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thatonebrazilian · 5 months ago
Y/N: You deserve a reward for putting up with me.
Thena *hugging Y/N*: You are my reward. Don't say such foolish things, darling.
Y/N: *happy noises*
Druig: You deserve a reward for putting up with me.
Makkari *signing*: You're absolutely right, I was thinking about a day off actually-
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whamicon · 6 months ago
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my beautiful beautiful makkari
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raggedy-dxctor · 4 months ago
eternals reacting to seeing themselves as your phone wallpapers
characters: thena, kingo, druig, sersi, makkari & gilgamesh (might do the others in a part 2)
pairing(s): ^^ x reader
Tumblr media
she probably doesn't know what it means but she loves seeing the photo of the both of you everytime
it makes her feel so much more safe and secure in the relationship because she finds it so wholesome and pure that you would parade your relationship with her
promises you that if she ever gets a phone you'll be her forever wallpaper, she'd probably match with you
if you ever mentioned wanting a mew one i feel like she'd suprise you with a painting of a different photo that has just as much value, so it's even more personal
he is absolutely speechless and gets super flustered when he sees the photo as your wallpaper, it makes him tear up, it's such a small gesture but it means so much
immediately changes his to one of you both that only he has, but he most likely takes forever deciding between the options
it boosts his confidence so much and he absolutely loves to brag about it with the eternals
or with your human friends
"y/n? what's your lockscreen again?" before you can even answer he just buts in with a giant grin "it's a picture of us on our first anniversary"
absolutely whipped when he sees it, he swears he'd do anything for you
immediately forces you to take another pick with him for his background, the more unprepared and hectic the better
he just loes the idea of any pursuers of either of you instantly backimg off when they see tue adoration and dedication im the picture
it just leaves her grinning all day, she absolutely adores the photo
and plus the thought of you loving the picture so much fills her with happiness
she suddenly messages you a few hours later while you're at work and asks you for your favourite picture of yourself, you get home a few hours later and notice it's her phone wallpaper, she edited kt slightly by writing "my love" underneath in her cursive and writing and the date she asked you to be her partner
it's an absolute blessing to him because he loves seeing your smile in the photo every time you open your phone
he loves your reaction everytime because it's almost like you've never looked at it before
when he first sees it he just smiles slightly and chuckles, wrapping an arm around you before kissing you on the head. the smile doesn't leave his face for days
she grins as soon as she sees it and wraps you in a hug
she's so over the moon that you treasure her enough to show her off to the world
asks you to send the exact photo to her so she can set it as hers to. she'll change it slightly though, she'll probably write "my forever darling" with a line eventually curling into a heart under it
looks at it everday, for a little linger each time, with literal heart eyes
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officialtinman · 4 months ago
noticed that eternals is trending again. i’d like to use this opportunity to 1) share my disappointment in y’all. i just know one day they’ll have some skinny young white gay guy and y’all will go crazy over him yet y’all make no noise for our boy phastos. he is literally there. look at him!! amazing!!! he fucking ran the show!! and y’all didn’t even react!!! this is a man i would both like to marry and be adopted by.
Tumblr media
and 2) is also like to push the idea onto people that every single character in this movie is non binary. i will not take criticism. i am right.
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simpurnatural · 6 months ago
It’s always: “I love you ”
And never: “My beautiful, beautiful Makkari”
Tumblr media
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nooowestayandgetcaught · 3 months ago
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pride and prejudice (2005) /// eternals (2021)  [insp. cred.]
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waspswidows · 3 months ago
I just think they’re genuinely two of the cutest people in the whole entire world🥺
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nikokrsu · 5 months ago
Barry sharing a drukkari fanart AHHHHH MY HEART❤🖤💗💞💖
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acourtof-ash-and-ruin · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
I love them.
Tumblr media
They’re just 🥺♥️
Tumblr media
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thatfangirl42 · 6 months ago
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xalala · 6 months ago
Hello, could you make some drukkari icons and headers? 👉👈
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Druig & Makkari
icons & headers.
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thatonebrazilian · 2 months ago
Thena: If you took a shot for every bad decision you made, how drunk would you be?
Makkari *signing*: Maybe a bit tipsy.
Druig: Drunk.
Kingo: Wasted.
Y/N: Dead.
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fallenrosepettals · 6 months ago
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“My beautiful, beautiful Makkari”
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sig-nifier · 6 months ago
the way people characterise druig in fic is so funny to me cos he’s always this antisocial guy who only has eyes for makkari, which is a type of character i absolutely adore, but thats not at all what he’s like in the film
he clearly cares deeply about the other eternals - he goes to phastos’s side when athena attacks, he makes jokes and laughs with sprite, he reassures sersi that he can put tiamut to sleep, he nods and smiles goodbye to karun as he leaves
the only kind of hostile behaviour we really see from him is towards ikaris, who clearly dislikes him just as much, and kingo after all the bad news of the emergence
i think druig is a lot softer than people are portraying him. the guy cried in front of them all because he couldn’t stop the deaths and conflict that war was creating!
but i will absolutely eat up every single fic i read of this guy please keep going with the ‘i hate everyone but you’ trope it is the only thing keeping me alive
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tearsofmania · 6 months ago
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rachelloryn · 5 months ago
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reallygoodjob · 3 months ago
Movie Night
Ajak : So what are we looking ? What is your favorite movie ?
Druig and Ikaris : Star Wars !
'Druig and Ikaris look each other in the eyes, confused to agree on something'
Kingo muddled : Did they just
Sersi : Look so but it appear so unreal
Ajak : I can't believe my eyes
Phastos : Okay everybody stay calm
'Makkari disappears'
Phastos : Makkari stay calm does not mean running away, oh my god
Ajak :... or my ears
Phastos : We're lost if she leaves forever, nobody can handle Druig except her
Sprite : we're all gonna die
Gilgamesh : everybody, last part of pie before chaos ?
Ajak : I must be dreaming that's it
Gilgamesh : No ? I'll take it then
Thena while forming a shield in front of Y/N and her : Stay behind me love I will protect you
Y/N above Thena shoulder : But there's two way to watch it no ? I mean the first Star Wars in the chronology is not the first who came out in theater ? What is your favorite way to look at ?
Druig : First theater
Ikaris : First chronology
'Everyone take a breath and relax'
'Makkari came back with twinkies for Ikaris and snacks for Druig'
Sersi : Yes that's a good idea, here Druig your snacks and Ikaris come that opposite way for your twinkies
Y/N : So can we just watch Narnia again ?
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witchield · 6 months ago
A bunch of incorrect quotes of an underrated ship: Thena x Ajak
Ajak: *holding a bottle* Is this whiskey or perfume?
Thena: *chugs entire bottle*
Thena: It’s perfume.
Ajak: Is something burning?
Thena: Just my love for you.
Ajak: Thena, the toaster is on fire.
Ajak: Hey, it's your turn to wash dishes.
Ajak: 'Kay, but before that, wash the dishes, also use soap this time?
Thena: I turned out perfectly fine!
Ajak: Thena, this morning you thought a ghost made your toast
Thena: You love me, right, Ajak?
Ajak: Normally, I’d say yes without hesitation, but I feel like this is going somewhere and I don’t like it
Makkari*signing*: Why are Thena and Ajak sitting with their backs to each other?
Druig*signing*: They had a fight.
Makkari*signing*: Then why are they holding hands?
Druig*signing*: They get sad when they fight.
Thena: *Kicks the door down looking panicked*
Ajak: What did you do?
Thena: Nobody died.
Thena: I slept for almost 12 hours but I might still be tired so lets go for 12 more just incase.
Ajak: Thena, that's a coma.
Thena: Sounds festive.
Idk I love this ship and I think they are cute and I haven't seen anyone posting about them, so i guess I'll do it myself
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nikokrsu · 5 months ago
I just got up from my beauty sleep and THIS💥💥💥
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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eddie-spaghetti-cringe · 6 months ago
Guess what? We finally got the gay rep we've been craving and hardly anyone is talking about it! Remember how obsessed we all were about that trite little nod Loki gave us? Like representation that amounted to literally one line!? Now we are finally being shown a wholesome, loving relationship with A LITERAL ON SCREEN KISS and so many of yall are sleeping on it!
Like I don't wanna say racism (unconscious or not) is the reason but it's really starting to feel that way. I can't help thinking if Phastos were one of your conventionally attractive white guys, I wouldn't have search for Benthos content like I do!
Seriously prove me wrong! I would LOVE to be proven wrong! I just wish people would be a little more hyped about marvels first actual gay couple :/
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