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angel-isnt-ok · a day ago
I feel like Reese’s cups shouldn’t be allowed to have calories because they are so good and for what
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The euphoria I get when I haven't eaten and I actually feel lighter when I'm walking around?? I'm in love with it.
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failing-rexie · 20 hours ago
I’m down ten pounds this week and I feel like I’m floating. I swear I never get tired of this feeling.
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morbidbears · 17 hours ago
Food Log Dec. 04, 2021 (Saturday)
Yogurt Bowl - 155
Popcorn - 280
Fruit - 125
Popcorn - 238
Yogurt Bowl - 155
Life Saver - 15
Total: Approx. 968 Cals
Im really trying not to feel guilty. I decided earlier today I should probably just let myself eat a little more than usual because I almost passed out this morning and it scared the shit out of me. I think my body was just telling me I needed some food in my system. Anyways, yeah lol. I'm uncomfortable with being full.
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skinny118 · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This tiny dick Jacob mf blocked me after this. How long you think it is boys?
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mychemicaled · 3 months ago
maybe an unpopular opinion but i am wholeheartedly against fatspo. stay away from me if you post that shit. don't bring down people u deem as ugly to make yourself feel better. we literally all hate ourselves.
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ccameronn · 3 months ago
ED culture is turning Tumblr notifications off so no one can see that skinnyskeletonbonedollpissaddict-2 liked your post or that there's a new #anorexik post that "we think you'd love"
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