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#malina blurb
starkovthings · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
alina’s got her eye on number 36
you can find part one here
The gravel crunches underneath her shoes as she silently makes her way towards the field, the headphones in her ears play the playlist she recently made as she walks to the beat.
She knows she’s just making it by the skin of her teeth and she sighs in relief when she notices the boys are still warming up out on the field as she makes her way up the squeaky stands. Genya sits alone, looking at her phone when Alina sits down next to her unhooking her headphones in the process.
“About time” Genya says, sending the last of her text before looking at Alina and giggling while she watches her settle into the bleachers.
“I know, sorry I got carried away at the studio” she says with a deep breath, resting her head on Genya’s shoulder. “Where is everyone?”
“They can’t make it until second half” she says showing her the friend group chat, “It should be starting any minuet now though, he was looking for you earlier by the way”
Alina nods and looks towards the field where her best friend is, his hands on his hips as he inhales deeply watching his teammate do a trick with the football before kicking it up in the air and bouncing it on his knee over and over again.
She watches him look around the field before turning his body towards the stands, his eyes racking the bleachers until he finds her and Alina can’t help but blush. His smile is contagious and Alina can’t help but wave her hand frantically at him causing him to laugh and wave back happily.
The whistle breaks their little interaction and Mal shuffles backwards, still facing her before turning around and facing his team before the game is to start.
Genya shoves Alina’s shoulder, wiggling her brows at her before they break out into a fit of giggles, Alina’s giving a nervous edge to it while Genya shakes her head and pokes Alina’s shoulder.
“You loooveee him” she sings causing Alina to scold her, her eyes forming into slits as Genya continues to hoot Mal’s name “Hey! Number 36!!” She yells causing Mal to look towards the two girls, “looking good!”
“Genya!” Alina whines, covering her hands over her face huffing out in embarrassment, feeling the prying eyes of the crowd on her and Genya.
“Thought he should know… I mean we all know you’re thinking it!”
“Shut up”
Alina rolls her eyes and huffs out as she looks back at Mal, running towards the ball and stealing it under his opponents nose. She bites her lip in anticipation, watching as he makes his way towards the sea of players dodging this player and that player, making his way towards the goal and violently kicking the ball into the net at a rapid speed.
The crowed goes into an uproar and Alina can’t seem to move as she watches Mal lift the hem of his jersey, wiping his forehead to reveal his toned abs that Alina may or may not have noticed before.
Her lips part as she watches him inhale, his lips forming into an “o” shape before scratching the back of his neck and running back towards defense. Alina watches him for the rest of the game, she watches his biceps flex as he stands behind the white line and throws the ball back into the field, she watches as he jumps, kicks, and hits into other players. She smiles as she watches him fall to his knees in happiness as teammates surround him after yet another successful score. She also watches as he places his hands on his hips whenever he needs to take a breather and she can’t help but imagine herself looking up at him while she’s on her knees.
“Did you hear me?” Genya suddenly says snapping Alina out of her trance.
Her cheeks flush a deep pink as she tears her eyes away from Mal, “sorry what did you say?” She clears her throat not noticing how dry it suddenly became.
“We’re meeting everyone for pizza after the game” Genya announces. “Wanna leave now so we can grab the table?”
“What about everyone else?”
“They can meet us” Genya shrugs.
Without a second thought Alina scrambles to her feet “y-yeah let’s go” she says causing Genya to look at her questionably, “I’m starving and I don’t want to wait for a table” she says pulling Genya up from her seat.
The walk to the pizzeria isn’t long and the girls manage to find a table quickly, they wait with drinks in their hands as their friend group start mingling in, taking seats at the large table. The rambunctious group decides on ordering a few pies knowing that everyone is starving, especially Mal, they know he’s always scarfing down food after a big game.
Alina decides to head outside for some air as they wait for the pizza and for Mal to arrive. So, she excuses herself and heads towards the front doors.
“Don’t be too long” Genya says making Alina nod.
“Mal will probably be here any minute” Inej adds.
Once outside, Alina reaches in her pocket for a cigarette leaning against the brick wall of the restaurant, signing as she lights it and takes a long drag.
She can’t help but scold herself for her thoughts during the game, she knew that Mal would never have those thoughts about her and she felt dirty for thinking of her best friend that way.
Recently she’d been catching her high hopes, noticing that he had been staring at her longer or touching her here and there more than usual. She shook her head and crossed her arm around her stomach trying to shake off the feeling of any potential feelings that might stream into her mind, but deep down she knew she was in too deep.
“Waiting out here for me?” She hears causing her to snap her head in his direction.
“Sure” she smiles while Mal steps towards her and smiles back.
Alina moves herself from the wall and watches as Mal plucks the cigarette from her thin fingers and brings in to his plush lips. She watches as he inhales deeply before blowing the smoke above their heads, trying not to get any in their faces but the wind blows causing it to go right in her eyes and they both snicker.
“Sorry” he laughs before dropping it to the gravel and stomping it out with his foot.
“Hey!” She whines causing him to raise a brow at her.
Mal throws his arm around her shoulder and Alina grabs onto his dangling hand in the process, “smoking is bad for you” he playfully reprimands.
“Sorry dad” she teases.
Mal grumbles in response, heading towards the restaurant and she can’t help but blush at the closeness of their bodies.
She instinctively rests her head against his chest as they make their way into the pizzeria where their friends are all sat with huge pies being placed onto the pizza racks that are scattered across the table.
“I’m starving!” Mal says happily before letting his grip on Alina fall.
He heads towards the table and swipes a large pepperoni slice. Alina presses her lips together and watches as he high fives their friends and takes his seat between Mikhael and Dubrov.
She hears his laugh ring through the restaurant and smiles lightly, taking her seat knowing that the butterflies she has whenever she hears him laugh or hears his name will never go away and in this moment she doesn’t mind.
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starkovthings · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
malyenoretsev: j chillin
matthiashelvar: cool
friend1: 😤💪
friend2: get it
friend3: that bicep mate!!!
ninaz: @alinastarkov come get your man
genya_safin: eww put it away
malyenoretsev: I know u love him @genya_safin
friend4: 🐍🐍
friend5: show off
friend6: okayyyyy
jasperfahey: NOWAY
friend7: 🐍😳
kazbrekker: wow
friend8: 💀💀
friend9: 😎😎🥵
alinastarkov: @ninaz 😮‍💨
alinastarkov: you know he’s not allowed in the living room
zoya_nazz: LMAO @alinastarkov
friend10: idk how you do it
feydorrr3: AHH 😱
malyenoretsev: 🤫 @alinastarkov
friend11: 😵‍💫😵‍💫
davidkostyk: is this a thirst trap?
feydorrr3: ^^ cuz it’s working
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starkovthings · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
and then they knew that you could be homesick for people too.
she watched the screen intently with butterflies erupting in her stomach, waiting for him to answer the call. It’s almost been a month since he’s been gone, the longest he has ever been away on a work trip.
“Lina!” She finally hears through the speakers following with his face popping into the screen with a huge smile plastered across his face.
“I was getting worried that you might’ve fallen asleep” she sighs in relief.
Alina clutches to her wine glass peering at Mal, he looks tired especially since it’s around two in the morning where he is, but it’s the only time Alina can call him since she only gets home and has enough time to change before calling him.
They don’t like to call this a “long distance” relationship because he’s only gone twice out of the year, but it sure does feel like it when days turn into weeks, and then a full month.
Sure, she always makes time to go visit him whenever she can, especially in the summer time but she also has a career to prioritize, especially when she is a self employed artist trying to make a name for herself. Mal always tells her that getting away will benefit her creativity, but her studio is here and she hates lugging around her art supplies.
Anyway, he is her muse so all she really needs is to see his handsome face and hear his beautiful voice, that makes her weak in the knees and she’s all set.
Of course Mal already knows this but he can’t help but be selfish when it comes to his best friend.
“You know I’d never do that to you” Mal says softly as he watches her take a sip of her wine.
“I know”
She frowns at him, noticing the bags under his eyes and he sticks his tongue out at her in hopes to cheer her up. “Sleep who? I only want you” he teases.
“Oh, shut up”’she rolls her eyes at his cheekiness.
Alina cracks a smile at him as he places his hands behind his head and gives himself bunny ears, causing her to laugh a true laugh that brings music to his ears.
“Only two more weeks, baby and I get to come home!” He says excitedly. “Then I get to kiss you all over and keep you locked in the bedroom for days” he says darkly while wiggling his brows.
Alina’s eyes gloss over as she looks at him through the screen, all she’s wanted to do since the day he had left was exactly that and she didn’t know if she could handle two more weeks without her beau.
But, she doesn’t want him to see the pain, or blame himself for the way she’s feeling so she pushes her thoughts aside, biting her lip in anticipation while dropping her head in her hands and awing at him with her eyes.
“Promise?” She nearly whimpers making Mal laugh, throwing his head back to the process.
“Always!” He muses.
“Two weeks can’t go by fast enough, I can’t wait until you’re here... in our bed and in my arms” she hums.
Mal nods, his motions lagging as the connection faulted a for a second or two. Alina chuckles at the way his face is frozen in the screen, his face all distorted from being paused in the middle of nodding his head, she can’t help but take a screenshot of it.
Alina loves posting screenshots of their FaceTime chats, mostly the ones where Mal is making a funny face, she gets a kick out of it and so do her followers. Mal always grins about it, but Alina knows that he secretly loves them, she can always picture him laughing hysterically at himself which causes her to smile.
“Mmm you have no idea” Mal says after appearing live on the screen with a yawn.
Alina scrunches her nose at him and leans back into her chair, tilting her head back as she chugs the rest of her wine speeding up the process of a tingling head.
Mal hoots at her playfully, bringing his hand up into a fist and pumping it over his head causing Alina to snort out and laughs long with him, both of their eyes filled with tears as they bend over laughing at one another.
“Lina’s goin’ to bed drunk tonight” he says loudly like he’s talking to an audience which causes Alina to scoff and wipe her lips.
“At least I know I’ll sleep like-”
“A fucking brick!” Mal laughs causing Alina to shake her head at him, “when you’re wine drunk you’re on a whole other level” he laughs causing Alina to hide her face into her hands giggling, already feeling the buzz of the bubbly.
“You never seem to complain when you experience it first hand” she snaps making him suck in and smirk at her.
“Handsy ladyy” he sing songs.
“Loser” she says, sticking her tongue out at him, watching as he clutches his chest and sticks out his tongue in response.
Like clockwork, the pair have their synchronized yawn motioning that it’s time for sleep, Mal groans and looks at his clock and Alina knows it’s time, it’s around three for him by the time they come close to the end of their conversation.
“I’ll talk to you tomorrow, yeah?”
“Yeah” Alina nods.
She smiles at her boyfriend, watching as he leans closer to his laptop and blows her a kiss through the screen.
Alina’s cheeks glow red as she reaches out and pretends to place it on her heart before doing the same, watching Mal pretend to stuff her kiss into his briefs causing her to snort out.
“Love you” he whispers causing Alina’s head to spin even more than it already was.
She knew she’d never get tired of hearing it come from him, and she’d never lose those butterflies that followed.
“I love you too” she whispers back, “until tomorrow”
“Until tomorrow”
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starkovthings · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
alinastarkov: my favorites 💕
friend1: omg you look so cute
dubrov1: ❤️
friend2: this was such a fun night lmao
inej: AWW💓
friend3: cuties
friend4: 🥳
ninaz: you guys are literally the cutest people ever
friend5: 😂😂
mikhael_2: wow I look hot
friend6: the one time I’m not there UGH
kazbrekker: dubrov’s face 😂
friend7: lovely 😂❤️
feydorrr3: omg I love this sm
malyenoretsev: you literally take my breath away
friend8: cute as a button every single one of you!!
friend9: awwwww dubrov is so cute 😍
jasperfahey: the nose ring! I’m obsessed 🤩
alinastarkov: I love you @malyenoretsev
friend10: 🥲🥺
genya_safin: I love everything about this 😘
friend11: u guys are so hwat 🥵
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starkovthings · 7 days ago
if you're still taking prompts, how about alina being extra cuddly/clingy w mal just because 😌✊🏼 and mal pretends to be grumpy cos she's just using him as her "personal heater" but he actually loves a koala alina 🐨
Tumblr media
alina’s favorite thing is to be cuddly and clingy towards her man
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starkovthings · 8 days ago
your beautifully little art studio mood board inspired this one!
🌷 a malina mood board depicting the orphanage of keramzin as a beautiful modern-day art boarding school surrounded by a flowery meadow. and all the kids love and are loved by mal and alina and it’s a home full of laughter, mess, art, and cuddles. 🌷
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
keramzin is home, it’s where family is
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starkovthings · 8 days ago
the au malina wedding of our dreams; romantic and intimate with a small group of people that mean the world to them. that Is all I've been thinking of for the past week.
Tumblr media
the wedding day: filled with endless love and happiness
you can find the honeymoon here
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starkovthings · 8 days ago
omg yes I love this new daydream blurb thing you have. also I love ur account thank you for making content for malina we need more of you.
okay- so like I can imagine an au Malina in high school and obvi Mal is like the big shot bad boy and Alina is this really sweet girl who is really smart but she doesn't really have a lot of friends and maybe they meet because she is his tutor or something I know this is very one tree hill like but duh we love to see it. I hope I did this right lol
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
high school love
okay I love naley so much so I used them as inspo
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starkovthings · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
make up in the rain
I have no idea if I like this and I’m sorry if this sucks and for any grammatical errors :p
Recently Alina’s late night studio sessions have been longer than usual, but Mal doesn’t mind. She leaves the flat earlier than she’s ever had, but Mal doesn’t mind.
Alina isn’t home as much as she usually is and whenever she doesn’t need to go to the studio to work on her projects, she excuses herself to her sketches. Mal noticed that she’s much more critical on herself now, Mal definitely minds.
She’s been quiet lately and he doesn’t want to push her to talk to him but he just can’t take it. Mal can’t take looking at her like that when she huffs in frustration and crumbles up yet another sketch, chucking it into the bin.
When he tries to console her by doing what he knows she loves; wrapping his arms around her and kissing on her, she pushes him away.
“I’m tired”
“I’m not trying to do anything, Alina” Mal says quietly.
“I don’t have time for this” she nearly whispers. “Sorry maybe later” she adds.
Mal let’s out a breath and sighs, but he doesn’t say anything else. He wonders why she’s acting like this, so horrid to herself, he knows she has better self confidence than this, she loves her work and she’s proud of what she does but lately not so much.
Tuesday is when it happens, it’s pouring outside, it’s been like this since the early hours. Mal pays no mind to the howling wind that shakes the glass windows, he knows he’s safe here, he knows Alina’s safe-
His eyes snap open at where is arm lays flat against the mattress where her body should be. He curses loudly and scrambles from the bed, quickly calling out for her but to no surprise there’s no answer.
Mal knows what to do, he gets dressed and grabs his keys without any second thoughts, yes he forgot his umbrella but that’s the least of his worries.
The storm roars on, he travels through the gloomy city, the wind howls harder and makes him shiver as he approaches the building. He sees from the windows above that the lights are on and he groans in frustration as his large hand pounds on the steel door.
Once, twice, three times he pounds his hand against the door and with the fourth knock coming, Mal nearly falls forwards once it’s opened.
“Can I help you?” A man with sleek dark hair snaps.
His wyes are black and so is his demeanor, Mal shoves his way inside and calls for her name.
Who is this guy anyway? Mal wonders, Alina has never talked about sharing her studio with anyone.
“Where’s Alina?” Mal glares at the man.
“She’s upstairs, we’re just-”
Mal doesn’t let him finish, he takes the stairs two at a time before finding her. She’s got her back to him and she’s hunched over her easel, her hair is in that messy bun that he loves and he sighs once he sees her turn to face him.
“Mal?” She looks surprised.
“I’m sorry Alina, he just barged in” said a voice that makes Mal’s insides burst into flames.
He watches the man with no name walk towards his girlfriend and flashes a knowing smile, his pearly whites shining perfectly against the studio lights. Mal watches Alina’s eyes timidly meet his once she smiles at him and Mal can’t take it, his fists are bunched and his jaw is tight.
“Mal, this is Aleksander he’s the TA for professor Curie... he’s been helping me out with my projects” Alina says shifting from foot to foot. “Aleksander, this is Mal-”
“Her boyfriend” Mal interjects glaring at the pair that surely got a little too close for Mal’s liking.
She stands up and heads towards Mal her cheeks are red and her eyes are tired but all Mal is wants to do is scoop her into his arms and take her home.
Alina looks exhausted and he knows that her back hurts from the way she slips off of her stool. He notices that she yawns once she wraps her arms around his neck once she goes in for a hug.
“It’s crazy outside babe, why did you come all the way over here without an umbrella?” She wonders.
“Because you left without telling me” the bitter in his voice seeping into Alina. “I couldn’t leave you here alone during a storm but I see you have company so I’ll just go”
Mal unhooks her arms and watches her give him a questionable look, “don’t be silly there’s plenty of room here for you” Aleksander chuckles causing Mal to roll his eyes.
“Nah I’m good” Mal huffs as he turns on his heals back towards the stairs.
“Mal!” Alina says with a laugh, she’s surprised by his behavior and he knows it but why shouldn’t he act like this? She never told him about working with Aleksander.
“I’ll see you at home” he says once he reached the door not waiting for another word while he makes his way out into the pouring rain.
Mal isn’t even halfway down the block when he hears her call his name, he pauses and folds his arms across his chest as he turns to watch her.
“Are you serious right now?” She yells over the loud wind. “Why did you have to be so rude! Why are you leaving?”
Mal laughs loudly, the bitter edge to it makes Alina roll her eyes and cover her face with her hands as she realizes what’s going on.
“Are you serious right now?” He mocks. “I cannot believe you Alina, you’re never home anymore and it’s because of that... that damn shadow man freak! I mean where the hell did he even come from anyway?! You never told me you were working with him!” Mal shouts causing Alina to sigh.
“Oh god don’t tell me you’re jealous! You’re so dramatic.” She throws her arms up in exaggeration causing Mal to step closer to her, his eyes burn into his with his glare.
They’re both wet and freezing to the bone, the rain makes no effort to calm as they stare at one another, Mal lifts his eyebrows up at her and shakes his head.
“Don’t go there Alina”
“Why not? You always do this whenever I work with anyone who you don’t know! Especially if it’s a guy!” Alina shouts.
“That’s not even the point! Why didn’t you tell me you were working with him in the first place! Is he why you’ve been gone at odd hours of the night? Is he why you’ve been so hard on yourself? Because if so I swear to God-”
“Please” she says placing her hands on his chest. “I didn’t tell you because I knew you’d tell me that I don’t need anyone. I was embarrassed for you to find out because you love my stuff but I can’t work on my projects alone because I know I need help. But you always tell me how good I am on my own.” Alina whimpers out. “It’s important that I ace this class and I needed help.”
Mal bites his lip in regret, his hands shaking from the cold as he rests them on her damp cheeks, “Alina” Mal says with pain in his voice. “I’m sorry I-”
She shakes her head and sighs, “don’t be, it was my fault for not telling you”
Mal runs his fingers through his soaked hair as he watches Alina peer up at him with her big brown eyes, the ones he loves. She smiles at him and steps closer to him unraveling her arms from hugging herself to allow Mal’s arms wrap her small frame.
They sign simultaneously before he squeezes her tightly and all at once she hums immediately once his lips smash down onto hers with so much force Alina’s knees nearly give way.
Mal moves to cup her face in his large hand and Alina can’t help but yank him down lower to her, causing their bodies to be as close as they could for being clothed.
Mal moves his direction towards her jaw causing her to shiver in the rain that pours down onto them, Alina’s fingers instinctively reaching for his hair after he travels lower and lower to her neck. In typical fashion she let’s out a whimper causing him to smirk against her skin making her pull away revealing Mal’s now darkened eyes once he sees the want plastered across her face.
“Take me home” she nearly whispers.
Mal chuckles bending down again towards her ear “what about him?” Mal questions, knowing that Aleksander is still in the studio.
“He’ll figure it out” she says while trailing her small hands down his chest.
Mal glances up at the studio and shrugs, taking her hand and pulling her away from where they were standing.
“Don’t need to tell me twice” he says as they start to pick up their pace and head home for not so innocent make up cuddles.
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starkovthings · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
alinastarkov: sunny days for the win ☀️🐑
friend1: aww
friend2: omg where is this?
ninaz: homeboy probably begged you to take this 😂
friend3: the cutest
kazbrekker: 🕴🏼
friend4: those shades @malyenoretsev
inej: @ninaz BAHAHA
friend5: he looks so proud lmaoo
alinastarkov: like you wouldn’t believeeee @ninaz
friend6: miss you guys!
friend7: ur photography skills tho 🤩
malyenoretsev: don’t hate 😎 @ninaz
friend8: love this omg it looks so peaceful 😍
zoya_nazz: this is amazing
friend9: 🌞☀️
nadiaa: awww!! we need to catch up soon!!!
jasperfahey: bring me next time ugh 😭
friend10: 😂😂
genya_safin: what is that outfit tho
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starkovthings · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
malyenoretsev: due to popular demand #hackedbythehottestbestfriend
friend1: AS YOU SHOULD
friend2: get his ass back bestie
friend3: 😩💓
genya_safin: date me instead 😝
friend4: okay I see you
malyenoretsev: when did you even?? @alinastarkov
kazbrekker: 😂😂
friend5: Mal ur literally the luckiest person alive
alinastarkov: he knows ;) @friend5
friend6: ALINNAAAAAAA 🥵🥵
friend7: omg a whole cutie
alinastarkov: when u were in the shower oops @malyenoretsev
friend8: PLS
fedyorrr3: what a queen @alinastarkov
friend9: ✍🏻 taking notes
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