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#male heroes
Lewyn/Ced C-A Support (Parent/Child)
Written by @ragingfe
Notes: This is Lewyn after the end of Genealogy. Big spoilers for Genealogy and Thracia.
Lewyn: After almost twenty years, he lets me go and I end up here. Wish I could smack that almighty numbskull through the wall…
Ced: Oh, hello, “Father”.
Lewyn: Yes?... Wait, Ced?!
Ced: Or do you want me to call you by what you are, Forseti?
Lewyn: I-
Ced: Nevermind, this is pointless. I have already grieved for long enough.
Lewyn: Wait! Ced!
[Lewyn runs for Ced and hugs him.]
Ced: W-what?
Lewyn: Finally, finally, finally! I can speak to my own son!
Ced: I-I don’t… Father?
Lewyn: Yes! I’m actually here! I’m free!
[Lewyn and Ced have reached support rank C.]
Ced: I still can’t believe it. I am speaking to my own father for the first time in years...
Lewyn: I cannot believe I’m speaking to my wonderful son for the first time. I wanted so badly to scream at that windbag of a god to be an actually good father figure, or to at least have some grace when speaking to you and Fee.
Ced: With how excited you are, I can believe it. It makes me feel the time I spent in Manster may not have been just delaying the inevitable.
Lewyn: Suppose leaving Silesse for emotional and rash reasons runs in the family, huh? I will say that you did much more with your time away than I did.
Ced: Please, I only did what anyone in my position would have.
Lewyn: Hardly. I doubt even your mother would have the courage to deal with the horrors Raydrik imposed on Northern Thracia.
Ced: But Mother… Mother…
Lewyn: Ugh, the longer I spend with you, the more I find myself disgusted with Forseti. I cannot believe he just left Erinrys to die at such a time. He should’ve at least had the courtesy to wait.
Ced: It’s fine, father. Whenever anyone brought it up to her, she dismissed it as something she expected and was okay with. Did she know what happened to you?
Lewyn: Enough that she knew I was dead about a year after Belhalla. Still, I can’t forgive him for leaving you and Fee alone.
Ced: …I think I can.
Lewyn: Really?
Ced: If Forseti never left, me and Fee probably would have stayed in Silesse, even as Seliph’s army was advancing into Granvale. I would have never founded the Magi and helped Manster when it was suffering. I never would have taught Asbel all he needed to help Leif, or helped Leif myself. I think… I think Forseti helped me achieve great things.
Lewyn: Hmm… Ced, I think I know that feeling better than you would believe. Lord Sigurd did much the same when I joined him and as he assisted me in the Silesian Civil War. Just that Sigurd actively encouraged my growth while Forseti was just an ass.
Ced: It’s fine, father. I’m just glad I can talk to you now.
Lewyn: I’m really happy to be talking with you. I just can’t wait to tell you some of the tall tales from all across Jugdral!
Ced: Right, mother always was going on about how good of a storyteller you were. …Say, do you have any good ones right now?
Lewyn: A story, huh? Well, how about the Goddess of the Lake? It’s really popular in Verdane and Agustria.
Ced: That sounds great!
[Lewyn and Ced have reached support rank B.]
Ced: Father, how long do you want to stay in Askr?
Lewyn: That’s an odd question. Hmm… I don’t know. I might want to leave and just pass on at some point.
Ced: Father…
Lewyn: I know, I know. But those twenty years took a toll on my will, Ced. Many of my great friends have passed on. And those that come here just aren’t the same. I’ve run into multiple versions of those in Sigurd’s army that had children with different people! I want to join my friends again at some point. Reuniting with your mother would be lovely.
Ced: I understand. *Sigh*
Lewyn: How about you? How long will you be staying here, Ced?
Ced: Well, I’ll probably be staying here for a long time. These people need my help, and time doesn’t seem to pass as long as I’m here. So, I think I’ll be staying until Askr is nice and safe. I think it’s my duty as a descendant of a Crusader.
Lewyn: Ha!
Ced: Huh?
Lewyn: Acting on your duty? That’s wonderful!
Ced: I don’t follow, father.
Lewyn: I could never act on my duty. I ran at the first sight of adversity when my father died. Myos and Daccar wanted me to be disposed of before I could take the throne, so I just ran. I’m sure your mother told you about it.
Ced: She often told that story out of exasperation when people complained about you leaving. I think it was to make people not too mad at you.
Lewyn: I’m certain it was out of spite. That caused her a lot of grief at the time.
Ced: Heh, I can sort of see that.
Lewyn: So, I never acted on my duty. It wasn’t until Annand died that I even tried to do anything even resembling my duty. Then, as my first act as King, I accompanied Sigurd into the Aed Desert and Belhalla.
Ced: That’s…
Lewyn: Ironic, that’s what it is. The only time I did something out of my obligations and a major blood, I die. Guess I was never supposed to be a dutiful person.
Ced: Father, that’s unfair. You never could have expected what happened at Belhalla.
Lewyn: Perhaps. But it makes me so proud to see you acting in your station, helping people wherever you go. I couldn’t be more proud.
Ced: I… Father that’s too high of praise.
Lewyn: Nonsense. For the sewage that spewed out of my mouth towards you and Fee, I think it’s an understatement.
Ced: Thank you, Father.
Lewyn: You make sure to also tell Fee that the next time you see her. I treated her even more poorly than you. Ah, but we’ve been much too serious for far too long. Can I play for you a favorite tune of mine?
Ced: That would be great! I would love to hear you play. Mother always said you were the best bard around!
Lewyn: Please, I’m just quite good. Now then, what should I play…?
[Lewyn and Ced have reached support rank A.]
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sarathecanarybest · 11 months ago
My list of Gary Stues - male characters that overpowers everyone with the power of plot force and are always excused by the fanbase
Barry Allen - The Flash
Barry, unlike his predecessor in the Arrowverse Oliver Queen, got his super power in an instant and immediately started to be bad ass and to judge Oliver, who unlike him had to spent 5 years in hell to become who he was and continued to evolve and struggle as a normal human. If the Flash was in a separate universe than maybe he wouldn’t look like this perfect overpowered boy who suddenly becomes a superhero over night, but in his first season we had crossovers with Arrow were we see Barry judge Oliver for his choices and deal with Oliver’s enemies and problems in an instant, making a character who had development and a journey look useless.
Another think that makes Barry a typical example of Gary Stu is how much the fanbase always excuse him even for his bad choices. In the 1st season of Flash Barry was warned from his future self not to go back in time to save his mother, he does it anyway: twice, out of selfish reasons and some people died, but of course the narrative excuses him and the fans too
Tumblr media
Jason Todd - Titans
We have this guy who looks like some new teenage pop singer being trained by Batman and of course he is ultimate bad ass. In any way he doesn’t have the physic to be able to beat up multiple armed guys at once but he is Robin so he has to.( just be clear that if Jason was a female character that argument would have been brought up a lot)
Compared to the other characters the plot force is also strong with him. He is excused for his arrogance and killing innocent policemen and then in s2 we had a story were the old Titans: Nightwing, Wonder Girl, Hawk and Dove all together struggle to defeat one powerful villain but Jason takes him down like nothing.
Tumblr media
The Mandalorian
If you want a show about the ultimate bad ass, just cause he is bad ass, who defeats everyone in cliche scenes highlighting his strength: like how he defeats everyone in a bar, or kills with a little knife a big monster animal, than Mandalorian is your show. But this doesn’t make him less of a Gary Stu. We don’t know anything about him, there is no development or a story, actually there is no plot in this show, just action in Star wars settings and he is the answer and the strongest of all. All the other characters rotate around him and are not allowed to do anything that will overshadow him. Like we had in 2 eps a female character played by actress with a really strong physic, she was portrayed mist of the time as just hiding and being scared cause the Mandalorian had to save the day.
Tumblr media
And some classic - Neo from the Matrix
I don’t think there is a question even here. Neo is the typical example of a overpowered character that can do all with basically no development he becomes a superman in the Matrix who in the second movie: flies, defeats multiple opponents, stop bullets and at the end performs virtual surgery to save Trinity and suddenly starts to control the alien robots too. He is the messiah so he is the answer to everything and all the other characters are useless and basically there to serve the plot of how great he is.
Tumblr media
There probably are a lot of other examples in the movies and tv were male characters are written in this manner just cause fans love this type of male heroes but when it comes to female heroes - they are criticized and tore down for the same reasons
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gusherfruitsnack · 2 years ago
M!Robin x Summoner!Reader rank C headcanons
Some hcs for if a M!Robin and the reader reached rank C in summoner support. Heavily based off of the interactions in Fire Emblem Heroes, just with a few extra things. It's unprompted but I wanted to post something as FEH just gave me waves of inspiration!
Most of your nights already consisted of settling down in the castle’s library and scratching notes on parchment of the heroes you’ve summoned, allies they’ve mentioned in passing, but more importantly, any information you were able to gather about the opposing forces. Now, however, you find yourself to have some company while doing so.
Tumblr media
It hadn’t been long after you first summoned Robin, that he and you began to bond over long sessions of strategic planning. It started with him offering to help you lighten your own workload, to the two of you tag teaming theoretical expeditions, but several events happened prior to that arrangement. There weren’t as many heroes before Robin found himself inside the stone fortress, so you insisted on doing the planning alone, wanting what few heroes you had to train in the tower as much as they could. Being the sole tactician was proving to be strenuous over time, but even then you were not quick to accept his aid. To get around your stubbornness he would, in his words, ”just happen to be exactly where you are while you are working. The library is for everyone to use you know.” He would say while leaning over your shoulder, behind the chair you were slouching in, just to add, “oh, and in that scenario, if you placed me there instead, I could easily take him down.”
Tumblr media
It was nice having a lighthearted, albeit teasing interaction, but if that was not enough to open your eyes, he would certainly argue that two sets of them would work far more efficiently than one that’s clearly overworked, trying to solve the same scenario using no differing strategies, fifty times over. As much as you hated to admit it, he had a point. Eventually, if you kept this up, you’d collapse from exhaustion, or just generally break down from the stress of it all. After one more comment from him, that’s exactly what you found yourself doing.
Tumblr media
“I have no memories from before the time I met Chrom. But I still have a fine mind for tactics. Oh, you too? How intriguing.” To most, it might seem out of the blue, but that was the last push you needed to realize your own distress. Torn from your friends, your family, your life as a whole, to be thrown to the wolves in a war-torn fantasy world where people STILL used swords and to make things even more hard to grasp, here they also rode on DRAGONS. 
Hell, it turns out according to what Anna said, some heroes ARE dragons. After listening to your venting, Robin seemed to understand your feelings, being more mindful when around you. He was patient, eyeing you as your breathing started to slow, gathering his own thoughts. Sure he was taken from his world, but it was still the same reality, it abided by the laws he learnt when at Chrom’s side. “...(Y/N), please...sit down...” He gestured to the chair you had gotten out of in the heat of the moment, his words bringing you back to reality. Talking to him like this, it helped you through a lot, even if he had no idea what a car, cellphone or karaoke was, he still listened.
Tumblr media
It took some time, but after calming down you figured you reached the route of the problem. Robin would assure you that everyone there believes in you but more importantly, would do whatever they could to protect you. You weren’t alone in this, there wasn’t a reason to hide away and handle it all yourself.
The feeling in the room shifted to being rather light-hearted, him taking your mind off of things for a while. From talking about Anna’s latest money-making scheme that failed miserably, or Alfonse’s mishap with a scarecrow that Sharena strategically placed in his room, to how Alfonse compared the two of you. “Well you're both tacticians, you wear an ominous cloak and have little to no memory of your past. He mentioned this not even a week after Robin’s arrival, bringing it up when he had seen the two of you working closely to determine Veronica’s next move. Robin and you chuckled over the memory, gesturing to how still to this day you chose to wear the garb in question.
You remembered that Sharena had picked up on how in sync the two of you were, saying something along the lines of, “it’s not just about the whole planning thing, it’s like at this point you don’t even exchange words you just know. You know what the other is thinking without even trying.” To which Anna added in passing that if it weren’t for the fact that you couldn’t fight, Robin and you would make a pretty good team.
That was enough to spark something in Robin. He set down his tome on the table immediately, grasping your attention. “Anna’s right.” You looked at him curiously, the cloak covering your features, but the tilt of your head gave it away. “She was right about...what exactly?” You weren’t sure if this was about being a great team or... disappointed that you, the summoner, were not capable of fighting in this domain. That was until he got up from his seat and leaned closer to you from across the table. “We make an undeniably good team (Y/N), which had me thinking. Some of the heroes who fight day to day together, they’ve started supporting each other...and so...” He paused briefly, gauging your current reaction and continued. “(Y/N), will you support me? And allow me to support you.” You had to take a minute to reflect on what it was he was asking you to do, after all, you were the summoner, someone with no weapons on hand. “Robin I...You know that I can’t fight, so then how would this hel-” Without letting you come up with your own conclusion he picked up where he left off. “(Y/N), you being there by my side, that’s enough for me. I promise. With you there the expeditions will be twice as successful, we may be able to free other heroes from their contracts. I know that with your support, I will be a better tactician.”
Tumblr media
Although it was unheard of, as you’ve never personally supported a hero before, you agreed. This would help the both of you, and in turn, your army. You couldn’t wait to start the next day by Robin’s side, helping him find tomes in the library that could be of use and observing him train in the tower, owning his skills as both a mage and as a tactician.
Tumblr media
Author's note!
So long story short as to why this took forever to post, I ended up breaking my phone which had the whole thing on it. This includes being unable to play the game as well. I’m currently working on getting that on my laptop instead so I can still play because dammit, I finally got Robin, not gonna let that go to waste.
Robin is one of my favorites (along with countless other characters, FE doesn’t have a shortage of them), but I’m still new to the series as a whole imo.
Also funny thing, I’m not summoner supporting M!Robin, it’s actually a different character. However, one of my best friends is supporting Robin and sends me screenshots. It was so cute I just couldn’t not write something!
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deadlyboyy · 2 months ago
Hawks' boyfriend is a pro hero and goes missing during a mission. No matter how much they search, no one can find him. As the months pass, more and more people accept that Y/N is dead and won't come back. Only Hawks can't have this truth. He won't mourn, he won't make a grave. Months later, his boyfriend shows up again - In burnt clothes and in wounds. Turns out, a villain send him to the future with a quirk, that's why no one found him. Cue a very happy bird-hero.
“Please don’t go again.”
Anime: My hero Academia/ MHA
Character(s): Hawks/ Keigo Takami
Pronouns used: he/him
Warnings?: spoliers(?)- (it’s just his name), missing person, wounds, burn marks, scars
A/n: this man right here, has my whole heart up for grabs
7 months. 7 entire months without the pro hero, (hero name). It was like he vanished. Sent to go deal with villains and then no one found him. Most of society had just accepted that the hero died, that the villains managed to kill him and either totally destroy his body or hide it. But Hawks couldn’t accept that load of bullshit.
He knew y/n, he knew how smart he was when it came to hero work. His number one priority was to find y/n. Despite the outrage from the public as to “he was wasting his time” or “you have better things to do”, he didn’t believe it, not one bit. The investigators and heroes ditched the case only about 2 months in. Keigo was the only one still dedicated to searching every single day when he got the chance.
The famous second place hero was never around to sign autographs, stroll down the streets, meet fans, no. He was either busy on hero work, or searching for y/n. But everyday, he came back up with nothing. He’d searched all of Japan so many times. When trying to use a scent tactic, it could never work. He’d get the scent of y/n from one of his shirts and go out flying, trying to pick it up. But it never worked.
“Hawks, you’ve seen how the media is talking about you, have you not?” Endeavor raised a brow. Keigo narrowed his eyes on him while shoving ramen into his mouth.
“Yeah and so what? What can I do about it?” Hawks snapped back, planting his feet down. Enji shook his head. He knew this could tarnish Keigo’s reputation, ruin his popularity and liking amongst society. But he also knew how much Keigo loved y/n. He knew how hard it was for the younger to just give up and agree with everyone else that y/n was dead.
People had criticized him about how inhuman he was for continuing to look after one person. Others would say how horrible he was because he never mourned y/n, or made a grave for him. But none of them were close with y/n. They only saw him as (hero name).
Keigo knew him though. He knew his boyfriend like the back of his hand. He hadn’t mourned because he still thought y/n was still out there. He hadn’t made a grave because y/n wasn’t dead. He wasn’t going to give up. Until the day he died, he promised himself, he’d searched day in and day out to find y/n.
It’s just sad to see a grown man overwork himself, when what he’s doing isn’t helping at all. Not only was he never going to find y/n in the timing of the world where he was, but he was slowly ruining his reputation. Fans began hating on him, saying he wasn’t the man he used to be. A laidback hero that everyone loved.
Atleast, that wasn’t the case. Hawks was never laidback and calm. He just knew how to present himself to the public. As a hero, you never look weak. Away from the lights and people, he was just another man. He had thoughts like everyone else. He had feelings. He had blood, organs, what everyone else had.
Only y/n knew about the real Hawks. The broken down man that was shoved in the light to perform for a huge crowd that now despised him. Keigo couldn’t lose y/n, he was the only person to genuinely love him and stay with him for so long. He needed y/n, needed to hold him and feel him in his arms.
He needed to make sure he was safe, where no one would hurt him. He couldn’t see the person who helped him regain his life, just have theirs thrown aside. He couldn’t just let go.
The blonde remembered the nights in the past months, where the slightest of noise would awaken him, and he’d pull empty space closer to him. The slightest of noise would set him off and believe someone was taking y/n away, when he wasn’t even there to begin with.
It all fucked with Keigo’s head so much. Made him go down a spiral sometimes, an endless void he never knew how to escape. No friends or colleagues could ever help him, even if they tried. They always just seemed to pity him or yell at him to do something.
Hawks groaned as he hit his head on the desk, his wings relaxing behind from the hours of flying all day long. It was about three or four in the morning and his shift for the day started around nine. He could take a small nap before heading out to look again, and then start his shift.
The hero laid his head down fully on the desk, grabbing his phone and scrolling through it. His body was extremely exhausted from the constant flying, his head pounding from lack of sleep, his vision a tad bit less precise from again, lack of sleep. He looked a mess, more than before.
Suddenly his voice vibrated against the desk, ringing through the office. Hawks narrowed his eyes and picked it up. Endeavor. Keigo sighed and answered, pushing his goggles up and his headphones down to rest on his shoulders.
“Endeavor? Isn’t it a bit early for you to be calling?” Keigo asked, snappy as usual. Enji sighed on the other end of the line, trying his hardest not to lecture the young hero.
“Well I have important news. News you’d like to hear and see for yourself.”
Keigo groaned and stood tall, beginning to make his way to the terrace to fly off to meet with Endeavor. He leaned against the railing and exhaled. “Where are you, I’ll fly over.”
“We’re at the hospital, closest to your agency. Be quick, because I’m getting impatient.” Enji ended the call right after, leaving Hawks alone to his thoughts. He glanced at the dark sky above him, feeling light rain falling. He could see storm clouds rolling in the distance. He had to be quick to the hospital to not get totally soaked in rain.
In took under five minutes for Hawks to get to the hospital, and he narrowly beat the storm clouds as they now poured down rain. He flicked his wings back, getting raindrops off of them. He made his way inside, seeing Endeavor and a few other heroes and police officers standing around.
The blonde narrowed his eyes at them, slowly approaching. “So, what’s going on?” He interrupted. They all turned to look at him, saying nothing. They all looked shocked, and or confused. Like they didn’t know what was happening.
“Just follow me. The rest of you all follow behind Hawks.” Endeavor ordered, walking down a hall or two, until he stopped infront of one of the rooms. It was room 1-8 (idk how the fuck hospitals work so), at the end of the hall.
Enji motioned Keigo to open the door, stepping back to let him do as he needed. He knew to at least stay back go let Hawks process everything he was going to see and feel all at once.
Slowly, Hawks opened the door. He looked directly at the bed first, knowing he was brought there to see someone. Probably a kid requesting to see him before they died or went into surgery. But no. It wasn’t a kid at all.
It was y/n.
He was sitting on the bed, criss cross, with drained eyes. He looked tired, on the verge of passing out. His hair was longer. His clothes were in tatters. He only had on a tank top, which was barely staying together along with baggy cargo pants that had multiple cuts and burns in them. His arms were covered in wounds and scars, aswell as a scar resting over his nose and his left eye.
Hawks stopped in the doorway, wings twitching in disbelief. After so long, seven entire months without him, he was all of a sudden back. He quickly ran up to him, pulling y/n slightly off the bed and hugging him as tight and close as possible. He felt himself begin crying, sobbing even, and shaking.
Y/n hugged him back, the nostalgic feeling of hugging someone, let alone Hawks, was so big to him. He missed it so much, he missed warmth. He missed Keigo. So very much.
“Kid..” Keigo whispered out in a faltered voice, easing his grip so he could hold y/n’s face instead. His thumb gently traced the scars that were on his face. They looked so painful. How could Keigo let this happen? Y/n leaned into his warm glove, wincing from the pressure on his still healing wounds.
“We called you down here, Hawks sir, because he said he’d only talk to you. He answered none of our questions..” An officer spoke up, stepping forward a bit. He was immediately met with red feathers that stopped midair right infront of his face. Hawks side glared him.
“He has the right to not answer your fucking questions when he’s clearly hurt. Now, you all leave.” He ordered, watching as the mix of pros and officers left the couple to themselves.
Keigo sighed and looked back at y/n. They looked so distant, like they saw something they weren’t supposed to. They didn’t have their bright smile they always had around Keigo. Instead, a neutral expression that hurt to look at.
Keigo gently lifted one of y/n’s hands, intertwining their fingers. Y/n looked down at their interlocked hands then back up at him. Tears welled up in his eyes as they slowly rolled down his cheeks, stinging some of his recent wounds. “All I need for you to answer is one question, that’s it. It’ll keep them from pestering you for a few days..I just need to know, what happened..?” Hawks spoke softly, sitting himself up on the bed.
He crossed his legs and sat infront of y/n, both their hands intertwined. He fluffed out his wings, creating a barrier around them. It was something he did for y/n whenever he would get scared or need the extra sense of safety.
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interstellarmachine · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"What's that on your shirt, Deku?" This idea hit me the other day and I had to draw it out with Bakugo and Midoriya.
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M!Corrin/M!Kana C-A Support
Written by 017bluefield
Requested by @dreamsapphire28
M!Kana: Doot-doo-doo, doot-doo-doo, patroling Askr ca-stle, doot-doo-doo…
M!Corrin: Hm? That sounds…oddly familiar… Who’s singing that?
M!Kana: Doot-doo-doo, doot-doo-doo, no enemies here, doot-doo-doo…
M!Corrin: Huh? Oh–gods, it’s Kana. Sort of? It’s definitely my counterpart’s son, alright. (Or, my daughter’s counterpart… This is so much stranger than what happened back home…)
M!Kana: Hm? Whoa!
M!Corrin: (Oh! he’s in front of me already.) Uh, good afternoon, young man.
M!Kana: Oh! Good afternoon, Mister Mama’s Brother!
M!Corrin: Y-Yeah… We’re having some find weather today? (Mister “Mama’s Brother”, huh?)
M!Kana: We sure are! A sunny sky, and no mean people who want to fight! But I’m patrolling to make sure nothing goes wrong!
M!Corrin: I see… (Just like my daughter…) That’s…very proactive of you. Perhaps I could join you for today?
M!Kana: Ohh, great idea! Come on, sir; this castle won’t patrol itself! Onward, march! Doot-doo-doo, doot-doo-doo…
M!Corrin: Oh! Goodness, he’s just as exuberant. I’d better keep up!
[M!Corrin and M!Kana have reached support rank C.]
Summoner: Thanks for keeping an eye on Kana, Corrin. I know his mother is grateful to you for this as well…
M!Corrin: Hey, that’s what family is for, Summoner.
Summoner: Haha… Indeed it is.
[The Summoner leaves.]
M!Kana: Mister Mama’s Brother?
M!Corrin: Oh, Kana! Patrolling again?
M!Kana: Actually, I was heading for the stables to help feed the horsies and the wyvries [wyverns] and the pegasi. We sure have a lot of mounts to take care of…
M!Corrin: Yeah… If you want, I could join you?
M!Kana: Sure thing, Mister… Hm, that’s actually a little too long.
M!Corrin: Oh, really? Well, in that case, why not call me “Uncle Corrin”?
M!Kana: Ah, OK! That’s so much better! Sorry about that.
M!Corrin: No harm done, Kana. Now then, care to lead the way?
M!Kana: Roger that, Uncle! Onward, march!
M!Corrin: (“Mister Mom’s Brother” was still pretty amusing though… Ah, well.)
[M!Corrin and M!Kana have reached support rank B.]
M!Kana: Here you go, wyvries! Make sure to chew and swallow!
[wyvern roars]
M!Corrin: You’re getting very good at this, Kana!
M!Kana: Thanks, Uncle Corrin!
[scene change]
M!Kana: Phew… That’s my chores done for the day!
M!Corrin: Ditto… I bet Kana’s finished her chores too… Oh–
M!Kana: Kana? Oh–right, I remember. Kana is also the name of Uncle Corrin’s daughter. Kana and Kana! Eheh…
M!Corrin: That’s correct, Kana.
M!Kana: Uncle, you don’t need to look sad like that! We don’t mind having the same name at all. It’s…actually kinda cool!
M!Corrin: Truly?
M!Kana: Mm-hmm! Besides, Kana loves Mama and Papa… [hugs Corrin] and Uncle Corrin, too!
M!Corrin: And Uncle Corrin loves you, too, Kana. Now, why don’t we go find your cousin and mother so we can all unfurl our wings later?
M!Kana: Yes, let’s!
Both: Forward, march!
[M!Corrin and M!Kana have reached support rank A.]
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corpsekiller · a month ago
Tumblr media
Currently thinking about Dabi having a nightmare when he stays over at your apartment for a few days. And it’s nothing new. He can’t remember the last time he had a peaceful slumber, doesn’t believe that he ever experienced a dream that didn’t show him cruel pictures of blood and branded the smell of burned flesh into his mind and by now, he’s used to it. It’s impossible to change what his thoughts evoke once his eyes drift shut and at this point, he’s unfazed, no matter what horror movie begins to play in the depths of his head.
This is different.
Choked whimpers leave his chapped lips and fill the darkened room as his fingers curl into the white linen sheets in a knuckle-whitening grip, fisting the clean fabric in bloodstained hands covered in the stench of copper and smoke. His heart pounds against his ribs, heavy and fast, throws erratic punches against his bones as if his shuddering body would split open and let it run away, so it never has to see the horrors plaguing his mind again.
He mumbles your name like a prayer, a broken plea falling from the mouth of a sinner, hoping that someone will take pity on him, only for this moment, but he receives no answer. No mercy for him, just the torture of watching you go up in burning cerulean rising from his blistered palms to the ceiling of your home in a matter of seconds until there is nothing left but ash and charred bones that once belonged to you. Soot leaves dark traces on your walls and the sofa he’s spent so many nights on is still glowing with blue heat that eats away at the frame while the room around him crumbles to the ground, just like you did.
There’s nothing Dabi can do to stop it and perhaps, that’s the worst about this horrifying dream — he’s fully aware he’s sleeping, but it’s so fucking real and he can’t bring himself to wake up because a part of him genuinely believes he deserves this as some kind of awful punishment for everything he is and ever will be.
And he can’t fucking save you. He can’t protect you because in the end he’s the one who’s killing you and he will never be to be strong enough to fully destroy his quirk. If it keeps ruining his body, it’s going to destroy you too — the only person who made him feel something other than this unbearable thirst for revenge that still overwhelms him whenever he thinks about this unbridled rage in his ribcage and the things he had to endure for fucking years, but you... you changed him. For better or for worse, he isn’t certain about that yet, but he knows he can’t fucking stand the thought of you being taken from him and the constant rewind of his nightmare is the closest to hell he's ever been.
There’s nothing he can do when it starts again.
He's going to throw up. Nausea rises in the pit of his stomach and cold sweat soaks his clothes, but he can’t stop watching this nightmare unfolding in front of him. One second, you look like a deer in headlights, the next moment you lock eyes with him and offer him a gentle smile as if to say that everything is going to be alright. But it never will be and he knows it, he fucking knows he can’t live without you by his side and—
Dabi can see you reach out to him and he tries to pull away, but his body won’t cooperate. He’s trapped behind his eyes and his fists collide with impenetrable brick walls, over and over and over again until his staples split and blood glistens on his bruised knuckles.
His skin heats up. Smoke rises rapidly from the palm of his hand wrapping around your wrist to trap you, searing hot against your delicate flesh and hatred sits in his throat like bile while he watches himself through tunnel vision. There's nothing he can do. Eyes widening, you gasp and squirm in his grasp. Your measly attempt to escape fails, he’s far too strong to let you get away now that he’s caught you right where he wanted you to be.
His quirk ignites.
Dabi jolts awake with a violent scream and tears running down his cheeks, disoriented and engulfed in unwavering darkness. It takes him a few minutes to remember where he is and even then, the tremors relentlessly running through his limbs don’t subside. Untangling his legs from the sweat-drenched bed sheets, he straightens up and adjusts the pillows behind his back until he’s comfortable. The nightmare still sits in his bones, he can feel the unsettling fear in every cell of his burnt body, right underneath his ribs and his heart palpitates behind his lungs like it’s running a fucking marathon through whole Japan.
It’s a miracle you’re still sleeping soundly next to him and he doesn’t want to disturb your slumber, really, but he needs to touch you, feel your skin under his calloused palms to reassure himself that you’re okay. So, his hands glide over the wrinkled blanket to your side of the bed, where you’re supposed to be, yet your place is empty and cold.
It hits him like a kick in the guts. His chest tightens in panic, nausea settles in his stomach and he swears his vocal cords are going to burst as another scream threatens to escape his lungs.
“Dabi? Baby, are you okay?” The door opens with a thud and blinding light floods the bedroom, bright and warm like your voice as you quickly switch on the light and rush through your dorm to crawl into bed. Your hands cradle his face and your thumb caresses the edge of his scars, where metal meets discolored and ivory skin. Relief washes over him and almost instantly, he can breathe again. “I got you. It’s alright, you’re going to be alright... Do you want to tell me what happened? I heard you screaming and—”
Before you get to finish your sentence, he pulls you into a tight hug. His nose brushes over the juncture of your neck as he buries his face in your shoulder and presses himself even closer to you. His fingers claw at your shirt and he holds you as tight as he possibly can to the point where it almost hurts to breathe in his suffocating embrace. You endure it anyway, but Dabi doesn’t fail to notice the quiet wince of pain falling from your lips in a moment of distraction.
Fuck, he holds you too rough, he knows, harsher than you deserve. But he needs to feel you, needs to be sure you’re alive and safe and he isn’t trapped in another nightmare. Words refuse to come to his mind and no apology could ever make up for his mistakes, for his sharp edges and the ugliness of his scars, so he only closes his eyes and lets the fabric slip out of his grasp. Instead, he carefully lifts the hem of your shirt and lets his hands rest on your hips before he runs his fingers over your stomach and counts your ribs on either side, running his thumbs over each bone with hesitant strokes.
“I’m sorry,” he finally mumbles, voice muffled against your chest. Apologies have never been easy for him and he usually doesn’t think much of hypocritical repentance, though this time, it feels right to apologize. Most importantly, he means it. “I’m sorry, I didn’t... It was so real. It was so fucking real and I don’t want you to leave me, please.”
“Oh, baby,” you coo, carding your fingers through the sweat-dampened strands of his raven hair and drawing comforting circles on his back. Dabi can’t comprehend why you’re treating him like he’s something small and fragile because frankly, he doesn’t deserve to be held in caring hands and receive such tender love, yet he finds himself nuzzling into your touch, drowning in your affection and the warmth you offer him like he’s a lost child in search of shelter from the storm. “I would never leave you, okay? I promise.”
And he believes you. That must be trust, he thinks and leans back to capture your lips in a bruising kiss, sealing your promise with a ruthless act of desperate love.
Tumblr media
tagging: @nokkusu @sunascumdoll and thank you so much @dilfcifer for reading this and giving me the confidence to post this <3
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kizukiru · a month ago
Tumblr media
bakugo katsuki x dom! male! reader
warnings: sexual themes,, sex between males, slight feminization, fingering, orgasm denial, belly bulge(?). pet names; princess, love(bakugo)
"SHI- hah.." Bakugo stuttered out, grinding back against the slender fingers that we're pushing against his prostrate. "F-UCK!" he moaned, his voice cracking when you sent a harder than before thrust of your fingers against his most sensitive spot.
"C'mon princess.. can't take this much?" your teasing voice right next to his ear made him feel so exposed, attempting to close his legs, when your free hand gripped his thigh, pushing them back open. "Tsk." you clicked your tongue in mock annoyance, loving how he whimpered. "'M sorry! didn't mean to!" He apologized desperately, his mind hazy from your (soft/rough) fingers pressing against his velvety walls. You just smirked, enjoying the sight of your boyfriend so vulnerable beneath you, writhing and moaning.
"Hmm.." You hummed, "you think you're ready?" you asked, gazing down at the male underneath you. "'M r-ready! Please!" With his confirmation, you pulled your fingers out, jerking yourself off a little as you placed soft kisses on katsukis neck, the newly formed hickeys in plain sight.
You aligned your cock up to katsuki's hole, gritting your teeth as you slowly pushed in. "Shit love, you feel so good already." You said, one hand caressing his face softly, the other holding his thigh, pushing his leg up to his chest to where it was almost painful. "Y-Y/n!" He yelped, tears gathering in the corner of his eyes. Once you were fully inside of him, you leaned down, softly kissing his cheeks that were, by now, stained with tears. "Nngh!" He moaned softly, the new position pushing you deeper into him.
You leaned away, propping your free hand beside his head, shifting some of your weight onto it and off of your knees. Now that you were finally in a position to get a good look at him, you wanted to fuck him silly. His eyes were sultry, overflowing with tears, his skin glistened with sweat, and when your eyes traveled a little lower, you could see the outline of your cock, pushing against his chiseled abs from the inside. You groaned, thrusting in experimentally. "OH!-" He moaned, eyes widening, pupils blown.
You grinned, starting to thrust slowly, just barely grazing his prostate each time. "Oh! Oh! Y/n!" You just hummed in response, your eyes trailing from his stomach, watching your cock move, to his ass, watching your dick disappear and reappear with every thrust. "P-plea-" He started, but choked on his own moans, when the tip of your cock pressed against his prostate lightly.
"What was that, love?" You asked cockily, as if you didn't know what Katsuki wanted. "Fa-fast-er! Please!" He said, his voice breaking and occasionally choking on his whines. You huffed out through your nose, before leaning back, all your weight on your knees and putting both of Katsukis legs over your shoulders. You pulled out, watching Bakugos expression change from one of pleasure to confusion.
"W-hat are you-!" He started, before cutting himself off, throwing his head back into the pillow it was resting on, his back arching lightly as you roughly thrusted your whole length back inside, hitting the sensitive spot inside of him perfectly. "Wa-Wai-t!" He moaned out when you started thrusting mercilessly, crushing his prostrate everytime. One of his hands flew to your back, scratching it desperately, trying to find something to hold on to, his other hand gripping the sheets harshly. "Isn't.. this what you.. wanted?" You said, your own moans interrupting you slightly, breathing labored.
He didn't respond, already too lost in the pleasure. His body jolted with every thrust, his eyes either shut or rolled back into his head, his mouth open letting out obscene moans, drool escaping from the sides. A particularly hard thrust had his insides clenching rapidly around your dick, letting you know he was on the verge of coming. With one hand gripping his waist harshly, you brought the other in between your bodies, gripping the base of his cock. "AGH! OH! OH GOD!" He moaned, his back arching and body convulsing after his orgasm was denied.
You picked up the pace of your thrusts, loving how his moans raised in volume, leaning down to stick your tongue into his open mouth, tongue fucking him. The kiss was sloppy, your harsh thrusts making his mind a mess, all he could think about was your large cock drilling into his hole. "P-PLE-ASE! CUM!" He moaned, although it was more like a scream, attempting to beg you to let him cum. You groaned lowly, thrusting even faster. Your legs were burning, desperately chasing your high. "AGH! NGHH- FUCK!" his moan was high pitched, a girly squeal following right after when you pushed your palm flat on the prominent bulge in his stomach, bringing yourself and your lover more pleasure.
You could feel Katsuki's legs shaking, locking together behind your head, his toes curling. His expression was slutty, tongue laying against his lips, drool slipping down his chin, eyes unfocused and rolled back slightly, with tears staining his face. His expression alone brought you closer to your orgasm, reaching a hand in between the both of you, jerking Katsuki off as well. "OH! TOO- TOO MUCH!" He screamed out, the added pleasure overstimulating him until he eventually came on himself, some of it reaching to his chin.
His walls fluttering around your dick eventually brought you to your orgasm too, pulling out quickly and cumming on Katsuki's ass and the sheets. Yours and Katsuki''s breathing was labored, your hips hurt and your thighs burned but you knew that your cute lover was probably in more pain than you. You threw your legs over the edge of the bed, hobbling your way to the bathroom and wetting a small towel, going back to clean Katsuki up. His eyes fluttered while you cleaned his stomach gently, trying to stay awake. You had on a love struck smile while watching his face, eventually throwing the dirty towel into a clothes bin and crawling into bed with your lover.
You smiled softly as he cuddled up to you, kissing his forehead and covering the both of you with a blanket. "I love you, Kat." You whispered, closing your eyes and pressing your nose into his hair. All you got was a few mumbles in return and a small "idiot" but you knew he was trying to say it back and smiled. You were content with that.
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popsicle-parfait · 18 days ago
Me: *finds fanfic author with a male reader that's really good and the plot makes sense*
Also me: *checks out their profile*
Their library: *female readers, y/n harems (the straight kind), "yaoi😩💖✨👀"*
Tumblr media
No but seriously sometimes they take it too far and it makes me uncomfortable knowing someone is reading about gender in a sexual/ fetishistic way.
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gatobrujoart · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Two specials guests arrived at the met gala with stunning outfits
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I loved how it end up Dabi's outfit, i wanted him to wear a fancier version of his usual outfit and as a plus i added a really pretty blue kimono, also he has a really special earring from certain bird.
Tumblr media
Hawks outfit was more simple but his wings already add him something special. I wanted both him and Dabi be gold themed, specially his pattern pants.
His necklace is connected to the red sunglasses
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escapenightmare · 6 months ago
Y/N : I’m ready to die by sacrificing myself for others at any moment.
Dabi : Not if I die sacrificing myself first to protect you. Ha! Checkmate.
Kurogiri : ...I would really prefer it if none of you died.
Shigaraki : Don’t worry. When they die I will avenge them. I enjoy murder.
Kurogiri : Admirable but you’re missing the point.
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yoongilishious · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
★ BNHA → Favorite Male Characters (2/?) ★
                     ↪ Todoroki Shouto
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frenchbreads-writing · 26 days ago
Could you make a father figure fic for Todoroki?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Father Figure Reader | {Todoroki Shouto}
Hey y’all sorry for being literally nonexistent for a fat ass minute and not posting any writing I hope y’all can forgive me
Writing and coming up with ideas is a bit challenging atm but I’ll try to post more even if they’re shorter
Also peep my slightly improved banner I just fixed it to improve clarity since it was kind of difficult to read before that’s all
I hope you enjoy!
Pairing: [Platonic] Todoroki Shouto x (Older) Male Reader
Words: 2k (2,042)
Warning(s): None
Requests: Open
Tumblr media
The moment Shouto stepped into Endeavor’s agency he wanted to just turn around and walk back to the dorms.
He regretted choosing his father’s agency for his work-study.
Although being forced to be around his father for an extended period of time was not something he would ever want to do willingly, he is the number 2 hero so he might as well try to learn something from him.
Caught up in his own thoughts while looking around, Shouto didn’t notice you standing in front of him and walked directly into you.
You let out a startled sound as you dropped several portfolios scattering papers all over the floor.
Shouto immediately swore to himself for being so careless.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bump into you.”
The man just sighed and turned around.
“Ah, it’s fine. It's just some papers.”
Shouto just looked at you confused, he expected you to be upset with him for making you drop your seemingly important papers.
You got a good look at Shouto’s face. “Wait, you’re Endeavor’s kid right?”
Shouto nodded.
“Great! I've been waiting to meet you all day. I'm (Y/N)! C’mon, let's head to the front desk to get you checked in.”
You put your hand over his shoulder and tugged him along, the dropped papers forgotten on the floor.
“What about your papers?”
You just shook your head.
“Don’t worry about it, I can just get someone else to pick it up.”
About 5 minutes later Shouto now had a small ID badge clipped onto his shirt and a small handheld map of the agency.
“So, your father isn’t actually in the office right now, he was actually called out for something important.”
Shouto looked up at you to see you rolling your eyes and scoffing.
“I don't know what for but it’s annoying that he made you come all this way just to not be here. Dumb old man.”
You muttered the last part but Shouto still caught it, he was surprised that one of the heroes from his father’s agency would speak that way about him.
He was used to people singing his father’s praises and making excuses for him, not criticizing him.
“Anyways since he’s not here and I don’t want you wandering aimlessly alone in this massive building, I have decided that I’m going to give you a personal tour of the Endeavor Agency, what do ya think?”
Shouto had his reservations about spending his day with one of his father’s sidekicks but he didn’t have anything else to do.
You smiled at him.
“Great, let’s get started shall we?”
The rest of the day Shouto spent with you, you showed him most of what the agency had to offer except some restricted areas and floors that he wasn’t allowed to go to.
Shouto expected it to be more boring than it was. You spoke to him casually but never pressured him to respond and you even told him some of the gossips that were happening around the office.
Now you were leading him down a hall back on the first floor.
“Alright this is arguably the most important part of the agency and it’s also my personal favorite.”
You led him through another door and he recognized the room as the agency Cafeteria.
“If you ever need me or just want to chat I’m in here every day in the afternoon having lunch and if you can’t find me here I’m in the 5th-floor staff room, so just come find me and if anyone asks just say I asked you to meet me there.”
He just nodded.
“Great, now let’s get some lunch.”
Endeavor came back a little while after you and Shouto had eaten, dragging Shouto off to finish the rest of his work-study duties for the day. But before he left, you gave him your phone number. Just in case he needed something.
Throughout the next few days, Shouto began dropping by more during his downtime.
He wasn’t social by any means. He was still as quiet and kept mostly to himself but he did enjoy your company and the fact that you treated him like he was his own person and not just Endeavor's son.
When Shouto showed up to the cafeteria for the first time by himself, he saw you sitting alone at a table, scrolling through your phone and eating.
When your eyes landed on him standing there with a tray of food your face brightened and you patted the spot next to you inviting him over.
You asked about his day and various other topics about his work-study.
And Shouto was awkward at least in the beginning.
As he came back more and more Shouto slowly began to feel at ease with you.
Whenever he visited, you never pressured him to answer your questions or even speak to you, giving him time to respond and if he didn’t feel like it, he didn’t have to.
That’s something you assured him of after the first day of him not responding to most of your conversation.
But he began to open up after a few days, talking about his time at UA and the friends he’s met. You also learned what his favorite food was and listened to his subtle complaints about Aizawa’s workload when you helped him with his homework.
It became a routine for Shouto to visit you during his downtime. He would just stop by to say hi and he would sit with you as you did paperwork or walk around the agency helping you with various small tasks before he had to go back to his father.
Today was a particularly busy day for you however so you showed up a tad bit late to meet up with Shouto in the cafeteria but when you got there he was nowhere to be seen.
You hoped that you didn’t miss him.
Just in that moment however your phone vibrated in your pocket.
Checking the notification showed a short message from Shouto.
“My father is dragging me to Hosu.”
You frowned and immediately replied.
“Without lunch?!”
“I bought something before I left, don't worry.”
You sighed.”
“Good, make sure you stay safe out there, got it?”
He sent back a thumbs-up emoji and you shut off your phone to continue getting lunch but you did so you couldn’t shake a bad feeling forming in the pit of your stomach.
‘Maybe I’ll stay a bit later today just to make sure he’s okay.’
You went about your daily routine of patrol and filling out paperwork, checking your phone occasionally for any updates on Shouto and so far, nothing.
No texts or calls, which on its own isn’t too much of an issue but that nagging feeling just wouldn’t go away so, to quell your unrest you decided to put a pause on your paperwork and call him.
As the dial tone rang you tapped your foot and muttered to yourself.
“He’s going to answer and he’s going to be fine and your dumb brain can finally be quiet.”
But he didn’t, so you tried calling again and again each time being sent to voicemail.
You were going to call again when one of the agency's sidekicks suddenly opened the door.
“Oh, hey (Y/n), have you heard about what’s happening in Hosu?”
You paused to look at him, stopping mid-button press.
“No, what happened?”
“They’re calling all heroes near Hosu, apparently all hell broke loose.”
Your eyes widened as you scrambled to look up the news feed.
Oh god.
Immediately photos of Hosu being on fire and strange monsters ravaging the city showed up.
Your gut feeling made sense now.
You didn’t need to see anymore as you jumped out of your seat, interrupting the sidekick as you flew out of the agency doors, sprinting in the direction of Hosu.
The news feed said all modes of public transportation to Hosu had been cut off so you could only hope you could get there in time.
Shouto quietly sat in the hospital bed of his shared room with Midoriya and Iida still feeling the frustration of being told off from defeating Stain.
The fact that they gave all of the credit to his father made it worse.
He sighed.
‘What would (Y/n) think of this?’
He paused before cursing to himself.
He completely forgot about you.
Grabbing his phone and turning it on, Shouto saw the several missed calls and the many texts you sent but the most recent text stood out.
“I’m on my way.”
That was sent hours ago.
Shouto suddenly felt nervous and opened your contact, preparing to call you when the door to the room was suddenly slammed open.
He and the other boys jumped at the sound and looked at who barged in.
Midoriya and Iida were confused at who the man in the doorway was but Shouto recognized you instantly.
You were disheveled and a bit worse for wear but it was still you.
He watched your shoulders sag in relief when you saw him.
Shutting the door behind you, you rushed to his side and wrapped your arms around him in a bone-crushing hug.
“God, kid, you weren’t answering your phone, and when I heard about what’s going on in Hosu I came as fast as I could. I was worried sick about you.”
You pulled away and began looking him over and assessing the damages.
“You’re okay right, no permanent injuries?”
Shouto was silent, his well-being was overshadowed by his father “saving” them from the hero killer, almost no one asked if he was okay they just praised the fact that his father was there and hardly seemed relieved that he got out mostly unscathed.
But here you were, doting on him, checking in on him, and making sure he was okay.
It felt… nice having you dote on him.
“I’m okay, Iida sustained the most injuries.”
You looked over your shoulder to see Midoriya and Iida looking at you wide-eyed and curious.
“Oh hey, Todoroki told me a bit about you guys, nice job at the sports festival by the way you guys did great, well, minus the whole finger breaking situation.”
Midoriya blushed and stuttered out his defense causing you and Iida to laugh.
For the rest of your visit, you sat with Shouto and just chatted about the bit of workplace drama that happened in the agency while he was gone Shouto also confided in you about how he and the other two defeated Stain
“Kid, you stress me out and while it’s my duty as a hero to scold you for being that reckless, I’m going to assume the others and your father have already done that, so instead I’m just gonna say I’m glad you’re okay and please if you ever decide to do something like that again let me know so I can be there to help.”
Your phone vibrated in your pocket and excusing yourself you pulled it out.
Shouto was surprised that you were so calm about it, he expected more of a visceral reaction
“Damn it, sorry to cut my visit short but I forgot I left a pile of unfinished paperwork back at the agency.” You stood up and placed a hand on Shouto’s head and ruffled his hair before walking to the door. “I know you said you’re okay but give me a call if you need anything alright? See ya!”
Shouto just waved and watched as the door slid shut.
“Todoroki, who was that?”
He looked over to Midoriya.
“He’s… a friend from my father’s agency.”
Midoriya and Iida smiled.
“It’s fortunate that you made an acquaintance, especially one with experience as a hero, that knowledge is invaluable when trying to improve.”
“Yeah Iida’s right and it seems like he’s a caring person too!”
Shouto hummed in agreement.
He remembered how you treated him, like a person and not just Endeavor’s son.
You treated him kindly and really listened when he spoke and helped him whenever he was stuck with something.
Shouto felt an unfamiliar warmth in his chest when he thought of the way you worried for him.
‘Is this what a family is supposed to feel like?’
Tumblr media
{Tag list}
If you want to be added to the tag list, send an ask or look at my pinned post!
@miilk-exe @your-strangelove @yumeneji @kaiwai @tamakiwithcrab @delightfulcupquakequeen @brithedemonspawn @chatnoirfangirl1624 @cannedfoodisbestfood @softboy5393 @kiwi-lynx @rokkyy @remy-roll @dilucs-cum-sock @1694 @boomboom-bitch1 @mlovingallstuff @vicious-vixxxen <- Sorry anyone who isn’t tagged properly but I wasn’t able to tag you!
Tumblr media
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mythicalbnha · 2 months ago
could you do a breeding bull kirishima with male cow reader?
Breeding Bull Kirishima with Male! Cow reader.
Summary: Kirishima is the farms top breeding bull. But, he really just wants to breed his boyfriend instead.
Warnings: Breeding(duh), smut, NSFW aspects. Also fluff, because Kiri loves his boyfriend to death.
Notes: Of course!
Taglist: @han-the-fanboy
Tumblr media
Kirishima was very well known on the farm. He was the top breeding bull for heavens sake. So of course, every bull and cow knew of him.
And everyone knew of his cute little boyffiend too.
But the farmers keep trying to forget about that part. Much to Kirishima’s annoyance. Look, all the female cows were great. Perfect cute girls.
But he had no interest in any of them! Nope! He only had his big red eyes for you, and you alone.
He was beyond happy with you, and he was content with life just being there with you. But alas, there was a reason he was the farms best breeding bull.
He still had a job to do. Much as he would like to deny it. He would always urge the farmers to ‘milk’ him instead.
But they wouldn’t have it.
But trust me. After every little job he completes he’s rushing toward the other side of the fence just to see you!
He’s a big boy. So he gets there easily, and very noticeable too. Jumping over the fence, his hoofs digging into the dirt as he makes his way over to you.
It’s very cute. Seeing such a big bull like himself fawn over you. A lot of the other heifers find it adorable really.
Kirishima is also very protective of you. He very well knows that you can handle your own. But it still makes him worry.
He also loves to cuddle you, no matter where you are, he’ll just come over and casually pick you up and cuddle.
Either that be in the barn, or the fields. Kirishima is also seen grazing with you. He just loves being near you.
Although, when his rut appears he’s still your big lovable Kiri. He’s just more forward with his love.
And he loves to show his love by rutting into you until you can’t walk.
He loves rutting you, he finds the act very close, and he often shows a lot of love during the acts. Just hearing you whimper and whine for him is too cute.
And if your feeling like being dominate? He’ll love it! He’ll do anything for you, and if that means you rutting into him. He’s all for it!
During these rutting sessions. It’s wise that any of the works stay away from Kirishima. He’s very protective with you during these times.
But after every session. Kirishima will pamper you. Well, until he gets a good nap in first.
Then, prepare for all the love he can give!
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headkandies · 3 months ago
Guess who just saw their abusive ex! Me! So I’m doing some soft angst where some of the boys scare their s/o or crush by maybe doing something their toxic ex did! (And then cuddles cause I can’t do angst! I’m too soft)
Idia can be quite loud, he has to be heard over his classmates as class president and all
He can be a bit bossy, and stubborn, but he never seemed to be around you
He knew your ex had hurt you, but he never pushed for details.
If you wanted to tell him, you would
If something bothers you, you would tell him
Shopping with him was always fun, he was honest in his critics on your chosen outfits, from size, to coloring, but always in such a kind sweet way
With warmer weather coming around, it was time to update your wardrobe a bit, lighter weight clothing to be exact
Stepping out of the dressing room with a pair of jeans on, and a tank top, Idia’s eyebrows raised in questioning
“Don’t you want some shorter bottoms? I saw some shorts I think you might like”
A small shiver went down your spine, you hated shorts. ‘He’ would always make you wear such skimpy clothing, always with too short shorts
“Umm, I’m okay! Just some tops is fine” quickly returning to the safety of the dressing room, you closed your eyes, ‘he’ isn’t with you, idia is with you, not ‘him’.
Throwing your own clothes back on with the shirts you decided to get in your arms, you exited to find Idia nowhere around
You texted him, not wanting to disturbs the other shoppers around you, an answer was given quick
“Im by the checkout”
Walking up to Idia, you saw a new white crisp polo shirt, obviously Idia’s size. “Had to buy yourself something huh?” You teased, the comment on the shorts behind you
“Uh, yeah!”
Arriving home, you took Idia’s bag and your own to the laundry room while Idia went to cook supper.
But it wasn’t his shirt you saw in the bag, it was a pair of shorts…your size. You froze, and ‘his’ voice was in your ear
“Just wear them! I love your legs, show them off” “what, I can’t touch your legs? Your my s/o! I can touch what I want” “if you don’t want my friend to comment on your legs don’t wear such short shorts around them” “my friends are wondering when those hot legs are gonna make another appearance!”
A hand on your shoulder made you jump
“Y/n, I was calling you and…darling why are you crying”
Taking a step away from idia was something you never planned to do, and the hurt flashing across his face was enough to knock you out of your panic
“ okay, I’ll be in the kitchen, I’ll leave some food on the table okay?” He replied, retracting his hand, pain and wondering written plainly in his eyes
A few minutes later, walking into the kitchen, you sat across from Idia, his own plate as full as your own. He hadn’t eaten
Swallowing the lump in your throat you spoke “he always made me wear super short shorts”
“I’ll return them then” looking up, Idia had his hand open, waiting for you to place your own in his, or for rejection, “I think you might get a bit warm, but if you don’t want to wear them, then you won’t. I can’t and won’t make you do anything you don’t want to, okay”
You ignored his hand, choosing to go around the table and hug him. It was Idia with you, ‘he’ was a memory, ‘he’ wasn’t hugging you, Idia was here, he was hugging you, he was understanding, and he would never force you into anything
Aizawa is logical and rational, so fights were rare, and they never really escalated past a bit of time alone, no yelling, no hurt feeling really either
But all good things must come to an end
Aizawa was sleep deprived, more so than usual, he was even snippy with his students
Villains and the average Ne’er-do-well had been wreaking havoc on his nights, causing him to have a plethora of paperwork, on top of testing season meaning a plethora of paperwork
Too bad, nobody told you
You had had a great day! Work was uneventful, but you got a compliment from your boss on some work you had done, as well as a compliment on your new outfit you had bought the week before from a coworker
You had gotten your favorite lunch for the day, and was able to eat it without anyone bothering you, and at the grocery store, you had gotten your favorite food on sale!
But all good things must come to an end
Entering your home, Aizawa was at the kitchen table, typing furiously on his laptop. A quick kiss on his mop of black hair, and you couldn’t contain your positivity anymore! Going on about how your boss was so proud of you for your work, the compliments, the sale, everything!
Your voice was like nails on a chalk board for Aizawa, who had just gotten into his “groove” for his paperwork, only to be ripped from it by your cheery self.
Not thinking about his actions for once, Aizawa slammed his hand on the table causing you to jump
“Will you just shut up!”
His own eyes widened, you were both at a stand still. You too afraid to move as the loud sound had hurled you back to before Aizawa when ‘they’ would yell and scream
“Y/n, I…” Aizawa stood up to console you, only for you to bolt like a wild animal, scrambling down the hall into the bathroom, and locking the door.
Aizawa pushed the hair from his face as he heard your stuttering sobs, obviously trying to stay quiet and failing miserably. Grabbing his phone, he called Mic
“YOYOYO Listener! Any song requests for the Hour!?!”
“Mic, it’s me” Aizawa could hear the tremble in his own voice
“I’ll be right over”
5 minutes later, a disheavled Hizashi was at Aizawa’s door
“I need you to comfort y/n, I gotta go for a bit”
Hizashi nodded, not even questioning his friend, and followed the sounds of your cry’s to the bathroom
“Hey little listener” he knocked softly as Aizawa threw his coat on and left the apartment “Aizawa just left, can I come in?”
A soft click, and your ready face peeked out from the door, “oh, come here” Hizashi opened his arms wide, before stumbling back slightly as you launched into them “shhh, it’s okay, you wanna talk about it?”
Shaking your head no, you clutched onto your friend, “okay, let’s just sit on the couch then, okay?”
A bit later, with your tears all dried up, and the groceries put away by Mic, Aizawa returned home, throwing his jacket on the hook, and stayed near the door, giving you a wide breath of space but not looking up from the floor
“ I got your favorite food, they had it on sale” he all but whispered , holding the bag out, “I’m sorry”
You stood and padded over to him, before hugging him softly, “Don’t yell please?”
His arms around you felt nice and warm, “I can’t promise I won’t ever yell, but I can promise to try” was his answer, a truthful and logic answer
All good things must come to an end, but so do bad things
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