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#male monster

M monster X GN human, 5,659 words

The sea has agreed to send one of their selkies to land to experience human culture for the first time- and his exasperated babysitter gets a crash course in selkie culture and their coats. 

“How’s your new job going?” Marcus asked. I sipped slowly from my paper coffee cup, sort of wishing it was booze.

“I feel like I’ve been roped into babysitting.”

Marcus laughed. “Isn’t that just what tutoring usually is?” He paused for a moment, brow wrinkling. “Wait. I thought you were supposed to be tutoring college students now?”

“I am. I applied for the job at my college. I mean, I’m still doing the whole correcting high school student papers, but, you know. More money and I figured I’d be at least looking at some interesting subjects.” I drained my coffee. It did not seem to be helping me wake up. I glared at the dregs. Was it worth it to get another one?

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NSFW, obviously, with mention of knotting, though it’s non-explicit. For the person who liked the black and white werewolf mentioned in another story, this is also for you. It him.


You laughed as his paw-like hands found your hips, turning you within the circle of his embrace.

Fully shifted, perfectly comfortable in his lupine body, he nuzzled against your neck and whined openly as the radio played a quiet, hazy song. His black and white pattern was intoxicatingly unique, and you placed your hands - fingers splayed wide - in the dense, fluffy fur of his chest and watched his thick tail beat back and forth behind him. He began panting softly the longer you stared up at him adoringly, jaw slack, and tongue lolling with an adorable black spot visible near the tip.

“Calum…” you murmured, letting him nose and lick at your ear and neck until you shuddered repeatedly and his huge jaws closed briefly around your throat, teeth scraping teasingly, possessively, adoringly.

Back and forth, the pair of you swayed in time with the soft, devastatingly seductive beat of the rumba on the radio, his hips pressing close to yours.

“I can smell you… Let me taste you?” he blurted, turning you abruptly and backing you onto the empty kitchen table.

You nodded, breathless, and he lifted you easily onto it and nosed beneath your skirt, drawing your underwear to one side with another whimper, instantly lapping at your swollen heat.

Long and low, he whined with his cold nose pressed tight to your clit, and you gasped, bucking against him even as he held you down with his claws pricking against your hips.

“You’re perfect,” he groaned, grip tightening, “…I’m… oh fuck, you’re going to make me knot…”


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Monstertober Day 26: yokai
prompt credit: @/snejkha
gender neutral reader x male monster (karasu/crow tengu)
TW: animal hunting mention, attempted murder

When Geoffrey told you he wanted to take you hunting, you didn’t think it would be halfway across the world in the homeland of every anime lover’s dreams. Of course, that was minimizing the beauty of Japan, but you didn’t really think it was the sort of place that one would go for big game hunting. Then again, taking your significant other on an expedition to kill animals was a pretty shit date idea in your own mind. Yes, you knew that hunting was necessary when it was done for the right reasons - how else did he fill your plate with salmon or venison during the winter - but such a trip seemed a little extreme for the man who boasted about being so “ethical.” The pains that he went through to get a license to hunt within the country didn’t seem worth it. On hindsight, it was kinda refreshing that he wasn’t just allowed to bring a gun in the country all willy nilly, but that was a different conversation.

Overall, you didn’t take him to be someone who hunted for sport. You hoped he hadn’t brought you halfway across the world to hunt for sport either. But as you trekked to the forest of Japan’s wilderness, he was constantly insisting that you both would enjoy it in the end. There was no mention of eating of any kind. Just that you would enjoy it. You asked if you were hunting boar in an exasperated tone after your boots got caught in the gnarled roots of a tree for the fifth time, and all he had to say in reply was that it was going to be “worth it.” Honestly, you were happy to let the man live off the land as much as he pleased so long as it was done with respect, but you couldn’t see what exactly was “worth” flying halfway across the world for.

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Monstertober Day 22: Gargoyle
prompt credit: @/snejkha
gender neutral reader x male monster

SFW, slight angst, death mention

Usually, your grandma would have to beg you to attend Church with her on the Sunday afternoons and offer your some token of gratitude to get you to even think of attending the nighttime sessions. You had developed a healthy hatred of being within the confines of any Church from the numerous hours you spent as a child perched upon stiff wooden benches in an itchy dress while the loud, booming voices of the choir rang painfully in your ears. In winter, it was always too cold as they refused to turn the heat on to save money despite your eyes always catching the offering plate overflowing with the dollars that spilled freely from the pockets of the attendees. In the summer, your lips were forever parted in heavy pants as the stench of sweat and unwashed pits clouded your senses. You particularly hated the singular memory of when you had fainted and woke to everyone claiming you had been possessed by the holy spirit.

Today, you’re going of your own free will. Your legs pump viciously, lungs expanding and detracting in quick succession as you gasp mouthfuls of air. Everything burns, from your aching joints to your ribs as you try not to pass out as you sprint down the street. You propel yourself forward, your heart thundering in your chest as the image of the ghastly, shadowy black forms that sprung out from the door of your home are pinned to the back of your mind. The last words of your grandma before she collapsed in a pool of her own blood rings in your ears. Go to the Church. If you had a moment to think, you would have thought it foolish. The darkness of night was only minutes away. There wouldn’t be anyone there to help you.

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The October book rec: Fierce Heart by Tara Grayce, the first part of the Elven Alliance series.


Essie would do anything for her kingdom…even marry an elf prince she just met that morning.

If you like elves, arranged marriages, Legolas, sweet-as-pie romances with tons of healthy relationships, magic, and respect, then this is the book for you. There is no smut in the first book, but plenty of slowly building love and friendship between the main couple.

Unfortunately, this series and author and relatively unknown, so you are unlikely to find it in a library. On the plus side, it’s relatively cheap on Amazon. I believe I got it for around $3-5.

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Y'all I did not think so many people would actually like the few writings for Alucard I’ve done so far holy shit, this is just….omg.

Honestly though, this is actually gonna slowly turn into a Hellsing blog and I’m just waiting for someone to request Vladcard honestly.

But seriously though, thank you guys so much for actually being somewhat interested in my writings! I know they’re terrible but it means a lot for me!

And as a small reminder, as long as you obey the rules I’ve set in place requests will remain open 24/7 for anything you’ve got!

I got an orc smut piece in the works as well an a part 2 to Vampiric Admirer and space bees so hopefully I can get them both out this weekend as well as a new starting set of headcanons for some characters from Castelvania and more Alucard writings (y'all are really deprived of this man holy shit) but other than those few things, request whatever when ever!!!

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Reader x naga!Levi au

It was alarming enough to see something emerge from the dark water, but what had started as just a few glowing flecks formed into the shape of… a person? Your eyes started to adjust and your heart rate was getting back to a normal pace. You blinked with an open mouth, unable to totally process what you were seeing.

“I-“ The golden eyes turned away from you in a moment of hesitancy. “I know I’m.. weird.. ah-“ He sunk a little lower into the water. “S-sorry if I scare you… I’ll just l-leave this close to the shore if you wanna go…” A clawed hand came up out of the water to press into his forehead. “I’m sorry I’m… just a creepy gross monster…” He whined more quietly.

You reached your arm out reflexively as you yelped out, “Wait!” He stopped sinking back into the water and his eyes seemed to shine more brightly at you.

“I don’t think you’re scary or anything… I was just- well, surprised!” You laughed a little nervously. “You’re actually,” You paused for a thoughtful moment and moved your own gaze away shyly. “You’re actually really beautiful.” You curled into yourself just a bit out of embarrassment.

The glowing eyes widened in shock and he blew bubbles aggressively, and you could swear you saw a blush creep across his face. It became evident he was screaming under the water. It made you giggle softly. This only seemed to deepen his blush further.

Levi thought his brain was going to explode. Did.. did this human he had longed for just call him beautiful?? He couldn’t believe it, and he certainly couldn’t handle it. He swam up to you quickly to hand you the shoe, avoiding eye contact before he quickly submerged again. Just as quickly as he had appeared, he had vanished beneath the waves.

You held your soggy shoe and stared with disbelief at the spot where he had just been. Before your mind had wrapped around anything at all, he popped up a few meters away and shouted.

“I-I’ll see you tomorrow!!!” Then, he was gone again.

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