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ETERNALS (2021) dir. Chloe Zhao
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Druig and Makkari
Episode 2 | Eternals: The 500 Year War
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druig & makkari + text posts.
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Makkari: *hugs Druig*
Druig: What was that?
Makkari: A hug? It’s showing affection.
Druig: Right. Disgusting. Do it again.
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Thena: Y/N, darling, do you have a bag Makkari can borrow?
Y/N: The only bags I have are the ones under my eyes and they’re specifically designed to carry the burden of my existence.
Thena: Are you ok?
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Can't help thinking about the major differences between the three Eternals couples and how, in a way, they're all both parallels and foils for each other.
Sersi and Ikaris are the main couple of the film but the fact that they don't work together is also plain. I mean everyone points out their lack of chemistry but I can't help but feel like that was the point.
They're a classic case of "love isn't enough". They love each other. Practically flaunt their relationship in everyone's faces when they're together because they're that wrapped up in each other and don't care about anyone else. But it's not enough. At their core, Sersi and Ikaris are very different people and motivated by very different things. Eventually those things get in the way and they have to let each other go. They simply don't share enough common ground in terms of ideals to make things work which is why ultimately they break up. Sersi isn't even all that sad about the separation and we know it's been a while so obviously that's the reason but even so, there's an acceptance in her even when she meets Ikaris again. It's an acceptance that things are over and that they're better off that way too.
Sersi loves the humans. Is practically one of them, that's how much she loves living among them and being with them. They fascinate her and she respects them undlessly. Ikaris couldn't care less. He sees them as lesser or expendable. He can tolerate being around them for Sersi but it's not enough for him to change his views on them. He loves her so he does this thing for her except it's not something as simple as sharing a hobby. To Sersi these humans are important. To Ikaris they are not. There is a fundamental divide between ideals here that love simply cannot bridge. They have love. But they do not have understanding. Sersi is unable to understand Ikaris loyalty to Arishem. Ikaris is unable to understand Sersi's love of the humans. And even without understanding, they do not have respect for each others choices, not because they don't want to, but because their choices are on such opposite sides of the spectrum that reaching a middle ground is impossible.
At the end they reach a point where they respect each other but the love they have has changed. They cannot walk the same path and so they turn away from each other and go to walk their own.
Tumblr media
Then we have Druig and Makkari.
In a way they're closest to Sersi and Ikaris. Druig is a lot like Ikaris in how stubborn he is and how strongly he stands his ground. But he's a lot like Sersi too in how much he loves the humans and values them for their humanity. Makkari is also Sersi. She loves the humans too. But she loves what they create more and like Ikaris she cannot understand them in why they destroy what they create. But Makkari not understanding the humans doesn't lessen her compassion for them. And Druig not trusting the humans to their own devices doesn't lessen his respect for them as a whole.
In their case, love is enough. Because they have common values. They can weather a separation that comes from a disagreement on this fundamental ideal because they share enough of their other ideals to make it work. Makkari doesn't believe the humans should be controlled. Druig agrees to an extent. It's why he doesn't take over the whole world as he tells Sersi. But he needs his peace of mind and to do that he does control some of them. Makkari respects that is his decision even if she doesn't agree with it.
Everyone says they're best friends to lovers which is true. They are. They know each other inside out. They know each other's highs and lows and support them through it (the "Stay strong" scene). Their relationship is still new in a way or hasn't even really begun which is why they're still playful and childish with each other. They're youthful in their love because it's what they both are. Playful and mischievous. Both like teasing and tricking and playing around. Their personalities mesh in that way as well. They have their differences, but they accept those about each other. They don't just have love. They have understanding and respect for each others choices as well. That's why they work, unlike Sersi and Ikaris. They're able to reach a middle ground even with their disagreement. They have taken the time to grow in themselves apart form each other and come back together when they are ready to grow together. They respect themselves and each other enough to understand that they needed that time apart and once they have come into themselves enough, they are ready to prioritize their relationship together. If they had not done that they would have crashed and burned.
Tumblr media
And finally we have Gilgamesh and Thena.
These two can be juxtaposed really nicely with Sersi and Ikaris because unlike those two who are married in name, Gil and Thena are married in action. The whole "In sickness and in health" vow is reminiscent of their relationship because Gilgamesh spends his entire time on Earth after their mission caring for Thena. He says he would "do it again, on every planet." meaning he does not regret it and even if it is difficult (because caring for an ill person is always difficult) he thinks it is worth it. That their relationship is worth it.
Thena and Gilgamesh are two people who love each other, understand each other inside and out and are on the exact same page. She's a warrior goddess and he's a warrior god. Their specializations/powers are matching. They are in perfect harmony even in battle and afterwards they help dust each other off and walk away from the wreckage.
Gilgamesh holding his hand out for Thena after they finish fighting off the deviant in the beginning of the film is very gentlemanly behavior which kind of parallels with Ikaris' propriety in approaching too, further drawing out both the similarities and differences between them.
Gil and Thena are the actual married couple. They have spent every high and low together. They are not just best friendsike Druig and Makkari but they are more because they have grown together and with each other and accommodated each other's growth. We don't see it but it's woven into that relationship. They are strong alone but together they are unstoppable. Their every move is coordinated because they have known each other so long they are so finely in tune with each other and so even if they aren't married in name, we can see they are married in actions.
Tumblr media
The Eternals are split into Thinkers and Fighters and its important to note the dichotomy of these in the couples too.
Sersi and Ikaris are a Thinker and Fighter.
Druig and Makkari are a Thinker and Fighter.
Thena and Gilgamesh are Fighter and Fighter.
Drukkari and Ikersi are the same in this regard. They're not exactly on the same page with each other however, as mentioned earlier, Drukkari have an acceptance of each other's choices that Ikersi do not have. This fundament difference in how they go about their relationships is what makes them last. Gilgathena tho, are the exact same category. They're both Fighters, representative of them being on the exact same page completely.
All three couples have their differences from each other but all three also draw remarkable similarities as well which contrast each other enough to act as foils.
Which is why, it's easy to see that Sersi and Ikaris are the couple who tried but couldn't make it work, Druig and Makkari are the couple who know how to settle their differences enough to make it work and Thena and Gilgamesh are the couple who have already withstood the test of time to enforce the strength of their relationship.
I just think it's beautiful that, whether intentional or not, for all the different types of love discussed in Eternals already, there's this clear contrast in all types of romantic love depicted too.
The wizened love that depicts constancy and a long age spent together.
The playful intense love that depicts youth and freshness but something you build to last.
And the worn and weary love that was once bright but now weathered to a good friendship and deep respect but can be nothing more.
Anyway that's just something I had in mind so I wrote up this little think piece. Wouldkbe to hear other opinions on this as well.
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MCU disabled characters
Tumblr media
tony stark, iron man – heart condition
Tumblr media
matt murdock, daredevil – blindness, depression
Tumblr media
maya lopez, echo – limb loss, deafness
Tumblr media
makkari – deafness
Tumblr media
clint barton, hawkeye – hearing loss
Tumblr media
james rhodes, war machine – paraplegia
Tumblr media
thena – dementia
Tumblr media
bucky barnes, winter soldier/white wolf – ptsd, limb loss
Tumblr media
marc spector, moonknight – dissociative identity disorder
Tumblr media
jessica jones – ptsd
(more in the reblogs!)
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Makkari turns back to Druig when he's still pretty far away and things that I need to mention about this scene are :
Tumblr media
•Maybe Makkari knows how Druig's footsteps feel or maybe she knows Druig so well that she can recognise how his heartbeats vibrate.
Tumblr media
•The way Makkari tears up at the sight of Druig coming back
Tumblr media
•The way Makkari jogs to Druig instead of running at full speed as she is completely caught up in the moment
•The way Druig's smiling while walking towards Makkari is so adorable. Maybe he was too happy to find out how much Makkari cared about him.
I LOVE them your honor
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Lauren Ridloff as Makkari and Barry Keoghan as Druig in ETERNALS (2021)
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💖 I lived a thousand lives, each one with you right by my side 💖
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ETERNALS | Thena x gender neutral reader
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: A hunting ceremony is set in motion as a gift of appreciation for the Eternals after saving your kingdom from the deviants. You can't help but be enthralled by a certain Goddess of War. Thena makes sure to let you know she feels the same.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: i just thought of this and i have absolutely no idea what im doing. enjoy.
CONTENT: hunting, thena being badass, gender neutral, that one thena cutting up silk scene in the trailer, just fluff basically, drukkari being cute
“Thank you for your help. We are forever in your debt.”
The King shakes Ajak’s hand as the Prime Eternal smiles at the gesture. Thena stands from afar, leaning against a pillar as she watches Ajak continue to exchange pleasantries with royals. They had moved to another community to offer their services with the purpose of Arishem in mind. This one was already a large kingdom developing. Ajak had plans on making their community thrive better. 
Gilgamesh silently makes his way beside Thena as he examines the architecture of the palace. “Seems grander and more advanced than Babylon.”
Thena nods in agreement. “Quieter people too. Wonder what made Ajak choose this place.”
The pair sits in comfortable silence as they continue to watch Ajak, Sersi, and Ikaris converse with the humans while Sprite, Kingo and Phastos talk amongst themselves on the other side of the room. Thena looks around, looking for two missing Eternals. “Where’s Druig and Makk--” 
Just as Thena mentions the pair, Makkari zooms her way inside, excitement and glee plastered against her face. Druig follows shortly after as the speedster makes her way over to Thena and Gilgamesh. The Olympian warrior tilts her head in curiosity. “What do we have here?”
Thena brings out a golden cup from the bag. Druig smiles as he watches Makkari sign at Thena. “Found it in the markets. There’s a lot of stuff down there!” 
Thena chuckles before placing it back in the bag. The warrior signs back. “Just make sure you didn’t steal those.”
Makkari rolls her eyes before running off to Kingo to flex her new found treasures. Druig settles beside the pair. “Y’know that will get her in trouble someday.” Gilgamesh says as he looks at Druig. The mind reader purses his lips before moving close to pat the Babylon hero quite harshly on the back.
“Mind your own business Gil.” Druig mumbles before catching up to Makkari. Thena lets out a soft laugh as Gilgamesh grumbles, annoyed. She pats her companion on the shoulder before stepping forward, away from the pillar.
“Where are you going?” He calls out. Thena only waves her hand as she leaves the room. Gilgamesh sighs before joining Kingo and the others. 
It’s been a few minutes since Thena had wandered off to explore. Her hands had begin to crave the familiar heaviness of her weapons. The itch to fight. Hunting deviants would be the solution but that would be quite careless considering they had just fought quite a lot awhile ago. The Olympian comes across a room filled with silks hanging on the ceiling. She steps foot inside the room, hand brushing across the soft fabric before walking to the center. 
Fighting has been the only thing Thena has ever known. It’s part of her being. Being known as one of Olympia’s strongest warriors, the art of war is something she has mastered and perfected. The use of weapons and precise movements to create powerful attacks. It was something that she excelled at. 
Cosmic energy flows through her veins as she summons a halberd within her hand. She twirls the weapon in her hands before letting out a long breath. She closes her eyes then begins to move.
Like an innate feeling, her body moves gracefully as she allows the halberd to twirl on her fingertips. Silk fabric falls gently on the floor as she continues to move with precision. Her footsteps continuous and elegant as she allows the blade to make swift cuts against the fabric. She finishes with her arm going down to her hip, forming a slashing movement, her halberd posed behind her figure. She grips it tightly within her palm before opening her eyes. The fabric gently falls around her making her more ethereal than she already was.
Sensing an intruder, she tilts her head to the left. “I know you’re there.”
A gasp can be heard then silence. After a few seconds, a human emerges behind the curtain of silks, a sheepish smile plastered on their face.
“What’s a royal like you lurking behind silk curtains?” Thena adjusts the weapon in her hands. You could only stare at her in awe, enthralled by her performance that you were so blessed to have seen.
She saved you during the attack. Strong hands grabbed your waist, pulling you to safety. You watched from the sidelines at how magnificent she slew the beast. You were already enthralled. 
“How’d you know?” You asked. Thena examines her weapon on her hands before allowing it to vanish into thin air. Thena was a warrior that had the experience of slaying beasts and was a cosmic being designed for war, her heightened senses are enough to detect if there was a presence in the room.
“That you’re a royal or that I found you without looking?” Thena replies as she steps closer to you, patting your head. Heat spreads through your cheeks. She chuckles softly at your reaction before walking past you. Thena stops just at the doorway, flashing you a beautiful smile. 
“I’ll see you around, Your Grace.”
“I declare a hunting competition be done in honor of these valiant and brave warriors!” The King declares as he raises his cup to the air. You watched your people shout in excitement and joy and couldn’t help but let out a small laugh. Your father, the Duke, smiles at your reaction. “Take this as an opportunity as well to dedicate your hunt for a lucky person. Whether it be for courtship, a gift of thanks or companionship. For now enjoy this feast I have prepared for you all!”
The rest of the room raise their cups in the air. You could feel the giddiness and excitement in the air as people begin to plan on what to capture for the hunt. Unbeknownst to you, a certain Goddess of War watches you with careful eyes, sipping on her wine. Phastos senses the intensity of Thena’s stare. “You’re gonna burn a hole on that royal’s face.”
Thena glances at Phastos before putting her cup down. “I’m going to join the hunt.”
“What?!” Kingo intercepts Phastos from replying as he leans forward on the table. Thena looks at the Eternal sitting in front of her, unamused. Phastos rolls his eyes. 
“It’s a hunt dedicated for us and you’re going to join it?” Phastos raises his eyebrow.
“That’s like gifting yourself at your own birthday party.” Kingo scoffs. Thena could only look at both of them before taking a sip of wine from her cup. “But why? I thought these human traditions bore you?”
Thena sighs, feeling herself already full. “I have my reasons.” She stands up from her spot and walks out of the banquet hall, not before making eye contact with you. 
“Thena! You haven’t finished your--” The door makes a loud bang before Kingo sighs. Phastos can only let out a chuckle before drinking more of his beverage. You could only watch with curiosity, unable to ignore the burning gaze of the warrior directed at you when the banquet had begun. You were excited for what the hunting ceremony might entail.
“Surprising enough, you’re the last one I’d expect to be joining human affairs.” Ajak chuckles as she watches Thena prepare her blades. Her halberd shifting to a sword, knife, then a shield. “You’ve always been the one most admired by humans yet you distance yourself from them.”
“Not in the mood for a lecture right now, Ajak.” Thena mumbles as she twirls her weapon within her palm. Ajak can only smile as she watches Thena adjusting herself to her battle stance.
“I hear a certain Duke’s child has been following you around recently.” Ajak nonchalantly says as she walks around Thena like a lion stalking its prey. Thena glances at her. 
Ajak shurgs “Nothing. I was just interested in hearing such a humor.”
Thena stops from twirling her blades before looking behind Ajak’s figure to sense a familiar presence. She smiles softly before looking at Ajak who only gives her a pat on the shoulder.
Ajak smiles. “Make sure to win the hunt, Thena.”
“Your Grace, your father would be very disappointed to hear about you lurking around the warrior again.” Your maid, Mary whines, desperate to keep you still.
You’ve been lurking around the training grounds for a few days now after hearing that Thena herself had agreed to join the hunt. You were excited to see how your savior had been doing to prepare for the ceremony. You pace back and forth against the stone floor, unable to keep yourself from staying still.
“Your robes, Your Grace!” Mary grabs your arms, trying her best to fix your garments. “Please the hunt will start in a few minutes and you’re already looking like a mess.”
“Oh, please! Lighten up Mary.” You roll your eyes. “I doubt they’d notice a wrinkle on my garments with you keeping it pristine every few seconds.”
“Your Grace I---”
“You.” A familiar voice fills your ears like music floating in the air. You turn around to see the goddess herself. “Again.”
“We have to stop meeting like this, my lady.” You smile. “With me lurking around and you... using your impressive tracking skills.”
“You think I’m a dog?” Thena playfully accuses before softly laughing. You wished there was something that helped you capture that moment so you could repeat it again and again. 
“I was merely joking.” You chuckle before stepping forward and leaning close to grab her hand. “Best of luck to you, my lady.”
You press a soft kiss on the back of her hand. Thena’s breath hitches, her heart skipping a beat.
The warrior can only smile as she pulls her hand softly from yours. “You can call me Thena.”
The hunting competition has now begun and some of the contestants had brought wonderful offerings. There were only a few left who hadn’t came back. Including Thena.
You wait in anticipation of what she might bring to the table. The Eternals can only wait with curiosity, interested as to what made their dear Thena suddenly invested in human traditions. 
“Where is she?” You mumble as try to look around for the certain silver haired woman. A collective gasp is heard from afar. Your eyes look for what caused such a response. Then you see it. 
Thena herself carrying an animal twice as big as any of the others have captured with ease. Druig laughs at the scene before him, Makkari, Sersi, Sprite and Ikaris with amused faces, Ajak smiling, Phastos and Kingo with their jaws dropping and Gilgamesh snorting. You however had a surprised look on your face, standing as she dropped the offering in front of you. 
“There.” Thena smiles before looking up at you. “Did I win?”
The King stands up with joy. “The warrior wins the hunt!”
You stare at Thena in awe as the contestants pat her on the back. “I’m not done yet.” Thena continues, causing the crowd to look at her with interest.
“You said I could dedicate this hunt for someone with a reason right?” Thena looks at the King who blinks in confusion before slowly nodding. The goddess walks up the steps to your seat and you could only freeze as she stops in front of you. “Courtship. For you.”
Your face heats up as you hear her intentions for joining the hunt. Your heart hammering against your chest. “Y-y-you---”
“Me?” Thena smiles cheekily. “Well? Your response?”
You were speechless, unable to think straight. You wanted to say yes but your mouth was unable to move. You only did what you had to do. You grabbed Thena’s face in your hands, pulling her in a kiss as the crowd erupts into cheers. The warrior smiles against your lips before pulling you close.
“To Thena and Y/N!” Someone had shouted. The both of you pull away, foreheads against one another, basking in one another’s love.
Hello people. I’m craving for Thena fluff and just thought of this while showering. I love her sm pls. hope you enjoyed. ALSO ty for the love on my first post. <333 ily all
- artem
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Eternals Pt. 1 Tenochtitlan
Tumblr media
Hey! this is my first post so I hope this goes well, let me know if I should post more parts or any backstory of the timeline before this part takes place:)
Just a little bit about my character, Her name is Jordas or Jord (the earth goddess in scandinavian mythology, I thought it’d be a nice touch to name her after a goddess that she portrays)
Her powers consist of matter maipulation like Sersi but instead of changing matter she controls it (so basically elemental powers and such) I also thought that it would make sense for her to be able to teleport because she can move matter and conjure up matter and she is matter yenno?
Also, this “little” blurb hasn’t really been edited yet so sorry for spelling mistakes or goofy grammar!
I hope you enjoy!
- Tayls
Tenochtitlan - 1521 AD
Fires roared in the distance, a shiver ran up the eternals back at the sounds of metal slicing through fearful screams. Sersi gently grabbed Jordas’s hand and pulled her forward from where she had teleported Phastos, Sersi, and herself. Dry leaves and twigs crunched under the trio's feet as they walked towards the meeting spot just outside of the city. Jordas could feel the presence of the rest of the group get stronger the closer they got. How had Tenochtitlan come to this? Why did the humans have to conquer everything they could? The group of eternals had barely put roots down in the city. 
The black tunic Jordas wore had several holes ripped into it, blood seeped through a large cut on her upper arm that she had sustained during the fight. She had been the one to take down the deviant that Ajak had assigned her team as her powers made her an offensive fighter while Sersi and Phastos were on the defensive. Voices could be heard and Jordas felt her heart speed up, Sersi grinned over at her fellow eternal before tightening her grip on the eternal's hand. A small smile worked its way onto Jordas's face as they emerged from the thick treeline, her eyes landing on Ajax, Sprite, and Druig all waiting at the large stone that marked their meeting spot. Her heart started to race as her eyes landed on the dark haired eternal. Sersi squeezed her hand before dropping it and pushing Jordas forward.
“Druig,” Jordas murmured as she strode forward, her messy braid swinging side to side as she ran into her lover's arms. Druig sighed in relief as he wrapped his arms around Jordas's smaller frame and nuzzled his face into her wiley sand coloured hair. She pulled away from his warm embrace and reached up to cup his face in her palms, thoroughly inspecting him for injuries. Druig couldn’t help the crooked smile that plastered itself onto his face, but it quickly dropped as he saw the bloody spot on her dark tunic and the large gash that lay underneath the torn fabric. He pulled his face from her hands and gently grasped her arm, pulling it closer so he could look at the wound. Jordas couldn’t help but wince as he applied a soft pressure to completely staunch the slow bleeding. 
“Ajak, Jordas is bleeding,” Druig said loudly as he looked up to their leader. Ajak quickly spun around from where she was scanning the forest and quickly made her way over to where Druig was standing protectively close to Jordas's side.
“I’m fine really, it’s just a cut,” Jordas chuckled as she looked up to Druig who sent a weak glare her way. Ajak chuckled as she placed her small hand over the wound. Jordas groaned slightly as she felt the gash close, the skin on her arm melding back together. 
“I think she’ll survive,” Ajak teased as she looked over the couple and patted Druig on the shoulder. Druig grumbled under his breath before taking his beloved back into his arms. Ajak gave the seemingly younger woman a knowing smile before turning and walking back over to where Sersi and Phastos stood searching the treeline for the rest of their companions.
“I don’t like when she separates us,” the telepath grumbled. Jordas smiled up at him before placing a firm kiss to his lips.
“I came back to you as I always will,” she murmured back. Druig hummed softly in response as he brought his hand up to her face, gently brushing his thumb over a scabbed over cut on Jordas's freckled cheek. Jordas gently pulled away from Druig, placing a soft kiss on his jaw before walking to where Sersi and Phastos stood. Druig couldn’t help but smile as he watched Jordas, seeing her seemed to make a giant weight slide off of his shoulders. He felt whole again and he knew she felt the same. 
“Ew, you’re staring,” Sprite fake gagged as she moved to stand beside him, her arms crossed disapprovingly. Druig’s smile grew wider before looking down to where Sprite stood.
“Oh shut up,” he grumbled as he gently shoved the smaller eternal.
The screams from inside the city grew louder as the fire grew brighter. Jordas frowned deeply as she came to stand in between Sersi and Phastos. Thena strode towards the small group of eternals, in a sudden flash Makarri was walking beside her.
“Where are the others?” Ajak asked in a concerned tone as the two women approached.
“We had to split up,” Makarri quickly signed, a deep frown etched onto her face.
“There were more deviants than you said,” Thena spoke up in her usual dull tone, her head held proudly in the air.
“Well, I’m sure that was a lot of fun for you,” Phastos snorted. 
“It was,” the goddess said in a playful tone, a grin plastering itself onto her beautiful face. Jordas smiled at Makkari before walking back to where Druig and Sprite stood on Phastos’s other side. Jordas gently grabbed Druig’s hand in her own as Phastos pulled one of his contraptions from his pocket. Jord slightly played with the golden wedding band that Druig wore, as the screams grew louder she became anxious. Druig gently intertwined his fingers with hers, giving her hand a firm squeeze. Phastos waved his hand over top of the metal disk causing a small glowing globe to pop into view.
“Once the others kill these last deviants we will have eliminated them all from the planet,” Phastos said as he showed the group the small glowing orb in his palm, one blue dot still staining its surface. Sudden gunshots caused Jordas to jump slightly, Druig’s grip on her hand tightened as he turned towards the commotion. Villagers were desperately trying to run, to escape from their home only to be gunned down by their fellow man. Torches illuminated the forest along with the bright flashes of gunpowder being ignited. Bile rose in the back of Jordas’s throat, she quickly raised a hand and all of the torches suddenly suffocated sending the forest back into darkness.
“Jordas,” Ajak said in a warning tone. The young woman spun to look at their superior, a look of pure terror ectched onto her dirty face.
“They’re being slaughtered!” Jordas desperately laughed in an exasperated tone, she could feel tears starting to burn the back of her eyes. Ajak glared at the young woman, her eyes were compassionate yet hard. Jordas’s lip quivered slightly as she turned back to where a mass of shouting had taken over instead of the sound of gunfire. She raised a shaky hand and fire once again ignited the torches. Druig pulled her into his chest but she couldn’t tear her eyes away from the fire light, she prayed that she had given some of the fleeing villagers a good head start. She closed her eyes tightly and buried her face into Druig’s chest. She could hear his heart hammering as he held her tightly. A low pitched hum made its way to her ears, she could feel Druig using his powers. 
“Don’t,” Ajak warned Druig in a low tone, “we don’t interfere in their wars.” Jordas felt her beloved's shoulders slump as the energy he had conjured dissipated, he tightened his grip around Jordas before slowly letting go of her. Her earth coloured eyes were now tinged with red from the tears she wouldn’t allow to fall. He felt his heart drop at the sight of her grief, Jordas had always loved the humans. Ajak took another step closer to him. Druig passed Jordas off to Makarri who quickly moved to her friend's side, Jordas swallowed thickly as she stepped back to stand beside Makarri who wrapped an arm around the slightly taller woman's waist. 
“This isn’t war, it’s genocide,” Druig growled back. His accent growing thicker as his temper rose, “their weapons have become too deadly.” Makarri was quick to move both herself and Jordas to stand beside Sersi behind Phastos as Druig’s anger bloomed. The telepath spun around to face the group, “maybe it wasn’t such a good idea helping them to advance, Phastos.” Jordas could feel tensions rising past the limits as Druig stalked closer to Phastos, she was quick to move in front of Druig and place a gentle hand on his chest to keep him from coming any closer to his fellow eternal.
“Technology is a part of their evolutionary process, Druig.” Phastos shot back, “It’s not exactly something I can stop.” Jordas could hear Makarri step forward to place a hand on Phastos’s shoulder. 
“No, you can’t. But I can,” Druig shot back, his voice raising. In a flash Makkri moved to Jordas’s side, concern swirling in her dark eyes.
“Stay strong,” Makkari signed to Druig, a tight lipped smile on her face. Druig looked down to his friend with a sorrowful expression. 
“I’m sorry my love,” Jordas said wordlessly. Her hazel eyes meeting his blue ones. Druig pursed his lips together as he looked to her pleading face.
“It’s too late,” Thena murmured softly from behind where everyone stood. Jordas turned to face her, keeping a hand firmly on Druig to keep him from losing his temper but to also calm herself.
“Thena?” Sersi asked softly as she took a step towards Thena.
“Everyone is going to die,” Thena muttered.
“Are you okay?” Sersi questioned as she slowly continued towards Thena. 
“Sersi, stop!” Jordas yelled already knowing what was going to happen. Thena summoned her spear and stared blankly past everyone, suddenly her eyes glossed over and she lunged at Sersi. Jordas was quick to react despite Druig’s attempt to grab her. With a snap of her fingers she had teleported in between Sersi and Thena. Jordas was greeted with a sharp pain in her side as she shoved Sersi out of Thena’s warpath. Jordas stumbled to the ground in pain, her hands shooting to the searing sensation engulfing the entire right side of her ribcage. In a flash she was moved from in front of Thena’s death blow to behind were Thena stood as her blade smashed into the ground where Jordas’s neck had been a second earlier. 
“Jordas!” Druig screamed as he ran towards where she was now laying on the ground. Makkari was gone a split second later, grabbing hold of Thena and pushing her away from where the group was gathered. Jordas gritted her teeth as her side seemed to ignite, blood seeped through her fingers staining her own gold wedding band. A pungent metallic taste filled her mouth. Both Sersi and Druig were at her side, she looked up at both of their worried faces. Jordas couldn’t contain a cry of pain as Druig pushed down heavily onto the gushing wound, blood quickly beginning to seep through his fingers. Jordas raised her hand over where he was pushing down on the bloody gash in an attempt to manipulate the bleeding to at least curb it until Ajak could come to her aid. Blood dribbled from the corner of her mouth as she strained to use her powers. While Sersi could change the form of matter Jordas could control all matter, even her own body. 
“No, no, no stop Jordas,” Sersi gasped as she placed her friend's head on her lap. Jordas’s head spun from the attempted exertion, she gritted her teeth as a small whine escaped from her throat as she let her arm fall limp to the ground. Her eyelids felt heavy and her head swayed side to side in an attempt to stay awake.
“Don’t close your eyes,” Druig growled down at her.
“I’m trying,” Jordas mumbled as she looked up to Druig. His dark eyebrows were scrunched together as he looked down at her. His eyes ignited into a dark golden hue, Jordas’s eyes quickly matching. Her tense body suddenly relaxed and her laboured breaths evened out, Druig leaned down to press his forehead to hers and sighed.
“You really need to stop trying to get yourself killed,” he grumbled. Jordas grinned weakly as her eyes returned to their natural colour, a small chuckle wracking through her body causing her to wince.
“Yeah that’s probably a good idea,” Jordas whispered raspily. Her eyes fluttered shut and her head rested against Sersi.
A warm sensation suddenly flowed through Jordas’s body, her eyes snapped open. Both Druig, Ajak, and Kingo were crouching in front of Jordas, worried expressions plastered to their faces, warm hands were placed on either side of her head. Her green flecked eyes peered up to see Sersi smiling down at her. Ajak quickly stood from where she was crouching and walked towards where Gilgamesh was gingerly carrying Thena.
“Close call?” Jordas rasped as she turned her head back to look up at Sersi. Sersi pursed her lips together in a tight smile and nodded, Jordas couldn’t help but grin up at her. She reached for Druig who now stood over top of her, his rough hands quickly wrapped around her own and pulled her up to her feet.
“You’re an idiot,” Druig muttered as he flicked a dry leaf from Jordas’s hair. 
“I tend to be accident prone,” she softly replied as she shrugged her shoulders. She couldn’t help but sway back and forth, nearly tumbling back to the ground. Druig wrapped his arms around her tightly to stabilise her, his blue eye boring into hers. She smiled and placed a hand on his cheek. Druig let out a shuddering sigh and buried his face in the crook of her neck, pulling her to lean completely onto him.
“I hate seeing you hurt, you were dying and I couldn’t do anything but watch,” Druig’s voice echoed through her head. Jordas’s heart sunk, she gently lifted his head so she could look him in the eyes.
“I’ll always be right here. It’s been thousands of years, it’ll be harder to get away from me than that.” Druig couldn’t help but smile. A loud gagging noise caught Jordas’s attention, she peered over Druig’s shoulder only to see Kingo grinning at her. 
The eternals all surrounded the stone table that Gilgamesh had placed Thena on.
“I thought Mahd Wr’ry was a myth,” Sersi mumbled as she pushed some blonde hair from Thena’s face.
“There is no cure, so no one really talks about it,” Phastos said softly as Ajak healed a small wound on his shoulder. A gasp caused Jordas to jump slightly in surprise, Makkari placed a gentle hand on her shoulder from where she stood beside her. Kingo was quick to step in front of the two women protectively. Everyone except Druig was quick to step forward to the table as Thena looked around, obviously confused. Jordas peered silently around Kingo’s shoulder.
“What happened?” Thena asked as she scanned the stone room of the temple with her eyes.
“Thena,” Ajak started, “you attacked everyone. Wounded Phastos, you nearly killed Makkari and Jordas.”
“I don’t remember,” Thena mumbled as she slowly sat up, tears welling in her eyes.
“You have Mahd Wy’ry,” Ajak whispered to Thena, “your mind is fracturing under the weight of your memories. And all I can do is erase them so that you can start over.” Thena’s bottom lip quivered as she stared at Ajak, she shook her head. Jordas felt her heart drop, quickly she stepped around Kingo and grasped Thena’s hand. The blonde woman’s head snapped towards her, Thena’s green eyes filled with fear. “I will have to inform Arishem and take you back to the ship where we have the technology to help you,” Ajak calmly explained. Thena’s hand began to shake in Jordas’s.
“But she won’t be Thena anymore,” Makkari signed as she also stepped out from behind Kingo.
“What if it happens again?” Kingo asked from where he now stood in between the two women, “she could have killed you. She had Jordas on the brink of death. She could have killed all of us.”
“Please,” Thena begged as she snapped her head back towards Jordas, “please I-I want to remember.” Tears ran down the goddesses face, Jordas’s eyes began to burn as she pulled Thena into her chest. “I want to remember my life,” Thena cried as she grabbed onto Jordas tightly.
“Thena, I love you but listen to me,” Ajak murmured as she pulled Thena from Jordas's embrace, “it’s not important if you remember or not. Your spirit will remain. You will always be Thena deep inside, trust me.” Jordas swiftly made her way to where Druig leaned against the frame of the temple's giant stone door, her heart felt sluggish as it continued to sink. He was quick to pull his beloved into a one armed embrace, holding her tightly against his side as he glared down at the floor. Jordas laid her head on his shoulder, enjoying the comfort and familiarity that his presence gave her.
“Why should she trust you?” Druig growled as he looked up to his leader. Jordas lifted her head from his shoulder in surprise as he slowly let his grip on her loosen. Druig took a step away from the wall as he continued, “you’re asking her to let you erase who she is.”
“Druig I know you’re upset-” Ajak’s eyes flickered to where Jordas stood and then back to Druig who quickly cut her off.
“Upset!?” he shouted as he took a step forward, “we’ve trusted you for seven thousand years and look where you’ve gotten us.” Jordas took a quick step forward and grabbed his hand, it wasn’t noticeable to the others but she could feel him shaking wildly. His thoughts racing, his emotions bursting at the seams. “I’ve watched humans destroy each other when I could stop it all in a heartbeat. Do you know what that does to someone after centuries?” Druig’s voice lowered to a murmur as he stared into Ajak’s eyes. A silent tear rolled down his cheek, his grip on Jordas’s hand tightened, “Could our mission be a mistake?” he shouted as he looked around the room at his fellow eternals, “Are we really helping these people build a better world, huh?” Druig’s voice wavered as he broke eye contact with Ajak and spun around to face the burning city at his feet, he gently pulled Jordas with him as he stepped outside of the room and onto the steps of the temple. The fires that burned the city illuminated the night sky, hiding the stars with its bright wrath. 
“Druig,” Jordas whispered as she turned her body to face him, looking away from the slaughter down below. He looked over to her with a sickly look before turning back to the clamouring and screaming.
“We’re just like the soldiers down there,” he murmured to her in a raspy tone before raising his voice, “pawns to their leaders. Blinded by loyalty.” Druig’s tone dropped completely, he raised a hand, “It ends now.” Jordas could feel his power as his eyes glowed golden. The screaming and fighting below came to a quick stop, Jordas felt her breath hitch as she watched the people turn to face the temple, a sea of golden eyes appearing. Druig was suddenly ripped away from her and shoved into the nearby wall, her eyes grew wide as Ikaris closed in on Druig.
“Let them go,” the taller man commanded as he kept Druig pinned to the stone wall.
“You’re gonna have to make me,” Druig growled back with a clenched jaw. Jordas snapped her fingers and teleported so she was in between the two men, she placed her hands firmly on Ikaris’s chest and shoved him back. His eyes bore into her own as he moved to come closer.
“Stop,” Jordas warned softly as her heart started to pound, her vision bagan to swim from her recent blood loss. Ikaris clenched his jaw and took another step forward, Jordas waved her wrist gently and a stream of hot air wooshed past them as a warning. Ikaris was fast to move, his hand wrapped around Jordas’s throat and slammed her into the wall. Her elbow collided with his ribs causing him to falter enough for her to slip from his iron grip. She moved with purpose, ducking under his arm, placing her hand on the middle of his back and blasting him face first into the stone with a gush of air. Ikaris grunted on impact before whirling around to face her. Druig stepped in between the two, arguably strongest, eternals. He moved one arm behind his back to grab onto Jordas’s hand. Her head spun, she held onto Druig’s hand with one hand and placed the other on his back to keep herself from toppling over. 
“Stop,” Ajak scolded as she marched towards where Ikaris stood. He looked into her eyes and nodded curtly before stepping back. Drug took a small step to his left so Jordas could stand at his side, their arms brushing together. A small touch to calm the both of them.
“If you wanna stop me, you’re gonna have to kill me,” Druig said softly to Ajak. He reached to grab Jordas's hand, his fingers intertwined with her own, she gripped him tightly as a non verbal sign of support. He turned back towards the steps, Jordas spared one last sad glance at her family before joining Druig, her eyes locked with Ajak’s for a second before she tore them away. While she didn’t want to leave them she knew that she had to, she couldn’t stay with them, not without Druig. 
As her feet met the sandy ground Jordas raised a hand and the fires that littered the war torn city were smothered leaving them in the moonlight. Druig let go of her hand and wrapped a strong arm around her, placing a firm kiss on the side of her head. 
This was a new start. One she never expected.
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Kingo and Makkari + protecting each other
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
oh nothing, just thinking about how the only time makkari expressed a sound was when she thought druig died
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Drukkari actually invented the:
chin tilt
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
shoulder bump
Tumblr media
and forehead touch
Tumblr media
I don’t make the rules.
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Tumblr media
ROUGH & TUMBLE ; First Blood
[summ.] Cities are noisy. People are loud. The human mind itself is an unending drone of white-noise— but Druig finds peace and quiet in the local boxing gym two blocks away. He also finds you.
[pairing] boxer!Druig x fem!reader
[w.count] 3k.
[a/n] Spoilers. Set in an AU in which the Eternals remain on Earth following the Emergence. Thank you to @mothdruid & @waspswidows & @siempre-bucky for driving me out my writer’s block!
Tumblr media
ㅤ ㅤ The hinges squeal as the locker door shuts, and in a ramshackle gym just two blocks down from his apartment, Druig finally meets the infamous Tigress of the local boxing ring.
He isn’t impressed.
ㅤ He isn’t impressed when it comes to a lot of things here, really. Namely humanity, to begin with, in their unending stream of thoughts and inherent greed— and also the way this damn locker door won’t fully close no matter how many times he forces it. (Druig settles on slamming it shut. He hopes the dent isn’t too obvious.) Now, Brimstone’s Boxing Gym isn’t exactly the most prettiest nor idyllic place he wants to spend his time in, but Makkari had been poking him at the sides and harping on about finding something to do other than “stealing my food and tending to your plants,” to which he’d replied with a cheap: “Don’t bring my plants into this.”
Though as much as he’d hate to admit it— he’d be lying if he said he hasn’t come around to find some level of comfort in the routine of his new life that he’s built in the worn-down walls of this centre, even despite it’s questionable music. ( “I mean, what happened to actual music, Makkari?” he’d asked once, only to receive a blunt: “How would I know?” )
The people aren’t too bad either, and…
Right. Where was he?
Despite the cut-throat alias, you don’t particularly… stand out. The name had floated about every once in a while, and he’d painted a much more burlier, menacing picture in mind when he heard you were supposedly the legacy of a local boxer nicknamed ‘Shere Khan’ (Makkari had smiled at that. Apparently it’s from a cartoon called The Jungle Book he’d yet to watch.) But then he had witnessed the way you’d stepped into Brimstone’s— waterlogged from the 7pm downpour and smelling like wet rain as you shoulder your black duffel bag and tried your best to sign the waiver without soaking it— and found himself muscling down a laugh. You looked more like a tiger cub.
You had a light step and an easy smile, looking completely warm despite how drenched to the bone you’d been; he hadn’t expected you to hold any reputation until the others in the gym had greeted you like an old friend. “Tigress,” said Eli, his sparring partner, when he’d caught Druig staring. “Her family owns this place. She’s a good fight.”
Not good enough, he thinks disdainfully a few hours later into his usual training, eyeing the ongoing match you had in the ring. At least, not good enough to call for an alias. He’s draining his bottle as he watches you go up against another young brawler around the same weight class as you, Haytham, and although you can admittedly take and land a punch, it’s clear to see you’re beginning to tire from the earlier fights. The kid is much more powerful than you, that’s for sure, though you could at least make up for your strength in speed. You dodge a right hook, a scathing near miss that has you pulling back—
Druig catches your misstep before you do. Haytham counters left, rushing in and checking your open side with a solid hit— and he sends you hard off your feet. The crowd winces, and when you don’t get up, the bout is ended by the referee with a wave of his hand. Eli orders for ice somewhere in the distance, and you shake your head to distract yourself from the burn creeping up your abdomen. A moment later, you think you hear somebody’s voice drawl from ringside.
“Y’alright there, Tigress?”
You sit up from the canvas with a groan, fumbling with removing the mouthguard as you roll your neck to chase the stiffness away. “I’m…”
It’s difficult not to stare. Bright blue eyes bear into yours, so striking it almost feels as if he’s looking straight into your soul. He’s all hard lines and sharp edges; His jaw is set, as severe as his gaze, and you can see his build from where he’s peering behind the ropes of the arena; lean, but strong— looking almost as if he’d been carved out of marble stone by the saints themselves. He’s a sight for sore eyes.
Something suddenly passes over his face, and you try to convince yourself that you’re only imagining that faintest hint of a smirk on his lips. You blink. it’s gone. It must be the exhaustion settling in.
“…Fine.” You clear your throat. You sound uncharacteristically meek. “Thanks.”
His eyes pass over you, indifferent— and then he’s gone, stalking off with nothing but a mere hum of assent, and leaving you hanging.
ㅤ This goes on, much to your chagrin.
Druig lodges himself into your life like a thorn in your side with his surly, foreboding expressions and impassiveness, and doesn’t look like he’ll be leaving anytime soon. It isn’t that he’s actively bothering you, no— if anything, you both have never shared a single full blown conversation other than the razorblade-like looks he sends to everyone who remotely breathes wrong in his direction, and that sidelong glance he catches you doing that leaves your cheeks feeling hot.
It’s just… distracting, to have him around. He has a solid form of presence— something near-predatory like— that has people shrinking away like mice around him. Not to mention how much of a formidable force he is to be reckoned with whenever he stands in and out the ring. He’s an excellent fighter; fit, experienced, confident— and doesn’t stick his nose into anyone else’s business. As long as you don’t disturb him, he won’t bat an eye your way. (“He’s mysterious. The girls here love it. Why don’t you?” Eli says. “He’s scary,” you reply. “Feels like he’ll knock me out just for blinking wrong.”)
Over time, you eventually do come to learn from the other gym rats that this quiet, sky-eyed grim is named Druig, that he never smiles, that he’d been the one responsible for breaking locker 202 (you might be able to use this as blackmail, now that you think about it), and that he’d recently moved in at the apartment complex west of the Brimstone, tucked in-between the local bookstore and the botanical shop run by Old Odelia. You used to live there.
“Ode’s a sweetheart,” you say nervously in passing one day while you rush to re-check the bathroom doors. Someway, somehow, Druig had ended up being the last person left in the gym with you. He could have left, and you had attempted to insist, but he simply gave you that same icy stare that made the hair on the back of your neck stand on end.
In any case, it’s kind of him, and you appreciate the company (no matter how prickly he is), even though the image of it all is a little jarring to you as he cleans up; setting stray kettlebells, plates and other heavy equipment back to their respective places with an almost uncanny ease (You’ll have to ask him about that one day. Perhaps if the both of you ever grow closer. It’s eerily effortless the way he lifts the weights.) You had thanked him after; Would’ve taken you ages more if he hadn’t been there.
“Her cat Bo has something against me though.” You try not to let your voice waver from the awkwardness, though you suppose you could blame it on the stress of the week officially settling into your muscles, washing over you in waves of brief, dizzying, nausea that has you leaning to the walls for support. Perhaps you’d caught something. Eli had meant to be in charge of lock up tonight, but an emergency had come up and you’d begrudgingly agreed to take his shift instead. You owe him anyway.
“She likes my roommate more,” Druig answers out of the blue, and a part of you had been taken aback. He isn’t chatty to begin with, so you hadn’t expected a reply. You’d thought he’d already left, if you were being honest.
“Does she now?” you continue, wincing as you tip backward to the wall. You’re waiting by the master light-switches now, ready to turn it off so you could lock the main entrance. It’s glaring into your eyes and intensifying your headache tenfold.
You try to work through the growing pain with a frown. “Do you mean the cat? Or do you mean Old—”
You wince.
Your vision quickly tunnels, and the world tilts on its axis.
Before you could meet the ground, Druig already has you steady in his arms, reeling you up flush against him and the wall.
“Easy,” he warns.
In your dazed state, you find the rasp and the accent makes his voice sing sweeter. Druig could be surprisingly gentle. He ducks his head to chase your gaze. “Y’alright?”
You dismiss him, shaking your head slowly. It feels like déjà vu. “S’fine. Been a long day.” If anything, the sudden spell seems to have snapped you awake. After a few good seconds, when the buzzing in your temple had waned and the creeping black edges of your vision faded, you looked up at him, and your heart trips over itself. He’s looking at you— through you, practically— studying with scalding intensity, clearly checking to make sure you aren’t downplaying anything.
The proximity is suffocating. Close enough that you could see the cuts he earned from the match today already healing across his face. There’s softness in his eyes as well; you never noticed from a distance. He looks tragically beautiful.
There’s that frisson of something flashing across his face again. You wonder if you’re hallucinating that tiny upturn of his lip.
“If you’d like a picture, Druig, you could’ve asked,” you mutter. Your voice might betray you if you spoke any louder.
He rolls his eyes with a slight scoff, and maybe the sickness you feel coming on had been the reason— but you narrow your eyes to say, without filter, “I didn’t know you did that.”
“Did what?”
“Laugh. Or smile, for that matter.”
“I didn’t. I don’t,” he scowls, distinctively bitter. He doesn’t know why he said that.
Even though the cold demeanour had clicked back in place, you realise somewhere along the lines, he’d taken the liberty of carrying your duffel for you. Maybe he isn’t that heartless after all. When you reach over to grab it, Druig shoots you a pointed look that clearly states: Don’t try me.
You don’t.
(Eli locks up the next night.
You don’t show up in the next few days after.
Druig tells himself he doesn’t care.)
ㅤ“You miss her,” Makkari signs to him by the end of the week. They had settled into the couch to laze and watch every Disney classic he’d missed cooped up in the Amazon, and ironically enough, they were halfway through The Jungle Book.
“What?” Druig pauses mid-bite of his popcorn. Shere Khan prowls and croons, cornering Mowgli to his back— and an image of you peering up at him against the gym wall flashes unwarranted in his head. “No.”
Makkari raises her brows as she scoops a handful from the popcorn bowl. It didn’t take knowing him for 5 thousand years to feel the defensiveness in his tone. “Whatever it is between you two. It’s worth trying, don’t you think?”
Druig fights back a flinch. He thinks of Ajak’s motherly love, of Sersi’s forgiveness, of Ikaris’ pain, and of Sprite’s yearning. He thinks of Gilgamesh’s sacrifice, and of Thena’s grief. He disagrees.
“It’s just a lapse in my usual routine. That’s why it’s annoying me.”
“Worrying,” she corrects smugly.
He tosses a kernel at her.
ㅤ ㅤ Brimstone’s is quieter at night. There’s simply just less to tune out when everyone’s busy resting at home. Druig learns quickly how to ‘unplug’ the first day he had stepped onto this uncharted planet they now call home. The human mind, for all its detail and complexities, simply didn't possess the ability to put up walls like the Eternals did. It had been years of a constant, nagging stream of abstract thoughts, words, and shapeless forms of ideas.
(“Think of it as noise in the background,” he’d explained to Sersi once, on a sunny morning back in Athens. “Like crickets at night, or chatter between Gil’ and Kingo. Your brain hears it constantly, but you don’t process and register it; not unless you become aware, or focus and pick it out individually. That’s how it is for me, except with humans.”
She’d paused, concerned as always. “Doesn’t it get overwhelming sometimes?”
Druig shrugged. “…Sometimes.”)
There are noisy thinkers, but there are quieter ones, too. Like Thena, before she’d been struck by Mahd Wy’ry, and Old Odelia, and the Brimstone’s tiger cub that was you.
He senses you before he senses the déjà vu.
Bright-eyed and warm, hair damp from the late afternoon shower you always seem to get caught in. You have your earphones plugged in, nodding your head to some beat in your Spotify playlist as you enter the gym like you didn’t just disappear for an entire week and sent his world spinning on its heel. When you turn to scan the room, and your eyes fall on him, he snaps his head away. It’s sharp and awkward— too quick to be missed— and he can already picture the way Makkari would look holding back a laugh if she’d been there to witness it.
The familiar squeak of locker 200 snaps him back to reality. He sighs out his nose, reclenches his fists as he focuses his attention back to battering the poor punching bag in front of him. The effect you had on him is beginning to get ridiculous. Druig has to remind himself you’re human. You’re fragile. You’re not a fixture in this so-called life of his that he believes he has built, as much as he knows how easily you had sailed into his orbit, revolving and searing his walls clean through like the sun. You’re not eternal.
You pull one side of your earphones out while you amble over toward him. There are days when you could see right through that doom and gloom mask of his, then there are the days it felt like you were reading off a brick wall, not being able to tell what went on behind the piercing look that always hangs overcast on his face. Today, it’s a strange blend of both.
“Druig,” you say, by way of greeting. “Missed me?”
No, he thinks, and then, I shouldn’t. “Sure,” he muses, his tone so dry you could’ve struck a match against it.
You feign a wince with a hand above your heart. You shift your weight to your other foot. Perhaps today wouldn't be the right time to disturb him.
“Whatever it is y’wanna ask,” Druig interrupts somewhat bluntly, “Just ask.”
You look up, surprised. “Jeez, do you read minds?”
He falters, for a split second. There’s that indecipherable expression on his face again.
“How long have you been fighting?” you ask.
He doesn’t take his eyes off the bag. The chains holding up the punching bag clink amidst the quiet. “Too long.”
Electricity zips down your spine at the way he’d answered; tired. Worn. Military, you figure, so you don’t pry any further.
“Teach me.”
The answer comes as swift as the punch he sends. “M’ not a trainer.”
“I know. But you’re good, and I want to learn.”
“Fine. I’m a shit trainer.”
“Sure,” you reply, in the same dull way he just did before you. You aren’t going to let him off easy— the both of you know that.
He stops the bag from swinging. You try to resist from staring at the sweat that lined down the corded muscles of his back as he does so, and the way the wrapped sports tape strains around his hands as they flex and tense. When he turns to face you, it’s like the effort would wound him.
“To fight or to win?”
“To win when I fight.”
“If,” you amend.
The corner of his lip twitches. Leave it to you to always counter him turn after turn, word after word. “The mighty Tigress,” he echoes. He sounds fond. “More a tiger cub.”
“I fight for self-defense,” you explain.
He almost laughs. “Boxing won’t cut it.” Then he pauses, noticing your upturned brows— as if waiting for him to pick up on the point he’d just made. He’d walked right into your trap.
God, you had a stubborn streak.
He huffs in defeat. It sounds like finality. You wouldn’t survive a real fight with just boxing, and Druig can help with that. Besides, you’re coming around to be… someone in his life. Makkari wants him to make friends. He guesses he could do that.
“I don’t do mornings. Or afternoons.” A blatant lie. He simply hates the morning bustle that comes with city life. Too loud.
“Lock up’s at 10. Just meet me then.”
He shoots a questioning look, but you return it unflinchingly. “Y’know, you won’t need as much self-defense if you don’t go ‘round meetin’ with people late at night.”
The look on your face is coy. “That depends. Can I?”
“Can you what?”
“Trust you.”
It should have sounded accusing, but Druig could hear the tease in your voice as you spoke. He scoffs, though without the usual bite. It had bordered on a laugh.
“Your first lesson is to trust your own instinct, cub.”
The nickname sends a smile across your face. Against his better judgement, Druig smiles, too.
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drukkari-world · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Druig and Makkari
Episode 1 | Eternals: The 500 Year War
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cinemapix · an hour ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
DVD.. Huh? It's all about streaming now.
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vintage-marina · 2 days ago
Why didn't you? pt. 4
Tumblr media
Angst with a teeny bit of happiness, really small tho
Summary: You're heartbroken back to your family home who are consoling you.
Wordcount: 907
TW: Red Room, sadness, human trafficking
Your hair dripped in little strings over your face.
The rain poored from the sky, but you didn't knew if it was tears on your cheeks or the rain.
Staring at the wooden door for ages, you slowly lifted your hand and knocked on the door.
Thirty seconds.
One minute.
One minute and thirty seconds.
Why won't the door open?
Is she ignoring you?
Is everyone ignoring you?
No, that can't be.
Can't it?
The door swung open.
"Y/N?" She lowered her pistol.
"Mama," you whispered. Voice barely noticeable among the sturdy rain.
"What are you doing here, мой сладкий?" (my sweet), she pulled you into a soft embrace.
Your face scrunched up in pain and a hurted whimper escaped your lips. You didn't respond, only hugging her tighter. Cheek smashed against her wollen sweater.
"C'mon, c'mon get inside or else you're going to be sick."
Reluctantly you let go, you stepped into the hallway and kicked of your gear. Melina draped the coat on the heater in the livingroom.
"From who is that?" a deep accented voice said, papa.
You opened the door and sheepish you stood in the livingroom.
"Hi papa," you looked to the ground, not wanting that dad saw you like this.
"Y/N!" His voice was surprised and he stood up out of his chair. You wanted him to give a hug but Alexei ushered you to change upstairs.
Yelena's face turned into confusion then into happiness and then into worry, but she stayed silent.
In your comfy wear, you sat in the livingroom with a warm cup of tea and some cake.
"Eat! Eat!" Mama said, noticing the lack of hunger. Other than that, it stayed quiet. Only the sound of burning wood could you hear.
"So," Yelena said folding her hands. "What even happend? You're coming here al snotty with a sad face, what's wrong?"
You gripped your teacup and you closed your eyes, not wanting to cry.
"They-they told me I was a monster," your voice cracked. "I thought- I thought," you put your hand in your hair tugging slightly at it. "I though they were responsible for Natalia's death."
Eyes wide open, muscles tensed.
"They were ofcourse not responsible," you shushed quickly.
They are, admit it to yourself.
"They ignored the Snap, but that's whole another story," you waved away.
The muscles visibly relaxed and a quiet hum from Melina reached your ears. You took a deap breath and explained your side of the story.
"What! They did what?" Yelena stood abruptly out of the sofa. "ублюдки!" (motherfuckers!). Her eyebrows furrowed in anger, "they can't- they can't just assume you did it for fun! They are so dumb for not asking for clarification, о Боже." (oh my god.) She sighed the last part in irritation.
Melina's face was clear from any emotions, while Alexei was the completly opposite.
He was seething.
How could they hurt his precious daugther?
"If they ever show their faces here, they will be lucky if they escaped with broken bones," she deadpanned.
Alexei and Yelena agreed.
Bed time fell and you laid in bed, the door creaked slightly open showing papa.
"You're still awake?" he whispered.
You nodded.
He can't see that.
"Yeah," you mumbled.
The relationship with your father was complicated, betrayal still fresh in your heart. He betrayed you and you still felt guilty to walk away from him. Not literally tho, but mentally. The mattress dipped and he avoided your look.
"You know I will always protect you right?"
A lump formed in your throat and you pulled your bed cover over you. With a muffled voice you said: "Then why did you sell us?"
He looked at the heap of duvet that was you.
"It was for you own good."
You stayed silent, a few tears leaking.
Guilt washed over Alexei and he mumbled a quiet: "Wait that came out wrong."
"I shouldn't have done that."
Other than the irregular breathing underneath the duvet, it was still.
"I am," he turned away his gaze and rubbed his face. "I am sorry."
You cried and gripped the cover with dear life.
Alexei pulled the cover of your face and he gave you a hug. You pushed him away but he wouldn't budge. Deeb sobs came out of your mouth while you hitted him on the back. Desperation hits you, the longing of a family.
You rested your head in his shoulder, the spot where your cried was completely wet. You felt a few tear spots on your shirt too.
The two of you said nothing to eachother, the unsaid words were said. Alexei stayed until you were calm and tucked you in, singing a Russian lullaby.
"In the declining years.
More tenderly we love.
Shine a farewell light,
That light of the last love.
Shadow of the evening dawn.
Embraced half the sky.
Just there, in the west.
Radiance wanders.
Keep your honor, keep your honor.
Look, friend, the great strength.
Was growing up ahead, look.
Look, friend, the great strength awakens
Fidelity in the heart.
Help me measure the strengths.
Strength, grief or your voice.
Slow down, slow down.
Slow down the evening day.
Stay longer, charm.
Let the blood get thinner in the veins,
But not in the heart get thinner.
My tenderness for you.
Oh, you, charm,
The last love."
"From who knew you this song?" You stared at him.
"My mother sang this to me when I was around your age in Ohio, do you think you can sleep now?"
"I will try, thanks papa."
"спи сладко, Y/N." (sweet dreams)
"спи сладко, papa." (sweet dreams)
Your relationship still fragile like fine china.
This time after making sure he couldn't hear you, you cried again. This time from exhaustion, happiness and pain and you fell in a deep sleep.
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