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#male yandere
blzzrdstryr · 2 days ago
Hi! If it's doesn't bother you may I request diluc,amber,zhongli and ganyu with their darling died during child birth but as a the child grow up their the exact copy cat of their mother ?
Starring: Amber, Diluc, Ganyu, Zhongli
CW: Death, yandere
Amber is distraught by the whole ordeal, the realization of your death finally sinking in months after it happened. She just can’t believe it at first, even denying the notion of any harm coming to you, and desperately repeating to herself that everything is fine and you’re still alive.
“You need to travel far, far away and you will eventually return” is what she will tell to herself, spending her days between attending her duties as the sole scout of knights of Favonius and being a single parent. All the words of condolences and pitiful gazes will be either ignored or met with faux confusion, until she comes to accept that you died.
She will collapse then, overcome with grief and self-hatred, the mask that she has been wearing all this time finally slipping and cracking into a thousand pieces, as the full blown hysteria takes over her. Amber will loudly cry on the floor, deaf and blind to the outside world, as her heart processes emotions she kept bottled up for so long.
She will quickly recover, remembering that she has a child to care for. She will be mostly a good, understanding mother, cherishing the kid both as the product of your shared love and the last thing she has left of you. It’s highly unlikely that Amber will restrict the child in some major way, except for rare times their face and voice remind her so much of you, her heart is at the verge of bursting. She will be overcomed by the sudden protective and strict episode, for which she will apologize later.
Diluc already has trouble processing his own emotions and your death will only exacerbate this problem. He will shut off from the world upon hearing the dreadful news, scarlet eyes unfocused, as his mind races for the possible explanation.
Why did you die? Didn’t he hire the best medics and doctors? Didn’t he monitor the entirety of your pregnancy? Didn’t he spend a fortune to provide you with the best care he could find? So why did you die?
People like to shift the blame in hard situations, even if there’s no one to blame in the first place, and Diluc is no exception. For a single moment he will feel so much hatred for his newborn child he will start seeing red. This feeling, however, will soon melt and vanish as he will take the infant into his hands, a wave of self-loathing crushing him for just feeling this way towards his child. Your child.
Now with no one to blame, a new thought will appear in Diluc’s head - that he's the one at fault, that it's him who put a child in you, which led to your ultimate demise. He wants to crumble this same second, yet he stops, remembering that he has a child.
Diluc will constantly switch between being the main caretaker and having the kid watched by the multiple maids, while he's away or simply busy with winery business. He wants to be always there for his child, yet sometimes they look so much alike to you, he has to take a step back, lest a wave of grief consume him. Diluc will definitely be an overprotective, strict dad who babies his kid, especially if they inherited not only your face but character too.
Ganyu is very shocked when she learns of your sudden death. She will immediately blame herself for this - adepti blood is a heavy burden, and maybe her being half qilin is what killed you.
Ganyu you will request a leave from her job, to collect her thoughts and spend time with the baby. She lived such a long life, witnessing the archon war and working as Qixing secretary for countless generations, yet this is something totally unexpected.
Ganyu will try to look after the baby, the key word here being "try" as she finds herself very unfamiliar with what she should do next. Her biological "clocks" will also pose a problem for her, as after living in a very strict schedule for such a long time Ganyu finds it extra hard to adapt to the baby's regime, sometimes unable to wake up in the middle of the night at the sounds of their scream.
Ganyu will also feel a certain guilt for bringing the child into this world - she is half human and half adeptus, someone who has never felt welcomed in either of worlds, and she fears that her child will experience the same heartache.
Zhongli is also stunned, but he regains his composure the quickest. An outsider might even think he feels nothing for you, as he calmly asks to see the baby, yet it’s far from the truth. Zhongli is just too hardened by the passing time to break here and now.
He will gently grasp the infant, marveling at the mix of the divine and mortal, his and yours. The reverence he held for you will be shifted towards the child, as he views them as some kind of miracle.
Zhongli will personally oversee the child all the time, yet he will also ask some of his adepti to keep an eye on the kid, lest any harm comes to them.
They will grow up amidst the peaks of Juyeun Karst, as even with the mixed blood they're still pretty strong and will need all the help they can get in controlling and embracing their powers. Adepti will most likely humour and entertain the kid out of their loyalty and sympathy, so the child will grow up surrounded by love, care and attention.
This harmonious picture will be shattered when the child will decide to explore the world and see other nations, as Zhongli can be a very strict and overprotective parent. He will restrict and confine them in Liyue if it means they get to be safe.
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abogaboga · a day ago
requests: open
warnings: yandere-behavior, 18+ (creator’s wishes, respect them.)
word count: 1.5k
a/n: happy friday y’all! this is a continuation of the game called love. you don’t have to read the first part to understand this, but you should :D also, i’m not sure how many parts this mini series will have, maybe four total? idk, regardless i hope y’all enjoy it!
if you want to be tagged in the next part, just comment under this or inbox/ message me!
Tumblr media
YBF belongs to @/y0urb0yfriend & @/invertedmindinc
Tumblr media
It’s been two months since you decided to play Peter’s sick game. You just hoped you wouldn’t develop Stockholm Syndrome or anything to that effect. But so far so good. You started small, making conversation with the occasional physical affection. Some time has passed and you wanted to up the ante, but not so much where it was obvious what you were doing.
“Hey, baby?”
You called out from the dining room. In the kitchen, something clattered on the floor and you heard Peter curse to himself. You couldn’t help but smirk slightly, you caught him off guard, good. A few moments later, your “ boyfriend” came out of the kitchen with a nervous smile on his face, “You called?” He asked. You nodded, “Yeah, what’s wrong baby? Is everything okay? I heard something fall in the kitchen.” You inquired, looking at him with a soft but concerned expression.
Peter rubbed the back of his neck nervously, “Oh that? It was nothing, I just got startled and dropped some tubaware.” He replied, waving your concern off. You bit the inside of your cheek, you were losing the conversation. Wait… why was he hiding his left hand?
“Is there something that you— darling!”
He yelped as you got up and held his left hand in yours. This was the closest you’ve been to him physically since he kidnapped you. You usually kept your distance, given the fact that he disgusted you to no end. But this was all for your eventual freedom. You examined his hand gently, he had a cut on one of his fingers, it was deep but nothing serious.
Too bad.
You looked up at him and raised an eyebrow. “I-I might’ve cut myself when you called out to me. But it’s nothing serious, I promise!” He reassured you, giving you a closed-eyed smile. You said nothing as you mulled over this opportunity in your head. This couldn’t be a more perfect situation, Peter was a sucker for any type of affection from you, especially physical. You patching him up would get him excited and in turn, increase his trust in you.
“Where’s the first aid kit?” You asked, looking him dead in his eyes. “W-What?” He asked, confusion imprinted on his face. You hope you weren’t being too suspicious, I mean two months ago you actively showed that you hated this man’s guts. Was it too soon? You just had to keep a cool and calm head, if you freak out, he’ll know something is up.
“The first aid kit, for your cut. It looks pretty deep and could get infected if not treated. We wouldn’t want that right?” You explained, his hand still in yours. Peter blinked once before answering, “Um.. in the bathroom, top shelf in the mirror.” He said. You gave him a small smile before heading to the bathroom. Goddamnit, he was suspicious, you could tell. This wasn’t your normal behavior and he knew it. First the nickname and now you’re offering to patch him up, not in your nature at all. You had to do something to distract him so he would forget it or at the very least deem it as not important.
Heading back to the dining room, Peter was sitting in a chair looking at his injury, a serious look on his face. You hope you didn’t fuck this up, if you did, you’ll have to start from square one all over again. And two months’ worth of trust, down the drain. You took a deep breath and walked over to him.
“Alright, let’s see that cut—”
You swallowed thickly, he caught you. He fucking caught you, you should’ve known better. “Why are you doing this?” He questioned, his blue eyes fixated on the ground. “D-Doing what?” You responded, maybe acting dumb will get you out of this. “Why do you underestimate me, darling? Do you think I’m stupid?” He asked rhetorically, balling his injured hand into a fist.
“Peter, your hand—”
He quickly grabbed you by your throat and squeezed tightly. Your eyes watered as you clawed at his arm trying to pry him off. “I must have ‘idiot’ written on my forehead! You don’t love me because you’re not trying! Maybe if you actually tried instead of playing house, we could be happy!” Peter yelled his hand tightening, only constructing your airflow more. “Pete… can’t breathe.. please” You pleaded desperately as black spots started to cloud your vision. His angry expression turned to a sad one, yet his grip on your neck didn’t waver.
“Am I that repulsive to you that you have to pretend to love me?” He asked in a small voice, as though he were a shy child. Obviously, you couldn’t answer but you continued to try to get his hand off your neck. At this point, you were gasping for whatever bit of air you could get. Your lungs were burning and your chest felt tight, if he kept this up you might pass out altogether. There was a brief silence, the only noise in the room being your pleads and gasps for air, although your pleads sounded more like garbled nonsense. After staring at you with a blank face, one void of any emotion, he finally let you go.
You immediately dropped to the ground and took several huge and deep breaths. As if trying to restore all the air you had previously lost. Your hands were shaking on the wood floor as you coughed and dry heaved. Your eyes were wide with fear, for a moment, you felt as though you were going to die. And a small part of you wish you did, you wished his hands would’ve tightened just a little more, making it so you couldn’t breathe entirely. But that was wishful thinking, you knew Peter wouldn’t kill you. He may abuse you and somehow see it as justifiable, but he would never kill you. At least… you don’t think he would.
Peter said nothing as he knelt in front of you, an almost bored expression on his face. This was not the man you met at the park that day. He was shy, sweet, and albeit awkward, who the fuck was this? “Are you done?” He asked, his blue eyes burning holes into your own. You stayed silent, your hands coming up to hold your neck. You were still stunned by the sheer force he used to choke you, if you weren’t sure this man was insane, now you were. Peter placed his hand under your chin and lifted your face so you could look at him. But you refused, pulling your head away from his hand and looking to the side. You couldn’t look at him, you couldn’t look at this monster.
Your “boyfriend” huffed in annoyance and grabbed your face, similar to how he did two months ago and turned you to face him. “I’m getting sick and tired of your games darling, I really am. All I want is to love you, why are you resisting me? Can’t you at least try?” He questioned. Your eyes trailed from him to the floor, “I am trying, I’m trying so hard and you just choked me out for it.” You whispered, hoping you could salvage some of your progress.
“I’m not lying! Peter please,”
You cried out big, warm tears rolling down your face, “I want to love you Peter and I’m trying my best, I didn’t mean to come off as disingenuous but I just want you to be happy!” You “confessed”, your eyes fixated on his big blue ones. Eye contact means sincerity. Peter stared at you and it was almost like the two of you were having a staring contest. You took a shaky breath and took Peter’s face into your hands. “Peter, I need you to know that I’m not lying. I… I don’t love you just yet but I promise you that I’m trying. I know all that you do for me and everything you’re willing to do for me and I appreciate it. I’ve never had someone love me as much as you do. I’m just trying to adjust, please let me adjust, so I can love you the way you deserve to be loved.” You stated caressing his cheeks lightly with your thumb. Peter sighed and leaned into your hand, “I’m sorry, I can’t believe I ever doubted you, darling. Take all the time you need, I’ll be here when you’re ready to love.” He apologized, turning his face to kiss the palm of your hand.
Holy shit… that worked, you could cry tears of joy. You laughed tearfully and more tears cascaded down your cheeks. Peter wiped your tears for you and kissed your cheeks lovingly, you didn’t even have the mental or physical energy to be disgusted. You were just so ecstatic that your last resort to save the trust you built had worked. But this was just a terrible reminder that Peter knows you, probably better than you know yourself. You couldn't get carried away again, you had to bide your time and do things when the time was right. You could only fool him so many times and you know that your attempts are limited. “...Is that offer for you to bandage my hand still on the table?” He asked sheepishly. Even though your insides were churning with a deep hatred for this man, you knew you had to play the game to win it. You gave him a small smile,
“Yeah, of course, baby c’mere.”
Tumblr media
abogaboga © 2021 — all rights reserved. do not repost, modify, or copy. do not plagiarize. thank you.
Tumblr media
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maleyanderecafe · 2 days ago
does kimi ni koisuru satsujinki have a yandere?
Tumblr media
I've been reblogging it a bit recently, so yes, I think there's not one, but at least two in it. I actually did read the story a while ago, but my friend told me about an update so I read the rest of the chapters. There are at least two or three yanderes in the story and as the story goes on, I'm sure there will be more.
Actually, I'm pretty convinced that the main male lead will also end up turning into a yandere. He's already caused a couple of deaths because of the main female lead. The female lead is incredibly suspicious because she acts so innocent, yet has all of these exs/stalkers following her, which makes me think that she did something to make them be like that.
It's also going to be a future recommendation, so stay tuned.
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m00se-yb · 17 hours ago
w h e e e  e e e e e e e e e  e e
Tumblr media
This is Ren! @reneeandwumbobean​ ‘s y/n! I didn’t intend this but they deadass look like burnish and I’m living for it
P.S. I lost track of all the y/n submissions so if I haven’t done yours yet and you sent me a submission, please message me. Thanks!
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yan-stars · 2 days ago
Hello! Can ask for the hanged man and the tower for natsume and kaoru?thank you in advance!
HIIII yes u can!!! enjoooooooy <3
Tumblr media
the hanged man - is controlling their darling important? or do they want their darling to love them willingly?
oh boy. control has to be one of the most important things for natsume when it comes to you. you're all his, obviously, so he should be the one to dictate your daily activities, right? it's only natural. nobody else knows what's good for you- not even you do! don't be silly, just relax. your loving boyfriend will take care of everything for you.
the tower - if this yandere saw their darling in danger, how would they respond/react?
natsume experiences his emotions rather intensely, so seeing you, the person he's come to hold so dear to him, in danger, makes him feel everything at once. anyone or anything that's in the way is pushed away as he makes a beeline towards you, wanting only to make sure you're safe. he'll easily snap or hit anyone who tries to come near the two of you at this time as well.
Tumblr media
the hanged man - is controlling their darling important? or do they want their darling to love them willingly?
honestly, kaoru is pretty confident in his ability to woo you so you come to him on your own. if you reject him at first, sure, it'll sting, but maybe you're just shy? on a less innocent note, he can't help but think about how wonderful it would be to see you cling to him suddenly, gripping his shirt with tears in your eyes and begging him to love you. yes, he thinks he wants to see that very much!
the tower - if this yandere saw their darling in danger, how would they respond/react?
having already lost someone close to him, kaoru panics upon seeing you in danger. how could this happen again? how could he let this happen...? he should've kept a closer eye on you, been more diligent. needless to say, after he cares for you and makes sure you're safe and sound, good luck getting out of his sight again. he'll use this as an excuse to keep you even closer- don't be silly, what would happen if you in that situation again? you need him with you, don't you?
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yanderes-galore · 12 hours ago
I know you have done a lot of IDV but I hope been wanting for these underrated bois to get attention, how will Magician, Explorer, William and Jose react to getting a kiss on the cheek by their soon to be darling after they successfully rescue them from the chair?
Very curious to see their reaction, mostly Magician and Explorer - From an Magician and Explorer main
As a fellow Magician main, yeah sure.
Fair warning these are short due to there being four characters.
Yandere! Servais, Kurt, William, and Jose reactions to getting kissed by darling after being rescued
Possible Trigger Warnings: Yandere Behavior, Delusions (Kurt), Mentioned Trauma (Jose)
Tumblr media
- He's surprised at first, yet doesn't mind it and is actually quite charmed.
- Servais is quite a calm man and has been used to praise due to being on stage.
- He's been quite close with you in this manor game but he's surprised you were so bold.
- He thought you were just companions trying to survive but after he felt your lips on his cheek, he wonders.
- Were you just being a flirt or actually into him...?
- Was it just how you showed gratitude?
- He'd have to just watch and see....
- Care to have a glass of wine with him?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- Kurt's in heaven!
- All of his deepest fantasies came true in an instant!
- He's your hero, your savior, just like what he dreamed to be.
- He may be a decoder but he'll happily body block for you.
- He can't help but be on cloud 9 for the rest of the match, decoding with you as he daydreams...
- You can bet he's finding you at the manor by the end of this match.
- You love him the same, yes?
- You'll want to marry him, yes?
Tumblr media
- William's embarrassed, but flattered.
- He can't tell if you're a fan of him or actually like him romantically.
- He'll admit he hasn't seen any definite other signs that you like him as he does you, but he'd like to count this.
- You had to like him at least enough to kiss him after he saved you, hopefully....
- During the match he has a pep in his step and is extra confident in rescuing after that kiss.
- It was the perfect morale boost!
- He wants to give you his thanks later after this match.
First Officer
- Jose is similar to Servais and William.
- He's flattered and surprised.
- He wasn't expecting you to be bold enough to kiss his cheek, but he wouldn't say he hated it.
- In fact, he enjoyed it.
- It makes him all warm inside and let's him melt away from his problematic past for just a moment-
- This may be what solidifies his feelings for you.
- He would love to see you again at the manor... Maybe he can ask about your gesture.
- Did it mean what he thought it did?
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the-writer-sblock · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Flowers Tainted Red
Warnings: Mild gore! Yandere and the like!
You didn't look twice at the carnage that laid upon your eyes, One look and you already knew who did it.
The people in the streets increased in number, flocking around and gasping at the tragedy that occurred at the front of the tiny flower shop you worked at.
His body is splayed out on the floor, with his tongue lolling out of his mouth, eyes rolled to the back of his head. Legs missing, Fingers unseen.
You didn't expect to start your morning this way, the clock inside your wristwatch displayed the numbers of 7:00 am. Too early for disturbance.
Too early for a murder.
"Someone call 911!" You heard.
Your hands trembled, clutching at your sling bag. You could feel the sweat forming on your palms - making the ring on your finger shine a silver gleam. You're eyes still stayed lurking on his mutilated body.
You couldn't take your eyes off of it, You wanted to take your eyes off it.
This man harassed you in front of the shop two days ago, invading your personal space, the clear intent in his voice is all too infuriating not to remember. A man of ill-greed and suffocating malice.
Your eyes found their way to the shop window, where the culprit currently is. Eyes meeting yours - a gleam of indifference you knew all too well.
The police arrived a little later than they should, they questioned you as you sat down on one of the chairs inside - Nervous - you weren't meant to be. After all, You know you didn't do anything.
Though your throat dried as they cornered you with their queries.
Asking if you knew the man. what happened a few days before the murder certainly had raised suspicions in between the police. Saying you had a solid intent.
Yet a rock-solid alibi that you did not even know existed came to rescue.
"Don't worry officers, She was with me. " Your boss, Albedo said sporting his hands on your shoulders. "My darling could never do such a thing."
The men looked at each other and whiffed their eyes up and down Albedo.
He is very known in this part of the neighborhood, a little help here and there, a really famous figure among the children and one of Officer Kaeya's friends - an eccentric one for sure. Certainly, his words held some weight.
"May I ask what is your relationship?" One of them asked.
Wrong Question. You thought.
It took a few seconds before Albedo opened his mouth "She's my fiancé as you can see." He held your hand, showing off the ring he forcibly shoved on your finger.
"I see, well then we shall get going. We'll investigate this case thoroughly sire."
"Please do," Albedo said, "It'd be a tarnish to our little business reputation if that little thing isn't managed."
They left, too fast in your opinion. Too easy. You hoped that those officers were smart enough to seat least your discomfort but alas, your hope is distinguished once again.
Though you did pray for the poor soul who shot the wrong question, He had less time to live after it.
"The shop is opening soon!" You heard sucrose from the back of the counter.
Albedo nodded at her kissing your forehead in the process, "Let's work now, Darling"
You resist a sigh, Not wanting to get up from your seat
. "Of course, Love"
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anxiousnerdwritings · a month ago
So, like, my comfort character is young Tom Riddle for some reason. So I was wondering how romantic Yan! Tom Riddle would treat a darling that is an awkward little Hufflepuff?
Yandere Tom Riddle w/ Awkward!Hufflepuff!Reader (romantic)
Tumblr media
Tom absolutely loves it, or rather the power that comes with it. His little Hufflepuff, awkward and socially inept and here’s charismatic Tom Riddle to swoop in, taking them under his wing.
You’re all the more easy for him to control and reign in, submissive and compliant. That’s just how he prefers it. He doesn’t actually expect to grow attached to you though. Only he does and at first he thinks you’ll only be a hinderance to him and his goals. But he can’t just let you go so someone else can have you. No, you’re his and that’s how it’s going to stay.
Tom’s ultimate goal, when it comes to you at least, is to completely monopolize you. You will slowly but surely be integrated into his loyal group of death eaters, where you will be welcomed (albeit begrudgingly) and protected. All the friends or acquaintances you did have, no matter how few or how small, will interact with you less and less. Until they just up and abandon you altogether. Tom would use them as a good example of you not being able to trust or count on anyone but him and his ‘friends’.
Anywhere and everywhere you go is either with Tom or at least two of his followers. He doesn’t like you being left on your own, it only leaves room for someone to come around and sweep you away. He knows you better than to give in to someone else, you’re a good little puff that he doesn’t need to worry too much about but it’s safer to still keep you close then to not. Really it’s everyone else he needs to keep an eye on. He even goes as far as to wait for you outside of your common room, walking you to and from classes. On the rare occasion he can’t then he’ll send some of his followers in his stead. 
He loves to get you all flustered with any kind of affection or overall physical contact. He isn’t usually very touchy but with your reactions he could make an exception. He especially like to walk very close to you with his hand hovering above your back. He’s so close to touching but not, yet you still get so red faced and shy. He loves it. He loves the effect he has on you.
You probably aren’t even aware of Tom’s intentions, both towards you and his plans for the future of the wizarding world, which he takes great satisfaction in. You’re clueless and becoming so dependent on him given that he’s really the only person you have at Hogwarts and he revels in it. 
Tom is extremely possessive, highly manipulative and very controlling. He’s smooth and charismatic enough for you, or anyone else for that matter, to not catch on to his tendencies and overall behavior. He keeps you on a pretty tight leash and when you do question him, about anything really, Tom will turn it around on you. Even if what you’re asking is nowhere near accusatory or anything of the sort, he will make you question whether you’re in the right or wrong about even the smallest of things.
He would definitely use his stay at the orphanage, loss of his mother and abandonment of his father to gain your sympathy, anything to keep you at his side really. Even if it has no real meaning or too much of an impact on him, Tom will still use it to his advantage to get whatever it is he wants from you. He has no remorse for using your kind and good heart against you.
If you have any insecurities or fears it would be in your best interest not to share them with Tom. He will hone in on them and use them against you, much like anything else you give him. He isn’t very empathetic at all, only acting out what he’s observed others do in regards to empathy. Tom couldn’t really careless, so long as your place is with him he will do whatever to keep it that way.
He can be sweet, it may not completely be genuine but he can portray what he seems as sweet and romantic. Given that he’s a prefect, Tom will sneak you out of your common room and take you off to where he’s come up with something nice for you. But let’s be honest, romance for Tom is carving his name into your skin where it can never be erased. Not completely at least.
He will spoil you though, so long as you’ve been on your best behavior. And a good pet is always on their best behavior, right? Of course, especially if they belong to Tom. He would gift you plenty of presents; from jewelry to clothes, or diaries/journals to even a petty (all of which he’s picked out for you). But his gifts always come with a twist. For example, all your jewelry of his can’t be taken off unless it’s by his hand and his hand only. You can put them on just fine but they won’t budge when it comes time to take them off. Or whenever you write in your journal that he so lovingly provided, everything you write will transfer to his very own journal, that way he can truly know what’s on your mind. Especially the things you may be keeping from him.
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abogaboga · 23 days ago
requests: open ig
warnings: yandere-behavior, 18+ (creator’s wishes, respect them.)
word count: 1.1k
a/n: this game has been stuck in my head for the past week and my ass is obsessed. it’s a literal gold mine for angst fics 😌
part two
Tumblr media
YBF belongs to @/y0urb0yfriend & @/invertedmindinc
Tumblr media
“You know I love you, right?”
You couldn’t help but sneer at your so-called boyfriend. “You don’t love me.” You spat, crossing your arms, eyes fixated on the TV that played in front of you. In your peripheral, you could see his face drop, he looked like a kicked puppy… good. Scooting a bit closer to you, he held your hands in his, looking at you with those big blue eyes. “B-But I do love you, I swear I do.” He declared, silently begging for you to look at him. Fed up with his desperate facade, you snatched your hands away from him.
“No, you don’t. People don’t kidnap the people they love!”
You shouted, shooting him a glare before continuing, “People don’t stalk their partners, get upset the minute the attention isn’t on them or hurt their partners. That is not how love works, Peter.” You claim, muttering the last part to yourself. After that, the two of you went silent. Deathly silent. If a pin dropped, you would be able to hear it. You continued to stare at the TV, not paying attention to what was playing. Anything was better than looking or conversing with him. Peter just looked down at his hands, eyes wide with shock. You’ve raised your voice at him before but never flat out yelled at him. He wasn’t sure if he liked that behavior.
The silence quickly became uncomfortable, seeing as neither of you were speaking. Deciding to check on Peter, not that you cared about him, you looked in his direction. Only to see him now glaring at his hands. Anger imprinted on his face and suddenly a sense of dread washed over you. Things never ended well when he was upset.
“Do you really think I don’t love you?”
He inquired, you knew it was rhetorical, so you stayed silent. “Everything I do is for you and you think I don’t love you?!” He exclaimed, placing a hand on his face and laughing to himself. You just stared at him, holding yourself a little tighter. “Oh darling, you are a funny one.” He sighed before grabbing your face and yanking it close to his, “The things I do for you, that’s dedication, that’s loyalty, you should be ecstatic that someone wants to be with you that badly. So don’t you ever doubt my love for you again, I would move heaven and hell just to be with you. Don’t forget it.” He demanded, his smile dropping as he finally let go of his death grip on your face.
You held your face and gently rubbed your cheeks, no doubt there will be bruises there in the morning. It took everything in your power not to say anything back to him, that would only escalate the situation and make him angrier. But just as quickly as his anger formed, it disappeared. And you found yourself dealing with his facade once again. “Did I grip your face too hard? I’m sorry.” He apologized, reaching out to rub your cheeks for you. You cursed yourself internally for flinching slightly. Peter noticed, obviously, but moved his hands away from you regardless. Instead opting to just kneel in front of you. “...You know, I don’t like hurting you. Just sometimes you make me so angry. I mean you think I don’t love you for christ’s sake, how could you ever think that?” He asked. This time you knew it wasn’t a rhetorical question, due to the way he was looking at you expectantly, waiting for an answer. But you didn’t grant him the privilege of receiving one.
Peter sighed to himself before standing up and walking to the kitchen. And you let go of a breath you didn’t realize you were holding in. You had to get out of here, that much was evident. But that wasn’t easy, he watched you 24/7 and you're almost sure he had cameras everywhere, the bathroom included. Not only that, you didn’t know the layout of his house very well. Flashbacks of the last time you tried to escape flooded your mind, making you subconsciously pick at the cast encasing your leg. You didn’t want to think of what he would do if he caught you trying to leave again. He might just cut off your leg completely, he was crazy enough to do it. Insane bastard.
After a moment of thinking, you finally came up with a plan. You had to play along. As much as you despised and feared this man, you had to pretend to love him. That’s the only way you could gain his trust and with that trust, he might slip up. Giving you the opportunity to get help or at the very least get some distance between the two of you. Because this current situation was not doable, you refused to be cooped up in this house with this deranged man for the rest of your life. If you had to flee the country, change your name, appearance, whatever, you would do it. Your family probably already thought you were dead so you might as well keep it that way. You knew this wouldn’t be easy and you knew it wouldn’t happen overnight. Peter was insane but he wasn’t stupid. He probably would catch on to your fakeness if you weren’t careful.
Hearing his footsteps approaching, you took a deep breath in an attempt to compose yourself. “Here darling, I made you dinner,” Peter stated, handing you a plate of food. If you wanted to get out of here, you had to stop the silent treatment. You wouldn’t get anywhere if you didn’t speak to the man. “...Thank you.” You said, taking the plate and began eating. You noticed how Peter’s eyes shone with happiness, with good reason. Most days you spoke a maximum of two sentences to him and refused to eat. Sometimes to the point where he would have to force-feed you. So, in his eyes, this was progress. He sat back down, next to you, and watched you eat intently, when you finished, he waited for your review as if you were some food critic.
“Dinner was great, thanks.”
You complimented, you thought about using a nickname like babe but you figured that it was too soon. Baby steps. Peter smiled widely, glad that you liked his cooking. He placed the plate aside and gave you a soft kiss on the cheek, “I’m glad you liked it darling.” He murmured in your ear. Even though fiber in your body was yelling at you to push him away, you didn’t. Instead, you wrapped your arms around his neck and hugged him gently. “I’m sorry about earlier, I’m appreciative of everything you do for me… I was just upset.” You apologized, not meaning a single word. Peter returned the hug, squeezing tightly. You could feel his smile widen even more against your neck.
You could play this game, and you intended to win.
Tumblr media
abogaboga © 2021 — all rights reserved. do not repost, modify, or copy. do not plagiarize. thank you.
Tumblr media
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yanderes-galore · 13 hours ago
A scenario where William Ellis keeps trying to rescue their obsession but another survivor steals the rescue instead?
Oh no...The poor boy :(
It's short, I apologize. I didn't know how to create an entire plot with this.
Yandere! William Getting His Rescue Stolen
Possible Trigger Warnings: Yandere behavior, Jealousy, Violent Thoughts.
Tumblr media
His only reaction is to just stand still for a moment. The other survivor runs around the chair to bait the hunter then rescues you with ease. You then run off with them.....
William remembers the survivor for later before running to follow you. It's fine...everything's fine! He'll just get you next time...
Or even better....
William swaps his focus to the survivor who saved you. While he's thankful you're no longer on a countdown, he hates that he wasn't the one to do it.
His thoughts feel out of character while he follows the survivor around. You're decoding peacefully while William decodes with them.
His eyes are clouded. He isn't thinking right.
By the time he recollects himself, he's already pushed the survivor into the hunter's view.
He looks over to you, seeing you never saw the sacrifice he essentially committed. He himself wasn't expecting his irritation to manifest into hurting someone.
But in this instance, he couldn't deny it felt satisfactory.
As the other survivor got chased down, William walks over to heal you. His thoughts go towards making sure your delicate body isn't bruised in his touch, ignoring the other survivor he exposed.
You say your thanks, asking him to go save the other survivor while you decode. He agrees, but purposefully takes his time.
His pace slows to a crawl when out of your sight, watching the other survivor struggle.
While they were only doing what they felt was right...they had no need to.
Rescuing is his job.
Especially with you
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yandere-romanticaa · a month ago
Tumblr media
...the feeling of his gloved hand against your own, his thumb tenderly caressing your pulse point, the wild smirk on his face dangerously contrasting his oh so sweet gesture. You had met the so called "vampire doctor" not too long ago and as if fate itself decided to torture you, your paths kept crossing no matter how hard you tried to distance yourself from him. Vanitas was fun at first, a breath of fresh air in your usually dull life. He had his own job but he made sure to set some time aside to make room for you in his schedule. He never failed to mention just how busy of a person he really was and how difficult his line of work is, but he was always more than willing to share with you the secrets he had learned throughout his journey. You would always listen to him with extra care, your eyes shining with curiosity as a pleased smirk was on his lips, a sneaky arm always around your waist to keep you close to him. Your questions amused him endlessly, he never failed to entertain you until the early hours of the morning. As charming as he was though, his more annoying side started to surface whenever he couldn't see you for a period of time. You'd humor him when you would see him again, always ruffling his hair and comparing him to a little puppy.
He would grow silent in such situations, something that you found to be very strange.
One day, he disappeared from your life. He was gone, just like that, never to be heard from again. You couldn't get into contact with his work partners, you couldn't find out when he had left or where he had gone off to. He had stolen your heart away and his absence devastated you. As annoying as he was, you truly had grown to care for him and his wellbeing.
That is precisely why he had left.
He couldn't bare to be near you, he couldn't bare to bask in the warmth you had so generously bestowed upon him. Everything about him, even down to his darn name, was fake. In his mind he was a creature that was undeserving of any sort of love and attention, he was just someone who had a job to do. He could not fall in love, he would never allow himself such a delightful luxury.
He doesn't deserve it and he knows it.
So, why...? Why does it hurt so much? Why did he feel so much pain when he saw you crying, all alone, in the darkness? You were everything he was not - kind, sweet, pure, innocent, loveable. He was none of those things. That is why he made an oath to himself, to silently look after you from the shadows, to be far away from you as possible while still somewhat indulging in his dark desires. He was unworthy of any and all forms of love, a creature that is simply meant to be hated. That's why, he was going to give you all of his love, in his own unique way, without you ever knowing.
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andeyeoof · a month ago
Birth Control | Yandere!Male x Reader
If you like my work, please consider supporting me through my Ko-fi.
+ Trigger Warnings and request under the cut.
Tumblr media
Anon said: “Anyone but oc isn’t on birth control and it’s n*nc*n and they’re like any time you c*m around my c*ck I can c*m inside you and they do everything to get them to c*m”
Trigger Warnings: yandere, n*nc*n, penetrative sex, oral (fem receiving), unprotected sex, cussing, had no character in mind so imagine whoever.
“You know you can’t resist me.” He cooed, pressing his shoulders down to break your hold on them. You yelped, turning your head to the side to avoid his kiss. But he simply planted it on your neck.
“No point in fighting it, sweetheart.” He murmured. “You know I won’t give up.”
“Stop it!” You spat, kicking your legs pathetically as he snaked his torso between them. “I said, I don’t want to.”
“That’s just too bad, isn’t it?” His warm breath fanned over your skin, as a smile curved his lips. “How about we make a deal?”
You knew you shouldn’t have even entertained the question. And yet, you did. Biting your lip, you heatiated before asking him what he meant.
“You let me fu—”
He grabbed your wrists, pinning them down as you had just attempted to fight him off. “Listen—”
His hand clamped down over your lips, leaving one wrist of yours free. But you knew there was no point in fighting, just as he said.
He began slowly, searching your eyes for a sign of if you would interrupt him or not. When he didn’t see it, he sped up, speaking as fast as possible. “You let me fuck, and if you come, then I get to come in you.”
Stupidly, instead of refusing entirely, you blurted out, “But I’m not on birth control.”
“I know,” he said, grinning in a way that made your skin crawl.
How could he possibly know that?
“So,” he murmured, feigning innocence as his hand trailed suggestively up your side. His fingers reach under your shirt, rubbing various shapes in your skin. “Whaddya say?”
You remained quiet for as long as you could, already well aware that you had lost. But he wasn’t willing to wait, curling his hips up against your. His bulge rubbed up against you as you moaned softly beneath your breath.
“Say yes, hm?” He cooed softly, leaning forward to brush his lips against your neck. “Just say yes.” His nose nuzzled along your skin, causing you to tilt your head back.
Your arms were slung loosely around his neck, his hands skimming underneath your shirt. And before you knew it, he had rolled your top up and off of your body. He pressed you down, placing kisses over your chest and down your stomach. He was quick, tugging down your pants. The fabric peels off inch by inch, the numbing pressure it left behind quickly replaced the soft, plush press of his lips.
He places his hands on your thighs, pushing them apart. He notices how quiet you’ve gotten, glancing up to see you staring at him with heavy lidded eyes, your hand pressed against your face as though you’re trying to hide.
He gently grabs one of your hands, tugging it down to take purchase of his hair. He balls your hand within his own, ensuring your fingers are curled within his locks. He shoved the bridge of your panties aside, pausing momentarily to remind you.
“Be careful,” he coos. “We have a deal, ‘member?”
With that, his tongue delves between your folds. He glances up to catch your eyes fluttering closed. His large hands pressing your thighs apart as he fucks his tongue into you. Twisting and turning the limb in a way that has your legs trembling. His lips wrap around your clit, sucking mercilessly as your hips buck up against his mouth.
“That’s it,” he gasps out, finding himself getting excited just watching you fall apart at his ministrations. “But not yet, ‘kay?”
He pulls away, momentarily spitting on your clit and rubbing it in before he gives it a slap, making your thighs jolt. He is quick to tug his pants and boxers down just below the pulse curve of his ass, his eyes focused on the space between your legs as he strokes himself a couple of times. “‘M goin’ in without lube, hope you don’t mind.” He mutters, a cheeky grin on his face as his tip begins to stretch your entrance.
Just the head of his cock alone has you writhing. You’re already in thin ice from his tongue, and you’re not sure if you can hold back. “Wh—what if you come before me?” You mutter out through gritted teeth, a soft moan falling from your lips as he presses in slowly. “Th-then what?”
Your eyes roll dangerously as your hips buck against your will. You end up taking him to the hilt, his pelvic bone pressed up against your drooling pussy. “Then I lose and you win. Easy.” He says, gradually beginning to roll his hips. He leans closer to you, his pink lips brushing your ear as he whispers, “But that won’t happen.”
He gives a particularly hard thrust, biting and sucking on your ear as you squeal. You felt so incredibly full. He places elbows on either side of your head, his warm breath fanning over your neck and shoulder. “Ah, s’good! So good!” He mumbled mindlessly, burying him to the hilt yet again before pulling out and shoving it all back in. He was met with a soft patch within you that had your head lolling as you struggled to catch your breath.
“Wai—no!” You choked out, your numbing hands grasping desperately at his biceps. “I—I don’t think I can—don’t!”
“Hmm, ya gonna come already?” He teased, pressing kisses to your neck and chest. “Go ahead. Just do it, okay?”
You kept babbling about how you couldn’t let him come inside; how you weren’t ready to have kids; how you had things you had to do. But he continued to abuse that sweet spot of yours. His teeth tugging at your skin, licking a stripe up your neck, and kissing the irritated flesh.
“It’s okay,” he cooed, kissing your forehead with a smile tugging at his lips. “Don’t worry your pretty lil’ head about it, ‘kay?”
You tried to pull away; to squirm your way off of his cock, but he grabbed your hips and forced you to take all of it. And that was all it took for you to come undone around him. Your walls give him a reassuring squeeze.
“Ohoho,” he laughs, panting heavily. His face is nuzzled up against your neck, his lips kissing your skin as his thrusts slow considerably. “Seems I’ve won.”
You let out choked gasps and groans as overstimulation gradually sets in. His hips continuously rolling against your own. “You know what that means, right?”
You shake your head, in denial of the situation at hand. But by then, he has already sped up to a punishing pace, bringing you to yet another orgasm. Your body shudders as your cunt gives him a delicious squeeze that has him coming undone.
You immediately begin to panic as you feel his seed fill you up. And to make matters worse, he refuses to pull out. His cock plugging up the mess he’s spilled inside of you. Every small movement has you wincing with overstimulation, so he claims he’s staying put for you and that it would hurt if he removed himself. But in reality, the curve and sheer girth of his cock is only making it worse for you.
“Can’t let it spill now, can I?” He grins, eyes twinkling with mischief as he bucks his hips just a little, watching you fight back a moan as your back arches. “We had a deal, didn’t we?”
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river-fics · a month ago
Oh! How about soft-ish Yandere Bakugou’s darling FINALLY giving into Stockholm syndrome and They’re finally happy and shit BUT BUT BUT one day he assumes she did something wrong and against his rules (even tho she didn’t) and so he punishes her only to find out she didn’t do anything wrong! He immediately feels regret and his heart hurts at the sight of his crying and hurt love (even tho it always hurts when he sees her upset or has to punish her.) Now he has to make it up to her and gain her trust all over again
Oh gosh I have so many ideas on what to do...!!
When Bakugou heard you wanted to cook for him he was so excited
Of course he wishes you'd ask him to help you, but this is progress
Usually you'd hide in the bedroom until dinner is ready
But these past weeks you've been watching him cook and sitting in the living room
He cannot explain how happy he is knowing he'll be eating your food
But that doesn't last long when he goes to check his medicine cabinet
He just wanted to grab some Advil to stop his headache, not wanting to ruin the night
When he spots two medicine bottles that are out of place
He grabs one, reading the label
Once he realizes which liquid meds he's holding he's furious
He literally throws you out of the kitchen and onto the floor
You end up burning you arm from he boiling pot
You're so confused as to why he's angry
You just wanted to cook some curry for him, you know he's had a rough day
Soon the beating begins
He's punching and kicking you while you stay still on the ground
You're used to being hit a few times but this is much different
You don't see any signs of stopping as his hits get stronger
Once he's done you can hardly stand so you choose to stay on the cold floor
He leaves you there, too
He just heads to the bathroom to get cleaned up
He's kind of curious about the other misplaced bottle, grabbing that and reading the prescription
And oh man does his heart drop
When he reads that his painkillers and cold medicine are the only ones touched he's torn
The cold medicine is still unopened, he had recently bought it to get you to sleep more, but his pain meds are down one
You weren't trying to drug him, you were trying to get him to take his pain meds without tasting it
Because you remembered him complaining about the taste
He's rushing back to your lifeless body, carefully pulling you to his chest
Your eyes are closed but he can feel your chest rising and falling
He's full of apologies, begging for forgiveness
You're unresponsive
You're too scared to say anything due to the horrible beating you just endured
Bruises are already forming on your soft skin and he can't help but cry
He's ruined everything
You were so happy with him and just wanted to make his night easier
And he didn't even trust you enough to check the bottles completely
Needless to say, it'll take a few more months until you're back in the kitchen
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