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currently sitting on the floor in the corner of my room Moose usually sits in, with my twinkle lights on and my desk lamp, while the windows are open and darkness is taking over 85% of my room while Honest by Mali-Koa plays on my radio… very calming

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but imagine dating cal and meeting Mali-koa like, the reader has already established it in her mind that cal's sister would never like her and then they meet and mali thinks her brother's gf is the cutest thing ever and tells her brother good job and how he should hold on to this one, sorry i'm just really soft about this concept!!!

First and foremost, Mali just wants what’s best for Calum. She knows he’s been hurt before, I mean, everyone saw the “love sucks, don’t try it” interview.

Mali knows how hard it is for Calum sometimes, she knows the difficulties that come with his lifestyle and the fact that he’s in 5sos. Calum is guarded, he’s aware that some of the girls who want him want his fame and what comes with it. 


read the full 450 word blurb on my patreon :)

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