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#malle briefs
sollunas · 2 months ago
the sense of community that i feel when i go some place that has at least one other person there. you and me, we’re in this together. maybe that’s why i feel nostalgic for the most mundane things
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angrythingstarlight · 4 months ago
Hide & Seek
Summary: Bucky wakes up to his favorite things in the world. His sons and you.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dad!Bucky x reader
Warnings: Fluff
A/N: unbeta'd, Ill edit later. Don't copy, or repost but I'll appreciate likes comments and reblogs.
Hushed giggles and pattering of mall feet wake Bucky from his nap. He blinks slowly, shielding his eyes from the soft golden rays streaming through the swaying living room curtains. He touches his chest with a smile, knowing you must have taken the baby when he fell asleep.
The last thing he remembers is watching his babbling newborn stretch his chubby arms before yawning in his face.
Bucky’s enhanced hearing picks up more giggling. Closer and louder. Little voices whispering. A flash of orange darting across the hallway catches his attention.
Rubbing the drool stain on his henley, Bucky lolls his head to the side. His oldest son skids to a stop, his lively eyes widening comically before he gasps and runs away.
“What?” Bucky chuckles, scrubbing his hand down his face.
He sits up when he sees you saunter around the corner, his blue eyes brightening as you make your way towards him. “Hey, honey.”
“I missed you.” Bucky grabs your hips the second you’re within reach, pulling you on his lap.
Looping your arm around his neck, you chuckle, “Bucky, you were asleep for ten minutes, how could-.”
He cups your face, gazing at you with such awe and love that your breath hitches and your heart races. No matter how many times he gives you that look, you’ll never get used to it.
“I love you.” He murmurs, his hand moving up your thigh to your waist, soft lips brushing over yours until your own parts and his tongue slides in your mouth. Sliding your hands in his soft, short chestnut locks, you bring him closer, the kiss deepening as he slants his head. He’s always so eager to have a taste of your lips.
“He got mommy. Leave her. We gotta go,” your son whispers loudly to his brother, small feet slapping on the floors as they run into the kitchen. “Go, go, go.”
You break away, resting your forehead on his, laughing, “right, almost forget, you’re playing hide and seek with our boys.”
“What?” Bucky repeats for the second time in five minutes. His curious blue eyes sweeping across the open living room, he spots his eldest hiding under the chair, and his middle child peeking at him from under the sink.
You nod, patting his chest. “And you’re losing.”
Bucky tilts his head, “I am?”
"Yep.” You stand up and back away, giving him a playful look. “There’s five minutes left and if you don’t find them, you’re taking us out for pizza.”
You both grin when you hear a chorus of yeahs erupt from the ‘hiding spots'.
Bucky stretches his arms over his head, rising to his feet. “What do I get if I win?”
“If you win, we take you out for pizza.” You lean whispering that it was your son’s idea of course.
He places a warm kiss on your lips, happily sighing. He couldn’t wipe the grin off his face if he wanted to, these are the moments he lives for now. Bucky will never understand how he got so lucky to have you and his boys but he’s going to cherish every minute of his life with you.
“Got it.”
Bucky saunters in the kitchen, stomping loudly around the table, pretending that he cant see his colorful shirt sticking out. Your son scoots back, holding his hand over his mouth, squealing as Bucky gets closer.
You sit on the coffee table and watch as your supersoldier opens and closes the cabinets, loudly calling your sons names.
“Are you in here?” He shouts, opening the fridge. You wave at your boys, gesturing for them to run. Bucky keeps his head down, waiting for them to flee the kitchen before turning around.
They hide behind you, giggling into your back.
“Where are they?” He asks.
“Who?” You shrug, you look back at their happy faces, a perfect combination of you and Bucky staring up at you. “It’s just me.”
“Alright, guess I’ll go look upstairs.” He replies slowly, stomping down the hall.
They slink out when they think he’s gone. For a brief second, your house is quiet.
Then Bucky springs out from the hallway and chaos erupts around you.
They scream running around the living room as your husband chases them. Bucky pretends to stumble and miss each time he gets close enough to grab them.
You’re almost in tears from laughing so hard. After a few minutes, you announce that they’ve won. Bucky holds his hands up in defeat, letting them tackle him to the ground. The room filled with chants of pizza as they jump and climb on him.
You join them on the rug, poking your oldest in his belly. “So what’s this about leaving me behind huh?”
He looks at you, his toothy grin matching Buckys. “Had to. Daddy told Uncle Sammy that you can’t handle-”
“Who wants pizza?” Bucky interrupts, plucking the boys off the floor, using them as shields as he backs out of the room. “Love you, doll.”
You smirk, arms folded across your chest as you watch your husband run from you, “Love you too Bucky.”
Part 2
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hllwflow · 15 days ago
imagine. rindou haitani , ran haitani , izana kurokawa , shinichiro sano , manjiro sano , sanzu haruchiyo , akashi takeomi
imagine him gripping your hips as the two of you sit in his car in front of some random shopping mall, the windows tinted with fog and ice, the only imprint on the window being your own hand print as you moved yourself quickly, up and down on his cock. groans filled your ears, and your moans overpowered his as you felt yourself reaching your orgasm quickly, “a-ah I’m gonna cum baby” you moaned “shit.. me too baby— fuck” the both of you moaned in harmony as his grip on your hips moved down to your ass, he kneaded the fat then lifted his hand to lay a harsh slap on your skin, causing you to jump and giggle. “o-oh fuck baby keep going yea” he moaned in your ear as you moved yourself forward and placed your chin on his shoulder, peeking to the backseat while your hips rocked against him. you then felt his cock twitch inside you quickly after, and finally his cum was released in you. your thighs tightened around him as you moaned even louder, your high pitched screams and moans filled the car, as you let yourself cream around his cock that’s now painting the inside of your walls a pure, pure color. “fuck baby.. I’ll never get tired of these quickies with you.” you panted as he spoke, then chuckled, slapping his chest playfully, “oh trust me I know that.” you both laughed, arms wrapped around the other, his cock still in you, your clothes still partially off, “let’s stay like this for a bit yea?”
but also imagine him dragging you outside, both of you wearing layers of coats, scarfs and more. he would beg you to play in the snow with him, as if he’s a child seeing the ice fall from the sky for the first time. “come on! it’ll be fun!” his smile looked as pure as ever in that moment, you couldn’t say no. and here you are, in the middle of the night playing with one of tokyos most deadly men, in the snow, like a child. building tiny houses, snowballs and more. “I used to.. do this with my brother.. but it’s much more fun with you” he spoke as he took a chunk of snow in his hand, shaping it into a perfect ball, then looked up and smiled at you, you smiled back, listening to him talk. why not relive parts of his former pure life with him? just for the night. eventually, the two of you would collapse on the snow, under the starry night, his arms around you, your head on his chest as the snow flakes fell on your skin and on his forehead, it felt.. warm outside in the snow for once. there was silence for a brief moment before he grinned, looking back down at you, you looked beautiful. like an actual angel. and in that moment he just wanted to hug you and never let go but of course he couldn’t do that. “..let’s stay like this for a bit yea?” the male spoke while looking at you, this was the best way he could truly appreciate your beauty and presence.
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angelhoon · 6 months ago
cute things enhypen does as your bf
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
genre: fluff
warnings: brief mentions of food
requested: here, i hope this helps you hun!!
authors note: why am i so touch starved? 😭😭 well anyways i hope y’all enjoy!! <333
Tumblr media
˚☽˚。⋆ heeseung — sings you to sleep ˚☽˚。⋆
it all started when you decided to stay over at the dorm one night
he found you crying silently in his bed after having a really bad nightmare
heeseung pulled you into his chest and kissed your hair before promising to sing you to sleep
on nights when you’re particularly restless he’ll sit beside you and rub your back as he sings you a lullaby or one of his favorite songs
no matter how long it takes you to fall off, he continues to sing, watching your figure silently with tired eyes
˚☽˚。⋆ jay — leaves his hand in your back pocket ˚☽˚。⋆
the first time he did it was definitely because he was jealous over some guy flirting with you at the mall
being jay, he slipped his hand into your back pocket and smiled smugly at you when you turned towards him in surprise
now he does it out of habit
he loves how intimate it feels
sometimes he will even pull you closer to him by the belt loops on your jeans and kiss your cheek gently and watch the way you get flustered
he loves the effect he has on you
˚☽˚。⋆ jake — texts + calls you everyday ˚☽˚。⋆
every morning you wake up to a text telling you how much he loves you and wishing you a great day
he never ever misses a day, seeing it as his way to check in on you and send you some kind of positivity before you start your day
he also makes sure to facetime you often, needing to see your face
some days you just sit on the phone and eat lunch and catch up, while other days he facetimes you at night to hear your voice before he falls asleep
seeing you always makes him feel better no matter how hard his day was
it reminds him he’s not alone and is loved
˚☽˚。⋆ sunghoon — plays with your fingers ˚☽˚。⋆
sunghoon can’t go a minute without holding your hand, as much as he tries to deny it
the minute your hand leaves his, his hand chases after yours instinctively
he often pulls your hand into his lap and plays with them absentmindedly
rubs smooth circles into your skin
his fingers trace patterns on your palm, especially if he’s nervous or lost in thought
sometimes when he’s feeling really soft, he presses your hand to his lips and leaves a soft kiss there
his cheeks turn a light shade of pink when your eyes meet his after he does it
˚☽˚。⋆ sunoo — squishes your cheeks ˚☽˚。⋆
sunoo absolutely adores you
he honestly cant even take you seriously when you pout during small arguments
he can’t resist the urge to reach forward and cup your face in his hands and squish your cheeks
on the days when you’re feeling a bit insecure he pulls you close before lightly kissing and pinching your cheeks and reminding you just how beautiful and perfect you are to him
sunoo is a really affectionate and supportive bf and always reminds you how much he loves you
˚☽˚。⋆ jungwon — takes care of you ˚☽˚。⋆
obviously all of enha cares for you in their own way but like jungwon helps you keep your head on straight
he’s constantly reminding you of stuff
“did you make sure you pack a snack so you’re not hungry later?” “don’t forget an umbrella, it’s raining outside” “ahh don’t forget that your practice got pushed back an hour!”
jungwon is a really supportive bf and is always bringing you food while you’re studying and checking in on you throughout the day!!
he’s really selfless and thinks of you first
you honestly come to lean on him a lot and he loves that you feel comfortable depending on him
˚☽˚。⋆ ni-ki— play fights with you ˚☽˚。⋆
will tackle you for no apparent reason
but if you’re playing video games and you somehow manage to beat him that just gives him an excuse to wrestle the controller from your hand and push you off the couch
tickles you until you’re practically crying and your stomach is aching
he will also start pillow fights with you unprompted
ni-ki is such a cute and playful bf
he loves to prank you and mess with you
annoying you is his favorite pastime
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ch0s0 · 7 months ago
hi i saw your requests were opened and can i request oikawa, sakusa, suna, and bokuto with a rlly rlly pretty s/o 😌✨ maybe add how they sometimes get a little jealous bcs of the stares their s/o gets or confessions they get 🙄💅 btw ily 🙈🙈
hq boys with a really pretty s/o
Tumblr media
with: oikawa, sakusa, suna, timeskip!bokuto
a/n: bahaha this is such a fun idea... btw ily too | pt.2 
Tumblr media
-> OIKAWA pouted, lip jutted out as he watched you get your third confession of the day, a younger second year practically shaking as he handed you the small slip of paper “THANK YOU” he yelled before dashing away, leaving you standing in the middle of the hallway with a piece of paper that didn’t even have a way to contact him, let alone his name. “you really gonna take that” he mumbles, hand loosely gesturing to the scrap of paper “no tooru, last time i checked i was dating you” “mhm” he hums, grabbing your hand, placing a light kiss to the back, slowly smiling at the fact that your his
-> SAKUSA pretty power couple you and sakusa were both out at the mall, you having dragged him there to get some shopping done but ended up getting side tracked at the food court- both waiting in line when you feel his hand reach for yours, gripping on to it tightly “omi, what’s wrong? we can leave if you don’t like it here” “no its not that, its just there’s two people staring at you” “huh- wher-” “don’t look” he hisses under his breath, too late though as you’ve already turned to see the two people standing in the corner of the court, totally checking you out. “is someone jealous” “no.” “sure, suuurrreeee” you drawl, only to feel his grip tighten on your hand, showing he’s yours
-> SUNA’s usually pretty chill when it comes to other people ogling you for your good looks, content with knowing that you choose him- but this particular day, he just wasn’t having it. your helping the team fill up water bottles since they were short on help, always glad to lend a hand, as atsumu and osamu were eyeing you, arguing over who would be able to pull you. frowning slightly, suna meandered up to where you were standing by the water fountain, pulling at the hem of your shirt, eyes slightly downcast “hey rin, give me just a seeecccc- ok whatchya need” you say turning to face him, only to find his lips on yours before a brief second. pulling away, a smirk grows on his face accompanined by a light blush “there baby, now they know ur mine” cue him walking back to the twins with a shit eating smirk as the twins are just gaping at the two of you
-> BOKTUO “kou” “yeah babe” “people are staring again” you mumble as you and bokuto keep walking towards the game venue, paparazzi and fans begining to crowd the streets outside it “don’t worry i gotchu” he says, swinging a heavy arm over your shoulder, doing his best to shield you from the crowd. this was expected from dating a major volleyball player, but when the press caught hold of how pretty you were, people flooded to catch a glimpse of you two together- the gorgeous duo with personalities to match. you feel his grip tighten a bit against you as you walk “you ok kou?” “mhm, just don’t like them lookin at my baby like that”
Tumblr media
requests open
Tumblr media
see you space cowboy
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gagmebucky · 3 months ago
“You’re a demon, you know that?” he breathes raggedly. “Acting like you’re so innocent when really you just wanted to provoke me into fucking you in front of all our friends. In the plain of day, fuck you full of me until it’s dripping down your thighs.”
in which bucky rails you in your sundress. (includes established relationship, dirty talk, mild creampie kink, unprotected sex.)
do not repost.
Your boyfriend is staring.
It’s nothing out of the ordinary. His gaze always ends up on you, a soft smile and adoration filled at the mere sight of you. But this time it's different, dark and openly obscene in the way he watches you, fixated on your every movement. 
All day, his gaze is burning hot. On an outing with your mutual friends, as you bounce and laugh in the mall, his eyes never divert from you. As you bounce and laugh with your group in the mall, he’s eyeing you like a hunter would its prey. When he’s staring at you like that, when he’s looking that good, it’s impossible to miss. 
You can’t pretend not to know why. You picked this outfit for that very reason. There’s a thrill in being a tease, feigning innocence in such salacious attire, waiting until that moment he realizes and can’t take it anymore. Because you’re definitely doing this on purpose; why else would you wear something like this?
The sundress fits you perfectly, a floral design that only reaches mid-thigh, thin fabric that strains against your nipples and ass, so flowy that you’d flash a stranger if you twirled a little too much because of course, you aren’t risking panty-lines. 
It’s the epitome of easy access—all he has to do is shove the dress up and slide inside. At any given moment, he can: take you, fuck into you to his heart’s desire (which aligns with yours), in front of everyone if he so pleases. You wonder when he’ll realize that; it’s only a matter of time, you know.
You’re laughing with your mutual group of friends when he does. When he can’t take your not-so-subtly teasing by simply being, you’re all on your way from the mall to an art museum that recently opened up. 
“Sorry, guys. She needs to use the bathroom. We’ll catch up in a second,” Bucky says—a convincing lie—and his arms corded around your waist herds you into the nearest restroom. Your friends shout something about texting when you’re finished, and the single stall door shuts. 
“But I don’t need to—oh—oh!” 
Immediately, he’s on you. Rough hands manhandle you onto the sink, your back bumping against the mirror while he unceremoniously hikes your dress around your hips, baring your center before him—there for the taking, and he knows that now. 
A groan ripples through his chest, an undisguised hunger alight in his eyes. “You love driving me insane, don’t you, baby?” he asks, unbuckling his belt and pulling himself free through that slit in his briefs. “Walking around, lookin’ like that with your pretty little pussy free, you enjoy testing my restraint.” 
If pretty is ever an appropriate description for a dick, then his is surely it. Swollen with desire, glistening in the bathroom’s dim lighting with need—reactive to all your little mannerisms, you’d do anything to please the ache ebbing through him. 
Your teeth catch your bottom lip. “I don’t know what you mean,” you breathe coyly. 
He chuckles. “That’s okay. You don’t need to know anything other than bouncing on my cock, anyway.” He hauls you forward, big palms full of your ass reeling you high on his waist, and slides inside you in one swift thrust. 
You squeak at being stuffed so deeply, buried to the hilt, and your channel immediately clamps down around the intrusion. He groans at the feel of you, warm and wet swathed around him like a vice, ready to milk the cum right out of him. 
He wastes no time, either. Once his cock burrows home, your pussy is guaranteed a pounding. It’s only natural for him to hammer away your tightness, vindicating that sensitive spot inside you, cockhead nudging it on every stroke. Girth and length, he knows exactly how to undo you. 
It’s a merciless onslaught, ebbing deeper and deeper, pubic bone bumping your clit, and all you can do is cling to him and take it. Your arms loop around his neck, chest to chest, your lips by his ear so he hears every moan and whimper you’re making. 
“You’re a demon, you know that?” he breathes raggedly. “Acting like you’re so innocent when really you just wanted to provoke me into fucking you in front of all our friends. In the plain of day, fuck you full of me until it’s dripping down your thighs.”
“Buck, please,” you gasp-whine-moan at his vulgarity, resounding in your abdomen with a clench of your inner muscles; it wrenches a groan from the base of his throat as he pummels your insides, the way you clamp like your body begging for his orgasm. 
“Oh, you’ll fucking get it,” he borderline growls on a particularly harsh thrust, and you moan. “Yeah, you’ll get it. Take every inch, every fucking drop like the pretty good girl you are. Spend the rest of the day stuffed with me. You got me, baby?” 
Your face buried into the crook of his neck and nod vehemently. The heat is burgeoning in your gut and consuming you whole, pulsing wildly around him. “Yes, yes. Cum inside me—please—please—!” 
He sheathes in until he bottoms out and explodes in thick spurts. Your name is a guttural groan, splashes of stickiness scorching your now swollen channel. In tandem, you cinch around him with your own orgasm, wringing all of the cum out of him until he’s moaning with sensitivity. 
When he pulls out, slowly and almost reluctantly, a flood of warmth follows, translucent white dribbling down your thighs. He watches with visible satisfaction, breathing hitching at the sight of your freshly fucked sex, swollen and oozing his essence. 
“Fuck, that’s hot, baby,” he says and sets you down. He smooths down your ruffled dress so you look somewhat normal but you’re dazed in an afterglow. A trail reaches the side of your left knee, and he takes it upon himself to swipe it up. “Open your mouth for me.” 
You do and happily suck his fingers clean, maintaining eye contact the entire time as your tongue laves around his index and middle digit. There’s a soft pop when you’re finished, and he smiles. 
“C’mon.” He outreaches his hand with a grin, and you intertwine it in yours. “I think I’m gonna fuck you in front of some million dollar paintings.”
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darling-disastrous · 2 months ago
.goode for you
Tumblr media
for some reason, it won't credit the creator but the gif belongs to @naslostcontrol
{nick goode/solomon goode x reader}
.rating: heavily explicit
.summary: the past and present are mirrors of one another. two halves of the same whole. this series is split between them. it follows solomon goode and his obsession with a local woman in 1666. in 1994, it follows sheriff nick goode and his illicit relationship with his secretary.
.warnings: SMUT in nearly every chapter, age gap (i’m a whore don’t come for me), older man/younger woman, nick/solomon is thirty five, the reader is twenty two, fem!reader & fem!genitalia, so much SMUT, cunnilingus, hand jobs, blow jobs, unsafe sex, premarital sex, cursing, dirty talk, violence, major character death, blood and gore, deals with the devil, morally ambiguous reader, breeding kink, yandere themes, DARK CONTENT, obsession, stalking, murder, mainly porn with some plot, i have a massive lady boner for solomon goode sorry not sorry, choking, boss/employee relationships, workplace sex, semi public sex, mentions of drug abuse, mentions of alcohol abuse, miscarriages (brief), author makes up a lot of backstory, nicknames, no use of y/n
chapter one: fruit of the land
chapter two: goode’s girl
chapter three: all the unluckiness in the world [part two]
chapter four: nothing goode comes from shadyside mall [part two]
chapter five: these fertile lands and fertile bodies
chapter six: goode prevails
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writerpeach · 4 months ago
Expensive - Part Four
Twice Mina x Male Reader
5628 words
categories: smut, anal, oral, richgirl!mina
Read previous chapters here
special thanks to @worldsover for helping edit
Tumblr media
Never had there been such an abundance of leg room in your entire life.
You were used to crying babies, rude strangers incessantly kicking your chair and being cramped into an airplane seat roughly the capacity of a shoe box. You associated flying with discomfort, something you always dreaded.
That was no longer an issue thanks to Mina.
Not only did you have enough room to stretch your legs out as far as possible, you could have kicked a football in the space you were given. You were drowning in the luxurious comfort of first class, and could never go back to the old ways of flying coach.
It was only a short five hour flight, one of several business trips Mina took over the course of each month. She always demanded the best, not just for her, but for you.
Mina always got what she wanted.
With less than an hour left in the journey, you took off the expensive wireless headphones provided and placed them next to the large TV, one of the many benefits of first class. Seated next to you Mina diligently worked away on her tablet, doing whatever she did best, legs crossed and looking beautiful as always.
The raven-haired beauty had on an outfit that could best be described as colorful and most pleasing to the eyes. Her pink top with jungle print showed a dash of cleavage and exposed abs, a pleated skirt went up just past her wonderful thighs, and she topped it off with black strappy sandals.
“Shouldn’t be much longer,” Mina said, swiping her tablet before she placed it into her Prada handbag, zipping it back up.
“It might rain all week. We left just in time, I was getting tired of it anyway,” Mina said.
The idea that anyone could get bored of a tropical island seemed preposterous to you.
“I have to use the restroom before we land,” she said, getting up and fixing her skirt as you gave a casual nod.
Mina took one brief moment of hesitation, turning around to face you, and without words you knew what she expected. You didn’t dare make her repeat herself.
You followed her closely, while other passengers in the cabin were too involved in their own distractions to notice as Mina stepped inside the airplane lavatory. She pulled you inside and locked the door, making sure the rest of the cabin knew it was occupied.
“I’m going to be very busy after we touch down. I expect you know what that means,” Mina said, pulling herself up onto the small counter space next to the sink.
Mina’s demands never went unanswered lest you suffer the dire consequences. Whether it be in one of her many expensive cars or under the table of her favorite restaurant, when she wanted to be pleasured, you dropped what you were doing and attended to her needs. If those needs put you in the middle of a crowded shopping mall while you did it then sobeit.
It wasn’t that she had a preference for public romps, but moreso she hated waiting until she got home. Mina had spent most of her life making sure she didn’t want for anything, she wasn’t about to stop now.
The lavatory was surprisingly simple compared to the rest of the cabin. First class or not, the cramped space wasn’t designed for more than one person, requiring careful movements to avoid bumping into anything.
Mina gazed intently as she hiked her skirt up past her waist, letting you see the lack of panties that was all too commonplace at this point.
“You must be hungry during such a long flight. Airplane food isn’t the best,” she said with a smirk, spreading her legs wide enough to expose her beautiful pussy. You took a seat on the closed toilet, lowering your face in between her thick creamy thighs and left a trail of kisses on her soft skin.
“I’ll never get tired of how pretty your pussy is, Mina,” you said, causing her cheeks to turn a slight shade of red as she waited to be serviced.
“Flattery will get you everything. Now eat me out.”
Moments like this where Mina dropped her demeanor were far and few between, and you hoped nobody in the cabin needed to use the facilities for the next several minutes. You couldn’t help admiring the pink flesh in between Mina’s spread legs as you stuck your tongue out and swiped up and down her slit several times, coating your tongue with her essence.
Mina moaned right away, echoing through the small area as you explored her pink folds, parting them with your tongue while you craved her taste. Small swipes at first, you inched towards her clit and stopped just before your destination, moving back down and repeating, tasting every inch of her delicious pussy.
“Fuck...don’t tease me, just make me feel good,” Mina ordered, and you obeyed her instructions, swiping up her pussy and sealing your lips around her already hardened clit. She always tasted so good, like the sweetest candy you’d ever had, one that you couldn’t stop devouring.
Your lips suckled on her nub as you felt the warmth of her thighs around your ears, squeezing around your head tightly and trapping you. Not that you’d ever want to escape. Her dainty hands found their way on either side of your head, running her fingers through your hair as she pushed you deeper, demanding more pleasure.
“Just like that...that feels so good,” Mina said, her words becoming a whisper while her hips gyrated, trying to ride your face while her juices smeared all over you.
“Eat my pussy, don’t fucking stop,” she said, her thighs squeezing harder when you upped the pressure on her clit, hungrily slurped on it and drank in all her delicious juices.
“Do you like the way my pussy tastes? You’re so good at eating me out you must,” Mina said, digging her nails into your skull and bucking her hips wildly.
“I think I might cum. Fuck, you better make me cum,” she moaned, throwing her legs over your shoulders. You loved the look in her eyes as your lips kept a tight hold on her clit, her wet juices dripping down your face. Her grip on your hair hurt when it became hard to breathe, but oxygen wasn’t a priority, only Mina’s euphoria.
“Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” Mina cried out as you did what you could to keep your lips surrounding her swollen clit and gave it merciless suction.
Her quivering thighs squeezed your head to keep you in your favorite place when she hit her peak, the soft skin pressed against your face threatened to cause you to pass out.
Not that you would have cared because Mina came, smearing her nectar all over your face while her toes curled, her hips bucked wildly and she moaned loud enough to show she no longer cared about who else could hear.
You were smothered with her delicious thighs for just a while longer, as she ultimately weakened her grip around your head, while you regained the power to breathe normally and lamented the loss of her soft skin surrounding you.
“Good boy,” Mina weakly said. One of her heels had slipped off and fallen to the ground as she recovered from her intense high, fingers wandering through your hair without discarding her intense gaze. She kicked her other heel off, using one of her feet to press against the bulge in your pants.
“I need this inside me. Now.”
You didn’t hesitate. Standing hastily, you unzipped your pants, yanking them down with your boxers to free your stiff erection. Mina gave your shaft a few introductory pumps, feeling you throbbing in her hand before she guided you towards her welcoming heat.
“Fuck me. Later on, you can put this in my ass.”
Mina smirked when your cock twitched at the prospect of anal with her, knowing how much you both craved it. You needed no further encouragement, your shaft drawn to Mina’s beautiful pink flesh as you slid in between it, her wet slick coating every surface.
You knew Mina didn’t like to be teased or kept waiting unless she asked, so you entered her warmth at once, groaning when her slick walls gripped your shaft firmly. Placing your hands on her waist, you bottomed her out after just a few shallow thrusts.
Mina always felt so damn tight and this time was no different, her warmth and intense wetness smothering your cock and flooding your body with delectable sensations. Even as your hips slowly moved, her walls squeezed and demanded that you stay inside her.
She tried to stifle her moans, placing a hand over her mouth as you formed a rhythm, sliding in and out of her warm pussy with the greatest of ease.
“You feel so good inside me, keep stretching me out,” Mina said, trying to keep her voice to a mere whisper. The small intimate area you were fucking her in had one major advantage, being close to her as possible and being able to look into her eyes without fail.
Biting her lip, Mina gave into the intense pleasure that warped her body. “How does it feel to fuck a woman in first class?”
“Amazing. I could get used to this.”
Mina flashed her signature gummy smile which was quickly replaced by an expression of lust, eyes filled with desire. “It’s too bad you can’t pound me. We still need to be discrete.”
“Do we?”
“Yes. It just means you get to save your energy for later.”
It was a necessary sacrifice, keeping the same gingerly pace, therefore Mina’s soft erotic moans that reverberated the airplane bathroom would have to do.
You desperately wished she didn’t have all those annoying clothes still on, so your hands could roam her tight perfect body and her perky breasts could bounce endlessly, but that would have to wait.
There was nothing like the feeling of being inside Mina. Whether it be her pretty mouth, her tight little pussy, or amazing scrumptious ass, you just wanted to stay inside her forever. You made sure to move as deep as possible inside, such that when her slick tight walls gripped your shaft, each and every thrust could feel more wonderful than the last.
“Just like this, you’re doing such a great job,” Mina praised, her sparkling eyes wide as could be.
Mina gave up trying to silence herself, her pretty moans and gasps now escaping uncontested, filling the small shared space. The motion of your hips was unstoppable, invigorated by the sight of her eyes drunk with pleasure.
You couldn’t help but increase your pace just a bit while your hands explored down her body, squeezing her ass, and you thrusted as deeply as you could, covering your shaft in her delicious sweet honey.
Mina brought a hand in between her thighs, rubbing her clit furiously as you gave her your all, endlessly sliding into her tight warm hole.
“Fuck, keep going. I’m almost there.”
You loved the look in Mina’s eyes as she approached orgasm. Her face contorted in pleasure while her cheeks flushed red. Her mouth kept agape, releasing a steady stream of gasps and moans as her head rested against the bathroom mirror and you began slamming inside her, helping her chase the pleasure she was desperate for.
“Oh god, I’m cumming!” Mina cried out while you filled her cunt hard flesh, warm walls pulsating around your shaft wildly as her legs wrapped around your waist. She gripped the edge of the counter and held on for dear life, your shaft buried in her tight warm pussy.
Mina forced both hands over her mouth as she screamed in pleasure, her pussy squeezing your shaft almost painfully when her climax rocked her body like a tidal wave, back arching off the counter and toes curling.
Her eyes shut tight as her pussy continued to clamp around your shaft. Her wetness flowed out as she became a beautiful breathless mess. Mina’s rapidly pulsating walls continued squeezing the life out of your shaft, threatening to send you overboard as well.
“F-fuck, Mina, I need to cum too,” you pleaded, slowing down the motion of your hips plunging into her drenched wet heat .
Mina opened her eyes back up, breathing heavily still as you waited for her response. “Cum in my mouth. I don’t want a mess inside me.”
That wasn’t the answer you were expecting, and you were unable to hide the disappointment in your expression. Mina’s body felt so impossibly good, so tight that you prematurely pulled out, knowing you wouldn’t be able to withstand it much longer.
Mina took your former position, taking a seat on the shut toilet lid as she took your shaft into her mouth to taste herself with her swirling tongue. Her lips sealed tight in her forceful suction, taking you to the base and fondling your balls at the same time, intensely staring as you savored those final moments.
You could only watch while she bobbed her head, then she parked her lips and gave your balls a firm squeeze that set you off as you groaned her name into the air desperately.
Mina’s intense eyes watched every moment as your pulsating shaft emptied into her mouth, coating her throat as she drained your balls. Firing thick spurt after thick spurt, her wet tongue moved frantically to take every drop as hers.
Her lips moved from base to tip as you were depleted, sucking every inch of your sensitive shaft, fondling your balls and ensuring not a drop was wasted.
Mina gave one long slurp for good measure which sent shivers down your body. She opened her mouth to let you see the results of your orgasm, the creamy pool of thick semen that she claimed, and tilted her head back and swallowed your load in just one gulp before she licked her lips.
“You taste really good today.”
You exchanged tired smiles as Mina got dressed and you followed, still trying to catch your breath. She looked at you with deep satisfaction while she adjusted her skirt and checked the mirror to make herself look as presentable as possible.
Right on schedule, you heard a voice on the intercom coming through one of the speakers in the bathroom.
Ladies and Gentlemen, we are now approaching our destination and will be starting our descent in approximately thirty minutes. Please make sure your tray tables have been put back in their full upright position and your seat belts are securely fastened.
If you need any assistance one of our flight attendants will be more than happy to help out.
“Guess we better head back. I’ll head out first,” Mina said, unlocking and walking out the lavatory with a pep in her step. If you weren’t going to see her for the next few hours, you were certainly grateful for the everlasting orgasm that you still felt.
“There’s some new property that I’d like to check out nearby. I’d like for you to accompany me.”
“Of course, Mina,” you said, always smitten with her beauty.
You always loved seeing new places with Mina. It didn’t matter where it was - a new restaurant, an art museum that just opened up, or a new jewelry store, going with her made it that much special.
“Wear something nice, please.”
You had a much different idea of what nice meant, but luckily Mina was here to make sure you knew her definition, otherwise you would have slipped on a pair of jeans and a shirt with a collar and called it a day.
Now properly dressed, you followed Mina out the door that shut behind her as the automatic lock engaged. She took just a moment, looking at the row of expensive cars lining her driveway before choosing one, just as one chose a purse to match an outfit.
You were curious where you were heading, but opted not to ask since Mina most likely would not share. It was fun being surprised anyways.
“We’re here,” Mina said, pulling into a parking spot underneath a tall building with several stories and giant windows everywhere. She didn’t say much as you rode the elevator all the way to the top, stopping at floor 100.
“You’re not afraid of heights are you?” Mina asked playfully as the elevator doors opened. You shook your head and followed behind her.
Mina went through the door first, and your eyes were met with the biggest floor you’d ever seen in your life. The walls never seemed to end, windows from floor to ceiling gave a stunning view of the skyline, if not the best view in the city.
“Come on, I’ll show you around,” Mina said, starting with the living room, if a room bigger than a football field could still be considered a room.
Two giant L shaped couches were front and center, one facing the window, one away, both cream colored with black pillows. Centered between them was the second biggest TV you’d ever seen, potted plants on either side and a glass coffee table in front.
You couldn’t help but look at the window, it felt like the entire city could be seen from there.
“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” Mina asked, crossing her arms as she joined your gaze over the scenery.
“Yeah it is,” you replied, intently turning your eyes towards her. “The view’s not half bad either.”
Mina couldn’t help but giggle at your cheesy joke before she continued the tour.
Just past the living room was a long hallway, and what seemed to be an office area right next to a king-sized bed with enough space to park a car in between.
“This is the master bedroom, it’s one of many but it’s considered the biggest one,” Mina said, casually dropping the fact like it was the weather. She walked into an area that looked like a closet, flicking a light on and you could see it was more than just that.
It was much more than that on second glance, you had seen clothing stores that had less space than this.
On the opposite side Mina led the way to one of what you assumed to be many bathrooms. White marbled floors contrasted with black marble walls, and it was equipped with a bath, a shower, and a toilet, all in a separate closed off section with glass doors.
“This is incredible,” you said, your jaw dropping at how absolutely gorgeous the place was.
“I know, right? Think of all the fun we could have here,” Mina smirked, leading you back towards the other end of the house. “Here’s the kitchen. There are two parts to it.”
There was a small bar area with a fully stock wine cooler built into the wall, something you didn’t know existed but seemed perfect for Mina. Just past that was the kitchen, expansive in its own right with counter space for days. Black cabinet doors above and below, a sink wide enough to house a small animal and a fridge with doors so big you swear you could walk inside it. To the side was another giant set of windows, making sure you didn’t step far without the magnificent view.
You couldn’t imagine how much a place like this cost, so luxurious and extravagant and this was just the first floor. It was a palace in the sky.
“Let’s head upstairs,” Mina said.
The second floor was somehow even bigger, several bedrooms in sight and you were quickly wondering if it was possible to fill up all this space.
You lost track counting the different rooms, each with their own bathroom and shower, but Mina seemed to wind down the tour, catching the sight of a spacious laundry room before you headed downstairs and sat back down on the couch while looking out the window.
“What do you think?” Mina asked, turning her attention towards you as a smile etched on her face.
“It’s breathtaking. I’ve never seen such a beautiful place in all my years. It must be incredibly expensive.”
“Don’t you worry about that,” Mina said, flashing a reassuring smile. “Do you like it?”
“I love it.”
Mina hesitated as she stared out the window, breaking eye contact before returning it back again.“That’s good...because it’s all yours.”
“W-what?” you asked, imagining the words that you had just heard her speak a moment ago.
“As of 7 a.m. this morning, this penthouse has been paid for in full in your name. It belongs to you now,” she said, tossing you the keys.
“Mina…I can’t accept this.”
“And why not? You said you loved it.”
“I do. I really do, but it’s too much, Mina. You can’t just buy me a place worth millions of dollars.”
“I can and I have. Plus, it’s much closer to my place than your apartment is. I won’t need to have my personal driver pick you up at two in the morning anymore.”
“I insist you take it. The paperwork has been finalized anyways and it’s just going to sit here unoccupied and collect dust if you don’t.”
As always, it was rather impossible to turn down Mina when she had her mind set on something. “You spend far too much money on me already. You buy me food, clothes, and now you're providing me with a new place to stay? It’s like you’re my sugar mommy or something.”
Mina hadn’t thought about it that way but the idea made her giggle cutely.
“Sugar mommy…” Mina repeated, the gears turning in her head. A twinkle shone in her eye.“Yes, that sounds perfect. I’ll be your sugar mommy.”
You paused, suddenly unsure how to respond. “I don’t deserve this, I have nothing to offer in return.”
“Nothing in return?” Mina said angrily, her voice cracking as her tone raised an octave in a way you never heard. “Isn’t that for me to decide? I like being around you. That fucking thing between your legs that splits me open whenever I need it would beg to differ. Toys aren’t as fun, I can’t make them beg for me.”
Mina smirked and leaned in to plant her soft lips against yours, as if she were sealing the deal with a kiss.
“I have more money than I know what to do with. Anything you need? Just ask. It's what I'm here for.”
“I really don’t des-”
“Shush,” Mina said, pressing a finger against your lips to silence any additional protesting. A fiery look burned in her eyes, and you didn’t dare test it. “I better not hear that again. Follow me outside.”
Mina left the couch area and headed out to the bedroom, exiting through the sliding balcony doors with her swaying hips hypnotizing you. Shutting the large door behind you, it was almost absurd how beautiful each part of the penthouse was. Your penthouse. That was going to take a while to get used to.
She dropped her purse on the black couch on the balcony. It was comical that the balcony was so large a couch fit in the center, and another one could have fit right beside it.
Mina leaned over the large glass railing, her flowy dress fluttering in the wind as she overlooked the view of the city. She spun around as you approached her and wrapped her arms around you tightly, pulling you in for a kiss.
“You’re going to love it here.”
“I think I do already.”
Mina looked even more beautiful in the afternoon light, the sun kissing her glowing skin. “There’s just one more thing.”
“What is it?”
“Your job. Do you enjoy it?”
“Not even a little bit. I hate it,” you replied.
“I’d like for you to quit it then.”
You didn’t need time to think it over, it was going to be the easiest decision of your life.
“Of course. I’ll let them know on Monday.”
Mina smiled in approval, caressing the side of your face. “Thank you. Mommy will take care of you now.”
She looked intently into your eyes as your heart skipped a beat. Mina kept her eyes glued to you as she removed her casual white dress and let it fall to the ground. There wasn’t anything underneath to obscure her body, leaving her fully nude as she leaned back against the balcony wall.
“Fuck…” you muttered under your breath as it hitched like it always did at the sight of Mina’s naked body.
“I’m all yours, baby. What do you want?” Mina asked, biting her lip. You didn’t have to think for a second, snaking your hands around her waist and squeezing her delicious juicy ass with both hands, taking firm handfuls of flesh in your hands. “You want mommy’s ass?”
You simply nodded, squeezing her cheeks harder.
“I did promise you it earlier, it’s only fair,” she said, turning around and bending over the rail, raising her big beautiful ass up in the air.
You couldn’t take your eyes off Mina’s bountiful backside as you dropped to your knees and began massaging her soft cheeks, kneading your fingers into her delicate flesh.
“Tell me how much you love my ass,” Mina ordered. You planted your lips on each of her buttcheeks, rubbing your face against them.
“Mommy has the most amazing ass, I love it so much. It’s the perfect shape, so round and big. I want to spend all day worshiping it.” You peppered Mina’s bubble butt with kisses while waiting for a response, softly moaning every time your lips made contact on her skin.
“Slap it.”
You obeyed without pause, raising one of your hands as you flattened your palm, smacking it against the supple backside of Mina as it rippled. You repeated the action on the other side, earning a loud moan from Mina.
“Harder, baby.”
Not wanting to disappoint her, you raised your palm higher, then harshly flicked your wrist downward as the sound of flesh on flesh entered your ears, repeating the motion several times and massaging her cheeks afterward. You were infatuated with Mina’s scrumptious ass, gently biting into her buttcheeks as she cutely whimpered.
“You want your tongue inside mommy’s tight little asshole, don’t you?”
“Yes, mommy. More than anything,” you replied, kneading the warm flesh of her ass between your fingers, your pants tight as could be.
“Then eat my ass, baby.”
Your lips couldn't smile any wider.
Kissing her supple cheeks once more, you licked in between from bottom to top, placing a hand on either side as you spread them wide. Mina’s needy gasps were loud when you teased her tight puckered hole with the tip of your tongue, swirling around the rim of her ass. “Fuck, baby…” Mina breathlessly moaned, gripping the balcony railing tightly.
You kept her juicy cheeks spread wide. Your face was right where it belonged, buried in between them, where you could freely plunge your tongue as deep as possible and stimulate her asshole, covering it in saliva.
“Oh fuck, baby, you’re so good at eating mommy’s ass.”
You worked your tongue in and out of her asshole, exploring it, and swirled random patterns. Mina gave moans of satisfaction, grinding her ass on your face. You loved how she sounded when you pleasured her, motivating you to never stop eating her ass until your tongue was numb. You could do this all day but Mina grew impatient, as she often did.
"That feels really good, baby, but mommy needs to get fucked now."
You kept your tongue buried in her hole a little bit longer, thrusting inside for several strokes before you withdrew. Her asshole was more than prepared, glistening wet with your saliva and ready for your cock.
“Get undressed,” Mina ordered, digging through the contents of her purse. You tossed your shirt away, unzipped your pants and slid them off with your boxers, leaving you equally as naked as Mina.
Mina excitedly grabbed a bottle of lube from your purse. You gazed upon her nude form as she gave you relief in the form of a handful of strokes to lube up your shaft, running her slender fingers along every inch and giving a firm squeeze once she returned to her position, bending over the railing and sticking her plump ass out.
“Mommy needs to be pounded,” she said as she looked over her shoulder, flashing seduction in her eyes as she arched her back. You rested your throbbing shaft against her warm supple cheeks, running your shaft in between them in preparation.
“Don’t keep me waiting, fuck my ass.”
You needed no better invitation. With a careful grab on her hips, her vastly tight back opening lined up with your shaft that nudged against it.
“Shove your cock all the way up mommy’s ass.”
Mina’s demands were met right away and you slid all of your throbbing shaft inside her unclenched asshole, welcoming you with extreme tightness and warmth as she gasped loudly.
“Fuck, mommy, your ass is so tight,” you moaned, overwhelmed by her orgasmically tight hole harshly squeezing your shaft on its journey to fill her ass to the hilt. You gripped her wide hips and squeezed hard, beginning to slam inside of her in a fast rhythm.
“You can do better than that. Pound mommy’s ass harder.”
You could hear the disappointment in her tone and it only encouraged you even though you didn’t plan on holding back. Digging your fingers into her flesh, your hips rapidly moved, pounding into Mina and stretching her tight asshole open.
“Harder. Fuck mommy harder.” Every word that left her sultry lips only made you increase your pace even more, intensifying your thrusts as you pistoned into her tight gripping asshole, feeling the sweat dripping down your forehead already.
“Mommy’s ass feels so fucking good,” you said as you rapidly thrusted into her hole, the harsh smack of hot flesh on hot flesh mixed with your combined moans. Balls deep you took her from behind and furiously fucked into her hole.
“Mommy wants to try something.” Mina gripped the handrails and pulled her body away from yours, your cock slipping out from her now gaping asshole, while she spun on her heels and stood upright.
Looking into your eyes, she grabbed your throbbing shaft, guiding it back into her tight asshole as your bodies pressed together. Mina lifted one of her long legs off the ground, stretching it out as she rested it on your shoulder, showing off her flexibility.
"Keeping fucking my ass. Don’t you dare fucking stop until you fill me with cum. Understand, baby?”
“Yes, mommy,” you replied. She wrapped her arms around your neck while you savored the sweat on her delicious body.
The new position took time getting used to, you needed to hold onto her cheeks for stability, but the more intimate feeling made it worth it as you picked the pistoning rhythm back up.
You loved being able to look into Mina’s eyes and receive her unending lustful gaze as you fucked her in the ass, her flushed skin misting with sweat.
Panting and breathing heavily, Mina’s asshole tightened around your cock while her moans increased with every thrust.
"I'm gonna cum, baby, mommy's gonna cum!"
“Me too, mommy, I’m close,” you moaned, pounding into her hole carelessly, your movements so rough both of you would have trouble walking for the rest of the week.
"Cum inside me, cum inside mommy's ass," she demanded, pressing her body tighter against you as you could feel her leg muscles flexing.
You didn't have much left, though you still firmly squeezed Mina’s ass while your bodies crashed together with euphoric loud smacks, using all the momentum gathered.
"Oh f-fuck!” she cried out, her juices staining her succulent thighs as she squirted all over the floor. Her sweaty body shook in your arms and her asshole tightened almost painfully as you kept pounding her.
"I'm cumming too!" you said, keeping your hands filled with her asscheeks as you buried every inch in between them. You groaned and your shaft throbbed wildly, emptying your thick hot cum into her ass. Mina moaned while you continued draining your balls inside her thoroughly fucked asshole, filling her to the brim.
"Good boy," Mina said, caressing your face, leaning in to plant a kiss on your lips. "You came so much inside mommy."
"That was amazing, mommy," you weakly said, though you still held on to her and kept her upright while you slowly withdrew, your fresh load leaking out of her gaping asshole and dripping down her thighs.
Mina dropped to her knees, sucking your cock clean and giving your balls a squeeze with a proud look, releasing it from her mouth with a loud pop.
“What do you think about your new place?” Mina asked. She slowly stroked your shaft from base to tip and shot shivers up your spine, each pump of her delicate hand far too much to handle.
“I really love it, mommy. Thank you so much.”
“Of course, baby. Anything you want mommy will give you,” Mina said as she stood back up, leaned her back against the railing and showed off her sweaty body radiant in the afterglow of sex.
“We’re going to break this place in. I expect you to fuck me in every single room.”
You gave a tired smile in response, still catching your breath. There were a lot of rooms here, some you probably hadn’t seen yet. Making full use of each and every one of them was going to be a lot of fun.
Mina was now your sugar mommy, no longer were you just a companion, more than just a toy to fulfill her needs. Your relationship had progressed to unexpected levels, and you couldn’t wait to see where it was headed.
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8bitscarlet · 2 months ago
When in Moscow
Tumblr media
Summary: It was time for your bi-monthly recon week and you were paired up with Wanda before being booted off to a fancy little area of Moscow. Nearing the end of the mission timeline, you were both close to capturing your man and finding each other's presence almost tolerable.
Genre/Warnings: Angst/Fluff (cussing, canon violence, brief torture, mention of blood)
Pairing: Wanda x Reader
Word Count: 6.8k (little long, whoops!)
A/N: You lot wanted Part 6 of Accidentally on Purpose queued up, so here it is! Happy Reading!
Translations: Ptichye moloko (pa-titch-yeh mall-oh-ko): Bird's Milk Poshol ty (pah-showl tee): Fuck you
*please do not repost or translate my material or claim as yours. reblogs, comments and likes are always appreciated!*
Sluggishly, you make your way up the unending stairs inside of this upscale condo complex. The floors are freshly waxed as you step past the manned elevators, passing a few tenants who are staying here, the majority of the building empty.
This condo is a summer home for many people and they’re all currently at their winter homes, avoiding the nagging cold that sits heavy in your bones.
Some people pass you dressed in their heavily starched and pressed outfits for the horse races, others walk alongside caddies who are already carrying their golf bags and even fewer are coming back from a night on the town. No matter the reason they're awake, they all glance at you with your simple flannel shirt and jeans, sticking out like a sore thumb.
You avoid any eye contact as you climb up to the last floor to your empty hallway. Biting down on the small brown bag you've been carrying, you carefully balance the drink tray in your hands as you take the keys from your pocket. Unlocking the door and carefully pushing it open, you step inside the small studio apartment area of the condo you’ve been borrowing.
Walking in, immediately to your left is a tiny kitchen with containers of last night’s take out food littering the counters. Straight ahead is the combined living room and bedroom, a large window overlooking a busy street and a fancy hotel.
You let out a tired sigh as you lock the door behind you, walking towards the living room. Wanda is writing something down, tapping the blue pen she holds against her fingers. Placing down the precariously scorching drinks, you glance up at her.
“Thanks for the note,” Wanda tells you, peeking through the camera and snapping a picture.
You chuckle as you slip out of your flannel and toss it onto the plastic covered couch, “Knew you wouldn’t request a Stark kill drone if it would destroy your beloved cake.”
Her tied auburn hair whips around as she turns quickly, her eyes wide with excitement. She stands up quickly, climbing onto the tips of her toes to try and peek inside of the bag you open. Gently, you place the cake container onto the kitchen counter and dump out the sugars and creams.
“They actually had it?” Wanda gently holds the slice of sponge cake and custard in her hands, inspecting it like a diamond.
You nod as you stir in your coffee, “When I went for that run yesterday, I went by that little bakery at the corner. Figured I’d drop in this morning before anyone had a chance to get one.”
Turning as you blow into your light brown drink, Wanda lets out a giddy noise as she speeds over to the take out counter and grabs two forks. She places one next to your fingers, no doubt excited to eat this little treat after it had been sold out for the past week. You raise a brow at the second fork as she glides hers through the cake. Patiently, she waits for you to take a small piece and you oblige, curious as to what’s so great about this.
As you bring the fork to your mouth, a red haze covers the fork and you glance over at the witch, squinting those green eyes at you,
“Before you bite into that, how did you say the name?”
You chuckle “You know I speak six languages, right?”
Her humored green eyes don't waver from yours as she waits, her glowing fingers gently moving as she holds the fork steady. You roll your eyes,
“Ptichye moloko. Happy?”
The fork nearly stabs you as she lets go and you flinch away. You watch her raise her brows,
“Accent’s a bit rough, your inflection was off…”
“Will you eat your damn cake?” You tell her, watching her grin as she slides the fork clean from her lips.
A soft moan exits her mouth as you place the light delicacy in your mouth. It’s a thick custard but it rests so lightly in your mouth that it nearly melts. The rich chocolate balances out the sweet custard and you see what all the raving was about. Wanda slowly eats her way through the cake, investigating each bite before placing it into her mouth. You give her and her new love the room as you saunter to the reconnaissance area.
Kicking your shoes off to the side, you fall into the chair with a grunt, grimacing as you pull out your gun from it's holster and type into your computer with a single finger. Adjusting the camera and scope to your eye level, you set up the desk how you like it. Tilting the computer just so, changing the settings on the camera and setting your feet up on the desk.
"What's so special about that cake?" You ask, clicking through the secured email Nat sent.
Wanda chuckles quietly from the kitchen, "My mother... my mama. She would make this for our birthdays."
Turning around, you see her staring softly down at the cake. Her fork carving gently against the soft custard on top. You let out a hum, not wishing to press her further.
"I haven't had this in years," she whispers, so faint you nearly miss it. But you can hear the pain drip from her words, how she clears her throat to push back the threatening tears.
You stay silent, glancing over your shoulder every few moments to make sure Wanda's okay. She takes her time eating through the cake, swiping through her phone as she tries to keep any bad memories away. A few minutes into the silence, you’re nearly done with your coffee but your eyes are still drooping from fatigue.
Letting out a large yawn, you rock back and forth in your chair as you press a headphone into your ear and listen to the silence of the hotel room across the way. The person of interest you’re watching, Andrei, is out playing golf so his suite is currently empty and that means boring hours ahead. The sound of the fridge opening catches your attention as you rub your tired eyes,
“Can you toss me an energy drink?”
Sucking the last of the bean juice from your cup, you chuck it into the trash can, watching it bounce off the rim and clatter to the floor. Wanda gives you a look as she floats it into the can, handing you the cold can as she still drinks her coffee.
She stands there for a second, watching you type out your report from last night, sucking in a breath as you rub your eyes. Cracking open the drink and taking a sip of the carbonated cherry drink, you let out a sigh.
Wanda snaps her fingers and you glance over at her, “Do you want to take a quick nap?”
You shake your head as you peer through the camera, “I’m fine.”
“I’m good for another half hour. ”
You snap a picture of Andrei's dirty bedroom with the curtains open for once, “Go to bed.”
There’s nothing but some murmured voices outside in the hall and the sound of the heater kicking on. Wanda stands a little closer to you as a quiet yawn exits her mouth, “Are you sure?”
You don’t say anything, just let out a low hum. Your attention is on the maid who’s walked in and you start the timer for how long she’s in there. Jotting down what she does and comparing it to your other notes, you adjust the camera to try and catch her face.
Wanda eventually walks off, the sound of the tap running and then her buzzing toothbrush coming from the bathroom. The buzzing gets louder and you close your eyes for the impending question as the shutter clicks.
“What other languages do you know?” The question comes through a mouth full of toothpaste.
You sigh, “Go to sleep, Maximoff.”
Wanda lets out a huff but you hear her feet pad away. The tap turning off and on as she swishes water and then washes her face. It’s been a week of listening to her “bedtime” routine; laying out clothes for when she wakes, reading chapters out of her book before you’d have to go and bookmark her page after it fell off her chest.
And it's been nearly a month since that one vulnerable night you shared together. You had come back to a room that looked the same as it always did, a tightly made bed and everything squared away.
The tight, obligated smiles Wanda used to give turned softer, scrunching the corners of her eyes. Those green eyes weren't tracking you around the Compound in suspicion anymore, there was curiosity between you two. Everything wasn't completely sunshine and rainbows though, the two of you still argued over missions and even what to have for dinner. But the team wasn't tensing in anticipation for Wanda's magic to make an appearance or you grabbing your knife anymore
You let out a huff of air when you hear Wanda climb under the sheets of the bed and not complete her ten minutes of stretches. She isn't getting ready for sleep.
“What’s your favorite word in any language?”
Squeezing the bridge of your nose at her relentlessness, you start to spit out another order for her to go to sleep. Turning as you speak your eyes rest on hers as you say,
“Wanda, please -.” Your eyes widen in time with hers, biting down on your tongue before you can finish your sentence.
You swallow roughly as Wanda silently sits there on the mattress, brows clenching as she hears her name. You can feel her eyes staring into you as you turn around quickly and pretend to write something. All of this time and you’ve never called her by her first name. It was too personal, too intimate. Either Maximoff if you just wanted to talk or ‘princess’ when you wanted to push her buttons.
It was never Wanda.
Knowing there’s no running away from this when you have to share a room for the next foreseeable future, you peer at the clock. If he’s doing a full round of golf, he’ll be gone for the next three hours at least. You could get away with a few glances through the camera here and there. Twisting to look at Wanda, she glances up from her phone as you rest your shoulder into the back of the chair.
“Poshol ty.”
Wanda rolls her eyes, “Why am I not surprised. That’s two words by the way.”
You chuckle lightly, placing your chin on your hand as you grip the top of the chair. You watch her plug in her phone, her knee bouncing as she sits beneath the sheet. Wanda looks at your expectant eyes and furrows her brows at the look.
“If you could only watch one sitcom for the rest of your life, which would it be?”
She groans, placing her face in her hands. You can’t count how many times you’ve walked into the living area or even the movie room and it’s been overtaken by Wanda watching her sitcoms. Sometimes she’d be in there laughing to herself and sometimes it would be a whole team endeavor.
You would never admit it to her that sometimes you’d stand there in silence and watch them. Sometimes a chuckle would even make it's way out of your mouth. You had never seen a single sitcom before staying at the Compound. But you could see why she enjoyed them.
Placing her chin on her knee as you turn from a quick peek into the camera, you can see the excitement in her eyes,
“You’re so not ready for how I’m going to talk myself through this. You have a few hours to spare, right?”
If Wanda’s plan was to keep you awake, she succeeded. Half of your shift went by in a breeze as she walked through her top five favorite shows and attempted to narrow them down. She failed though. She had so much to say that she could barely cut down to three shows before she talked herself to sleep. It was a few hours into the quietness as the sun began to drop into the evening that you were noticing some things happening across the street.
It was a few new visitors at first, taking things and having long conversations in the dining room. Then it was dark tinted SUV’s that pulled cautiously into a neighboring alley. Andrei had gotten sloppy, he left the curtains open and you could see him inventorying and packing up his illicit weapons and gear. You had to shake Wanda awake but she was ready to move.
You tailed the caravan through the busy streets on your motorcycle, Wanda keeping track of the vehicles when you were preoccupied with not crashing. They stopped at an old abandoned building, a few guards staying outside. You'd seen this location before in a file. A small workshop Andrei had used to make his goods, now defunct and utilized as the rendezvous for business negotiations.
You two took an alternate route to enter, sneaking in from the top and heading to the bottom. Wanda left you to take care of the dealer while she went to make sure your escape route was kept clear. As much as she wanted to rip his limbs off because of dealings with Strucker, you had to get answers out of him.
Kneeling next to Andrei, you tap his chin to pick up his head. His face is swollen, eye already bruising purple as he tries to breath through his broken nose. You hold up the photo of Strucker again, pressing his forehead back as he hisses.
“When was the last time you had an arrangement with Baron Strucker?” You ask.
A bloody spitball lands on your face as he tries to headbutt you. You stand back, chuckling viciously as you take his tie and wipe your face clean. Dropping the photo you pull the knife from your holster and slide it across his face. The blade paints with the blood across his face, his cheek twitching as he tries to keep his eye on you,
"I told you the rules, Andrei." Standing behind him, you press your hand over his mouth and jerk him back, stopping the chair from tipping with knee.
"I ask a question," his muffled yells are stopped by your palm as you slam the blade just between his fingers, nicking the inside of his hand.
“You answer the question. The next time you try something stupid like that, I won’t miss.” You growl into his ear. Andrei nods furiously, trying to talk into your hand.
You let go with a scowl, wiping your moist hand on your pants as you glare at him. Breathing carefully, he lets out a low groan as he starts to feel the broken ribs in his torso. His eyes start to droop and you’re growing impatient. You take the knife out of the wood and slam it into his knee, stuffing his tie into his mouth before he can scream. Waiting for his huffing breaths to smooth out, you slap his face so his bloodshot eyes open to yours.
“If you want to keep your knee cap, give me a fucking date.”
Pulling out the tie like a magician pulls out handkerchiefs, Andrei drops his head back, “Okay, okay. Shit! It was last year. He hasn’t contacted since.”
You grip the knife gently, “What did you give him?”
He breathes out carefully, you can see the twitching in his throat as he tries not to gag from all of this pain.
You glare up at the ceiling, "I asked a question, Andrei," you tell him, twisting the knife gently against the bone.
“Medical equipment! Medical! Shit!” He slams his head back and you catch the chair as you squeeze his face.
Andrei grimaces as your fingers press against the cuts on his face, “You better have that paperwork on you, buddy.”
Glancing to the side, his finger flicks over to his briefcase. Pulling the knife from his knee, you walk towards the case and click it open. Peering inside of it, there's a loud yell from outside the door and then you hear the alarming explosion of a pistol firing. You freeze as you stop sifting through the papers, peeking over your shoulder at Andrei. His frantic eyes are on you as he tries to stutter out that he didn't do anything.
The door behind you is flung open as you dive over the desk, tipping it over for cover from the hail of bullets. Slamming your back against the hard wood, you grimace at the stinging cut on your arm from a stray bullet.
Hearing the click of an empty gun, you slam your foot against the desk with a grunt, sending it flying across the floor. Andrei gets flung across the room, still stuck in the chair as the guard who rushed in flips over the desk.
You slide forward, grabbing him and wrapping your arm around his neck until he falls limp to the ground. Standing, you shove all of the papers into your pack as you pull out your handgun.
“Maximoff, it’s a little loud out there.”
There’s a grunt in your ear, “Yeah, I know- shit!”
Pointing your gun at Andrei as he screams for help, you raise your brows, “I don’t care about you. But they don’t like bullies and I don't want to be lectured by Captain America, again.”
Clasping a tracking beacon onto him to get picked up by Shield and tossed into a cell, you roll his chair towards the back alley and tip him over. His screams follows after him as he lands into the dumpster with a heavy thud, the chair breaking beneath him as he groans, still alive.
Sprinting down the stairs, you come across a group of immobilized guards, the room around them looking like a tornado flew through. Chuckling at Wanda's work, you raise your alarm as you see a trail of blood leading towards the back room.
Aiming your pistol as you come around the corner, your wrist nearly snaps as someone tries to disarm you. They pull back, dismantling the weapon and whipping the pistol slide at your face Your eyebrow splits open and blinds you with blood as you try to back off.
Furiously, you fling them into the wall, wrapping a nearby curtain around their hands as you kick them out the window. They fall out of the building as their head knocks against the alleyway dumpster. Rolling your aching wrist, you follow the trail of blood as you try to stop the pouring blood from your face, pressing your arm against the cut.
Entering a small hallway, you head towards a janitor closet in the back . You chuckle, Wanda's probably in there taking a quick breather if the broken broom near the door is any indication at her exhaustion. She probably slammed it over someones head, her body tired from using her magic. Knocking against the door, you lean against the wall,
“Hey, clean up on aisle ten. Can you grab the mop?”
There’s nothing but silence as you turn the unlocked handle and reholster your reassembeld gun. You step inside, closing it gently behind as you turn with another snarky comment on your lips. Your words get caught in your throat as you see Wanda sprawled out on the tile floor. It's no longer white but stained a dark red.
Kneeling next to her as you ignore the clenching in your chest, you open her eyes and try to see if her pupils still dilate. Looking her over for any more injuries than the gunshot wound in her side. After the week in the condo, you know Andrei’s guards tend to soak their bullets in certain chemicals that can do nasty things to the body. Unless they got sloppy, you need to get Wanda out of here. And you need to get her breathing.
You slap her cheek rapidly, “Come on, Maximoff. Wake up!” You start to press into her chest, “Wanda!”
Straddling over her limp body, you try to get her heart working again, gritting your teeth so tightly an ache grows in your jaw. Blood and sweat pour down your face, muttering to her to wake up as a cool chill fills your veins.
She hears you, choking for air as she sits up halfway before falling back to the ground with a loud groan. Her hand grips your arm tightly as she starts to writhe on the floor from the bombardment of pain. You work quickly as you tie a bandage around her body, trying to stop the bleeding. Quickly, you slip your arms under her legs and shoulders, picking her up as gently as you can. Her forehead knocks against your shoulder as she silently curses to herself in Sokovian. You hear poshol ty from her lips and chuckle quietly to yourself,
“Told you it’s a good word.”
“Shut up,” she groans into your chest as she grips your shirt tightly.
Through the pounding in your ears, you can hear voices. Carefully, you stop at a corner and peek around it. Wanda had done well in clearing out the few guards Andrei had brought with him. The group who was buying though,had arrived with their guards, and they were on high alert with the disaster this house was in. You count five just in the front workshop area alone.
Glancing down, you give Wanda a little shake for her to look at you, “If we’re going to get out of here, you need to trust me, Maximoff.”
Wanda hisses as she arches in your arms from the pain, “What choice do I have?”
You clench your jaw, ignoring the sting of her words. Sucking in a deep breath, you slowly release it as you plan your route ahead. As the guards turn their backs in search, you take off in a sprint and pray Wanda doesn't rip your limbs off.
Hurdling over the workshop tables with ease, the guards hear your pounding footsteps as you slam through the door with your back. Bullets and yells follow after you but you’re quicker, getting away before their guns can get a bead on you.
Wiping your split eyebrow on your shoulder, your calm breath heightens as you start to pant through your mouth. You sprint down the street, slamming your back into the alleyway wall as you try to skid to a stop, pain erupting through your spine. Wanda yelps at your jostling movements but you can’t slow down.
You quickly get Wanda onto the back of the bike, shoving her hair from her face, blood and sweat mixing against her soft skin. Your heart is pounding in your chest as you try talk to her,
“Can you hold on?”
“Yes,” she groans out, her bandage already soaking through with blood.
You climb onto the seat, her arms instinctively wrapping around youand resting weakly in your lap. With one hand, you accelerate the bike as your other hand grips hers, trying to keep her on the bike. Speeding off, you swerve in and out of traffic as fast and as safely as you can, taking the shortest but least obvious route you can back to the hideout.
Wanda’s hands nearly slip from you before you finish parking, your heart practically leaping out of your chest as you catch her. As you reach back and grab her, those green eyes blink weakly at you, trying to see you. You need to move faster.
Pulling Wanda off of the seat faster and harder than you probably should have, she lets out a moan as you push through the steel alleyway door. You drag her failing feet up the backstairs, cursing that you had to get the top floor condo.
“Come on you, lets keep moving.” You grunt as you reach down and pull her up by her belt.
Your shirt nearly rips as she pulls against it, the pressure of your hand on her wound probably far from comfortable. Quietly, you mutter things to Wanda, encouraging her to keep her feet moving and keep her eyes open. All the while, you feel a chill running through your body whenever you glance down at her pale and grimacing face.
Finally, you get outside the door of the small studio room and press her up against the wall. She shoves you away as you lean down to try to check on her, she knows you're both still in danger every second you're out of this room. Your trained subconscious is yelling at you to hurry up and open the door, but you can feel the itching heat across your skin. You're panicking. You don't panic.
“Get the door!” She yells, punching your chest when you try to help her stay steady.
“The door!” She nearly screams, snapping you from your haze as you pull the keys from your pack, her fist continuing it’s barrage on you as you apologize for jostling her a little too much.
As you try to get the key into the hole, her attacks don’t waver, “You could have warned me!” She shouts at you, “Goddamn bullet!”
Wanda’s next punch is filled with all of her anger and pain as the keys are knocked from your hands. The adrenaline from her body trying to stay alive is amplifying all of her anger. You grit your teeth as you kneel down to get them,
“Sorry! Next time I’ll just leave your unthankful ass there!”
As you snatch the bloody keys from the floor, she shoves you away, “Just open the door!”
The shove is the last thing to send you over the edge. Your adrenaline is already raging alongside your panic as Wanda is bleeding out right next to you. The stressed coil inside of your body snaps and you grab her wrists tightly. She yelps as you press her against the door with a thud, her face grimacing with the hit.
“Hey!” You snap and her glare falls on you, “You’re shook up, I get it! But you need to calm the hell down or you’re getting the bullet out yourself.” Your tone is serious, hiding the fear in your body. You fill your words with the same venom you soaked your first words to her in. But as she looks at you, you can't put that same venom in your eyes.
You watch her hands relax as she knocks her head against the door. She breathes out an apology, wincing at the pain that is now overpowering her drained adrenaline. You move quickly, wrapping her arm over your shoulder, your other arm slides around her body as you reach the key forward.
Unlocking the door, Wanda’s head droops forward as you carefully take her through the threshold.
“Could you move a little faster?”
“Oh, now you want me to move faster,” you grumble out as you lead her to the bed.
Grabbing the jumbled plastic cover that was over the bed when you first arrived, you quickly cover the bed sheets as you set Wanda down. Kneeling down in front of her, you carefully remove the red bandage and peek under her shirt. Her breathing is erratic now that only pain runs through her body, she’s trying to stay awake.
“I hate you. Oh, I hate you so much right now.” she groans out to no one in particular, but you probably know some of it is pointed to you because of proximity.
Moving quickly, you grab everything you think you’ll need from these rooms. A bottle of alcohol from the cabinet and the plastic covering on the couch. You glance to Wanda, making sure her eyes keep blinking and that air fills her lungs.
Before breaking into the next area of this condo, you squat down next to Wanda and hold out the bottle of vodka and order her to drink. You sprint through the door, breaking the lock with your speed and force, and drag the dining table from the ornate dining room.
Pulling it closer to the kitchen, you cover it with the plastic covering and glance back at Wanda, her swaying body advising you to keep her talking,
“Another bullet didn’t pierce your heart right?”
She sighs at your question, “Obviously not.”
“That’s unfortunate,” You glance back but she doesn’t hear you, you need to move quicker.
You mutter quietly to yourself about what you need, snatching things up as you walk past them. An extra shirt here that you stuff in your pocket as you rip another into shreds. You snatch up your knife and yank tweezers from Wanda’s bag. Tossing them onto the table, you kneel back to Wanda as she takes another shivering swig, staring blankly at the wall.
You squeeze her face gently until her eyes slowly connect to yours, a jolt sent through your chest, “Hey, I can’t see the bullet like this.”
“I can feel it,” she groans out, letting out a shaky breath.
You nod, “You have to trust me because I gotta take it out.”
She doesn’t respond so you carefully help her out of her jacket, watching her grimacing face as she moves her arm. Gently, you pick Wanda up off of the bed as the plastic crinkles beneath her, sitting her carefully down onto the table. Slowly, you pull her shirt above her head, her breath catching with the pain as she pushes her forehead into your shoulder. You breathe in carefully as you push her back while your fingers run down her torso, wiping away the blood to try and get a better look.
From what you can tell, it didn’t break apart inside of her and there’s no exit wound. You whisper for her to lay down completely as you quickly move to wash your hands, tearing off your bloody flannel and leaving you in a tank top.
Grabbing two bowls, you toss the tools and shreds of shirt into one and cover it in alcohol before dousing your hands with a second bottle. Shaking them to dry off, you watch her shakily lift her bottle as she leans to the side just gently.
“I’m going to be honest, Wanda. This isn’t going to be fun.”
She takes a big swig before lowering her head on the rolled fabric you placed on the table, her body jolting in pain. She coughs out as the empty bottle clinks to the ground,
“I trust you.”
Your movements freeze as you stare at her. Wanda's green eyes squint slightly as she tries to grin, but the pain jolts through her body again. Her hand pats your arm gingerly, resting there as she takes in a labored breath. You knew there had to be some kind of trust between you and the team but just hearing those words sent a certain warmth in your chest. Sucking in a careful breath as you try to slow down your beating heart, you lean a little closer,
“Do you need to bite down on something? Once I’m in there I can’t stop.”
She holds up one of your shirts that she grabbed from the bed and you grin, one step ahead. As she rolls it, you watch her shaking hands try to keep the roll tight but it comes undone. You place your hands on hers, helping her as you glance up at her shaking chin, blood smeared on her face. Fear is in her eyes; being shot for the first time tends to do that.
"Hey, you're going to be okay. I’m not going anywhere."
Patting Wanda's hand as you clean your hands once more with the second bottle, she breathes as you flash a small smile.
"I'm sorry," she sucks in a breath, "I messed up."
You chuckle, wiping away more of her blood from the wound, "You can only be sorry if you die." Glancing up at her, you raise your brows and stare into her eyes, "And I'm gonna make sure you don't."
Taking the rolled shirt tightly in her hands, she places it between her teeth as you take her hands. You put one on each of your arms and you feel her gently squeeze.
“You clench as hard as you need, okay? Keep breathing.”
Holding the knife handle in your mouth, you hover over the wound. You lock eyes with her, waiting for her consenting nod. She gives it, closing her eyes as she starts to pant heavily with the shirt between her teeth. Without warning, you open the wound with your fingers and hear her hiss out in pain. She tries to move away from you but you slam your knee on top of her thigh.
The hiss is quickly replaced by muffled grunts as your fingers move inside of her body, searching.
“Shit,” you mutter as you take the knife from your mouth and try to open the wound more.
You glance up at Wanda’s clenching face as she screams into the shirt, her nails dig deep into your arms. You clench your jaw, averting your eyes, barely capable to look at her in such pain. Wiping your face with the back of your hand, you mutter a silent prayer as Wanda’s foot slams against the table.
After what feels like hours of searching, your fingers feel the hard metal of a bullet as you press it against her and try not to lose it. Flicking the bloody knife into a wall, out of the way from slicing you or Wanda, you pluck the tweezers out of the alcohol bowl and follow your fingers into the wound. Clenching your jaw tighter, you can feel the skin on your forearms break as you get the tweezers around the bullet.
Unfortunately for Wanda, you have to move slowly so you don’t have to go digging around inside of her again. After a long, excruciating moment, you hold the bullet up into the light as you check to make sure it’s intact. Relaxing the panic in your chest, you hear a loud smack as Wanda’s hands fall from your arms and onto the table.
You quickly look up, her eyes shut as her breathing is nearly imperceptible. Wiping your hands onto your pants, you check her eyes and pulse. Satisfied that she's alive, you lean your forehead onto the table and let out a shaking breath. You take the moment, trying to calm yourself and match your heaving breaths with her deep, unconscious breathes.
Cleaning your hands and the wound, you fall into a chair with a suture needle and thread. Sighing as you thread the needle, you glance up at Wanda finally looking at peace after this adventure. You were used to taking bullets out of yourself, it’s proven to be a bit more nerve wracking when it's inside someone else.
As you try to tie off the thread, you stare at your shaking hands with confusion. Despite it being someone else, your body was on edge. Your hands shouldn’t be shaking, they never shook. All the wounds you helped Natasha address, they never shook. When Yelena received a nasty gash to her leg, your hands never shook.
Every careful stitch you make, your eyes glance up at Wanda to make sure she’s not going to wake up in a panic. Knotting the end, you glance towards her lingers as you watch the lines on her forehead smooth away.
With a sigh, you begin snatching up the tools and trash, rolling up the bloody plastic coverings and moving the dining table back after you gently placed Wanda on the bed.
Getting a glass of juice and a snack for Wanda when she wakes, you gently cover her shivering body with the blankets and let out a calm breath for the first time in hours. Chuckling, you look at the dried blood that runs down your forearms from Wanda’s nails.
It’s your turn to clean yourself up, you know there’s a large wound on your back when Andrei's knife bested you before you tied him up. You were sloppy, showing off because a pair of green eyes were watching from the door.
Shaking your head, you stare at all of your gear that needs to be packed but you still need to call into base. The less time you spend here, the safer you both will be.
Still, the exhaustion of the day is getting to you as you give up trying to clean your wounds and you start throwing your equipment into bags. Stuffing your clothes into your backpack, you glance at the clock. There's still time. Your evacuation wasn't until a few more hours, to try and let the city's gangs calm down.
You fell asleep on the ground, clutching a pillow as you lay on your stomach to not aggravate your wound. You were surprised how easily you fell asleep and how deeply you did too as you listened to the soft snores that filled the room.
A sharp stinging sends panic up to your brain as your hand automatically grips tightly around the gun it rests on. As your body tries to turn to point the gun, you feel a heat surrounding your arm as you slowly open your eyes. You chuckle, seeing the red mist and you hold up your free hand gingerly. The red mist disappears and you drop the gun as Wanda kneels next to you.
“You remembered.” You grumble tiredly.
Wanda lets out a quiet hum as she sits cross legged next to you.
“I’m working on it,” you tell her, as you close your eyes again, gently listening to her tearing open something.
“I know. Just hold still this time.” She whispers to you as you feel the antiseptic pressing against the wound on your back again.
You wince and pull away from her, “It’s fine, I can get it later when-.”
“Hold. Still.” Wanda insists as her cool hand presses down below the wound and rests on your waist. You let out a sharp breath as your eyes fall to hers, seeing the sternness in her stare soften, "Please."
“Yes, ma’am.” You say, resting your head on your hands as you silently watch her work.
Her cool hands are a welcome sensation against the burning wound, moving tenderly across your skin and sending shivers up your body. Gently, she rests her hand on the bandage she places for just a moment, her thumb silently stroking your skin. Your eyes meet for a moment, breathing in the calm around you. Wanda lets out a hum, seeming to snap out of her thought and starts to pick up everything.
“Our ride’s in another city. Another two hours or so and we should be okay.” Wanda nods as she folds up some of her clothes you left out, “Sorry, I wasn’t sure where-.”
“Thank you.”
You roll to your side carefully, catching her watching eyes as she finishes packing. You nod with a small chuckle,
“It’d be a little suspicious if you died on mission with me.”
Wanda rolls her eyes, “I’m sorry I punched you.”
You chuckle and pat your arm, “Yeah, you know if I squint, I can just make out the bruise you gave me.”
Walking past you, she smacks the sutures you gave yourself from your close call with a bullet. You grimace at the stinging, watching her walk to the fridge,
“You know what I really liked about this mission?”
You let out a noise as you stand and pull your shirt over your body, her eyes glancing at your movement. Wanda ducks below the cover of the fridge door as the slightest red brushes over her cheeks,
“The part where I almost bled out.”
You laugh at the lightness in her words despite almost dying, “I can take the stitches back if you want.”
She peeks above the fridge door at you with a warming smile, “Who’s picking us up?”
You raise your brows as you lean against the cool granite counter, “Who do you think?” You groan as you extend your sore arm and take the beer she hands you.
“I won’t bring this up then. Save you a little trouble.”
Raising the bottle to her you give a smirk, “Talk like that some more and I’ll think you’re coming onto me.”
Her green eyes rest on you, filling with a pure humor you’ve never seen, “Believe me. You’re not some prince charming.”
“And you’re not a damsel in distress,” you counter.
Wanda’s brow raises at your playful comment, “Is that a compliment?”
You laugh as you swallow the cooling beer, “Nope, cause I like damsels in distress.”
Wanda walks past you with a laugh, letting out a sigh as she lounges on the bed. You watch a flicker of pain on her face before she looks over at you, “Well then, you do know Nat is definitely not one either?”
A grin forms on your face as you see what she’s poking at. Your past. The connection between you and the assassin, past endeavors with each other that would never turn into anything more. Wanda lets out a chuckle, watching you catch on,
“I’m sorry, princess. You don’t know me that well. That story is locked up tight.”
Her eyes close as yours glide down her body, “That’s the last time you get to say that, and only because you saved my life.”
You open your mouth to poke harder at her buttons but she knows,
“Say it again and I tell Nat you let me get shot.”
____________________Part 7
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Tumblr media
𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫'𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞 - wahh it’s here! can’t believe my brainrot of osamu teaching a cooking class turned into this long fic lol... i hope you enjoy it!! it was fun crafting the story with my beta readers and i put a lot of effort into it!!! itadakimasu <3
𝐛𝐞𝐭𝐚 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐬 - @forgetou​ @amjustagirl​ (muacks 2x) + tq to everyone who helped me with the banner!!
𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 - you’re suna’s younger sibling, food, heartbreak, angst but happy ending, mentions of stabbing (joke), kita dances to ‘ice cream’ by selena gomez and blackpink, mentions of alcohol, mentions of blood (brief), suna beats (redacted) up
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 - miya osamu x gn!reader
𝐬𝐲𝐧𝐨𝐩𝐬𝐢𝐬 - you fall in love with miya osamu once more, but you’re afraid of getting hurt again.
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 - 5535
𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐦𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬 | 𝐤𝐨-𝐟𝐢
Tumblr media
1. Cook the rice according to your rice cooker, then transfer the cooked rice to a separate bowl to cool it down.
Tumblr media
“What ya want t’do is scorch the soy sauce.”
The class presses themselves against Osamu’s workbench as they scribble down notes on their recipe printouts. Their lips purse to ooh and aah at his cooking skills, though you’re pretty sure that they’re more interested in how his biceps flex when he flips the wok with a trained flick of the wrist. 
You stand at the very edge of the group. It’s better than getting close with a group of hungry housewives, really. If grocery store and department mall sales have ever told you anything, it’s to never get in the way of what a seasoned housewife wants. Unfortunately for you, you haven’t learnt the way of being a homemaker just yet. 
You’re unemployed, right in the middle of a month and a half-ish long transfer between jobs. You currently stay at your brother Suna’s place — which is really just an apartment filled with dirty laundry overflowing from its seams.
Turns out Suna himself is a bit of a gossip.  He told Kita who told Atsumu who told Osamu that you’re stuck at his place 24/7 with no friends or entertainment in the lovely city of Nagano. It’s just mountains and trees as far as the eye can see all around — and there’s only so many hikes you can take each week. 
“Why don’t you take a cookin’ class?” 
“Cookin’?” Your face screwed up in confusion. “ What for?”
“So that you can actually pull your weight around the house and make me something to eat.”
You chucked a pillow at his head and began to list all the things you did while staying at his apartment. Laundry, cleaning the floor, doing grocery shopping (even if it was only instant noodles and snacks), finding his disgustingly sweaty socks under the sofa and many other important chores, thank you very much.
Besides, you weren’t as eager when you saw who was the one that would be holding the classes. With his picture plastered across the front of a pamphlet, your heart dropped into the pit of your stomach. Years of chasing his dreams and training in a kitchen had done Osamu wonders. 
You had half a mind to smack Suna in the head with the yellow, glossy paper, but instead you quietly tucked it into a corner of the guest room to look at later. You were sure Suna hadn’t forgotten your history with Osamu just yet — but perhaps he assumed that enough time had passed to heal your wounds.
Either way, there’s no going back now. That’s how you ended up at Osamu’s ‘Cooking class for homemakers — you can do it too!’, except you aren’t a homemaker. You shift your weight from one foot to the other as the sound of sizzling soy sauce fills the air. Osamu pauses for a while before beginning to mix the rice with the sauce, wielding his spatula and wok expertly like weapons.
“Miya-san, you’re amazing!” someone gushes.
He lets out a bashful laugh. “This is nothing. I’m sure everyone will be able to do this by the end of class today!”
You wonder if he’s ever considered being a teacher. The demonstration on how to make shrimp fried rice is soon over and everyone returns to their benches, eager to try out the recipe. You are no different. Scurrying to your bench at the very back of the classroom, you exchange glances between the printed recipe handout and your tray of ingredients.
“Need any help?” 
Osamu’s voice and looming presence makes you jump.
“Woah! Careful there,” he chuckles, his fingers gently prying a knife out of your hands.
Unconsciously, you had raised it in shock when Osamu snuck up on you. The knife now lays safely on the tabletop and you feel the eyes of the entire class boring into you.
“Sorry, Miya-san. I didn’t see you,” you apologise meekly.
“Don’t worry about it, I shouldn't have scared ya like that. And no need for the formalities! You’re my friend’s sister, afta’ all.”
Oh goodness. You half expect the class to pick up their pots and pans and run at you right this moment. You swallow back the half hearted ‘Osamu-san’ that rises in your throat. Your heart trembles in your chest and for a second, the silence that weighs heavily between the both of you turns awkward. 
“Miya-san! Could you help me with this please?” 
You’ve never been so glad to hear Tachibana’s sickly shrill voice before. Osamu is quick to wave goodbye to you before hurrying over to her bench, a smile still on his face. You breathe a sigh of relief. 
You make a mental note to tell Suna that Osamu should just stick to placating those housewives and leave you the hell alone. The last thing you want is to have blackmail spread around the neighbourhood by these gossipy housewives, or worse, have their daughters hunt you down and chop you up into pieces.
Whatever. You’re just here to learn how to make shrimp fried rice and then go home to your annoying older brother. Besides, it’s not like you’ll be here for long. Miya Osamu just happens to be the local heartthrob, the handsome and eligible bachelor chased by anyone single and ready to mingle. You have absolutely nothing to do with someone so popular and good-looking. And for goodness sake, he’s your brother’s high school friend and your… Well, you know. 
Your face burns and you pick up the knife again, grip tightening on its handle. You begin chopping at the onions with renewed determination.
(Later on, when you bring back a tupperware of fried rice for Suna, he looks you in the eye and asks “Shrimp fried this rice?”.
You shoot him a glare.
“I fried this rice.”)
Tumblr media
2. Prepare all the fillings that you are going to use and set aside, such as pickled plums or tuna mayo. Prepare your seaweed sheets.
Tumblr media
What you don’t expect is for Miya Osamu to show up at your doorstep the next day with boxes of food, cartons of drinks and a very noisy brother of his in tow. 
“Rin, where can I leave the drinks?” Osamu yells.
“Rin, can I play your PS5?” Atsumu shouts.
You think that they are very different, the Miya twins. Suna takes a minute to finish putting on some clothes (you had answered the door, thankfully. No one wants to see Suna Rintarou in Pikachu boxers) before bursting out of his room.
He’s quick to smack Atsumu’s ‘dirty little setter hands’ away from his precious Playstation, directing Osamu to what constitutes the apartment’s kitchen — a second-hand fridge and the building-installed gas stove that works only if you hit it hard enough. You’re surprised that neither you or Suna haven't died of a house fire or gas poisoning by now.
It doesn’t take long for the other Inarizaki alumni to arrive at Suna’s apartment in a series of doorbell rings. Kita even brings along a large bottle of sake, to which everyone cheers loudly. You don’t understand why they had chosen Suna’s place to have a reunion party. Seriously, wouldn't Onigiri Miya or some other izakaya have been a better choice?
However, there’s free flow of drinks and lots of yummy snacks, so you decide to let the noise wash over you and stand by the food table to pick at the trays of pizza, fried chicken and other finger food. Aran even offers you a drink, smiling sweetly before going off to wrangle Atsumu from trying to initiate a beer chugging competition. Some things just never change, you suppose.
“Having fun?”
You jump and nearly drop the plate of food that you hold.
“You have a horrible habit of scaring people, Miya- Osamu.”
His first name comes out awkward, tumbling off of your tongue as you use a pair of chopsticks to carefully pile back some mentaiko mayonnaise onto a slice of tamagoyaki. Osamu settles into the crook of the kitchen counter next to you with a playful grin on his face.
“Do I really?”
“Don’t forget that the first time you did that, someone nearly got stabbed.”
You pop the tamagoyaki into your mouth. It’s delicious — the egg’s sweetness balances out the salty sauce. You wonder if there’s enough left on the tray for seconds. 
“How’s the reunion going?” you ask nonchalantly, and shuffle a few centimetres away from him.
You hope Osamu doesn’t notice that. He does, however, but chooses not to comment on it. He brings up a hand to scratch at his neck, his shoulders slumping ever so slightly. He’s close enough for you to get a whiff of whatever cologne he’s wearing. Your head spins for a second. 
“Oh, none of us have gotten drunk just yet. I’m pretty sure we’ll be playing beer pong or something later on.”
You steel yourself against the urge to look at what Osamu is wearing. Don’t look, don’t look, definitely don’t look. Miya Osamu is, has been, a dangerous man to fall in love with. You can’t afford to- 
Perhaps gouging your eyes out would have been a better choice in theory. Even a glance from where you stand beside him is enough to see that not only is he wearing a tight, black T-shirt, Osamu also has a pair of sweatpants on. Is it a sin to wear sweatpants? Probably so, especially with the way it makes your throat run dry. 
“Beer pong, huh?” You try your best to mumble somewhat nonchalantly. “Who won the last time?”
“Kita?!” you gasp. 
Even that’s enough to make you forget about Osamu and his stupid (and very sexy) sweatpants. 
“Yeah, right? That was the first time he participated. All of us got left drunk in the street, so we decided to do it at someone’s place this year.”
You let out a soft laugh at the thought of a bunch of grown men piled over each other on the road. You don’t particularly like the thought of cleaning up after them tonight, though. 
The lack of words between you and Osamu descends into snorts of laughter that trickle in from the tiny living room. Aran throws his head back, drink nearly spilling out of his cup. Ginjima laughs so loud you see Omiomi cover his ears and Suna holds his phone up, filming every second of Atsumu’s defeat. 
Osamu opens his mouth as if to ask you something.
“C’mon! Yer killin’ me, Kita-san!” Atsumu yells, socked feet and waving arms trying to match the onscreen character’s movements.
Kita, on the other hand, is scoring perfect marks without as much effort wasted. You giggle to yourself as he moves his hips, shaking them here and there. A small smile quirks his lips upwards as he finishes with a flawless ending move on ‘Ice Cream’, the Just Dance characters fading into oblivion on the screen. Atsumu crumbles to the floor in defeat. 
Osamu’s lips form a straight line as he watches you laugh along, raising a hand to cover your mouth. He curses Atsumu’s birth and swallows back his embarrassment.
“Did ya see that, Osamu? Oh- Kita-san is so good at everything!” you gush.
“Atsumu just sucks.”
When you laugh, Osamu thinks something in his chest lurches. Regret makes his head go foggy and leaves a sour taste in his mouth.
Tumblr media
3. Place cling wrap over a rice bowl. Place some of the cooked rice over the centre of the cling wrap and make a well.
Tumblr media
“No way ya got a love letter!” Atsumu yelled.
“Ya get yer fair share. We share t’same face, why shouldn’t I get some?” Osamu retorted, rolling his eyes. 
Suna watched as the twins began to gripe and argue about who was the better looking sibling again. Nothing unusual, really, given how this occurred every odd day of the week.
“S’gotta be a prank. No way someone likes a loser like you,” Suna mused.
In retaliation, Osamu threw him a stink eye. “You two are just jealous,” he sniffed.
The letter had been written on pretty pink paper, all hearts and cute handwriting as his secret admirer asked him to meet them on the roof after school. Not that Osamu wasn’t affected by it, of course. It always rubbed his ego the right way to know that someone preferred him over Atsumu. Though, it wasn’t like he was interested in anyone then. It only took a second before Osamu ripped the letter in half.
“Woah woah woah! Yer crazy! Whatcha gonna do if some pretty girl gave that to ya?” 
Atsumu’s eyes widened in shock, almost reaching forward to grab the shreds of letter that Osamu had torn up. 
“Does it matter? S’not like I’m interested in datin’ right now,” he replied.
“Seriously? What if she’s like, super duper hot!”
Osamu’s face screwed up. “Are ya a horndog?”
Just as Atsumu was about to shout at his dear brother again, you opened the door to their classroom and hurried in. You had a bento box in hand and a cute pout on your face as you placed it on Suna’s table.
“Rin! You forgot your bento at home again!” 
“Oh.” Suna blinked. “Thanks.”
“Seriously, you gotta stop forgetting your things! I can’t be bringing them to you all the time-”
“Hey, Suna.” Atsumu perked up, referring to you. “Would ya go on a date with Samu or me? Me, right? Definitely me!”
Your face flushed with heat. “Huh? What are you talking about?”
“‘Samu got a love letter in his shoe locker this morning. Cliche, huh?” your brother said between bites of his lunch. 
“Mm, yeah. Cliche,” you mumbled. 
You looked around anxiously for any sign of the love letter. Was it in Osamu’s bag? 
“Can ya believe he tore it up?” Atsumu laughed.
Your heart felt like a stone in your chest as you froze, your blood running cold. 
“Yeah! This dumbass doesn’t know how t’appreciate anythin’,” he replied, smacking Osamu on the back of his head.
His twin responded with a muffled growl as he continued to scarf down his absurdly large bento. You fiddled with the cuffs of your sleeves, staring down at your feet. You were quick to bid the third years goodbye as you fled their classroom as an inexplicable ache spread through your chest. 
You didn’t focus on your classes for the rest of the day. The fact that Osamu had torn your love letter, written with all your heart and soul as you crumpled draft after draft last night, tipped you over the edge of your fantasies and had you plummeting straight into reality. 
You looked up from your feet, glancing up at Suna. The both of you were swapping your indoor shoes for outdoor ones, but you had absentmindedly stopped in the middle of slipping your right foot into a shoe. It was nearing the time where they closed the school gates, so there weren’t many students around save for the odd volleyball club member.
“What’re you doing? Put your shoes on properly,” he huffed.
“Sorry,” you said quietly, and slammed the locker door shut once you were done.
You walked a few feet ahead of Suna as you approached the school gate. Your head drooped with each step, tears beginning to mist your eyes. You willed yourself to hold it in till you got home, till you were in the safety of your bedroom to start sobbing your little heart out. Suna tugged on your wrist.
“Are you crying?” he questioned.  
You shook your head quickly, rubbing your eyes with the back of your sleeve.
“Oi. Answer me.”
This time, his voice was a little softer, yet held a mixture of irritation and anger behind a crumbling wall of apathy. Who had been the one to make you cry? 
“It’s nothin’,” you choked out. “Let’s just go home.”
You turned your face to the side as tears continued to roll down your cheeks, muffled cries turning into heartbroken sobs. Something inside of Suna’s head clicked. 
“It’s Miya Osamu, isn’t it?” 
You had to bite on your lower lip to stop it from trembling.
“That bastard tore up your letter, didn’t he?”
You gave Suna the tiniest of nods. He let go of your wrist and whipped around, eyebrows furrowed together. Not wanting to date was one thing, but treating your confession like dog shit was something else. Fortunately for him, the Miya twins were changing their shoes in the getabako.
“‘Samu!” Suna yelled.
The gray haired male looked up with a face of confusion.
“Suna? Whaddya want-” Osamu wasn’t able to say anything more as Suna’s fist collided with his face.
Atsumu jumped back with a yelp as the both of them crashed to the ground. Your hands flew to cover your mouth.
“Rin! Stop it!” you cried out.
You dashed over, tripping over your own feet as you tried to pull Suna away from Osamu as they traded blows. It took the work of you, Atsumu and Ginjima (who had been unlucky enough to pass by) to tear the two apart, and even then Osamu was still struggling in his brother’s arms to be let go.
“What t’hell, man!” he snarled. 
Suna wiped his nose, glancing briefly at the crimson that stained his school uniform. The adrenaline was beginning to run low and pain began to settle into his fists and ribs. His shoulders heaved with each breath, and your hands clutched his shirt.
“Rin. No more, please,” you begged, pressing your forehead against his back. “No more.”
Suna hated the way your voice trembled as you spoke. He didn’t think it was fair for you to bear the burden of pain while Osamu got to walk away unscathed, leaving you broken in pieces. His fist curled up again.
“It’s not worth it, Rin.”
Suna took in a shaky, deep breath.
You were right.
Miya Osamu wasn’t worth it. 
Tumblr media
4. Put about 1tbsp of the filling of your choice on the centre of the rice and cover it with rice.
Tumblr media
A week comes and goes after the annual Inarizaki reunion. You’re still finding sticky stains on the floor, as well as food wrappers tossed behind the sofa. Suna sends the group chat a video of you yelling at all of them while wielding a mop with so much fervour Aran asks if you broke it. Atsumu actually apologises and Osamu offers to come over and help clean up. The entire group chat flames him immediately.
As per last week, you walk into Osamu’s cooking class at 2p.m. on a Wednesday afternoon. It’s hot outside, droplets of perspiration rolling down your nape. The cool air-conditioning of the classroom is much appreciated and you don your apron behind the gaggle of housewives. You catch snippets of their conversation as they put their items in the cubbies provided. 
“Tanaka-san, did you see the mushrooms that were on sale this Monday?”
“My son is attending this cram school this summer. Here’s the address!”
“My father-in-law keeps complaining about the heat…”
“Good afternoon, everyone.”
Everyone perks up when Osamu walks through the door. They’re quick to surround him, asking how his day had been. You look tired, take this ginseng drink! It really revitalises your spirits! Did you get a girlfriend yet, Miya-san? My daughter is single, you know! 
You watch as Osamu walks behind his bench, all smiles and “Is that so, Shigeru-san?”. Polite enough to please them, but not enough to make them think that he actually wants to go on a date with their 34 year-old daughter who’s a tired office worker looking out for potential husbands like a hawk. He lets out a heavy exhale, using his cap with the Onigiri Miya logo on it to fan himself.
“Hot today, isn’t it?” he chuckles.
You think that maybe he’s the one that’s making this summer so warm, especially with the way that his shirt clings to his figure and his flushed cheeks that make him look adorable. 
You do a double take. Ah, adorable. You must have meant that heart-print apron that Tanaka is wearing today. It is pretty cute, and you wonder if you should ask her where she got it from later on. Definitely not Osamu with his perfect smile that would make anyone’s heart skip a beat, and definitely not when it’s directed at you.
“Gather around everyone! We’re going to be making gyoza today!”
The demonstration goes as usual — Osamu impresses the housewives, they gasp and someone even touches his forearm and asks “How did you get so strong, Miya-san?”. Not that you care, of course. You certainly don’t. What you’re more concerned about is how Osamu manages to make wrapping the fragile gyoza seem so easy. 
Your fingers pinch at the thick dough, eyebrows furrowed together. No matter what you do, your filling keeps spilling out of the wrapper and so you’ve opted to try out for a thicker piece this time. Not that it really matters — Suna will be the one suffering from food poisoning if it turns out bad, anyways.
“Ah, yer made it too thick,” Osamu says as he strolls over. 
You tense up as he leans over your shoulder, peeking at the chubby gyoza in your hands. You pretend not be affected by how close he is and continue pinching the wings of the dumpling shut.
“They keep bursting,” you sniff. 
“Maybe ya put t’much filling?” Osamu suggests. “Here, lemme show ya. Put tha’ one down and grab a new wrapper. Yeah, just like that.”
You stiffen as Osamu flours his hands and cradles your hands in his. 
“Here ya go. That’s t’much, scoop out some more. That’s it. Now gently…”
Blood rushes to your face as you feel the warmth of his skin seep into yours, his hands rough from years of training and cooking. Scars adorn the tips of his thick fingers and knuckles. You suddenly feel the urge to gently trace them with your thumb, to ask him how he got each one of them. 
Would he let you? Let you so close, that perhaps you would be the one to know every single thing about him?
“You did it!” Osamu says cheerfully. 
He suddenly pulls away, making you plummet back to reality. A perfectly made gyoza sits in your hands.
“I’m looking forward to tasting your gyoza later on. Now keep trying!” 
You’re left dumbfounded as Osamu walks away to help out the other housewives. They stammer and blush when they get too close, but he never holds their hands in his own, never smiles as gently as he does with you.
You place the gyoza on a pan and put the lid on with a little bit more force than what is necessary.
Tumblr media
5. Wrap the cling wrap over the rice and squeeze and mould it into a triangle shape with your hands.
Tumblr media
You try not to make contact with Osamu after that. Attending his cooking classes becomes a game of cat-and-mouse, where you try to tell him ‘I don’t need any help, Miya-san’ and watch him crawl away in defeat. In fact, you decide to skip the lesson on making hamburgs and instead spend the afternoon watching television.
After all, from what you’ve learnt in the past, Osamu is nothing more than trouble. You think it’s worth the sacrifice now to put some space between the both of you so that you don’t end up heartbroken a second time. 
Though, you do feel a little bad. Just a little bit. One day when Suna’s out at training, you hear the doorbell ring and Osamu’s voice ring through the genkan. You hear his feet shuffle by the door and a heavy thump outside before he leaves. You only open the door when you hear his car pull out of the apartment building’s carpark, and find a packed bento lunch for you in front.
You try to pretend that the bunny cut apples and sakura shaped carrot slices don’t mean anything.
“Ah, Suna-san! Where were you last week?” Tachibana titters as you step into class for the final lesson.
“I wasn’t feeling very well,” you lie. “I think I caught a summer cold.”
“Oh dear, that sounds terrible!” the ladies chorus together. 
You think they’re probably just glad that you didn’t get in the way of their beloved Miya-san. You tug your apron over your head, and ignore Osamu when he greets everyone. His eyes linger on you for a little too long during the demonstration — to the point that he actually burns the skin side of his salmon fillet.
Osamu skirts around your bench like a nervous puppy when the demonstration is over. You don’t seem particularly keen about talking to him, though the tips of your finger tremble when he finally plucks up the courage to stand next to you. It’s not close enough for your elbows to touch, but close enough that he can whisper to you without anyone else hearing him.
“Hey,” he begins, uncertain. His voice wavers slightly.
“Hey,” you reply, wary of what he might say. 
“Are you okay?”
You take a moment to think, tipping the sake bottle carefully to measure out an exact tablespoon of it. He wonders when your hands have seemed so delicate, so small. He aches to hold them in his own again. 
“I’m okay.”
“That’s good.”
It’s quiet, again. Just like that night in Suna’s apartment, with all the noise of the reunion going on around you, except this time it's the clanging of pans and utensils, paired with the chatter of many ladies. 
“I was thinking…” Osamu stares down at your hands, turning the measuring spoon over so that sake splashes onto the hot pan with a sizzle. “Maybe we could get a drink together after this?”
You cover the pan and watch its surface cloud up with condensation. You hide your shaking hands by digging them into the pockets of your apron. 
Osamu swallows. Perhaps he had been too direct with you; scared you off with how quickly he was advancing. Or did Suna tell you to be careful of him? That he didn’t want you falling in love with him a second time? There’s no lie about it, that Osamu had been a grade A asshole back in high school.
But he loves you now; has loved you since then. Would you be willing to give him a second chance?
“Osamu,” you breathe.
His shoulders relax slightly when you don’t call him by his last name. 
“I don’t know what to do.” 
Your voice comes out timid, scared. Osamu’s heart crumbles at the edges. He wonders if you would hate him if he reached out and took your hands in his once more. You’re both adults, perfectly capable of rational thinking if only your hearts hadn’t gotten in the way. Love hurts, they said. You want to agree. 
“We can start it out slow,” Osamu suggests.
“I’m supposed to start my new job next month. I won't be in Nagano for much longer.”
“I’m opening a branch in Tokyo.”
“I’ll be busy settling down. We might not get to see each other often enough.”
“A little is better than nothin’.”
“You’re my brother’s friend.”
“Now, yer just picking at nothing, babe. Didn’t you have a crush on me back in high school, too? That didn’t stop ya, did it?”
Your heart wrestles with your brain, insisting on comfort and that love will always come in the form of someone that isn’t Miya Osamu. You’ll find someone, but will they be better? Will they send food to your doorstep, or send you stupid photos of dogs he saw on the street? Will they chase after you relentlessly for years, will they be Osamu?
A lump forms in your throat and you wonder if this, has been, is love. You tear your heart out from within you and let it cling to your sleeve, as pathetic and scared it is. You don’t mind if it hurts. To never hurt is to never have lived, to never have loved. 
By this point, your eyes have misted up with tears and it hits you- You’re about to cry about your crush in the middle of a cooking class attended by middle-aged ladies. You’ve never been more embarrassed. 
“Really?” you whisper, looking up at Osamu with glittering eyes. 
He ignores the “Miya-san! I need your help!” that rings out in the background. He smiles gently.
“Yeah, really.”
A tear slips down your face. Osamu lets out a breathy chuckle as he swipes it away with his thumb, giving your shoulder a squeeze.
“We’ll talk properly after this, alright?” 
You nod numbly. You watch as he hurries off to Shigeru, gasping when he sees how she had completely butchered her fillet. He turns back to you, trying to hold in a snigger. 
You giggle.
Osamu thinks he wants to hear that laugh forever.
Tumblr media
6. Remove the cling wrap and cover the bottom of the rice triangle with a nori sheet and set aside.
Tumblr media
“One extra large bonito onigiri with spring onions!” you cry out from the counter.
Back in the kitchen, Osamu and another part-time worker scoop steaming rice out of large vats and use their hands to mould them into perfectly shaped triangles. A scoop of filling goes in and a strip of seaweed is wrapped hastily around the onigiri before it's sent to you to package. You place the onigiri carefully into a box and slip it into a paper bag with the shop’s logo on the front for a take-away order. 
The shop is filled with customers even on a Wednesday afternoon. The clock shows 2p.m., past lunch time, yet you can see a queue that snakes out of the shop and down the alleyway. 
Another long day ahead, you think to yourself. 
“It’s our turn!” a little girl squeals as she takes the bag from you, opening it up to peer at the huge onigiri inside. “Mama! ‘giri!” 
Her mother laughs and pats her head. “Don’t forget to say thank you, Haru.”
The girl turns to you, eyes sparkling. “‘Fank you, Miya-shan!” 
A cheery grin almost splits your face in half. Miya-san. Four years on and it still makes your stomach flip whenever you hear that Osamu’s last name has become yours. It was an easy decision for the both of you to get married, really. You had loved each other for years and all you wanted to do in the end was to spend the rest of your lives together.
You quit your office job just before you got married to help Osamu out with the new Onigiri Miya branches. It took some getting used to, but the familiar customers and bright smiles that you see just by serving onigiri each day makes it worth it. It’s tough work, no doubt. But doing what you enjoy with the man you love is more rewarding than it ever could be.
Though, it’s not like your relationship has always been smooth sailing. There are days when you bicker over something stupid (like how you always forget to close the lid of the rice cooker), or when Osamu insists that he isn’t overworking himself (although his eyebags tell otherwise). But love’s a recipe with a few secret ingredients, and you’ve come to master it over the years. 
“Come back soon!”
The shop is filled with the fragrant scent of freshly cooked rice and bonito flakes being stir-fried into furikake. Customers perch on tiny stools as they scarf down onigiri of different shapes and sizes, licking their fingers clean. A plush toy of Onigiri Miya’s mascot sits on the counter next to a potted plant that Atsumu bought (which is surprisingly still alive).
A photograph of the third Tokyo branch’s grand opening hangs on the wall. You and Osamu hold up a bouquet of flowers, smiling toothily at the camera, your wedding rings glinting in the sunlight. 
“One medium onigiri with tuna mayo, coming right up!”
You jump as Osamu shouts out the order suddenly and you nearly drop the onigiri that he hands to you.
“Woah, careful there,” he chuckles, a hand ghosting the small of your back.
“You have ‘ta stop scaring me, ‘Samu,” you huff and roll your eyes playfully.
Osamu grins at you and the edges of his eyes crinkle up. You place the onigiri safely into its packaging and place it on the counter for a customer to collect, before turning back to plant a kiss on his cheek. Osamu’s face flushes pink and he hurries away, mumbling something about bonito flakes.
Your heart soars in your chest.
Yeah, it has been, will be, worth it. 
Tumblr media
7. Repeat the same steps as above to use the rest of the rice with other fillings that you prepared.
Tumblr media
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Okay- Imagine you're (Cow-Hybrid) Ted's step-kid, and typically Ted doesn't have the time to pay attention to you. Let's say in this universe Ted is some sort of business man, and he's simply to busy to focus on his step-kid because he just has so much work and something always comes up. You have nannies, house staff, and even a home-school teacher, but all you really want is your step-dad. After all, he used to be around a lot more when your mother was still alive, but now that she's gone he's stopped being around as well.
You're left to assume it's because your his step-kid and not his bio-kid, so you do everything in your power to impress him. You study hard and get 'A's in all of your classes, but he still doesn't pay you any mind, just briefly praises you and throws cash your way. So you fight for his attention, because you love when he praises you, you love when he's proud of you, you love that brief moment when he pulls you into a tight hug and kisses your forehead- when he tells you he's proud of you. But those moments are so rare, so few and far between that you try harder.
You've always lived a sheltered life, the only time you ever really leave the house is when your step-dad throws you money and tells you to buy something you like and you go to the mall. You're home-schooled and Ted never felt comfortable with you making a lot of friends because he never wanted you to get hurt, and the only people in your life are your step-dad, the house staff, your teacher, and occasionally, "uncle" Schlatt.
It's your 20th birthday, and you're not surprised your step-dad is once again missing your "special day" because something came up at work, and he's -once again- forgotten what today is. You've stopped getting disappointed when he can't keep his promises to you, but it's 8 at night and you're eating a slice of birthday cake all alone, in the dark, and you can't help the tears that slip down your cheeks. Most of the Staff has gone home, and occasionally the guard your dad hired will pass by the kitchen window on his patrol, but other than that, you're all alone on your birthday once again and your step-father sent his assistant to buy you presents rather than choosing some himself.
You're about to head to your room when there's a knock on the front door, and you sigh, assuming it's the guard who forgot his key again. But once it's open you're face to face with your step-dad's bestfriend and occasional business partner, Schlatt. And for the first time since your mother passed away you hear the words you've waited for your own step-father to say, "Happy birthday, sweetheart."
And -as most people with daddy issues- you stop fighting for your step-dad's attention and looking for that love in older men, and Schlatt is more than willing to obliged you. He gives you the world that night, and continues to do so every time he sees you again and again.
And Ted notices. He always had. He noticed the excellent grades you made, the presents you got or made for him and left in his office for him to find when he'd get back home after a long trip, he noticed you hanging out with the kitchen staff so you could make him meals after a long day. You were his kid, his favorite kid (His only kid, but his favorite, none-the-less). He didn't despise you because you weren't his by blood, far from it in fact. He pushed you away for your safety -that's what he's always told himself, at least. His business, his work, isn't exactly legal and he's made a lot of enemies, he tells himself he pushes you away because he wants to protect you from the people who want to hurt him, he tells himself its because he doesn't want to put you in danger for his choices, but that night a few years ago when he calls you his "Baby girl" and you reminded him that you were 18, he suddenly noticed how his "little" kid has matured so... so perfectly. He's noticed far more about you than he's let on, and he tells himself that he has to keep away because you're his step-kid, and he's beginning to see you as something else- someone else.
You're his step-kid and he knows he shouldn't, but he's unable to not think of you when he tugs at his length or when he's letting another person stay in his bed. When he has the time to go on dates, he compares the people he's with to you and finds himself disappointed. For awhile he tried convincing himself he's actually imaging your mother, you have her eyes, and her nose and her smile and he thinks that he's just confusing your face with hers because it's been so long since he's seen her. But your mother was never as sheltered as you were, and he finds himself wanting to corrupt that innocence, he imagines how tight, how unexperienced, you are. Your mother never asks the questions you do, you were 19 when Ted began to notice how hard you were trying to gain his attention, and he hated that he couldn't give it to you, because he knew deep down he wasn't protecting you from the people who wanted to hurt you to get to him, he was protecting you from him and those desires he kept locked behind shut doors as he bit down on his hand and used your underwear he found in the laundry to tug at his length.
And he notices almost immediately when you stop trying for him. You stop trying for his attention, the attention you've always had but he was too afraid to give you. You don't welcome your step-dad at the door with a bone-crushing hug, you don't pout nearly as hard when he gets a call from work, you aren't paying close attention to everything he says now because your eyes are locked on the screen of your phone. And now Schlatt, Ted's bestfriend, is stopping by the house more and more often, and your no longer waiting at home because Ted couldn't tell you no when you begged your step-dad to let you go work under Schlatt as his personal secretary (How was he supposed to tell you no when you flashed those pretty puppy dog eyes and called him 'daddy' unaware of how his pants tightened). And Ted notices almost immediately, how the innocence in your eyes -that innocence Ted has tried so hard to preserve- is suddenly replaced with full blown pupils hidden under half-lidded eyes as Schlatt whispers something in your ear that makes a giggle leave your lips, not the same giggle that Ted get when his face flushes and he can't tell you why he's having trouble functioning while you walk around in nothing but an over-sized shirt and underwear.
Ted notices it all immediately and his innocent step-kid is now learning all of the thing he wanted to teach them one day from his bestfriend. And he can't say anything because he's the one that pushed you away and right into Schlatt's open arms.
So he keeps his mouth shut, but- he starts staying home more. Not that it matters, he's around the house more than you are now. But when you are home, Schlatt's got an arm around your shoulders and your undivided attention is all on the goat-hybrid while your step-father is now the one struggling to catch your eye. You're right there across the living room from him while he wishes he was the one fingering you under the blankets that are on top of both you and Schlatt while you three watch a movie. He should stop you, he should yell and scream at Schlatt for touching his step-kid, but then he wouldn't hear those delicious little whimpers that Schlatt pulls from you while Ted tugs at his length with your underwear against his nose, pretending it was him pulling those noises from you, pretending it was you rather than his hand that was wrapped tightly around his length later in the night.
And then you're hand in hand with Schlatt as you both come open to Ted about your relationship - he knew, of course - he has since the very beginning, but you tell him you're moving in with Schlatt and that shocks Ted. Because you're not asking permission, your not begging him with pretty pleases, and you're a grown adult so he has no right to stop you. He figures it wouldn't change much anyway, you're at Schlatt's house more often than you're home anyway. Ted should tell you you can't be with a guy who's old enough to be your father, but he is your step-father and he wants nothing more than for you to be the one he comes home to every night. He assumes that if you leave that his obsession with you will fade, disappear along with you, he thinks he can move on and forget how much he craves you.
And then you're moved out and he finds himself craving you more. The house feels empty without you there, dinner feels boring and dull without your brightening aura. You're not at home and it feels empty. Your room feels lifeless without you there and the door usually stays shut now. And he hates to admit how much it bothers him, but the panties he just couldn't put in your suitcase while you were distracted no longer smell like you, and without your presence -you're scent at the very least- it's just so much harder to push himself over that edge as he tugs his length at night. All of the dates he's been on since you left end horribly as he ends up getting frustrated, now, since they're nothing like you.
And now when you do come home Ted's getting angrier, because you're in Schlatt's bed at night, Schlatt has your presence in his- your- home now, Schlatt could steal your panties whenever he wants(not that he needs to), you cook meals for Schlatt, you clean the house for Schlatt, you work with Schlatt, you're with Schlatt and not Ted. And the cow-hybrid can't express how angry and jealous that makes him because you're still his step-kid.
But Schlatt knows. Schlatt knows all about Ted's dirty secret. It was an accident when he found out. It days after your first night with Schlatt, and while Schlatt loved every damn second he spent with you, while he loved taking your innocence that night, he felt this pit in his stomach, feeling as if he betrayed Ted, and went to Ted's office to be honest with his bestfriend, just to get it off his chest. But just as he's about to knock on the door, he hears Ted moaning. He knew he should've walked away, come back later, but then he heard your name fall from Ted's lips and Schlatt decided to test a theory.
So he got more handsy, purposefully gave Ted a show anytime he was around you, and would degrade you so perfectly in your ear when he found that flaunting you in front of your step-father turned you on as well. Schlatt was no where near as innocent as you were and caught on almost immediately to how Ted watched you, how the cow-hybrid had to readjust his pants when you bent over to grab something you dropped in just one of Schlatt's shirts and a pair of underwear. Schlatt stole a pair from your drawer and "accidentally" Dropped it in the load with your step-dad's clothes, and later found Ted lifting the fabric and pressing it to his nose.
And Schlatt was loving every second.
Until Ted started getting genuinely upset. Schlatt cared about you, more than he'd admit, he was falling for you and hard, but Ted was still his bestfriend, so he decided to help the sexually frustrated cow-hybrid out.
Ted was shifting through his mail when he came across a letter with no return address and no labeled sender when he opened the envelope, there was a note and a hard drive, the note read "Watch alone ;*"
Ted assumed, at first the video had something to do with his less than legal business and someone was trying to get something from him, but when he played the video on the hard-drive he found his pants tightening at the moan that filled his earbuds, it was a moan he craved to draw out himself, a moan he heard through thick walls or ajar doors, a moan he often imagined while he came. And then the camera focused on the naked body before him and he found himself staring at his step-daughter. The video was shot like a POV and Ted found himself rewinding the video every so often just so he could really soak in all the details of your body or just to hear you call out 'daddy' again.
And by the time Ted had finished the video for the umpteenth time and the sun was beginning to rise, Ted was spent, but scrolling through his phone to find a present to have ordered and shipped to Schlatt's place as thanks for video, and the invitation that now covered the screen where he had paused the video. After all, Schlatt was offering Ted the one thing he had wanted since he began chasing after you, and he wasn't going to turn it down.
- 🌊
why........... did this lowkey make me feel sad for ted what the fuck-
that being said uh, i would love a part two when you have the time because this is fucking incredible
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The high price of love // Part 3
Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Loving and desiring someone are the best things a human can possibly do. But what happens when you feel these things for a woman much older than you?
Word count: 3.764 || 9.931
Warnings: fluff; angst; milf; smut (+18 only!)
Good reading!
All parts || Part 2 (Read on AO3)
“Tell me again why we’re doing this.” Robin grumbles beside you and you sigh impatiently.
This afternoon none of you had monitoring, so you dragged her to the mall with you. The reason: to buy a gift for Billy and Tommy.
It's been days since you last saw Wanda and every second the need to see her grows more and more inside of you. But you couldn't just show up at her house, especially if her children were home. There was no reason that would explain your presence there, so you had to find one.
"I told you, Robin, I want to give the boys a gift. They're such sweethearts." You reply, looking at the shop windows you pass by. Which was also true. From the very first moment Billy and Tommy had won your heart in such a way that you were sure you would do anything for those two cuties.
Next to you, Robin snorts with amusement and rolls her eyes. "But tell me, do you call them stepchildren or little brothers?" She scoffs and you roll your eyes in irritation. You turn to her, about to retort, but all thoughts vanish from your mind when you see Wanda across the hall. Luckily, she didn't see you, so you just widen your eyes and hide behind Robin.
"Shit." You grumble, and Robin watches you with a mixture of confusion and amusement. "What are you doing, weirdo?"
"She's here." You say and hold Robin's shoulders, reversing your positions so that your back is to Wanda. Robin's confused face changes to one of complete curiosity as she scans the mall looking for Wanda. "She's in front of the perfume store, on the right."
You inform her and as soon as her eyes go to the place you indicated, Robin's eyes go wide. "Holy shit, is it the redhead?!" She asks in shock and when you nod the blonde whistles. "Fuck, she's hot!"
"Yeah, I know! Now can you stop staring? She'll see you!" You speak impatiently, feeling your cheeks burning and putting your hands in your pockets nervously. "Too late for that, honey." She informs you with an amused smile and you widen your eyes. "What do you mean?"
"(Y/n)!" Wanda's voice sounds from behind you and you feel your heart stop as you turn to greet her. "Wanda! Good to see you." You say, hugging her and she giggles, her breath against your ear making your whole body shiver.
"Good to see you too!" She says with a smile on her face as she runs her hand down your arm and you chide yourself for becoming so hyper aware at her touch. It's inexplicable how easy it is to get lost in her beautiful green eyes.
Robin clears her throat beside you and you wake up from your trance. You look at her, who is wearing a mischievous smile on her face, and you nervously massage the back of your neck. "Wanda, this is Robin. Robin, Wanda." You make the introductions in the most awkward way possible and the two women exchange glances.
"It’s a pleasure to meet you, Robin. I've heard a few things about you." Wanda says shaking the blonde's hand with a knowing smile and Robin does the same. "The pleasure is all mine, Wanda. I’ve heard several things about you as well."
And so an awkward silence is established in which Wanda glares at Robin, Robin smiles amused at the situation and you watch everything with a gigantic will to die.
"I'd better get going." Wanda finally says, turning her gaze to you. "See you around, (Y/n)?" The redhead asks, her voice almost in a request and you can't help but smile. "Sure thing."
Wanda smiles at your answer, biting her lip and with a final nod to Robin, she walks away. "Damn, what was that!" Robin says beside you, but all you can do is look at Wanda walking away. Just the way she moves is enough to make your stomach turn and make you desperately want to rip all her clothes off.
"You're drooling." The blonde teases, pushing your face with her hand and you chuckle. With one last glance at Wanda, you turn and walk away with Robin.
You nervously knock on the door, two gift packages under your arm. A few moments later the door opens revealing Wanda. "(Y/n), what are you doing here?" she asks in a mixture of happiness and apprehension and you smile. It doesn't matter if you saw her yesterday, it seemed that every time you looked at her the butterflies in your stomach would fly even more intensely.
"I came to see the boys." You explain, waving the gifts at her and Wanda's eyes widen slightly in surprise. But soon she looks at you again, an endearing smile on her face as she invites you in.
You wait standing in the living room while Wanda calls for the boys, and soon Billy and Tommy appear. They smile happily to see you, hugging you tight, and you giggle, hugging them tightly as well.
"What are you doing here?" Billy asks excitedly and you smile. "I came to deliver something to my favorite boys!" You reply, showing them the packages and they both exchange excited glances. You hand the red package to Billy and the green one to Tommy.
You watch them both open their gifts, a satisfied smile on your face. You don't notice, but Wanda watches you intently, a smile on her own face. When the boys finally see what it is, they gasp excitedly admiring the Star Wars action figures and you giggle.
"It's my favorite character!" They both say at the same time and you giggle some more. "I know! You guys told me last time." You say and they smile at you, hugging and thanking you afterwards. "Are you going to play with us?" Billy asks hopefully but you shake your head.
"Unfortunately I can't, I have class in a little while." You say, but as soon as the boys make sad faces your chest tightens and you add. "But I can come back another day. I mean, if it's okay with your mom." You finally look at Wanda and she smiles at you, a sparkle in her eyes that you have never seen before. The boys urge her to allow it, and she nods with a giggle.
You say goodbye to the boys and watch as they run to their room to put their new toys with their collection.
Wanda guides you to the front door and you can't stop smiling at the thought of the boys' happiness with the gift. "Why did you do that?" Wanda asks genuinely, leaning against the door and you shrug, putting your hands in your pockets. "I just wanted to. Billy and Tommy are great kids, I wanted to do something nice for them."
You explain and Wanda watches you intently, smiling. "And also because I really wanted to see you again." You confess with a smirk and Wanda smiles, biting her lip and you can't help but lower your gaze to the action. Wanda notices and her smile widens.
"The boys are sleeping over at a friend's house tonight." She says, her eyes locked on yours, and you feel your heart beating a little faster with the direction of the conversation. "Maybe you could stop by later." She completes and you feel your whole body heat up and your mouth goes dry.
"Unless you have plans with your friend." She remarks with raised eyebrows and you chuckle softly, shaking your head. "I'd love to come over later." You say and Wanda smiles biting her lip. "Okay." She says and you repeat. "Okay."
You move closer to her and give her a soft kiss on the cheek, but place your hand on her waist and give it a gentle squeeze, and Wanda sighs in surprise. Wanda turns her face and gives you a brief kiss on the lips.
You both exchange one last smile and you walk away, your chest beating fast with anticipation for tonight.
You tell Nat that you’re going to sleep over at Robin's because you’ve decided to watch a movie after you have corrected the mock exams, and you try to ignore the mischievous smile your aunt gives you.
You also send Robin text messages explaining the situation and ask her to cover for you.
Don’t worry, sucker.
Go get your mommy.
It’s the reply you get and you chuckle, shaking your head slightly and feeling your cheeks heat up. You rush out of the house and your head is so overloaded with thoughts of Wanda that you barely acknowledge the way to her place.
You knock on the door, huffing to dispel your anxiety, and soon the door opens. You smile at the sight of Wanda and before you can say hello the redhead pulls you inside by your shirt. You gasp in surprise and she closes the door behind you, pressing you against it next, and you feel your brain short circuits.
"I missed you so much." She speaks as she kisses you, her voice muffled and full of desire. You hold her by the waist and spin her around, placing her against the door, and Wanda moans softly in surprise and pleasure. "I missed you too." You say as you kiss her neck and Wanda wraps her arms around your neck.
You move your hands down to her thighs and pull her up, taking her in your lap. Wanda sighs, wrapping her legs around your waist, and lifts your face to kiss you.
Your tongues meet immediately, neither of you bothering to ask for passage, and you press her more firmly against the door. Wanda pushes the collar of your jacket trying to get it off and you help her, removing the item and throwing it on the floor.
Your hands reach down to the hem of Wanda's shirt and she doesn't even wait for you to lift it, pulling the blouse off and removing the garment completely. You sigh at the sight of Wanda's naked torso against you, and you kiss her again, catching her lower lip between your teeth and earning a soft moan from the redhead.
You walk with her on your lap through the house as she guides you into the bedroom. You kiss and on the times you end up tripping over some furniture you both laugh, and the feeling of Wanda laughing against your lips is your favorite feeling of all.
When you get to the bedroom, you walk with her, kissing her intensely until your knees hit the bed and you lay her under you on the mattress. Your lips meet her jaw and Wanda brings her hands to the hem of your shirt, pulling it up. You reach up to remove it and Wanda gives you a wicked smile when she sees your naked torso exposed to her.
You lie on top of Wanda again and kiss her, Wanda's hands instinctively traveling to the back of your neck. You both sigh as you feel your bodies pressed together and when you press your knee against Wanda's center, she moans softly against your lips, holding tightly to the hair on the back of your neck and you groan.
You bring one hand to Wanda's breast, pressing your knee a little harder against her core, and the redhead moans against your mouth, moving her hips against your knee to get more friction. You move your kisses down to Wanda's jaw and neck and she puts her hands on your shoulders, pushing you down.
You smile against her skin at her desperation, but you have no intention of making her wait. So you move your kisses down, sucking on her skin until you leave marks, and when you reach her breast, you give it a long lick and Wanda sighs deeply, arching her back.
You play with Wanda's breasts for a while and she moans with every touch, but soon the redhead starts pushing you again and you do what she wants. Moving your kisses down Wanda's belly, you feel her shivering, and when your hands find the bar of her shorts, her breath hitches.
After you remove her shorts, Wanda spreads her legs for you and you smile as you see her panties soaking wet. You bring your face closer, hearing the redhead sigh in anticipation, and the smell and taste of Wanda invade your senses as you deposit soft kisses on her panties, making your head spin.
You pull down Wanda's panties, removing them, and without wasting any time, give her entire intimacy a long lick. Wanda sighs deeply, arching her back.
Then you give it shallow licks with the tip of your tongue, and Wanda whimpers at your teasing, moving her hips against you to increase the touch. You chuckle softly and change your approach completely.
Wanda's moans fill the room as you devour her, capturing her clit in your mouth. You lick and suck her sensitive skin and Wanda holds your hair, pressing you tighter against her. For Wanda that is not enough. And that’s not enough for you either, so you bring your finger to her, teasing her entrance and the redhead's breath hitches with anticipation.
When you put a finger inside her, Wanda moans your name loudly, making your own intimacy pulsate. Once you feel that the redhead has gotten used to it, you insert another finger, and Wanda's moans only increase.
Without stopping your tongue movements, you sink your fingers deeper and faster and Wanda holds your hair even tighter, arching her back in pleasure. When you feel her spasm against your touch, you move your hand to her leg, holding it firmly.
The redhead's spasms become more and more constant as her moans become louder and louder. Her head spins with all the sensations but you don't stop, and soon Wanda reaches her limit, moaning your name one last time.
You withdraw your fingers gently and give her intimacy one last long lick and Wanda sighs heavily, a low moan escaping her lips. You deposit kisses running up her belly to her neck and Wanda shivers with each one of them.
As soon as you get close enough, Wanda pulls you in and kisses you passionately, moaning softly when she tastes herself in your mouth. Wanda holds your face firmly, your tongues dancing together, and you bring your hand up to the redhead's waist, feeling her shiver immediately.
When you need air, you lift your face just a little and feel a chill in your stomach as you see how Wanda's pupils are dilated. "I want you to ride my face." You say breathlessly and Wanda's eyes widen a little at your unexpected words. But then she smiles, biting her lip, and when she nods, you smile too.
You lie on the bed next to Wanda, and the woman takes the opportunity to lie on top of you and connects her lips to yours. The kiss is intense and hot, and it alone is enough to make your head spin. But then Wanda rises to her knees just above your chest and your brain short circuits with the sight.
The redhead sits up on your face, her hands gripping the headboard firmly to give her stability and as soon as Wanda's intimacy comes in contact with your mouth, she sighs.
Wanda moves her hips across your face, riding it, and your core throbs with the magnificent sight of the woman on top of you, her breasts bouncing above you and her head thrown back, moaning loudly.
After all that has happened already, Wanda was already more than sensitive so soon she comes undone on your face. It's quick, but it's more than enough to make you delirious.
Wanda dismounts from your face and you immediately miss her warmth. But she lays on top of you soon after, her eyes glowing with desire. She kisses you slowly, a sensual kiss that makes you shudder completely, every hair on your body standing on end as her tongue touches yours.
And as Wanda moves her kisses from your neck downward, your breath hitches. That’s what heaven should feel like.
You wake up to kisses and cuddles and you feel like you’re going to explode with happiness. "Good morning to you." You hear Wanda's husky voice when she realizes you've woken up, and you don't even have to open your eyes to realize she's smiling as well. "Good morning to you." You reply, finally opening your eyes and your breath hitches at the sight.
Wanda is even more beautiful when she wakes up, and there is no logic to it. That woman defies all the laws of the universe, and all that’s left for you is to be thankful for the opportunity to enjoy her.
"What are you thinking?" She asks when she notices you admiring her while running her fingers down your jawline. "Just that you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen." You answer without hesitation and Wanda smiles, biting her lip before connecting her lips to yours. You sigh and as Wanda climbs on top of you, you wrap your arms around her waist.
When you need air, Wanda rests her hands on your chest and lifts her face. "I'm gonna make us some breakfast." She says and you immediately tighten your arms around her. "No." You grumble and she giggles. "Aren't you hungry?"
"Well..." You say with a mischievous grin and Wanda laughs, rolling her eyes and patting you lightly. "You’re unbelievable." She kisses you once more before getting up and you groan disgruntledly. "I'll see you downstairs." She says looking at you one last time before leaving the room and you miss her immediately.
You go into the bathroom and smile when you see that Wanda has separated a toothbrush for you. You get ready for the day as quickly as you can and go downstairs.
When you get to the kitchen, the smell of eggs and bacon makes your stomach rumble and the sight of Wanda with her back to you at the stove makes your heart warm in your chest. You walk over to her and wrap your arms around her waist, placing several little kisses on her shoulder and she giggles.
She turns to kiss you, wrapping her arms around your neck and you smile against her lips. Short after, she turns her attention back to the food on the stove and you set the table. The family atmosphere makes your heart beat even harder for the redhead.
"What are your plans for today?" You ask when you both sit down to eat, and Wanda's heart warms up in her chest at the way you care about her. The redhead smiles before answering, happy that you’re the one who’s the first to care about her in this way after so long.
"Just work. And then picking the boys up from school, and then taking them to football practice..." She starts listing with a tired expression and you smile tenderly. "You're a great mom, you know?"
You comment and she flashes you a smile without much conviction. "You think so?" She asks and you frown as if it's obvious. "Are you kidding? You do everything for them! You're the best mother I've ever seen." You say and Wanda smiles appreciatively, but soon her expression changes to something you can't decipher. But with her next words you understand.
"Why do you live with Natasha?" She asks hesitantly, choosing her words carefully so as not to be too direct, and when you move uncomfortably on your chair she widens her eyes in concern and adds. "Sorry, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to."
"No, it's okay." You say, smiling dismissively and sighing deeply before speaking again. "My father died when I was six, and my mother abandoned me a year later. Nat was the only family I had left." Wanda listens to you intently, frowning in a mixture of sadness and concern. "I'm sorry, (Y/n)." She says softly, holding your hand and giving it a gentle squeeze.
"It's okay." You say, shrugging. "I was very young, I don't even remember them." She nods slowly, but the concern doesn't fade from her face. "Have you heard from your mother?" She asks cautiously and you shake your head. "Not really. I know she's enjoying life somewhere in Europe, but I don't really care."
She nods once more, moving her hand to your cheek and stroking it. You smile at her and she smiles back, but she still looks worried and you feel your heart beat differently. You move closer, kissing her softly to reassure her, and she kisses you back.
"And what's in it for you today?" Wanda asks after a while, trying to lighten the mood and you hum. "I have to tutor this morning and then I have class all afternoon. Just thinking about all the assignments I have to do is so..." You say with a grunt, burying your face on your hands and Wanda laughs softly.
You lift your face to look at her, and see that she is smiling, shaking her head slightly. "What?" you ask, frowning, and Wanda makes a dismissive face.
"Nothing, just remembering the time when those were the biggest of my problems." She says and you make an incredulous grimace. "What, my problems aren't significant enough?"
"That's not what I said." Wanda says frowning. "That's exactly what you said." You retort and she sighs. "I'm just saying that when you get older you'll see things in a different way." She explains and you snort in irritation. An uncomfortable silence forms between you before you speak again.
"Is that a problem for you?" you ask and Wanda frowns, not really understanding what you're talking about. "Our age gap. Is that a problem for you?" you ask and Wanda opens her mouth but doesn't answer, her eyes slightly wide with doubt and you laugh dryly.
"Wow." You say, getting up. "(Y/n), wait." Wanda says getting up as well, but you’re already walking to the door. "Let me know when you get the answer to my question." You say, looking at her one last time and leaving the house.
You think you heard Wanda calling your name, but you’re about to cry and she could never see that. So you leave, frustrated that the best night of your life has ended in such a heartbreaking way.
Part 4
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sugarybitterness · a month ago
assumptions - wanda maximoff x reader
word count; 842
warnings; assumed cheating
a/n; this wouldn’t leave my brain so here is a blurb of my forever favourite witchy! feedback is always appreciated <3 i’ll start doing my requests soon :”)
Tumblr media
wanda was hiding something from you.
you had to give her credit though, you could tell she was really doing her best to not show it but you were a trained spy, trained by SHIELD and received further training from natasha as well. so you knew something was up and you were beginning to have your suspicions.
it started after a mission, wanda and vision were sent undercover to get some intel on a rising enemy organisation.
the mission had been a success, everything was fine at first- wanda was extra clingy but you dismissed it as the fact that you hadn’t seen each other in a couple days, simply indulging in a lot of cuddles and dates with her.
but then you noticed how she stiffened slightly whenever vision appeared, how she was more tense with him. after every interaction with vision, she seemed to cling to you even more. it confused you to no end and you wondered if vision had done something to upset wanda.
confronting vision just made you even more confused. when you asked him if anything happened whilst on the mission, the synthezoid had assumed a thoughtful expression before a brief flicker of.. worry? guilt? flashed acrossed his face. he simply told you that this was a conversation you should have with wanda directly.
which led to now, the two of you were cuddled up in your shared room watching one of wanda’s sitcoms.
“malyshka? are you alright?” wanda paused the show, tilting her head up from your chest to look up at you worriedly. while she couldn’t hear your actual thoughts she could feel the worry radiate from you, the loud hum of your thoughts giving away your inner turmoil. you looked down at wanda and sighed softly causing the witch to sit up, moving to sit on your lap as you pushed yourself up as well. it was now or never, right?
“wanda, did you cheat on me with vision?”
the sokovian on your lap stilled, tensing up at the question. you felt your own body begin to stiffen at the implication of her reaction. locking eyes with wanda, you saw the way her eyes glossed over with tears before she started to sob softly. your heart sunk, you had only been with wanda for 4 months but you already knew you wanted her for forever, knowing she didn’t feel the same made your heart break. as you tried to move wanda off your lap to leave, her hands flew to your shoulder, holding you in place. before you could rebut her, wanda spoke first.
“the agents, some of them at the cafe were suspicious of us and when we left they followed. there were more of them within the mall and i could hear them looking for us. we were going down an escalator trying to leave the mall when another one of them was on the opposite one. vision, he spun me around and said that ‘public displays of affection made people uncomfortable’ before he kissed me.” wanda looked at you forlornly as you stared back at her dumbfounded.
“i’m so so sorry detka, i scolded him afterwards when we got back to the safe house.. i promise it didn’t mean anything, i didn’t even like it! i know i should’ve told you the minute i came back but.. i was worried that you’d be upset with me and i was too cowardly to tell you what happened. i can’t lose you.” wanda continued as she hung her head down in shame, tears steadily falling down her cheeks. at wanda’s words you felt the tenseness dissipate and if it weren’t for the fact that the redhead on top of you was still crying you’d laugh.
“oh my love, it’s okay. look at me, please?” you cooed softly, one hand cupping wanda’s cheek gently as you tilted her head up to look at you. you smiled at her leaning forward to press a soft kiss on her nose.
“i’m not mad, i promise.” you moved your other hand and started to stroke wanda’s head, gently pulling your fingers through her hair. “i’m not going anywhere alright? as much as i hate the fact vision kissed you, i’m more upset he didn’t ask you first though i guess given the situation.. but still. i trust you and i’m not going to leave you for something that you had to do to escape, god knows the number of times i’ve done something similar with natasha in the past.” at the mention of the other redhead, wanda narrowed her eyes at you, bottom lip jutting out in a pout but you were quick to pacify her with a soft kiss.
“i love you, wan, not anyone else. just please, next time you have to kiss someone on a mission, tell me. i won’t be mad.” you reassured your girlfriend, who nodded sheepishly, leaning forward to capture your lips in another kiss.
“i love you too malyshka.” wanda mumbled against your lips before pressing them together again.
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floralseokjin · 9 months ago
⤑ made-up love song v (m).
Tumblr media
Your first encounter with Kim Seokjin doesn’t go so well, nor your second, or your third… and maybe that’s because it shouldn’t work on paper. You’re an elementary school teacher, never left the country despite hitting the third decade of your life not so long ago, and you’re unable to remember the last time you dated. He’s the dad of one of your students, nearly a decade older than you and divorced. Oh yes, and just another minor detail – he’s a multimillionaire. 
Your lives are lightyears apart, yet somehow, your paths having now crossed, things just seem to fall into place…
pairing; kim seokjin x reader  au/genre/warnings; strangers to lovers, romance, eventual angst, single dad! seokjin, ceo! seokjin, elementary school teacher! oc, age gap (oc is 30, seokjin is 37), seokjin is a dilf, fluff, smut; a shit ton of kissing, oral (f), seokjin likes eye contact, slight overstimulation, he also seems to have a slight potty mouth when turned on, romantic sex, protected sex, shower scene, oral (m), this chapter is basically just sex, enjoy! (yes, the dilf dick is b i g) lingerie described found here for the visuals ~  words; 9,572
↪︎ chapter index
chapters; i • ii • iii • iv • v • vi • vii • viii • ix • x • epilogue (+ drabbles)
Tumblr media
Saturday couldn’t come soon enough. You were like a little kid at the lead up to Christmas. You couldn’t remember the last time you were this excited for something. Actually, on second thoughts, you couldn’t think of a time you were this excited for anything, period. And all over the prospect of sleeping with Seokjin, and definitely not in the innocent way… He had in no way explicitly stated that you’d be having sex this week, but the insinuation was heavy in the air. Everything leading up to this moment was suggesting come Saturday night you would not be sat in front of Seokjin’s 75” television watching boxsets… 
On the morning of you decided to pack a few things in a small case. You definitely planned on returning home in the day if needed or bored while Seokjin was at work, but the essentials were required: underwear, pyjamas, a few outfits, toiletries and skincare, your iPad, miscellaneous chargers. Soojung on the other hand was acting like you were never coming back… 
“I’m going to miss you.” She whined, having been hovering around you as you packed. “Leaving me alone with smelly Tae.” 
In a bid not to be alone in the evenings she’d invited her smelly boyfriend over for the week, but although she sounded irked it was all just an act. God knows what they’d get up to while you were gone, you dreaded to think. On second thoughts, maybe it would be best to stay at Seokjin’s place all week… You had no clue what you’d walk in on in your own home.  
“I won’t be gone the whole week. Besides, we can meet up for lunch and stuff.” You often visited her at the department store, perusing the food court until it was time for her lunch break. You weren’t secluded from the whole world while away. What did she think was happening? 
She helped you fold your clothes in momentary silence, deep in thought it seemed. “What if you love it there and want to stay permanently Dilf mansion?” 
You scoffed immediately, taking the small pile of t-shirts from her to pack away. “Soo, way to jump the gun.” You’d been dating barely six weeks, hadn’t even had sex yet, moving in together was number 1 on the highly unlikely list. Although, sliding in a couple of pairs of flats into the top pocket of your case and zipping it up, you hummed in consideration. “Dilf mansion does have a ring to it though…” 
Soojung’s attention was on another pile of clothing now – one you would be wearing this evening to leave for Seokjin’s house. Her fingertips brushed along the delicate baby blue lace of your lingerie, sitting on top of the pile and she looked up at you and grinned wickedly. “You’re going to knock his socks off with this.” 
You and her had spent yesterday browsing the mall with a very important task. To decide on the most perfect lingerie set. Knowing Seokjin for a while know, you’d noticed he had an inclination for the colour blue, so your chosen piece had to be a winner – practically see-through, littered in beautiful lace flowers. You were well and truly prepared for tonight, you were a woman on a mission. 
“His Dilf socks,” you corrected your best friend, both of you instantly exploding into a fit of giggles. 
Tumblr media
Arin had left with her grandparents this morning, and as much as Seokjin was eager to get this weekend started and see you immediately, he actually had a few things he needed to take care of at work. It wasn’t until around 5pm that you got into your car to make the short journey, Soo waving you off proudly like you were about to attend your graduation. You were honestly quite calm given the circumstances, although one look at Seokjin as he stepped out the front door to take your case and all inner composure was lost. You were one big ball of excitement, most of it flurrying around in the pit of your stomach. Yet you kept cool on the outside, grinning at the handsome man in front of you despite your lingerie burning marks into your skin. 
And handsome he was today, (as if he wasn’t every day), his dark hair parted in the centre of his forehead naturally, his eyes crinkling as he smiled and leaned in for a kiss. You tasted a hint of mango on his mouth, an obvious sheen to his plump lips, and you presumed he’d applied some chapstick before you’d arrived – the chapstick you’d bought him not too long ago after he’d complained of cracked lips to you on the phone one night. 
“Hey,” he greeted softly, his arms around your waist, body pressed snuggly into yours. 
“Hey yourself,” you murmured, wrapping your arms around his neck, gazing into one another’s eyes before you lightly teased him. “Are we going to stay out here all night?” 
Chuckling heartily, he reached behind you, lifting your case with ease. “Let’s go put this in my room.” 
You’d never once stepped foot onto the upper level of his house before, so you were very observant on your way to his bedroom, eyes catching art pieces (you noticed numerous of Arin’s) and photos along the walls, light fixtures, as well as the odd plant here and there. You had to walk two flights of stairs to get to your destination, one average in length, the other shorter, veering off to the left of the corridor to reach a landing leading into his bedroom. You remembered what he’d said about changing and designing his bedroom himself, so you were very curious as to what it looked like inside. Yet still, the sight of it stunned you to brief silence. 
His was the largest bedroom in the house, the master bedroom if you were being fancy, but in your opinion it was more like a mini home in itself. All it needed was a kitchen and you would be good to go. It smelt just like him – of his cologne and the recognisable vanilla scent his house seemed to waft of every time you visited. The walls were warm grey, décor similar with dashes of cream and gold. The bed matched the whole vibe of the room – insanely large, and you could already tell it was going to be the comfiest thing you’d ever slept on. Directly opposite, but a long way away, were a sofa and love seat sat around a TV hooked to the wall above a stunning fireplace. There were two sets of double windows, from the ceiling to the wooden floor, dark grey drapes open – not that it mattered. Seokjin’s house was out-of-the-way, no chance of being seen. All you were met with as you looked down, was a small patch of garden you hadn’t seen before, plain and simple, but very beautiful. Tranquil. 
To the left of the room a door opened into another, perhaps a quarter of the size – his closet, and you followed him inside, still pretty much lost for words. He said there was no point putting your belongings away tonight, you could do it tomorrow, but he’d saved a drawer for you and there was an empty section of hanging space you could use too. There was also a dressing table you could put to good use, because he sure didn’t, and then he whisked you away into the bathroom, which was probably the most beautiful room in the house. Everything was warm marble in colour. A separate bath and shower (both gigantic) and double sinks. 
“I got you a robe,” Seokjin pointed out, and you followed his gaze to behind the door, two fluffy white robes hooked to the wall. 
Oh, boy. You could get used to this. 
Seokjin ordered takeout for dinner – from an Indian restaurant Namjoon kept raving about apparently. With the amount he ordered you could have sworn he was feeding a whole party, not just the two of you. You were stuffed in no time, curling up on the sofa with a glass of red wine as Seokjin loaded the dishwasher. He still hadn’t cooked an actual meal for you, and when he joined you, of course you reminded him. This week he was preparing dinner for you one night, and that was final. You needed to see what Chef Kim had in him – even if he insisted his skills were long forgotten.  
You cuddled as you watched a movie, which more often than not meant you’d start to become sleepy – just ask Soojung – but tonight was different. You were wide awake and practically thrumming with excitement. You were begging for the movie credits an hour before they were due, and when they finally popped up your heart started to beat harder in anticipation. It was nearing 11pm. Your lingerie was still burning welts into your skin… 
Seokjin kissed the top of your head, your back pressed into his chest where you’d been snuggled into him, legs across the sofa, for the duration of the night. One of his arms was crossed around your front, the other free to drink his wine as he propped his feet up on the glass topped coffee table. You could really get used to this. 
“What did you think?” He hummed, reaching forward to place his glass on a coaster. You grabbed his hand, not wanting him to leave you and he chuckled, quickly resuming position to now loop both arms around your shoulders, pressing you further into the warmth of his body. 
“I enjoyed,” you replied with a small shrug. In all honesty it would’ve been a great movie if you hadn’t been so distracted. 
You felt him lower his head, breath hot against your ear as he spoke. “I’m glad you didn’t fall asleep on me.” You giggled as he started to kiss the column of your neck, his barely there presses of his lips tickling you. Yet still you pushed into his hold, letting your head fall back. He took the opportunity to suck your earlobe between his lips, eliciting a sweet sigh from you. “I really can’t wait to spend this entire week with you.”  He whispered. 
You tried to keep your voice as uninvolved as possible – which was a lot harder when he now had your earlobe between his teeth. “Eh. I’m so-so over it.” 
“Y/N!” He scolded playfully, groaning a laugh as he lifted his head away. “Stop. Now’s not the time for joking around.” 
“I’m sorry,” you giggled, latching onto his hands. 
“Face me,” he murmured almost suddenly. “Let me kiss you properly.” 
His kisses were gentle and loving, his hands cupping your face as you leaned into him, hands placed across his hard chest. He was wearing a simple white t-shirt tucked into some black pants, he’d looked irresistible all night. He pulled away slowly, lips upturned almost drunkenly. “What’s that grin for?” 
Seokjin’s gaze flicked from your lips to your eyes repeatedly as he replied, thumbs massaging circles into your cheeks. “I’m just very happy. Is that allowed?” 
Giggling, you pressed your mouth to his, wrapping your palms around his neck to pull him in closer. He hummed loudly – indulgently, and let you lick into his mouth, his own hands slipping down to your neck and down your torso, gripping your middle. Your chest was flush to his and you welcomed the heat of his body. You were happy too. It had been a long time since you’d last felt this content, and tonight you’d realised just how lovely it was to be able to lounge with Seokjin and be in his company so casually, so naturally like this. You would become spoiled this week, but you couldn’t feel too worried right now. 
Breaking away again, it seemed like he wanted to say something, but your mouth was a greedy thing, finding its way down his neck and across his throat as he leaned his head against the back of the sofa, his breathing shallow as he let you wonder. His fingers brushed up and down your back distractedly, until he seemed to remember what he wanted to tell you. “Hey,” he whispered, breath catching in his throat when you pinched your teeth into his Adam’s apple softly. “Hey, stop for a moment. There was something I wanted to say before…” He trailed off, unsure how to finish the very obvious direction of his sentence, and as much as you wanted to nosedive straight into that pool, you pulled back to look into his eyes, waiting patiently. 
He straightened his back and you eased off him a little, finding his fond smile contagious. “I’ve enjoyed these past few weeks so much.” He began, sincerity in his tone . “I know I’m not old old by any means but dating you has made me feel like I’m young again. I mean, grinding in the middle of a bar is something I didn’t even do back in my college days.” 
“I fail to believe that,” you laughed. 
“Really,” he insisted, looking amused. “I was a nerd. A handsome one, but a nerd nonetheless.” Before you could roll your eyes he was continuing. “What I’m trying to say is that, I really like you, Y/N.” His fingers played with the ends of your hair lovingly.  “You know that already. Shit, I’m crazy about you. Just hearing your voice makes my day better. No matter how short a time we spend together, even if it’s just on the phone to say goodnight, I feel happy – I feel relaxed.” He paused to take a breath before moving to cup your face with one hand. “No matter how stressed I am you make it better by just existing.” 
“…Seokjin,” you murmured, a little lost for words at his declaration. 
He chuckled warmly, tops of his cheeks tinged somewhat rosy. “Too cheesy?”
You shook your head adamantly, reaching for his face as well. “Not at all. I’m crazy about you too.” His face lit up instantly and you couldn’t help but kiss him. “I’m so happy we met,” you confessed against his mouth. “I don’t want this summer to be over.” 
“It’s not over yet,” he laughed. “We still have time to make it even better.” You wanted that more than anything. Finding it difficult to keep away from your lips, he practically had to tear himself away. He was out of breath. “I know saying this out loud is silly given everything, but… Let’s make this official.” 
Your heart started somersaulting. You felt like you were in high school again, over the moon because Kim Rowoon had asked you to prom. Only this was better than that – much, much better. Linking your arms around Seokjin’s neck you tilted your head to the side, a grin unable to keep off your face. “Are you asking me to be your girlfriend, Mr. Kim?” 
“What do you say?” He sounded hopeful and soft. 
You hummed out loud, thinking hard. “Can I get back to you? 3 to five business days seems about right.” You immediately squealed as you finished your sentence, Seokjin’s hands finding their way around your butt to tug you forward. You gripped onto his shoulders with the surprise. 
“Too bad because I’ve already been calling you my girlfriend at the office.” 
You didn’t have a chance to reply, the hard press of his lips against yours knocking you senseless. You found yourself in his lap not long after, fingers dragging through his hair as you clung to him, mouths moving in gradual urgency until you began to feel out of breath. Your tongues seemed to grow more daring, intent, as your soft moans mingled with his quiet groans. You hadn’t quite found yourself in this position before, usually moulded to the soft leather but this time you had Seokjin pinned tight, a heat that was quickly becoming unbearable burning between your bodies, and his hands running up and down your back didn’t help. 
Each brush of his fingertips had your skin prickling with warmth, dizzying your mind, and when you felt him brush against the curve of your left breast you leaned forward into his touch, desperate for more. Seokjin grunted, encouraged by your action as he cupped the soft flesh, his thumb grazing your nipple which hardened from the touch. Your kiss turned a lot more frenzied after that, Seokjin roaming your body with confidence, his unoccupied hand cupping your butt to rock you against his crotch. 
He was hard. You’d felt it stiffening ever since you’d climbed into his lap, but now he was solid, flesh pressing (probably painfully) against his pants, and feeling emboldened you lifted your hips, hovering over him for your hand to slot in between your bodies, cupping his erection firmly. He stiffened under your grasp, his breath hitching and you took that moment to drag your tongue along his, teasing him as you slowly started to stroke him above his slacks. He felt thick and rigid between your fingers, pulsing erratically against your hold, and he broke away from your mouth, head falling back as a loud, drawn-out groan slipped from his throat. You gazed at him – eyes closed, eyebrows furrowed, mouth parted as he breathed shallowly – and took a mental picture. You wanted to remember this moment forever. He looked gorgeous, basking in pleasure and you wanted to pleasure him more. It was an urge so strong you practically dived on him, mouth slamming into his. He soon gained his bearings, kissing you just as wildly as his hands groped your body. 
“Do you – mm, do you want – mm – to take this upstairs?” He asked against your lips, fingers currently digging into the soft flesh of your ass. The veins in his neck were visible, his desperation for you obvious, and you pulled away from the kiss to nod rapidly. If he didn’t get you upstairs soon you’d surely explode. 
You let out a little squeak as you suddenly found yourself in the air, safely held up by Seokjin. You immediately wrapped your arms around his neck, clinging to him as he began to make the brisk walk to the hallway and towards the staircase. “Oh, my god,” you muttered, laughing as you realised he was about to carry you bridal style all the way up the stairs. 
“What?” He laughed back, his eyes twinkling warmly. Your heart melted at the sight and you leaned in to kiss him, uncaring that you both may fall backwards and break your necks. 
“I may have forgotten about the amount of stairs in this goddamn house,” he panted lightly once you’d made it past the first set. 
“Put me down then,” you giggled. 
“Never,” he sang out, pecking you on the mouth sweetly. 
Once in his bedroom, he placed you down, closing the door behind you before caging you against it, kissing you like he hadn’t seen you for months. You keened into his touch, whole body hot and ready for him, but in the end you couldn’t keep up with his mouth. He’d never kissed you like this, he was a man possessed, you physically felt weak at the knees and you clung to him, moaning softly when his mouth fell to your neck. 
“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this,” he confessed against the wet skin, fresh waves of arousal washing through your body. His voice was an octave lower, gruff and nothing like you’d heard before. “I can’t contain myself knowing we’re going to be alone for a whole week.” 
“What do you plan on doing to me?” You laughed weakly, but to be honest, the time for wisecracks were gone. You were hanging on by a thread, this close to begging him to tear your clothes off. 
Cupping your neck he pulled away to look you in the face. His pupils were blown out, more black than the warm brown you were used to. The tops of his cheeks were tinged red, his own arousal very evident, and when he replied he sounded as sincere as ever. “Anything you want me to.” 
Okay, if he carried on like this, he’d mess up your plan good and proper. He was rude. Very rude. And hot, and sexy, and yours. God, you really wanted him. Your body was screaming for him. You pressed a kiss to his mouth, and then another, and another, determined not to get yourself glued there no matter how much he tried to drag his tongue along the seam of your lips. “L-let me freshen up,” you managed to get out, voice shaky as you (with great difficultly) held him away at arm’s length.  
At your words, he slowly made sense of them, his eyes refocussing before he gave you a short nod and politely stepped back. “Ok.” 
Before you could be tempted by that mouth of his once more, you made a dash for his bathroom, closing the door behind you. Immediately you began to rush out of your clothes, not even bothering to fold them properly because you were in such a hurry. You’d had this planned all night, wanting him to be rendered speechless, and staring at your lingerie cladded self in the giant mirror he had hooked to the wall, you reminded yourself to take a breather. You were going to walk out there calmly, the epitome of composed as you sought out his reaction. With one last look at your reflection, you walked towards the door and opened it. 
Seokjin was sat on the edge of the bed, legs sinfully spread (but oh so casually, which just made it hotter), but he wasn’t looking your way, his eyes darting around the room a little as if he was desperately trying to find some patience. Knowing he was riled and aroused made your head even more dizzy, and stopping by the doorframe, you called out to him. 
He looked your way instantly, eyes bulging even quicker. Actually they practically popped out on storks as he took in the sight of you in the baby blue underwear. He seemed paralysed. 
“Hey,” you smiled, all of a sudden feeling a little shy as you waited for him to say something. 
It took another moment, but then he was swallowing hard, wetting his mouth as his lips parted. “Oh, shit.” 
You smiled victoriously, those simple two words satisfying you fully. 
He outstretched his hand, voice thick and raspy as he beckoned you forward. “Come here.”
You obeyed, closing the distance between you quickly and Seokjin wasted no time clasping his hands around your hips as you stood in front of him, between his legs. If felt so good to finally have his hands on your bare skin. His touch was warm, soothing, but most of all, electrifying. Goosebumps spread as he dragged his fingers up and down your sides, his eyes drowning at the sight of you. 
“Do you like it? It’s not too much?” You asked, looking down at him. You glowed under his gaze. 
He lifted his head up, arching an eyebrow. “Do I like it? Is that supposed to be a genuine question?” He sounded just as baffled as he looked and it made you giggle. His fingers started to play with the thin waistband of your panties before delicately outlining the lace flower petals on your ass. The sensation made you shiver, and a small smile grew on his face as he watched you. “You look gorgeous.” He leaned forward, beginning to place small, gentle kisses on your abdomen and your skin rippled, butterflies appearing. “You’re beautiful.” He murmured, hot puffs of air hitting you, heating you up even more. 
You curled your hand in his hair, needing something to latch on to as you watched him mouth even more kisses along your flesh. The point of his tongue dipped into your navel scandalously, and as you gasped he looked up with his eyes and smirked, tongue now swirling invisible patterns along your stomach. The sight sent you a little gooey, legs feeling weak again as your heart thrummed inside your chest. 
“However… I was looking forward to undressing you…” He teased.
You teased right back. “You still have the lingerie.” 
He couldn’t handle that, growling quietly against your stomach, his hands rounding your ass to mould the flesh in his palms firmly. He’d soon tear the panties if he kept that up. Obviously the idea of stripping you naked sent him feral – something you’d remember well for this week. You yelped when you felt him sink his teeth into your hip bone, pulling him closer to your body by his hair, desperate for more. It was when you looked behind him, did you notice the pillar candles aflame on the two nightstands that sat either side of his bed. They weren’t burning before you’d entered the bathroom. You were sure of it. 
“Seokjin, did you light candles?” You asked without realising, changing the atmosphere slightly, but you didn’t mind too much, not when the image of Seokjin rushing to burn candles for the ~ambience~ was too damn adorable. 
He lifted from your skin, looking up at you. “Um, yeah.” He sounded a little awkward before he chuckled softly. “I thought against the slow R&B music.” 
“Good choice,” you laughed, fingers rubbing small circles into the nape of his neck. That would’ve been hilarious. 
“I’m totally out of my depth here…” He admitted, nudging you backwards a little to stand in front of you. He kept his hands on your waist, ducking down to be eye level with you. “I haven’t done this in a while.” 
“Snap,” you grinned, rubbing your nose against his as you wrapped your arms around his neck to hold him close. You kissed him deeply, feeling happy and relaxed. There wasn’t a nerve in sight and despite his honest words you knew he was at ease too.  
Your hands slipped over his shoulders and down his toned chest, stopping just before the waistband of his pants to tug at his t-shirt, untucking him. “You have to get naked too.” You whined, detaching your mouths. “I’m feeling sorely underdressed.” 
He let out an airy chuckle, immediately reaching for the neck of his shirt to tug it over his head. Your hands greedily started to explore his torso, running your fingers along his faintly lined abs before trailing up his hard chest. He shivered as you brushed against his nipples, a tiny laugh slipping from his throat. 
“What?” You laughed. 
“’Tickles.” He mumbled, leaning in for another kiss. You wrapped your arms around him, loving the feeling of his bare chest against yours, but soon enough you got impatient again, hands reaching for the button of his pants. You popped it open and proceeded to unzip him, at least giving his poor erection some reprieve. It had been pressed up against your lower stomach for quite some time, still rigid but as patient as ever. 
He took over, stepping back to push them past his hips, his lips still attached to yours. “Mm–Bed.” He hummed, taking you by the hips to switch places. You pulled away and sat down, watching him kick his pants off his feet and your eyes zoned in on the curve of his erection, hidden by his Armani underwear – black with a red waistband. His thighs were perfectly toned, his skim glowing in the soft lighting. He looked good enough to eat and your heart skipped a couple of beats as he walked forward. 
You laid back against the mattress, instantly groaning at how soft it was. You practically sunk inside. “Oh, damn this is comfy.” Rolling onto your side as Seokjin climbed on the bed, you hid your smirk. “I could just go to sleep…” 
“I don’t think so,” he told you, hovering over you. His hand smacked you ass causing you to squeal, and you flipped onto your back as he took the moment to cage you under his large body. 
This time his mouth completely bypassed your lips to kiss your chest, pressing into the indents of your collarbones before slipping to the tops of your breasts. He kissed the fabric, wetting it as his tongue traced the delicate flower petals and you gripped onto his shoulders with a moan as he encased one nipple between his lips, sucking gently, soaking the lace a darker shade of blue. “You drive me crazy,” he quietly panted, his hands reaching behind your back, arched into the pleasure he was giving you. “May I?” He asked, fingers finding the clasp of your bra. You nodded hastily, moaning louder when he lifted his head to kiss your lips. His motions were firm, tight pleasure filled grunts leaving him as he freed you of your lingerie. 
Immediately he pulled away, dark eyes soaking in your bare chest like it was the most stunning thing he’d ever seen. Your back arched further when his warm palms cupped your breasts, spreading a heat down your spine that settled between your legs. “You’re beautiful,” he awed, looking into your eyes, causing a sweet moan to fall from your lips. 
He moulded the soft flesh gently, before brushing his thumbs over your hardened nipples. That had you moaning again, pleasure you hadn’t felt in a long time rocketing up your body. It felt amazing to be touched by him, and you were greedy for more. He was on the same page, his lips replacing his thumbs, his tongue flicking against the sensitive bud that had you sighing out his name, your fingers threaded in his hair. He hummed against you, squeezing your breasts and pressing his body into yours – once – his erection pressing into your thighs, before he pulled away, kissing down your sternum before licking into your navel, his hands rubbing up and down the outside of your thighs. 
His lips avoided your clothed heat, which was frustrating to say the least. You were so eager by now, unsure if you could take much more kissing before you exploded, but Seokjin was a man determined – determined on kissing every inch of your body it seemed. He made it down one thigh before moving onto the next and as he got towards your knee you couldn’t help but giggle – it was beginning to tickle, but he didn’t stop, lips pressing down your calf.  
“Seokjinn,” you whined. 
He chuckled as he made his way back up the other leg, bending you at the knee before gently getting you to spread out for him. “What?” He murmured. Although you were distracted now, realising how aroused you had become, your underwear clinging to you desperately. He was kissing the inside of your thigh now, fingers hooked under the waistband of your panties and he was so close to where you wanted him you were trembling. He nosed his way to the apex of your thigh, groaning as he smelt you and then he was hastily tugging the lace down your legs, the last of your covering. Now you were totally naked in front of him, and he looked like he wanted to eat you up. 
“What do you want me to do?” He asked, voice gruff. He sounded so sexy. His eyes were glued to your centre yet he didn’t touch. When you didn’t reply, they flickered to your face. “Y/N. Hm?” 
You mind was a blur, you couldn’t think what to say, mainly because you wanted him to do anything and everything to you. You startled when he nosed the inside of your thigh, his hands sliding down your hips to grip the flesh underneath. “Taste you? Is that what you want?” He whispered, sending your insides somersaulting. He looked up as you nodded, and grinned. “You have to say it out loud, honey.” 
The bastard. He was teasing you. Trying to get under your skin. Your forced yourself to speak. “Taste me.” He hummed in response, pressing his mouth to your hip bone. You raised your tone, more determined. “Seokjin. Taste me.” 
He dived in. Placing gentle kisses up your slit, his lips ever so slightly brushing your clitoris. You moaned quietly, letting your eyes close as you laid back against the softest pillows you had ever felt. Your fists clutched the sheets, hips raising up when you felt the first wash of his tongue. Your breath caught, warmth turning you gooey. “Taste so good,” he mumbled into you – so quietly you wondered if you’d imagined it. 
You enjoyed the sensation for a few moments, quietly moaning intermittently before you felt the urge to take a peek. Opening your eyes and looking down your body, you saw Seokjin watching you, his eyes hungry. You quickly looked away, the back of your hand coming up to cover your mouth as a groan left you, your legs falling wider apart. The scene had been erotic but in all honesty you were feeling a little shy. It had been a long time since you’d had sex, so the idea of someone watching you so intimately made you feel funny. 
Seokjin was there to reassure you though. “Don’t look away, Y/N,” he murmured, pulling back to get your attention. “I want to see your face.” You looked again, watching him kneel low as he ran a hand up your thigh. His lips shone with your arousal. He looked beautiful. 
You moaned lowly when you felt him rub a finger at your entrance, and he watched you intently as he pushed inside, feeling you squeeze around the intrusion. He slowly began to curve the digit, pressing against your inner walls. Committed to pleasuring you, he watched your every reaction and this time you didn’t look away. 
“Does it feel good?” He asked, in awe as you writhed around on the bed, chasing the feeling. 
You moaned as you replied yes, only to jerk upwards when his thumb began to rub tiny circles against your clit. “Seokjin!” 
He liked that. Hearing you cry his name. He wanted to hear it more, dropping low to replace his thumb with his lips. He sucked the sensitive bud of nerves between them, flicking the tip of his tongue against it rapidly, earning him another cry, and he moaned gruffly against you, the vibrations shooting up your body. His free hand moved to your lower stomach, palm hot against your skin as he applied gentle pressure, holding you down. 
Oh god, you were a mass of pleasure, mind addled, unable to think straight. Not when he was making you feel so good. He slipped a second finger inside of you, his eyes flicking up to yours and you made it your life’s mission not to look away, chest heaving up and down as you squeezed around his digits. Your orgasm was building, pressure below getting harder to control – harder to ignore. Seokjin guessed it, breaking eye contact to bury his face further into your heat. The image was almost crude, so were the noises, but the most beautiful kind of crude. A crude that had you desperate for more. You jerked into him, rolling into each snap of his wrist, the pads of his fingers grazing your g-spot. 
“Want to make you cum,” he rasped, before sucking your clit back into his mouth and sucking determinedly. You groaned, head flinging back into the pillow, eyes clenched closed, a hand coming out to grip the roots of your hair as you rolled your hips into his face, giving into the pleasure well and truly. This orgasm was going to blow your brains out – and it did. 
In the end you had you to clamp your legs around Seokjin’s head in a bid to get him to stop, pleasure still rolling through your body as you panted like crazy. He eased from your clit, tongue dragging down your folds instead, meeting his fingers that were almost locked inside of your pulsing walls. With a grunt, he removed himself, kissing your mound one last time before he stopped. With his hands on your thighs as he kneeled between them, he watched you adoringly. 
“Oh, my god,” you panted weakly. Unsure what else you could say to describe what you’d just experienced. Why had he not been doing that from the get-go? From as soon as he’d reversed into your car?! 
That was all he needed anyway, your simple vocalisation, because no sooner had the words exited your mouth, he dived on you, kissing your mouth, your cheeks, your eyes, your forehead – whatever he could reach. “You’re amazing,” he gushed, his lips and chin still glistening with your wetness. You could taste yourself on him. It was glorious. His hands roamed your body like it was all new to him. As if he hadn’t been it for the last forty minutes or so. “Fuck. I can’t stop touching you.”
Your stomach flipped around, the sound of him cursing sending you dizzy. You licked into his mouth, kissing him messily, your hands raking up and down his back, before they settled on his ass. You gave the meat a squeeze and he grunted, pushing his crotch into yours. He was painfully hard – and desperate. (You hadn’t missed the way he’d been rutting into the mattress while going down on you…)
“Seokjin,” you breathed, moving your head to the side to get your words out. His tongue carried on going, swirling across your cheek. You liked getting messy with him. You tugged at his underwear. “Get naked. Need you.” 
“You don’t need a minute?” He asked, tongue now in your ear. He gyrated his hips into yours, grunting as he did so. 
You shook your head. “Like hell I do.” 
He laughed at that – breathlessly, but it was something. He moved, rushing out of the last bit of clothing he had on, and your eyes drunk up the sight. The missing piece. His dick was long and thick – smooth and warm once you got your hands on him. Hovering over you, you ran your fist up and down him steadily, just enjoying getting to touch him. He dropped to your side, pecking your lips before he pulled back.  “I need to be inside you.” 
You continued to touch him, running your fingers along the rigid flesh as he stretched behind him to pull a box from the nightstand drawer. 
It caught your attention right away. You raised both eyebrows as you let go of his length. “A hundred condoms?” 
He chuckled, sounding a little sheepish. “Too enthusiastic?”
“Do you want to kill me?” Death by (Dilf) dick wasn’t how you’d expected to go, if you were being honest. 
“Not particularly,” he shrugged, pulling one of the packet. (Discarding the box to the floor.) He turned back to you with an impish grin. “That’s why I bought the bumper pack of condoms.”
You rolled your eyes, pushing at his chest, but he grabbed your hand and kissed you, distracting you successfully. “No, if I’m being truthful,” he continued, letting you steal another kiss. “They were better value for money. I’m partial to a bargain.” 
“You’re unbelievable,” you scoffed. 
“You should’ve seen me purchasing them, I have never been more embarrassed in my life.” 
“Seokjin, you’re a near 40 year old man,” you judged openly, however on second thoughts – “But yeah, I’d be embarrassed buying a 100 condoms too.” 
Seokjin shuddered, looking mortified. “Just the thought of the cashier knowing I was going to get lucky…” 
You arched an eyebrow. “Get lucky?”
He looked comically caught out, eyes wide for a second before he shook his head. “Less talking now…” And then he was kissing you again…
Between rushed mouths and eager hands, he managed to tear the condom packet, pulling out the latex to slip it over his erection. Kneeling over you, you could see perfectly when he attempted to roll it the wrong way up.  “Oh, shit. Ignore that,” he muttered, fixing it immediately. 
You stifled a laugh. “Ignored.” 
He gave himself a tug, making sure everything was secure and your mouth practically watered. “Just warning you now, this may be a three pumps and Bam! kinda thing,” he informed you as he laid over you, pressing a kiss to your lips. “I am so turned on.”
You giggled, wrapping your arms around his middle. “I don’t mind. Just want you.” 
“I want you more.” He rubbed his nose against yours. 
Hitting his ass, you shot him a look. “It’s not a competition.” 
“Isn’t it?” He asked, pretending to be confused. 
“Quit stalling,” you whined. “Let’s have sex.” 
“Let’s,” he agreed with a warm smile. You turned gooey instantly. 
Pressing his knees to the mattress, he hovered over you, wrapping his hand around his dick to direct it between your legs. He rubbed the length up and down your slit, flesh heavy and hot, coating himself in your arousal. The sensation was good for you, but for him it seemed to blow his mind, eyes practically rolling back into his skull as he grunted. He stopped at your entrance, looking up at you as he slowly pushed the head inside. 
You shifted under him, trying to stay patient. You wanted nothing more than to be stuffed full of him, but realistically you needed to take things slow. You held onto his shoulders, silently telling him to continue. He let out a strained groan as he slipped in deeper, your walls snug and hot around him, begging him for more. Inch by glorious inch, you kept on taking him, until you were filled up just right. 
“Shit,” you uttered, looking up at the ceiling as you adjusted to the sensation. 
“Was that a curse?” He asked, voice tight but greatly amused as he nosed your throat. 
“Hardly.” Your voice was barely there, desperate for him to move. 
“I’d still class it as swearing.” He was holding his breath, yet still felt the need to be a smarty-pants. You moved your hips practically a centimetre and he grunted. He didn’t want you to win though. “I want more. Maybe not tonight, but I will turn your mouth filthy by the end of the week…”
A moan tore from your throat uncontrollably, and you couldn’t look at his face because you knew you’d be met with a gloating smirk. You steeled yourself, nose in the air. “Game on.” 
Seokjin laughed obnoxiously, but couldn’t wait any longer, slowly dragging out of you and then pushing back in. His breath hitched – so did yours, and he carried on, propping himself up with one hand as he gained a steady rhythm. 
“You feel so fucking good,” he moaned, watching your face. 
“You too.” You clung to him, feeling your face heat up and ended up dropping your gaze. 
“Honey, don’t be shy,” he whined, reaching to cup your face, in the process pressing more of his body weight into you. You clutched him tighter, wanting him as close as ever. “I like watching you. Knowing I’m making you feel good.” His mouth on yours now, you sunk into the kiss, moaning softly as his thrusts got quicker. You met each one, rolling into him. 
It wasn’t long before he was on your throat, kissing and nipping the skin, his hands exploring the rest of your body. Your ran your fingers through his hair, sighing sweety when his mouth wrapped around one of your nipples, slipping the hard flesh into his mouth to suck. 
Face pressed against your chest, his movements became a little erratic, breathing heavy until he was panting. You moaned along, loving how he was making you feel. “You are honestly the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on.” He awed, voice raspy. 
You let out a weak chuckle, running your fingers through the ends of his hair. “Of course you would say that with a face full of my boobs.” 
He laughed too, kissing his way back up your chest, his hands pressing into the pillow as he leaned in for your mouth. You stared at one another for a little while, your moans mingling together, and it was the most intimate moment you’d ever shared with anyone. 
“Good?” He asked. You were unsure if he was asking how you were or if you were enjoying yourself, but regardless, the answer was the same. 
“Really good,” you smiled, running your hand down his chest. 
His thrust were getting messier, less controlled, less strategic, so it was no surprise when he had a confession to tell you, kissing you once again. “I’m-I’m… close.” 
He’d exceeded the predicted three pumps at least… “Hey, you can go a little harder,” you whispered against his mouth. 
He grunted, slacking at your words but quickly got a hold of himself. Each snap of his hips got firmer and harsher, fucking – because there was no other way to describe it – you into the expensive bed. Your cries of pleasure came out stunted and unsteady, his own grunts louder now, gruffer as he chased his end. 
“Seokjin –!” Your hands fell to his ass, holding him tight as he pounded into you. “Don’t stop,” you encouraged, which seemed to tip him over the edge – quickly. 
“Fuck. Coming…”” His face fell into the crook of your neck, panting as he tried to keep moving, and then he froze, his body hot, partly sweaty, a long drawn-out groan sounding against your ear as he came. 
You wrapped your arms around him, keeping him to you because in all honesty, you didn’t want to let him go. You could feel his heart beating against your chest rapidly, even after he’d partially caught his breath, and you knew yours was beating just as fast. You kissed his shoulder when he kissed yours, and slowly he lifted his head, turning to give you a drunken smile. He sighed contently. “That honestly beats any orgasm I’ve ever given myself lately.” 
“I should hope so!” You burst out laughing, not quite expecting those to be his first words and he immediately joined you before hugging you tight. 
You awoke naturally, light from outside peeking through the loosely closed drapes. Seokjin had his arm around you, his body curved into yours, and you could tell by his breathing he was still very much sound asleep. Proving your point, he grunted softly, rolling onto his back, his grip on you loosening. Carefully, you turned around to face him, taking in the sight of his sleeping form. His lips seemed to be pouted, eyebrows furrowed slightly – of course he had an adorable sleeping face. Of fricking course. 
The bed sheets were pushed down, draped across his pelvis, one hip sticking out, while his broad chest and toned stomach laid bare. You found yourself smiling, insanely happy, wondering if you’d been a saint in a past lifetime – you had to have been. How else had you hit the jackpot? A kind-hearted, beautiful man with a banging body? You’d struck big. 
Wanting to leave him sleep longer, you got up quietly, needing to pee, not worrying that you were butt naked, and as you left the bathroom, you moved to the closet (room) to fish for your phone in your purse. You’d left it there all evening yesterday, not wanting to be interrupted, and low and behold you had a bunch of notifications waiting for you on the screen. You got back into bed, getting comfy before you scrolled through them. Most were unimportant, news updates and social media notifications. You had a text from your mom reminding you to call your grandmother soon, one reminder regarding your phone bill going out tomorrow and then, from half an hour ago, a text message from your best friend. Why the hell was she up so early on a Sunday?! 
Soojung (8:32am) Spill the details girl! How was Mr. Dilf 🥵👨🏻🍆💦 
You snorted, pretty loudly, couldn’t help it, and when you realised you shoved a hand over your mouth, hoping you hadn’t woken your boyfriend (yes, it felt so good to finally use that word) up. You glanced over, but his eyes were still shut, a peaceful look on his face, so with a relieved inner sigh, you went back to your phone, wondering how you should reply. You had quite a lot to say, messaging her “the details” wouldn’t work. Maybe you could give her a summary? Until tomorrow when you could call her while Seokjin was at work. Maybe you could meet her for lunch. And who knew, you’d probably have more to tell her come then –
“Good morning, beautiful.” 
You jumped when you heard Seokjin’s voice, his arm wrapping around you once more as he snuggled closer, encasing you in his body warmth. 
“Seokjin,” you greeted, instantly shoving your phone onto the nightstand, face down. “Good morning.” 
“Mmm.” He rubbed his face into the crook of your neck, burrowing his arm under the covers to touch your skin, hand cupping your waist. He was still sleepy, voice groggy. You settled into his hold, closing your eyes. With a kiss to the top of your shoulder, he spoke again.  “What were you snorting at?”
Your eyes immediately flew open. He’d heard that? “Nothing,” you tried to reply casually. 
He laughed, the throaty sound shooting up your body, leaving warmth in its wake. “Come on, something made you laugh.” He lifted his head, looking at you pointedly, plump lips pressed together, mouth curving up slightly. “You have to share, it’ll be rude not to.” 
It took you a second to give in. “Fine.” It was probably time to let him know anyway. Soojung might try to kill you, but she couldn’t get you if you were gated in at Seokjin’s home…  You reached for your phone and flashed the screen on, holding it out to him. “Soojung’s an idiot,” you sighed. 
He delicately held the back of your hand, steadying the device so he could read the messages. A second later he was deeply amused, lips quirking before he let out a little laugh. “Has that been my nickname the entire time?” 
“Maybe…” Amongst other things… They could wait till later though. 
He hummed, trying to keep his expression casual, but you could tell by his eyes how amused (and smug) he was. “The emojis add a nice touch.” 
You rolled your eyes, about to tell him to shut up, but immediately his lips were pressed against yours. He kissed you sweetly – which was all just an act. When he pulled away, he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, tone arrogant. “So… how was Mr. Dilf?”
“Seokjin!” You exclaimed. This couldn’t be happening. He was just as bad as Soo and Taehyung. 
Laughing loudly, he kissed you again, caging you under him smoothly. Your hands reached for his biceps, feeling them flex underneath you. “Was it good enough for a round two? Don’t expect me to keep my hands off you,” he told you, his fingers tickling your stomach as his face fell to your neck, kissing and biting the skin. 
You began to laugh, squirming under him, but no matter how much you tried to free yourself it was impossible. “Stop,” you whined. “Seokjin, you’re tickling me!” He eased off with the tickling but his mouth only seemed to ramp up, his tongue licking up your throat. “You’re so sexy,” he groaned, meeting your gaze, and instantly laughed. “I love embarrassing you.” 
You grumbled, realising you’d started to blush. “I’m not embarrassed,” you insisted. “I’m turned on.” Two could play at that game. Seokjin’s eyes widened comically, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed. 
“Yeah?” He murmured, getting a hold of himself, mouth ghosting over yours. You nodded, dragging your hands down his back to settle on his ass. You could feel his dick rousing between your thighs. It was so easy to get him. He was like putty in your hands. 
“You’re okay though, mm?” He asked, tone softening as he stared into your eyes. “Did you enjoy last night?”
“I thought that was obvious,” you informed him, but his tenderness didn’t go ignored. God, you were really lucky. “I feel so happy,” you grinned, moving to clasp your arms around his neck. He grinned too, teeth on show, and then you couldn’t hold off any longer, kissing him eagerly.  
“Fuck,” he breathed, after you’d just licked a strip up his jaw line. His hands clung to hips. “I want you in so many ways.” 
You gave him a dangerous smirk. “We have all week, I’m sure you’ll be successful.” 
Groaning, he seemed beside himself, skin hot and sweaty, his hair dishevelled, falling into his eyes, cheeks patched red. Finally, he settled on a decision. “Would you like to shower with me?”
“Okay,” you replied instantly, your excitement already tenfold, and suddenly you were in his arms, rising off the bed to be carried (naked) bridle style to the bathroom. “Seokjin!” You squealed, clinging onto him tightly, but all he did was laugh. You could get used to this. 
His walk-in shower was grand, practically a separate wet room – two glass doors leading inside and a marbled tiled bench to the left with two panelled windows behind it. There were two showerheads – one large one attached to the ceiling and the other jutting out from the wall. Seokjin chose the centre one, knocking it on and enclosing you both in hot water. Warmth radiated from beneath your feet too – heated flooring, of course. 
You spent the next ten minutes wrapped together kissing, hands exploring one another’s soapy bodies. It wasn’t long before there was a very obvious erection bobbing against your stomach. “Someone says hello again,” Seokjin hummed against your mouth, nipping your bottom lip before he broke away and chuckled. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but you’ve been the cause of many an awkward boner.” 
You laughed, hooking one arm around his neck. “I noticed.” Your other hand wrapped around his dick, the wetness of his skin making it easy to glide your fist along the veiny shaft. You gazed up at him, admiring the way he’d pushed his wet hair above his forehead. He looked incredibly handsome – so handsome, you were finding it hard to control yourself. “Was this one of your ways?” You murmured. 
“Maybe,” he said with a smile, huffing out a little when your thumb grazed the sensitive slit across the head of his member. 
“I have a better idea…” You whispered, pushing a little at his chest. “Sit.” 
He obeyed, sitting on the bench while watching you wordlessly (but curiously), his eyes flashing when you moved to kneel in front of him. “Fuck,” he muttered, dick twitching in anticipation. You took him in your fist again, feeling oddly confident as you flicked out your tongue. It had been a long time since you’d sucked dick but you were more than ready. 
You washed your tongue across the head, hearing him grunt above you, and encouraged, you took him in your mouth, sucking firmly around the tip. His hands instantly reached for your head, fingers carding through your hair. He groaned lowly, thighs tense, but when you started to jerk your fist along his shaft, he relaxed into the pleasure, murmuring your name. 
“Okay, this idea seems better than mine,” he admitted, voice tight. 
You hummed in agreement, vibrations travelling up his length which made him groan, fingers in your hair tightening. Taking him deeper, you washed and swirled your tongue as best you could around the thick flesh. Seokjin’s length was impressive, but you had all week to grow accustomed to it, for now, you had your hand, continuing to stimulate him with both that and your mouth. The water from the shower hit your back and calves, the heat beneath you making sure you didn’t grow cold. 
“Should we go back to the bedroom?” Seokjin asked, sounding concerned, despite how good you were making him feel. A hand ran down your back soothingly. “Your knees will start aching.” 
Pulling off him, a string of saliva that attached you breaking apart, you shook your head and ran your palm all the way up his length, twisting against the tip. He bucked into your hold. “It’ll be worth it.” 
Seokjin let out a low growl, eyes dark. “Don’t say things like that.” 
You smirked, spreading your saliva up and down him slowly before speeding up, concentrating on the head. Seokjin’s mouth was open, his breathing shallow, chest littered with red blotches, making it painfully obvious how aroused he was. You wanted to run your hands all over the muscular torso, mouth too – but that could wait. First of all, you wanted to make him cum. 
“You have a pretty big dick. Has anyone ever told you that?” You purred, eyes flicking down to his crotch. 
Seokjin grinned confidently, the hand in his hair reaching to cup your cheek. “You seemed to handle it very well last night.” 
Oh. Heat exploded through your body, settling between your legs, and you took him back in your mouth, a hiss leaving his throat. He tapped your chin, gaining your attention. “Y/N, look at me,” he commanded softly. 
And you did. You watched every bit of pleasure that flitted across his face as you continued to suck his dick, never breaking eye contact, even when he did; eyelids closed, face scrunched up as he came down your throat a few minutes later…
Tumblr media
Written 2020 - 2021. Please refrain from posting my work elsewhere. No translations allowed. © floralseokjin 2021
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koishua · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⸻ ꗃ 𝙣𝙤𝙩 𝙤𝙛𝙛 𝙡𝙞𝙢𝙞𝙩𝙨.
↷ 𝙥𝙖𝙞𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨. sim jake x fem!reader.
↷ 𝙜𝙚𝙣𝙧𝙚. fluff, best friend's brother!au
↷ 𝙬𝙤𝙧𝙙 𝙘𝙤𝙪𝙣𝙩. 2.1k
↷ 𝙬𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨. swearing, some kissing scenes, one pet name (?), aged up by a year or two (?), not high school au that's for sure but also it's never implied if they go to college lmao idk they're just 21 years old end of story
↷ 𝙨𝙮𝙣𝙤𝙥𝙨𝙞𝙨. a little coincidence at the local arcade brings you an opportunity to spend some alone time with your best friend's very handsome brother.
↷ 𝙣𝙤𝙩𝙚𝙨 𝙛𝙧𝙤𝙢 𝙫. this took an unexpected turn lmao i didn't intend for this to turn into more than a 500 word drabble, yet here we are... ANYWAYS! i would love to see your thoughts on this little fic through your reblogs or in the comments! ty for reading <3
↷ 𝙩𝙖𝙜𝙡𝙞𝙨𝙩. @luvvseong @igyus @leavethemonsteralive @intokook @iuwon @renjunvrse @rae-blogging @fairyjunn @honeyseungz @angpambaodnimama (send an ask or dm to be added!)
Tumblr media
Guys were… fickle little things— that much you had come to a conclusion with as you watched the brunet bounce up and down in his place at all of the things that give him joy. For a brief moment, too fast that you’d miss if you blink, you see a spark light up his features as you enter through the opening leading into the arcade in the local shopping mall.
It could have been a mirage of what your heart desired, but you were not one to take things too much to heart, dismissing the what ifs crawling their way up from the depths of your mind. Your best friend’s brother was off limits, everyone knew that.
The neon lights and a hall shrouded in dark blues from the LEDs contrast starkly against the cream marble of the rest of the large center, though you guess that was where the first charm lies with these kinds of places. Mysterious, wild in nature— places like these were a hotspot for people to take shelter from the dreary, boring outside world, but you were going off topic once more.
Your eyes sweep over the masses to look for some other familiar faces, but to no avail, your search comes up clean and barren of any of your friends. Jake waves at you to come closer, voice drowned out by the music blasting away from every single machine lining the walls and crowding the middle of the arcade.
“Nice to see you here! Are you here with anyone?” he inserts a coin into the slot to restart the game he had just ended. The screen lights up and a collection of routes and vehicles pop up for selection. Making himself comfortable on the leather seat, you notice the strain on his shirt’s sleeves as he wraps his hands around the steering wheel.
You nod, “Actually, your oh-so wonderful sister was supposed to meet me here, but I couldn’t find her. Do you know where she might be?” You lean against the other seat beside him, the game unplayed when he turns his attention to you, fully taking you in.
His eyes focus back on the game when he replies after pondering for a few seconds, his lower lip saturated from the way he had been nibbling on them, “You were most likely stood up, because as far as I know, she was still snoozing like an hour ago. She probably forgot to set an alarm, I guess.”
You groan, flopping on the sturdy material in disappointment, “Twenty one and still as irresponsible as ever. I should have figured it out.” Jake chuckles, still concentrated on making clean turns to remain in the top ranking.
You fall silent, studying the way his jaw clenches when he almost skids across the wet asphalt, his clenched fists and flexing biceps all seeking your attention. Were his lips always so soft-looking? His mouth curling into an all too knowing smirk, he cheers as he crosses the finish line, adjusting his position to face you, legs spread in their signature wide pose.
“What do you say? Wanna hang out with me for the day?”
With a silver tongue like that, who were you to say no? Nodding, you hop out of the seat and stretch your limbs, “Which one do we play first?” He leans against your side with a shit eating grin, releasing his weight for you to support.
“Hey,” you try to push him off, hands slapping on his arms— oh crap, when did the ten year old boy grow up into this man— to get him to release his tight squeeze on your shoulders, “you’re going to be the death of me.”
The satisfied expression on his face doesn’t relent even after he lets go and clasps his hand around yours to lead you to a closed off booth, black curtain surrounding you and shrouding the place in black. “You are going down, young man.”
“Oh?” He raises his brows, not that you can see, “Is that what you think will happen? Stay humble, brat. It’s you who’ll go back home crying.” He grabs the other fake rifle with a grin.
Your voice gets caught in your throat, furrowing your brows to cock the gun towards the screen where numerous creatures make their way at you, “Brat? You are— what— two months older? Stay down, boy. You haven’t won a single wound against me and you know it.”
Sliding his tongue along the walls of his cheeks, releasing a breath of indignation, he grits his teeth, “Oh yeah? I’ll make you eat those words whole, loser.” Shooting a total of three with a single round of bullets, he aims to kill the four new ones spawning.
“Oh, no you don’t.” In quick succession, you manage to gain the points, crying in triumph. You turn to face him, resting a finger against his chest, seeing the flustered look on his face as the screen brightens up with an explosion.
From where you stand so close to him, you can see each and every curve making up his structured face— all of the dips and valleys, the way his lips are pursed together and it takes everything in you to not inch closer.
"You were saying?" Your voice clears the air with a teasing melody. The glaring light of the LED screen makes it easier for you to see the subtle, yet noticeable shift in his expression and you hesitate, pulling the finger that had been pressing against the button of his shirt away.
The enclosed booth had never felt this small before where you stand silently, not daring to utter a single word at the boy in front of you, not having a single idea on how hot and blazing his ears feel and how lightheaded he has become from the thought of being this close to the girl he had been dreaming of for years.
Fuck, this is bad. This is really bad, your thoughts are paralleled.
"You know what?" you begin, voice airy as if out of breath, "It's been like ten years since I have known you and you still suck at aiming."
Jake guffaws, "Really? I never noticed!" Words dripping with playful sarcasm, he quietly releases a sigh of relief from the dissipating awkwardness that had been floating in the air, suffocating him.
"You've grown, you know that?" He blinks sheepishly, "What?"
You hum, solidifying your feelings. "You're not the little kid who pretentiously hated chocolate to impress that senior girl who was rumoured to have a thing for buff and healthy guys who only ate organic and never consume candies and gummy bears."
"When did I ever do that?" His body caves in just a little, in stitches from laughing at his own antics, "If anything, it's you who's grown."
It's slow at first, his hands. His right palm moves to gently cup your face, his thumb running along your cheek. His other hand doesn't take long to join in and all of a sudden, you find that both of your cheeks are being cradled like a baby's.
"You are still as cute as ever, though." The crinkle in the corners of his eyes only appears whenever he is genuinely happy, you had always noticed. Was it good that they were there right now?
He speaks as if he would to a small and soft creature, baby-talking at you, "You're so pretty now, aren't you? Yes, you are. Yes, you are—"
"Quit it, I'm not a freaking toddler." Your words are barely understandable when you speak, lips pursed together by the palms squishing your cheeks together.
Jake calms down, releasing his hold on your imprisoned face, now red from a mix of abashment and annoyance. "You are so cute, you kno—"
"Shut up or else I'll kiss you."
His previous words are cut off from continuing and Jake gulps, taking a step forward. Why was the booth so small again and why did the sound of the squelching creatures on the screen seem to die down?
"I really don't mind continuing." He feels impossibly closer now, his breath fanning across your face. He doesn't back down when you stand taller, leaning in, "I don't go back on my words, Jake. Shut up."
It stays like that for a while, the tension thick enough to suffocate you. You only stop and stare, studying each others' eyes closely. His eyes flicker to your lips, coming back up to challenge you for one final time.
"Make me, princess."
You groan, closing what little space was left between your lips, "Screw you."
He is impossibly soft, you notice for the second time, feeling the way his lips brush over yours, testing the waters. Before you even manage to circle an arm around his neck, he brings a palm to hold you, tilting your jaw to follow his lead while his other hand is busy sliding behind your back to pull you closer by your waist.
It feels almost surreal, you don't have the time to even think as you melt into Jake's touches. Was this what feeling weak in your knees meant? A taste of euphoria, blissfully aware of every single place he runs his lips along, he brings heaven right before your eyes.
"She will kill me when she finds out about this," your words come out as muffled mumbles, captured by the way he feels against your mouth, tasting as sweet as nectar. Everytime you come up to breathe, you are pulled down to sink into whatever ecstasy Jake brought to you.
"I have waited so long for this. Who cares about some unsaid rule? 'Best friend's brothers are off limits', my ass." He stops to pant, chest heaving up and down while your hands are interlocked.
He closes his eyes, leaning his forehead against yours, "Just let me be yours."
And you want that just as bad as he does. You want it so terribly much.
"Okay," you squeeze his hand in reassurance. Why does he resemble a puppy so much? One of the world's neverending wonders was the way the man in front of you managed to leave you puzzled consistently everyday.
He was Sim Jake— the little boy who claimed to despise chocolate to impress a girl; the boy who had always taken off with her slippers so that she wouldn't be able to go anywhere; the boy who had the most awkward phases throughout his puberty and high school years; the boy who had fallen down a tree and fractured a bone together with her and he was still that Jake inside.
The dork of a boy who had grown into his skin— now taller, wider and stronger; older and wiser; braver and kinder. Sim Jake was kind with eyes a mirror to the stars and a window to his loving soul. He was beautiful and he was everything you had ever wanted.
"Okay," you repeat for the second time, pulling back to press an additional kiss on the very corner of his lips, "I'm willing to risk my neck for you."
Your jest is taken equally with humor, glad to make him laugh again. No matter how loud and overbearing the background noises grow to become, it doesn't break the peace of the moment. With a final peck on the crown of your head that he places, both hands cupping your face again, you decide to clear the dark space up and step out into the chaos once more.
This time, there is a slight change. Whereas before, he had dragged you in with hands encircling yours nonchalantly, he makes sure to web his fingers through yours now, heart soaring impossibly high with lips spread as wide of a grin as physically possible.
He still carries that overjoyed child within him, you accept defeatedly, affectionately swiping your thumb across the skin of his hand.
You point at yet another game, "Do you want to play that floating table hockey thingy?"
Jake shakes his head, a clear sign of refusal, "Let's stay like this just a bit longer." It takes everything you have not to pull him to a corner to smother him in butterfly kisses all over his face again. If he didn't want to let your hand go just yet, why would you be the one to protest?
Hands locked, hearts locked— you make your way out of the arcade with hands and hearts intertwined.
Tumblr media
⸻ ꗃ 𝙗𝙤𝙣𝙪𝙨.
"Nice muscles, by the way." You pat his clothed arms.
"I can show them if you want right now—"
"Sim Jake, you can't just strip in the middle of a mall, for fucks' sake."
Tumblr media
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leviverse · 5 months ago
dirty alphabet game,
featuring levi ackerman.
content warnings: smut under the cut (minors dni), masturbation (m. receiving), oral, dracryphilia, bondage, degradation, orgasm denial, use of pet names.
Tumblr media
a — alone time (how do they get off when they’re all by themselves ? do they watch porn, is it all in their imagination, do they jerk off, do they use toys ?)
levi’s sex drive isn’t particularly high and he can keep himself away from sex for some time. but when he feels like he needs to get off, he’d simply sit on his bed, back flush against the headboard and legs slightly spread to get the work done — he’d close his eyes, letting all his nasty thoughts invade his mind, pumping his hard cock, alternating between slow and calculated motions and fast and sloppy ones.
b — bondage (do they like it ? do they not ? do they prefer to be the one being tied or the one doing the tying ?)
it’s a huge yes. not necessarily heavy though, but it always feels nice to him to tie his partner’s wrists to the bed, placing a blindfold over their eyes ! he also loves being the one tied, the feeling of being vulnerable turning him on.
c — crying (is it a turn on ? a turn off ?)
he is absolutely delighted to see his partner shed a few tears from the intense pleasure he gives them, but also from the overstimulation ! but he isn’t too fond of loud cries and endless whimpers — silent sobs are his ultimate favorites.
d - dominance (do they prefer to dominate, or be dominated ?)
levi is a switch and he never tried to hide it. he can fuck you all night and have your tired body bent over the kitchen counter, or let you take the lead if it’s what you want. he’s a man with a lot to carry on his shoulders, and he definitely enjoys being submissive, not being the one in charge for once.
e — extra info (any other fantasies ?)
he’s the curious type and is always willing to please you ! he doesn’t have lots of sexual fantasies because he loves sex the traditional way, but he would always give it a try if you ask him to.
f — food play (do they like using food in the bedroom ?)
as someone who spent a huge part of his childhood starving and haunted by the terrible feeling of hunger, levi would not be into food play. some childhood traumas just won’t go away, and he can’t see food as a fancy accessory to spice things up in the bedroom.
g — group sex (would they have a threeway ? four ? an orgy ? do they put on a show for spectators ? or do they like to keep it just between them and their partner ?)
no, no and no. levi gets jealous a bit too easily even if he hides it pretty well, and there’s no way he would want to share what’s his.
h — humiliation (does degradation and insults get them hot ?)
if you didn’t behave, expect him to punish you and call you names… especially if he knows it turns you on : he has a filthy mouth and never hesitates to use it when it comes to you. but don’t try to do the same with him though, little man might get angry.
i — impact play (here’s where talking about things like spanking, paddles, canes, floggers and the like.)
once again, he will not hesitate to spank you if you didn’t behave. after all, if being treated like a whore is what you want, he can absolutely give it to you with no second thought.
j — jelly (what kind of lube are they using ? is it flavored ?)
no matter how wet you are, levi will always use lube because he is scared of hurting you. he’d give you a bunch of money and let you pick whatever you want to use — your well being always comes first.
k — kissing (what parts of their body do they like having kissed ? do they like leaving marks / having marks left on them ?)
levi is a kisser and loves to keep his mouth busy during sex. he would pepper your skin with wet kisses, bite your flesh and leave tons of lovebites where no one can see them but you and him. if you want to turn him on, his ear shells, nipples and jawline is where you need to head to !
l — lighting (are the lights on ? off ?)
he loves to see his partner’s face while having sex, but the intimacy of turning the lights off, only able to hear their moans and to feel their body shivering underneath his is also something he enjoys a lot.
m — masochism (do they like pain ? scratching ? biting? being bossed around ?)
if it is done the right way, then it’s a yes. if it’s rushed and uncomfortable for him, then it’s an immediate turn off. it would be best to have a conversation with him beforehand because he will obviously be super confused if you start acting up out of the blue…
n — not yet (orgasm delay ? orgasm denial ?)
listen, levi is a tease… a real little shit. he would push you to the edge then stop everything just to hear you whine and complain. and he would do this a lot, over and over again until you are begging for him to let you cum, tears running down your cheeks and makeup ruined. and when he finally decides you are worthy enough to get an orgasm, it will leave you breathless, legs shaking uncontrollably and mind going blank.
o — outdoor sex (have they ever done it in public ? would they ?)
wait wait wait. in the nasty outside, naked and having sex ? eh, no, not really. but he isn’t totally against semi public sex either, in his office with the door unlocked for example. he won’t admit it easily, but the fear of getting caught makes adrenaline rush through his veins.
p — photography (are cameras allowed in the bedroom ? do they send nudes ? do they ask for nudes ?)
i mean, why not, right ? especially if you’re planning to leave him for a few days because of your job or whatever, he’d be more than glad to watch the two of you having the time of your life on his huge 4k television. he also loves to get nudes from you at unexpected time of the day, and he could spend hours staring at your naked figure, eyes wandering all over your perfect body waiting to be absolutely wrecked and ruined.
q — quiet please (what’s the volume like in the bedroom ?)
levi isn’t very loud : a few grunts here and there, low sighs and strings of curses most of the time. but his one and only goal is to make you scream until your throat is dry and sore, voice cracking from the overwhelming feeling of his cock splitting you open.
r — routine (do they have a routine when it comes to sex ?)
he’s a man who takes care of himself : always handsome and ready to have his shot, which means he doesn’t necessarily have a routine overall !
s — sleepy sex (do they give oral to wake their partner up ? do they like receiving oral to wake up ? do they have lazy morning sex ?)
it isn’t uncommon for levi to sneak under the blankets just to set himself in between your thighs, waking you up in the most blissful way, his lips devouring your sweet cunt. can you blame him for enjoying his favorite breakfast, after all ? lazy morning sex is also is go-to kind of sex : everything feels so much better in the morning, body still sensitive and sleepy, mind cloudy and shy sunlight making your skin glow.
t — top or bottom (self explanatory…)
as i previously said, this man can do both perfectly, for our greatest pleasure !
u — underwear (what kind of underwear do they put on in the morning, if any at all… do they own any sexy underwear or lingerie ?)
if his briefs collection is pretty boring, yours shouldn’t be… at all. levi would always take you out to the mall to buy new sets and lingeries. first because he loves when you put on a show for him with your new underwears, and second because he has the vile tendency to tear your panties apart when he’s getting a bit too excited.
v - voyeurism (do they like to watch, or are they more hands on ? are they more of an exhibitionist ?)
it doesn’t matter if people watch him. but you ? watching you ? he’d throw hands and would get up to fight whoever dared to lay their filthy eyes on you.
w — water (pool sex ? bath / shower sex ?)
levi would always make sure you went to the bathroom after sex, and then would get you to the shower… it’s not unusual for him to get a second round in there, as the water running down your skin makes things definitely less messy, and easier to clean up !
x — x-dressing (do they crossdress as a part of teasing / foreplay ? does crossdressing turn them on ? turn their partner on ? do they prefer to do it or watch their partner crossdress instead ?)
levi didn’t realize he had such kink until the day you got home from work wearing a white blouse and a black tie, along with some high-waist dark pants… and things got out of hands when he asked you to try his own shirts and jackets. it isn’t pure crossdressing, but he definitely gets turned on when he sees you walking all around the house wearing nothing but his masculine clothes.
y — yes, master (what kinds of names are used during sex ? what names do they call their partner?)
forget the boring daddy kink. but call him ‘sir’ or ‘captain’ once and levi would go berserk. when he’s the one giving names, expect a lot of ‘sweet heart’, ‘kitty’ and ‘pretty’ !
z — zones (what zones do they like to tease / kiss the most ?)
levi is an ass guy, and would always have a hand gripping at the soft flesh of your butt cheeks. he would also have his face buried in your breast, tongue teasingly lapping at your nipples, sometimes going up your collarbones and neck.
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junko-and-riri-domain · 7 months ago
❦ dodging his love | ot7
↬ ᴘᴀɪʀɪɴɢ: ot7 x reader ↬ ɢᴇɴʀᴇ: fluff | requested | enhypen reactions ↬ ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢs: none ↬ ʀᴇQᴜᴇꜱᴛᴇᴅ ʙʏ: @kisshoons-main ↬ ʀᴇQᴜᴇꜱᴛ ᴡᴀs: enhypen reaction to s/o dodging their kisses/hugs ↬ ᴀ/ɴ: 
not sure if this was what you wanted (im sorry if it’s not 😭) but I hope you like it🤞
this is literally me just rambling ok anyways 
thank you for requesting! 💞
hee does this thing when the two of you are cuddling
where he plays with your hair with one hand while he has the other hand behind his head
while you trace random patterns on his chest
he loves it when you do it because the two of you just chat about the most random things
most nights it’s you venting while hee gives you advice
other nights hee sings you to sleep 
tonight you were having an off day 
so while you were cuddling, hee was about to play with your hair when you put on the hood of one of hee’s hoody
which meant that he couldn’t play with your hair
“i wanna play with your hair” he says with a frown
“no” you replied as you lay your head down
“why not?”
“because i like your hoody”
“i like it on you with the hood off”
“why do you like my hair so much?” 
“it’s soft"
“i wake up looking like a mess because of you”
“it helps me sleep” 
“you’re gonna have to earn it” then this man starts to aegyo just so he can play with your hair
and he’s good at it
so you let him
while you’re annoyed that you’re gonna wake up with messy hair because of hee
you don’t mind since it helps you fall asleep
this man doesn’t hesitate to show off his affection
whether it’s wrapping his arm around your waist when you’re out
or it’s kissing your cheek while you’re taking a selfie
sometimes it works out other times... he ends up making a complete fool of himself
engry bird here decided to sleep over (on the couch ofc)
you woke up to jay’s extremely loud voice
so you got up and headed to the kitchen where you saw him looking for stuff in your fridge
“where are the tomatoes?” you roll your eyes and go in front of him, grabbing the tomatoes which was literally right there
“you need new glasses” you tell him as he embarrassment fills his face
he wraps his arms around your waist, enveloping you in a back hug
you didn’t notice because it was such a subtle thing but you shrugged him off to get a glass of water which was right over the counter
of course he noticed 
because you could’ve held his hands while he was hugging you and both of you could’ve gone to get a glass of water
so now he’s pouting the whole time
he doesn’t tell you what’s wrong
and expects you to just know and read his mind but of course you can’t
so then it kinda gets quiet while you’re eating breakfast 
which is unusual since jay is always so chatty
so then you go, “you gonna tell me why you’re all mopey this morning” 
“you shrugged me off to get the glass of water”
“that’s why you’re pissed?”
“of course that’s why I’m pissed why else would I be pissed?”
“i accidentally washed your white hoody with the colors and now it’s pink”
“why the hell would you wash a white hoody with the colors?”
“i don’t know, I didn’t see it!”
“it’s white. maybe you’re the one who needs to change your glasses?”
“shut up! you’re the one getting pissed over grabbing a glass of a water”
“you shut up it’s not even my hoody at this point”
“ok, well what kind of person who gets pissed over grabbing a glass of water?”
“the kind of person of person who gets pissed over grabbing a glass of water?”
“clingy much?” 
he took that as a challenge then moved to where you were and lifted you onto his lap
jakey would probably get shy with hugs and kisses
but he loves it
how can he not love it especially from you?
you head into his place and instantly go to layla instead of greeting your boyfriend
you sit down on the floor giving hugs and kisses to layla who’s now paying attention to you
the both of you are in your own little world together as you and layla smoother each other with affection 
poor baby is like “what about me?”
he sits with you
wanting your attention so he puts his head in front of you, eyes looking up at you like that one live where he goes “i love you”
and he does just that
you roll your eyes, pat his head and you’re like
“i love you too but let me go back to paying attention to my baby” (baby as in layla)
layla actually barks at jake 
the auDACitY
so jake feels neglected since layla’s getting all the y/n love
which leads to him just sitting next to you in silence while he watches you both
he's happy that you and layla love each other but you’re supposed to be paying attention to him
eventually, you realize that jake is just sitting there so you look at him
he’s like,
“who do you love more, me or layla?”
you move so that you’re laying your head on jake’s lap while layla is curled up by your stomach
“layla, duh”
he’s on the quieter side in terms of showing his love in public
as a way of showing you that he’s there for you and that you’re there for him
your pinkies are linked together while outside
neither of you really know how it happened but it did and it’s your way of holding hands 
especially when you’re ice skating 
you’ve gotten better with hoonie teaching you and when he skates at your pace, you hold pinkies
you’re out on a date and hoonie’s about to link his pinky with yours
his pinky is a literally millimeters away from linking with yours
when all of a sudden you bring up your arms
in that brief moment your pinky knocks against his 
but you don’t pay it any attention and do what you were about to show hoonie
you do a spin on the ice 
hoonie’s proud of his baby for being able to spin on the ice when just a few months ago you could barely skate
b u t 
he wanted to hold your freaking pinky :( 
the two of you continue to skate alongside each other and you’re starting to realize that it’s quiet
too quiet
“hoonie?” you ask 
he looks at you like “yeah?”
when you ask him what’s wrong he says nothing and just shrugs it off 
so you start to think to yourself about what went wrong
you extend your hand and he hesitantly takes it
you lift up your hands
and he spins you on the ice with your pinkies interlinked
sunoo is such a clingy, clingy, clingy baby
hugging you whenever he can?
Y E S 
kisses all over your face?
of course
playing with your hands any chance he gets?
every. single. day. 🤧
you’re out on a date at a mall and the two of you are sitting at the food court
while you’re eating with one hand, sunoo grabs the free one
he’s playing with the couples ring the two of you bought for your 6 month anniversary when you pull your hand away 
he looks at you with a frown
“that’s not nice, y/n-ah,” he mutters under his breath and you sigh,
“it’s not nice to distract people when they’re eating” you counter
he looks at you, a plan forming in his head
he then grabs your hand for the second time and then this man
takes your spoon
and while he’s holding your hand he decides to feed you with a triumphant smile on his face
it’s a win win for him since he gets to hold your hand and steal some of your food at the same time :)
wonie hugs are very, very, very warm and comforting
yk his broad shoulders?
and that⌛️ waist?!
the only way to describe his embrace is safety
when he hugs you your arms go around his waist and he rests his chin on top of your head and you just fit like two pieces of a puzzle
and he feels the same way exact same way with you
to him your hugs are the part of his day that he can just let himself go
some nights the two of you are cuddling and he cries into your shoulder because of all the stress he faces
the only thing you can do is be there for him, rubbing soothing circles on his back
so yea, he loves hugging you 
you show up to the dorm, for dinner with him and the other members
when you walk in he extends his arms to hug you but you hear your name being called
so instead of hugging him you duck under his arm and go to the rest of the guys
he’s standing there dejected, arms going down to his side and he turns around looking in the direction you walked off to with that “ehh??” look 
so he follows you and then he sees you Sunoo giving you a hug
and is like excuse me?
he sticks closer to you than usual but you’re not really sure why since he doesn’t say anything and he doesn’t mention what just happened literally just a few minutes ago
he’s not exactly mad... more like disappointed and jealous that you’d hug one of his hyungs when you didn’t hug him
as dinner goes on he acts like nothing’s wrong but deep down, he just wants a y/n hug :(
it’s getting late and while the boys are chatting, you rest your head on his shoulder when he then shrugs his shoulder which causes you to lift up your head
you look at him like
when he realizes just what he did but instead of apologizing he goes
“that’s what you get for not hugging me earlier” because he’s still kinda salty over it
you realize why he was acting weird so then you move and give a y/n hug to which he rests his chin on top of your head feeling kind of dumb that he was feeling that way earlier
which then causes ni-ki to tell the two of you to get a room
there’s this thing that he does when one of his hyungs touches his hair
he sorta leans into their touch kinda like a little meow meow (yoongi reference? 👀 ok anyways)
he’d probably be shy over hugs and kisses since he’s still young and isn’t really experienced in terms of dating
whenever you come over to the dorm, the two of you hang out in the living room since none of the other boys want either of you in a room alone so you both have to be somewhere they can see 
ni-ki’s the maknae and you get it + you don’t mind since it’s comfortable around them
whenever you’re on the couch, ni-ki does this thing where he lays his head on your lap but not your lap lap it’s like on one of your thighs I have no idea if that makes any sense-
you’d run your hand through his hair while he’s probably playing a game or something and it’d be quiet between the two of you but it’s one of those silences that you don’t need to fill
my heart is 💓💞💖💘 just thinking about it might write a riki hybrid au typa story soon idk ok back to the point of this post
so he does that thing where he leans into your touch 
even when y’all have a movie night, he ends up either laying his head on your shoulder or on your lap and your hand finds its place in his hair
it becomes a thing between you two and whenever you hangout
so you’re sitting on the couch one afternoon and everyone’s sorta doing their own thing while you’ve got your laptop with you and you’re trying to study/work on an assignment
ni-ki walks into the living room where you are, smiling to himself, and does that thing where he kinda giggles? idk 
so he makes his way to you and he sits down next to you but you’re too focused on what you need to do that you don’t even notice
ni-ki’s just about to lay his head on your lap but when you see it happening, you scoot away slightly at first he’s like what??
 and then before he knows it, instead of his head on your lap it’s on the couch
he looks up at you like “how dare you do this to me?@#$” and he clears his throat trying to get your attention
you pat his hair once but then he’s like juST one pat? and then he justs…
i kid you not this man claws at your hand
then he takes your hands and puts it in his hair and now you’re forced to do your work with one hand
❦ written by riri | blog masterlist
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