playing blaseball! And then he sort of just... lost it in those early seasons and when he went in for surgery to install the arm cannon I don’t think she visited him in the hospital because she was just ANGRY. I think she probably regrets that now that she’s a lot older and she’s been through so much but like... she definitely blames the game for taking her brother from her. They never had a great relationship but they CARED about each other because NO ONE ELSE DID and that’s all that mattered to them and they weren’t as nice to each other as they should’ve been, but they showed up when it counted and that’s what really mattered. When she was mad at the world and questioning and so lost in her own feelings that she felt like there was no end the person who was ALWAYS there for her was Axel. He was the first person she came out to! And he took it SO well and he always supported her and he even came out to her after she did it and that’s a moment she holds close to her heart.
When Tillman shows up on the thieves he reminds her SO much of herself, but also of Axel and everything that their relationship wasn’t. She sees how much he fucking hates himself and how he’s just physically incapable of processing his emotions and how he deflects by just being an ass and she recognizes how hes feeling because SHE remembers being like that when she was in high school and scared and alone, but she had Axel to help her when he decided to be a good brother and so she decides that it’s finally her turn. She’s gonna force that boy to start thinking about the consequences of his actions or so fucking help her. And it’s hard at first! She has to tell him a lot of hard truths! And they fight a lot, but Tillman always knows that she’s right at the end of the day and he doesn’t always listen but her words do just live in his head all the time and she KNOWS that and that’s a win for her. Deep down she loves the kid, and she knows she’s hard on him but she just doesn’t want him to make the same mistakes she did and get lost in that downward spiral of hatred and feeling the need to be awful to just feel ANYTHING when you get attention. When she takes him to pride for the first time after finally getting him to admit he’s gay, she’s reminded of her first pride with Axel, and she smiles.
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the adult feeling when you see your mother do a household chore 'wrong' for the first time
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astrxealis · 5 months ago
the love of my life,,, g'raha mfing tia grr barkk abkenas woof arf bark whahhahahahshshshdjbsdjbsishs hng HAJSHHSJSJSJAAAKObark,
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