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#maladaptive daydreaming
can we just talk about how madd completely fucks up your sense of self and identity bc I feel like this isn't mentioned enough
too much "madd interferes with your productivity" and not enough "madd effectively makes you live two lives at the same time where one requires you to hide who you are in order to fit in and the other is a fictional world where you're either an impossible perfection of your true identity or nonexistent at all meaning you're never really truly yourself until you begin to question whether there's even a real person behind the mask or if it's just a bunch of leftover thoughts from your daydreams"
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celestialmadd · a day ago
I daydream so much just as I'm going about my day that I sometimes can't tell if certain memories actually happened or if I just daydreamed about them
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madd-information · a day ago
Tumblr media
MaDDtober list is out. 
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jayjay-frog · 19 hours ago
Every day I wake up, eat, imagine the lives of a bunch of mentally ill gay imaginary people, then go to sleep
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fallingmaddlyinlove · a day ago
I hate it when you have such a strong daydream urge that you feel like running laps but you have to , like, sit in class or something
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maddcultureis · 2 days ago
madd culture is being with friends online doing whatever and then when you listen to music
you start to begin daydreaming but . you can’t fully go into your paracosm because again you’re with your friends so yk it’s a bit of a debate you could awkwardly afk or repress your daydreams even though you /just/ thought of a new scene that needs to be fleshed out
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kittypath · 2 months ago
STOP the fucking song and back it up to the start we didn't think about the right thing at the right time our head music video is all messed up what the fuck guys come on
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"You are so quiet" bro i daydream 80% of my time
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applepieandcinnamon · 8 months ago
“Fuck you my child is completely fine” Your child is staring at the ceiling for 5 hours straight imagining getting the barest hint of affection from their comfort character.
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b0ttl3d-up-st4rs · 2 months ago
Trauma Moods
-The emotions are too overwhelming
-I only feel numbness
-I hate my abuser with a burning passion
-Maybe I don't hate my abuser.
-I want to get hurt again
-I literally cannot function or do work. Like at all.
-Wtf is wrong with me
-I can't sleep so I stare into the void feeling like a cryptid
-I should text my abuser
-The overwhelming urge to drown the pain with alcohol or drugs
-I just want to hit myself to a bloody pulp
-Why can't I just die?
-*has a dream that reminds me of trauma which bothers me the rest of the day*
-Wait that actually happened?
-What happened wasn't that bad. Others had it way worse. I'm making a big deal out of nothing.
-Am I a sex symbol?
-I can't comprehend what happened
-Irritability at everyone and everything
-*escapes into my fantasy land*
-"Maybe I'll go to sleep and then wake up in the fictional world with all my comfort characters"
-This is fine. (It's not fine)
-Cognitive Dissonance
-Who am I?
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artimea · 8 months ago
“My child is fine!”
Your child literally cannot function without making up and playing out fictional fantasies in their head, disconnecting from reality and therefore not getting anything done because it’s a way for them to cope with reality and the trauma they haven’t been able to address.
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maddcultureis · a day ago
madd culture is having a specific paracosm revolving around things in real life except you’ve gone so far in daydreaming that it has its own plot line of your choosing but now after a good while you feel like you shouldn’t continue daydreaming in it anymore ( or it feels more dull / boring ) because the actual things happening is far from what yours is but at the same time it’s not like anyone can read your mind unless . telepathy
— ✉️
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so1987 · 3 months ago
to the kids who spent hours hyperfixating on and daydreaming to nonfiction: you are valid.
your knowledge of cool animal facts is interesting! your hours of reading about black holes on wikipedia were not wasted! your creations based on science books and magazines are unique and beautiful! your daydreams and paracosms inspired by nonfiction are not a waste of time! someone appreciates your infodumping! you are as creative and passionate as any fiction reader!
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