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#male monster x reader

(Romantic) Kinderfänger relationship headcanons

With the Kinderfänger series dropping today, I thought I’d post some headcanons!

  • Given the Kinderfänger’s deal with children, I feel like he’d go for a partner with a very parental-oriented personality. Someone genuinely warm, kind and concerned for the welfare of others.
  • He would observe for a while, watching silently from the shadows. If he can’t get to you, he’ll send one of his thralls to watch you for him. Then, one night, you go to sleep — and you wake up in a dank, dimly-lit sewer with a cloaked figure hovering over you.
  • You are the only adult that The Kinderfänger even remotely respects. For this reason, he will keep the utmost tabs on you. He will be very reluctant to let you leave his lair, because he worries you won’t return. Not even his music could describe the elation he feels when you return like you said you would.
  • Seeing you smile, hearing you laugh, just seeing you in a good mood makes his cold, dead heart feel as if he weren’t an undead creature of pain and despair. Especially if he is the reason for your good mood — knowing that he’s capable of bringing you happiness soothes his tortured soul.
  • His child thralls are deathly protective of you. You are the only one they answer to besides their master. If someone won’t stop causing you trouble, they will take care of it without hesitation.
  • He loves to play his flute for you. If you’re feeling down, he’ll play a song to lift your spirits. If you’re angry or upset, he’ll play a song to calm you down. If you’re tired, he’ll lull you and the children to sleep with a soft lullaby.
  • He’s not much of a cuddler, but he loves to hold your hand. The children will hug you for him as you leave the lair. But if you really need it, he’ll give you a hug before you drift off to sleep.
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You lean back as Roheme’s eyes open and she gives you a toothy grin before jumping off the stool and scrambling up the other one to look in the mirror. Her eyes go wide and she squeals. “I love it! I love it! I look so pretty!”

Washing off your hands, you can’t help, but to smile at her simple antics. “It’s just a mud mask, dear.” Your partner, Sorudar, was out running some errands and needed someone to watch his little girl. Of course, you were happy to oblige because even though her father is a wonderful man and a great dad, she needed some one on one girl time. So, you decided to do a spa day until he gets back.

“Now what happens?” Roheme couldn’t stop admiring the bubblegum pink mask which actually suited her vibrant ivy green skin and obsidian black hair which was decorated with various braids and beads pulled back into the ponytail.

“We wait for it to dry and then we’ll wash it off.” You tucked a few loose strands behind her ear. “So, let’s see what we’ve done so far……” You looked at the checklist at your phone. “Bubble bath?”

“Check!” Honestly, if you weren’t mistaken this was her favorite part.

“Dancing and singing competition?”


“How about manicures?”

“Nope!” She jumps off the stool and stands in front of you expectantly before you grab her hand and lead her out to the kitchen.

After an hour or so, you were wiping the mud mask off of her face so she wouldn’t ruin her nails which were still drying. It was rather hard to do, not because she wasn’t sitting still, but more because of the faces she was making in an attempt to try to help you get the mask off. Which in turn was causing you to laugh.

However, the door being opened and a hearty voice stating their presence drew both of your attention away from the task at hand. “Daddy!” Roheme darts out of the bathroom and runs up to her father before spinning in a few circles and explaining all the things she learned today. Sorudar blinks in surprise and looks up at you when you step out of the bathroom, your mud mask still on your face. Giving a small smile, you lean against the wall and watch the interaction before explaining how great and helpful Roheme has been. However, you’re interrupted when Roheme grabs her father’s hand and yanks him over to the bathroom and then grabs yours as she passes you pulling everyone into the bathroom. “Come on! Let’s do a mud mask on you too! Come on!”

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“Hiroki? Are you still in there?” After three small knocks, silence was your only greeting. Looking up on the top of the door frame, you notice the signal light still on as the words ON AIR mock you. Now, normally you wouldn’t enter when your partner is recording for his podcast series, but you haven’t seen him all day and his dinner went cold a few hours ago. So, you enter. Softly sliding open the door, you peek in. “Hiroki?”

The microphone was slightly askew, yet the computer system was still recording. It was then that you noticed the hunched figure draped over the desk, pale arms dangling over the side and his sharp claw-like nails twitching every once. Sighing, you step in and continue the routine of turning off the microphone, saving the file, and shutting down the computer. However, his notes for the podcast as you catch in scribble: To my love, my life, I couldn’t do this without you. I love you.

Smiling, you gently ruffle his short black hair as his black fox ears twitch. “Hiroki…wake up, my love.” Watery golden eyes slowly open before flinching against the lights in the room. He gives a sleepy smile before you gently coax him out of his chair with his elbow. His two tails wrap around your waist as he subconsciously huddle against you for whatever warmth he can get. With a peck on his forehead, you lead him out of the room before turning off all the lights and closing the door. “Let’s go to bed.”

“Hey…” Hiroki trails off. “I love you.”

Smiling, you peck his forehead once more. “I know, my love. I know. I love you too.”

- - - - - - x - - - - - - 

Don’t forget to take care of yourselves and your monsters guys!

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The door shuts with a slightly louder bang than intended as you try to juggle numerous groceries and your belongings in your hands. Shuffling over to the kitchen, you manage to set everything down without injury before calling out, “I’m home!”

Your voice rings out within the rather large and tall studio. The slithering of scales and the telltale sign of paper crumbling alerts you of your lover in the loft upstairs, “I’m up here.”

Bounding up the steps, you are greeted by the usual sight of your reptilian lover. He is covered in various colors ranging from blue to white to colors you didn’t even think would be humanely possible to create, his once tan skin now a rainbow. The paint even spreads from his hands, to his slightly scraggly hair, to the tops of his arms and all over his black, yellow and red stripped tail. However, the canvas underneath him is also covered in the same ink. He pauses the music player and greets you with a fanged smile, quick kiss, and then grabs a drink of water. “What do you think?”

You look down at the thin canvas surrounded by rosin paper as it is twisted and splashed with the same colors on your lover; but like always you think he is more beautiful, especially when covered in color. But, you don’t tell him that…his ego is too much as it is. “What’s this piece going to be called?” You carefully step around it to get a better perspective.

His breath is unsteady from working, “Desire.” Ah, it shouldn’t have come as a surprised he would have chosen one word. He always chooses a single word for his pieces, but he was never much of a talker either. Perhaps, that’s why he is the famous Eno the Naga Artist. His pieces are one of a kind, no piece the same and never replicated. Using his entire body as he dances with the paint. Literally. Your favorite piece of his would be the one titled Everyday. He didn’t dance like usual, but his method was definitely unique that day. He did his normal day to day routine and had the canvas follow him around with the paint recording his movements. You had to help with this piece which included moving it and then cleaning up after him. Though, getting it out of his scales was the absolute worst as most the paint had managed to dry due to how long it took him to complete the piece.

Breaking out of your train of thoughts, you notice something new and something different. There were several white patches on the canvas, “Are you…struggling with this piece, Eno?” His raised brow requires further explanation. “You never leave an empty space on your canvases…there are several.”

Taking one more gulp of water, he twists the cap back on before turning to you. “I was hoping to try something new. The dance I’m doing I’ll need your help.”

“What do-“ he grabs your hand and pulls you close. The sudden yank surprises you as you go tumbling in the paint and now his canvas has several red and two blue footprints from your shoes. “Eno! Your painting! Why-“

He cuts you off again as he gently puts a finger to your lips and places your hands around his neck and his on your waist. “Dance with me?” Well…how were you supposed to say no to that? Placing an earbud in your ear, you both begin to dance across the canvas as colors and hearts tangle into one piece.

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 A/N: I accidentally posted this to the wrong blog lol woops. Sorry if it sucks, I kinda rushed it right before bed. Going to England for a couple of weeks so I will be extra lazy in posting

Still not edited very well

Warnings: Uhh misunderstandings?? I don’t actually street preform so sorry If It’s stupid inaccurate 

Word Count: 1,845 I believe


     Everyday that you went into town, you always made sure to pass through the central square. You usually only went to town on Sundays, and sometimes Wednesdays, but you swore up and down to your friends that it was just a coincidence. That’s right, it had nothing to do with the charming tiefling dressed neatly in a white button up and black slacks.

You didn’t go to get a glimpse of the grace he exuded while dancing, and you definitely didn’t commission a large portion of your spending money to songs that you only dreamed he’d dance too before he’d open the requests.

No, he was far from your mind as you dashed to the open clearing, bordered by large colorful plants and streetlamps, crosswalks leading towards the towering city buildings all around you. But it wouldn’t hurt to stop and look would it?

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The screams from the animatronics and from some children can occasionally be heard above the laughter and ceremonial “trick-or-treat.” Various costumes are seen: zombies, ghouls, angels, and monsters alike. In fact, some adults are even dressed up. “This is ridiculous,” A grumble came from your side.

Looking to your right and almost directly upwards, your lover was looking upon the crowd with a frown. His snow white skin has a unique pearl or opal sheen causing him to change colors from some of the lighted decoration on the houses. His entire form fits the description long and lanky including his arms. One hand is holding a plastic pumpkin full of candy, your candy to be exact, while the other is placed gently on your lower back. His third arm, attached to his right side and about a few inches lower than his normal arm, is bent and his hand is resting on his hip in annoyance. Two snake-like eyes scanned the crowd. His other two eye directly underneath his first ones flicker down to look at you.

“What? Halloween is the best time of year!” You give a gummy smile. Your costume wasn’t anything too special. Just some really warm clothes and a few witch accessories with your witch’s hat. “Besides, isn’t it nice to be outside and out in public instead of my apartment like always?”

He grinds his teeth slightly, “Yes, I can agree that it is nice to be outside.” He bends down to your height and all eyes focus on you as he breathes into your ear. “I would much rather be at home and see you in a different costume. Perhaps something showing a little more sk-“

“Cool costume! Is it alright if we take a picture with you?” Blushing, you turn to see a group of teenagers. One is holding their cellphone awaiting a reply. Ah, right. You were in public after all.

Knowing your demon-lover was about to deny, you slip out of his grasp. “Behave and you’ll get to choose either trick or treat,” You say so only he can hear. However, you hold back a giggle as he grimaces at your poor pun.

Grabbing the cellphone, you wait as they all adjust their poses. Once the picture is snapped, your lover wastes no time as he snatches the phone out of your hand and shoves it into the teenagers. His other hand grabs your wrist and pulls you away for his surprise. Though, you couldn’t help but to laugh the entire way home. Knowing the picture only showed a group of teenagers posing next to a shadowy and blurry figure clearly flipping them off. Halloween really is the best time of the year.

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Sweet Apples

A few beads of sweat drip down your shoulders, but you didn’t mind. Especially when the rare breeze came by to cool you down. Working on the family orchard during this time of year was the very definition of peace. With the brilliant blue skies above and not a cloud in sight. Or the apples which taste as sweet as they smell. You toss a core onto the ground to pick up later and wipe the juice away with a content hum. The only thing that could make this day better…was if you were tall enough to reach the bright red apple above you. 

The very tree seems to be mocking you. Despite standing on the top of the ladder and on your tip toes, you still couldn’t reach it. The branches were too thin to climb and you would have damaged the tree if you tried so that was out of the question. However, another idea pops into your mind. Bending your knees and keeping your eye on the prize, you spring into the air and you manage to fully grasp the apple as it comes off with a pop. Giving a shout of glee you realize one thing. Gravity hasn’t pulled you back down and you seem to be stuck in the air. 

A rich laugh comes from behind you and only then do you realize the hands gripping your waist, holding you in the air. Turning around, you see your boyfriend. His skin was a light maple with golden eyes. While his dark brown hair was short and messy, as if he just ran his fingers through it. The horse counterpart of him was a light chestnut and his tail is braided, the color matching his hair. “What are you doing, blossom?” Did he really have to give me an apple themed nickname? 

“I couldn’t reach the apple,” You steady yourself on the ladder once he sets you down. His hands don’t leave your waist. 

“So you thought you would jump? What would have happened if you missed landing on the ladder? You could have gotten hurt,” His tone was still playful, but there was an almost parental concern hidden underneath. 

“I would have been fine, the fall isn’t too high and I’ve jumped out of trees before,” Except you were younger back then and you were almost always on the lowest branch. “Besides, I got the apple.”

He shook his head in slight disbelief, “You could have just asked for help.”

Rolling your eyes, you toss the apple into the large pail below. “What are you going to do, Brisu?” A gooey smile decorates your face. “Hold me up the entire time?” You remember him trying to help you pick apples from the high branches before. You even stood on his back and almost fell off a couple of times. You catch a glint in his eyes before your hoisted into the air and set on his shoulders. His head between your legs while he holds your shins to steady you.

“I guess so,” He looked up at you and mimics your smile. Laughing the entire time, you pick the rest of the apples off of the trees. Plus, with the extra height boost you were able to finish much sooner than anticipated and got some extra free time to play around with the young centaur foals before the lunch bell rung.

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It was hot. God it was so hot. Even laying on the hardwood floor, in shorts and a tank, with a fan was blowing on you…it was still hot. Groaning in complaint, you adjust your position to a colder part of the floor since the previous spot began to warm up.

“What are you doing?” A voice came up from above you. Opening one eye, you look up to find your boyfriend looming over you with a raised brow. His tan skin was decorated with speckles which began to lighten in color the closer it got to his ivory tail. His dark brown and thick hair was loose and parted to the side, though, he always kept it short with a slight undercut. I guess you could say he liked to keep up with the human trends. 

You closed your eye. “I’m hot, the air conditioner is broken, and the floor is cold.” Well as cold as it can get. A sigh escaped his lips turning into a small hiss, one habit of his you found to be absolutely adorable. Then, arms wrap around your waist, easily picking you up as you let out another complaint. “Takeo…what are you doing?” He didn’t answer, verbally anyways. You soon let out a sigh as a blissful chill meets your flushed skin. His tail slithers around you while he lays down on the floor, propping himself against his coils. He reaches down with a clawed hand and carefully scratches your back as you snuggle up against him. Thank goodness for cold blooded boyfriends.

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Reader x naga!Levi au

It was alarming enough to see something emerge from the dark water, but what had started as just a few glowing flecks formed into the shape of… a person? Your eyes started to adjust and your heart rate was getting back to a normal pace. You blinked with an open mouth, unable to totally process what you were seeing.

“I-“ The golden eyes turned away from you in a moment of hesitancy. “I know I’m.. weird.. ah-“ He sunk a little lower into the water. “S-sorry if I scare you… I’ll just l-leave this close to the shore if you wanna go…” A clawed hand came up out of the water to press into his forehead. “I’m sorry I’m… just a creepy gross monster…” He whined more quietly.

You reached your arm out reflexively as you yelped out, “Wait!” He stopped sinking back into the water and his eyes seemed to shine more brightly at you.

“I don’t think you’re scary or anything… I was just- well, surprised!” You laughed a little nervously. “You’re actually,” You paused for a thoughtful moment and moved your own gaze away shyly. “You’re actually really beautiful.” You curled into yourself just a bit out of embarrassment.

The glowing eyes widened in shock and he blew bubbles aggressively, and you could swear you saw a blush creep across his face. It became evident he was screaming under the water. It made you giggle softly. This only seemed to deepen his blush further.

Levi thought his brain was going to explode. Did.. did this human he had longed for just call him beautiful?? He couldn’t believe it, and he certainly couldn’t handle it. He swam up to you quickly to hand you the shoe, avoiding eye contact before he quickly submerged again. Just as quickly as he had appeared, he had vanished beneath the waves.

You held your soggy shoe and stared with disbelief at the spot where he had just been. Before your mind had wrapped around anything at all, he popped up a few meters away and shouted.

“I-I’ll see you tomorrow!!!” Then, he was gone again.

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“So… You were late because your dumbass ran face-first into someone? You can’t be for real haha.”

She let out a mocking cackle, That was Nicole, one of your oldest and few friends, she was always there for you and your biggest critic. She also was a giant slacker who spent a lot of her days in your dorm room lounging about. Thought you found it annoying at first you’ve kinda gotten used to her presence, thought you still wonder how she has some of the highest grades when you never see her go to class but that wasn’t the matter at hand.

“It’s not that funny Nicole” 

You grumble as you passively work on the mountain of papers you need to finish before the next class as punishment for being late.

“Oh it really is” 

she snickered. 

“Was he cute at least?” 

She asked inquisitively rolling on too her back looking at you from across the room

“I was kind of too busy trying to get to class to pay attention to that, but… he looked… decent… he has never nice … eyes…”

You feel you face flush with warmth at the thought, Nicole in response 

 got strangely quiet, you looked behind you to check if she was alright to see a wide smirk on her face and an obviously mocking smirk. 

“You like him.”

That statement cut through the silence like a gunshot. Causing you to flinch slightly at the thought you had never really had any interest in people like that before, you spent most of your teenage years focusing on school so you could go to college and help support you parents, so you were lacking in romantic experience.

“W-What N-No I don’t.” 

Nicole turned over and pushing herself off the bed she glided across the room spinning the chair you were sitting in around to face her.

“Y/n. L/n. You’ve never ever in the entire time ive known you to ever call someone “decent” and then blush about it”

“Y-You’re looking to deep into this Nicole”

You said retorting your face fully flushed.

“Am I?”

She said putting her hands on her hips and tilting her head with the same snide look on her face. You look down and feel your face flush with the thought ringing through your head. 

“Do I like him?!”

(I know this one doesn’t have really any fluff just banter, I’m sorry for that, but I hope you like the Introduction of Nicole and I hope you enjoyed reading this part)

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Content: SFW/Orange, mild fae trickery, swearing, a rude goblin, mention of past heartbreak + cheating, alluding to past sex, one cute lil kiss - if there is anything below which needs to be mentioned here in future, let me know!

Wordcount: 2256

Notes: so… this isn’t really the prompt (and knowing me I will be writing the prompt again because I can’t help myself, and creating Huddle Haven just has so much opportunity for cuddly monsters) but I read it and my brain just ran off with it and thus, Vardelk was born. Credit to @monsterkinkmeme​ for the original prompt!!


“Nobody else is available,” Lacey said. Her keen, fae-folk eyes fell to where your knuckles cracked in the uncomfortable silence. “He looks so sad. Just for an hour? He told me to find someone for him, and, well,” she drew in a breath. “I’m trying.”

Huddle Haven was always busiest on the weekends, though tonight was one of the busiest evenings you had ever seen. The ache in your chest reminded you that this weekend had just followed Valentine’s Day. Most of the patrons crowding the small café now had come with broken hearts, from failed dates and relationships ended only a day prior, and you had told Lacey - you had, you remembered, even texted her, that more volunteers were needed for today.

You were only supposed to be staff behind the counter, helping clean and take orders, sometimes assisting in the baking, not one of the volunteers for dates. No less being a human, and not what the customer had come for.

“Double pay ”



Fae could only articulate the truth. If she truly offered you double pay, a permanent rise, then Lacey now was beyond desperate. In bringing you out to customers - hardly presentable under the guise of a date, too, then the patron had to be more than just “sad.”

Her unwavering resolve made you frown. “Are you trying to trick me into this?”

“Permanent double pay raise,” she said - a deliberate avoidance, then she pursed her black lips, the same glossy colour as her gossamer wings. “I would owe you a favour, too.”


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A Chance Meeting (Oc! Connor x GN! Reader)

It was your first day of the new semester, and you were already late for classes. You were rushing down weaving through passersby, some of them you swear were gawking at you.

“Great… Making some great impressions.” 

You thought to yourself as you rounded the corner with reckless abandon, where you were immediately stopped by what you thought at first was a wall. You’re knocked back onto the ground from the force of the impact. As you rub your face trying to recover both from the effects and the blow to your pride, you see a shadow overtake you as you look up to see a tall male, his skin the same color as golden wheat and his eyes the color of honey and full of concern as he looked down at you on the ground. 

“A-are you ok?” 

He stammered, and he reached down for your hand, offering to help you up. You reached out, grabbing his hand. They were was calloused. You felt that almost immediately.

“ I’m so sorry for running into you, sir. I’m in a bit of a rush right now.”

“ C-Connor”

“ Excuse me?” 

“ T-The names Connor.”

“ Oh! Oh, ok, the names y/n.”

You chuckled, thinking to yourself the large guy in front of you acted a lot timider than you thought he would. As you were composing yourself finally coming down from the awkward experience the campuses bell tower chimes loud reminding you why you were running in the first place.

“Ah SHIT!!, I’m sorry Connor I gotta go I’m late for class”

And with that, you were off weaving through the crowd once again. The man looked down at his hand remembering how yours felt in his just for that brief moment to him the world stopped and no one but the stars in the heavens were witnesses to that moment. 

“ Huh, To think we would meet again here of all places…” 

 (Sorry this is probably really messy and super short but this was my first time writing something like this I would really appreciate any criticism and I hope you liked it)

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SPONSORED: Bad is the New Good Part Twelve


Masterlist and Other Chapters

Note: THIS IS A SPONSORED CHAPTER! Someone who wishes to remain anonymous sponsored this chapter so everyone could have it earlier plus the sponsor has had this chapter for almost two weeks! Thanks for continuing to support me! 💕


The lights are flashing colors. The music is too loud. There’s a lot of people.

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