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#mamma mia

mamma mia benverly au

keep in mind this is an idea that came to me 10 minutes ago


sam-ben (rich and humble man who’s lonely, also this is benverly so duh)

rosie-mike (rosie’s “im a lone wolf that’s still hung up on the same guy from 20 years ago” made me think of this)

tanya-eddie (rich eddie who married men for their money? we love to see it)

harry-stan (soft and kind banker man who’s a family man

bill-bill (yes the names did influence this, but also, bill with the knee tattoos, and i love stanlon)

pepper- richie due to his flirty demeanor and it also gives me a bit of reddie)

sophie and skye wouldn’t be in the au much, as it’s centered around donna/bev’s storyline more

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mamma mia rowoon is such a fucking superior look but i can’t stand watching the video because they put that one guy in dreads and honestly that sucks for him to be the one in that and i just need kpop to cease and desist with the appropriative hairstyles

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What is it with film dudes and period dramas? Like damn, you think you can criticize me saying Mamma Mia’s a good film while you watch one of thousands of hyper masculine period pieces about war or gangs or gang wars directed by another old straight white guy? That’s like telling me I have no smell while huffing glue.

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did? mamma mia?? made me?? cry?? because???? the soundtrack??? is so good?? even tho the movie?? is kinda cringe??? but i like it still?? and because?? i will probably don’t have?? friends? that will go??? to greece??? with me?? and i? probably will never??


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Finished watching Mamma Mia and my (anti LGBT+) mom launched into why Harry shouldn’t have BEEN gay “just because he’s a sensitive, kinda nerdy guy,” and I’m… PISSED. I’m fucking PISSED.

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Hi friends! Episode 2 of the podcast I produce and general manage for is out today wherever you listen to podcasts! This week’s episode, Blue Cross Blues, is a hilarious commentary on the absolute trainwreck that is the American healthcare system. Starring Lance Roberts (My Fair Lady, The Pee-Wee Herman Show), Karen Mason (Mamma Mia, Sunset Boulevard), Ann Harada (Avenue Q, Emojiland), and Alan H. Green (Sister Act), with Andy Roninson (Take a Ten Musicals) and Sierra Rein (Bare: A Pop Opera)

Check it out wherever you listen to podcasts, or head to

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We Are the Tigers - Mallory Maedke as Annleigh O’Daniel

Birthday: November 29, 1991 (age 28)

Birth Place: Green Bay, Wisconsin

Theatre credits include: Alternate (Six), Bird Girl (Seussical), Reporter/Understudy Vivian Kensington (Legally Blonde), Rosie/Kit Kat Girl (Cabaret), Seasons of Love Soloist/Understudy Joanne Jefferson (Rent), Atina (The Little Mermaid), Ensemble/Understudy Ali/Lisa (Mamma Mia!), Grandma Addams (The Addams Family)

(Pictured on the right is Kaitlyn Frank, who played the role in the Off-Broadway production)

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