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#mali-koa hood

I got tagged by @calpops to list 6 celebrity crushes. This changes from day to day so here goes

Mali Koa Hood

She’s gorgeous, and that voice and accent 😍😍😍😍. I want to marry her and adopt dogs living our best life in London.

Luke Hemmings

Soft angel sweet boy that I want very much to peg.

Calum Hood

Bring back the curls baby, bring back the curls


That video dropped and I swerved hard. She’s the entire package bc I love talented thicc women.

Trevor Noah

Smart is sexy 😏

Sophie Turner

Queen of the North, can and my heart

I’m tagging

@toofadedtofight @post-traumatic-mess @kiiiimberlyriiiicker1995

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I might be reaching but I think that maybe wasn't calum the one retweeting the HV music video or maybe someone asked/told him to do so, I don't him he purposely did that. On the Mali thing I think you're spot on because if you look at Mali ig profile she turns the comments off on every 5sos/calum related post, calum always said how proud of her is and how much they love each other, so, I personally believe that Mali actually asked him to stay silent.

Because Mali wants a career of her own merit. She wants to earn her way Sierra could never. Mali works hard for her career and for her fans. She has talent but she doesn’t just sit around waiting for people to hand her things and she wants to be seen as her own artist no connection to 5sos or their fame. Obviously she loves her brother and is proud of him but she doesn’t want his influence to be the reason she’s successful. And for that she deserves mad respect

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