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naferty · a year ago
Do you have any suggestions for a where Tony and Steve meet when Steve is still a shrimp and Tony is totally crushing on him, then whatever happens and Steve comes back big and popular. But Tony is still crushing and now feels like Steve is out of his league? I feel like I've read one that had this in it but I've read so many it's hard to keep track 😅
You know, I’ve read a few as well and when I went to go look for them they were suddenly gone? I don’t know where they all went, just up and left, the lot of ‘em, but I do recall my fave
You Can Climb a Ladder Up to the Sun by hulkbuster “Is that Steve Rogers?” He hears a sharp whisper, and before Tony knows it, his body worked faster than his mind, turning just in time to see a tall, muscly dude with a mess of golden hair. Striking blue eyes.Steven Grant Rogers, short skinny-- last year. Pretty eyelashes pink lips Steve Rogers. Last. year.Great so, there his luck went-- Tony was just dreaming of mustering enough feelings to go over and actually say hi to Steve this year and. Well. That wouldn’t work out well now.
And here are some with similar stuff 
I'm Not a Liar (I've Loved You Forever) by capirony Steve and Tony have been best friends since meeting at the beginning of high school, and though it started out a bit rocky their friendship flourished and they became literally inseparable. But as we all know, summer can change people, and in the summer before their senior year something happens to Tony's best friend that he isn't so sure about. Maybe it has to do with the fact that his scrawny best friend that was at least a half head shorter than him now towers him and is starting to build out quite nicely. Also, Tony has issues but what else is new?
i've been waiting (all this time to finally say it) by cablewires All Tony knows is that he likes Rogers' smile. But then Rogers screws it all up with his new muscles, and now it's all complicated, and Tony's trying, he is, but everything always goes to shit somehow. Misunderstandings and awkward romances. Welcome to high school.
‘afraid this is all I could find. If anyone has any other recs they’re greatly appreciated!  😊😊
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ectoslab · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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maldito-arbol · a month ago
for the doodle requests: maybe Sasha and Anne cheering up Marcy while she's sick? totally fine if you don't wanna! we hope you get better soon <3
Thank youuuu 🥺 here are the girls!
Tumblr media
I think this might be my first time drawing them with their pre-amphibia designs! Babies
doodle requests
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satellite-starss · 5 months ago
I just want to hug Mal, I love how cool he looks. (His ego's probably through the roof with how many people like him.)
Tumblr media
mal hugs for you >:))
His ego has definitely gone up a bit from all your asks xD
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ryssbelle · 5 months ago
For the faces meme how about 5 G Warriors or 8 G Sky?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
For Sky: Sun has just asked what happened to his hair, and also complimented his new look For Wars: "Why would you do that to me Mal, you know I look ugly when I cry-"
What Mal did: Tis Angsty tho-
Tumblr media Tumblr media
headcanon, wars is an ugly crier-
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tazerpagan · a year ago
literally obsessed w the darkling having mal in his grip, the ultimate source of intel and blackmail to control alina, and his FIRST thought is ‘what kind of present should I get her like for a first date kind of thing’
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get-back-homeward · 2 months ago
i keep being struck by the labyrinths in the beatles history. specifically john and paul rituals.
i mean, you take the 1968 NYC trip with their matching white sports coat jackets. that’s just one snapshot in time.
but then you add that the first synchronized band outfit the quarrymen ever did (november 1957) was a result of paul joining and convincing john to wear matching white sports coats. so then you understand in the absolute clusterfuck that is the 1968 nyc trip somehow they decided to harken back to that moment, where they started, first became a team, and wear matching white sports coats to announce their company to america. everything that goes wrong on that trip aside. without that history its completely missed as an active dialogue.
the labyrinths are the language they have for their layers of history. john saying let’s wear white sports coats in 1968 doesn’t mean a random color of unity. its speaking to that shared history. a color paul favored because of the 1957 british cover of an american country song about a white sport coat, which he wears to the woolton fete and later that year convinces john to adopt for the band.
but then after the nyc trip, he wears it with yoko. like the yellow submarine premiere. and its this very loud bullhorn to paul. i’ve replaced you. what are you going to do about it.
there’s also echoes from the 1957 cover that started it all:
now you've changed your mind it seems someone else will hold my dreams
the labyrinths are most often played out through their shared history of songs, which become their own kind of language.
like paul playing twenty flight rock during get back sessions (jan 23, 1969, the day after Billy Preston gives them that much needed lift and they start really kicking again), harkening back to the song that impressed john at the 1957 fete. he doesn’t remember the chords or the words as well as he used to. but its the language of a dusty memory. a delicate remember when. it still matters to me. does it matter to you?
like john jumping into a line of elvis’s it’s now or never in the fall 1968 live special is its own language to paul. the song is elvis’s first after returning from the army, when john always thought he sold out. its not him just playing an elvis song, it’s playing *that* elvis song as a dig. like saying this is the swan song. but it’s also a challenge: unless you do something. in many ways, get back can be seen as an answer to that challenge.
but it doesn’t end there either. because the last elvis song before he returns from the army is 1958 now and then (a fool such as i). in 1978, john writes his own now and then for paul.
these labyrinths are what makes watching get back so impossible. you feel like you’re missing an entire book because you probably are. of the layers and layers of history they have between them by 1969, we know very little.
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moorsgrimhilde · 3 months ago
Mal and Jay + 1, touching foreheads
can be platonic or romantic! They just be so cute and wholesome ngl
i love jal! i don't write this dynamic often tho, so i hope this is okay!
(this can be interpreted however you please, dear readers)
Nights were always long on the Isle. They were cold and required sleeping with one eye open. Or to not sleep at all.
Jay found that one particular night was turning out to be abnormally longer. Longer nights usually meant Jay had to either be in his father's 'company' or that he had something he had to bring home if he wanted to remain clear of judgement and other less than nice things. It always made his stomach feel weird.
Tonight, however, Jay wasn't doing any of those things. He had been tasked with that night's watch as Carlos and Evie slept, all the way inside the hideout. He leaned on the rusty rails, outside, watching.
Yet, he felt 'weird' all the same.
He didn't have a name for it but he knew what worried him and it had nothing to do with pirates or goblins. It was just rather odd, giving that he wasn't supposed to feel stuff like that. He was a villain, was he not? He should only care about himself.
Keyword was 'should', because he felt the weird feeling vanish whenhe spotted a tiny figure walking towards the stairs, seemingly unharmed.
He tried to do as he always did. As they had agreed to. That such thing as 'worrying about one another' was Auradon garbage and they were villains, so they wouldn't be doing that.
But he couldn't. He turned his head as Mal walked up the stairs and passed by his watching spot. He knows he should say something, he just wasn't really sure of what. He wasn't any good at that either. It happened everytime. Everytime Mal was late, he'd watch her come back and pass right by him, without even a glance or a word. Just like that.
This time though, Mal stopped walking and her eyes met Jay's.
Mal wasn't a talkative person, not when threats or insults weren't involved. Jay had accepted that and he found that he didn't mind it really. As long as he knew she was fine, it didn't matter one bit how that message was passed on.
Mal seemed to know Jay a bit too well for his taste, as after a moment of carefully scanning his features, she walked over to him, leaned on the rails and then leaned towards him, until their foreheads touched. Or well, hers touched the fabric of his red beanie.
It lasted for just a moment as she pulled away just as quickly as she leaned. Then, without a word, she climbed up the remaining stairs, all the way up to the hideout, leaving Jay to himself once more.
Jay exhaled, relieved.
She was okay. That's what she meant. He got the message.
And if Mal was okay, so was Jay.
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halfofawhole · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
And you hunger for the time Time to heal, desire, time And your earth moves beneath Your own dream landscape
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hardtchill · 6 months ago
Totally agree with you on these players you mentioned (with addition of sammy and crystal) should be the PRESENT not the damn future! Those youngsters are not youngster in any other countries. They are youngsters here just because uswnt refuses to play them consistently
US is one of the very few countries who up until now (let's hope it changes) goes by the system of, you need to be the best of the team before you ever get a chance to play. Meanwhile in basically every other top country you play to develop with the end goal being to become the best player on the team.
Strangely enough the US used to have this mentality back when Pia was coach and she capped a lot of young players (who are the vets of today). Now Vlatko is thanks to Jill stuck with a massive group of overgrown rookies who either should have been booted by now or should have gotten a real chance to become quality subs/starters.
Meanwhile here we're stuck with fucking Sonnett, the prototype of the overgrown rookie who should have been booted.
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malachi-walker · 9 months ago
Heyo, always wondered...what is the perfect sword you would like to own? How much would it weigh? Is there a sword store that really impresses you?
K, so. I'm really glad I'm answering this at 28 since half a decade ago I would have probably answered katana like the damn weeb I was. I still think katanas are good swords (I think all swords that aren't gun swords are good swords) but I'm not that person anymore.
Anyway, since this is a dream sword scenario, what I really want is a kilij.
Tumblr media
Source: wikipedia.
And the main reason is that kilijs are an absolute masterwork of design that manage to get the cutting power of a two handed sword into a single handed blade. And the way this is done is so brilliant my jaw dropped when I first found out. You see how the straight part of the blade is narrow, but then the curve widens out so the blade becomes meatier?
That extra weight means that when you swing this sword, the curved portion of the sword transfers that weight into increased velocity once you get going. So as a result, you have a one handed sword that can do what normally requires two hands. If you want to see the kilij in action, watch this. (WARNING: the video demonstrates the sword using a pig carcass because it's close to human flesh. While the animal is already dead, I think they loaded it with fake blood so it's still gory. Just in case.)
This along with it's habit of encouraging scientific and military development while the rest of the world was very much still in the "education is evil" stage of history is a huge chunk of why the Ottoman Empire skull fucked an enormous area of the world for centuries. But we never hear about that because we all know how history classes are about non-white people's accomplishments. 🙄
Now as for the weight question. Despite what you may think, swords really don't weigh a lot when you get down to it. The weight of an average sword is about 2.5 to 3.5 pounds and even the big two-handers rarely got over 4.5, for the simple reason that if you're swinging around something really heavy you're gonna get tired pretty quick. Since a kilij was one handed, it's generally about 2 to 2.5 pounds.
And the simple answer to that last question is I have never once in my life had the kind of disposable income I would need to get a sword of the quality I want, so I haven't even bothered to try and find a store. And the simple reason is that if I'm going to spend that kind of money, I want a battle ready weapon. Note: I never want to swing a sword at anyone. The thought of having to do so makes me sick to my stomach. But my underlying personality will not let me spend that kind of money on something that's just gonna look pretty but fall apart the instant someone looks at it funny. And it turns out that making a sword look pretty and making a sword capable of standing up to combat are radically different skillsets.
That said, if I ever did get to the point where I could afford the sword of my dreams, I'd hit up any local HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) training school or it's equivalent and ask them where they get their equipment from. They can probably point me in the right direction to at least get started figuring out who to get my swords from. Barring that, assuming that I had more money than I can currently imagine, I would love to be able to get a sword made by any of the guys who have won Forged In Fire, and if I really wanted to shoot for the stars, one of the judges. Probably David Baker, since he's a historical weapons recreation specialist and also the snappiest dresser on show.
Tumblr media
Rock on you funky bladesmith man.
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naferty · 4 months ago
we don’t talk about bruno 😨😨😱😱
Tumblr media
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jochase · 9 days ago
currently making a “which oc of mine are you?” uquiz
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maldito-arbol · 12 days ago
based on the way you write, i think you're a very observant person.. like you could do those "what's the difference" games no sweat. You're also amazing at psychoanalyzing ppl
I am such an Unobservant person I don’t notice things right in front of my face so sorry wndjwkwkekekeke
BUT. i Am great at psychoanalyzing ppl and I can say that proudly. I get it from a childhood of constantly having to read my mother’s moods to avoid her anger 💜
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cashweasel · 11 months ago
Can you um ... Mal? Please?
Milk man ;)
Tumblr media
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thatone-highlighter · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“I’ve never been called by a nickname before, my name’s not even really my name either. You know what? Call me that. I think I’m going to like it.”
Comic based on the finale chapter of @maldito-arbol ‘s fic I’ll Be Your Best Friend!
(10/10 recommend it’s a great read along with its prequel Paint Me In Trust, if you have the patience to sit there the what? 254k and counting words I promise it will be worth it)
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malibusmoke · 2 months ago
What about choking/breath-play? I'm not into it myself but I enjoy reading it if that makes sense -🌟
Send me a kink and I’ll rate it!
No | rather not | I dunno | I guess | Sure | Yes | FUCK yes | Oh god you don’t even know |
Fuck yeah, i'm very into it. Probably giving and taking, but not to the point im going to black out. Apparently it can make orgasms feel better? But im not entirely sure tbh.
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charliethe2nd · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Toni/Bob fanart für @crazy-walls :*
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capsiclesteebrogers · 12 months ago
d*rklina stans keep romanticizing the scene where the d*rkling gives alina flowers but... you do know that if mal hadn't told him what her favourite flowers were, he wouldn't have given her any flowers?
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tenyearsofarthurandeames · a year ago
Is there ever a good explanation as to why Cobb’s innocence can’t be explained by the actual evidence???
Okay let’s start off with the fact that surely a hotel like this has cctv in (if not the hallways) the main lobby, reception desk, elevators etc... Therefore, Mal and Dom would be seen arriving at different times. Mal earlier to stage the scene and then Cobb with his flowers. Which in itself does not show much but there it makes the time frame completely implausible. The man arrives looking perfectly happy, with a gift for his wife on their anniversary. Within two minutes of Cobb entering the room, Mal jumps off.
Now this is nowhere enough time for them to have this massive fight that completely destroys the hotel room and for him to forcibly push her out of a window. Also seeing as he was completely content coming into the hotel this extremely abrupt change of mood seems dubious. 
I mean like this is the scene: 
Tumblr media
You’re really trying to tell me they got into an argument, it then got heated enough that they threw down chairs, lamps, opened draws, messed up plants, knocked over some shelves and smashed champagne flutes within this time frame?? Absolutely not.
Secondly, witnesses. When Cobb arrives we see a maid pass him just as he is about to enter the room.
Tumblr media
Surely the staff would be interviewed and this maid in particular would be able to confirm the time he entered his room, especially in relation with when Mal jumped (assuming they could fix a pretty accurate time from Cobb/other witnesses). Perhaps she may even be able to say she didn’t hear a fight but heard Cobb screaming/pleading with his wife pretty much a minute after he enters the room.
Furthermore, this is a hotel. There are adjoining rooms on either side. Perhaps they could confirm that the sounds of crashing and banging whilst Mal was doing her thing was before Cobb returned to the hotel and was completely unaccompanied by any shouting/arguing (or perhaps just Mal’s voice). They could also presumably hear Cobb shouting to Mal.
Let’s take a quick look at that dialogue. I’m going to try to ignore the first parts where they use a more conversational type tone which may not be very well heard by anyone nearby. But here are some notable things that Cobb says a bit more loudly.
*Slightly louder, sterner tone* Now just step back inside. Come on. Step back inside.
*Shouting* Mal, goddamnit don’t do this!
James and Phillipa are waiting for us! They’re waiting for us!
Mal listen to me, sweetheart!
Look at me! Mal! No! Jesus Christ!
Which sounds a lot more like someone trying to convince someone not to jump rather than someone pushing someone off a ledge. Due to the fact they’re having this conversation across two buildings, shouting into the open air on what seems to be a relatively quiet night, it seems incredibly likely to me that someone, either in the neighbouring rooms or on the street below, would have heard and been able to distinguish some of it or even just the general tone.
Tumblr media
Additionally, as we can see off to the left there are lots of what appears to be apartments(?), many with lights on. Perhaps they might have heard/seen something as the couple communicated loud enough to be heard across the gap between the two buildings.
Thus leading me to perhaps the most frustrating point of all; the fact that Mal jumped from another goddamn building. Her fingerprints would be in the room, on the ledge, etc. Also how did she even get into this room? Did she book it under an alias? Did she break in? Did she ask one of her many psychiatrist friends to book it for her? Even if she managed to sneak past cctv and not been seen leaving/entering the building we definitely have that her fingerprints place her there. However, surely there would be footage to go alongside that and forgoing that, witnesses. She’s a strikingly beautiful woman in a dress and heels, I find it hard to believe no one would have noticed her.
Bonus Round:
-No defensive wounds (unless she did harm herself but there’s no visible on her face and arms).
-Dom shows no signs of being in a fight, he looks completely unrumpled in his neat suit. His fingerprints are not all over where they had the supposed fight.
-No fibres from Dom’s clothes under her fingernails, you would presume if someone tried to throw you out a window you would try to grab onto them.
-From how the body is positioned you can tell how it fell (I’m thinking of the many dummies thrown off the building in Dexter). Surely, this would show she 1) jumped from the other ledge and 2) fell out forward in a very certain way which would be conducive with jumping.
-Surely crime scene investigators would be able to confirm it at least plausible that the scene was staged. I personally can’t make any sense of the supposed narrative. How did those three chairs get knocked over??
-If I wanted to set up my husband for my murder, I too would tell my lawyer I fear for my life and he has threated to kill me. At this point this makes it seem comically like a set up.
-Also the fact that Cobb’s statement would be completely backed up by all the evidence.
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