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Originally posted by jaeins

A/N. This is so cute. I love requests like this. Also low-key read a fic where hwasa was addressed as hyegie and like 😭🥰

You and hwasa had just got back from shopping, putting the items away in your wardrobe and draws. You desired to try out your new perfume, it was supposed to amplify your natural scent.

Spraying it on your wrist and neck, two scent glands, you walked out into the living room to see hwasa watching tv. Smiling and rolling your eyes at your best friend you called her name.


Turning to you she smiled and patted the spot next to her inviting you to sit down. Like she was at her apartment. Rolling your eyes you sat next to her, smiling you asked her what you came in to ask,

“Can you smell my perfume, I wanna make sure it smells okay”

“Of course y/n”

Reaching over and grabbing your shoulders gently, she leaned in to your neck. You tilting you head to give her more access.

You felt her inhale before she stiffened, her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open a little. Before you even had chance to ask what was wrong, she pulled you onto her lap.

Her arms around your waist and her face pressed into your neck. She pulled her face pack and inhaled once more. Sighing at your scent before nuzzling back into your neck. She’d smelt your scent before but she’d never really SMELT it.

She began to softly run the tip of her nose up and down you neck. Careful around your scent glands as she lay kisses and small licks up the sensitive skin. Humming she pulled away after about 10 minutes of scenting.

Looking up at your blushing face, she too blushed only now her mind catching up with her actions. Eyes widening and hiding her face in her hands she groaned.

“I’m sorry, you just smelt so good..”

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Originally posted by noticemesolar

“Honey we’re home~”

The sound of byul and solar entering the apartment made your eyes brighten and a smile spread onto your face. Leaping up and meeting them at the door you pulled them both into a hug.

Pulling back and grabbing byul’s hand you pulled her a little closer and kissed her. Although the kiss started gentle you two ended up on the sofa making out.

You didn’t hear the scoff that left solar’s mouth or her retreating footsteps. You only heard the loud slam of the bedroom door in the distance. Pulling away you looked at byul who had a somewhat guilty expression.

“What’s up with solar?”

“She uh- she’s a little upset?”


“You like kissing me more”

Widening your eyes you scoffed and got of of her. Rolling your eyes as she tried to pull you back down.

“I like kissing you both equally. I can’t believe you’d let me do that in front of her knowing how she felt”

Guiltily byul looked down and nodded suddenly realising how selfish her actions had actually been. She’d just wanted to enjoy kissing you and couldn’t deny she felt a little cocky about you kissing her more than your other girlfriend.

Opening the bedroom door without knocking you found solar lying face down on the bed.


“Go away”

Ignoring her you climbed in to the bed, turning her onto her back and starling her lower stomach.

“Baby, byul told me why your upset, you have no reason to be jealous of me kissing byul more”

“Why do you kiss her more? Am I bad at kissing?”

Shaking your head and leaning down to kiss her to prove a point. You pulled back quickly and your face flushed out of embarrassment. Your girlfriend cocking an eyebrow at you.

“Does kissing me get you flustered baby?”

Nodding you weekly replied “I love kissing you. But you give off alpha vibes. Byul doesn’t. I guess I just expected you to initiate kissing and things”

Smirking she flipped you and pinned you to the bed. Sucking hard on your neck and smirking at your shocked, blushing face.

“Like this?”

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Reaction: byul finding o!gf reading byul smut


Originally posted by allfemaleidols

Is shoooook

Surprised but not disturbed

After the initial shock she’s quite amused

Teases the shit out of you

Greasy af

Like more than usual

If that possibly

But also a little shy about it, if the stuff you read has never been done between you before

Shy little awkward hamster

Will get a little flustered and embarrased

Once you tell her you just find reading them hot she’s okay

Probably reads them with you after that

If she wants you to stop but your engrossed she’ll get you jealous and tease you

“Can we stop now y/n?”

“One more”


*she openes up a moonsun smut*

“I hate you..”

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Baton Touch at KFN Entertaining Train Concert

Mr. Ambiguous at KFN Entertaining Train Concert

[140804] MAMAMOO (마마무) - LIVE at KFN Entertaining Train Concert

DO NOT re-upload to any site that may possibly make this video unavailable. Thank you for your understanding.

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